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Hot holiday edibles warming up US’ 2021 winter season



Being full is a holiday season rite of passage. Be it tender cuts of turkey, heaping helpings of stuffing, or an oven’s worth of freshly baked pies, the array of tasty goodies vying for our limited stomach space at this time of year can feel downright overwhelming. That goes double for those of us who like to eat our cannabis but it appears our challenges are bound to continue thanks to a bevy of noteworthy new edibles currently available across dozens of legal and medical states.

Running the gamut from fast-acting gummies to heavenly twists of fudge to a tincture that clocks in at an eye-popping 1000mg THC per bottle, the top edible makers in California, Oregon, Illinois and elsewhere have risen to the challenge of keeping us merrily medicated throughout the holidays. To celebrate, let us loosen our belts and pour on the gravy with the following curated list of bestselling edibles to elevate your winter festivities.

California marijuana edibles

Hvy Grand Tincture (Heavy Hitters)

The heavy tincture (Courtesy Heavy Hitters)
Take that, 2021: The HVY, 1000mg Acapulco Gold tincture. (Courtesy Heavy Hitters)

Are you ready to take on the world’s heaviest tincture? That mighty distinction currently belongs to Hvy Grand Tincture from California legends Heavy Hitters. Boasting a seriously potent 1000mg of THC per 1-liter bottle, the secret sauce here involves the use of proprietary Liquid Trichomes that ensure every drop is bursting with the bright flavors of Acapulco Gold, the strain from which this tincture is exclusively distilled. Act fast to snag one of 500 limited-edition HVY Grand collectable boxes, available now.

1:1:1 CBN Tranquility Gummies (Kanha Gummies)

When you need a break from the holiday madness, look no further than Kanha. Winner of second place for “Best Edible” at the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Northern California: People’s Choice Edition, Kanha’s 1:1:1 CBN Tranquility Gummies feature a blissfully relaxing blend of CBN (5mg), CBD (5mg), THC (5mg), and melatonin (1mg). Completing this compelling recipe geared towards putting both body and mind at ease is a curated selection of calming terpenes and essential oils. With Kahna, it’s never been easier to chill.

Camino Sours (Kiva Confections)

I get my peaches from California. Kiva Camino Sours 2021 in Orchard Peach (Courtesy Kiva)
I get my peaches from California. Kiva Camino Sours 2021 in Orchard Peach (Courtesy Kiva)

California’s Kiva Confections is always cooking up something incredible. Originating as a chocolate-focused brand, Kiva has subsequently branched into all manner of sweet, infused treats. One of their latest smash hits is Camino Sours: a line of impeccably flavored gummies with tailored terpene profiles. For those seeking some uplift, there’s Watermelon Spritz. In need of a bit of balance? Camino Sours’ Orchard Peach to the rescue! All dosed at 5mg of THC per serving, these gummies will quickly become a mainstay in your pocket and a favorite of your tastebuds.

For California, see also: Froot

Oregon cannabis edibles

Huckleberry 10mg THC Gummies (Wyld Edibles)

First off, by supporting Wyld Edibles, you’ll be putting your dollars behind a cannabis company that’s made the effort to achieve carbon neutrality. That rocks! More relevant to the medicated set is Wyld’s award-winning line of effects-specific gummies in wild and mouth-watering flavors. Though it’s hard to go wrong with unique options like Elderberry and Pomegranate, the best of the bunch may just be Wyld’s Huckleberry gummies. Dosed at 10mg of THC per piece, these potent, sumptuous treats are taking the gummy game to a whole new level.

For Oregon, see also: Tasty’s Edibles, Winberry Farms

Careful, now

Edibles dosage chart: How strong is your cannabis-infused edible?

Washington weed edibles

Pink Lemonade Pioneer Squares (Craft Elixirs)

Available in a veritable rainbow of flavors, Pioneer Squares from Washington’s Craft Elixirs are the chewy, fruity candy of which cannabis dreams are made. Utilizing full-spectrum oils, Pioneer Squares have the added benefit of also being vegan, gluten-free, and kosher. In addition, each square also features a tiny piece of actual fruit, serving as the veritable cherry atop this masterful sundae of infused candy excellence. For an idea of just what Craft Elixirs can do with flavor, try their decadently citrus Pink Lemonade Pioneer Squares (10mg per piece).

Colorado infused cannabis

Strawberry Margarita 1:1 Fast-Acting Gummies (Wana Brands)

Wana Quick technology gets in your body faster. (Courtesy Wana)

Tired of waiting for your edible to hit? Wana Brands provides Colorado consumers with a great way to get all of the effects you’re looking for, fast, thanks to their line of fast-acting gummies. Wana’s emulsion technology ferries the THC in their gummies straight into the bloodstream immediately. The result is a cannabis high derived from delta-9-THC, as opposed to an edible’s more sleepy 11-Hydroxy-THC. For a smashing mix of sweet and salty, try Wana’s 1:1 Strawberry Margarita Gummies (5mg CBD, 5mg THC per piece).

Arizona cannabis edibles

Prickly Pear Lemonade OG Kush Stoney Gummies (Baked Bros)

Baked Bros is putting Arizona’s edibles market on the map. Voted “Best Edible in the State” by Edibles Magazine in 2020, this operation from two born-and-raised Arizonians even snagged first place in the “Edibles: Gummies” category at this year’s inaugural Arizona High Times Cannabis Cup. That award was bestowed on the company’s Prickly Pear Lemonade OG Kush Stoney Gummies, which contain a trio of active ingredients in the form of THC, CBD, and Delta-8 for a total of 10mg of cannabinoids per piece.

For Arizona, see also: Pure, Kiva

Florida medical edibles

Hybrid Watermelon Soft Chews (MÜV)

When it comes to edibles, things have to be done a bit differently in Florida. As a measure intended to prevent underage consumption, cannabis edibles are not allowed to contain any added colors. Fortunately, MÜV™ Medical Cannabis Dispensary from Colorado’s Wana Brands has risen to the challenge with a trio of effect-specific soft chews (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, 1:1) that adhere to all guidelines without sacrificing an iota of quality when it comes to flavor and experience. See for yourself by grabbing a pack of MÜV’s Hybrid Watermelon Soft Chews (10mg THC each).

For Florida, see also: Trulieve

Illinois recreational edibles

Freedom Fudgies (Revolution Cannabis)

Sometimes there is simply no substitute for fudge. In the case of Freedom Fudgies, prepare to enjoy the equivalent of a super-infused Tootsie Roll courtesy of Illinois’ Revolution Cannabis. Sold in two-packs (50mg a piece) tailored to feature either Sativa or Indica effects, Freedom Fudgies represent a potent, delicious new entry into the pantheon of superb chocolate-indebted cannabis treats. Awarded third place in the “Best Edibles” category at the 2020 High Times Illinois Cannabis Cup, this organic, non-GMO, gluten free goodie is some truly chronic chocolate.

For Illinois, see also: Incredibles, Bhang

Michigan cannabis edibles

Ripple (Stillwater Brands)

Ripple (Courtesy TGOD Stillwater Brands)
A pinch of cannabinoids helps the holidays go down: Ripple by TGOD. (Courtesy Stillwater Brands)

Sure, sugar is great, but what if you’re looking to put your calorie count on pause when it comes to getting stoned? Michigan’s Stillwater Brands has an answer in the form of Ripple: a water-soluble, powered form of THC and CBD that makes dosing on the go a breeze. Available in multiple formulas (Pure, Balance, and Relief) and in a trio of formats (gummies, quick sticks, and powder packets), Ripple can be added to tea, smoothies, or taken directly on the tongue. Offering the ability to consume discreetly while also steering clear of sugar, it’s understandable that Stillwater’s Ripple is starting to make waves.

We told you so

8 ways to sober up from being high

Zack Ruskin's Bio Image

Zack Ruskin

Zack Ruskin is a freelance cannabis and culture reporter. His other bylines include the San Francisco Chronicle, The Nib, Vanity Fair, California Leaf Magazine and Variety. Follow him on Twitter: @zackruskin.

View Zack Ruskin’s articles

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adult-use cannabis

New Leafly ‘Cannabis Harvest Report’ values crop 5th in the nation




America has begun winding down its disastrous, century-long war on marijuana. We’re beating swords into plowshares. So what’s coming in from the fields? The answer: America’s 5th most valuable crop.

The first-ever Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report, released today, counted 13,042 cannabis farm licenses in the 11 legal states where retail stores are open. This unprecedented peek into US pot production found farmers growing 2,278 metric tons per year. It’s a mind-boggling number—enough to fill 57 Olympic-size swimming pools, or more than 11,000 dump trucks stretching more than 36 miles.

With US state cannabis prices ranging from about $500 to $3,000 per wholesale pound, you’re looking at a crop worth $6.175 billion per year. As measured against US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, the value of America’s legal cannabis crop ranks fifth nationwide, ahead of cotton. And yet state and federal officials generally do not track it or acknowledge it.

Click here to download the ‘Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2021’ as a PDF

Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report Cover Image for web post
Tap the cover image to open the full report in a new tab, and save it for reference. (Leafly)

Pulling back prohibition’s curtain on cannabis

Cherry Cheesecake harvest at Sonoma Hills Farm, Petaluma, CA on October 6, 2021. (David Downs/Leafly)

Why did we count the crop? Because cannabis is as stigmatized as it valuable.

USDA economists track annual yields, prices, and estimated values for nearly every commercial crop grown in America. But they do not track legal cannabis due to the plant’s status as a federal Schedule I drug.

Our goal with the Leafy Harvest Report is to quantify annual cannabis production in operational adult-use states, just like the USDA’s Economic Research Service does for all non-cannabis crops. This is the first time anyone’s done this, as far as we know.

Voters, lawmakers, and industry leaders need these basic facts to make informed decisions. The Harvest Report is the third in this year’s Leafly Reports series, including the Leafly Jobs Report and Leafly Seeds of Change: Strategies to create an equitable cannabis industry.

A huge harvest, even bigger report findings

Here are a few more takeaways from the report:

  • Only corn, soybeans, hay, and wheat return more wholesale revenue to
    American farmers annually.
  • Legal cannabis is the single most valuable crop in Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oregon.
  • In each of the 11 states with adult-use retail stores operating, cannabis ranks no lower than fifth in crop value—often within two years of the first legal stores opening.
  • In a surprising result, Colorado’s seven-year-old legal cannabis farming industry outproduced California (627 metric tons for Colorado vs. 514 for California). But that lead might not last. After years of slow growth, California’s licensed cultivation sector is finally taking off.
A crop value comparison table showing cannabis from 11 active legal states as ranking 5th in the nation against corn and other crops.
Cannabis ranks 5th in value of crops produced in the US. (Leafly)

How Leafly counted the crop

(Leafly graphic/Photo courtesy Rimrock Farms, CA)
(Leafly graphic/Photo courtesy Rimrock Farms, CA)

Leafly News senior editors David Downs and Bruce Barcott teamed up with Beau Whitney at Whitney Economics to aggregate annual crop data from the 11 states with active, legal adult-use cannabis sales.

We followed the USDA’s method of computing crop value by finding the average wholesale price per pound in a state, and multiplying it by the state’s amount of cannabis produced. In those 11 states, we counted crops destined for both adult-use and medical outlets.

Freelance cannabis journalists Amelia Williams (Debunking Dispensary Myths, 2020) and Zack Ruskin assisted with research and reporting.

Read our full methodology on page 15 of the report.

It’s time to treat cannabis farmers like first-class citizens

(David Downs/Leafly)

Prohibition, over-regulation and over-taxation infringe on Americans’ constitutional right to pursue happiness with regard to cannabis gardening and farming.

The federal government must legalize cannabis for adults, and grandfather in legacy cannabis farmers by establishing low fees and easy licensing procedures.

The Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report summarizes the discrimination cannabis farmers face at both the federal and state levels—years of review and millions of dollars in extra expenditures—just to put seeds in the soil.

Additionally, this $6 billion agricultural sector is under-banked and under-insured. Most farmers have to pay taxes in cash. Thirty-eight state attorneys general have called on Congress to pass the SAFE Banking Act, which would increase public safety and tax compliance. Reform measures like the SAFE Banking Act, and especially the MORE Act (which would legalize federally) are long overdue.

Cannabis agriculture predates our country’s union. And a more perfect union would acknowledge and respect the power of this plant.

Click here to email the Leafly Cannabis Harvest Report 2021 to your elected lawmakers, or others.

Bruce Barcott and David Downs's Bio Image

Bruce Barcott and David Downs

Bruce Barcott is Leafly’s deputy editor and the author of ‘Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America.’ David Downs is Leafly’s California bureau chief and the author of ‘Beyond Buds’ and ‘The Medical Marijuana Guidebook.’

View Bruce Barcott and David Downs’s articles

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Your Nurse Is Probably Stoned




No one in their right mind could ever argue that nurses aren’t the lifeblood of the healthcare industry. These men and women do all the heavy lifting to ensure that both patients and doctors live to fight another day.

Let’s be clear, without nurses, the bedside manner of American medicine would undoubtedly disintegrate to nothing, and a lot more ailing people would be in hospital beds right now eating lousy food and watching Andy Griffith reruns with little to no hope. So, the next time you have a face-to-face encounter with a nurse, why not show some appreciation? The best way to do that, according to a new study, is to give them marijuana.

Is Sex Safe For Essential Workers?
Photo by Karolina/Kaboompics via

It seems that researchers at the University of Arizona College of Nursing have uncovered a shocking truth: Many nurses across the country are regular cannabis users. If they aren’t, they probably want to be. This might not shock anyone who has a personal relationship with one of the nearly 4 million registered nurses in the United States. But the idea that many front-line healthcare workers are getting red-eyed and ripped would almost assuredly surprise Mr. Smith in Room 315, who in just a matter of hours is scheduled to be prepped by one of them for a vasectomy.

Snip, snip.

The reason nurses are getting stoned, the study finds, is to help deal with the mental and physical stress that comes with the job. Most of these people have been working non-stop for the past year to help combat the COVID debacle. The tension is mounting to the point where if they don’t get to chill, they might go right over the edge. It’s an edge that many nurses are closer to than you’d think. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 50% of healthcare workers suffer from mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Nearly 10% are having suicidal thoughts. Some go through with it too. In fact, suicide rates for nurses have increased over the years.

RELATED: Healthcare Professionals Suffer Risk Of COVID-19 Burnout

So yeah, nurses are smoking weed. Not only is it legal now in over half of the nation, but there is mounting evidence that marijuana can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. It’s presumably also helping some of these people get some much-needed sleep. But don’t worry about them botching that vasectomy, Mr. Smith. No sir, you’re in good hands. It’s not like they are gathering in the break rooms to get smoked out before or during their shift. Researchers found that most of the cannabis use that occurs in the nursing world happens after hours.

RELATED: Study: Marijuana Reduces Symptoms Of Anxiety, Depression, And Stress

“We really found that nurses were doing these things to recuperate after work,” Dr. Jessica Rainbow, an assistant professor in the College of Nursing at the U of A, told KOLD News 13. “So, they were coming home from work, they were in a lot of pain, and then they were using these different coping strategies, rather than using them prior to work.”


Photo by Irwan iwe via Unsplash

Rainbow’s team plans to examine cannabis use among nurses in an extensive study set to get underway soon. The goal is to identify the reality of the situation and provide honest, data-based recommendations to state boards regarding cannabis products. As it stands, nurses cannot test positive for marijuana and keep their jobs — not even in legal states.

Trying to beat the system is undoubtedly causing them even more stress than the job itself entails. To that end, researchers will also investigate how cannabis use in the nursing community affects patients. Because make no mistake about it, Mr. Smith wants to be sure that a nurse with THC coursing through her veins will not put him or his boys in peril when he shows up for his appointment.

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Best weed strains of summer 2021




America’s tens of millions of weed lovers stand ready this summer to tear the roof off this joint and burn one down.

Coast to coast in 18 legalization states, from backyard barbecues to beach hangs, we’re vaxxed, waxed, and roaring out of the ‘rona recession.

It’s the roaring 420s: There are more legal cannabis stores and delivery services in more towns than ever before. Sales of dried, cured flower comprise half of our essential, $13.7 billion legal US cannabis industry, according to the 2021 Leafly Jobs Report.

Hundreds of types of strains can overwhelm anyone at a dispensary, and even those are just a slice of the five thousand-plus Leafly strain database cake.

Based on exclusive data and leading grower interviews, Leafly sniffed out the best-selling, on-trend, 25-ish hit strains for your summer days and nights this year.

Since we all get lit and do something, we paired effects with eight types of activities. Pulse pumping yet? Oh, it will be.

Dank-licious summer days

Seasonal, complimentary weed flavors and effects abound, whether you’re gardening, working out, socializing, or getting crafty.

Gardening and farming

Tend your garden while sampling fruity, light-tasting, energizing herb that amps up wildflower colors.

Much respect to classic, widely available pot Strawberry Cough and Super Lemon Haze. Dig something more modern? Phat Panda’s Pineapple Mintz in Washington crosses Golden Pineapple to Kush Mintz.

Working out, playing, deep-cleaning

THC fights boredom and pain, and sports fans swear by certain power flower.

Dial in your doja with terpinolene, marijuana’s reported energy terpene, or aroma molecule. Look for orange color-coded strains on Leafly—that’s us pointing out terpinolene.

Fresh in terpinolenes this season—A Golden State’s Lava Flower blossoms in Cali bowls.

A picture of a nug of A Golden State’s green, orange, dense, Lava Flower against white. (David Downs)
High key: Pros know terpinolenes—like A Golden State’s Lava Flower (David Downs)

Nationally, classic terpinolene strain Jack Herer reigns with sweet sugar kisses. Take a hike on XJ-13 from Good Chemistry, or twerk it with Jack Flash from Native Roots, both in Colorado.

Leafly reviewers also report several classic trees amp them up: Sample this year’s crop of Durbans.

Alibi Cannabis in Oregon electrifies with its classic “fruity with hints of guava” Durban Poison. In Illinois, brand RYTHM rocks a super clean White Durban.

A picture of Alibi Farms’ vibrant, green, Durban flower bud on the branch against a black background. Pistils shoot up. Fan leaves have a coat of sugar. (Courtesy Alibi Farms)
Alibi Farms’ Durban gives Oregonians some juice. (Courtesy Alibi Farms)

Daytime meetups

Trendy hybrids will melt the ice at awkward reunions, delayed weddings, and birthday parties.

For classic flavor, shop fun, citrusy Tangies and family. If it’s the future you want to puff, seek Zkittlez crosses. DNA Genetics debuts Ztrawberriez (Strawberry x Zkittlez) in Arizona.

A picture of a nug of Tangie cross of note: Pink Moon (Kosher Kush x Tangie) from Houseplant, CA against white. (David Downs/Leafly)
Tangie cross of note: Pink Moon (Kosher Kush x Tangie) from Houseplant, CA. (David Downs/Leafly)

Guava Zkittlez from Talking Trees Farm in California offers thick, tropical fruit zest with a chatty, chill vibe.

“A summer strain is strong in flavor, and light, like a white wine with uplifting effects,” said the Washington growers at Freddy’s Fuego, who recommend their sativa Hell Cat.

“A light but tasty smoke while you enjoy the sun, is there anything better?”

Creative zoning

Rapper Open Mic Eagle tells Leafly sativa hybrids are the shit, “When it comes to enhancing my creative process and keeping me engaged with my work all day.”

Eagle calls for Roll’s Choice OG from Smarty Plants in Los Angeles. Fact is, many OGs and Cookie crosses pop hot for “creative” and “focused” in reviews.

DNA Genetics in Arizona heralds fruity OG Miss DNA this summer—a cross of Kosher Kush and Strawberry Banana.

Cream of the Crop’s Cookies cross, Strawberries and Cream, can help you with your rhyme flow and your beatbox.

A picture of a frosted, purple, dense Strawberries and Cream nug against white. (Courtesy Cream of the Crop)
Strawberries and Cream tastes like the name but hits much harder. (Courtesy Cream of the Crop)

Sparkling summer nights

After a quick disco nap and snack, feast on flavors that’ll make afternoons a delight, flex on haters, and K-O insomnia.

Afternoon adventures

If you ever see me fightin’ in the forest with a grizzly bear, help the bear—cuz I’m turnt on Chappo’s Churro, a savage, sweaty new cross of everything strong from Northern Emeralds in California. This reported El Chapo OG cross to Churro amounts to four maximal OGs mixed with some Cookies and Glue. Phew.

A picture of a most Wanted strain—Chappo’s Churro from Northern Emeralds is frosty, green and purple, and less dense than expected. (David Downs/Leafly)
Most Wanted: Chappo’s Churro from Northern Emeralds packs in flavors of fuel, sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate. (David Downs/Leafly)

Once you’ve seen the view from that summit, it’s hard to live in the valley. Stay at the peak with Lemon OZ Kush from indoor leaders Wonderbrett.

Expect the essence of summer in a nug: thick orange soda, lemon, and mandarin tang, with a lengthy, hybrid stone. Lemon OZ Kush contends for Strain of the Summer 2021—aligning genetics, selection, cultivation, aesthetics, pungence, taste, and effects.

“I’m thinking of the sun, and tropical, and that’s the same vibe [as this cultivar],” Brett said. “You’re ready to go chill at the beach, put your feet in the sand, and enjoy yourself with a piña colada.”

A picture of a green, orange-haired, dense, big nug of Lemon OZ Kush by Wonderbrett in Cali. (David Downs/Leafly)
Brett crossed Crockett’s original 2010 Clementine with Dying Breed’s game-changing OZ Kush, and then selected the best to make Lemon OZ Kush. (David Downs/Leafly)

See also: California’s Emerald Cup-winning modern classic Gelonade (now in AZ) and new cross Lemonatti; both from Connected Cannabis Co.

Raging after dark

Blow minds at the evening meetup with the finest kind. We’re talking about that heavy session where everyone brings out the fire flower.

“In summer, the heavy terp strains take center stage at the Freddy’s smokeouts,” said Washington’s Freddy’s Fuego.

Freddy recommends their Le Mans—that’s Lemon Tree x Triangle Kush x Triangle Kush x M10.

A picture of a frosty multi-colored nug of lemony, kushy champion—Le Mans (Courtesy Freddy’s Fuego)
Lemony, kushy champion—Le Mans (Courtesy Freddy’s Fuego)

Don’t bring your baby lungs to 2021’s heavy-hitting MAC crosses—like Cannarado’s Spritzer (a cross of Runtz, Grape Pie, and MAC), grown excellently by Fat Face Farms and Chronic Therapy in Colorado.

Equally potent—the craze in Breath strains has made it to Oklahoma’s flourishing medical scene. OK’s Flower of Life touts Dirty Sprite Breath, for example.

A picture of a nug OG Kush Breath cross Larry’s Breath against white—dense, purple, small, orange-haired, frosty, spikey.. (David Downs/Leafly)
OG Kush Breath cross Larry’s Breath for an intense buzz; plus a funk that keeps strangers at bay. (David Downs/Leafly)

And no summer hit list can miss Gelatos and GMOs—be it Alien Labs’ Baklava abducting fools in AZ and CA, or six-state operator Grassroots Cannabis’ selling out of Garlic Cookies.

Vibing and hooking up

Thinking of some weedy freaky-deaky?

Classic, best-selling Original Glue sits atop the list of strains our readers report as “euphoric.”

For round two—smoke your Cake and eat it too, boo. This year serves Cake crosses for days:

  • Mountain Sun Botanicals slangs Cake Mints in Oregon
  • Item 9 Labs can’t sit on its Caked Up Cherries in Arizona
  • Cake Batter from breeder Seed Junky in Los Angeles will have you stuck
A picture of an Ice Cream Cake flower bud with purple leaves in a Salinas, CA greenhouse at Paradiso Gardens. (Courtesy Paradiso)
Sweet, icy, relaxing Ice Cream Cake comes in by the greenhouse again this season in Salinas, CA at Paradiso Gardens. (Courtesy Paradiso)

Sleeping it off

The great philosopher Andrew W.K. once said: “Resting counts as partying, but only if you rest HARD.”

Unplug from the universe with on-trend indica hybrids and beyond like:

  • Connected’s Cannabis Co.’s Nightshade
  • Cypress Hill rapper B-Real’s new Insane strain Stuffed French Toast (Paris OG x Face-Off OG)
A picture of Connected Nightshade buddeep purple, sizzling orange, sleeted with trichomes. If it was scratch and sniff—you would scratch. (Courtesy Connected Cannabis Co.)
Connected Nightshade genetics are secret, but it’s limonene-dominant with a caryophyllene/myrcene chassis like Gelato and Biscotti. (Courtesy Connected Cannabis Co.)
A nug of Insane Stuffed French Toast against white—long, thin, medium density, green-purple indica hybrid looking gas with a sweet, maple syrup and cinnamon note. (Courtesy Insane)
Paris OG and Faceoff OG make for some Insane Stuffed French Toast—smells of cinnamon, orange, pine, and sugar. (Courtesy Insane)

There’s waaaaay more, but we’re out of time. Yes, 25-ish flowers mean a lot of summer smoking. But just wait until New York and the rest of the US come online next year.

As always, the strain of the summer remains the one you love your way.

Make jays while the sun shines!

David Downs's Bio Image

David Downs

David Downs directs news and lifestyle coverage as the California Bureau Chief for He’s written for WIRED, Rolling Stone and Billboard, and is the former cannabis editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as the author of several cannabis books including ‘Marijuana Harvest’ by Ed Rosenthal and David Downs. He co-hosts The Hash podcast. TW: @davidrdowns | IG @daviddowns

View David Downs’s articles

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