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Editor’s picks: Must-have weed gear for summer 2022



The first official day of summer is this week. And while school is still in session for kids, adults are ready to enjoy a sun-soaked sesh on the go. 

What makes a weed accessory a must-have for summer? Consumers value convenience, portability, and functionality when it comes to puffing pot on their seasonal adventures.

Whether it’s in your own backyard, or out in the wild, these cannabis accessories elevate the smoker experience.

Here are some Leafly editorial picks for the best weed gear of summer:

The Monkey pipe


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Comes in 8 colours
  • Crafted with domestic and exotic hardwoods
  • Stainless steel nuts, bolts, and bowl
  • Two ventilation ports through the center of anodized aluminum
  • Easy to clean

“If beauty and functionality had a baby,” it would look a lot like the Monkey Pipe. When looking for an on-the-go pipe, aesthetics might not be top of mind but with this pipe, you don’t have to choose. The stunning craftsmanship uses choice hardwoods and stainless steel and is hand-finished for a compact device like no other. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

The Puffco hot knife

  • Ceramic tip
  • Easy to clean
  • Approx. 50 uses per charge
  • Discreet and durable
  • 30 min to fully charge
  • USBC Port / USBC charging cable included

If someone had told me I would be recommending a $50 dab tool, I honestly wouldn’t have believed them—until the Puffco Hot Knife. I got this accessory as a gift when it launched and I have used it every single day since.

Say goodbye to your sticky dab tools, ruined clothes (true story), and smeared concentrates. Simply scoop your extract, press the button, and watch it drip into your bowl. I wipe mine while it’s still warm and replace the cap so I don’t burn myself. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

Cookies x SCS 2pc Santa Cruz Shredder

  • Biodegradable
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Natural hemp material
  • Fluffy and even grind, every time

Santa Cruz Shredders are great for the grind and the environment! The biodegradable, yet durable, natural hemp grinders are easy to use and clean. The 2 piece grinder is great for playing a little sesh-in-the-city without carting around a big, bulky grinder. It is ideal for travel, especially in airports as there are no metal parts to set off the detectors. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

Piper stash bag by Ryot

  • Locking zipper loops (lock included)
  • Weather-resistant antimicrobial microfiber
  • SmellSafe Carbon Integrated Technology
  • Platinum Cured Silicone
  • External accessory pocket

The Piper stash bag is secure, smell-proof, and stylish; perfect for trekking around your favourite weed gear. This accessory by Ryot is designed with smokers in mind, it’s made of high-grade materials and has removable charcoal divider pads. The sleek, unisex design doesn’t scream “stoner” which is great if you want to get high on the down-low. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

Eco Four Twenty personal filter

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum casing and medical-grade activated carbon + HEPA filter
  • Easy to use (you just put your lips on it and blow)
  • Replaceable cartridges last 2-3 months
  • Money-back satisfaction guarantee 

This one is for the conscientious smokers among us! Unlike some personal filters, which scrubs the smoke going into your lungs, this deodorizes your exhale – like a fancy sploof. The handheld device uses HEPA + carbon filters to reduce particulate matter and odour.

It’s easy to use and adds a little discretion to your tokes. When having a porch wake and bake, I enjoy how it offers a little privacy and consideration for the neighbours.

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

Rolling kit by Blazy Susan


  • Vegan, non-GMO
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Discreet delivery packaging
  • All-in-one rolling tray, papers, and tips

There are few things I hate more in my stash bag than a bulky rolling tray. At home, I have all my favourite papers, trays, packing tools, different size papers etc. But on the go, all I really want is an all-in-one rolling kit like this one from Blazy Susan. If for some reason you aren’t a fan of hot pink, there is also an unbleached hemp version in classic beige. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

AshLoud v.1 ashtray speaker


  • 15+ hours of battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • LED light
  • Magnetic lid
  • Secret stash compartment

Meet my new patio staple for the summer! This item over $200 and isn’t what I would call a small ticket purchase but, if you are able to treat yo’ self, the AshLoud combines an ashtray and Bluetooth speaker in a sleek, portable device with decent battery life. You can enjoy a pre-roll while listening to your music and have a place to ash.

Don’t get me wrong, an old tin can filled with stubbed-out filters was my former roach hotel and it worked just fine. But there is something about the AshLoud that just makes my patio experience better. The rose gold ashtray elevates the aesthetic while the functional magnetic lid keeps the contents from blowing all over the place with every small gust of wind. 

Find it locally via Leafly or online at

Ashley Keenan's Bio Image

Ashley Keenan

Ashley Keenan is the Canada editor at Leafly, as well as a freelance journalist, consultant, and patient advocate in the cannabis industry.

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On the grind: Best weed grinders for bowls and blunts




Whether you’re rolling joints or packing bowls, a quality grinder can elevate your session from good to great, and help you make the most of your stash. A decent grinder has sharp teeth that slice and dice dry herb into a beautiful, fluffy mound.

Some even have mesh screens to sift out chunks and preserve the extra-potent pollen, AKA kief. And those with an integrated storage compartment will ensure that not a single gram is wasted. The dankness is in the details!

Here are our picks for the best weed grinders in 2022.

The Cheech grinder in multiple colors has everything you need
Cheech Glass wants to make the grind a little bit easier. (Courtesy Cheech Glass)

The 4-piece grinder from Cheech Glass makes fast work of even the stickiest herb, and features bevels along the top lid that make it easy to hold and twist for folks of all abilities.

It comes in a variety of colours and sizes, and boasts a “pop and lock” connection style, so you no longer have to worry about perfectly lining up your grinder’s inner threads. There is a replaceable thick-grit screen and a bevelled crystal tray for maximum trichome retention.

The Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder dispensing weed using its electric motor
Hands full? The Tectonic9 grinder dispenses your weed at the push of a button. (Courtesy Tectonic9)

The Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder features an electric vibrating motor; with just the push of a button it dispenses ground flower into your bowl, paper, or vaporizer. Because you don’t have to worry about opening up the grinder to access the flower, it helps cut down on mess.

It’s made with a space-grade anodized aluminum body for durability. Its compact design is ideal for use at home or on the go, and it features a magnetic flip spout that allows you to accurately position your aim.

The bevelled, aluminum grinder from Titan Crusher
It’s got 50 teeth, a kief scraper, and a lifetime guarantee—what’s not to love? (Courtesy TITAN Crusher)

This grinder from TITAN boasts a durable aluminum construction with 50 diamond teeth that allow for effortless and efficient grinding. It’s available in a number of different colours and sizes for smokers of all walks.

The bevelled design makes it easy to hold and twist, while the strong closure ensures a quality seal that helps prevent spills. It comes with a free pollen scraper and cleaning brush to help keep your grinder in top condition. The company even offers a lifetime guarantee for any manufacturing defects.

The Otto grinder crushing a dank nug
This no-sweat grinder is perfect for stoners of every level and ability. (Courtesy Bananas Bros)

The OTTO grinder is a solid choice for newbies or those who struggle with mobility issues, as it grinds directly into a paper cone—no rolling skills required! Watching the cone fill with ground herb is even kind of mesmerizing.

It comes complete with organic paper cones that fit perfectly into the lower chamber for ease of use right out of the box. It’s battery-powered and charges via USB for use at home or while out and about. 

An orange plastic grinder from Storz & Bickel
You don’t have to spend a pretty penny to get a grinder with good teeth. (Courtesy Storz & Bickel)

Known for their vaporizers, Storz & Bickel also make a decent herb mill grinder at a highly budget-friendly price. This one suits those just getting started with cannabis, or looking to keep a spare grinder on hand without a major investment.

Its extra-sharp teeth produce finely ground flower, made from durable plastic, it boasts a lightweight design that is easy to clean. It can accommodate up to 3 grams of dried flower in a storage area under the clear cover. 

The four chambers of the CanaCrush grinder, which includes a screen and kief scraper
The Canacrush grinder has four chambers to keep your bud and kief on lock. (Courtesy CanaCrush)

This grinder is another fairly budget-friendly option for those looking for a no-frills way to grind their stash. It is made of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum for impressive durability.

The 28 aluminum diamond-cut teeth and 24 grinding holes make it easy to process your favourite herb with ease. The lid stays in place thanks to a neodymium magnet that also helps to keep odour locked inside.

There’s an advanced micron mesh screen in the chamber to filter all that delicious kief – which you can gather with the included kief scraper.

Caitlin McCormack's Bio Image

Caitlin McCormack

Caitlin McCormack is a writer based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in MSN, Lift & Co., HuffPost, What to Expect, and Mashable, among others. When she isn’t writing, she’s busy chasing after her two sons, testing out new recipes, and working on her century-old fixer-upper.

View Caitlin McCormack’s articles

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9 smoking accessories for the outdoorsy toker




There’s nothing quite like getting stoned in nature. Something about it just says, “this is how it was meant to be!”

Sure, a good toke while relaxing at home is great, but what can compare to getting stoned and watching the way the leaves on a tree gently sway in a summer breeze, the sunlight reflecting off the water cascading down a riverbend, or flames crackling while climbing the air in a campfire?


Cannabis in the great outdoors: Tips, tricks, and advice for hiking, backpacking, and more

Cannabis and the great outdoors just make sense, and if that’s your vibe, you’re going to want a smoking kit that just makes sense too.

Below, you’ll find choice products for that outdoorsy stoner lifestyle including earth-friendly and portable smoking accessories you can buy online.

Pocket ashtray

photo of pocket ashtrays
(Courtesy of Etsy)

Let’s get right into it and talk about how to keep the Earth clean and safe while enjoying our favorite herb outdoors. There’s nothing worse than people who leave their butts behind – and yes that includes joints as well. Not only is it unsightly, but it can pose a fire hazard as well.

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints,” as they say.

A pocket ashtray is a great way to stick to that motto, by ensuring your cannabis remnants are tucked neatly away in a smell-proof and easily storable pouch, ready to be safely emptied the next time you return to civilization.

Antler pipe

photo of antler pipe and lighter
(Courtesy of Etsy)

If you really want to feel one with nature, you might enjoy a pipe carved straight from it. Antler pipes like these may seem alarming at first glance, but they are made from naturally shed antlers – meaning they are cruelty-free. One benefit of a pipe like this is avoiding taking glass out in nature. Accidents happen, and broken glass left in the wild is a hazard to animals and other people.

Plus, if anyone stumbles upon you in the woods smoking this, they’ll assume you’ve definitely climbed right out of the mountainside, and will be sure to steer clear – leaving you to enjoy your bud in peace.

Wooden pipe

hands holding multiple wooden pipes in different shades
(Courtesy of Etsy)

Of course, if a pipe made from an antler gives you the ick, you can always opt for a nice wooden pipe and receive the same benefits. Biodegradable, natural, and not easily broken – a good wooden pipe will be a solid addition to any outdoorsy smoking kit.

Another perk to wooden bowls is the ability to find them in all manner of designs and styles, including ones with a swivel lid — perfect for keeping your cannabis flower packed and ready to go as you move from scenic spot to scenic spot.

Not only does that make it convenient and practical, but also more Earth-friendly.


How to build a smoking kit for under $50

Dangle bong

(Courtesy of Dangle Bong)

Let’s keep the momentum going with outdoor-friendly smoking vessels. This titanium bong is nearly indestructible and will let you rip your bong in the great outdoors without worrying about shattering glass. You can get it in classic titanium or blue speckle for cutesy camping vibes.

Waterproof weed bag

genius waterproof weed storage bag on white background
(Courtesy of 420 Science)

If you’re less the “relax by the riverside” type, and more the “splash in the river” type, then it’s good to consider ways to keep your flower stored safely while you adventure.

Backpacks like this are water-resistant and keep your bud fresh while you trek through the unknown in search of a private smoking oasis. Plus, with multiple compartments, you can store multiple strains, concentrates, or small edibles– the sky is the limit.

Waterproof joint storage

photo of Cooco joint protectors
(Courtesy of Etsy)

Okay so you’re not splashing in the river – you’re white water rafting and you have one joint that you’d like to smoke under the night sky.

Don’t fret, keep your joint dry and smokable with storage that is fully waterproof. This tube won’t be able to store quite as much, but what it does fit will stay safe and secure, meaning that when you get back to dry land you’ll be able to spark one up to celebrate and reminisce over the great time you had.

It’s the perfect accessory for the planned adventure or the adventurer who knows their plans may take them off the beaten path.

Dugout and one-hitter

RYOT bamboo dugout and one hitter
(Courtesy of 420 Science)

For the solo smoker and explorer, a combination dugout and one-hitter is the perfect accompaniment to your time outdoors. Dugout/one-hitter combos like the one linked here are made of bamboo are eco-friendly in addition to being the perfect practical smoking tool.

Simply store your pre-ground cannabis in the herb chamber on one side, and use the taster on the other to pack a hit whenever the mood strikes you as you journey forth. It’s discrete, compact, convenient, and made from primarily biodegradable materials.


Leafly’s 100 best cannabis strains of all time

Mini keychain grinder

photo of mini grinder keychain with mountain landscape etched on it.
(Courtesy of Etsy)

When you’re on the go, whether it’s hiking, camping, a day at the beach, or exploring your local park, you don’t want to have to carry a full-sized grinder everywhere you go. All you need is something compact and lightweight that can get the job done in a pinch, so you can stop and enjoy the scenery while rolling one up.

A mini grinder with a keychain attached will also ensure it is never too far and won’t slip out of a pocket while digging for your lighter. It’s the perfect accessory if you don’t plan to grind your bud before you go.

Lighter leash

image of 6 lighter leashes

Speaking of your lighter, last but definitely not least, is a way to keep a safe grip on your fire when you’re outdoors. Not only is it important to keep your lighter on hand for toking, but also for camping needs, and ensuring it does not get lost in the woods and discovered by a child or someone who could potentially start a wildfire.

A lighter leash will keep your lighter secure on your person or bag while still being easily accessible and usable. No one wants to waste time digging for a lighter in their pack while enjoying the view of a mountain peak.

Hand holding dried cannabis flower against forest trail background

For those who enjoy nature, cannabis can be another way to feel connected to the world around us. However you decide to enjoy the great outdoors, it pays to think ahead and plan your toke just as well as you plan your journey.

Keep utility in mind, but also think about the Earth, and opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable products whenever possible out of respect for the places you visit.

Rae Lland's Bio Image

Rae Lland

Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist, and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on culture, music, health, and wellness, in addition to her work for Leafly, she has also been featured in numerous online cannabis publications as well as print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @rae.lland

View Rae Lland’s articles

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How to upgrade your smoking kit for under $100




Years ago, when the legacy market was still in full swing, you had to travel to specific headshops to find what you needed to smoke some ganja. But these days things could not be more different. Now, there are a plethora of smoking accessories online and available at your fingertips to help you build the kit of your dreams

Building a smoking kit with all the essentials is easy once you’ve identified your budget and the basic items you need. But for some weed enthusiasts, basic just isn’t enough.

Here, we’ve compiled a few ways you can upgrade your smoking kit or your smoke sesh without breaking the bank – or in this case – without spending over $100.

Upgrade your grinder

Expected spend: $35 – $75 USD


A grinder’s function is to make it quick, easy, and very efficient to break up your favorite flower. They can also come with kief catchers that collect the kief that falls off of the ground flower. The kief can be reused later as a special sprinkling on a new bowl or joint, or to condense down to smoke on its own as a concentrate.

When selecting a grinder, there are a few things to consider asking. What is it made of? How long should it last? Can I rely on it for function over form?

There are a lot of beautiful–and I mean beautiful–grinders out there, but at the end of the day a grinder is a tool, and what it looks like is far less important than how it performs, so look for function first and fabulousness second.

While staying under a budget of $100, you can definitely start to look beyond the common (and controversial) aluminum grinders, and consider some alternatives like zinc, steel, or even biodegradable wood.

Two great upgrade options include:

VelvetToke Rose Gold 4-Piece Grinder

A more affordable option, this beautiful grinder features four magnetic compartments for a truly unique design that eliminates the chance of squeaky or gunky threads.

Notably, this grinder is described as being made of steel – which is a great sturdy metal – but it doesn’t say how much of it is steel or what kind. Still, it seems like a great option and is definitely easy on the eyes, making it a nice choice for those who always have aesthetics in mind.

BoardThing Recycled Skateboard Wood Herb Grinder

If you’re looking for a grinder that is unique, eco-friendly, and biodegradable, you just hit bingo. These 2-piece wood grinders are made from recycled skateboards and are 100% Canadian maple wood. The wooden teeth inside are reinforced with metal to ensure their strength. As you can imagine, they each look pretty unique, and the company also encourages people to reach out to collaborate with them on your own design ideas.

Start smoking in style

Expected spend: $13-$80 USD


From bowls to bubblers to bongs to joints, there’s something for you when you’re ready to upgrade your sesh or smoking kit.

For example, maybe you like to smoke joints but hate rolling – time to invest in pre-rolled cones. If you’re really feeling bougie, you could even spring for some gold papers — but don’t go crazy because we don’t exactly have studies on the effects of smoking gold yet.

On the other hand, if you prefer smoking out of glass, make sure you’re selecting nice, thick pieces. Thin glass does not indicate a well-made pipe and risks cracking mid-toke.


The Leafly buyer’s guide to bongs

Also, look for decently sized mouthpieces and carbs to maximize airflow and help reduce clogging. Read the reviews of the piece you’re looking at to be sure the glassblower is legit, or opt for a well-known, tried, and tested brand like GRAV. You won’t find that one-of-a-kind touch on your piece, but you’ll be getting a solid, well-made piece that’s guaranteed to hit like a champ.

Get some gorgeous gorgeous glass

UniqueGlassArtShop Golden Fumed Glass Chillum

A chillum is the perfect choice for solo smoking. Not only that, but it’s easy to use; all you have to do is pack the top, light up and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Since it’s one straight tube, cleaning it is a breeze as well. This is gorgeous golden fumed glass that will change color as you smoke and go back to its original colors each time you clean it.

GRAV 6” Sherlock

There’s something about smoking a Sherlock pipe that just makes you feel sophisticated. This one by GRAV is sure to hit well and be sturdy, and it also comes in an array of colors so you can find one that suits you best.

Keith Haring bubbler pipe

Bubblers are the perfect middle ground between a bowl and bong. Reasonably sized like a bowl, they can theoretically go anywhere you do and are easy to pass around. Like a bong, you can still enjoy the benefits of water cooling down and cleaning your hit before you inhale. This one from GRAV is a great first choice and sure to be a loved piece.


How to clean glass bongs and pipes

Boost your kit with special touches

Expected spend: $5 – $40 USD


With the essentials taken care of, it’s time to think about the little details. Pokers, stash jars, and even ashtrays can all contribute to the vibe of your kit and further complement it by ensuring everything has been given thought.

Poke it

For example, perhaps you’ve chosen a hand-blown glass bowl; why not select a hand-blown glass poker to match it while emptying your pipe?

Perhaps a little glass bee poker or maybe a cactus poker is more your vibe. Not feeling that cute? At least look into Toker Pokers to help you out.

Stash it

How you stash your weed can be uniquely you as desired, too. From airtight storage for your bud with groovy designs to classy wooden cases to keep everything safe and tidy.

There’s even accessories for your accessories – for example, this eco-friendly mason jar sleeve that will keep your flower in the dark where it belongs while still stored in a classic.

Ash it

Even the arguably most unglamorous accessory – the ashtray – can be upgraded to suit your aesthetic. From faceted rainbow crystal, to lidded glazed ceramic, to stylish ashtrays with debowlers, there truly will be something out there for everyone.

Just as it’s nice to have a fine set of dinnerware or a shoe rack to keep your kick’s organized, a handpicked, well-thought-out, and aesthetically pleasing smoking kit can highlight the joys of combining form with function.

Maybe it’s part of growing up, or maybe being able to upgrade your collection is a privilege not to be taken for granted. Whatever the reason, it’s undoubtedly a treat to upgrade your smoking kit to one that “sparks joy” as much as you’re sparking one up.

Rae Lland's Bio Image

Rae Lland

Rae Lland is a freelance writer, journalist, and former editor for Weedist and The Leaf Online. With a focus on culture, music, health, and wellness, in addition to her work for Leafly, she has also been featured in numerous online cannabis publications as well as print editions of Cannabis Now Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @rae.lland

View Rae Lland’s articles

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