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Beyond the blunt: 8 BIPOC-owned accessories brands to shake up your sesh



As a millennial, accepting my own cannabis use has been an interesting journey. First came the conversations with concerned family members. Then there was the issue of retraining my own brain to realize I was free to enjoy cannabis in 420-friendly cities and states across the US.

But even as I got more comfortable, I still noticed a pattern among myself and many of my other Black friends. Even with all the cool smoking accessories out there, we rarely smoked out of glass or smoke in any other ways than rolling up a blunt.

But can you blame us? For many Black people my age, picking up a bowl and lighter or a banger and torch can feel more dangerous than smoking the weed itself.

Why BIPOC may feel differently about accessories

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many ’80s and ’90s babies feel uncomfortable owning pipes and bongs or dab rigs – especially if they are BIPOC. Growing up inundated with the D.A.R.E. agenda and having witnessed the impact of the crack epidemic has kept many people of color far away from anything that resembles a smoking accessory.

After all, the presence of paraphernalia can be a great excuse for the police to trump up their charges after catching someone with drugs. Plus, weed pipes don’t look that much different from crack pipes, which we were all taught to avoid at all costs.

But as the popularity of legal cannabis rises, I hope we’re moving towards a safer and less stressful time for weed smokers who want to smoke out of something more than a blunt wrap. And I think that if a person of color feels safe enough, they should dig into some of the amazing accessories that are out there.

The benefits of going beyond the blunt

The benefits of using smoking accessories are many, but if I had to name the top three, I would say: the hits are smoother, the bowls are way more cost-effective, and they make enjoying cannabis way more friendly for your lungs. 

I also love having the opportunity to support BIPOC businesses by investing in their pieces. Shopping with these businesses helps foster a sense of community and puts money in the pocket of BIPOC-business owners, which are both important to me.

If you feel similarly and you are ready to shake things up, here are some of the BIPOC accessory brands you can use to push your sesh beyond the blunt, whether you’re a POC or not.

Just The Tip 

Black woman smoking a joint
(Courtesy Just The Tip)

Let’s start off with something easy for beginners. Maybe you’re not ready to give up your joints or blunts just yet. Just The Tip makes glass holders and blunt tips so that you can enjoy your smoke in style. If you’re going for sexy, Just The Tip will take you in that direction.

The holders look like art pieces and will undoubtedly spark conversation.

House of Puff  

Rolling papers and a pack of mini joints
(Courtesy House of Puff/Sava)

House of Puff is where fashion and smoking accessories meet. With colorful papers and pipes, House of Puff is all about creating chic looks while still enjoying your flower.

House of Puff wants you to “ditch the stigma with easy to use, art-inspired accessories.” What could be better than your weed matching your accessories? Nothing. The only answer is nothing. 

Peaxe Pipes  

A collection of vintage glassware bongs
(Courtesy Peaxe Pipes)

Let’s get a bit more sophisticated and retro in our design with Peaxe Pipes. Peaxe Pipes is upcycling antique glassware and repurposing them into bongs.

That’s right, that old piece of glassware at your granny’s house can be used to smoke weed. Now, you won’t have to hide your bong when company comes over; just put it up on the shelf, and everyone will just think you stepped up your home decor game.

Munisa Ceramica  

a guava ceramic pipe
(Courtesy Munisa Ceramica)

Guava, papaya, grapefruit, oh my! I’ve seen a lot of cool bowls and pipes in my day, but Munisa Ceramica out of Los Angeles might be my favorite. Munisa features Mexican-inspired designs and ceramics that create a one-of-a-kind experience with your cannabis.   


10 shining Latinx brands in the cannabis industry

Elevate Jane  

Sushi smoking pipes
(Courtesy Elevate Jane)

Elevate Jane is everything you want from a cannabis accessory company: functional, stylish, and robust in the options you pick to enjoy your next smoke.

From small beakers to bowls that look like bananas, you’ll definitely find the piece that fits your smoking needs. And, you can get something for less than $20 because we all love a good bargain. 


A purple decarboxylation device
(Courtesy Ardent)

Ok, so technically the Ardent is not a smoking accessory. It’s not a bowl, joint holder, or bong. But, if you’re looking to get away from smoking altogether, look no further. The Ardent sends your cannabis through a decarboxylation process that will allow your weed to be consumed how you want.

Smoke it, vaporize it, or even cook with favorite strains and see how much more elevated your high will become. 

Canna Luxe Co. 

a woman's hand and roach clip ring
(Courtesy Canna Luxe Co)

The phrase “lifestyle brand” gets thrown around very loosely nowadays. But the women that own Canna Luxe Co. have created a brand around beautiful designs and equity in the cannabis industry.

When you visit their website, you’ll find every type of accessory you could ever need. Plus, you can read about the challenges Black women face in the industry. Call it educating and elevating, in style.


A chest for keeping the moisture in weed
(Courtesy Apothecarry)

Apothecarry has created the ultimate stoner accessory: a humidor for weed smokers. Their luxurious original case features glass jars for your strains, a travel cigar tube, a removable rolling tray, and a lock to keep your weed safe. Founded by a mother, entrepreneur, and cannabis pro, Apothecarry thought about everything stoners need, just like every good mom (who knows you like to smoke a lot) does.

Did I mention the leather on the inside is vegan? Yes, they even thought about that, too. There’s not much about this case for anyone to feel bad about.

Are there more BIPOC accessories brands we should know about? Let us know on Twitter, and we’ll add them to our list.

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Ryan Brown

Ryan is a content creator, copywriter, and entrepreneur from St. Louis living in Chicago. He’s a basketball fanatic, hip-hop enthusiast, indica lover that enjoys binge-watching TV shows and classic movies.

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Toke tools: Stylish cannabis accessories you’ll actually want to display




There’s no arguing that your current arsenal of weed tools gets the job done. They pack, they light, they burn—they succeed in getting you high. But can you honestly say you proudly leave these pieces on your coffee table for all to see, or do they give off unkempt frat house vibes?

It’s okay if they do—we’re here to help.

There comes a point in life when you start making a conscious decision to choose beauty and functionality in cannabis paraphernalia; handsome bongs and aesthetically-pleasing pipes are no exception.

We dug deep to find over a dozen attractive pieces from cool cannabis brands that value performance just as much as design. From bongs to pipes to lighters, and everything in between, here are our top picks to help elevate your sessions.

Yew Yew’s geometric glass bong

Swap your existing bong for this piece of art. The sleek, semicircle design complements the square base, so it won’t topple easily, and the rounded mouthpiece offers a smooth hit time and time again.

This New York-designed sculptural bong comes in a variety of glass finishes, including transparent blue and amber, as well as opaque options like mint green and cow print.

Shop: Sunset glass bong by Yew Yew

Edie Parker’s neon storage case

The tropical fruit hues of this 100% acrylic storage case easily score 10/10. Aside from the bold colours, this stash box’s three separate compartments keep all of your goodies where they belong, and the lid has mini magnets on all four corners to keep it securely closed, so everything is easily accessible.

Shop: Edie Parker storage case

Best Buds’ crinkle cut one-hitter

All things wiggly are having a moment in the world of interior design and quickly permeating other industries, weed included. This quirky one-hitter gives off crinkle-cut fry vibes and comes in three muted hues, including a dusty yellow, off-white and light pink. It suits those moments where you want to smoke solo (and look good doing it) perfectly.

Shop: Best Buds solo pipe

Sackville & Co’s wavy rolling stand 

Regardless of whether you’ve mastered rolling joints or not, Sackville’s jelly rolling stands to simplify the process by keeping your ground flower perfectly in place.

The stand comes in four colours, including golden yellow, Fuschia, clear, and blue. First-time buyers can sign up for Sackville’s newsletter for 10% off their first purchase.

Shop: Sackville & Co jelly rolling stand

Tetra’s checkered ashtray

Pretty much anything can be an ashtray if need be, but a bold and weighty option like this checkered one has serious boss vibes. This one from Tetra is crafted from nero marquina and Carrera marble to stand the test of time.   

Shop: Tetra checkered marble ashtray

Edie Parker’s statement table lighter

If there’s a pièce de résistance for your cannabis accoutrements, consider this crystal tabletop lighter. Edie Parker’s weed accessories are next level. The brand’s circular statement lighter has drawn from the stylish history of mid-century tabletop lighters and given them a modern twist. While it’s an investment, this 100% acrylic lighter with a built-in matching ashtray can be used and cherished forever.

Shop: Edie Parker crystal table top lighter

Burb’s magnetic rolling tray

Your current rolling tray slays because of its sentimental value, but brands never cease coming out with unique ways to improve this utilitarian tool. Which is to say: it might be time for a new one. 

Burb, for example, has made its gold-coloured rolling tray magnetic, so you can pop it on the fridge after you’ve busted up your bud. It’s a subtle (but surprisingly convenient) benefit to being able to keep your tray within arm’s reach, but not have it take up valuable table real estate.

Shop: Burb magnetic rolling tray

Summerland’s structural ceramic bong

There’s something so delightfully unexpected about an opaque ceramic bong. Summerland’s handmade bongs come in three sizes, including the Land Yacht (pictured here), its largest, equipped with a double chamber. This piece could easily be mistaken for a vase when on display. Each one is made by hand, so you’re truly getting a unique work of art.

Shop: Summerland Land Yacht bong

Yew Yew’s cloud-shaped grinder

Grinders haven’t changed much over the decades, until now. Unique, statement-making designs now outshine the pot leaf-embellished metal grinders of the past. Yew Yew’s cloud grinders not only take on interesting shapes but come in a soft, silicone finish.

The device itself has three layers, including the top, which houses sharp teeth for a perfect grind, a second layer for the flower and a third chamber for collecting kief. 

Shop: Yew Yew silicone cloud grinder

Friends NYC’s dice roll roach clips

Love the act of smoking a joint, but hate the stink fingers that come with it? Enter: adorable roach clips with dice-embellished tops. Are they 100% necessary? Absolutely not. Will they bring you joy every time you light up? Undoubtedly, yes. Dice clips are available in both red and black designs.

Shop: Dice roach clips 

Ohai’s crystal stone pipe

Ohai has been making its colourful crystal pipes for years now, and they’ve set themselves up as an OG in space. These pipes feel comfortable in the hand and the smoke is smooth.

The celestial vibes are strong in the design, which offers a variety of crystal types, each associated with its own healing properties if you’re into that sort of thing. (And if not, the colours are nice to look at.)

Shop: Ohai sandstone pipe

Sackville & Co’s joint case keychain

If you know someone who insists on wrapping their pre-rolls in toilet paper and then makes their significant other carry said cocooned joint in their purse (read: the author of this story’s husband), this joint case will be life-changing.

The joint case is waterproof, airtight and made from durable metal with a screw top. It can fit a joint or most vape pens and it has a handy keychain loop on top, so you can attach it to your keys for easy access.

Shop: Sackville & Co carry case keychain

Honest’s colourful stash jars

Type A personalities will find it deeply satisfying to organize their stash in these colour-coordinating jars. Honest’s minimal capsules have durable, food-grade silicone lids that seal in the freshness while the jars themselves are crafted from thick, shatter-resistant borosilicate glass.

Shop: Honest capsule stash jars with silicone lids

Tetra’s abstract art lighter

Sorry, Bic, there’s a new, cuter way to make fire. Tetra has created one of the most beautiful lighters on the market with bold colour-blocking patterns that decorate the polycarbonate casing.

These made-in-Japan lighters have a steel interior and a cotton wick that strikes a gorgeous flame every time. Fluid is unfortunately not included, but you can remedy that with a trip to your local corner store for Zippo-style lighter fluid.

Shop: Tetra Portal lighter

Lisa Felepchuk's Bio Image

Lisa Felepchuk

Lisa Felepchuk is a seasoned lifestyle editor, writer and digital nomad based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

View Lisa Felepchuk’s articles

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Dank Decor: Create a Cannabis Oasis At Home




Cannabis home decor has come a long way from the days of Bob Marley posters and beaded curtains many of us might remember from our youth (not that there is anything wrong with those vibes).

Nowadays, cannabis-themed home goods and design are often more subtle and nuanced—though there are certainly many pieces that shine the recessed pot lights on the gorgeous green stuff. Here are just some of the ways you can sprinkle weed themes into your interior design. 


Wallpaper is a quick and easy way to add a little green to your space. Decorating an entire room in a cannabis-themed print might be a bit much, so a statement or accent wall offers just the right touch. Toronto-based wallcoverings studio Fine & Dandy Co. offers what they call an O Cannada line – cannabis leaf-clad wallpapers for the botanical enthusiast inside us all. 

Inspired by the iconic banana leaf wallpaper adorning the halls of the Beverly Hills Hotel, O Cannada is a fresh, modern, and playful take on your average botanical print. Available in both large and small-scale prints and in five buzzy colourways—Chronic, High Noon, Indica, Legalized, and Sativa—this wallpaper is the ultimate conversation piece.

Other retailers offering cannabis-themed wallpaper include Society6, WallShoppe, and even Etsy.

Coffee Table Books

If you err on the side of minimalism, decorate your space and educate yourself and guests at the same time with a gorgeous cannabis-themed coffee table book. 

Bong Appetit wed recipe book
Whether or not you read them, these books look great. (Courtesy Vice/Munchies)
  • Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana boasts beautifully-detailed photographs of plants and buds, as well as a “primer” section that explains plant anatomy, strains, and more. 
  • Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed goes beyond your basic pot brownies and features 65 “high”-end recipes for sweet and savoury dishes as well as cocktails.
  • Cannabis: Marijuana Under the Microscope is part art and part science. The 140 colour images in this book begin at germination and go through every aspect of the plant: from stem to leaf, male flower, female flower, and roots. 
  • Award-winning photographer Spurs Broken sheds light on 200 different strains of cannabis being cultivated today in Beauty of Cannabis. This book highlights the strands, leaves, and crystals of the world’s most controversial plant.
    Finally, the Stoner Coffee Table Book has been specifically designed for reading after a sesh, and features a selection of dozens of immersive, trippy, funny, meditative, and mind-bending images sure to spark some interesting conversations.


Cannabis collectibles tell the tale of prohibition, racism, and legalization

Statement Photographs/Paintings

Adding an engaging piece of wall art to your living room, bedroom, or bathroom is a great way to show your affinity for the greener things in life. Whether that’s a painted canvas, a framed poster, or even a mural, the choices are endless. 

A close-up shot of a cannabis flower highlights the crystalline trichomes and offers a unique perspective. A framed botanical print is perfect for those who appreciate the science of the plant itself, as are cute educational posters. For those who geek out over 420 history, there are some cool vintage-style 420 propaganda prints that offer a colourful way to decorate your space. 

Hemp Bedding

Not only does hemp allow you to make a seriously cool fashion statement but, it’s also highly durable and sustainable. While hemp clothing has been widely available for a number of years, it’s also been slowly making its way into home accents such as bedding.

It’s become so popular that even mainstream retailers like Crate & Barrel have gotten in on the game, selling hemp sheet sets. Additionally, there are companies that sell pillows in hemp casing, with hemp fill, and even infused their fabrics with CBD (yes, really! Brands infuse clothes too.) You can even go full canna-bed with a hemp mattress!

man holding pillows infused with CBD
A pillow that dispenses CBD—why not? (Courtesy CBD Pillow)

If you’re crafty and prefer to make your own cute weed-themed sheets, pillows, curtains, or the like, there are online retailers who make it easy by offering a selection of literally hundreds of prints. 

Beyond the bedroom and fabrics themselves, there are couches made from hemp, chairs made from hemp, hemp lumber and flooring, and even hemp picture frames to display those shots of your fave sticky icky.

Fake Pot Plant

For those who want to go literal in showcasing their love of the plant, there’s a hyper-realistic artificial cannabis plant—the Pot Plant, that lets you add a little bit of Mary Jane’s influence to your home decor, no propagation needed. Depending on your space, you can choose from a variety of sizes, with the smallest starting at $25 USD.  

fake pot plant neon lights
If only growing weed were this easy. (Courtesy Pot Plant)

Pot Plant co-founder Karina Farris told Leafly that she hopes one day consumers see the Pot Plant as home decor, just like any home decor items like an artificial snake plant or fiddle fig, and the beauty it adds to one’s space. 

Accessories and more

Finally, if you’re looking for one-off and unique weed-inspired accessories and decorations, Etsy has pretty much everything you can think of, and then some. From stash boxes and sculptures to candles and wall clocks, there’s something for everyone whether your style is bold or subtle.

Caitlin McCormack's Bio Image

Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack is a writer based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in MSN, Lift & Co., HuffPost, What to Expect, and Mashable, among others. When she isn’t writing, she’s busy chasing after her two sons, testing out new recipes, and working on her century-old fixer-upper.

View Caitlin McCormack’s articles

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Best pre-rolled cones of 2022




Ubiquitous for years, rolling paper brands selling pre-rolled cones are now upping their game to give smokers different sizes, paper materials, and flavorings. From experienced joint rollers to sausage-fingered fools, just about everyone is always down to puff on a super-inviting cone. Celebrate the free-spirited aura that complements utter simplicity with these updated takes on the classic cone.

RAW cones

RAW classic cone. (Courtesy RAW)
Fill ‘er up: The RAW classic cone. (Courtesy RAW)

Since the early ’90s, Josh Kesselman, the all-around paper-obsessed owner of RAW, has continued to innovate and build on the rich history of rolling paper products with his commitment to the excellence of his brands. 

“It’s just a different way of doing things,” said the RAW head honcho on a recent call with Leafly. “You bring the quality and craftsmanship as close as you can get it towards perfection, with the hope that the person after you can bring things even further.” 

RAW organic cones

RAW Organic cones burn clean. (Courtesy RAW)
RAW Organic cones burn clean. (Courtesy RAW)

To think Kesselman’s original RAW cone could ever be topped is crazy, but these slow-burning, boat-resistant organic cones have done just that – essentially leaving behind nothing but the full flavor of dank, ground-up bud in their wake. 

Smoke sessions with RAW organic cones exude the same dedication to natural and unrefined ingredients as the local sushi place you’ll probably hit up on DoorDash afterward. The natural tendencies of the hemp plant make for an optimal paper due to their lighter, yet virtually impenetrable paper construction. By combining those quality traits with the unique RAW watermark that ensures an even burn until the end of a session, RAW organics are easy to revere as a mainstay in your arsenal.


Editor’s picks: Must-have weed gear for summer 2022

RAWkets ready for liftoff

RAW 5-stage RAWket finna get the whole reunion lit. (Courtesy RAW)
RAW 5-stage RAWket finna get the whole reunion lit. (Courtesy RAW)

“RAW papers and cones are designed to truly elevate smokers to the highest level,” Kesselman also noted as a clear distinction of his brand.

By that heady decree, it can also be said that it’s the care and over-the-top fun that RAW puts into their brand and products that separate them from the crowd. RAWkets are a prime example of that contagious joy–manifested into kits such as the Classic 5 Stage and 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Packs


How to roll a joint in 7 easy steps

The RAWket 5 Stage runs the spectrum from a 1¼-inch cone up to the 10-gram capacity of the Supernatural cone – a pre-roll that’s out-of-this-world with its commanding presence and ability to smoke out the better part of a class reunion. Meanwhile, the RAW 20 Stage RAWket Launcher Pack includes 20 pieces of seven different-sized cones – all within an oversized novelty box – making this adult construction set a consistent conversation starter and go-to for a wide variety of pre-roll sizes to explore.

VIBES pre-rolled cones

Cone life: It's a vibe. (Courtesy Vibes)
Cone life: It’s a vibe. (Courtesy Vibes)

First launched in 2019, cannabis mogul Berner created VIBES pre-rolled cones to provide fans with multiple, high-quality pre-roll paper options such as Hemp, Organic Hemp, Rice, and Ultra-Thin varieties.

Organic Hemp VIBES are exceptional in how they allow the smoker to sit and meditate for a moment here and there without the joint constantly extinguishing or burning away like a lit fuse on a stick of freakin’ dynamite. VIBES Organic cones are also noteworthy for how the natural hemp paper makes the terpenes of the weed the main focal point.

Tobacco-free pre-rolled blunt cones

Terpene profiles have taken over the last decade or so and flavor rules. Enhance and complement the taste and terps of your stash with the best natural alternative to classic blunts – terp-infused, tobacco-free blunt cones that burn almost as long as a Tarantino flick and are just as gloriously sublime.

King Palm terp-infused palm leaf cones

King Palm Banana Cream (Courtesy King Palm)
King Palm Banana Cream (Courtesy King Palm)

Around since 2016, these game-changing stuffies now come in over 30 different flavors that include Berry Terps, Banana Cream, and Lemon Haze. Size-wise, you can fill anything from a half-gram Rollie cone up to a quarter zip into King Palm’s limited edition and appropriately-named XXXL offering. Stuffing some Grape Biscotti into the cannons that are King Palm Grape HD Mini 5 Packs is just one example of how to best pair your bud with the many varieties of King Palm Terp-Infused Cones. 

The slow burn of King Palm cones is as smooth as the hits that emanate from the unique pop and snap, terp-infused corn husk filter KPs are now famous for. Calling them blunts would be doing these real leaf cones a disservice—the lack of any tobacco after-taste puts natural and proprietary terps at center stage. 

Tyson 2.0 x Futurola ‘The Toad’ Blunt Cones

(Courtesy Tyson 2.0)
(Courtesy Tyson 2.0)

Tyson 2.0 X Futurola Tobacco-Free “The Toad” Blunt Cones are the result of a collab between the famous Amsterdam-based rolling paper brand and Tyson Ranch. Iron Mike has cannonballed into the weed game since starting the Tyson Ranch brand and opening his mind up to the psychedelic healing of “The Toad.” 

Tyson Ranch toad cones provide a glimpse into the singular taste of the toad venom experiences that have changed the former heavyweight champ’s life. The actual taste? Somewhat indescribably salty, sweet, and sensational “toad” terpenes applied to the tips and papers of these individual, glass-tubed cones. The unique terps nicely accentuate the flavors and heady highs of strains like Green Crack, Durban Poison, and Tyson’s own The Toad strain to create something of an even more stimulating experience.

See also: Zig-Zag’s Infused Cones; Edie Parker Crush Cones

Smoke Roses Goji Berry Cones

(Courtesy Smoke Roses)
(Courtesy Smoke Roses)

Exotic terps also abound with the Organic Goji Berry Cones made by Smoke Roses. Owner Charly Jordan got the inspiration for these goji berry fruit-infused blunt cones during her many travels. The experience of seeing how other cultures utilized unusual and unadulterated rolling materials translated into pre-rolled cones that delight the senses with their mouth-watering, tobacco-free goji berry essence.

The 1-gram capacity pre-rolls burn slower than just about most other pre-roll papers available on the market and ensure any procrastinators in the circle aren’t gonna cause a tiff. To the dome, it’s perfect to puff for what seems like all day.

Whether it’s king-sized organic cones, terpene-infused “blunt” cones, or pre-roll kits that let you stuff a doink the size of your forearm, set some important goals for yourself this summer. Achieve what’s possible with these pre-rolled cone brands and products that are currently hitting it out of the park and beyond!

See also: Zig-Zag Rose

And that’s it for our cones round-up this summer. Pack those cones, twist the top, and get out there!


Buyer’s guide to weed rolling papers

Anthony DiMeo's Bio Image

Anthony DiMeo

Anthony DiMeo is a cannabis advocate and journalist who still believes countercultural evolution is possible. His work and advocacy has been featured in DOPE, Extraction Magazine, Terpenes & Testing Magazine, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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