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Elevate your meditation with Laughing Buddha



Learn how delta-8 can help you find your center.

If you’ve ever finished a great session with a mind-blowing strain and come away feeling a bit more connected with yourself and the universe, you aren’t alone. Human beings have been using cannabis to look inward for thousands of years, both for spiritual practices and for wellness reasons. Cannabis and cannabis-derived substances have been used as an aid in religious ceremonies and meditation practices in cultures across the globe, and the tradition continues to this day.

As meditation has found a home in many therapeutic and mindfulness regimens in addition to spiritual practices, more people are meditating than ever before. This fact combined with the expanding legal access and normalization of cannabis has led many to wonder how they might channel the power of the plant to deepen their meditation practice.

Human beings have been using cannabis to look inward for thousands of years.

The delta-8 specialists at Laughing Buddha are here to help. They are firm believers in the power of natural remedies and mindfulness practices, like meditation. And as a brand that’s invested in the well-being of their customers, they seek to spread awareness about how more accessible, hemp-derived delta-8 THC can both support experienced meditators and help facilitate those who are looking to try meditation for the first time. Both those on a continuing spiritual journey and those looking for a practical way to practice mindfulness and improve wellness will find an ally in Laughing Buddha’s delta-8 cartridges and gummies

To understand how cannabis and hemp can help you take your meditation to the next level, let’s first take a look at how people have historically used the plant to aid in their practice.

A tradition that transcends time

The combination of meditation and cannabis is deeply rooted in historical meditation techniques. The origins of meditation lie in East Asian religious practices, and some cultures in that region have historically used cannabis to aid in the feeling of community and wellness that meditation can induce. The Mahayana Buddhist tradition claims that Gautama Buddha subsisted on one hemp seed a day for six years on his meditative journey, and some Buddhist monks consume cannabis to elevate their mood and still their mind before entering a meditative state. 

The combination of meditation and cannabis is deeply rooted in historical meditation techniques.

In the Hindu faith, cannabis is sacred to the god Shiva, and the Vedas revere the plant for both its medical and spiritual uses. Cannabis is consumed both individually and communally in religious ceremonies, and the tradition proudly continues today. A recent study published in the Journal of Psychiatrists’ Association of Nepal found that 90 percent of Nepalese holy men known as Sadhus are daily consumers of cannabis products. They report that it improves their focus while meditating and also that cannabis can improve general wellness by relieving pain and improving digestion. These aesthetics are not only fond of cannabis themselves but often give cannabis as a religious gift, and some will encourage the consumption of the plant during special festivals and in solo meditative use. 

Find yourself with delta-8

Courtesy of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha’s delta-8 experts firmly believe that the gentle high offered by the cannabinoid is an ideal aid to meditation, no matter if you seek enlightenment or just a way to manage the stresses of everyday life. Compared to traditional delta-9 THC from cannabis, hemp-derived delta-8 is not only more widely available but also creates a high that’s said to be free from the feelings of anxiety and paranoia traditional THC can sometimes produce. This smoother, more mild high can encourage a balanced headspace to help keep your internal scales aligned while deepening a meditation practice.

While meditation began as a religious and spiritual practice, it has found an eager home in the general wellness community. Laughing Buddha knows that their high-quality delta-8 products are a natural fit to enhance wellness and improve mindfulness. The array of products offered by Laughing Buddha slot seamlessly into a daily wellness and meditation routine. These creativity and mindfulness boosters can provide you with the tools you need to take on every challenge with serenity.

Interested in what the fusion of meditation and delta-8 can do for your journey? Inspired by the holistic roots of the plant, Laughing Buddha only produces high-quality, FDA-approved quality control guideline-compliant delta-8 products. Let’s dig in on some of the highlights they have available.

Laughing Buddha 1ml delta-8 cartridges

Laughing Buddha
Courtesy of Laughing Buddha

Compatible with any 510-threaded vape battery, Laughing Buddha’s cartridges come equipped with a ceramic core so the quality of the tech is equal to the oil inside. Testing at nearly 95% delta-8 content, Laughing Buddha’s cartridges are available in a huge variety of strain-specific options. You can order these cartridges in Leafly-favorite strains like Trainwreck, Super Lemon Haze, Wedding Cake, and many, many more. Firmly committed to safety and transparency, Laughing Buddha provides all product Certificates Of Analysis on their website so you can be sure of the quality of what’s in your cartridge. 

Laughing Buddha delta-8 gummies

Laughing Buddha
Courtesy of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha offers a variety of delta-8 gummies in delicious flavors if you’d rather eat your plant power than smoke it. Simply have a tasty Laughing Buddha edible before you sit to meditate and let the gentle release help you navigate your thoughts and come away refreshed. The consistent dosages present in these gummies will also help ensure you never accidentally take more than planned and find yourself struggling to focus or fighting off drowsiness during your sit. 

Laughing Buddha blended delta-8 and delta-9 gummies

Laughing Buddha
Courtesy of Laughing Buddha

Inspired by the Hindu Sadhus to seek a more intensely psychoactive experience from your cannabis? In that case, Laughing Buddha is creating a coming-soon blend of delta-8 and hemp-derived delta-9, producing a more potent edible. While still adhering to the strict quality control standards that Laughing Buddha ensures, these gummies offer a more traditional cannabis experience that can open exciting new doors in your meditation journey. Available soon in several delectable varieties, these gummies from Laughing Buddha could well become an essential part of your meditation routine.

The team behind Laughing Buddha encourages everyone to take the time to improve their mental health and transform the world around them into a kinder place. To that end, we hope this guide will serve as a useful tool as you explore your journey with meditation and delta-8. Want to keep updated with all things Laughing Buddha? You can find updates about new products—like the coming-soon delta-9/HHC blended gummies and 2ml disposable vape—on their Facebook or Instagram.

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer: Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

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How to pick the right hemp product for you with Green Garden Gold




Find yourself in good hands with these hemp industry vets.

In this moment when cannabis and hemp products are becoming increasingly legalized throughout the United States, it would be an understatement to say that the patchwork of state and federal regulations dictating what you can and can’t legally buy and where is difficult to understand (we have a whole guide dedicated to just that!). But if you want help understanding what products you have access to and what they can do, you’re in the right place.

Legislation in 2018 made the production and sale of hemp and hemp-based products legal at the federal level and, with a little help from science, hemp can do a whole lot. The hemp plant is a type of cannabis (a sativa species under the genus cannabis, if you want to get into the weeds). Hemp can be some pretty powerful stuff since it shares the same chemical compounds like THC and CBD that cause effects as cannabis. Thanks to modern extraction techniques, you can experience some of those effects with federally-legal hemp-based products.

We believe in the power of the plant to do serious good in people’s lives.

At Leafly, we share something critical in common with the hemp-industry veterans behind Green Garden Gold: we believe in the power of the plant to do serious good in people’s lives. As one of the original five hemp companies to launch in the US, Green Garden Gold has been in the business of creating transparent & reliable products since 2013. With some of the highest testing standards in the industry and a deep catalog available online, the brand is committed to connecting people with quality, natural wellness solutions that work for them.

Read on to better understand what different hemp products can do for you & find the experience you’re looking for with help from Green Garden Gold.

Green Garden Gold hemp

If you’re seeking one of the benefits associated with cannabis and hemp, be it relief from pain or anxiety, help sleeping, or a stress-busting buzz, quality hemp products may be able to help. The compounds in cannabis—cannabinoids like THC & CBD and terpenes—work together to create effects. Hemp plants contain these compounds, too, just in smaller amounts.


What is a cannabinoid?

Hemp products from Green Garden Gold start with USA-grown hemp, where the brand contracts directly with best-in-class farm growers who monitor production quality before sending the raw hemp on for refinement in a lab setting. To ensure a high-quality, pure end-product, they avoid harmful cutting agents in their proprietary production process and distill to create a hemp oil rich in cannabinoids, fine-tuning their formulas to create products that lean into specific cannabinoids and combinations. That means for the specific effect or experience you’re looking for, there’s more than likely a Green Garden Gold hemp product with the right ingredients, in the right ratios, designed to do just that.

How are you hoping to feel?

The first question driving what hemp product is right for you is what you’re hoping to experience. And though the potential uses for the plant are vast, there are a few key, common effects that bring the most people into exploring hemp products. Relief from pain, help calming anxiety, better sleep, and a sense of euphoria are some of the most frequent desires that Green Garden Gold hears from its customers. 

Do you want to feel “high”?

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

The most obvious effect associated with traditional cannabis is clearly its intoxicating effect, the “high” weed is famous for. But cannabis and hemp contain both intoxicating and non-intoxicating cannabinoids, so you don’t have to feel high to experience the benefits of some hemp products.

On the other hand, because hemp contains THC—the main cannabinoid that causes an intoxicating effect—brands can create high-quality hemp products with noticeable levels of THC despite its lower concentration in hemp versus cannabis, as long as they stay within certain federal restrictions.

I’ll take some intoxication: delta-9 & delta-8 THC

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

If you’re looking for relief from pain, sleeplessness, or nausea and are open to experiencing a high, or if a euphoric, mood-boosting buzz is exactly what you’re after, THC-forward products are the ticket. THC is the primary compound responsible for the euphoric, intoxicating effect of cannabis and may benefit those with issues ranging from inflammation to PTSD to appetite loss.

To be federally compliant, hemp-based products are required to have no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC, the traditional THC we think of with cannabis, by dry weight. Hemp producers have found, though, that this creates an easy way to offer products with similar delta-9 THC potency levels as adult-use cannabis products with careful attention to cannabinoid ratios and product weight. 

Green Garden Gold’s vegan, Strawberry Bliss-flavored delta-9 THC gummies, for example, have 30 gummies per jar with 10mg hemp-derived delta-9 THC per piece. Using a pure rosin extract, Green Garden Gold’s gummies are fully infused—never sprayed or coated—for a more effective and enjoyable experience that’s heavy on euphoria and relaxation.

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

If you’d like to experience a high, but would rather have a mellower ride, delta-8 THC gummies from Green Garden Gold could be just the thing for you. Delta-8 THC is another intoxicating cannabinoid found in trace amounts in cannabis and hemp plants that’s a close chemical cousin to delta-9 THC. Often described as “THC light” or a hybrid between THC and CBD, delta-8 has a more mild intoxicating effect than delta-9 and is also known to be free of the anxiety and paranoia effects sometimes experienced with D-9. Delta-8 gummies are available in Blue Raz, Strawberry Bliss, and Tropical Punch varieties from Green Garden Gold.

Hold the buzz, please: CBD & more

If you’re looking for help with pain management, anxiety, sleeplessness, and more and do not wish to experience a sense of intoxication, CBD products are an excellent place to start. CBD is one of the two most abundant cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. As opposed to THC, it’s non-intoxicating, but it still has a host of associated benefits. Current research suggests CBD helps with both neuropathic and inflammatory pain; a majority of research shows it may be beneficial for anxiety symptoms, potentially influencing activity in the serotonin system; and while more research is needed to study CBD’s effect on insomnia symptoms, a huge number of people swear by it for more restful nights.

Green Garden Gold
Courtesy of Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold’s hemp-based CBD is available in a variety of high-quality formats designed to go to work for you. Their fan-favorite HumanoFlow CBD-infused Salve contains 1000mg CBD with nourishing coconut oil and a calming vanilla scent and is designed to soothe skin and quiet pain.

The workhorse behind hundreds of happy customer testimonials, with people lauding its power to alleviate chronic pain as well as soothe restless sleepers and anxious minds, is Green Garden Gold’s CBD Soft Gel Capsules. The familiar capsule format is as easy to integrate into your routine as a multivitamin and each one is packed with 30mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil.

The good news doesn’t stop at CBD: another non-intoxicating cannabinoid, CBG, has shown promise in a whole host of therapeutic applications. Green Garden Gold offers CBG in capsules, gummies, and a blended tincture including CBD.

Green Garden Gold is in your corner

With this knowledge and the quality standards you can expect from Green Garden Gold, you’re ready to go out and get the right hemp products for you. The best part? You don’t actually need to go anywhere. Visit Green Garden Gold’s website today, explore their full catalog of hemp products, and have your selection shipped right to your door.

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer: Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

Green Garden Gold Logo

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Is Delta-8 THC Actually Synthetic Or Natural? (And Why It Matters!)




This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

A lot of people are perplexed about the present state of things in relation to delta-8 THC. This is a cannabinoid that can be retrieved naturally from the cannabis plant. Still, some people are uneasy about it, thinking it might be synthetic.

Unfortunately, even delta-8 THC consumers are among the people who do not completely understand the compound and wonder if it is synthetic or natural due to the high level of danger posed by other synthetic cannabinoids.

Noting all the issues that have been associated with synthetic THC in the past, might delta-8 be the same?

What Is Delta-8?  

Delta-8 is a cannabinoid in cannabis that has gained popularity due to its similarity to delta-9 THC, the primary component of marijuana that gets you intoxicated, causing euphoria, symptom relief, sedation, happiness, and so much more. Vast amounts of THC can be found in most strains of cannabis.

The scientific name of delta-8 THC is delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. Some other people just call it “D-8“. The effects from delta-8 THC are comparable to that of regular delta-9 THC. They are, however, much less potent.

marijuana flower
Photo by Oksana Smith / EyeEm/Getty Images

Is Delta-8 THC Natural?

Delta-8 THC is a compound that appears naturally in cannabis and hemp plants without any human involvement. For this reason, it can be considered a wholly natural cannabinoid and not synthetic. Some people, however, believe it to be man-made since it exists in marijuana plants only in small quantities and needs a special procedure to make a consumable available.

The process of making delta-8 THC, in most cases, involves extracting cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp plants that are legal federally and converting it into delta-8 THC, making use of an acid conversion. The concentration of CBD in hemp is way more than that of delta-8 THC, so producers can obtain a high yield of delta-8 THC when using this process, thus making the production of delta-8 THC financially feasible.

However, to produce a large quantity of delta-8 THC, you would need human intervention in the process; the compound itself exists naturally in the cannabis plant.

What Is a Synthetic Cannabinoid?

The CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system are stimulated by both natural and synthetic cannabinoids. There are no synthetic cannabinoids in nature. They wouldn’t exist at all if they weren’t created in a laboratory.

JWH-018 and HU-210 are two of the most well-known non-classical cannabinoids, and both are frequently found in the herbal blend known as “Spice” or K2. These substances were regarded as legal a number of years ago. These goods were offered by head shops as “legal highs” or “legal cannabis substitutes.” Many of these substances weren’t safe, which was the problem.

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The US government and a number of other nations opted to completely outlaw synthetic cannabinoids in the 2010s after numerous hospitalizations, addiction problems, and even a few fatalities.

smoking marijuana joint
Photo by Jose Luque / EyeEm/Getty Images

The non-classical cannabinoids in this class were the most troublesome ones. Any synthetic cannabinoid that has no resemblance to the cannabinoids produced by plants but nevertheless has the ability to influence the endocannabinoid system is referred to as non-classical.

Because delta-8 is a traditional cannabinoid found in nature, it is not a synthetic cannabinoid. There are currently well over 100 identified traditional, natural cannabinoids. Delta-9, delta-8, CBD, CBN, CBG, CBDV, and THCV are a few examples. On the CB1 and CB2 receptors, these cannabinoids exert a similar but typically less powerful impact.

Are Synthetic Cannabinoids Regulated?

To no one’s surprise, a lot of synthetic cannabinoids are regulated. Nonetheless, fresher compounds or analogs of the older compounds are presented in the market very often. This enables producers to go around the restrictions, at least till the new compound is impeded as well.

One thing people might see as an upside of taking synthetic cannabinoids is that they are not detected under the common marijuana drug tests. Their cheap nature is another typical reason for their popularity.

The Effect of Synethic Cannabinoids  

Spice and psychosis are strongly linked, according to a 2019 study published in the Journal of Innovations in Clinical Neuroscience. In the study, taking the medication caused hallucinations (both aural and visual), altered perceptions, dissociation, depersonalization, and catatonia.

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According to the study, drug-induced psychosis only lasts as long as the drug’s effects do, despite the fact that it is transient. The reactions may prompt people to call for emergency services. In addition, such cases of drug use that promote psychosis might have long-term psychological repercussions.

This is why it’s crucial for us to have a conversation about whether D-8 is a manufactured substance. The medicine can be avoided by susceptible people if they are aware of it beforehand.

 So, Is Delta-8 THC Synthetic?

The answer is no. In both hemp and marijuana, delta-8 THC is the naturally occurring cannabis component. To obtain any appreciable amount of this chemical, however, one typically needs an enormous amount of plant material. This is the rationale behind some producers’ decision to obtain it through the synthesis of CBD (instead of delta-9 THC) as opposed to directly extracting it from hemp.

Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

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Even though this process is fairly pricey, it is still much more affordable and practical than extracting delta-8 straight from hemp. Although it may sound artificial, it is not. Hemp growers are in the process of crossing various hemp strains to produce a more significant delta-8 yield, which will make delta-8 more practical, tenable, and lawful for all parties involved.

Bottom Line

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol is very natural as it is extracted directly from the cannabis plant itself. The confusion as to whether it is synthetic or not comes into play when there is human involvement in the mass production of THC. Does it matter if it’s synthetic or not? You would have to look at the effects that can be had from synthetic cannabinoids. But we do not have to worry, as delta-8 THC is entirely safe for consumption.

This article originally appeared on and has been reposted with permission.

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Break out the bubbly with 3CHI’s new delta-8 seltzers




3CHI logo

Presented By3CHI

Meet the popular hemp brand’s new twist on “hard” seltzers.

When you hear hard seltzer, you naturally think of alcohol. The drink is now thoroughly situated in the mainstream, with a huge number of great alcoholic options filling grocery store aisles. But 3CHI is taking a different approach to the popular, bubbly buzz, combining the flavors of your favorite seltzers with the full-body feeling of delta-8 THC.


Everything you need to know about delta-8-THC with 3Chi

In July of 2022, 3CHI launched their delta-8 shots—a fan favorite since landing. Now they’re back at the beverage game with a new way to enjoy their high-quality delta-8 extract. They recognized that, while shots are a great way to get the party started, sometimes you’re in the mood for less of a one-and-done shot and more of a sipping drink. That’s where these new delta-8 THC seltzers come into play.

Hard seltzers with a high quality

delta-8 seltzers
Courtesy of 3CHI

3CHI’s delta-8 seltzers are ideal for anyone who wants a good-tasting drink that helps them relax and take the edge off without the unwanted side effects of alcohol, like next-morning queasiness and headaches. These delta-8 seltzers are designed to have you relaxing fast without having to worry about how you might feel the next day.

Sip on a six-pack

delta-8 seltzers
Courtesy of 3CHI

Make yourself the most popular person at backyard barbeques, on the golf course, at after-work socials, or anywhere you show up with a case of 3CHI’s delta-8 THC seltzers in hand. Six-packs are available now with a total of 120mg delta-8 THC, or 20mg per can. 3CHI currently offers four craveable flavors, including Black Raspberry, Cherry Lime, Pineapple, and Grapefruit.

Delta-8 shipped to your door

delta-8 seltzers
Courtesy of 3CHI

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, products derived from hemp that contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC by dry weight are federally legal to sell and consume. Delta-8 THC can be derived from hemp and has intoxicating effects similar to the traditional delta-9 THC found in cannabis, but is described as being more mellow and as having less of the fogginess and paranoia often associated with traditional THC. Since D-8 is legal at the federal level, it can be shipped nationwide, right to your door.

3CHI uses independent, third-party laboratories to test each batch of their full-spectrum delta-8 THC to ensure product purity and safety. There are only a handful of brands offering delta-8 drinks, and 3CHI stacks the deck with two different potent delta-8 drink options that can be shipped even in states that haven’t yet legalized recreational cannabis.

Cheers to a drink well-made

delta-8 seltzers
Courtesy of 3CHI

These delta-8 drinks are great for any gathering. It’s probably smart to keep a few extra in the fridge so you never run out. The only decision left is, which one are you going to sip on first?

Leafly novel cannabinoid disclaimer:

Use and possession may be restricted by law. This product may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

3CHI Logo

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