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Celebrities Who Smoke Cannabis Crossword Puzzle – Cannabis News, Lifestyle



This week’s crossword puzzle is all about celebrities who smoke cannabis. The questions are pretty simple; you fill in the blank. But, if you get stuck, you can plug the question into Google and the associated person will come up. Some of these pot loving celebrities are fairly obvious but others might surprise you. Blow the crossword, you’ll find interesting details about some of the people in this puzzle. 

Roll up a fatty and get ready to play the celebrities that smoke pot crossword puzzle. Good luck!

  • Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg actually went to the same High school. If you ask her, she is pretty sure that she bought pot from him way back in the day. Check out the video above.
  • You would think it would provide him with inspiration but Justin Timberlake says that isn’t the case. He uses cannabis to escape his thoughts briefly. During a Playboy interview, he said, “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”
  • Morgan Freeman loves weed and has advocated for legalization. In 2015, he told the Daily Beast that he would “eat it, drink it, smoke it, and snort it”.
  • That’s right. Whoopi Goldberg is a cannabis fan. These days. She prefers to vape. “My vape pen and I maintain a mostly private relationship.”
  • Ask Brad Pitt about his experience twisting one up and he will brag about his skills; here’s what he had to say, “I’m an artist.”
  • You would think it would provide him with inspiration but Justin Timberlake says that isn’t the case. He uses cannabis to escape his thoughts briefly. During a Playboy interview, he said, “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”
  • Back in 1971, famous Astronomer, Carl Sagan wrote an essay about cannabis. Titled ‘Marijuana Reconsidered’, the essay was published under the pen name Mr. X. He said that cannabis gave him benefits such as a higher appreciation for art, connection to spirituality, and even better sex. 
  • Jennifer Aniston doesn’t consider herself a pothead but she has gone on record. During an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, she said, “I enjoy cannabis”. 

Here’s Jennifer Aniston’s advice to someone about to smoke weed for the first time.

Thanks for playing this week’s crossword puzzle! If you’re looking for more, click here to play


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Weed: Your New Headache Medicine?




You’ve got a bunch of options you can take when your head flares up, whether its just a minor headache or a full-blown migraine. Now, a new study points to yet another option, which highlights a possibly major use of the cannabis plant. That’s right, it looks like weed might be the new go-to headache treatment to have in your medicine cabinet.

Did you ever consider taking some weed as your headache medicine when the pain flares up? Well, maybe you should! We are a cannabis and psychedelics news platform which specializes in covering the biggest and most important stories of today. We put out the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter to keep readers informed, and to provide access to a host of cool deals on tons of products including vapes, smoking devices, edibles, other cannabis paraphernalia, and cannabinoid compounds like the ever-popular Delta 8 & HHC. Check out our ‘best of’ lists for details, and please purchase the products you feel most comfortable using.

What a headache!

Headaches are one of those incredibly common things that we can all expect to suffer from here or there. For some people it’s a nearly every day occurrence, while others only get a real headache once or twice a year. For some it’s a mind-splittingly painful experience, complete with migraine symptoms, and for some it’s a dull little pain that might qualify as irritating, more than debilitating.

What is a headache? Though this sounds like a simple question, with a simple answer, like, ‘when my head hurts’; the reality is that there are many different things that cause headaches, and different ways to experience them. According to the WHO, approximately half of adults will have at least one standard run-of-the-mill headache within a year.

On the other hand, a ‘headache disorder’ is characterized by the recurrence of headaches, and is one of the more common nervous system issues to experience. Along with recurrence of symptoms, these disorders are also judged by how much of a burden the pain is, if it’s enough to cause disability, if its damaging to life quality, and if it comes with a financial cost.

Weed migraine treatment
Weed migraine treatment

We often hear another word come up when dealing with headaches; migraines. A migraine headache is a type of headache wherein the user experiences a throbbing sensation, and only (or generally only) on one side of the head. These headaches often come with feelings of general sickness, and can cause a sensitivity to light and/or sound. Migraines have another symptom that separates them from other more standard headaches. They often come with what’s called an ‘aura’, which involves symptoms right before and during, with the most well-known being a flashing light in the sufferer’s periphery vision.

Of the 50% of adults expected to get a headache in a year, about 30% of these cases will be for a migraine headache. As much as 1.7-4% of the world’s population experiences headaches as often as 15 days or more in a single month. In fact, headaches are one of those things that affect everyone, everywhere, of pretty much every ethnicity, race, or any other dividing factor you can think of.

Since headaches are such a prevalent issue, its not surprising that there is a huge selection on the market for non-prescription painkillers. Tylenol, Advil, Aleve, Ibuprofen…, and the list goes on. Some headache sufferers find relief in standard painkillers, while others have symptoms unaffected by such medications. For some people, there really isn’t anything in the non-prescription world that helps.

What about weed as your new headache medicine?

So we’ve got a problem that nearly everyone suffers from at least sometimes, and which a pretty large chunk of the population suffer from frequently. We have a host of pain medications, but a frequent deficit in how well they cure symptoms. We also have an awful and growing issue associated with the use of stronger pain medications like opioids, making them a fundamentally bad option for this type of problem.

And finally, we have cannabis, which is the new darling of the medical world, and which offers tons of answers outside the pharmaceutical space, for a growing number of ailments. Whereas previous research shows its useful for headaches, new research helps confirm the plant as a possible new go-to headache medicine treatment.

Earlier this year, the study, Medical Cannabis for the Treatment of Migraine in Adults: A Review of the Evidence, was published. This study did not involve a specific user group, but instead took data from 12 different publications. In order to do this, researchers searched through the following platforms: PubMed, EMBASE, PsycINFO, CINAHL, and Web of Science.

Headache medicine
Headache medicine

Altogether, 1,980 respondents were a part of the investigation. Unlike some research that pull from other studies to show (or, attempt to show) connections between data points, this study only used previous studies that were specifically looking into the exact same subject matter. In fact, all studies were about medical marijuana and migraines, in adults at least 18 years of age.

The results of the study didn’t show cannabis as an overall cure for migraine ailments, but it did show weed helped reduce symptoms when used as a headache medicine. Using medical cannabis greatly reduced nausea and vomiting which often accompany such headaches. It also brought down the length of time migraines lasted, when looking after the first 30 days; as well as the frequency such headaches came on within a month.

According to study results, cannabis showed to be 51% better at reducing migraines than non-cannabis medicines. And though it wasn’t a cure-all, the cannabis actually did end the headaches in as many as11.6% cases, along with reducing frequency.

This is not to say that there were no adverse effects associated. The cannabis did at times lead to what are called medication overuse headaches (MOH). On the plus side, these were generally mild, though they did occur in about 43.75% of the patients who were administered cannabis through oral preparations. This could indicate that a different delivery method might cut down on this problem.

Why this matters?

A couple decades ago, no one was bent out of shape over the idea of a growing number of people getting addicted to – and subsequently overdosing on – pain pills. Because we didn’t deal with the kind of pain pills capable of doing that. In the last couple decades, synthetic opioids grew in popularity, leading to a massive issue of addiction and death, all in the name of curing pain.

Usually something like an opioid isn’t prescribed for a headache issue, and that’s good because when considering how prevalent headaches are, the idea of doling out such strong medications could lead to some horrifying results. We already have enough of an issue with these medications being prescribed for chronic pain. But this isn’t to say they couldn’t be used for headaches in the future, and this is where it gets scary.

Weed medicine
Weed medicine

A few decades ago, opioids weren’t used for any of the issues they’re used for today. And the original uses when they did come out, weren’t as expansive as today. There’s nothing saying that doctors can’t start prescribing opioids for headaches, and if opioids ever become big for this, it could be incredibly detrimental for society.

Headaches can persist, though, and that’s a problem. The more of an issue there is, the more of an answer people want. And it’s best if that answer doesn’t cause more problems. In fact, its best if that answer doesn’t come with the detractions of basic medications like Tylenol or Advil, like toxicity and stomach issues. It’s best if something is offered to the population that won’t get people addicted.

Cannabis is currently investigated and used for a myriad of issues, and it seems that stopping that headache, is just the next in line.


Can you imagine an ad with a guy clutching his head in pain, and then smoking a joint and looking relieved? Imagine the tagline, ‘weed, it’s you new headache medicine’ right underneath the guy. Right now, these ads are for acetaminophen, or some kind of ibuprofen, and come with the image of a little round pill. Maybe this will stay as it is, and maybe it will change. Maybe in a couple years, that little round pill will be a weed vape cartridge, and it will be socially acceptable to give a little toke, when the pain flares up.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for dropping by, a top news site dedicated to providing independent, comprehensive, and interesting stories in both the cannabis and psychedelics fields. Join us regularly to keep updated on everything, and sign up for the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter, for the very best in news and product offerings.

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Florida Lawsuit Around Marijuana & Guns Heats Up: DOJ Compares Weed Users To Domestic Abusers




By Jelena Martinovic

The Department of Justice has struck yet again. The ongoing Florida lawsuit on whether medical cannabis users should also have the right to own guns received more comment recently when the DOJ claimed that MMJ users are inherently dangerous and therefore unfit to possess firearms, reported Marijuana Moment.

“[The DOJ is] now comparing cannabis consumers to domestic abusers with a ‘propensity’ toward violence,” according to the publication.

Attorneys representing Florida’s Agriculture Minister Nikki Fried, who is behind a Second Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration, filed a response brief earlier this month after the Department of Justice urged the federal court to dismiss the case. The plaintiffs were seeking a hearing before the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

In its initial request for the lawsuit’s dismissal, DOJ cited offensive “parallels to past gun prohibitions for groups such as Native Americans, Catholics, panhandlers, and those who refuse to take an oath of allegiance to the government and people who shoot firearms while drunk.”

Now, the DOJ has confirmed its stance by putting non-violent cannabis offenses in the same category as domestic abusers. The goal of the comparison was to justify disarming people charged with misdemeanors.

“Marijuana users also engage in criminal activity that renders firearms possession dangerous, albeit for different reasons (i.e., the propensity for violence for domestic violence misdemeanants, and the impairing effects of marijuana for marijuana users),” DOJ’s new filing says.

marijuana gun
Photo by Talaj/Getty Images

On the plaintiffs’ argument that cannabis users can “safely use a firearm…when not using or under the influence of marijuana,” the DOJ replied that “a marijuana user who possesses a firearm will have access to that firearm when she uses marijuana. And because marijuana impairs judgment, the danger exists that she will fail to exercise sound judgment and use the firearm while impaired.”


Fried filed a Second Amendment lawsuit against the Biden administration in April, which she announced at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami on 4/20.

“No patient should have to choose between medicine and employment, a roof over their head, access to capital or their Constitutional rights,” she said.

Since then, Fried has pointed out on several occasions that the constitutional rights of state-legal medical marijuana patients in Florida are constrained because of the current language on a federal form that prohibits them from buying a firearm.

“This is not about guns, per se,” Fried said in June. “This is about the fact that, for decades, marijuana patients have been discriminated against—that they see their rights not being completely afforded to them, whether it is on housing or access to banking or employment. And this is one of their other rights.”

In July, Fried filed a revised complaint in a federal district court on the heels of the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss several cases and send them to lower courts for reconsideration. Those cases included bans on assault-style rifles in Maryland as well as large-capacity ammunition magazines in New Jersey and California. The high court’s move followed a landmark ruling that an individual’s right to carry a handgun in public for the purpose of self-defense is protected by the U.S. constitution.

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.

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The Complete Guide To Cleaning Your Cannabis Bongs, Pipes, Dab Rigs, And Vapes




There’s nothing worse than taking a smooth hit only to be greeted by the taste of resin and dust. Not only does unkempt herb gear soil even the highest grade of flower, but it also stinks up your home and clothing. Avoid harsh hits and foul odors by sticking to a habit of cleaning all your favorite pieces.

Keeping your smoking accessories clean is an essential step in any seasoned stoner’s routine. Some smokers opt for rinsing out the rig after every session, while others commit to a thorough cleaning session every so often. Whichever practice you choose, cleaning your accessories involves a few essential tools and steps. Consider this complete guide to cleaning your cannabis gear.

How to clean a dab rig

Wax concentrates quickly build up in the intricate percolators of a dab rig. To loosen up the herbal gunk, you can use a few things. Start by bringing water to a boil and let it cool for a few minutes before adding it to the piece. Cover the nail space and mouthpiece with a paper towel or plastic wrap and shake roughly for a few minutes. Once the resin is dissolved, pour out the solution and wipe clean.

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If your rig requires a more heavy-duty method, swap out the hot water with room-temperature isopropyl alcohol. Add a bit of salt to exfoliate stubborn wax and shake until the rig is cleaned. By regularly cleaning your piece, you can keep hand-blown rigs like those from MJ Arsenal looking good as new.

How to clean vape pens

Glass pieces are best paired with liquid solutions and salt, but you should take a different cleaning approach when dealing with a vape pen. Instead, arm yourself with a trusty brush and get to work on the parts where gunk builds up. Take the pen apart into as many pieces as you can and focus on dusting each thoroughly. For challenging areas, dip a cotton swab in acetone and gently brush over it.

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If you fail to implement cleaning rituals in your rotation, built-up gunk will leave your vaporizer working harder (not smarter) during your daily smoke sessions. In a worst-case scenario, a neglected vape pen will heighten your risk of inhaling harmful bacteria, sabotaging your high.

Vape Juice Is Desensitizing Taste Buds
Photo by Martina Paraninfi/Getty Images

How to clean a pipe 

If you’re a cannabis circle frequenter, give your toking tool some much-needed TLC. To start, select your cleaning solution of choice or make a concoction of your own with rubbing alcohol, table salt, and dish soap. Once that step is complete, fill a reusable plastic bag with said solution, as this vessel will allow for total pipe submersion. If this pipe-friendly soaking bath pops your cleaning ritual bubble, try alternative methods.

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Instead of a saline solution composed of Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol, get creative and opt for a salt and vinegar solution, a fizzing baking soda and vinegar combo, or the dynamic duo of sand and water. For best results, freeze your glass piece first, which will allow the resin to harden.

If a baking soda and vinegar bath proves to be a bust, stick with the old tried-and-true: boiling water. Once your water reaches its boiling point, let the piece soak for approximately 30 minutes before de-bathing. After a quick towel dry, your pipe will be ready for your next session.

marijuana glass pipe
Photo by Charles Wollertz/Getty Images

But how often should you bathe your glass pipe? Surprisingly, experts recommend that heavy consumers cleanse their pipes once every one to two days. If regular salt and rubbing alcohol baths can’t squeeze into your tight schedule, cotton-swab touch-ups are a must. Otherwise, germs will cling to the stem, and a slimy biofilm can grow, spiking your risk of infection.

How to clean a bong 

Much like cleaning a pipe, isopropyl alcohol is a must-have ingredient for bong cleaning sessions. To set harmful bacteria up in flames, create a mixture of alcohol diluted with hot water. Then, pour the solution into the well-loved bong of your choice. For spotless results, ensure you shake up the grime-eradicating mixture. To do so, ball up a crumpled paper towel to seal the bowl joint and mouthpiece. If your DIY fix is translating to a subpar and spill-prone clean, invest in rubber caps for your bong. That way, you can shake up your cannabis gear maintenance routine—without turning your bathroom or kitchen into a makeshift splash pad.

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Note that, in a pinch, vinegar and coarse salt is a viable substitute for rubbing alcohol. Whatever pre-smoke-session solution you choose, be sure to clean your bong at least once a week. Though, bong-cleaning welcomes a more-the-merrier approach. If you can’t make it a day without a trusty bong rip, aim to clean your bong once daily.

smoking bong
Photo by RODNAE Productions via Pexels

Why? For one, you’ll feel flower’s effects faster, and the hit will be worlds smoother. Besides heightening your highs, your clog-free bong will help you conserve bud—music to a seasoned smoker’s ears.

Use household items

Ditch the pricey cleaning solutions and use the goods lying around in your bathroom cabinet. Of course, isopropyl alcohol is a tried-and-true cleaning solution for glass. Pair the liquid with salt and leave it in your piece overnight for the best results.

To combat hard-water stains both inside and outside for piece, white vinegar is a powerful adversary. In terms of tools, you’d be surprised at how efficient cotton swabs and the average toothbrush work to remove the built-up resin. Gently twist them down stems and percolators to clean hard-to-reach stains.

Don’t forget the accessories

Make sure to spend some attention cleaning heavily used herbal accessories. Keep your trusty grinder in tip-top shape by disassembling and submerging each piece in boiling water. After a few minutes, remove them from heat and let sit for about thirty minutes. Once the grinder has dried, scrub with a toothbrush and leave to dry. Don’t forget about your smoking bag, which can quickly become cluttered with runaway herbal crumbs and dead lighters. Go through your kit every few months and reorganize the essentials.

Green and clean

Make the most out of your smoke session by maintaining a well-kept cannabis kit. Fortunately, with the right cleaning tools and solutions, cleaning your favorite pieces is quite simple.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

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