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Animal Face Weed Strain Review & Information



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Animal Face Strain

After reading this Animal Face strain review, you’ll probably want to get your hands on some of this rare ganja.

Seed Junky Genetics is responsible for bringing this sativa-dominant beauty to life, but they aren’t overly keen to share their recipe with the world, making it difficult to find growing stock or even a bud of Animal Face at your local dispensary.

Knowledge is power, so let’s learn why this strain is sought-after so when it does hit the shelves, you’ll know whether or not you need to scoop it up!

Animal Face Strain Genetics

Is Animal Face an indica or sativa strain? Seed Junky Genetics crossed Face Off OG and Animal Mints to deliver this sativa-dominant cannabis strain.

Face Off OG, also known as Faceoff OG Kush, is a popular phenotype of the legendary OG Kush lineage. It’s an indica-dominant strain that can put even the most experienced cannabis consumers on the couch for a nap.

It has also been used to parent Do-Si-Dos, a quite popular hybrid strain in its own right.

Animal Mints is a smorgasbord of genetics, being a cross of Animal Cookies, Blue Power, and Girl Scout Cookies. It offers a strong-but-balanced high with sweet pungency and a minty exhale.

It’s been used to parent other strains as well, including Kush Mints.

Both parents of Animal Face learn towards a relaxing experience, so it’s no surprise that the resulting marijuana offers the same style of high.

Seed Junky Genetics does offer seeds to the public through many seed banks online, but they don’t regularly stock their unique strains that often. Instead, they keep their genetics under wraps to create more demand for their beautiful strains.

If you are looking to grow your own batch of Animal Face, you need to be notified when the feminized seeds come back into stock at your favorite seed bank or score some clones from a nursery or someone who is already growing this rare cannabis strain.

These genetics are so rare that Animal Face is even hard to find on the shelves at many dispensaries. It’s currently popular on the west coast cannabis market but may spread as word gets out about its reputation.

Growing Yield

The lack of data about growing Animal Face has to do with the fact that finding seeds is next-to-impossible at the time of writing (hopefully this has changed by the time you are reading this!).

This sativa-dominant hybrid can produce plants that grow to around 5 feet tall, regardless of an indoor or outdoor setting.

These plants probably do best indoors as they don’t stretch as high as other sativas that can easily top 8-10 feet tall.

When harvest time comes around, indoor growers can expect to harvest 1-2 ounces of bud per square foot of plant, while outdoor growers can expect more like 2-4 ounces per square foot.

Even though indoor growing allows for more control over the growing environment, outdoor plants always seem to outshine them when it comes to yields.

That makes sense though, right? After all, you can’t simulate the natural sunlight that well indoors!


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Animal Face Strain Flowering Time

Animal Face has a flowering time of around 9-11 weeks, depending on the phenotype grown. Outdoor growers can expect to harvest in late-September.

Animal Face buds feature dark green colors with deep orange hairs that mingle with a blanket of amber-colored trichomes.

When you choose to harvest is up to you. If you want more THC from this already heavy-hitter of a strain, then opt to harvest when the trichomes are milky-white instead of amber.

However, if you want to enhance the already intense body-high effects, amber-colored trichomes are the sure way to go when you harvest. Most growers opt for a mix of milky-white and amber-colored trichomes to attempt to get the best of both worlds.

Animal Face Strain THC Percentage

Animal Face can be found anywhere between 18-25%, but between 21-25% is the most common.

While there are surely more potent strains on the market, Animal Face is one strain that is best reserved for experienced users. Beginners should tread lightly to avoid couch-lock or early bedtime.

This bud strain is best reserved for evening use. The experience starts with a rushing euphoria affecting your mental state.

This quickly turns into a haze where focusing becomes quite challenging. The high melts down into your body and a pure state of relaxation and numbness overtake your physical presence.

Flavor & Aroma

Sweet pine and earthy diesel dominate the aroma. The flavor is more akin to earthy mint and sweet nuttiness. Most users describe the essence of Animal Face as fresh.

The terpenes that dominate Animal Face are Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene, and Humulene.

Caryophyllene helps combat the effects of inflammation.

Limonene helps ward off the effects of stress and anxiety.

Myrcene helps consumers relax and is found in a large number of cannabis strains.

Humulene also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

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Those who enjoy the terpene profile and effects of Animal Face will find a few other strains enjoyable as well, including Cake Batter, White Tahoe Cookies, Grease Monkey, and Wedding Crasher.

Medical Conditions This Pot Strain Can Help

Medical marijuana patients lucky enough to score some Animal Face reportedly love it for treating conditions like:

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Appetite Loss
  • Nausea
  • Chronic Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Muscles Spasms & Cramps
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

The sheer amount of THC present in Animal Face may scare off newcomers to medical cannabis, but those with experience will love the medicinal benefits that come along with a higher dosage of THC.

Final Words On The Animal Face Weed Strain

Finding feminized seeds or clones of Animal Face is currently very difficult.

Seed Junky Genetics does ship out seeds to various seed banks, so your best bet is to check your favorite online seed banks for their stock and get notified when Animal Face comes back in stock!

Until then, try and find some Animal Face bud at a nearby dispensary and check out our grower’s training so by the time you get your seeds, you’ll be ready to grow like a pro!

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Strangest Cannabis Strains On The Market Today




There are easily almost a thousand, if not more, cannabis strains in the world right now. And we all have at least one favorite — one that we can rely on for good times and bad. They make us feel better, laugh, sleep, and just experience the lighter side of life after a puff or two.

Going through the list of strain names available today can be overwhelming at the very least, because strains are typically given colorful and unique names to remember them by.

Strains can be named so because of their aroma, flavor, taste, and effects. But did you know that there are some downright bizarre strains out there too? Check these out:

marijuana dispensary
Photo by Zummolo/Getty Images

Dr. Grinspoon

Dr. Grinspoon is a strain dedicated to Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a renowned psychiatry professor and cannabis advocate at Harvard. He was initially against marijuana — believing it was dangerous — until he researched it himself and found it was less harmful and addictive compared to tobacco and alcohol. After that, he became a crusader fighting for marijuana.

Dr. Grinspoon is a sativa heirloom strain that was bred by the Barneys Farm in Amsterdam. It has some strange growth characteristics, such as how it develops small buds similar to berries, whereas normal cannabis would grow bud in branch nodes. It doesn’t look like a regular cannabis plant, making this an ideal variety for marijuana growers who want to try growing something different, or for those looking for discretion.

Dr. Grinspoon is recommended for individuals looking for a highly cerebral and creative strain, as it increases sensory awareness and activity. Patients who are suffering from chronic pain, ADHD, and mood disorders can benefit from the effects of this special strain.


Freakshow is the result of a genetic mutation, evident in its rather strange leaf structure. Also known as the Cannabis Lusus Monstra, the leaves of this strain resemble ferns, making it another great choice for those who want to discreetly grow cannabis plants.

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Freakshow is the brainchild of Shapeshifter, an American cannabis breeder hailing from California. The genetic mutation that gives this strain its odd-looking leaves has also been observed in other plants, though there isn’t much known about it. Shapeshifter worked on several mutant plants, and the Humboldt Seed Company eventually stepped in to assist stabilization of seeds in order to produce more of them by 2019.

There are many reasons to try Freakshow despite its unusual appearance. For one, it has a pungent diesel-like aroma as well as notes of grapefruit, eucalyptus, and thyme. Many have also observed vanilla and banana flavors after smoking. It results in a clear-headed high, consistent with many sativa strains, followed by a warm body tingling. Freakshow is a fantastic choice for a daytime smoke if you are looking to try something new.

cannabis flower
Photo by AYEHAB/Getty Images

Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck is a cross between Ducksfoot and Frisian Dew, created by Amsterdam’s Dutch Passion. It stands out because of its strange cannabis leaves which came about due to a genetic mutation.

The fact that Frisian Duck’s leaves look like a duck’s footprint conceals it from prying eyes. You can easily grow this in your city or urban home and not have much to worry about. This hybrid strain has a mild yet spicy aroma, with notes of fresh pine, citrus, and forest. However, it doesn’t have a strong smell unlike other pungent cannabis strains, another reason why this can help you keep a low profile when growing them at home.

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When fully grown, Frisian Duck cannabis plants look like a Christmas tree. They have massive flowers and result in a large yield when grown correctly. Its flowers often end up purple once matured. The light citrus and forest flavors are extra delicious for a morning toke to help wake you up.

Australian Bastard  

Another cannabis strain that can easily be disguised is the Australian Bastard. Due to its unconventional physical properties, these typically go unnoticed to the untrained eye. As the name suggests, it originated down under, where it’s also known as Bindi Buds or ABC.

The Australian Bastard cannabis strain doesn’t have a strong odor and an unusual leaf shape, which is why it usually goes unnoticed. During colder temperatures, it can result in buds that have a purple hue. This strain has a desirable pine and lemon flavor, with tones of fennel. It’s the result of a stable genetic mutation that has adapted to the Australian environment.

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However, Australian Bastard cannabis has low THC levels, usually under 5%. This makes it very different from otherwise high potency strains that are popular in the market. This strain may be hard to find but its rarity is one of the many things that make it special.

Photo by 3 Pelos/Getty Images

Black Haze

Black Haze is named after its very dark purple leaves, which can sometimes look black from afar. It’s a very potent strain, the result of crossing Sir Jack, Pakistani Chitral Kush, and Skunk Auto.

Upon smoking, one can’t help but notice its one-of-a-kind yet extremely delicious flavor profile: woodsy notes underneath, and tasty berries and cherries on top. Black Haze strains usually have a high THC content, ideal for getting all that stress out the window and relaxing you, mentally and physically. At small doses, Black Haze can induce a clear-headedness that is suitable for productivity and focus, allowing you to problem-solve and discover creative solutions.

Patients can benefit from its pain-killing and calming properties. This is a wonderful social strain to share with your friends, and for those with social anxiety, it can help melt those worries away. Smoke some Black Haze at the end of a tiring work day to experience blissful relief.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

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adult-use cannabis

Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Cannabis reviewed




You gotta hand it to Snoop: California’s connoisseur cannabis smokers won’t get bammer weed from Dogg’s new Death Row Cannabis brand

Snoop Dogg acquired and relaunched the famed Death Row Records in 2022. Dogg has since delegated cannabis selection duties wisely to his team led by AK—a longtime West Coast legacy cultivator who, alongside former partner WizardTrees, helped cultivate such favorites as RS11 and Studio 54 (aka RS54).

On California dispensary shelves this winter, blingy, metallic Death Row mylar bags contain four heat, indoor varieties: Strawberry Gary, LA Runtz, SFV OG, TropiCherry (aka TropCherry, CherryTrop). 

AK hand-selected each strain in the Death Row lineup from small batches grown by his deep network, thus keeping quality high. With a recent drop in select Cookies stores, fans of the Death Row brand and cannasseurs want to know if the famed Dogg can deliver. We tapped in and have come back with these notes.

Strawberry Gary

Death Row Cannabis brand Strawberry Gary. Indica hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)
Death Row Cannabis brand Strawberry Gary. Indica hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)

Strawberry Gary is a sweet, creamy, gassy, and fruity hybrid that smells like heaven when opening the mylar. Smoking the flower delivers on exactly what the nose promises with strawberries and creme on the palate, coupled with a funky dough on the backend. A hint of rubber lingers as the smoke clears, which keeps you coming back for more. Perfect for meditation and relaxation, the effects are mostly head-focused, leaving you clear-minded and motivated. A gentle wave of a body high keeps the body calm without elevating heart rates. Serge at Cookies Maywood hunted the Strawberry Gary from a pack of Washington breeder Exotic Genetix Gary Payton x Red Pop, uniting two all-star flavors in 2023 weed.


Death Row Cannabis brand SFV OG. Hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)
Death Row Cannabis brand SFV OG. Hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)

SFV OG is the old-school flower in the lineup and is everything you’d want and expect from a proper OG. The aroma has a chewy mint candy scent up front like you’ve just crushed a Mentos between your teeth. Sweet, herbaceous notes of juniper, dough and dry paint follow. Smoking the herb will send you back to 2005 as rich notes of pine, hops, malt, and sweet earth swirl in your senses. Like any good OG, this one has some heavy effects. Be prepared for the munchies and some couchlock, as the indica body high effects are the most prevalent. 

Tap in

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LA Runtz

Death Row Cannabis brand LA Runtz. Indica hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)
Death Row Cannabis brand LA Runtz. Indica hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)

LA Runtz is the exotic flower selection in the lineup and arguably produces the heaviest effects from the four. The aroma is a deft blend of hard parmesan cheese, feral musk, and grape Big League Chew bubblegum. Huge terps of gassy dough, grape, and cherry fruit leather delight the palate, followed by a big hit of oily musk on the backend. The user is left in a foggy daze, with relaxed limbs, and muscle relief throughout the body. Certainly, a hybrid that ain’t meant for rookies—LA Runtz most likely will be the most popular strain from Death Row.


Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains of ’23

Tropi Cherry

Death Row Cannabis brand TropiCherry. Sativa hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)
Death Row Cannabis brand TropiCherry. Sativa hybrid. (Photo by the Fire Scale for Leafly)

Lastly, Tropi Cherry (aka Trop Cherry, Cherry Trop) is the closest to a straight sativa, and among all the other strains, offers consumers the opportunity to select from a wide array of flavors and medicinal effects. On the nose, this has all the classic Tropicana Cookies terps with a modern twist. Aroma is a slurry of herbaceous camphor, tropical fruit, and orange rind, which ends up smelling like a citrusy bug spray with a little pine sol thrown in. Smoking Tropi Cherry delivers many of the same terps on the nose, with an added emphasis on the orange and citronella at the forefront of the spectrum while adding a bit of gassy dough, which leaves the taste smooth rather than bitter and medicinal. Perfect for a day in the outdoors or a long hike, this flower won’t slow you down, but instead leaves the user in a state of euphoric bliss, with light head pressure and a clear mind.

Overall, this first series of releases from Death Row Cannabis churns out some good beats. But they’ve to have a real banger on their hands.

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chocolate thunder

Star signs and cannabis strains: February 2023 horoscopes




Hello Zodiac babes and welcome to the glorious month of February 2023. Don’t let the fact that this is a short month fool you—hustle and bustle abounds in the celestial sphere.

There is a full moon in courageous Leo; Mercury dances into artsy Aquarius for a few weeks; lady love Venus tangos with headstrong Aries, and the month rounds out with Mercury in Aquarius trine Mars in Gemini—phew! Things will get spicy in more ways than one. 

It’s the month of love, Zodiacs, and there is a valentine with your name on it.

Your February horoscope


Water flowing out of pitcher on blue sky background with the word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Birthday to all you late-Aquarius babes out there in Zodiac land. This is shaping up to be a very sweet month for you. On February 3, sun in your sign square your ruler (Uranus) in Taurus is an impressively powerful aspect that will have you shaking up old patterns of behavior for something much better. 

On February 5, there is a full moon in bright Leo. Lean into strong communication and let your heart dictate what your next move should be. On February 11, Mercury enters your sign. A friend might approach you with a compelling proposition. Be careful of refusing it right off the bat. Finally, we enter Pisces season on February 18.

The sun will shine on you again. Your art will become lively and nature-focused, and it might just draw the attention of someone who is meant to be in your life for a long, long time. 

February strain: It’s true what they say, Love is Love. Especially when it comes to this hybrid strain. Users report this beautiful, colorful bud makes them feel giggly and young. It’s the perfect strain to freshen up your love life during the Month of Love.

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Let’s talk about how sex & cannabis go hand-in-hand


Two fish swimming near each other with bongs on blue and pink background with word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Birthday, you charming Fish! This is not only the sacred month of your birth, it is also the Month of Love. And it is fitting that Pisces should share this distinguished month. After all, you are known for your loving and sensitive nature. This February there is a full moon in Leo. This lunation offers the chance for you to clear the air of anything that’s been bothering you or holding your relationships back. 

Your ruler, Jupiter, is in direct motion this month. You can expect people to listen carefully when you speak and to take your boundaries seriously (as long as you continue to enforce them). On February 18, we officially begin Pisces season. Things are beginning to thaw—your heart, your relationships, the frigid ice that has kept you inside all winter.

Be the first to extend the offer to do something fun in nature. Celebrate the occasion of your birth by being with the people you love, under a warm sky, with good food and fantastic music. You’ve earned your moment in the sun. 

February strain: It’s your birthday—treat yourself to a little Ice Cream Cake. This indica boasts a modest 22% THC and helps medical patients get better sleep, more pain relief, and it helps with anxiety. For casual users, this is a great couch-melt strain. For your birthday, treat yourself to some much needed down time. Ditch the phone and watch that comfort show. The world will be waiting for you later.

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Ram on pink background with blunts and word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

You’ve got a love-filled month ahead, Aries! First up, a deliciously full moon in bold Leo on February 5 brims with possibility. As long as you can keep your ego in check, this newfound confidence will catch the eye of someone special this month. 

Your ruler, Mars, is in direct motion this month. Finances and business matters should remain stable throughout February. But back to love for a moment—keep your eyes peeled for some very strong romantic vibes directed at you on February 19. Venus enters your sign with some hot and heavy intentions, but wipe your brow because the month isn’t over yet.

Also on February 19: A new moon in Pisces arrives. This is a sweet pairing that will put emotions before lust. Get to know that someone special. Maybe a stargazing date is in order? 

February strain: They say love is in the air, but that might just be a cloud full of sweet smoke from Queen of Hearts. This is a hybrid strain that rates highly among users and patients. Devotees say that this bud will make you tingly and talkative—perfect for mellowing out those first-date nerves.

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Bull head on light green background with cannabis border with word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Valentine’s Month, Taurus! Bulls are passionate creatures (you are ruled by the love planet, Venus) and this month is your chance to really shine. The full moon in Leo on February 5 is a great confidence booster to carry you for the next few weeks. Just don’t get tripped up on your own ego, and you should be catching the eye of some special (in a great way). 

February 7 brings Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in your sign—like dropping a penny into a wishing well. Manifest wisely on this day because chances are, your wish will come true.

On February 19, Venus enters fellow stubborn sign, Aries. Be gentle with any new romantic entanglements. Feelings will be especially tender and raw. Be a warm ear and open to exploring your own shortcomings. February is going to be a special month for you!

February strain: The name might be a little ridiculous, but Poochie Love is a serious sativa strain. This highly energizing bud hits fast and hard between the eyes. Users report it makes them feel extra outgoing and gregarious. Perfect for a first day or calming first date nerves. Relax and live a little this month, Taurus.

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two women looking at each other over sky background with pipes with word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Welcome to the month of love, Gemini! Let’s start with your ruler, Mercury, entering Aquarius on February 11. You’ll be filled to the brim with artistic intuition. Maybe you have a great idea to shake things up amongst your friend group. Try something new together. Remember—Valentine’s Day doesn’t own the word love. Love can be platonic or directed inwards, the love of a pet, or the satisfaction you feel when you see your passions come to life. 

On February 16, the Sun in Aquarius conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius is a busy time. Save up your mental energy in the first week of the month, and get ready to put pen to paper during this aspect. There is a new moon in Pisces on February 19. If your heart is feeling especially soft, don’t shy away! Lean in and see what it’s trying to tell you.

Finally, the planet of love enters Aries on February 19. Do something special for the person, animal, or project that embodies the word “love” for you. 

February strain: Virtually everyone could benefit from a little Love Potion. This well-known sativa strain is highly rated among users looking to energize vs. mellow out. Fans of this bud also report this one has some…sensual effects. So, maybe share it with someone you love. It might make for a very romantic Valentine’s Day treat.

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7 weed strains for winter hibernation


Crab on blue watery background with glass rigs in border and word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy February, Cancer! Your sign is ruled by, arguably, one of the most romantic celestial bodies—the moon. How many love songs have been written about the moon? Too many to count. That’s why February is almost always a good month for you, where romance is concerned. Things kick off with a full moon in Leo on February 5. Bold, headstrong Leo will help you sort out any mixed feelings you might be harboring about someone. 

On February 10, Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn makes for some feisty little vibes on your radar. If work has been a drag, this is the day to put your best projects into motion. There is a new moon in Pisces on February 19. This is a sweet, sweet lunation.

Bring your romantic A-game and maybe a telescope to do a stargazing first date? 

February strain: Are you single this month? In a situationship? Let Valentine X be your magic 8 ball with all the answers. This hybrid strain is well-known among epilepsy patients and has a very low THC makeup (1%).

Medical patients find this bud to be very healing on a number of fronts. Whether you’re looking for physical or metaphysical healing, this might be the strain you are seeking.

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Lion on pink weed leaf background with joints and word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Sunny, sunny Leo. While it might be the dead of winter, your heart is about to experience a big thaw. On February 5, there is a full moon in your sign. Take this chance to express yourself to the person you’ve been harboring feelings for. They might be more receptive than you think. 

On February 11, Mercury enters Aquarius. This dreamy combo will have you scheming up all the best, most romantic gestures. Jot down any good ideas you have and save them for a later date. On February 16, Sun in Aquarius conjunct with Saturn in Aquarius is the perfect energy-boost aspect for a sun-driven sign like Leo.

Dust off your old, forgotten artistic projects. Take up a new medium, as you’ll be feeling otherworldly levels of inspiration. Finally, the sun enters Pisces on February 18. Things are starting to look warmer and brighter already, Leo. 

February strain: Snuggle up with the one you love and spark a bowl of Sweet Dreams to take a peaceful trip into slumberland. Listen, Leos give it their all, 100 percent of the time—it’s okay to lay in bed all day, smoke some bud, and watch some bad TV. Better yet, do it with someone!

Sweet Dreams is a hybrid strain known for its sleepy effects and skunky, earthy scent profile. Users claim this one can hit you hard and fast, so get ready to hit the sheets before you spark up.

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Virgo maiden on light green background with word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Thoughtful Virgo! Sensitive Zodiac babes like you generally fare well in the Month of Love. This February kicks off with a full moon in Leo on February 5. Use this confidence boost to express what you really need in your relationships. On February 11, Mercury (your ruler) enters Aquarius. Get out those art projects you have been neglecting. Fall in love with yourself all over again (or maybe for the first time). 

On February 17, Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Aries is a very social aspect. Plan a nice, casual dinner with the friends you love most. It will be good to see familiar faces. On February 19, there is a new moon in Pisces. Again, you’ll be presented with the opportunity to show a special someone how romantic and thoughtful you can truly be. Don’t squander it! 

February strain: What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? How about some Flowerbomb Kush for that special someone in your life? This indica strain strikes a nice balance between calming and energizing.

Users report that smoking Flowerbomb is like stepping into a time machine or going through a black hole. So, maybe don’t plan to do anything cerebral while sparking up a joint full of this bud.

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Scales on yellow and blue sky background with pipes in the corners and word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Valentine’s, Libra! As a zodiac sign ruled by the Planet of Love (Venus), this is truly your month to shine. On February 4, Venus in Pisces square Mars in Gemini starts things off with strong, strong communication. Just be careful not to overstep your boundary. 

On February 7, Venus in Pisces sextile Uranus in Taurus offers the chance to emotionally invest in the people that care for you. Remember, you don’t have to be a kid to send out Valentine’s Day cards. On February 19, Venus enters into proud Aries—things will be spicy at the end of the month. Get the romance humming by taking a couple’s cooking class or tantric yoga session. You do you. Get a little freaky. 

February strain: Whether it’s a box of chocolates or some Purple Candy, showing your loved one(s) that you care will be especially important this month. Purple Candy is a hybrid strain with a modest 19% THC. Users report this is an extremely well-cured bud and that it has an absolutely delicious, fruity scent profile.

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7 high-energy cannabis strains to help you get active and fight fatigue


Scorpion on blue tie dye background with word
(Scorpio by Savina Monet for Leafly)

Welcome to February, Scorpio! The winter months are dwindling, and the sun is starting to make a slow, much-needed reappearance in your life. There is a full moon in Leo on February 5. Lots of straightforward, no-bullshit communication coming your way. On February 11, Mercury enters Aquarius.

This part of the month might shake things up a bit for both your romantic entanglements and your career, but you don’t have to sweat it just yet. This is likely to be the positive change you’ve been waiting for. On February 18, we start Pisces season.

Soon, you’ll be overwhelmed with plans and new ideas—hold tight to these feelings as they are likely to manifest in the summer months. Give yourself the gift of looking forward to things. That’s self-love. 

February strain: Who doesn’t love a little chocolate on Valentine’s Day? How about stepping it up a notch with Chocolate Thunder. This sativa strain, also known as “Chocolate Thunder Fuck,” has energizing effects that users report translates into some seriously horny vibes. Maybe this is the strain to smoke with that special someone on the Day of Love?

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Hooved archer on pale pink background with joints in the corners and word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sag! February is full of mushy, lovey moments for you, so buckle up. On February 10, Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn will give you the energy boost you’ve been desperately seeking since the dark days of winter set in. In fact, you’ll be feeling romantically inspired, so don’t be surprised if you come up with something special to do on Valentine’s Day. 

On February 17, Mercury in Aquarius sextile Jupiter (your ruler) in Aries is an aspect you don’t want to sleep on. Has someone in your life been trying to connect with you for a creative or business opportunity? You might want to seriously consider it.

On February 19, there is a new moon in Pisces, which offers the perfect opportunity to take your sweetheart on a moonless night stroll. Make a couple of wishes on some shooting stars. Corny? Yes. Endearing? Absolutely. 

February strain: Valentine’s Day might be the commercial offspring of a certain card company, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy your honey some Caramel Candy (Kush). This hybrid strain is Indica-dominant and users report this bud is both sweet and heady. Perfect for a relaxing date night on the couch.

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Horned goat on green background with cannabis border and the word
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

It’s the second month of the year, and you are ready to grab February by the horns! There is a full moon in Leo on February 5. The vibes will be immaculate. Let people know they are needed, special, and loved. They’ll feel the authenticity flowing through you. 

On February 10, Mercury in your sign conjunct with Pluto in your sign is a sharp aspect that will have you popping off great ideas left and right. Be sure to keep a few close to the vest for later in the year when work or your social spheres get a little dry.

Your ruler, Saturn, is in direct motion this month, which translates to balance and prosperity in February. The next 28 days are looking bright, Cap! 

February strain: Your sign might be ruled by Saturn, but that doesn’t mean you can’t invite a little Venus into your love life. Venus, or Venus OG, is a hybrid strain that leans towards energizing. Users report it makes them very talkative, so smoke this if you’re feeling shy around someone special.

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