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How to Make a Homemade Dab Rig | Mason Jar Dab Rig



Crafting a homemade dab rig can be a fun project or way to consume concentrates without breaking the bank. Below, we’ll cover some basics around dabbing and explain how to make your own homemade dab rig, along with how to convert a bong into a dab rig.

What is a dab rig?

dab rig is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates and can be referred to by other names such as an oil rig or concentrate pipe. Dab rigs are similar to bongs in some ways but different in others, and can be considered an extension of a bong that’s specialized for concentrates.

Rather than using a bowl for cannabis flower, a dab rig requires a glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium nail, or banger, the platform the concentrate is placed on. A butane torch is used to heat up the nail before the concentrate is applied, and a long slender tool called a dabber is used to place the concentrate on the nail.

Dab rigs vs. bongs

Compared to the bong, the first modern iteration of a dab rig only recently debuted in the early 2000s. Although relatively new to the cannabis world, rigs have already become beloved staples in the culture and come in as many varieties of shape, size, design, and quality as the bong. While some dab rigs and bongs may look alike, the physical characteristics of the rig usually hint at what it is optimized for.

Dab rigs tend to be more compact than bongs, as a smaller chamber allows the vapor to travel to the lungs quicker and with less drag which helps improve flavor. Another differentiating characteristic is that dab rigs will typically use 10 – 14 millimeter female joints while most bongs utilize 14 – 18 millimeter male joints.

Dab rigs also tend to have their downstems situated at a 90-degree angle, whereas bong downstems tend to sit at a 45-degree angle, further distinguishing the two from each other.

Like bongs, dab rigs come in a wide range of prices and styles that can be as simple as needed or as ornate as an artist can craft.

Crafting homemade dab rigs

For the exact reasons you might make a homemade bong, you might also want to try your hand at a homemade dab rig. To start, dab rigs, and the concentrates associated with them, tend to have a higher upfront cost than the average bong and flower combo, so making one at home can serve as a cost-saving measure, too.

Another reason for making a homemade bong could be the unavailability of other options. If your rig just broke, is lost, or you just don’t have access to any other gear, fashioning a homemade rig could be a viable, yet temporary, solution. And just like homemade bongs, homemade dab rigs are not to be used long-term, as smoking out of materials like plastic and certain metals can lead to lasting health effects.

But life’s too short not to experiment and try things. Even though it shouldn’t be a daily piece, it’s still fun to break monotonous routines and create a homemade dab rig with household items.

How to make your own mason jar rig

A popular method for crafting a DIY dab rig is using a Mason jar. Similar to other homemade bongs in construction, the Mason jar dab rig is a fun experiment that results in a unique and entertaining device.


  • Mason jar with a lid
  • Bendy straw
  • Plastic pen, emptied
  • Titanium dab nail
  • Aluminum foil
  • Butane torch

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1: Drill two holes in the lid of the mason jar. Make sure they are lined up and roughly the same size, which should allow a foil-covered pen to fit snugly.Step 2: Wrap the pen in aluminum foil. Then, place the pen into one of the holes you drilled. This will be the downstem for the dab rig.Step 3: Place the nail into the pen. Secure the nail to the lid with more aluminum foil to ensure a good seal. Step 4: Place the bendy straw in the other hole. Secure the straw tightly with more aluminum foil to ensure no air escapes. This will be where you will inhale, so a tight seal is key to a good hit. If you have a glue gun, you could also use that to seal any holes.Step 5: Fill the jar with water. Not too much or you’ll inhale water and not too little or else you’ll have very harsh and dry hits. Enough water to cover the bottom of the downstem is plenty.Step 6: Fix the lid onto the jar. While most homemade smoking devices are fairly flimsy and typically single-use, if fitted with proper glass — rather than plastic and titanium components — a mason jar rig could be reused with proper cleaning and maintenance. With that said, nothing will ever beat glass rigs specifically made for dabbing.

Other ways to make a DIY rig: convert your bong

If you’re lacking a proper dab rig but have an extra bong laying around, a bong can be converted into a dab rig if needed. In order to be converted from a bong to a dab rig, you’ll need to do a few things first:

  1. Get an adapter. Most likely, a male-to-male adapter will be needed to change the bong’s gender and joint size. A quick way to tell the size of your bong’s joint is if it’s bigger than the width of your pinky, it’s probably an 18-millimeter fitting and a 14-millimeter if it’s roughly the same size.
  2. Choose your nail. There are several materials to choose from, but titanium nails tend to be the most commonly used and are preferred for their durability and heat conducting properties. When choosing a nail for your rig, be sure to choose one that matches the size of your bong’s joint.
  3. Be cautious of your bong’s design. As mentioned above, while dab rigs usually have downstems set at a 90-degree angle, bongs tend to have a downstem situated at a 45-degree angle, which will have your nail sitting at an angle that is more prone to concentrates falling off when heated — so be careful.

While not crafted for this purpose, a bong conversion is probably the most cost-effective and healthiest way to craft a homemade dab rig. Not to mention with the right adapter and nail, you’re essentially getting two devices out of one.

However, the design of a dab rig is specifically made to make dabs an enjoyable experience. If you’re taking dabs out of a bong and smoking flower out of a rig, you will still get high, but the experience will be much more different than intended and likely less enjoyable than if you were using the proper equipment. It’s recommended to have separate, dedicated pipes for flower and concentrates.

Bottom line

If you’re lacking a proper dab rig, you may have many of the components for these homemade devices laying around.

Creativity is encouraged when it comes to crafting new pieces and pipes but being cautious of what materials you’re using is also important since long-term use of these homemade devices could lead to potential health risks.Aside from potential risks, the benefits include cost savings, convenience, and the charm involved with smoking a handmade piece. Overall, homemade dab rigs are a fun choice if you’re lacking proper resources or if you just want to switch things up and try dabbing a different way. Regardless of what you choose, if paired with high-quality concentrates, you’re in for a fun project and novel experience.

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Your Guide to 420-Friendly Travel in San Francisco




Boom or bust, San Francisco remains an iconic international destination. The majestic Golden Gate Bridge symbolizes the city’s status as the home of many unique attractions, as well as a global hub for industry, commerce, technology, and culture.

Where else can you have Irish coffee in Fisherman’s Wharf, dim sum in Chinatown, Mexican food in the Mission District, and fresh, farm-to-table five-star dining in the Financial District, followed by a nightcap in North Beach — all in one day?

Combine all that with the counterculture vibe, cultural diversity, coastal climate, and colorful history, and San Francisco is a must-see for most tourists from near or far. Travel and tourism operator Club Med declared San Francisco the fourth “happiest” travel destination in America for 2022. Add a bit of cannabis, and it could be your number one by far.

Travel and cannabis in San Francisco

Northern California’s agricultural bounty has always been a rich resource for the city’s elevated aesthetic, with everything to offer from regional farms to vast vineyards. So, it’s only natural that legal cannabis is the latest connoisseur experience to bring added allure to Bay Area vacations.

After all, since the social revolution of the 1960s, some of the world’s best cannabis has been grown in the Emerald Triangle, just three hours north of the city.

“We’ve experienced wine consumers who, when they come to California, have the desire to take a tour through Napa or Sonoma County with us. We’re starting to see an uptick in those consumers that want to experience California cannabis, really in California. It’s one experience that’s very California, and it’s very San Francisco,” said Victor Pinho, founder of Emerald Farm Tours.

Here are some 420-friendly accommodations, destinations, and activities to try in San Francisco.

420-friendly hotels in San Francisco

Cannabis-friendly accommodations in San Francisco (and California) are largely short-term rentals that can be found online at booking platforms like,, and Vendors on conventional booking sites, like AirBnB, that welcome cannabis tourists will typically denote that they’re “420-friendly.”

Listings can be sparse, even in big, legal cities like San Francisco, as regulations and permitting for cannabis-friendly accommodations are just starting to be developed by local policymakers. The presence of nearby consumption lounges may alleviate some of the necessity for cannabis-friendly accommodations since they provide a permitted, legal space for public consumption.

Noe’s Nest Hideaway

Accommodations in San Francisco include Noe’s Nest Hideaway, centrally located in the city’s desirable Noe Valley neighborhood, in a stately Victorian home among rows of old Vics and Edwardian architecture. The bed-and-breakfast allows outdoor consumption in a private backyard.

The Purple Room

In Duboce Triangle, adjacent to the better-known Castro District, there are accommodations at The Purple Room. This shared townhouse is conveniently located directly over the Flore Dispensary for what would be a most unique cannabis-friendly experience with WiFi, a big-screen TV, a full kitchen, board games, and a washer/dryer. Consumption is allowed on a private outdoor balcony and porch.

Hotel Kabuki

Conventional hotel accommodations that are also 420-friendly are hard to come by. Hotels that are rumored online to be cannabis-friendly often will not list any indication of being so on their websites or elsewhere. That’s the case with San Francisco’s Hotel Kabuki, located at 1625 Post Street. Previously a Joie de Vivre Hospitality property, the boutique hotel is now operated by Hyatt. Located near the Fillmore District, the Kabuki is hip, retro rock & roll-themed, and pet-friendly. Though cannabis consumption is not mentioned anywhere on the hotel’s official website, the travel platform Trivago Magazine lists Hotel Kabuki as one of “eight great 420-friendly hotels in California” thanks to its large outdoor garden.

420-friendly destinations in San Francisco

If you’re looking to do more with your West Coast cannabis than smoke a little weed and walk around the city, then check out these activities made for tourists and locals alike.

Emerald Farm Tours


San Francisco-based tour company, Emerald Farm Tours, offers visitors several options for enjoying cannabis while sightseeing in some of the city’s most popular neighborhoods.

In US cities with access to recreational cannabis, where rules and regulations for public consumption are evolving, cannabis touring companies like Emerald Farms are becoming more popular. They typically feature cross-promotions with local retailers and lounges, as well as cannabis-friendly venues and events.

3-hour bus tour

“If you come to San Francisco and you really want to experience the city with cannabis, then take the $195 3-hour bus tour. That’s the most popular cannabis tour, which takes you to three dispensary lounges, some sightseeing, and pairings at a winery, where you get to do wine-tasting,” Pinho said.

Book the Cannabis Lounge Bus Tour.

All-day tour with wine and weed

“If you want to delve deeper into it, then I recommend our whole day tour that takes you to the southern corner of the Emerald Triangle, to Anderson Valley, where we take you to a beautiful cannabis farm, and you can walk around and take pictures,” he described.

Book the Wine, Wilderness, and Weed Tour.

Walking the Wharf Tour

“The Wharf Tour is a little lighter,” Pinho added. “It’s a walking tour — we start in Fisherman’s Wharf, and it’s not a far walk. We cover about a half-mile in two hours, so it’s easy to do. Guests get to visit two dispensaries, hear about the sights, and it’s good if you just want to get your feet wet and experience cannabis for a couple of hours while you’re in the city.”

Book the Fisherman’s Wharf — Walking Tour.


Visit a Bay Area dispensary

Dispensaries can be found throughout all of the city’s unique neighborhoods.

Seaweed SF and Stiiizy’s

Aptly named Seaweed SF in Fisherman’s Wharf is a cable car ride away from Stiiizy’s branded flagship store in Union Square.

Visit Seaweed SF

Visit Stiiizy’s Union Square

The Apothecarium

The Apothecarium, founded in 2011, has locations in The Castro and SOMA district and offers online and phone consultations.

Visit The Apothecarium

Vapor Room

Originally a medical cannabis dispensary during the Prop 215 days, The Vapor Room was one of the first consumption lounges in California. It was shut down by the feds in 2012 and is now back, located in the South of Market area.

Visit Vapor Room

Bloom Room

Bloom Room in San Francisco is located near Union Square, Mint Plaza, and the Westfield Shopping Center.

Visit Bloom Room

Berner’s on Haight

In the famously psychedelic Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, visitors can find Berner’s on Haight, the dispensary owned by hometown rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner.

The Cookies cannabis brand that Berner co-founded is well known for its proprietary strains and bright blue painted storefronts. New Age hippies and day-trippers can visit the dispensary and peruse the Haight’s vintage vinyl and clothing stores, as well as local landmarks like Buena Vista Park and the old Victorian houses once occupied by the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin.

Visit Berner’s on Haight

Toke up at Moe Greens consumption lounge

Moe Greens is located at 1276 Market Street and is open daily. Established in 2019, the store features a consumption lounge where guests can purchase products to enjoy onsite, in addition to offering its regular retail and delivery options.

Wood-framed windows and exposed brick walls lined with green-upholstered banquettes and tables give the lounge’s interior a speakeasy-type feel. “We built it out just like a normal bar at a restaurant,” said Sean York, marketing director at Moe Greens. “You can pull up on Friday, and it gets pretty packed. People are talking, like at a normal bar. It’s a very popular thing because it’s unique, not only in San Francisco but just unique in general.”


A special feature at Moe Greens is a dab bar, where customers can consume a variety of cannabis concentrates using state-of-the-art dabbing equipment like the Puffco Peak or Zenco Flow. Specially trained dab bartenders help consumers choose concentrates and assist with equipment usage.

“You know, we have the Orpheum [Theater] and a lot of other cool things to see around here. A lot of people come in before the symphony or concerts at the Bill Graham [Civic Auditorium], and they’ll do a dab or some flower and enjoy the weekend.”


Like most lounges, Moe Green’s offers a full roster of events for guests that includes live music, comedy nights, drag brunches, and open mics. York said they’ve hosted a lot of different activities and also cater to crowds of visitors that come to San Francisco for big sports and entertainment events. Maybe no surprise, with such close proximity to the world’s largest tech corporations, York said that the lounge’s most popular event is their gaming and dabs night.

Celebrate 4/20 at Hippy Hill

As events go, there is none bigger for cannabis enthusiasts than April 20. The unofficial stoner holiday was actually born across the bay from San Francisco, in the neighboring town of San Rafael. As the urban legend goes, a group of high schoolers in the 1970s would meet at 4:20 pm for afternoon smoke sessions, and the time evolved into a secret code for their sesh activities.

For tourists with cannabis at the top of their bucket lists, the 4/20 Festival at Hippy Hill held in Golden Gate Park is an unrivaled opportunity to experience the ultimate social cannabis experience. Prior to the pandemic in 2019, 19,000 attended the celebration on Hippy Hill, overlooking Robin Williams Meadow.

After a pandemic hiatus, the festival returned in 2022 with the first sales of legal cannabis products happening at the event.

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Your Guide to 420-Friendly Travel in Los Angeles




There are few destinations that offer such a diversity of experiences as Los Angeles, California. It’s a little overwhelming with all the things you can do or see in a week in LA in general, but now, consuming legal cannabis is one activity that can be added to your vacation itinerary — for both weed connoisseurs and the more beginner cannabis-curious.

And of course, LA is going to do legal cannabis and cannabis-friendly attractions as only LA can, precisely because it can.

Find Los Angeles dispensaries and more on the Weedmaps app

Travel and cannabis in LA

Since recreational cannabis was legalized in California in 2016, local cannabis entrepreneurs have been scheming to become a sort of “Amsterdam of the West,” offering visitors from around the world the opportunity to access cannabis in legal, often very high-end retail settings.

In 2022, LA expects to welcome more than 46 million international tourists. The top five global markets for Los Angeles include visitors from Mexico, China, Canada, Australia, and the UK (in that order).

Traveling consumers often have difficulty finding cannabis-friendly hotel accommodations, even in legal locations like Los Angeles. However, that may change if cannabis tourism becomes more accepted. Check out short-term rental sites like Inndica and BudandBreakfast, which will help you locate “420-friendly” accommodations in legal states to get your LA trip started on the right foot.

420-friendly destinations in LA

Here are some 420-friendly destinations and activities to try in Los Angeles.

Weed Bus LA Tours

At Weed Bus LA, visitors can book cannabis-friendly bus tours, as well as activities hosted at various facilities in Hollywood and downtown LA. Rollin Budz, the owner of Weed Bus LA, said that their most popular activity is Stoner Paint Night held at a DTLA studio. The evening includes a two-hour paint sesh with instruction, a $20 cannabis voucher, and paint supplies. Participants may bring their own cannabis or adult beverages if they wish.

Planning ahead for the autumn months in LA, Budz said that the Stoner Paint Night will include psychedelic pumpkin paintings for September and October. Two upcoming classes — Blunts & Burritos and Blunts & Sushi — will also be added to the roster as soon as Budz can find a professional blunt roller to help lead the classes.


Aside from painting, Weed Bus LA has three weed tours to choose from:

  • Grow & Lounge Tour: The bus transports guests to two local indoor grow facilities where they can walk through, observe cannabis plants being cultivated, ask questions of a master grower, and receive a $20 goody bag of products. The tour can be scheduled in multiple languages, though guests with special requests should call ahead to book. Private tours can accommodate special events, like birthdays and bachelor/ette parties.
  • Hollyweed & Wine Tour: Guests go on a guided walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the stars of weed icons Snoop Dogg, Bob Marley, and local LA rappers Cypress Hill. The bus winds through West Hollywood to Beverly Hills and includes a stop at a local winery with complimentary tasting, as well as weed and wine pairings.
  • Dispensary Crawl Tour: Also known as the “Friday” tour, this three-hour guided tour takes guests on a trip to historic South LA and by movie locations from 1995 stoner comedy Friday, including characters Mrs. Parker and Craig’s house, which are fun backdrops for Instagram-able photos. Guests also visit Nipsey Hustle Square, a Kobe Bryant memorial mural, and (formerly known as Staples Center), in the heart of DTLA. A $20 cannabis voucher and penny pre-roll are included.

For visitors that would like to have their own private sesh or try new methods of consumption, Weed Bus LA — like many tour companies in other legal destinations — rents out premium cannabis gear, including gravity bongs and dab rigs.


Celebrity-owned or frequented dispensaries

Celebrity culture lives large in Los Angeles, so, it will be no surprise that several local dispensaries are owned by well-known stars from stage and screen. Some dispensaries are rock stars in their own right, featuring famous OG cannabis strains, and are frequented by famous cannabis enthusiasts.

Dr. Greenthumb

It doesn’t get more OG than legendary rapper and LA native B-Real, who owns dispensary chain Dr. Greenthumbs. The retail store, conveniently located near Los Angeles International Airport, can be the first stop on any cannabis tourist’s trip into town.

Eight Dr. Greenthumbs stores are located throughout Southern California, with one San Francisco location.

Visit Dr. Greenthumb DTLA


Head north to trendy Melrose Avenue to cannabis chain Cookies‘ first LA storefront. Founded by rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, Cookies has become an internationally recognized cannabis brand, with storefronts in Israel, Europe, and several US states.

Berner recently became the first cannabis industry executive to be pictured on the cover of Forbes Magazine’s print edition. The brand’s flagship bright blue buildings can’t be missed, and visitors to Cookies will find legacy proprietary strains like Lemonchello, Cereal Milk, and Medellin, among others.

Visit Cookies Melrose

Sherbinski’s and Wonderbrett for celebrity sightings

In the Fairfax District, which is home to sneakerhead stores and all things hypebeast, Sherbinski’s reputation was founded on award-winning Gelato strain genetics. The brand boasts a long list of celebrity clientele, including artists Wiz Khalifa, John Mayer, and Ty Dolla Sign, among others.

Also in the Fairfax District, cannabis retailer Wonderbrett has been built on its reputation for developing top genetics, including its OG Kush strain. Loyal customers, like rappers Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Xzibit, and Dr. Dre, have been clients for 20 years — according to the company’s website.

Visit Sherbinski’s

Visit Wonderbrett

Cannabis consumption lounges in West Hollywood

The City of West Hollywood, tucked between DTLA and Beverly Hills, is on course to see more than a dozen consumption lounges roll out over the next two years. Local cannabis tourism organization Emerald Village‘s Executive Director Scott Schmidt said they are working with local government to set standards and policy for cannabis tourism that may become a model for other cities to follow.

Since public consumption of cannabis is prohibited in California, except in permitted facilities and spaces, Schmidt said that visitors should take advantage of the safest, most secure option for social consumption, as well as unique entertainment and activities offered by the lounges.

The Artist Tree

Wanna wake-and-bake during your long LA weekend? The Artist Tree dispensary is located in West Hollywood, and its Studio Lounge is open at 6 am daily. In the lounge, guests can purchase the cannabis product of their choice to enjoy onsite, as well as equipment rental to assist in consuming dabs or bong hits.

For the ultimate baked brunch, a full menu of traditional American cuisine is also available from the nearby Kitchen24 restaurant. On Sunday mornings, the Studio Lounge features a Drag Brunch & Bubbly, sponsored by non-alcoholic THC-infused sparkling beverage brand Rickett.

Visit The Artist Tree


The Woods

The next high-end dispensary and lounge to open is The Woods, co-owned by actor and cannabis advocate Woody Harrelson.

“We’re really excited about that,” Schmidt from Emerald Village said. “They’ve got a waterfall. They’ve got a koi pond. The garden space already existed (prior to remodeling), so they put in six or eight cabanas where people can smoke inside the cabanas and have non-combustible products in the rest of the gardens, where you can get a drink or whatnot. It’s nothing like you’ve ever seen.”

Visit The Woods

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Your Guide to 420-Friendly Travel in Colorado




In 1972, when John Denver sang out the lyrics of his chart-topping, easy-listening classic “Rocky Mountain High“(and one of two official state songs), it may have been one of the first hints that Colorado was weed-friendly. Flash forward 40 years to 2012, and the state became the first in the US to decriminalize cannabis for private consumption followed by adult-use cannabis consumption in 2014.

But even before John Denver popularized Colorado’s mile-high beauty in song, the state had long been a draw for its natural attractions and resources, including the Rocky Mountains, Mesa Verde, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Parks. Chic resorts like Aspen, Telluride, and Vail attract skiers and tourists in the winter, while summer in western towns such as Durango, Grand Junction, and Colorado Springs welcomes hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, and lovers of lake and river sports.

Now, adult-use cannabis has added another option for leisure travelers to enjoy destinations and activities, especially for those coming to visit from areas where cannabis isn’t legal.

Travel and cannabis in Colorado

Most cannabis-friendly attractions in Colorado are located in or near Denver, but overt advertising of 420 amenities is still low profile. Vendors that we spoke to said this was partially due to the state government’s slow progress toward regulations and permitting for public consumption facilities, as well as continued federal prohibition.

However, “Cannabis has been a big draw to visit the state since adult-use opened in 2014. You can see this based on dispensary sales over the years. People regularly ask about cannabis lounges, cooking classes, and cannabis-infused restaurants,” said Goldie Solodar, founder and CEO of cannabis tour company City Sessions Denver

Here are some 420-friendly destinations and activities to try in Colorado.

420-friendly destinations and activities in Colorado

There are more cannabis dispensaries in Colorado than there are Starbucks and Mcdonald’s combined. In cities and rural locations, retail dispensaries and cannabis tour companies are the norm and can be found with ease.

Tetra Lounge consumption lounge — Denver

In Denver, there are a few venues where consumption is allowed on-site. Local regulations require guest membership to access consumption facilities, which can easily be purchased or signed up for online.

Tetra Lounge offers a retail dispensary, lounge area, and outdoor seating on their downtown rooftop. The vibe is young, urban, and appealing to visitors and locals as a safe space for consumption. Activities at Tetra include art installations, DJs, live music and socializing in the lounge’s outdoor area.

City Sessions Colorado cannabis tours — Denverundefined

City Sessions is one of several tour companies in Denver that offer a variety of choices for tourists that would like to learn more about cannabis and visit dispensaries, as well as manufacturing and cultivation facilities. “Our most popular tour is Tour of The Senses,” said Solodar, “This tour is a mix of cannabis education, touring through the back end of a cultivation/grow, as well as getting out and exploring colorful Colorado.”

City Sessions even offers rentals on top-shelf dabbing and vaping gear to out-of-towners, supplied by cannabis brands like Puffco, PAX, Volcano, and Loto.

Marijuana Mansion installation tours — Denver

Event and immersive art venue Marijuana Mansion offers tours of the space’s interactive, cannabis- and fantasy-themed installations.

It’s a restored 1889 Romanesque Revival-style stone mansion in downtown Denver, and the building has been the headquarters for the Colorado branch of the Marijuana Policy Project and cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg.

The 4,200-square-foot mansion can host up to 150 people for large, private events. You can book 30 – 60 minute tours of the Mansion’s art installations, as well as 2 – 3 hour time slots for photo shoots.

In Colorado Springs, visit the ELEV8 Premier glass gallery to see glass cannabis accessories being made by local artisans and even take a 4-hour glass-blowing class yourself.

Arrowhead Manor Inn — Morrison

Located in Morrison, Colorado — about 30 minutes from downtown Denver — is the Arrowhead Manor Inn, a cannabis-friendly hotel convenient to the Red Rocks Amphitheater. According to its website, guests of the hotel can “enjoy cannabis on a private deck or on their main decks and outdoor areas.”

Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountains — Estes Park

For travelers in search of a more rural experience — combined with the sport of fly-fishing — the tour company Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountains may be an excellent choice.

Operated by Bob “Doc” Young, the company offers group and private cannabis-friendly fly-fishing classes and tours based in the town of Estes Park, about an hour and a half outside of Denver. Classes and tours start at a minimum of four hours (half-day) and include the use of flies and fly rods, snacks, drinks, and lunch.

BEYOND show at the International Church of Cannabis — Denver

Perhaps the most popular immersive art experience in Denver can be found at the International Church of Cannabis, which offers its BEYOND light show/meditation, with shows scheduled seven days a week.

An officially sanctioned church, the building facility is operated by non-denominational organizers called Elevationists, and proceeds from the BEYOND show go to fund church programming, as well as contributions to local non-profits.

Membership in the International Church of Cannabis is free and the twice-monthly invitation-only events for members, where cannabis may be consumed onsite, are also free of charge. It should be noted to visitors that the BEYOND show is family-friendly and no cannabis consumption is allowed during the show or during daily business hours.

BEYOND is an “immersive projection map,” said Steve Berke, Elevationists co-founding member and director. “It’s a light and sound meditation with state-of-the-art technology, custom mapped on the mural that [artist] Okuda San Miguel painted. It’s the only permanent projection map installation in a church in America.”

The church’s 35-foot ceilings and interior are almost entirely covered with San Miguel’s rainbow-colored mural that, during the show, pulsates and glows with choreographed light and laser effects. The results are hypnotic and visually stunning.

Murals on the church’s exterior doors are painted by Los Angeles-based muralist Kenny Scharf and feature his colorful galactic fantasy creatures.

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