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Leafbuyer Turns Black Friday into “Green Friday”



Tired of the stress that comes with Black Friday shopping? How about turning your gift giving into something “green.” has partnered again with recreational and medical cannabis dispensaries in legal markets across the U.S. to bring you the best deals for the 2021 Green Friday Deals Event.

Cannabis businesses are offering massive deals in order to give consumers the same thrill of saving right before the holidays. Leafbuyer has been busy gathering smoking deals from hundreds of dispensaries across the country, offering irresistible Door-Busting “Green Friday” discounts.

“Cannabis dispensaries want to show their appreciation this holiday season too. They also realize the power behind offering great deals for consumers on Black Friday,” said Leafbuyer’s CEO, Kurt Rossner

In 2020, Americans spent $9-billion on the web the day after Thanksgiving due to the Covid pandemic.

For more information, go to Leafbuyer’s Black Friday Deal Page.


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Pickleball and Medical Marijuana – Did Seniors Using Cannabis Help Fuel the Pickleball Phenomena?




pickleball medical marijuana seniors

Pickleball is easily the fastest growing sport in the United States today. Marijuana use is booming among seniors right now, the fastest growing customer group for medical marijuana. Coincidence?

Pickleball is an incredibly fun sport that people of all ages can play; it combines various elements that are used in badminton, tennis, and ping-pong into one exciting game that is also social and friendly. It’s easy for beginners though those who are more advanced into the game can easily level it up into a more competitive game.

Pickleball has become an attractive exercise option especially for seniors, and there are many reasons behind this: it benefits hand-eye coordination, anyone can do it, and it’s generally low intensity. Because of these, it’s easy to see why seniors have become so attracted to this sport, plus they can play it with their friends!

According to the Tennis Industry Association in 2019, there were 1.15 million seniors (aged 55 and up) playing pickleball, and that number only continues to grow. The average age of most players these days is 55, even though the sport can easily be played by all ages.

But other than that, it’s interesting to note how seniors are increasingly using CBD after a game of pickleball. So the rising trend isn’t just seniors playing pickleball – they play pickleball and medicate with weed.


Why Do Seniors On Weed Play Pickleball?

Any type of exercise can be challenging for seniors to do. They aren’t as strong as they used to be, and are prone to many age-related problems including arthritis as well as bone and joint injuries. CBD is a non-psychoactive solution that helps them relieve pain, enabling them to live a healthy, fit lifestyle without compromising their bones, muscles, and joints.

It’s no wonder that more seniors are using CBD, because it’s helping them get more years out of their life. They get to exercise and have fun without having to worry too much about the impact of sports on their bodies. Here’s more insight into the benefits of CBD for seniors who want to exercise:


  • Bone health: Having weak and fragile bones severely impairs the elderly’s ability to enjoy any kind of sport. They are already at high risk for suffering fractures due to poor reflexes, so they are prone to falling much more compared to younger individuals. Even without regular exercise, seniors still have to deal with the looming possibility of osteoporosis, which weakens the bones gradually because age results in the loss of minerals. CBD consumption has been shown to reduce inflammation in the bones, improve healing time for fractured bones, and promote cell repair.


  • Pain management: A majority of the American population suffers from pain of some kind, and many of them also have arthritis. CBD is a great non-psychoactive way for seniors to medicate for their pain, and there is a wide array of ways that they can choose to do so. Topical CBD ointments for localized treatment of sore muscles and joints, capsules and pills for pain prevention, oral CBD, and so much more. Being able to manage pain effectively is key in keeping seniors motivated enough to stick with a fitness routine and play sports, such as pickleball.


  • Better sleep: Getting your regular dose of shut-eye every night is critical to recovery not just for athletes but seniors too. Studies show that individuals who consume CBD have a better chance of sleeping better at night and report more restful sleep. This is also beneficial for seniors who suffer from anxiety, which can prevent us from getting a good night’s sleep.


  • Delayed onset of muscle soreness: Many athletes use CBD for its ability to treat delayed onset of muscle soreness. No matter how old you are, you’re prone to temporary inflammation from exercise and seniors are even more vulnerable to this. It’s part of recovery, but if the body is unable to fix the inflammation on its own, excess inflammation can result in secondary muscle damage because free radicals from active neutrophils are released. But CBD is already a natural anti-inflammatory substance that can provide tremendous relief for seniors after a game of pickleball.


Given these benefits, we can understand how seniors are gravitating towards a lifestyle of health and fitness by combining cannabis and pickleball. It’s a combination you can’t lose with: you get to stay active with pickleball, and you have CBD to help you with the aches and pains afterwards.








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I’m a Psychedelics Lawyer, Ask Me Anything




We are excited to announce that Harris Bricken attorney, Vince Sliwoski, will be hosting a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Tuesday, November 30th at 4pm EST / 1pm PST to discuss psychedelics.

Join the conversation HERE. And make sure you submit your questions during the session! 

If you can’t wait for the AMA, you can also check out our extensive archive of psychedelic law posts here. See you soon!

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Marijuana Apps 101 – Weed Delivery, Social Networks, Canna-Dating, Growing Tips, and More!




cannabis apps 101

The growth and development of the cannabis industry that we now see today caught many by surprise. However, for those who have been attentive to the industry for a while this present growth was more precedented than unprecedented. With a market size that is presently at $8 billion and rising, it’s no surprise that all the arms of the cannabis industry are steadily improving. This growth is in the form of physical manpower and technological improvements which have gravely improved the industry.

The growth of technology has helped to propel the industry with necessary innovations being introduced in many sectors. There are marijuana social networks like on, Duby, Social High, and others.  There are cannabis dating apps and smoke sesh apps like High There.  There are the giants of the industry with their online ordering features like Weedmaps and Leafly.  Don’t forget the delivery sector with EAZE being a giant rolling across America, from West to East.


Hey Emjay

If you are wondering what the future of cannabis delivery is then look no further than Hey Emjay. This is one of the special cannabis delivery services that you can trust for their quality service and professionalism. Their ability to offer a wide selection of services and better delivery times makes them unique among competitors. The brand is also known to provide a quality product that is both pure and safe for use. This is done through the use of professional couriers who help to deliver your product without delay and hassle.

The entire experience using Hey Emjay is standardized to ensure that an adequate user experience is guaranteed. From the moment you order online to the arrival of the product at your doorstep, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Hey Emjay offers a wide variety of strains without exorbitant markups which is not common in this special niche. Special varieties of products in their catalog include flowers, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. Limited to California for now, look for expansion to other states as they raise money.


PotBot: Medical Marijuana App   

Next on the list is a special medical marijuana app that helps to ensure patients have access to the right strain that is helpful for their peculiar condition. Different cannabis strains have different cannabinoid contents which affect their medicinal uses. Selecting the right strain to use can prove problematic especially for patients who don’t have previous knowledge on the bests strain for their health condition. This is where the app helps as it uses a unique algorithm that helps to select the best strain to recommend for a patient depending on the patient’s condition.

A good number of positive reviews have come in from users of the app who have attested to its usefulness in selecting the best strains to use. The app also has a unique feature in which it can suggest adequate CBD levels a patient can use to alleviate symptoms and remedy health conditions. The delivery aspect of the medical marijuana app is that it is helpful in locating cannabis dispensaries that are close to the user as well as Google payment features.



Locating the right dispensaries can be problematic especially when there is little information to go by in selecting aside the word of the sellers themselves. This is why reviews from other users are important to go by while choosing new companies to buy cannabis products from. WeedMaps is a special cannabis delivery app that helps to provide needed products and allows the user access to reviews from other users. The app also contains a wide range of information which includes terpene profiles, cannabinoid ratios, research menus, lab data, and so on.

The app is widely beneficial for medical marijuana patients and it contains all that a patient needs to make easy purchasing decisions. The presence of vital information helps to ensure convenience for the end-user and ensure proper user experience all at the tip of your hands. This is an app that every cannabis enthusiast is sure to find very useful and informative be it for recreational or medical purposes.



The world presently is at an age where everyone wants everything to be done with the use of a phone or laptop. This is what Muncheez brings to the world of cannabis delivery and it’s a uniqueness that many cannabis users appreciate largely. All you need do is to sign up and you have access to great cannabis deals at the tip of your fingertips. Muncheez is highly personalized to meet every need of the cannabis user aiming to purchase cannabis products which makes it one of the best cannabis delivery apps around.

The app makes finding nearby dispensaries easy and it also provides users with the latest news about the cannabis industry and available products. While using this app you can be sure that you will get quality worth for your time and resources so seat back, relax, and enjoy.


High There

A full cannabis resource fresh with current news, a full social network, and a specialty in dating and meeting new cannabis users. The app and website has done a complete revamp with new ownership and a fresh outlook on the industry, so check it out today!

The legendary site has been online and reporting cannabis news and insights for over 7 years now. With a Google Play store listing showing over 100,000 downloads of their WeedFeed social network, cannabis users and post pictures, ask questions, and private message each other.  Follow that up with full dispensary mapping and a strain guidet within the app itself, and it is a must-download for cannabis fans!



If you are looking for the right app to help you in locating a wide range of CBD products and cannabis products while also facilitating delivery then look no further. Duby does all these and much more as it serves as a central hub for different information on cannabis. The app has a unique platform that enables retail stores and dispensaries to advertise to cannabis users on the platform. The brands advertise their different ranges of edibles, gummies, tinctures, and other range of products.

The app also allows regular users to upload personal posts. This feature enables proper user interaction while facilitating proper access to all products on all ends.



The cannabis delivery “elephant in the room” now sporting a $2 billion valuation after having purchased the MSO Green Dragon, EAZE is the biggest cannabis delivery app and network so far on US soil.  Look for EAZE to continue their exansion into legal states and be delivering near you in the next few years.  EAZE has the largest network of dispensaries and social equity companies under their menu managment and delivery services right now.  When Apple decided to allow cannabis apps in their ITunes store, it changed the cannabis industry forever, and EAZE was a big beneficiary of that change.


The other mega-giant in the room, built as part of Pete Thiel’s cannaibs empire, Leafly got tens of millions of dollars in funding very early in the Green Rush and built out the premier strain guide in the industry.  While Weedmaps was building out the #1 map in the industry, Leafly built out the best strain guide and user feedback sections on the Internet.  The app now facilitates cannabis ordering and “order ahead” features for dispensaries on their listing map.


Bottom line

While these are the best cannabis apps available presently, there is still a great deal of wonderful marijuana centric apps and socializing apps out there helping users everywhere. Be sure to make the most of these apps while still finding different ways to enjoy the numerous medicinal and recreational benefits of the natural herb. Do you use any of these apps on a regular basis, let us know in the comment section below.








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