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Best glass pipes, bongs, bubblers of the holidays ’22



We all know who the real special someone is this holiday: Mary Jane.

Show your appreciation for her by putting her into something new and shiny from our list of some of the most bad-ass, fashionable smokeware you can get. I mean, 2023 is just around the corner. You don’t want to start it with some boring bong or plain Puffco. 

Scroll through and drool at this most-fresh collection of borosilicate baddies, then go make some room on the credit card.

Puffco Peak tops

Empire Glassworks bottles

(Courtesy Empire Glassworks)

In 2022, electrons power the hottest hash pipes, and customizing them is the height of fashion. We’re talking about the hash bubbler Puffco Peak, and hash pipe Puffco Proxy. Step aside, Jordans. What you pop on your Peak bubbler can say as much about your personality as your shoes. Like famous sneaker designers, glassblowers keep reinventing that iconic shape to help us express ourselves. Now with the dry Proxy, there are so many new options, it’s like discovering you can accessorize crocs. Naturally, you’re going to need some next-level glass to get those chugging rips and jealous stares.

All eyes will be on you when you pull out one of these water bottle tops from Empire Glassworks. A big hit with the crowd at this year’s Puffco convention Puffcon in LA, nobody in the parking lot of your gym will be any wiser when you pop this out of your workout bag. Made in Anaheim they offer not only a water bottle style but also Henny bottles, beer bottles, and an all-too-familiar sports drink. Available on for $420.


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Wicked Glass tentacle

For a different kind of dramatic flair, check out these tentacle toppers from Wicked Glass out of Santa Cruz, CA. Whether you’re looking for a bubbler or dry top, you won’t be able to break away from the detail in these suckers. And if you dab hard enough, you can hear the sound of the ocean. Available from shops like and $600-$800 for bubble tops and $400 for dry toppers.


The Leafly buyer’s guide to weed pipes

Padd Glass tops

Padd Glass (Courtesy Padd Glass)
Padd Glass (Courtesy Padd Glass)

One of the competitors in the 2022 Puffco Glass Open, Padd Glass makes recycler tops and carb caps for the Peak. This is one of those names that has only been established for less than five years but their intricate, Dr. Seuss style makes them someone to watch for. Available auction style on Instagram or at; prices generally range from $300-$650.

Puffco Proxy Pipe & Buckets

Etai Rahmil saxophone bucket

As the Proxy was first hitting Instagram, everyone went bananas when Roger unveiled the saxophone-shaped piece designed and created by Bay Area-born artist Etai Rahmil. Based in Portland, his work showcases musical instruments, abstract shapes, and household items in eye-widening detail (make sure to check out his collab mask created with international graffiti legend GATS). His bass sax is in the running for the 10k dollar prize Puffco glass competition but you can contact him directly via Instagram to get onto the wait list for your very own saxophone. Sold via online commission or retail stores as listed on his Instagram.

Mindblowing Glass

This year, Puffco debuted a banging new electronic bowl for hash smoking, the Proxy. A vaporizer that’s able to pop out of its base and drop into any similarly sized bubbler, banger, or pipe, there’s never been a device that lets cannabis smokers show off their style like this. Since its release, the glass community has hit the afterburners to create the coolest, newest designs to see how far this hashy little hermit crab will go. From robots and dinosaurs to swords, glassmakers have gone all out on designs to give your Proxy a forever home.

Mindblowing Glass's Puffco Proxy bottom glows in UV light. (Courtesy Mindblowing Glass)
Mindblowing Glass’s Puffco Proxy bottom glows in UV light. (Courtesy Mindblowing Glass)

A killer option for those looking for some style and personality in their Proxy game is Mindblowing Glass out of Sacramento, CA. Known for creating Puffco glass with magnetically attached carb caps, he’s been hard at work making a wide variety of bases, most sized to fit inside the standard Proxy case. His social media feed stays full of new drops and special auctions so we recommend turning on alerts to stay up to date. Looking to go outside the box? He also makes sidecars, Sherlocks, and UV-reactive horns. Sold via Instagram; ranging from $150-$300.

Scientific bongs

N3RD Glass

Popularized in the ‘60s, bongs cool, filter, and aggregate weed smoke for big, flavorful, powerful hits. You won’t find a bong with a more vintage futuristic feel than the ones from N3RD Glass. These one-of-a-kind pieces light up like a plasma globe from Sharper Image and come with a custom-built LED base that helps you see the specially backfilled glass as it lights up with crackling bolts of color whenever you touch it. Created and constructed in the Bay Area (shoutout Vallejo, CA), this glowing glassware looks right out of Blade Runner and will no doubt be the most unique piece in any collection. Available at stores like and; starting at $3K.

Mobius bubblers

The Mobius NUC Matric with matrix diffuser percolator. (Courtesy Mobius Glass)

Mobius bubblers reign as our go-to review piece when we’re judging flower. The shorter ‘Ion’ size keeps hits fresh, and Mobius’ trademark “matrix” diffuser downstem cools and cleans the smoke way better than anything else. Each piece is a hand-crafted work of art from the Central Coast, CA. The 2022 winter season customs add colors and texture and fetch even higher dollar amounts, like this Mobius Ion Matrix Accent Series for $1,625. Their Nano Matrix smaller-sized bongs also kick ass—especially the November Circle Glass series.

Spoon pipes

Tako glass

The classic spoon pipe never goes out of style. Seattle’s Tako Glass spoon pipes combine timeless beauty with classic function. There’s nothing like seeing the colors that explode from a spoon as you give it some use and no better way to tell if your weed has that overwhelming flavor. With over twenty years of experience blowing glass, his pipes and chillums are galaxies of colors that somehow fit in your pocket. Available at; ranging from $30-$80.

Glass tips (with backups)


(Courtesy Riptips)
(Courtesy Riptips)

It’s almost 2023, that means time to quit rolling those boring old joints and catch up with the times. Gone are the days of the half-gram pinners, now we’re squarely in the era of doinks, bats, and cannons. To start rolling these, you’re going to need to start with some tips. There are a ton of options out there, but nothing has the same dedicated following as Riptips. Made in Colorado since 2015, they’re reusable, eye-catching, and feature nine individual air channels and three sizes. New drops sell out quickly on their website, so don’t hang out on the buy now button wondering if it’s worth it. Available at; $40 each.


Cha Cha Chainz (Courtesy Stellaz)
Cruella did nothing wrong. Cha Cha pre-roll tips. (Courtesy Stellaz)

Glass tips save lips—definitely. But for people who buy and hit pre-rolls, there’s a glass option that will give you that continental look. One of my favorite ways to class up your joint smoking game comes from the talented Charlene Foster, AKA Cha Cha. Her artful joint holders, called Stellaz, are made with super-strong borosilicate glass and come in two sizes for holding different preroll tips. Featured by Elevate Jane and available in various colors, these will give you that classic Hunter Thompson meets Cruella De Ville vibe. Available at; starting at $30.00.


Glass tips get grody and require a rubbing alcohol bath. Go sustainable disposable with Biokemp’s combo of hemp and corn. They last up to three joints per tip and come in a rainbow of colors and designs. Custom logo? Go for it. Handing someone a big fat joint that has your initials in the tip is a pretty boss move and don’t be surprised if they ask you what stores you’re in. Available at; $50 for 100 tips.

Heady dab rig

Mothership Glass

If we’re going to talk about a bucket list, vision board-level glass, we have to talk about Mothership Glass. Some of the most artisan, high-end work you can aspire to own. This collective has operated for almost a decade, captained by Scott Deppe who has pioneered the glass scene for thirty years. These are pieces you’d imagine seeing in a fine Italian art museum before a session. Their eggs and exospheres are highly sought-after and sell for upwards of ten thousand dollars. Lately, they’ve been putting out a hologram series that depicts scenes embedded into the glass in a mix of old-world frescos and foil trading cards. In an alternate dimension, Oakley sunglasses took over the world and their Louve is full of Mothership Glass. (Available at; starting at $4K for a glass piece and $500 for a carb cap) 

Scientific dab rig

Stratisphere glass

When you picture the term scientific dab rig, it’s hard to think of something that fits the bill more than a spinning strand of DNA. And while there’s half an internet full of sequencer-like rigs for sale, when you’re ready to bring one home to the lab, you’ve gotta go for the unmistakable work of a Stratisphere Glass. A master of kinetic glass, their work has moving parts that come alive as you inhale creating a hypnotizing display that’s so much fun, you’ll probably pack another. Like a lot of quality glass art, finding one of these means staying on top of the drop list posted through Instagram, but it’s well worth it. (Available through stores listed on their Instagram feed. Priced around $12K) 

Home and fashionware

Surf Rat Glass Cups

(Courtesy Surf Rat)
(Courtesy Surf Rat)

One of the more surprising collectibles in the glass world is cupware. I know, after staring at all these incredible bongs, it’s easy to forget glassblowers make more than just pipes and rigs. But if you sneak into a serious glass collector’s kitchen, you’ll discover the cup-blowing scene has a vast range of artists creating some outrageous stuff. There’s something particularly eye-catching about the work of Brian Ratcliffe, aka Surf Rat Glass. His cups, shaped like oversized bangers, slurpers, and slides, are jaw-dropping and will make you feel like Antman in a headshop. His website keeps a stock of some items, and you can read about regular drops on Instagram. Available at; starting at $250.

Avante Garde Glass Cups

(Courtesy Avant-Garde Art Glass)
When this sippy cup breaks, even adults cry. (Courtesy Avant-Garde Art Glass)

When you’ve got glass cups showing up at Art Basel, you know the sippy cup generation has all entered the chat. Avant Garde Glass represents a stunning redefinition of the word glassware. Their work is more art-with-a-function than functional art and features a technique called “avant-tech.” Shops all over the country work on adding their bongs and rigs to their roster but wait until you see their cups, which carry liquids through geometric patterns in the cup walls up to a built-in straw. Think of it like a crazy straw, a sippy cup, and a piece of art got fused together in a Jack Kirby fever dream. (Available only through over 25 retailers listed on

Whelp, our bowl is cashed for Leafly’s Glasstravanganja 2022. Click on over to all our other holiday gift goodness.

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Writer and designer Matt Jackson started in the California cannabis industry in 2004. Jackson holds a BA in Creative Writing from Humboldt State University. His work has appeared in Leaf Magazine, SF Station, Skunk Magazine, and the North Coast Journal.

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Leafly’s holiday gift guide 2021: weed gifts galore




The year is coming to a close and it’s time to round up 2021’s best weed gifts for the holidays. Full of must-have cannabis accessories and smoker essentials, our guide is the one-stop shop for holiday cheer and the weed gifts your mom, dad, and friends will treasure as they toke their way into a new year.

From room sprays to ashtrays to stylish bongs, accessories, and carrying cases, this guide was created to help you give the weed lover you love a gift that they’ll cherish for many a season. So, pack a fresh bowl and enjoy the whole list, lest you miss the opportunity to find the perfect present.

Enjoy weed gift suggestions from our sponsored partners and check out exclusive deals just for being a Leafly reader.

Click below to shop weed gifts by price, check out weed deals near you, or donate to a cannabis cause.


7 last-minute weed gift ideas for the holidays and more

Weed gifts from $0-20

Gifts great for cousins, co-workers, and friends.

Holiday gift guide 2021 with $0-20 price tag over cheery gold gift background

Growf OG Papa rolling papers


Twitter tipped us off to Growf’s OG PAPA Papers. These pineapple papers from this small, Black-owned business make a fun addition to any smoker’s kit. Use one to enhance the flavor of an already fruity strain or to add a smooth, pineapple infusion to your next smoke session. 

Frankincense and myrrh Zum Mist

Image of Zum Mist on holiday background
(Leafly/Indigo Wild)


This is the first of two room sprays under $20 that are featured in this year’s guide. Indigo Wild’s Zum Mist comes in a wide range of scents, but the Frankincense and Myrrh delivers a scent that will remind you of being in your favorite store that sells incense – only in your house.

Canna Style mini retro swirl rolling tray

photo of Canna Style rolling tray on holiday background
(Leafly/Canna Style)


There comes a point in everyone’s maturity when they have to stop getting weed everywhere each time they smoke. This mini rolling tray pays homage to funky weed culture in looks, while gathering all your precious cannabis crumbs into one reasonably priced place.

Keefer Scraper kief scraper tool and dry herb scoop


Kief is a precious commodity that can be used to add an extra layer of decadence to any smoking experience, but its fine consistency sometimes makes it hard to manage.

Stoners have been known to use Lego shovels or even 3D print their own tiny scoops to capture all that kief, making the stainless steel Keefer Scraper a great weed gift or stocking stuffer that many a weed fan in your life will enjoy. 

TrueToke gold grinder card

photo of TrueToke gold grinder card on holiday background


The TrueToke gold grinder card is a great gift for any on-the-go tokers on your list. It’s small enough that it can be carried in a slim wallet and helps spontaneous stoners keep the smooth hits coming – no matter where the wind may blow them.

Moonwlkr Comets & Asteroids delta-8 gummies*

a sponsored gift suggestion

Photo of Moonwlkr Comets and Asteroids delta-8 gummies on blue sponsored holiday background

Moonwlkr’s gained a reputation for having some epic delta-8 gummy flavors. To make it easier for you to find your favorite, Moonwlkr released Comets and Asteroids—two different 20-count assorted gummy combinations that let you try four different flavors from one package.**

With 12.5mg delta-8 THC per gummy, the Comets bag features Sour Blue Dream Berry, Purple Punch, Pineapple Mango Kush, and Limoncello Haze, or pick up the Asteroids bag to try Blue Dream Berry, Watermelon Zkittlez, Mango Kush, and Sour Strawberry Diesel.

Right now from Moonwlkr, get an additional free bottle of gummies in the flavor of your choice when you add two flavors of delta-8 gummies to your cart.

Roots Eco Tonic resin remover

photo of Eco Roots Tonic resin remover on holiday background


Maintaining a collection of pieces to smoke out of requires taking care of all those pipes, bongs, and bubblers. Roots Eco Tonic is a plant-based resin remover that helps get those pieces clean without using volatile compounds like alcohol. It’s a safer alternative for anyone to clean their non-porous cannabis accessories made of glass, ceramic, polished stone, or metal.

Everyday Essentials 5-inch Sherlock hammer pipe

photo of Everyday Essentials hammer pipe on holiday background


This Sherlock hammer comes in four shades that make a sweet and simple addition to just about any smoker’s collection of pipes. Its price and stable design make it the perfect small weed gift for someone who needs a new piece or is looking for an understated, yet functional way to smoke their herb.

Veil OG odor eliminator

Image of OG Veil room spray on holiday background


There’s nothing like the scent of some fresh dank, but there are also some occasions in every weed lover’s life where they’d like to get control of the scent in their space and erase the Eau de ganja.

Veil OG Odor Eliminator is formulated specifically to eliminate cannabis odors with fragrant notes of orange, pepper, and cedar.

Eyce spoon pipe

photo of Eyce spoon on holiday background


For the person in your life who may have shattered more than one glass pipe, we suggest the Eyce spoon. Silicone smoking accessories are a gamechanger for folks who need something durable to smoke out of, and it’s no different for this piece.

The Eyce pipe comes in a wide range of colors with a borosilicate glass bowl and a convenient poker that’s always there to help a stoner out. The great price point means you can get one for yourself and your bestie, so you can both worry less about butterfingers.


photo of RezBlock on holiday background


Purchasing and gifting smoking accessories means that somebody’s got to take care of them! Whether you’re treating yourself or a loved one to a new bong or bubbler, get some RezBlock to help keep it clean.

RezBlock goes in your bong water to help stop resin from sticking to the glass, making it easier to keep the piece gleaming with less build-up during your sesh. 

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Weed gifts from $21-50

Give the canna-comfortable in your life a weed gift they can really use.

Holiday gift guide 2021 with $21-50 price tag over cheery gift background

Shine Luxe sample pack

photo of Shine Luxe sample pack on holiday background


Shine rolling papers and blunt wraps add a sense of luxury to any sesh. The Luxe sample pack includes a pre-rolled 24k gold cone made of edible gold and twelve blunt wraps in four different flavors.

This is a great weed gift for anyone who is learning to roll, loves a little something fancy, or deserves an upgrade from convenience store blunt wraps.

five sour CBD+THC gummies

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of five Sour CBD+THC gummies on blue sponsored holiday background
(Leafly/five CBD)

Packed with minor cannabinoids and terpenes, these full-spectrum gummies from five™ offer a sweet spot ratio of 5:1 CBD to THC* and other powerful hemp compounds. That means you get 25mg of CBD and 2mg of THC in every gummy in addition to terpenes and up to 6x times the minor cannabinoids found in similar products.

Vegan and made with all-natural ingredients, these Sour Gummies do not disappoint in flavor range: the 20- and 60-count bottles are a tasty mix of Orange, Blue Razz, Citrus, Lime, Mixed Berry, and Red Raspberry gummies.

Ugly House Stash Air storage jar

photo of Ugly House stash jar in white and gold on holiday background
(Leafly/Ugly House)


For the grower in your life who needs some extra storage or anyone who likes to keep a few ounces of special strains on hand, check out this sleek, smell-proof, and air-tight storage jar.

Complete with child-resistant caps, these nine-ounce Stash Air jars come in a beautiful range of colors like white and gold, rose gold, black, purple, turquoise, and more.

Moonwlkr Watermelon Zkittlez delta-8 gummies*

a sponsored product suggestion

photo of Moonwklr watermelon Zkittlez delta-8 gummies on blue sponsored holiday background

This year, delta-8 became a star player thanks to its unique legal status as a hemp-derived compound making it available in more states than recreational cannabis and its sweet-spot high that’s known to produce a soothing body effect and an easy-going euphoria with chiller mental effects than traditional THC.

Moonwlkr—a leader in delta-8 with a thorough commitment to rigorous third-party lab testing—makes flavorful delta-8 gummies with 50, 12.5mg gummies per bottle so you’re well set for liftoff. Moonwlkr offers five different mouthwatering gummy flavors, but Watermelon Zkittlez is a particular crowd favorite.**

Pilgrim Soul creative thinking journal

photo of PIlgrim Soul Creative Thinking journal on holiday background
(Leafly/Pilgrim Soul)


For the dreamers, doodlers, and anyone who enjoys journaling or coloring books, we couldn’t recommend giving the Pilgrim Soul Creative Thinking Journal as a weed gift any more.

The journal was created to promote open and creative thinking and provides hours (if not days) of challenges that make the perfect pairing to a good high.

PAX Era Life

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of four PAX Era Lifes on blue sponsored holiday background

To make sure you’re never far from your favorite strains, it pays to have a vaporizer with the simple-to-use quality of the PAX Era Life. PAX’s most compact design yet, Era Life is the perfect take-it-anywhere companion with a long-lasting battery, an intuitive design, and Instant On technology that delivers just the right temperature for the best flavor.

Era Life comes in an assortment of oh-so-stylish colors, including the limited edition, one-of-kind, hand-dipped Midnight Rain, available while supplies last.

Intū rechargeable electric lighter


With a mission to reduce the amount of waste we create in the world (including lighters), Intū created a reusable and rechargeable electric lighter for the people in your life who prioritize the planet.

The stylish lighter is windproof and will prevent your favorite smoker from inhaling harmful chemicals like butane every time they light up. Bonus tip: This brand also offers a 100% plastic-free, eco-friendly, fully reusable, recyclable, compostable (sustainable af!) CBD oil.

Boy Smells Purple Kush candle

photo of Purple Kush Boy Smells candle on holiday background
(Leafly/Boy Smells)


Allow the Boy Smells Purple Kush candle with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, violet, vetiver, and of course, cannabis leaf, to be the perfect present for anyone on your list who loves to set the mood.

One member of Leafly staff says, “I would give it to myself, my friends, or my boyfriend so that it would end up for myself. The best experience is to light while smoking Purple Kush – very meta.”

Broccoli Magazine subscription

photo of Broccoli magazine on holiday background
(Leafly/Broccoli magazine)


There are magazines, and then there is Broccoli Magazine. This beautifully curated cannabis mag is released three times a year and features some of the industry’s most gorgeous photography.

Broccoli’s exciting and intriguing pages make it the perfect coffee table subscription to give people at the intersection of weed head and design diva – and it ends up being a whole year’s worth of weed gifts.

Session ashtray


For the tidy smoker that you know, you can’t go wrong with the Session Ashtray. This ashtray comes with a removable, replaceable debowler that gives it undeniable functionality, and the resealable lid tames ashes and odors with ease.

five CBD+THC sleep gummies

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of five CBD+THC Sleep gummies on blue sponsored holiday background
(Leafly/five CBD)

This full-spectrum CBD+THC offering from five™* is designed to take on one of the most common issues people face: getting a restful night’s sleep. The gummy format is easy to incorporate into your nighttime routine and one you’ll look forward to with tasty flavors from five™.

But the really good stuff comes from the precise ratio of beneficial compounds where 25mg of CBD, 2mg of THC, and 3mg of melatonin combine in every gummy to help promote a full & restful night of sleep.

Bento Bong


Graduating from pipes to bongs may seem like a big step, but it’s never been easier with the Bento Bong. The Bento Bong is an easy-to-clean, modular bong made of BPA/BPS-free plastic that can easily be broken down and placed in the dishwasher.

The bowl and downstem, made of borosilicate glass, add a nice bearing to this otherwise lightweight bong making it the perfect entry point for folks new to bong life but ready to rip.

Ardent FX Double Lifter

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of Ardent FX double lifter on blue sponsored holiday background

The ultimate upgrade to the Ardent FX is the Double Lifter accessory that works with the FX 3-in-1 Portable Cannabis Kitchen to give you the flexibility to do two things at once.

Activate two different types of cannabis, infuse into two different mediums (using a small glass or silicone baking cup), or bake two treats at once directly inside the Ardent FX. This double-stacked tool means greater functionality and more creative possibilities in your cannabis cooking.

Peak Pro travel pack

photo of PuffCo Peak travel pack on holiday background


Do you know a wildly exciting Peak user who loves to dab concentrates anywhere they go? Help the dabber in your life stay well-equipped and on the move with the Peak Pro travel pack.

With an oculus carb cap, backpack for q-tips, mouthpiece, and tethered chamber jacket, this silicone dab accessory set amps up the Peak experience. Plus it comes in eight cool colors.

Grape Runtz Himalia delta-8 vape*

a sponsored product suggestion

photo of Grape Runtz Himalia delta-8 vape cartridge on blue sponsored holiday background

If you’re hoping to find delta-8 in a vape format, look no further than the 510 thread battery-compatible cartridges from Moonwlkr.** Each 1ml cartridge is made of quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone and filled with 800mg of delta-8 THC oil, plant-derived terpenes, and natural flavors.

This Grape Runtz cart is a standout with strain-specific terpenes from Zkittlez and Gelato that get an upgrade with grape terpenes. Expect a smooth taste and experience with each draw.

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Weed gifts from $51-100

Do your mom, dad, or bestie deserve a little something special this year?

Holiday gift guide 2021 with $51-100 price tag over cheery gift background

Evri starter pack

photo of Evri starter pack on holiday background


The Evri starter pack is a great weed gift for both dads and dabbers. A member of Leafly staff says, “it’s an all-in-one! You can use it with the nectar collector attachment for concentrates, and it also works great for cartridges and/or pods.”

It comes with a 900mAh battery and three heat settings so you can enjoy concentrates at the best temps for flavor.

five Daily Buzz gummies

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of five Daily Buzz gummies on blue sponsored holiday background
(Leafly/five CBD)

These Daily Buzz Gummies from five™* come packed with a full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids to deliver a daily dose of goodness. Available in 30-count bottles of multi-flavored, vegan gummies, the Daily Buzz formula contains 50mg of CBD + 5mg of THC per gummy as well as minor cannabinoids like CBN & CBC and terpenes and flavonoids for a well-balanced buzz.

Blazy Susan customizable spinning rolling tray

photo of Blazy Susan blank rolling tray on holiday background
(Leafly/Blazy Susan)


Do you know a stoner who loves to stay organized? What about one that loves art projects? Blazy Susan now offers their incredible 15.5-inch spinning rolling tray in blank birch, which makes it a great canvas for anyone who loves weed-related arts and crafts or for you to customize and gift it.

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Weed gifts from $101-200

Presents for people you love who love weed.

Holiday gift guide 2021 with $101-200 price tag over cheery gift background

LittleJohn New York odor-proof STOW caddy

photo of LittleJohn New York stow caddy on holiday background
(Leafly/Littlejohn New York)


At Leafly, we’re all about weed safety and style. If you know someone who feels similarly, we suggest getting them this leather, odor-proof caddy with a combination lock from LittleJohn New York as a weed gift.

It comes in both brown and black leather, so you can give it to any classy cannabis cutie you know.

GRAV Wave bubbler

photo of GRAV Wave bubbler in amber on holiday background


This unique and gorgeous amber bubbler from GRAV would be a helluva gift to bestow upon any glass lover in your life.

The curved shape delivers a mighty hit that washes over you just like a wave, and the exclusive amber color helps hide unsightly bits of resin – making this a bubbler that just about anybody would love to have.

Furna vaporizer with concentrate oven

a sponsored product suggestion

photo of Furna vaporizer with concentrate oven on blue sponsored holiday background

The Furna vaporizer with 1 concentrate oven is a high-quality solution to get great-tasting vapor from concentrates anywhere you go.

Complete with a premium ceramic heating element that makes sure you’re tasting your concentrates and nothing else, a pre-loadable oven, and high-touch heating control, the Furna Vaporizer delivers a thoughtful design that makes it a great choice as a go-to concentrates companion.

Furna is offering 30% off with code LEAFLY30 from November 22, 2021, through January 6th, 2022.


Photo of Banana Bros. OG Otto on holiday background
(Leafly/Banana Bros.)


Banana Bros. OG OTTO is a great gadget for bud lovers who, for whatever reason, don’t like to roll. This all-in-one solution for grinding flower and filling pre-rolled cones is a gamechanger for anyone you know that can’t or doesn’t want to use their time and energy rolling up.

Give the weed gift that decreases their stress before they even inhale that first sweet puff of the day. 

DangleBong™️ titanium water pipe

photo of Danglebong on holiday background


There’s nothing like blazing in the great outdoors. By gifting a DangleBong to the outdoors person in your life, you’re providing them with an unbreakable, seven-inch, titanium bong that they can on every adventure, no matter how high the mountain or rugged the terrain.

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Weed gifts from $201-300

Help your favorite cannabis consumer level up.

Holiday gift guide 2021 with $201-300 price tag over cheery gift background

The Dabney from Apothecarry Case

photo of Dabney Apothecarry Case on holiday background
(Leafly/Apothecarry Case)


Give the dabber in your life the ultimate case for their concentrates by gifting them the Dabney.

Created by a mom, but meant to be shared with everyone, the Dabney from Apothecarry Case comes with 24 clear, food-safe dab jars and an LED light board that showcases the rich tones of cannabis concentrates in the classiest way – and includes dedicated space for dab tools. 


a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of PAX 3 on blue sponsored holiday background

This dual-use powerhouse gets rave reviews from folks who don’t want to sacrifice portability to get precise temperature control for both dry herb and concentrates. PAX 3 uses intelligent heat-up technology to deliver strong, pure flavor in seconds.

The ability to sync with the PAX® App for an extra level of personalization in setting your session preferences, a 10-year limited warranty & long-lasting battery, and a stylish selection of colors to choose from put PAX 3 over the top as a gift that keeps on giving.

Chill Rainbow Glitterbomb bong

photo of Chill Rainbow bong on holiday background


Do you know anyone who loves smoking weed and showing their pride? Or maybe somebody whose favorite travel destinations include going over the rainbow? The Chill Rainbow Glitterbomb bong might be the present for them.

Chill bongs got a lot of buzz in 2021 due to their insulated bases that keep cool bong hits coming. The brand uses durable materials to make the rest of the bong parts, like aluminum downstems and stainless-steel neckpieces.

Ardent FX

a sponsored gift suggestion

photo of Ardent FX on blue sponsored holiday background

The only thing better than tasty, fresh baked goods around the holidays is tasty, fresh-baked, cannabis-infused goods around the holidays. Ardent makes it incredibly simple to get baked with the Ardent FX 3-in-1 Portable Cannabis Kitchen.

Creating your own cannabis-infused goods is a breeze in the “Easy-Bake Ardent” where you can make customized THC, CBD, or CBG products at the press of a button, no kitchen or edible-making experience needed.

Right now, receive 30% off everything on the Ardent site with code LEAFLY30.

Session Designer Bong

photo of Sessions Designer Bong in Ash on holiday background


Session celebrates its fourth year on the cannabis hardware and accessories scene by releasing its best-selling bong in a smoky shade of ash.

The ergonomic Designer bong with silicone footer is a limited edition release that your dramatic friend who loves wearing black would cherish for years to come – and it comes with watertight silicone cleaning caps to make clean-up breeze.

Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig – Luna Glow

photo of Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig on holiday background


For the die-hard dabbers that prefer a more traditional stoner palette of neon green, the Luna Glow portable dab rig from Pulsar is the fun and funky gift that glows in the dark on nights when your loved one is ready to cruise the cosmos with concentrates.

Give the gift of mind-blowing dabs this holiday with this wicked rig.

Furna vaporizer complete kit

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photo of Furna vaporizer complete kit on blue sponsored holiday background

Looking for smooth and flavorful vapor from a compact device that can handle dry herb, 510 carts, and concentrates?

The Furna Vaporizer Complete Kit delivers with two dry herb ovens that you can pre-load before you go and swap with ease. Precise heating control, the ability to customize nib colors and display symbols, and its compatibility with Concentrate and 510 Cart Ovens make this a high-quality and ultra-functional device that’s sure to impress.

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*Disclaimer: use and possession of this product may be restricted by law.

**Disclaimer: this product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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Janessa Bailey

Janessa Bailey was born and raised in the Midwest and serves as Leafly’s culture editor. She enjoys exploring the many ways that weed can tie into everyday life and rarely turns down an edible.

Janessa is the creator of Lumen and Seeds of Change.

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Bernie Sanders

Sanders claps back at Ted Cruz for telling ‘slackers to get off the bong’ and vote




This article was written by Nina Zdinjak and originally published on Benzinga.


  • “If you are that slacker barista,” Cruz said, “Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand.”
  • “This is what a leading Republican thinks of young ‘slacker’ Americans,” Sen. Bernie Sanders said.

Senator Ted Cruz has a message for the working class.

“If you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans, and can’t get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand,” the Texas Republican said in the latest episode of his podcast.

Cruz is referring to President Joe Biden’s recent move to cancel a chunk of student loan debt per borrower. The move may help Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections.

In the episode, called “Reverse Robin Hood,” Cruz also insinuates that the majority of the working class are cannabis users.

“Maybe you weren’t gonna vote in November,” he added. “And suddenly you just got 20 grand, and if you can get off the bong for a minute and head down to the voting station, or just send in your mail-in ballot that the Democrats have helpfully sent you, it could drive up turnout, particularly among young people.”

The 2020 presidential election had the highest voter turnout of the 21st century, with 66.8% of citizens 18 years and older voting in the election, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That’s when unprecedented cannabis legalization took place and Biden, a Democrat, won the presidential election.


Election 2022: Marijuana legalization voting guide


Cruz’s words were welcomed with a lot of criticism starting with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ following tweet:

Others also joined to slam Cruz, reported Common Dreams.

For example, a public school teacher Chris Williams tweeted: “Apparently myself, a public school teacher who joined the Peace Corps out of college, and currently with over 20k in student loans after graduating in 2009, is a slacker according to Ted Cruz. Good to know.”

This was followed by a Status Coup podcaster Jordan Chariton’s tweet: I’ve interviewed many ‘slacker baristas’ who work much harder and are MUCH smarter than Ted Cruz.”

Cruz against student debt, but what about cannabis

After Biden revealed his decision to forgive student loans, Cruz harshly criticized it, stating that the news came as a “gut punch to every hard-working single mother who worked double shifts in order to pay for her own education, every parent who borrowed against their home to send their kid to college, Americans who sacrificed to make responsible financial decisions, and our nation’s veterans and service members who risked their lives to earn the G.I. Bill.” 

According to Cruz, every taxpayer in America will pay for these debts, and what’s more the move will make inflation even worst than it is now. 

“Let’s be clear – there is no way to ‘cancel’ student debt. This will cost every taxpayer an average of $2,100.Someone will pay the price for this policy, and the price is likely to be felt by every American in the form of even higher inflation. This administration is exceeding its legal authority and illegally burdening hard-working Americans with debts they didn’t take on themselves,” Cruz stated.


The Leafly buyer’s guide to bongs

Earlier this year, some Republican senators pledged to stop Biden from canceling student loan debt, citing inflation fears. However, economists and the Roosevelt Institute maintain that canceling student debt would not be inflationary.

Cruz is also an opponent of federal cannabis legalization. While he many times said that it should be left up to states to decide if they want to legalize the plant, he also made sure it is understood that is not something he would personally support.

Furthermore, when asked if he ever consumed marijuana and if not, then why not, Cruz replied: “I don’t because it’s illegal and because it’s harmful to you. It’s not healthy.”

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Benzinga’s mission is to connect the world with news, data, and education that makes the path to financial prosperity easier for everyone, every day.

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Toke tools: Stylish cannabis accessories you’ll actually want to display




There’s no arguing that your current arsenal of weed tools gets the job done. They pack, they light, they burn—they succeed in getting you high. But can you honestly say you proudly leave these pieces on your coffee table for all to see, or do they give off unkempt frat house vibes?

It’s okay if they do—we’re here to help.

There comes a point in life when you start making a conscious decision to choose beauty and functionality in cannabis paraphernalia; handsome bongs and aesthetically-pleasing pipes are no exception.

We dug deep to find over a dozen attractive pieces from cool cannabis brands that value performance just as much as design. From bongs to pipes to lighters, and everything in between, here are our top picks to help elevate your sessions.

Yew Yew’s geometric glass bong

Swap your existing bong for this piece of art. The sleek, semicircle design complements the square base, so it won’t topple easily, and the rounded mouthpiece offers a smooth hit time and time again.

This New York-designed sculptural bong comes in a variety of glass finishes, including transparent blue and amber, as well as opaque options like mint green and cow print.

Shop: Sunset glass bong by Yew Yew

Edie Parker’s neon storage case

The tropical fruit hues of this 100% acrylic storage case easily score 10/10. Aside from the bold colours, this stash box’s three separate compartments keep all of your goodies where they belong, and the lid has mini magnets on all four corners to keep it securely closed, so everything is easily accessible.

Shop: Edie Parker storage case

Best Buds’ crinkle cut one-hitter

All things wiggly are having a moment in the world of interior design and quickly permeating other industries, weed included. This quirky one-hitter gives off crinkle-cut fry vibes and comes in three muted hues, including a dusty yellow, off-white and light pink. It suits those moments where you want to smoke solo (and look good doing it) perfectly.

Shop: Best Buds solo pipe

Sackville & Co’s wavy rolling stand 

Regardless of whether you’ve mastered rolling joints or not, Sackville’s jelly rolling stands to simplify the process by keeping your ground flower perfectly in place.

The stand comes in four colours, including golden yellow, Fuschia, clear, and blue. First-time buyers can sign up for Sackville’s newsletter for 10% off their first purchase.

Shop: Sackville & Co jelly rolling stand

Tetra’s checkered ashtray

Pretty much anything can be an ashtray if need be, but a bold and weighty option like this checkered one has serious boss vibes. This one from Tetra is crafted from nero marquina and Carrera marble to stand the test of time.   

Shop: Tetra checkered marble ashtray

Edie Parker’s statement table lighter

If there’s a pièce de résistance for your cannabis accoutrements, consider this crystal tabletop lighter. Edie Parker’s weed accessories are next level. The brand’s circular statement lighter has drawn from the stylish history of mid-century tabletop lighters and given them a modern twist. While it’s an investment, this 100% acrylic lighter with a built-in matching ashtray can be used and cherished forever.

Shop: Edie Parker crystal table top lighter

Burb’s magnetic rolling tray

Your current rolling tray slays because of its sentimental value, but brands never cease coming out with unique ways to improve this utilitarian tool. Which is to say: it might be time for a new one. 

Burb, for example, has made its gold-coloured rolling tray magnetic, so you can pop it on the fridge after you’ve busted up your bud. It’s a subtle (but surprisingly convenient) benefit to being able to keep your tray within arm’s reach, but not have it take up valuable table real estate.

Shop: Burb magnetic rolling tray

Summerland’s structural ceramic bong

There’s something so delightfully unexpected about an opaque ceramic bong. Summerland’s handmade bongs come in three sizes, including the Land Yacht (pictured here), its largest, equipped with a double chamber. This piece could easily be mistaken for a vase when on display. Each one is made by hand, so you’re truly getting a unique work of art.

Shop: Summerland Land Yacht bong

Yew Yew’s cloud-shaped grinder

Grinders haven’t changed much over the decades, until now. Unique, statement-making designs now outshine the pot leaf-embellished metal grinders of the past. Yew Yew’s cloud grinders not only take on interesting shapes but come in a soft, silicone finish.

The device itself has three layers, including the top, which houses sharp teeth for a perfect grind, a second layer for the flower and a third chamber for collecting kief. 

Shop: Yew Yew silicone cloud grinder

Friends NYC’s dice roll roach clips

Love the act of smoking a joint, but hate the stink fingers that come with it? Enter: adorable roach clips with dice-embellished tops. Are they 100% necessary? Absolutely not. Will they bring you joy every time you light up? Undoubtedly, yes. Dice clips are available in both red and black designs.

Shop: Dice roach clips 

Ohai’s crystal stone pipe

Ohai has been making its colourful crystal pipes for years now, and they’ve set themselves up as an OG in space. These pipes feel comfortable in the hand and the smoke is smooth.

The celestial vibes are strong in the design, which offers a variety of crystal types, each associated with its own healing properties if you’re into that sort of thing. (And if not, the colours are nice to look at.)

Shop: Ohai sandstone pipe

Sackville & Co’s joint case keychain

If you know someone who insists on wrapping their pre-rolls in toilet paper and then makes their significant other carry said cocooned joint in their purse (read: the author of this story’s husband), this joint case will be life-changing.

The joint case is waterproof, airtight and made from durable metal with a screw top. It can fit a joint or most vape pens and it has a handy keychain loop on top, so you can attach it to your keys for easy access.

Shop: Sackville & Co carry case keychain

Honest’s colourful stash jars

Type A personalities will find it deeply satisfying to organize their stash in these colour-coordinating jars. Honest’s minimal capsules have durable, food-grade silicone lids that seal in the freshness while the jars themselves are crafted from thick, shatter-resistant borosilicate glass.

Shop: Honest capsule stash jars with silicone lids

Tetra’s abstract art lighter

Sorry, Bic, there’s a new, cuter way to make fire. Tetra has created one of the most beautiful lighters on the market with bold colour-blocking patterns that decorate the polycarbonate casing.

These made-in-Japan lighters have a steel interior and a cotton wick that strikes a gorgeous flame every time. Fluid is unfortunately not included, but you can remedy that with a trip to your local corner store for Zippo-style lighter fluid.

Shop: Tetra Portal lighter

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Lisa Felepchuk

Lisa Felepchuk is a seasoned lifestyle editor, writer and digital nomad based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

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