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ALERT: Oregon Hemp Growers, Prepare for Presumptive Testing



All Oregon hemp growers should expect an inspection visit very soon from ODA, who will likely invite law enforcement, OLCC, and potentially several other administrative agencies to tag along. These agency inspections are pursuant to the presumptive testing standards used last year in Operation Table Rock (here are links to our Operation Table RockPart IandIIposts for more information).

Oregon’s new version of Operation Table Rock began in late July. The administrative agencies began inspections in the Northwest corner of the state and completed inspections of growers as far south as Eugene. Jackson and Josephine counties are currently under inspection, and growers across the rest of Oregon should also prepare accordingly. In addition to ODA and OLCC, we are receiving reports that county code enforcement is using these visits as an occasion to come onto the property and give citations for alleged building and zoning code violations. We are also receiving reports of OR-OSHA investigators at some of these visits as well.

Some reminders of your rights during these visits:

  • If the agency representatives represent that they have an administrative warrant, you have the right to view and retain a copy of the warrant.
  • Administrative warrants are relatively easy for non-law enforcement agencies to get. They are not the same as a warrant to gather evidence of criminal activity, although agency personnel will try to imply otherwise.
  • You have the right to a reasonable amount of time to read and understand the warrant so that you can determine that each person who is on your premises has a lawful right to be there and ensure that all agency personnel do not exceed the scope of the warrant.
  • To the extent there are agency personnel present who are not employees or agents of the agency that requested the warrant, you have the right to ask them to come back another time to conduct their inspection. Law enforcement personnel generally have a right to accompany the personnel of the agency that requested the warrant, but only to the extent necessary for agency personnel’s physical protection.
  • Request a business card from all agency personnel on your premises. If they do not have a business card, take a video with your cell phone of them identifying their name and agency they work for (or refusing to do so).
  • You have the right to audio and video record agency personnel tasked with collecting the samples for presumptive testing. While on video, make sure to identify where on the premises they are collecting samples from (for example, identifying the field, greenhouse, or harvest lot number). If the agency personnel appear to be favoring the collection of samples from the most robust and healthy-looking plants, note that in the video.
  • Request that all agency personnel remain in your eyesight or that of a trusted employee at all times. An administrative warrant allows agency personnel to enter the premises – it does not allow them free and unfettered access to all buildings (especially residences), only those areas reasonably necessary to conduct the activity specified in the warrant.

You can reach Kevin Jacoby at (503) 488-5424 or

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How to pick the right hemp product for you with Green Garden Gold




Find yourself in good hands with these hemp industry vets.

In this moment when cannabis and hemp products are becoming increasingly legalized throughout the United States, it would be an understatement to say that the patchwork of state and federal regulations dictating what you can and can’t legally buy and where is difficult to understand (we have a whole guide dedicated to just that!). But if you want help understanding what products you have access to and what they can do, you’re in the right place.

Legislation in 2018 made the production and sale of hemp and hemp-based products legal at the federal level and, with a little help from science, hemp can do a whole lot. The hemp plant is a type of cannabis (a sativa species under the genus cannabis, if you want to get into the weeds). Hemp can be some pretty powerful stuff since it shares the same chemical compounds like THC and CBD that cause effects as cannabis. Thanks to modern extraction techniques, you can experience some of those effects with federally-legal hemp-based products.

We believe in the power of the plant to do serious good in people’s lives.

At Leafly, we share something critical in common with the hemp-industry veterans behind Green Garden Gold: we believe in the power of the plant to do serious good in people’s lives. As one of the original five hemp companies to launch in the US, Green Garden Gold has been in the business of creating transparent & reliable products since 2013. With some of the highest testing standards in the industry and a deep catalog available online, the brand is committed to connecting people with quality, natural wellness solutions that work for them.

Read on to better understand what different hemp products can do for you & find the experience you’re looking for with help from Green Garden Gold.

Green Garden Gold hemp

If you’re seeking one of the benefits associated with cannabis and hemp, be it relief from pain or anxiety, help sleeping, or a stress-busting buzz, quality hemp products may be able to help. The compounds in cannabis—cannabinoids like THC & CBD and terpenes—work together to create effects. Hemp plants contain these compounds, too, just in smaller amounts.


What is a cannabinoid?

Hemp products from Green Garden Gold start with USA-grown hemp, where the brand contracts directly with best-in-class farm growers who monitor production quality before sending the raw hemp on for refinement in a lab setting. To ensure a high-quality, pure end-product, they avoid harmful cutting agents in their proprietary production process and distill to create a hemp oil rich in cannabinoids, fine-tuning their formulas to create products that lean into specific cannabinoids and combinations. That means for the specific effect or experience you’re looking for, there’s more than likely a Green Garden Gold hemp product with the right ingredients, in the right ratios, designed to do just that.

How are you hoping to feel?

The first question driving what hemp product is right for you is what you’re hoping to experience. And though the potential uses for the plant are vast, there are a few key, common effects that bring the most people into exploring hemp products. Relief from pain, help calming anxiety, better sleep, and a sense of euphoria are some of the most frequent desires that Green Garden Gold hears from its customers. 

Do you want to feel “high”?

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

The most obvious effect associated with traditional cannabis is clearly its intoxicating effect, the “high” weed is famous for. But cannabis and hemp contain both intoxicating and non-intoxicating cannabinoids, so you don’t have to feel high to experience the benefits of some hemp products.

On the other hand, because hemp contains THC—the main cannabinoid that causes an intoxicating effect—brands can create high-quality hemp products with noticeable levels of THC despite its lower concentration in hemp versus cannabis, as long as they stay within certain federal restrictions.

I’ll take some intoxication: delta-9 & delta-8 THC

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

If you’re looking for relief from pain, sleeplessness, or nausea and are open to experiencing a high, or if a euphoric, mood-boosting buzz is exactly what you’re after, THC-forward products are the ticket. THC is the primary compound responsible for the euphoric, intoxicating effect of cannabis and may benefit those with issues ranging from inflammation to PTSD to appetite loss.

To be federally compliant, hemp-based products are required to have no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC, the traditional THC we think of with cannabis, by dry weight. Hemp producers have found, though, that this creates an easy way to offer products with similar delta-9 THC potency levels as adult-use cannabis products with careful attention to cannabinoid ratios and product weight. 

Green Garden Gold’s vegan, Strawberry Bliss-flavored delta-9 THC gummies, for example, have 30 gummies per jar with 10mg hemp-derived delta-9 THC per piece. Using a pure rosin extract, Green Garden Gold’s gummies are fully infused—never sprayed or coated—for a more effective and enjoyable experience that’s heavy on euphoria and relaxation.

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

If you’d like to experience a high, but would rather have a mellower ride, delta-8 THC gummies from Green Garden Gold could be just the thing for you. Delta-8 THC is another intoxicating cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis and hemp plants that’s a close chemical cousin to delta-9 THC. Often described as “THC light” or a hybrid between THC and CBD, delta-8 has a more mild intoxicating effect than delta-9 and is also known to be free of the anxiety and paranoia effects sometimes experienced with D-9. Delta-8 gummies are available in Blue Raz, Strawberry Bliss, and Tropical Punch varieties from Green Garden Gold.

Hold the buzz, please: CBD & more

If you’re looking for help with pain management, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more and do not wish to experience a sense of intoxication, CBD products are an excellent place to start. CBD is one of the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. As opposed to THC, it’s non-intoxicating, but it still has a host of associated benefits. Current research suggests CBD helps with both neuropathic and inflammatory pain; a majority of research shows it may be beneficial for anxiety symptoms, potentially influencing activity in the serotonin system; and while more research is needed to study CBD’s effect on insomnia symptoms, a huge number of people swear by it for more restful nights.

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold’s hemp-based CBD is available in a variety of high-quality formats designed to go to work for you. Their fan-favorite HumanoFlow CBD-infused Salve contains 1000mg CBD with nourishing coconut oil and a calming vanilla scent and is designed to soothe skin and quiet pain.

The workhorse behind hundreds of happy customer testimonials, with people lauding its power to alleviate chronic pain as well as soothe restless sleepers and anxious minds, is Green Garden Gold’s CBD Soft Gel Capsules. The familiar capsule format is as easy to integrate into your routine as a multivitamin and each one is packed with 30mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil.

The good news doesn’t stop at CBD: another non-intoxicating cannabinoid, CBG, has shown promise in a whole host of therapeutic applications. Green Garden Gold offers CBG in capsules, gummies, and a blended tincture including CBD.

Green Garden Gold is in your corner

With this knowledge and the quality standards you can expect from Green Garden Gold, you’re ready to go out and get the right hemp products for you. The best part? You don’t actually need to go anywhere. Visit Green Garden Gold’s website today, explore their full catalog of hemp products, and have your selection shipped right to your door.

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer: Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

Green Garden Gold Logo

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Hemp Building Symposium Coming to France




The 10th International Hemp Building Association Symposium takes place this year in Lacapelle Marival, France, from the 11th to 12th of October. As ever, this event promises to be a showcase of the latest technologies in building with hemp from around the world, along with interesting applications for hemp fibers in other industries, in particular the textile industry.

With the rising interest in environmentally friendly and sustainable building materials, the popularity of using hemp raw materials in building projects is spreading. As a result, new technologies are emerging to make the process more efficient. In this interview with International Hemp Building Association founder, Steve Allin, he explains what people can expect from the 10th edition of this event, the history of the industry, and the implications of working with hemp.

To stay current on everything important happening in the industry, subscribe to The Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter. Also, it’ll get you premium access to deals on cannabis flowers, vapes, edibles, and much more! We’ve also got standout offers on cannabinoids, like HHC-O, Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC, which won’t kill your bank account. Head over to our “Best-of” lists to get these deals, and remember to enjoy responsibly!

Question: Why did you start the International Hemp Building Association Symposium?

Allin: It was a result of hosting the first symposium here in my hometown of Kenmare in 2009. That event attracted so much interest from so many different parties from around the world we realized it was time to get together to discuss this technology and the materials, as well as all the implications of using these materials. I was one of the early adopters in the industry, and was in contact with various people. There was a project in France in the 80s, and in the early 90s, other projects popped up around Europe, which is when the industry began to really get going.

Back then, there was a lot of discussion going on, ideas about how best to use the materials that were developing quickly. Many people were coming up with ideas for what to mix hemp shiv with, what types of binders to use. So, it became obvious to me, it was the right time to bring all these people and ideas together, which resulted in the event in Kenmare. We hosted a 3-day event and it was a great success, with more than 70 people from around the world, and from then on, we decided to create a formal association.

Question: What is the goal of the International Hemp Building Symposium?

Allin: We want to do a few things. First, we want to add value to the farm, and give more farmers reason to grow hemp. But we also aim to tackle the question of how to demonstrate hemp as a building material while also taking into consideration the wider implications of the plant.

Question: What are some of the implications of growing industrial hemp?

Allin: There’s no point growing hemp unless you have access to some kind of industrial processor. Unfortunately, it was a huge disaster in the U.S. when lots of people decided to get into growing vast fields of “industrial hemp.” I use inverted commas because they were growing the plants for CBD and that material isn’t really useful for anything else, which meant the market there was flooded, creating terrible outcomes on many levels.

Industrial hemp is a different plant that produces fibers, biomass, wood chips and has seeds. Each one of those has to be part of the processing system and that’s why the topic of hemp connects with so many other industries. This plant can provide solutions to all sorts of problems for humanity in general because it covers the basics: food, shelter and clothing. These are things everyone needs, which is what makes hemp so unique.

Question: What kind of solutions does building with hemp offer?

Allin: We’re offering all kinds of solutions with hemp building. First, the raw materials don’t need a huge amount of processing and are low energy. But more importantly, we’re creating building materials that are carbon-negative, so materials that pull carbon out of the atmosphere, and store it. And even though these materials can store carbon, they drastically reduce the amount of carbon inside buildings, which has huge implications for health. And hemp is easy to work with, doesn’t involve lifting heavy blocks that demand lots of strength. Any healthy person, man or woman, can build a house with hemp. It’s an equal opportunities employer.

Question: What makes the Hemp Symposium different from other hemp conferences?

hemp building symposium

Allin: The plan from the beginning was to host a symposium in a different place every year. Even though that creates a lot more in terms of organization, the aim is to bring people to see projects in development. Rather than standing around conference halls talking about these things, we want to get people physically involved, and show the raw materials and technologies in action. It’s the best way to promote a new technology because it enables people to get a real grasp of it.

Question: Why is the membership of the Hemp Building Association so diverse?

Allin: When we set up the association there was no real need for a national association as no market was big enough. But when you put all the activity together, and look at the global implications, it’s a different story. Hemp can be grown in so many different locations, and has different implications for energy needs in hot or cold, wet or dry climates. Plus, every country has different codes and regulations. So, to really understand it, and uncover ways to adopt new technologies, a global perspective is required. We’re currently working with the U.S. Hemp Building Association and the European Industrial Hemp Association to create a building code for Europe, and there’ll be presentations about that at this year’s symposium.

Question: What new tech will people see at this year’s symposium?

Allin: This year we’ve got the most amazing collection of new technologies, including demonstrations by at least three different spray machines, if not more. The demonstrations on the program include AKTA-BVP, Baumer, and Tecnocanapa. This is a demonstration of mixing hemp shiv and applying it to walls. We also have a new processor demonstration of a new medium-scale machine, which processes hemp at a scale that many small communities could achieve. It produces both building materials but also high-quality fiber materials to be used by the textile industry.

That versatility drives up the value of hemp by creating a new application, which makes this a very interesting machine. But there’s lots of research going on at the moment about different ways hemp can mixed and applied, and those projects will be on display too. There are lots of projects testing hemp in extreme environments. One project is a 12-story hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, and another is a hostel in the Himalaya Mountains with a hemp envelope.

Question: What is the current trend in the hemp building industry?

Allin: Right now, there’s a move towards pre-fabricated blocks or panels, or modular housing systems. One of the largest markets for hemp is retrofitting. We’re interested in restoring the buildings that people currently use for work and living.

Question: How is hemp used by the textile industry?

Allin: Right now, hemp fiber is used by the clothing industry as a blend for linen, so a percentage of a linen cloth might be hemp to create a more ecological material. Hemp is far more environmentally friendly to grow than flax. Also, there are a lot of supply chain issues in the textile industry at the moment due to the shortage of flax. And it looks like it might be a permanent problem. Which is why the focus has shifted to hemp as a way to produce fine textiles in order to replace flax in the linen industry.

That said the most common use of hemp fibers is for the cotton industry, which is an incredibly fast and complex system of producing yarns. To fit hemp fiber into that model is not easy, as it’s difficult to get the same fineness from hemp. But the machinery that’s in place is designed to work with cotton, which is why they get such good results. The technology to get similar results from hemp is just not there

Question: But this new textile technology to be presented at the symposium gets similar results?

Allin: Exactly. We want to demonstrate how this processor can produce fibers in a way that’s applicable to the textile industry. The machine produces a fairly clean and lined material that can then be used for ribbon making to make woven sheets of finer material. Because it’s lined, the material can also be put through various carding and chopping machines, basically cut into short lengths so it can be used in the cotton industry. This is another huge market opportunity for hemp, and outside of China, the market isn’t being supplied.

Final Thoughts

To see the program for the 10th International Hemp Symposium Building Association, click here:

Hotel info can be found here.

The projects in Nepal are instigated by S.H.I.V.

The project in India:

This is must-see event for anyone interested in the future of building with hemp.

Hello readers! We appreciate you joining us at, a top choice news platform for independent coverage of the growing cannabis and psychedelics landscapes of today. Come by the site whenever possible for updates on current and world-changing events, and head over to the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter, so you’re always up on what’s going down.

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The best CBD and hemp products for pampering your skin this fall




There are so many ways to ingest and inhale cannabis for better health, but we tend to overlook the ways cannabis can help us from the outside, too. Cannabis plants contain a bevy of compounds in addition to THC and CBD that benefit the body, such as antioxidants, inflammation fighters, and fatty acids.

The topical application of cannabis or hemp allows us a way to absorb cannabinoids, target specific areas, or take care of the body’s largest organ—the skin—for everything from scalp dandruff to sun protection. And with the seasons changing from summer to fall, there’s no better time to stock up on ways to maintain your skin barrier before the temperatures really drop.

Check out these CBD and hemp skincare picks for daily use, fun in the sun, and giving your body some much-needed TLC.

CBD and hemp-derived face care

Derma-E CBD skin cleanser

CBD face wash and flowers
(Beauty After 40/Derma-E)

Derma-E’s Skin De-Stress Calming CBD Cleanser is infused with CBD oil and other soothing ingredients such as aloe and hemp seed oil to “gently [lift] away impurities, leaving the skin feeling ultra-moisturized, calm and stress-free.” Use it as you would any face cleanser: lather it with water over your face and neck for 60 seconds, rinse, and pat dry. 

Product can be found on the Derma-E website and beauty sites such as Ulta

Flora + Bast hemp and cannabinoid facial serum

soothing orange facial serum
Aging? Never heard of her! (Flora + Bast)

Flora + Bast has released its Age Adapting Facial Serum, infused with 750mg of CBD, 100mg CBC, 50mg CBG, and 2% hemp seed oil. This luxurious serum claims to help reduce redness, blemishes, and correct other skin imbalances. Rich in phytocannabinoids, Flora + Bast says the serum is designed so skin can be “brought to a state of equilibrium where it can repair itself naturally, allowing for optimal skin aging.”

This product is the perfect addition to a face routine that needs a little more moisture due to brisk weather.

Product can be found on the Flora + Bast website, and the 357mg CBD version is available on beauty sites such as Sephora.

Prima CBD face cream

rich face cream

Prima’s indulgent broad-spectrum face cream, The Afterglow Deeply Restorative Cream, boasts 500mg of CBD in addition to hyaluronic acid and vegan collagen.

Prima writes that their cream is clinically proven to combat “age-inducing stressors, reduce the appearance of redness and discoloration, and increase elasticity for healthy, plump, radiant skin” while being hydrating and moisturizing. Packed with antioxidants as well, this cream is more like splendor in a bottle.

This product can be found on the Prima website and beauty sites such as Sephora

Cannuka calming CBD eye balm

honey eye balm

Cannuka is known for their CBD and manuka honey-infused skincare products, and their CBD Calming Eye Balm is the perfect choice for nurturing the delicate skin around your eyes.

Containing 15mg of CBD isolate, the eye balm works to moisturize, protect and refresh your skin while “waving goodbye to dark circles.” Cannuka writes that the balm is cool to the touch and warms upon contact with your skin and that the balm can be used twice daily.

This product can be found on the Cannuka website and beauty sites such as Ulta.

NYX sativa seed oil lip conditioner


When taking care of the skin on your face, be sure not to overlook your lips. NYX’s  Bare With Me Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Lip Conditioner combines hydration with shine for a soothing lip fix.

NYX says its hemp-infused lip conditioner is “ideal for a parched pout” and that the “silky formula slips on smoothly and glosses lips with a clear shine that’s oh so glowy.” 

This product can be found on the NYX website and beauty sites such as Ulta.

Cannabis-enriched body care

JĀSÖN hemp seed oil body wash


JĀSÖN’s De-Stress Hemp Seed Oil Body Wash is the perfect way to get an all-over hemp-infused clean. Hemp seed oil, aloe, oatmeal, and lavender come together for a skin-nurturing combination in this body wash.

JĀSÖN writes that their body wash helps to “balance your dry, stressed out skin … for a relaxing, healthy feeling clean.”

This product can be found on the JĀSÖN website using their store selector.

Hempz body scrub

pink pomelo body scrub
Scrub a dub doobie! (Hempz)

Exfoliation is one of the cornerstones of luminous skin. The Pink Pomelo & Himalayan Sea Salt Herbal Body Salt Scrub from Hempz is enriched with hemp seed oil and formulated to “help reverse aging damage and leave skin soft.”

The scrub is microbead free, so you can rest easy knowing no plastics are being wasted, and the lovely citrus scent will leave skin smelling fresh.

This product can be found on the Hempz website and beauty sites such as Ulta.


6 cannabis strains for people who love citrus terpenes

CannaCell hemp seed oil shaving cream

shave cream green

Shaving can cause inflammation and irritation, so using a cannabis-infused product makes sense to help manage some of those negative effects. Andalou’s CannaCell Botanical Shave Cream has hemp seed oil and hemp cell culture extract, in addition to ingredients such as aloe, rosemary, and lemon balm.

Andalou writes that “this skin soothing shave cream with vegan probiotics, CannaCell® super antioxidants, nourishing organic hemp seed oil, and hydrating aloe vera provides effortless glide against nicks, cuts, and irritation, as the semitransparent cream allows for easy navigation.”

This product can be found on the Andalou website and in select stores. 

Truly CBD body butter

unicorn rainbow body butter
It’s giving fairy tales! (Truly)

Packed with 300mg of CBD isolate and hemp seed oil, the Unicorn Soothe & Glow Whipped Body Butter by Truly is a whipped rainbow of hydration.

Truly says their formula helps calm skin inflammation while reducing redness and “promoting glowing, naturally healthy skin.” Combined with its sweet fruity scent and explosion of colors, it’s hard to resist.

This product can be found on the Truly website and on beauty sites such as Ulta.

Staying safe in the sun with hemp

CannaCell hemp SPF

Sun’s out, so why aren’t you? (Andalou)

Skincare is not complete with sun protection. Andalou’s CannaCell Sun Buddy SPF 30 is a facial lotion with SPF 30 and hemp seed oil and vegan hemp stem cells. The sheer sunscreen is gentle on all skin types and packed with pure plant essential oils.

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen every day, not just in the heat of summer.

This product can be found on the Andalou website and on beauty sites such as Ulta

Uncle Bud’s sunscreen with hemp seed oil

hemp sunscreen body
(Uncle Bud’s)

Don’t stop at your face. Sunscreen is important for the whole body. This Hemp SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion from Uncle Bud helps to prevent sunburn while also moisturizing the skin with “a powerful blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and hemp seed oil.” 

Product can be found on the Uncle Bud’s website and at select stores such as Target.

Uncle Bud’s CBD sunburn gel with aloe

aloe cbd gel
(Uncle Bud’s)

Uncle Bud’s CBD Sunburn Gel with Aloe is the perfect remedy for after-sun woes if you come away burnt. This soothing gel has 120mg of CBD and cooling aloe to nurture skin that’s been left red hot. 

Product can be found on Uncle Bud’s website and at select stores such as GNC.

Pampering every inch: scalp, tattoos, and feet

Briogeo CBD and arnica scalp oil


Briogeo’s luxurious CBD + Arnica Flower Soothing Skin & Scalp Oil features 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD, hemp seed oil, and other nurturing ingredients (such as arnica flower and jojoba seed oil) to bring your scalp back to life.

The phytoactive formula is a omega-rich but light. Simply rub it into your scalp as instructed and leave it on overnight to harness the benefits. 

This product can be found on the Briogeo website and on beauty sites such as Sephora.

INKEEZE hemp tattoo ointment


If your skin has ink then that ink is a part of your skin, and it deserves care too. INKEEZE’s hemp tattoo ointment contains 1000mg of CBD and can be used as a lubricant during the tattoo process and as aftercare by providing healing support. Infused with essential oils, the ointment “was developed by a team of tattooers and skin care specialists.”

This product can be found on the INKEEZE website and many online tattoo supply shops.

The Body Shop hemp foot cream

(The Body Shop)

The Body Shop’s Hemp Foot Protector is perfect for dry feet that need a little love. Combining hemp seed oil with cocoa butter, the cream will help soften rough heels and moisturize tired feet that have been in sandals all summer.

The Body Shop writes that the cream “provides blissful moisture for your hard-working feet. It helps to soothe and soften ultra-dry feet with 24 hours of heavy-duty hydration.”

This product can be found on The Body Shop’s website and in their brick-and-mortar stores.

Rae Lland's Bio Image

Rae Lland

Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist, and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on culture, music, health, and wellness, in addition to her work for Leafly, she has also been featured in numerous online cannabis publications as well as print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @rae.lland

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