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3 Reasons Why Hollywood Stopped Making Stoner Comedies



Over the course of the past several years, the lack of cult classic stoner comedies like Superbad and The Hangover have become rarities. The lack of these types of comedies is surprising, and disappointing for many moviegoers especially considering the fact that 10 years ago this genre was a force.

The Hangover II grossed $581 million in global ticket sales, on just an $80 million dollar budget. Unfortunately, the writing has been on the wall for stoner comedies for a while now. Here are just a few reasons why Hollywood left stoner comedies by the wayside.

movie theater
Image by Amit Kumar from Pixabay

Superhero Movies Have Replaced Them

Since Phase One of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) kicked off with Iron Man back in 2008, it’s been no secret that superhero movies would be the next big blockbuster movie genre. On just a $141 million dollar budget, Iron Man took in more than $585 million globally. The public’s appetite for new stories and characters on the silver screen doesn’t appear to be waning any time soon either. In 2021 alone, the MCU released three different films. Making matters worse for comedy fans is that many of the films incorporate enough humor to fill the void for most casual moviegoers.

Writers Haven’t Adjusted to Politically Charged Times

Another reason stoner comedies aren’t as popular as they once were is because the times are so much different from the genre’s peak. Movies throughout the past couple of decades have the benefit of being created during a calmer social climate.

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Simply put, writing comedies has become more difficult and writers haven’t been able to adjust writing styles to fit the times while still making audiences laugh like they used to. That has led to more emphasis being placed on other genres like action, horror and romance. While those genres are thriving, stoner comedy fans are left to wonder how long they’ll have to wait for the next cult classic.

movie popcorn
Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay

It’s Harder for Writers to Pitch Ideas to Major Studios

Since major studios have put their focus and investment into other genres, it’s harder for writers who are attempting to create them to get the traction necessary for their films to go into production. That relegates them to streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix. While it’s great that there’s an alternative, the problem with being limited to streaming is that most people are likely going to scroll right past those films, which perpetuates the narrative that people just aren’t that interested in funny movies anymore. That continues to make fans wonder how long it will take before major studios refocus their attention on the stoner comedies that introduced moviegoers to beloved personalities like Seth Rogan and Jonah Hill.

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Since the public appetite for stoner comedies continues to build, the best thing moviegoers can do is reminisce on the classics that are available to watch on streaming. Given the talented crop of actors in Hollywood who would excel in stoner comedy roles, fans should continue to hold out hope that major movie studios will eventually reinvest resources back into this genre.

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Does Prenatal Cannabis Use Make Angry Babies? Debunking Latest Medical Study




This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

There I was, minding my own business when I read the headline, “Cannabis Use in Pregnancy May Lead to a More Anxious, Aggressive Child.” So claims the title of a New York Times article written by Melinda Wenner Moyer, who cites a study that looked at maternal cannabis use and an alleged suppressed gene networks in the placenta.

The article is well-written and contains many links embedded within the text creating the illusion of authority. However, if you were to read almost two-thirds of the way down, you’ll run into this paragraph:

Pregnant Marijuana Use Linked To Children With Autism, Study Finds
Photo by Ömürden Cengiz via Unsplash

“The study does not, however, prove that prenatal cannabis use caused the children’s behavioral problems. Some of the mothers said they had used cannabis only after giving birth (though THC can pass through breast milk). And women who use cannabis may differ from abstinent women in other ways that put their children at risk for behavioral issues. They may have underlying risk factors, such as a family history of psychiatric problems, or they may have been exposed to other chemicals during pregnancy that increase the risk for behavioral issues in their kids, said Ryan Bogdan, a psychologist at Washington University in St. Louis who studies the underlying biology of psychiatric disorders. The authors of the study tried to control for such differences using statistical methods, but some could nevertheless have influenced the results.”  

This isn’t to say that there may be biological concerns about consuming cannabis, this most certainly needs to be studied clinically. However, the study that was cited — as with many of the studies where there are scathing views on cannabis — was not clinical in nature. Additionally, the phrase “Some of the mothers said they had used cannabis only after giving birth,” makes the claim of the article seem more dubious.

Nonetheless, I decided to look at the information to see if it was true or not, whether smoking weed during pregnancy can create angry and anxious babies.

About the Author

I think before we dive deeper into the story we need to take a closer look at Melinda Wenner Moyer. Moyer is the author of the book, “How to Raise Kids Who Aren’t Assholes”. The book claims to follow scientifically driven concepts on raising your kids, however, after reading some of the negative reviews of her book it seems that there is a strong bias in terms of ideology.

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Her concept of “asshole” is based on a particular type of thinking prevalent in mainstream media, which is totally fine. Of course, if you fall outside of her framed view of how life should be, you’d probably end up on her “asshole list” and subsequently your babies might as well.

One of the negative reviews on her book said the following;

“I am a big fan of evidence-based parenting, like Emily Oster’s books, so I wanted to try this one. However, it felt like just another book written by a parent who thinks their way is right and throws in some studies to try to justify it. It was NOT grounded in the research. I like books where the author discusses research that changed their approach. This is more like research used to justify the approach the author already believed in. It just feels biased and a little weak. So many better parenting books are out there that give more radical discoveries and insight.”

Another negative review read, “First 5 min of book author stages babies are racist. This is clear CRT Indoctrination.”

Once again, you’d probably be considered an asshole if you don’t subscribe to Critical Race Theory in the eyes of the author. Or the fact that “anti-racist” requires you to first be a racist to be against it, at least psychologically speaking. Framing matters! Any neuroscientist or behavioral psychologist will tell you that, but I digress.

Photo by Alex Pasarelu via Unsplash

Why is it important to understand who the author is? It’s important because if the author utilizes studies to justify a position she already believes in, then the objectivity of the science comes into question. Considering that her narrative is based on the premise of “not raising asshole children” and using “evidence” to justify this position, it seems that this article feels more like a well-crafted form of native advertisement to build authority within the niche of “non-asshole raising parents”.

Major Problems With the Studies

We have already exposed the fact that the study in question does not prove that prenatal cannabis use had any effect on the behavior of children. We have also established that these were non-clinical studies and that some mothers smoked cannabis after the fact.

There were also issues of environment. For example, how many of those “troubled tots” had an absent father? According to, the absence of a father can lead to severe behavioral problems and increases your chances of sliding into poverty four-fold. You’re also more likely to go to prison if you don’t have a father.

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This is just one factor that can have major impact on your behavioral problems down the line. The fact of the matter is that the studies on prenatal cannabis use is lacking. Most of these studies are done through surveys and interpreted based on the answers, however, the vast majority of these tests have not been replicated.

After Baby And Beyond- How CBD And Marijuana Can Help New Moms
Photo by Bruno Nascimento via Unsplash

Therefore, to draw any conclusion in relation to the behavioral impact of your children due to prenatal cannabis use is empirically non-scientific. It’s essentially reducing the human being completely to biology, which definitely does have an impact to a lesser degree. However, how you’ve been raised, whether you have money or not, the relationship of your parents, micro and macro experiences, all play a role in shaping how you behave.

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Societal norms aren’t established by biology. Behavior is much more a consequence of parental action or non-action at critical points of development than it is about the type of foods you eat. The thing about THC is that it’s a phytocannabinoids that is almost identical to anandamide, which is found within breast milk.

The fact that your endocannabinoid system interacts with the chemical suggests that the impact it would have on our biology is minimal. Of course, we need clinical data to see whether this is true or not, but until then, studies like the one published in the NY Times should be critically analyzed and sources should be studied as well.

I’m sure Moyer completely believes everything she’s writing and continues to pile on more supporting evidence for her position — and that’s okay. After all, whatever it is you are looking for, you will find.

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Malawi Appoints Mike Tyson As Its Cannabis Ambassador




By Maureen Meehan

The government of Malawi has asked the former world heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson to become the official ambassador for the country’s cannabis industry.

Agriculture Minister Lobin Low sent a letter to Tyson inviting him to take up the role, saying that cannabis legalization in Malawi had created new opportunities.

Mike Tyson
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for AYS Sports Marketing

Recently, during a training workshop with farmers, Lowe encouraged cannabis growers to form cooperatives to increase their bargaining power and that he viewed cannabis as a key part of the country’s agricultural export strategy to contribute to domestic development. Hence, Malawi’s decision to appoint Tyson.

A successful cannabis entrepreneur, Tyson is launching his own cannabis line, Tyson 2.0, on Black Friday in partnership with Columbia Care Inc.(NEO: CCHW) at Colorado dispensary The Green Solution.

“Malawi may not go it alone as the industry is complex [and requires] collaboration. I would therefore like to appoint you, Mr. Mike Tyson, as Malawi’s Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Lowe wrote in the invitation, reported the BBC.

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The U.S. Cannabis Association was facilitating the deal with Tyson, the agriculture ministry said.

Wezi Ngalamila, the head of the association’s Malawi branch, told the BBC that Tyson had accepted the invitation and that plans were underway for him to visit the country.

“Tyson will be working with us,” Ngalamila said.

Malawi legalized the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal use in February 2020, but stopped short of legalizing it for personal use.

Mike Tyson Will Print (Yes, Print) Cannabis Beverages
Photo by James Gilbert/Stringer/Getty Images

The government now hopes, with Tyson’s influence and backing, to “rope in some investors and even potential buyers,” ministry spokesman Gracian Lungu told the AFP news agency.

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The government of Malawi has already licensed 72 companies, both local and international, to grow and produce cannabis in the country, according to the chairman of Malawi’s Cannabis Regulatory Authority, Boniface Kadzamira.

Meanwhile, a locally grown variety of cannabis, Malawi gold, is already renowned by recreational users across the world.

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.

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Weed Measurements FAQ: Everything You Need To Know




This article originally appeared on and has been reposted, unedited, with permission.

Those new to buying and smoking marijuana may at first get confused about the weed sizes terminology. Some dispensaries sell marijuana in grams, while others have weed prices denominated for ounces. So, how to determine which amounts of weed you’ll get if you buy, for example, a quarter? What are the weight and dimensions of an eighter?

As the cannabis culture is rich and long-standing, dozens of slang terms emerged to designate this or that quantity of weed you’re buying. Marijuana sales have for a long time been illegal, so dealers and buyers have developed a sophisticated vocabulary to denote different portions without risks of being understood by unwanted people.

Photo by Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

Thus, don’t be surprised to hear weird words like “a dime bag,” “an eighter,” or “a zip.” Even though the industry has been legal for some time now, the culture of calling weed portions the old-school way is still alive. Knowing the terms will save you the trouble of confusing things or overpaying for weed. We’re here to clear all the weed measurements intricacies to help you out.

How Much is a Gram of Weed?

The minimum with which you can start is a gram of weed. As a rule, it’s the smallest size dispensaries can sell, and users acquire such quantity for a test of a new strain or quick, one-time use.

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How much is a gram of weed? There is nothing complicated here – a gram equals 1g in standard weight measurements units, so you’ll hardly be mistaken.

Pictured Gram of Weed

The word “dime” is often used to denote 10, so a gram of weed bag is often called a “dime bag.” The dime bag of weed name comes from the portion’s price, which most users can acquire for around $10. Thus, if you need to buy only one gram, you can use the terms “gram,” “dime bag of weed,” and “dub.”

How Much is a Dub of Weed?

As the term suggests, a dub is a 20g bag of weed, also known as a dub-sack. All over the world, whenever you travel, you can always count on a dub-sack to contain 2g of marijuana.

Gram of Weed Slang Terms

A gram of weed has the following slang terms:

  • dime
  • dime bag
  • dub bag
  • dub sack
  • 20-sack
  • sawbuck

How Much Is an Ounce of Weed?

An ounce of weed takes you to the world of bulk buyers, allowing you to enjoy a lower price and a substantial quantity of cannabis for smoking at your pleasure and convenience. It’s also the legal maximum for a one-time purchase, even in states with legalized marijuana.

Ounce of Weed

The cost of one ounce ranges from $190 to $350 across the USA, and a decision to buy this weed measurements unit is usually wise for regular smokers. In this way, they don’t need to bother returning to the dispensary, again and again, having sufficient stock of weed in their homes for regular use whenever they please. However, it’s key to stay disciplined, as having so much weed at your fingertips may often only mean that you’ll smoke it more often than usual.

How Many Grams in an Ounce of Weed?

How many grams in an oz of weed? An ounce contains 28 grams of weed, which is usually enough for 2-3 weeks and even up to one month for disciplined smokers.

How Much is a Zip?

A zip of weed is precisely one ounce. This portion of weed acquired this name because it fits a sandwich zip bag ideally. Many dealers used to store ounces of weed in these bags, so getting an ounce is still equated to buying a “zip bag.”

Zip of Weed

Ounce of Weed Slang Terms

An ounce of weed has the following slang terms: 

How Much is a Half Ounce of Weed?

A half ounce of weed also equals two quarters. This amount of weed is also considered a bulk purchase, allowing you not to worry about stock replenishments for a couple of weeks (for those who smoke one joint per day). Heavier smokers usually use half an ounce for one week.

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The cost of a half of weed varies from $110 to $180 in different states. Those who consume 2-3 joints a day won’t have it last longer than one week, but those having only one can extend the portion for several weeks of regular use.

How Many Grams in a Half Ounce of Weed?

How many grams in a half oz of weed? If an ounce is 28 grams, then a half of weed is precisely 14 grams in weight.

How Much is a Half a Zip of Weed?

A zip is another term for an ounce, so half a zip of weed is exactly half an ounce of weed.

Half Ounce of Weed Slang Terms

A half of weed has the following slang terms:

  • half-O
  • half an O
  • half a zip

How Much is a Quarter of Weed?

When we’re talking about a quarter of weed, we always mean the quarter pound of weed. Thus, to determine the right weight, you need to divide the ounce (28g) by four. The resulting weight is 7 grams, which is enough for a couple of days for a non-heavy smoker.

Quarter of Weed

As a rule, you will need to pay from $70 to $100 for this amount of marijuana. People who don’t smoke marijuana too often can extend the quantity for over one week. However, this weed amount gives the owner relative freedom of consumption, as it’s quite enough to have a good time smoking for several days without concerns about the need to go to the dispensary again.

How Many Grams in a Quarter of Weed?

How many grams is a quarter pound of weed? This portion is one-fourth of 28 grams, which results in a weight of 7 grams.

How Many Ounces in a Quarter of Weed?

The ounce is a larger weed measurements size than a quarter, so there is only one fourth of an ounce in the quarter.

Quarter of Weed Slang Terms

A quarter of weed has the following slang terms:

How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

An eighth of weed is a portion twice smaller than the quarter, and as its name suggests, it equals one-eighth of an ounce. The 8th of weed typically costs around $35-50, while high-demand markets (e.g., California) pose even higher prices. Whenever you buy an eighter, you should be ready to have 12-15 bongs with it (which is a fair amount of weed for around one week) or roll 4-5 joints.

How Many Grams in an 8th of Weed?

As this portion equals one-eighth of the size of one ounce, its weight can be identified by dividing 28 by 8, which is 3.5 grams. Those who want to have it all precise and right should refer to the weight of 3.543 grams. If you want to understand how much this portion weighs, try a penny coin in your hand. It’s around 3-3.5 grams in weight.

Eighth of Weed

How much is an 8th of weed in grams? The weight is 3.5 grams, though the precis estimates differ from 3 to 3.5 grams in various locations.

How Many Ounces in an Eighth of Weed?

An ounce is a larger measurement of weed unit, so there is no full ounce in an eighth. An eighth of weed contains one-eighth part of an ounce, which is 3.5 grams.

Eighth of Weed Slang Terms

An eighth of weed has the following slang terms:

  • an eighter
  • eighth
  • sk8er
  • slice
  • half quarter
  • a cut

Marijuana Weight Measurements Tips

Small portions are always the most expensive, so if you know the weed well and want to consume more of it, it’s better to get a larger portion at once, saving on the bulk purchase.

Please keep in mind that buying anything larger than an ounce is prohibited by the law, even in those states where marijuana is legalized. Thus, if you’re trying to get an ounce for yourself, you can only get some problems with law enforcement officers (unless you’re a dispensary owner or a licensed, official distributor).

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Another tip is to use digital scales for weed measurements of your home-grown or purchased weed. Digital scales are much more precise than usual scales, which is an essential matter in weighing such a costly product as cannabis.

Finally, keep in mind that a major portion of weed weight is determined by moisture. So, the older your weed is, the lighter it gets because of drying out.


Now that you have all information about marijuana weights and portion sizes, you’ll be much better positioned to buy the right quantity for your needs and budget. If you’re unsure about a new blend or want to try a new strain, it’s better to opt for a gram or so. In this way, you’ll consume the weed quickly, just giving it a try without paying too much for something you might not like.


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