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How Cannabis Might Affect Revision for Exams



We’ve all been there before… The night before an exam. Coffee spilt over a mosaic of post-it notes. Sweat pouring from every part of your body. The feeling of hopelessness, the stress, the panic… but maybe there’s a better way to do this. What if all you need to do is relax? Cannabis and the oils associated with it have long been known to produce calming and relaxing effects that are able to slow that racing mind down a little bit, and provide some clarity.

What if you smoked Cannabis alongside your revision plan? In a recent study by Live Science, it was found that the daily Cannabis usage in students had reached a 30 year high, seeing higher reported usage than cigarettes. The students must know something, so what are the pros and the cons of using Cannabis, or Cannabis Oils as study drugs. In this article, we will review some of the ups and downs of what Cannabis can provide whilst revising for your upcoming midterms, finals or mocks, examining the psychology and research behind Cannabis and CBD’s links to anxiety, focus and memory. 

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CBD and Cannabis 

A quick technical note before we begin. In this article we will be talking about both Cannabis and CBD. CBD, or Cannabidiol is a Cannabis constituent, a cannabinoid compound found in Cannabis plants and now associated with a calming, soothing effect. Cannabis refers to the entire plant, including THC a separate constituent of Cannabis associated with the more psychoactive experience Cannabis provides. When specifically I mention CBD, I mean this separate compound. As we will discover the two chemicals have very different effects when it comes to studying.

How does Cannabis Affect the Brain?

Before we can address the question of how Cannabis may affect revision, we have to understand what’s going on inside your brain when you take Cannabis, or Cannabis oils. Cannabis affects the brain through the endo-cannabinoidal system (eCS) , a complex cell system that operates around the body as well as in the brain. The eCS is linked to numerous functions and processes including many required for revision and studying: memory, sleep, mood and focus. Cannabinoids, the chemicals in Cannabis bind to the eCS and can result in changes to these functions, so it is important to understand in what particular ways these essential functions are affected by Cannabis before using it to help you revise.

Could Cannabis Help with Studying?

Cannabis might not be everyone’s first thought when you think about a study drug, but there may be some potential benefits to using this fantastic plant to help revise. Firstly, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that using Cannabis can be extremely calming in stressful situations, allowing you a moment to breathe during a particularly heavy study session. But what evidence is there that Cannabis can actually influence the way we study? A fascinating pilot study, carried out by Harvard medical school looked at the cognitive functions of medical marijuana smokers. They found that their functions seemed to have improved since smoking the medical marijuana, being able to perform certain mental tasks faster than before.

This is truly astounding and seems to show that perhaps smoking a small, regulated amount of Cannabis may actually have a positive effect on the brain. This study must of course, be taken with a pinch of salt though. It is a very early pilot study, which means it is still in its early days and there will be more longer term studies to follow, but it is still encouraging. Another note on this study is that it was with medical cannabis, which has much lower levels of THC than street bought or Cannabis, or cannabis bought for the purpose of recreation. THC is associated with different effects to cognitive function, described later.  

Sometimes, creativity is what you need when you’re studying hard and that’s just what cannabis can provide. Perhaps you’re struggling with a certain maths problem, or need a new way to think about a boring topic. In fact we know that Cannabis allows us to think with a more united brain, connecting certain ideas and bringing together different thoughts to allow us a new way of thinking about a problem. This could be exactly what you need to get over a mid-revision hump. 

Cannabis is also useful for getting a good nights sleep, an essential part of any revision plan. Without a good sleep, your brain isn’t able to process the information it’s just learnt. In fact, a short nap may even be technically more useful to memory than a cup of coffee, so if smoking a small amount of Cannabis helps you sleep, that might be super important for remembering those study facts.  

CBD and its Effects on Anxiety and Focus.

Perhaps a much more promising avenue for how cannabis may help you revise, comes through one of its compounds CBD. CBD is truly a wonder chemical, associated with many, many medical benefits. It reduces inflammation, can be used for depression to name a few of its uses. Interestingly, for revision purposes there is a growing amount of research linking CBD to the treatment of Anxiety. Anxiety is a mental illness which is associated with symptoms of panic, increased heart rate, sweating and nausea. It is also a mental illness associated with revision.. Seriously.

A comprehensive review of exam related anxiety by the UK government highlighted it as a serious problem, showing that 5 people in a group of 30 will suffer from severe exam anxiety. They even give it a clinical name: Test anxiety, relating to pervasive thoughts of failure. If it is possible that CBD oil can be used to treat this test anxiety, then perhaps it will help to calm students stuck in a revision crisis down and help them revise. A recent review by researchers at the New York School of medicine  found that there was an array of evidence suggesting that CBD oil not only alleviates anxiety, but may even bind to specific receptors in the brain associated with stopping anxiety as well. This is incredible evidence that truly highlights CBD’s super powers and shows how it might be useful for calming those pre-test nerves. 

With reduced levels of anxiety, the brain is allowed to focus. In fact research has suggested that CBD may actually increase an individual’s alertness and focus, although there is some contradictory research. Some scientists argue that CBD actually reduces feelings of tiredness, in stark contrast with THC, which seems to induce sleep. It appears that CBD is linked to the Hypothalamus, a part of the brain which is responsible for feelings of alertness. Whilst this research may be very new and more is needed to support the claim that CBD promotes alertness, it is still an interesting thought and when paired with the reduced anxiety seems to suggest that CBD oils would be an ideal partner for revising.

Some Potential Bad News

Unfortunately it’s not all good news when it comes to Cannabis and studying. There is a growing amount of evidence that some strains of Cannabis can have negative effects on memory, the last thing anyone wants whilst studying for an exam. A paper by Kings College London seemed to show that high levels of THC in Cannabis can lead to problems with Working and Verbal memory. Working memory relates to holding facts in your head whilst thinking of other things and verbal memory is the memory of words, both are rather important for revising.

An even more recent study showed that high THC cannabis use was associated with an increased risk of false memories, or memories that haven’t even happened, again something you want to avoid! However, both of these studies were looking primarily at THC’s effect on memory and not CBD. In fact, the evidence presented above seems to suggest that THC alone is linked to improvements in memory. This is definitely something one should consider when thinking about using Cannabis to help with revision. Cannabis can also set you back financially and if you’re a student, it’s probably something you’re worried about. This is another reason that CBD oils, being better value for money, may be a more promising solution.

My Personal Experiences

I have tried smoking Cannabis to help me revise a couple of times. One time I was learning a script for an upcoming play at university and I must say that it actually helped me massively. I only smoked a small amount with a friend in a break between line learning sessions and when I returned to my room, I was on fire. The Cannabis had calmed me down and I was a line learning machine. I was playing Coriolanus and smashed through three acts in one night. Another time, a very different story. I ended up just falling asleep at my desk over some particularly tricky maths problems. Swings and Roundabouts I suppose.


So, there seems to be mixed evidence about the pros and cons of Cannabis and CBD for focus, memory and revision. However, it does look like CBD specifically may have a wealth of benefits to help with that pesky mid-term paper. Of course, as with all research on CBD it is still very new and perhaps more research will evolve showcasing other benefits of this wonder compound.

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Malawi Appoints Mike Tyson As Its Cannabis Ambassador




By Maureen Meehan

The government of Malawi has asked the former world heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson to become the official ambassador for the country’s cannabis industry.

Agriculture Minister Lobin Low sent a letter to Tyson inviting him to take up the role, saying that cannabis legalization in Malawi had created new opportunities.

Mike Tyson
Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for AYS Sports Marketing

Recently, during a training workshop with farmers, Lowe encouraged cannabis growers to form cooperatives to increase their bargaining power and that he viewed cannabis as a key part of the country’s agricultural export strategy to contribute to domestic development. Hence, Malawi’s decision to appoint Tyson.

A successful cannabis entrepreneur, Tyson is launching his own cannabis line, Tyson 2.0, on Black Friday in partnership with Columbia Care Inc.(NEO: CCHW) at Colorado dispensary The Green Solution.

“Malawi may not go it alone as the industry is complex [and requires] collaboration. I would therefore like to appoint you, Mr. Mike Tyson, as Malawi’s Cannabis Branch ambassador,” Lowe wrote in the invitation, reported the BBC.

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The U.S. Cannabis Association was facilitating the deal with Tyson, the agriculture ministry said.

Wezi Ngalamila, the head of the association’s Malawi branch, told the BBC that Tyson had accepted the invitation and that plans were underway for him to visit the country.

“Tyson will be working with us,” Ngalamila said.

Malawi legalized the cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal use in February 2020, but stopped short of legalizing it for personal use.

Mike Tyson Will Print (Yes, Print) Cannabis Beverages
Photo by James Gilbert/Stringer/Getty Images

The government now hopes, with Tyson’s influence and backing, to “rope in some investors and even potential buyers,” ministry spokesman Gracian Lungu told the AFP news agency.

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The government of Malawi has already licensed 72 companies, both local and international, to grow and produce cannabis in the country, according to the chairman of Malawi’s Cannabis Regulatory Authority, Boniface Kadzamira.

Meanwhile, a locally grown variety of cannabis, Malawi gold, is already renowned by recreational users across the world.

This article originally appeared on Benzinga and has been reposted with permission.

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Weed Measurements FAQ: Everything You Need To Know




This article originally appeared on and has been reposted, unedited, with permission.

Those new to buying and smoking marijuana may at first get confused about the weed sizes terminology. Some dispensaries sell marijuana in grams, while others have weed prices denominated for ounces. So, how to determine which amounts of weed you’ll get if you buy, for example, a quarter? What are the weight and dimensions of an eighter?

As the cannabis culture is rich and long-standing, dozens of slang terms emerged to designate this or that quantity of weed you’re buying. Marijuana sales have for a long time been illegal, so dealers and buyers have developed a sophisticated vocabulary to denote different portions without risks of being understood by unwanted people.

Photo by Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

Thus, don’t be surprised to hear weird words like “a dime bag,” “an eighter,” or “a zip.” Even though the industry has been legal for some time now, the culture of calling weed portions the old-school way is still alive. Knowing the terms will save you the trouble of confusing things or overpaying for weed. We’re here to clear all the weed measurements intricacies to help you out.

How Much is a Gram of Weed?

The minimum with which you can start is a gram of weed. As a rule, it’s the smallest size dispensaries can sell, and users acquire such quantity for a test of a new strain or quick, one-time use.

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How much is a gram of weed? There is nothing complicated here – a gram equals 1g in standard weight measurements units, so you’ll hardly be mistaken.

Pictured Gram of Weed

The word “dime” is often used to denote 10, so a gram of weed bag is often called a “dime bag.” The dime bag of weed name comes from the portion’s price, which most users can acquire for around $10. Thus, if you need to buy only one gram, you can use the terms “gram,” “dime bag of weed,” and “dub.”

How Much is a Dub of Weed?

As the term suggests, a dub is a 20g bag of weed, also known as a dub-sack. All over the world, whenever you travel, you can always count on a dub-sack to contain 2g of marijuana.

Gram of Weed Slang Terms

A gram of weed has the following slang terms:

  • dime
  • dime bag
  • dub bag
  • dub sack
  • 20-sack
  • sawbuck

How Much Is an Ounce of Weed?

An ounce of weed takes you to the world of bulk buyers, allowing you to enjoy a lower price and a substantial quantity of cannabis for smoking at your pleasure and convenience. It’s also the legal maximum for a one-time purchase, even in states with legalized marijuana.

Ounce of Weed

The cost of one ounce ranges from $190 to $350 across the USA, and a decision to buy this weed measurements unit is usually wise for regular smokers. In this way, they don’t need to bother returning to the dispensary, again and again, having sufficient stock of weed in their homes for regular use whenever they please. However, it’s key to stay disciplined, as having so much weed at your fingertips may often only mean that you’ll smoke it more often than usual.

How Many Grams in an Ounce of Weed?

How many grams in an oz of weed? An ounce contains 28 grams of weed, which is usually enough for 2-3 weeks and even up to one month for disciplined smokers.

How Much is a Zip?

A zip of weed is precisely one ounce. This portion of weed acquired this name because it fits a sandwich zip bag ideally. Many dealers used to store ounces of weed in these bags, so getting an ounce is still equated to buying a “zip bag.”

Zip of Weed

Ounce of Weed Slang Terms

An ounce of weed has the following slang terms: 

How Much is a Half Ounce of Weed?

A half ounce of weed also equals two quarters. This amount of weed is also considered a bulk purchase, allowing you not to worry about stock replenishments for a couple of weeks (for those who smoke one joint per day). Heavier smokers usually use half an ounce for one week.

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The cost of a half of weed varies from $110 to $180 in different states. Those who consume 2-3 joints a day won’t have it last longer than one week, but those having only one can extend the portion for several weeks of regular use.

How Many Grams in a Half Ounce of Weed?

How many grams in a half oz of weed? If an ounce is 28 grams, then a half of weed is precisely 14 grams in weight.

How Much is a Half a Zip of Weed?

A zip is another term for an ounce, so half a zip of weed is exactly half an ounce of weed.

Half Ounce of Weed Slang Terms

A half of weed has the following slang terms:

  • half-O
  • half an O
  • half a zip

How Much is a Quarter of Weed?

When we’re talking about a quarter of weed, we always mean the quarter pound of weed. Thus, to determine the right weight, you need to divide the ounce (28g) by four. The resulting weight is 7 grams, which is enough for a couple of days for a non-heavy smoker.

Quarter of Weed

As a rule, you will need to pay from $70 to $100 for this amount of marijuana. People who don’t smoke marijuana too often can extend the quantity for over one week. However, this weed amount gives the owner relative freedom of consumption, as it’s quite enough to have a good time smoking for several days without concerns about the need to go to the dispensary again.

How Many Grams in a Quarter of Weed?

How many grams is a quarter pound of weed? This portion is one-fourth of 28 grams, which results in a weight of 7 grams.

How Many Ounces in a Quarter of Weed?

The ounce is a larger weed measurements size than a quarter, so there is only one fourth of an ounce in the quarter.

Quarter of Weed Slang Terms

A quarter of weed has the following slang terms:

How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

An eighth of weed is a portion twice smaller than the quarter, and as its name suggests, it equals one-eighth of an ounce. The 8th of weed typically costs around $35-50, while high-demand markets (e.g., California) pose even higher prices. Whenever you buy an eighter, you should be ready to have 12-15 bongs with it (which is a fair amount of weed for around one week) or roll 4-5 joints.

How Many Grams in an 8th of Weed?

As this portion equals one-eighth of the size of one ounce, its weight can be identified by dividing 28 by 8, which is 3.5 grams. Those who want to have it all precise and right should refer to the weight of 3.543 grams. If you want to understand how much this portion weighs, try a penny coin in your hand. It’s around 3-3.5 grams in weight.

Eighth of Weed

How much is an 8th of weed in grams? The weight is 3.5 grams, though the precis estimates differ from 3 to 3.5 grams in various locations.

How Many Ounces in an Eighth of Weed?

An ounce is a larger measurement of weed unit, so there is no full ounce in an eighth. An eighth of weed contains one-eighth part of an ounce, which is 3.5 grams.

Eighth of Weed Slang Terms

An eighth of weed has the following slang terms:

  • an eighter
  • eighth
  • sk8er
  • slice
  • half quarter
  • a cut

Marijuana Weight Measurements Tips

Small portions are always the most expensive, so if you know the weed well and want to consume more of it, it’s better to get a larger portion at once, saving on the bulk purchase.

Please keep in mind that buying anything larger than an ounce is prohibited by the law, even in those states where marijuana is legalized. Thus, if you’re trying to get an ounce for yourself, you can only get some problems with law enforcement officers (unless you’re a dispensary owner or a licensed, official distributor).

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Another tip is to use digital scales for weed measurements of your home-grown or purchased weed. Digital scales are much more precise than usual scales, which is an essential matter in weighing such a costly product as cannabis.

Finally, keep in mind that a major portion of weed weight is determined by moisture. So, the older your weed is, the lighter it gets because of drying out.


Now that you have all information about marijuana weights and portion sizes, you’ll be much better positioned to buy the right quantity for your needs and budget. If you’re unsure about a new blend or want to try a new strain, it’s better to opt for a gram or so. In this way, you’ll consume the weed quickly, just giving it a try without paying too much for something you might not like.


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blood pressure

Red Eyes? Here’s Why It Happens When You Smoke Weed




One of the most distinguishing aspects of a marijuana high is those glaringly red eyes. Despite putting on perfume, washing your hands, and acting your heart out to look as normal and sober as possible, red eyes can easily break your cover. Fortunately, they are temporary and painless — they just make you look high as hell. Why does this happen?

Surprisingly, weed eyes have very little to do with the act of smoking, even if that’s what we usually associate them with. Weed eyes occur not only when you smoke weed; they occur when vaping and even with edibles, when there are no irritants like fire or smoke to contend with. This physical reaction occurs when your blood pressure drops and your heart rate increases, which is all due to the THC in your system.

Here's Why Smoking Weed Makes Your Eyes Red
Photo by dadgrass via Pixabay

When your blood pressure drops, your blood vessels and capillaries dilate, including the ones in your eyes. This dilation increases blood flow, turning your eyes red and reducing intraocular pressure. Because of this, some experts believe marijuana could be a viable treatment for glaucoma.

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So, knowing that it’s all about blood pressure, will your eyes turn red regardless of consumption method? The answer depends on the potency and amount of THC consumed and of your individual sensitivities. For example, some people are more sensitive to smoke and therefore joints can make their eyes redder. There are also people who could be allergic to smoke or even to cannabis, experiencing these kinds of symptoms with more frequency.

This Could Be A Sign Of Heart Disease In Smokers
Photo by Andrea Dibitonto via Unsplash

Bloodshot eyes depend on lots of factors, and they’re a bit difficult to prevent. If you’d like to avoid them, sticking to strains with lower THC content might be the right call. If your eyes get bloodshot, you can try having some water, using eye drops, and waiting an hour or two for the effects to pass.

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Logic indicates that the redder your eyes, the more your blood pressure drops, and the more potent the THC. In other words, bright red eyes are usually a pretty good indicator of someone who is super high. While the smell may be masked and the user might be a seasoned cannabis consumer who knows how to handle a high, the eyes don’t lie.

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