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Degree decline and higher education in the US – opportunties for the cannabis industry 



A recent Wall Street Journal article discussed large employers who no longer require college degrees for certain positions. One employer mentioned was the State of Maryland.

Also included were IBM, Delat Airlines, and Walmart. Walmart is the largest private employer in the US and they hire and promote based on skills and knowledge. The decline of ungergraduate enrollment in the US is not new. 

The reevaluation of job requirements by employers is also a response to a hiring market that is competitive. For sure, some jobs in all industries will continue to require degrees no matter how the jobs market changes. 

According to a Harvard Business Review article that analyzed job trends data and degree requirements, this type of employer educational requirement decline is not new and appeared in response to the Global Recession brought on by the sub-prime credit crisis in 2010. The result is an increase in skills- based hiring. What also appears to take place as degree requirements disappear, more specific soft skills are outlined by employers in their job description. Leading the HBR article author to conclude that many employers equate a degree with the development of soft skills such as ability to work in groups, prioirtize and communicate well. 


For current and developing cannabis education degree and certificate programs skills based learning will be a priority. In addition, oft skill development embeddied within the curriculum will better prepare students for the workforce. Some students will come to cannabis training with skills developed in other careers or training. Everyone can get better at communication and working with others. Creating curriculum that can achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence is not easily accomplished. 

With an increase in demand for remote learning and instruction, creating opportunities within those courses for student to student as well as student to instructor interactions is challenging. One solution is creating content for the employer to upskill within rather than rely on external training programs. In the end, lessening degree requirements opens job opportunties for those who do not have access to higher education for all the systemic and unequal reasons. That is a good thing and creates change that can be capitalized on by both employees and employers.     

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LIM College Partners with Association of Cannabis Workers (ACW) Local Union 420 to Offer Cannabis Industry Fundamentals Course




The Press Release

Online program will prepare students for careers in the burgeoning cannabis industry

NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Midtown Manhattan’s LIM College is the nation’s first to offer Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Professional Studies degrees in The Business of Cannabis. The College today announced it has been chosen to collaborate with the Association of Cannabis Workers (ACW) Local Union 420 to offer a special four-week, online Cannabis Industry Fundamentals course for ACW members.

(PRNewsfoto/LIM College)
(PRNewsfoto/LIM College)

The course, which is expected to begin in early March, will cover the history and current state of the cannabis industry, career paths in cannabis, marketing cannabis products, and understanding consumers, regulations and compliance, and supply chain considerations.

Taught by Michael Zaytsev, who is an industry expert and academic director of cannabis degree programs at LIM College, Cannabis Industry Fundamentals will include readings, lectures, discussion, and written assignments. The course is fully online and students can complete their work when it is convenient for them.

Participants will also be invited to exclusive on-campus LIM College events and virtual sessions where they can network with potential employers and others who share their interest in the cannabis industry. Tuition is $750, and LIM College will provide a certificate of completion for those who complete the course.

The collaboration between LIM College and ACW Local 420 is timely. According to Leafly, America’s total annual legal cannabis revenue is expected to reach $45 billion by 2025, and it is projected that more than 100,000 new jobs will be created during the next five years in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut area alone according to CannabizTeam’s Tri-State 2022 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide.

“LIM College is a pioneer in cannabis education, and our decision to collaborate with them will help us ensure that ACW Local 420 members have access to the cannabis industry’s best training, jobs, and wages. Taking this course is a great first step on a career path that is expected to provide tremendous opportunities,” said ACW Local 420 President Josh Gottlieb.

“The cannabis industry offers a wide variety of job opportunities, including positions in sales and marketing, branding and social media, retail management, product development, manufacturing and operations management, compliance, supply chain and logistics, and more,” noted Zaytsev.

Continued Zaytsev, “The cannabis industry needs graduates who can hit the ground running with in-depth knowledge of the unique nature of the business. LIM is leading the way in readying students who will have cannabis-specific knowledge and credentials in hand, putting them head and shoulders above others entering the industry. We are very pleased to collaborate with ACW Local 420 to offer this opportunity to its members.”

About LIM College
Founded in 1939 and located in midtown Manhattan, LIM College is a female-led and owned institution focused on the global business of fashion and lifestyle. Offering master’s, bachelor’s and associate degree programs, LIM prepares students for career success via an immersive approach grounded in real-world experience and learning by doing through required internships. LIM College’s commitment to excellence in business education ensures graduates are sought after by a wide range of employers. Alumni excel throughout all areas of fashion and lifestyle and have gone on to work for companies such as Chanel, Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Ross Stores, The Financial Times, Ulta Beauty, Google, Saks Fifth Avenue, Cannabis Creative, and The National Football League.

About ACW Local 420
The Association of Cannabis Workers Local Union 420 is dedicated to ensuring that members have access to the cannabis industry’s best training, jobs, benefits, wages, and treatment. Local 420 is focused on connecting employees to employers who are dedicated to legitimizing the cannabis industry by creating equitable and sustainable cannabis careers. More information on the Cannabis Industry Fundamentals course is available at

Contact LIM College:
Anne Roman

Meredith Finnin

Contact ACW Local 420:
Brendon Dever


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The Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy




Everything is education these days !

Here is their press release

We’re excited to announce that the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy is now open and offering free cannabis email marketing courses to the public. In fact, these are the only email marketing certifications you can get that are specific to the cannabis and hemp industries.

Certifications from the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy are helping to advance the cannabis industry by providing legitimate credentials and career growth opportunities.

Free, Self-Paced Cannabis Industry Email Marketing Certification Courses Offered Fully Online

Want to up your email marketing game in the cannabis industry? Want to earn an industry credential that can help you land your next job (or get the promotion you want)? Now, you can do it by earning one or more certifications from the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy.

All of the certification courses available in the Email Success Academy are free, self-paced and delivered entirely online, so you can learn everything you need to know to be a pro email marketer in the cannabis industry when it’s convenient for you.

When you complete one or more courses in the Email Success Academy, you’ll get a number of special benefits, including:

  • Exclusive access to a community of elite cannabis and hemp email marketers to network and collaborate with
  • Priority access to Cannabiz Media’s Email Success Team for expert assistance on your campaigns
  • Verifiable certificates and badges to share on LinkedIn and leverage as valuable, recognized resume credentials

What You’ll Learn in the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy

You can sign up for one or more free courses offered through the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy. Currently, there are five self-paced courses available to the public that are filled with videos, quizzes, PDF instruction slides for download, and numerous templates, checklists, and more designed to help you become a cannabis industry email marketing pro.

Each course ends with a certification exam, so you can prove you’ve gained the knowledge to earn your certification credential. When you pass the exam, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can add to your resume, LinkedIn, and so on. You’ll also receive a certification badge that you can add to your website, LinkedIn Profile, email signature block, and other digital channels to show off your expert credential.

While the lessons do use the Cannabiz Media License Database email marketing tool as a backdrop, these courses are not Cannabiz Media-specific. They are email marketing courses that will set you up for success as a cannabis industry email marketer whether or not you or your team uses the Cannabiz Media License Database.

The courses in the Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy teach you about all aspects of successful cannabis industry email marketing:

  • Email Marketing Technical Specialist Certification
  • Email Marketing Content Specialist Certification
  • Email Marketing Data and Lead Scoring Specialist Certification
  • Cannabiz Media Email Marketing Professional Certification

Below are more details about each of the courses.

Email Marketing Technical Specialist Certification

Take this course to earn your certification as a recognized email marketing technical specialist. This is the perfect course to start your journey to become an email marketing pro. If you don’t understand the technical aspects of email marketing, your messages may not make it to recipients’ inboxes!

This course includes 16 lessons delivered through seven modules and a full hour of video content. You’ll learn all about technical email marketing fundamentals, deliverability, sender reputation, spam filters and triggers, send time optimization, spam laws, and more.

Enroll in the Email Marketing Technical Specialist Certification Course

Email Marketing Audience Specialist Certification

In this course, you’ll learn how to find the right people to send your email marketing campaigns to and how to match your content to your audience so you get the best possible results. You’ll also learn how to create an effective email marketing strategy.

The course includes 13 lessons delivered through five modules and three hours of video content. The lessons teach you about finding the right people to send your email marketing campaigns to (and why it matters), developing a strategy to move prospects through the marketing funnel, copywriting, and more.

Enroll in the Email Marketing Audience Specialist Certification Course

Email Marketing Content Specialist Certification

If you want to learn how to write and design email marketing messages that drive the results you need, then the Email Marketing Content Specialist Certification course is for you. It’s a perfect complement to Cannabiz Media’s Email Marketing Audience Specialist Certification discussed above!

The Content Specialist course includes 11 lessons delivered through five modules and two hours of video content. You’ll learn how to write subject lines, message content, and calls-to-action as well as how to design your message and linking do’s and don’ts.

Enroll in the Email Marketing Content Specialist Certification Course

Email Marketing Data and Lead Scoring Specialist Certification

In this course, you’ll learn how to track your email marketing results and score leads so you know what to send to them next. The course includes both practical email marketing data analysis instruction as well as demos showing you how to track email marketing results and leads using the Cannabiz Media License Database.

This course includes nine lessons delivered through five modules and one hour of video content. You’ll learn about identifying your key performance indicators (KPIs), tracking campaign results, scoring leads, and finding qualified leads using data collected in your email marketing results.

Enroll in the Email Marketing Data and Lead Scoring Specialist Certification Course

Email Marketing Professional Certification

Once you complete the Email Marketing Technical Specialist, Audience Specialist, Content Specialist, and Data and Lead Scoring Specialist courses and receive all four certificates of completion, you can take your knowledge and skills to the next level by requesting access to the Cannabiz Media Email Marketing Professional certification course.

This is the ultimate credential that shows you’re not only a cannabis email marketing guru but also a pro at using the email marketing tools in the Cannabiz Media License Database.

The course includes six lessons delivered through three modules and two hours of video content. You’ll learn who to define a strategy, build your audience lists, and create your campaigns in the Cannabiz Media License Database as well as how to track your results and score leads in the License Database.

Learn More about the Email Marketing Professional Certification Course

Cannabiz Media Email Success Academy Instructors

The Email Success Academy instructors are members of Cannabiz Media’s Email Success Team and have more than 40 years of combined email marketing experience.

Susan Gunelius, Director of Email Marketing Strategy for Cannabiz Media, has 30 years of marketing and email marketing experience as well as more than seven years of experience in the cannabis industry. She spent more than 10 years directing marketing programs for some of the largest companies in the world (AT&T, HSBC, and more) before opening her own marketing communications agency where she works with clients around the world, including household brands like Cox Communications, Citigroup, Intuit, and more. She is the author of 12 marketing, business, and technical books published by leading global publishers, including Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Business. Susan holds an MBA in Management & Strategy and a B.S. in Marketing.

Jessica Dallis, Manager of Customer Support for Cannabiz Media, has 12 years of email marketing technology experience with a leading email marketing SaaS provider and seven years of experience providing email technical support. She also has five years of experience providing email customer support.

Ready to Get Your Cannabis Industry Email Marketing Certifications?

If you’re ready to add these valuable certifications to your credentials, visit the Email Success Academy to enroll. Each course introduced above is free and open to the public, so there is no better time to start learning than right now!

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Press Release: Community Colleges in Oregon and Illinois Launch Partnerships with Green Flower




Here’s what they’ve just punched out to the interweb on the topic..


This week saw two prominent community colleges in Oregon (Columbia Gorge Community College) and Illinois (Black Hawk College) launch cannabis certificate programs with Green Flower.

“Now that cannabis cultivation has become part of our region’s economy, we need to provide essential skills not only for new entrepreneurs but for consumers and anyone whose careers intersect with the cannabis industry,” said Dr. Marta Yera Cronin, CGCC president

In both instances, the schools are each offering 8-week, 100% online certificate programs for Advanced Manufacturing Agent, Dispensary Associate, and Cultivation Technician tracks.

“The cannabis industry is creating many career opportunities in Illinois. These programs will give students the knowledge needed to work in this rapidly expanding industry,” said Barb Courville, Associate Dean of Adult and Continuing Education at Black Hawk College.

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