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5 cannabis breeders to follow on Instagram for hot new strains



With a new weed strain popping up seemingly every single day, it can be difficult to know who has the true real deal Holyfield Louisiana sweet heat dropping consistently, or what’s going to be the next big hype strain. How do you keep up with the best new strains in cannabis? 

Luckily, social media exists and is the best way to know who’s creating what, and more importantly, when and where those new products will debut. 

That said, here are some of the best breeders creating some of the best cannabis genetics today.

Seed Junky Genetics 

Famous strains: Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake

A picture of an Ice Cream Cake flower bud with purple leaves in a Salinas, CA greenhouse at Paradiso Gardens. (Courtesy Paradiso)
Ice Cream Cake.

As far as top names in the genetics game go, right now there isn’t a single one that rings off as loud as California’s Seed Junky Genetics. So many heavy-hitters that we are all smoking right now were created by that boy JBeezy, a famous cannabis geneticist who has been in this game for over 15 years. 

Seed Junky has created Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, Jealousy, LA Kush Cake, Kush Mints, and—I mean, do I really need to keep going? He is also co-owner of The Minntz, in collaboration with Cookies. 

Right now, Jealousy is starting to bubble up as a highly coveted and demanded strain. I knew it would way back at the top of 2021 when I first saw him putting out pics of the cultivar on Instagram. 

To know what cultivars and flavors are coming next from him, as well as potential seed drops, peep JBeezy’s main page and his backup page. Right now, both accounts have been pretty much wiped of cannabis strains and flower shots, probably because Instagram has been on an absolute rampage of shutting down cannabis accounts. 


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Famous strains: Cereal Milk, Gary Payton

Kenny Powers of Powerzzzup Genetics is another long-time breeder from the Bay Area who’s been moving heavy in the game for a cool minute now. He’s an OG Cookie Fam member and the mastermind behind Cereal Milk and Gary Payton, two strains from Cookies that have absolutely blown up in the past couple of years. 

Especially that Gary Payton, oooohweee. First time I smoked that GP was in April of 2020 and it instantly put me into a super cerebral high and extremely good mood. I’ll never forget looking at that joint like “Oh wow, that’s how Cookies getting down out here?” 

As far as what’s coming next from Powerzzzup, it looks like he’s gearing up for a big drop of a cultivar/flavor named 2090 Shit. Something futuristic. Follow Powerzzzup’s Instagram to see when, where, and how you can cop it.

Compound Genetics 

Famous strains: White Runtz, Apples & Bananas

Founded by breeder Christoper Lynch, Compound Genetics out in California is the creator of bangers like Jet Fuel Gelato and Legend Orange Apricot—parent strain of Flavor Crystals, one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. They’ve also collaborated in breeding Apples & Bananas with Cookies and White Runtz with Runtz. 

While known for dropping absolute heaters in the flower game, what I really rock with about Compound is how Lynch stays connected to hip-hop culture, which is pretty damn important. Any strain that takes off with rappers is immediately in high demand from the stores. 

Peep Compound’s Instagram and you’ll see him dropping packs to people like 2 Chainz and Young Dolph. Compound also called with Cookies to bring forth Quavo’s Pavé strain.


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Exotic Genetix 

Famous strains: Cookies and Cream, Grease Monkey

Mike from Exotic Genetix out in Tacoma, Washington really does this breeding shit. Like, really, really does this. He’s been in the game since the medical days and he’s famous for creating more strains than I can really name: Cookies and Cream put him on the map, but also Grease Monkey, Rainbow Chip, and Strawberries & Cream. 

So anytime I see him come with a new seed drop, I anxiously await the time it’ll take growers to get it in and out of their gardens, onto shelves, and into my king size Ultra Slim Vibes rolling papers (the best ones, by the way). 

Currently, he’s dropping a fresh line of Red Runtz crosses with popular strains like Apple Fritter and Biscotti. Peep his Instagram for details on their September rollout.

Archive Seed Bank

Famous strains: Face Off OG, Do-Si-Dos

Do-si-dos (David Downs/Leafly)
Do-Si-Dos. (David Downs/Leafly)

Archive Seed Bank is a legend when it comes to breeding cannabis strains. They’re one of the longest running seed banks, with decades under their belt. They’re based in Portland, OR, but the Archive genetics can be found all up and down the West Coast. 

They’re famous for creating Face Off OG and Do-Si-Dos, as well as Duct Tape, which feels like the newest rendition of GG#4. Rainbow Belts from them is already bubbling up as one of the next big strains, especially for hashmakers. Recently, a friend from Refine, an extractor out in Seattle, Washington, told me to keep my eyes peeled for its emergence over the next year or so. You can too, by following Archive Seed Bank on Instagram

Additionally, if you’re looking for clones to grow yourself at home from this genetics juggernaut, their website says Breeders cuts are coming soon. Because they’ve all sold out. Because that’s how high quality and in high demand Archive Seed Bank strains are. 

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Danté Jordan

Danté Jordan is a former member of the Leafly Subject Matter Expert team, and current freelance writer, video producer, and media consultant specializing in cannabis culture, strains, products, education, and everything else related to that lil’ green flower. Contact him at smokingwithdante on Instagram, or dantenetworks(at)gmail(dotcom). His website is

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Cannabis 101

How To Tell Male From Female Cannabis Plants




While cannabis is dioecious, meaning it can be male or female, the plants we smoke are exclusively female. Female plants are responsible for the resin-secreting flowers we all know and love, and to do so must be kept from pollinating males. That’s because female plants, once fertilized, convert energy from THC production to seeding. Hence, the females we consume are “sinsemilla” or seedless.

Male plants are still necessary for cannabis production when it comes to propagation and breeding, however. For a female plant to produce seeds, it requires pollination from a male plant. Without further adieu, let’s dive into how to tell male from female cannabis plants.

Properly sexing cannabis is easier with more mature plants, but there are several key ways to sex cannabis in the pre-flower phase.

Identifying a male cannabis plant

male cannabis plants
Male cannabis plant, photo courtesy of Royal Queen Seeds

Pre-flowers will appear at the base of the leaves when male plants are about three to four weeks old. In females, they appear between four to six weeks old. Males can be sexed as early as one to three weeks before germination. However, it’s best to identify and cull males before they begin developing pollen sacs.

One male is enough to wreak havoc on a harvest.

Male pre-flower are staminates, and the female pre-flowers are pistils. Staminate will be more rounded than pistils and take on a spade-like shape. Look for them at the joints on the stalks of the flower. As it matures, the staminate takes on a curved blade shape and a round spade or ball.

Can you smoke them?

Technically yes, but in the immortal words of Obi-Wan: these are not the cannabinoids you’re looking for. The quality THC we get from cannabis is from seedless females. Males just don’t contain the same quantity of things that we look for in cannabis to consume. Sure, males do produce some trichomes, but the amount and quality pale in comparison to females. Besides, allowing a male to reach the point of maturity where it produces cannabinoids and terpenes at all will have already pollinated the females and ruined your harvest.

Identifying female cannabis plants

female cannabis plants
Female cannabis plant, photo courtesy of Pexels

Like males, pre-flowering female plants will have bulbs too, but these are more pear-shaped rather than spades. The dead giveaway is long translucent hairs called stigma. The stigma is part of the pistil and will definitively identify the plant as female. Female plants all produce pistils; the problem with sexing female plants is not every female plant in the pre-flower phase has pistils. 

Hermaphroditic Plants

Another confounding variable is hermaphroditic plants that produce both staminate and pistil. Hermaphroditic plants are typically the result of stress. Treat these plants as males and cull them if looking to harvest, or keep them if looking to seed.

Structural Difference between male and female plant

Lastly, there are also a few morphological differences between males and female cannabis plants to help you sexing your plants. Female plants are typically shorter and bushier, while males grow taller and have thicker stalks to support the additional weight.

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