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Leafly Buzz: 13 trending weed strains of ’23



Listen up, bong-loaders and blunt-rollers of North America: 2023 in cannabis flower promises to be a banger.

More growers in more legal states will push out even more fierce combos of Sherbert, Zkittlez, and OG Kush that’ll blast your palate and frontal lobes. Variations on Oreoz bring even more Instagrammable weed worldwide. Purple and gas strains, mint varieties, savory GMO Cookies offspring, and Tangie strains will blossom from hundreds of stores to thousands. Crowd favorites like Lemon Cherry Gelato—already in 500 stores—should double in availability.

Leafly Buzz’s January edition forecasts a baker’s dozen nationally grown, new-ish, award-winning, best-selling strains set to keep trending up, take trophies, and win millions more stoner hearts and minds this year.

How do we know? We pore over US search and menu data from over 6,000 strains and 4,000 stores, and annual award-winners lists. We crawled contests and expos like The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball, and we interviewed breeders, growers, buyers, and smokers. And of course, we tried hundreds of strains to complete this definitive cheat sheet to the heat on the street. Let’s tuck into Leafly Buzz for January 2023.

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Sherb and Zs


Zoap. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Deo Farms bred and grown Zoap. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Explore smoking hot crosses of Sunset Sherbert and OZ Kush (Zkittlez x OG Kush) this year to encounter unforgettable tastes and versatile hybrid effects that work day or night. That means finding some world-class Zoap from Deo Farms, and checking out the “RS” line from Wizard Trees—RS#11, and RS#54. The pivotal parent here: Dying Breed Seeds’ strain OZ Kush. So re-visit OGZ and its aliases OGZ and ZOG. Oakland, CA breeder-grower Deo Farms only works in small, perfect batches. That means eighth-ounce bags of authentic Zoap could easily fetch $80-$85 when diverted into the global market for exotics, like the clubs of Bangkok, and Barcelona this year. Commercial US pot farmers will grow metric tons of the RS line and OZK for dispensary shoppers. Enjoy Zoap with a fellow cannasseur in a squeaky clean bubbler, or a ball out with a big cannon of it.

Purple gas

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Is it Runtz? Just Gelato? Fig Farms-grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. (David Downs)
Fig Farms-grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. Hybrid. (David Downs)

… weed’s gotta look purple and smell like gas, or blunt smokers won’t puff, puff, pass.

We don’t make the rules: In 2023, weed’s gotta look purple and smell like gas, or blunt smokers won’t puff, puff, pass. That means more of the Runtz variety Lemon Cherry Gelato, and the first crosses of it. The LA brand Backpack Boyz drummed up international business for ‘LCG’ in ’22, and that momentum still builds in the Eastern US and globally. LCG’s got the commercial stats to go to the top. It grows, dries, and stores well. The lemon, cherry, and creamy berry dessert smell and taste consistently deliver what the masses crave. Lemon Cherry Gelato works day or night for relaxing, indica hybrid effects.

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How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Jealousy and friends

Jealousy up close. (Seven Leaves for Leafly)
Jealousy up close. (Seven Leaves for Leafly)

Leafly Strain of the Year 2022 Jealousy rides a rocket into the stratosphere in 2023, even as it deploys new Jealousy hybrids and offspring. Seed Junky Genetics’ cross and selection of Sherb bx1 to breeder Jigga’s authentic Gelato #41 re-set the template for Gelatos in the 2020s. We’re all benefiting from this new level of look, smell, taste, and effect. Reviewers say Jealousy leaves them giggly, talkative, and relaxed—perfect for a night out with friends. See also: Banana Cream Jealousy, London Jelly, The Glove, Purple Octane, and Pacman. 


2022’s Leafly Strain of the Year is—Jealousy!

Beyond Runtz


Goofiez. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Compound Genetics bred and grown Goofiez. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

The hype cycle has just begun for Goofiez—a new Compound Genetics cross of Jokerz and Apples and Bananas. Leafly already made Jokerz (Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato) a Leafly Buzz strain to watch in 2022, and a runner-up to Leafly Strain of the Year. Now, Jokerz marries into the power of the Cookies strain Apples and Bananas. Goofiez has big, beautiful nugs with thick, tropical taffy smells and tastes; like a handful of Hi-Chew flavors. The Blue Power genes from the Apples and Bananas keep Goofiez’s THC scores and effect super-high. 


11 runners-up to Leafly Strain of the Year 2022

Grapefruit Zlushiez

Raw Genetics Grapefruit Zlushiez, grown by Ember Valley. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Raw Genetics Grapefruit Zlushiez, grown by Ember Valley. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Look out for and buy up work from Raw Genetics’ Zlushiez line (Zkittlez x Strawberry Fritter). The latest and juiciest? Grapefruit Zlushiez (Grapefruit Runtz x Zlushiez). Our test jar from California’s Ember Valley had the sweet, strawberry, citrus, and berry of a red and blue slushie, just with way more syrupy body, and a solid hybrid afternoon and evening effect. Hit Grapefruit Zlushiez before a movie or a gaming sesh for an even better time. See also: Unicorn Poop.

Tastier Oreoz

Carbon Fiber

Get some Phinest+Cannarado Carbon Fiber in your diet. (David Downs/Leafly)
Cannarado-bred Carbon Fiber. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Oreoz had a banner year thanks to its icy, dramatic look and cookies-and-cream-like smell and taste. But not every grower could coax the sweet, chocolate cookie smell from Oreoz. A lot of it smelled like cardboard. In 2023, Cannarado’s Carbon Fiber (which also uses a Cookies and Cream parent) smells and hits as good as it looks. The California cloners at Phinest sell trays and trays of Carbon Fiber cuttings, which help build the wave. It’s one of the best gassy, dank GSC-type strains this year, and it also goes great with a couch and the end of the day, leaving reviewers talkative, aroused, and soaring.

The Y line

Gary Payton and family

All-star Gary Payton. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Cookies)
All-star Gary Payton. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Cookies)

Gary Payton (The Y x Snowman) has won over America with its all-star cookie family smell and powerful indica hybrid effects that wrap around you like a glove. The multi-state brand Cookies will pump out tons of Gary Payton coast to coast this year, and it’s a staple strain in the making. While that happens, the Gary Payton family expands with several hit crosses like Blackberry Gary. Simultaneously—we’re trying everything else coming off the family line of The Y; like Cereal A La Mode. Smoke some Gary Payton and kick back with a playoff game, and plenty of snacks to get giggly, chatty, and chill. High-tolerance types can burn one and shoot mad hoops like the San Francisco breeder Kenny Dumetz, founder of Powerzzzup Genetics.


Slam dunk 2023 with the Gary Payton strain—January’s Leafly HighLight

Minty strains

Pink Certz

Pink Certz. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Pink Certz. Grown by Sense Cannabis SF. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Pink Certz (Grape Gas crossed to The Menthol) comes to hundreds and hundreds of more stores in 2023. The Certz brand team in New York pushes out the Pink Certz back East in ’23, after the strain dominated California cannabis competitions in 2022. Compound Genetics’ core creator Chris Lynch has moved on to new project Cipher Genetics, but his Compound creations, including Pink Certz, should keep building for years. The Menthol line of ‘mint’ flavored cannabis family provides a sweet, herby, cool mint smell and flavor without actual menthol. The smell comes from cannabis’ aroma molecules, called terpenes, some of which we understand, but many we don’t. Pink Certz left our reviewers focused and energetic yet relaxed—great for blasting through busy work. See also: Khalifa Mints, and Gush Mints.

Gas on gas

OG #18

We have to include an OG Kush on every annual forecast. America loves its ‘gas’-smelling strains, and the lemon-pine-fuel of OG Kush never goes out of style. It’s been around for about a decade, but we’re seeing a variant of OG Kush called OG#18 add stores and sales every month for at least a year now. Someone likely hit the jackpot on OG Kush genes and started a new OG wave that’s giving people what they crave in the strain. OG’s don’t grow super-great, but their terpenes survive the abuse of drying and storage to deliver accurate, citrusy, piney gasoline to the smoker. Cypress Hill’s B-Real said he smokes the hybrid indica for breakfast. The rest of us mortals pair an OG with happy hour, appetizers, dessert, or the bedroom. See also: Legend OG.

Cap Junky

(David Downs/Leafly)
Capulator plus Seed Junky is Cap Junky. Grown by LA Made. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Who wants gas? I mean, like, ‘Tear into your nostrils and abuse them a bit?’ MAC1 creator Capulator, and Jealousy creator Seed Junky Genetics unite their most influential strains for Cap Junky—Alien Cookies x Animal Mints. The seeds sold out quickly, and now we’re seeing it grown by LA Made in LA, and along the West Coast. Few strains can match the sleet of trichomes, pungence, and heart-pounding effects of this high-THC, high-terpene varietal. Buckle up and enjoy Cap Junky with a couch and a wall to stare at—you’re going on an inward journey. One-quarter of early reviewers used it to manage their bipolar disorder. See also: Animal Face.

Tangie for ‘23

Super Boof

Super Boof. Grown by Triple 7. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Super Boof. Grown by Triple 7. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Citrusy, friendly Tangie and family have lots of fans as well as critics who want stronger effects from it. In 2023, look out for Super Boof, a Tangie, GSC, Black Cherry Punch project indebted to the so-called Mountain Trop (“Mtn. Trop”) selection of Tropicanna Cookies. It’s Tangie but with added cream and funk, and indica hybrid body effects from the GSC line. Super Boof’s also massive and pretty like Black Cherry Punch, with an ironic name that’s fun to say. The California breeder Blockhead went from virtual anonymity to having his work in hundreds of stores coast to coast. Tangies remain versatile—you can work on them, do yoga, hike, handle chores, whatever. Blast some Tame Impala and a bowl of Super Boof—you’ll feel like a brand new person. See also: Trop Cherry, Terple.

GMO yeah

First Class Funk

LOWD FirstClassFunk (Photo by resinated lens courtesy LOWD)
LOWD-grown First Class Funk. (Photo by resinated lens courtesy LOWD)

The savory, stanky, strong, and wrong GMO Cookies line has become an American mainstay. We wanted to shout out a rising star in the GMO constellation—First Class Funk. The Funk debuted several years back. Grower and smoker-tested and approved—it’s earned its spot on over 1,500 store menus nationwide. Compound Genetics added the bling, gas, and grower-friendliness of Jet Fuel Gelato to GMO—resulting in a Cup-winner and crowd-pleaser. First Class Funk reviews score high for soaring euphoria and party vibes. See also: GMO Rootbeer, and Gaschata.

Fresh in sativas

Pineapple Fruz

Seed Junky Pineapple Fruz (David Downs/Leafly)
Seed Junky Genetics-bred and grown Pineapple Fruz. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

The top of the sales charts for sativa lovers plays like classic rock radio: lots of decades-old gold like Super Lemon Haze, and Pineapple Express. Few new sativas break through to the main stage to play alongside the Gelatos and Zs hogging the limelight. One sativa that holds up to modern standards for size, bling, terps, and power—Pineapple Fruz from Seed Junky Genetics in LA. They grow it flawlessly in Northridge, CA at their “Farmacopeia” facility and they keep winning trophies with their closely held cross of Animal Mints bx1 x Zbx1. Seed Junky flowers sell in Michigan and beyond this year, so hopefully they’ll set the Fruz loose. Pineapple Fruz hits a little strong for breakfast, but a puff before the gym fights boredom—and it’s great at parties.

Bonus strain: New in Glue

White Truffle

White Truffle grown by 'Snowtill' in the Bay Area. (David Downs/Leafly)
Fresh Coast Genetics’ White Truffle, grown by ‘Snowtill’ in the Bay Area. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Original Glue, aka GG4, has a legion of fans nationwide clamoring for more from that line. However, the breeder Lone Watty died in 2020. The most active Glue offspring? The so-called White Truffle cut of Gorilla Butter (GG4 x Peanut butter Breath) from Michigan’s Fresh Coast Seed Co, and it’s spreading nationally into 2023. Can weed smell like an earthy, nutty, sweet, dank white truffle? You bet your snout it can. A whole Truffle line has sprouted up with Black Truffle and conflicts over the Truffle name. Reviewers got tingly, aroused, and relaxed on White Truffle—great for your favorite hobbies. Check it out for yourself and leave us a review on how White Truffle hits in your town.

And that’s a baker’s dozen banger strains (plus a bonus) set to sell out, take Cannabis Cups, and earn millions of fans for 2023. Many more flavors deserve equal space, but we gotta hold our fire for next time. Make sure to sign up for Leafly Newsletters and never miss our shining insights. Happy shopping, smoking, and growing in 2023!

About Leafly Buzz

Oft-copied, never co-opted—Leafly Buzz is the popular, monthly strain review roundup from Leafly News. We report independently on the connoisseur cannabis conversation, focusing on strain and branded flower of the US west. Reporting includes:

  • review samples
  • dispensary shopping
  • grow visits
  • cannabis events
  • Leafly search data
  • staff and reader tips, and more

Read back issues of Leafly Buzz

David Downs's Bio Image

David Downs

Leafly Senior Editor David Downs received a Literary Excellence Award from Oaksterdam University in 2022. On the cannabis beat since 2009, he’s published three books, including the best-selling cannabis crop science book ‘Marijuana Harvest.’ Downs guest lectured at the Loyola Marymount University Law School’s Journalism Law School, UC Berkeley Extension, and contributed to Continuing Education of the Bar’s Marijuana Law Hub, sponsored by University of California and the State Bar of California. Downs’ work has appeared in San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Scientific American, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Onion, Columbia Journalism Review, High Times, Billboard, and many more. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara, and was a Fellow at the Medill School of Journalism’s Academy of Alternative Journalism in Chicago.

View David Downs’s articles

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The world’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow in 2023




There’s never been a better time to grow the weed you want to see in the world.

Historic levels of cannabis liberation continue to democratize not only growing, but breeding. Strain creation has gone critical: Leafly’s 6,000-strain database could easily grow by 1,000 more this year. Breeders can’t invent names fast enough.

Leafly’s annual ‘World’s best cannabis seeds and clones to grow’ returns with a fresh mix of best-sellers, hype, playfulness, and diversity. Since more players have entered the game, we aim to highlight reputable breeders with high-performance beans.

We spent two days reporting at the world’s biggest seed scene—The Emerald Cup Harvest Ball in December. Afterward, we queried more than 30 esteemed breeders, growers, and experts for picks. And yup, we smoked hundreds of varieties in 2022 in pursuit of perfection, power, and pizzazz.

Here’s our searing core sample from the magma chamber of modern marijuana.

Runtz, Gelato, Sherbert, and Cookies cultivars

Permanent Marker. (Courtesy Doja Pak)
Seed Junky Genetics Permanent Marker. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Doja Pak)

We lead off with the GSC strain family includes Sunset Sherbert and Gelato, the dominant weed dynasty into 2023. 

Over the Christmas break, leading international cannabis brand Cookies cannon-balled into the seed pool with the Cookies Seed Bank. We expect ‘sold out’ tags on Cookies’ Hollywood (Lemon Cherry Gelato x Runtz), White Sherb (White Runtz x Sherb), or Tie Die (Jealousy x Sherb). Tap in today.

Sunset Sherbert creator Mario ‘Mr. Sherbinski’ Guzman says the creamy, berry, gassy strain has a baked-in complexity that keeps kicking out new facets. “It will continue to give for years to come,” he said.

Next up—prep your debit card for Washington breeder Exotic Genetix and his Falcon 9 crosses on sale Jan. 27. Mike crossed the icy, black, kerosine-smelling Falcon 9 (Sherb x Tina) to all the 2023 exotics: RS-11, Zkittlez, Gary Payton, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Oreoz, and Red Pop. All scorching hot right from the light off.

You can’t talk about Sherbert and Gelato without checking in with Seed Junky Genetics in LA, which sells in the adult-use market. In December, Seed Junky Genetics released clones of advanced Gelato work with Permanent Marker. 

Sherbert and Headbanger go so well together that Atlas Seeds sells Sherbanger #22 clones at $1,000 each.

Lastly, on the Gelato front, leave room in the garden for Compound Genetics x Mr. Sherbinski. Gelato #41 x Apples and Bananas packs sold fast at The Emerald Cup and will ignite even the most bored, experienced palates. 

“Smoking it is amazing, and all the growers that get their hands on it love it,” said Sherbinski.

Tap in

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Receipts don’t lie: Runtz growers stay paid in 2023. The best out there has to include Humboldt Seed Co’s Jelly Donutz. Humboldt Seed Co. works over multiple generations of plants to create stable, consistent, and vigorous seeds that help guarantee results. For more Runtz in 2023, check out Clearwater’s Creamsizzle (Runtz x Creamsicle #4). You can also take a fun chance on Wizard Trees x Runtz new Rainbow Runtz, or White Rainbows

Purple gas seeds

GastroPop grown at Sonoma Hills Farm, bred by Compound Genetics. (Courtesy Sonoma Hills Farm)
Outdoor-grown GastroPop. Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Sonoma Hills Farm)

2022 saw pot with a purple color and gasoline/fuel aromas take over even more shelf space. “It’s gotta be purple and gas or it’s not selling,” one California shop buyer said. The next 12 months will see waves of Compound Genetics’ GastroPop crosses as well as waves for each parent—Grape Gas, and Apples and Bananas. 

Growers and breeders want to replicate Compound’s success. Cannarado Genetics and Compound collaborated on Grape Gas (Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato). It’s on track to become bedrock genes of the 2020s.

For example, small-batch, outdoor Mendocino County cannabis farmer and operator of Seed 707, Mary Paulson, said she’ll run the Jokerz Candy (Gummiez x Grape Gas) in ’23. 

“They were highly recommended,” said Paulson. “People want flavor with their gas. I am looking so forward to tasting the terps.”

Compound sells its latest seeds, clones, and flower buds Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Jan. 26-28 in San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Los Angeles.

Wedding Cake seeds

Next up, America’s favorites—Wedding Cake and Ice Cream Cake. Everyone’s got a tasty Cake or hybrid of it.

The freshest in Cake for ‘23 includes Bloom Seed Co.’s Grape Cream Cake F1 and F2, plus grandkid Black Maple (Dulce de Uva x Sherbanger).

Vince Merchant, Symbiotic Genetics co-founder and strain hitmaker, recommends their Orange Malt (Ice Cream Cake x Mimosa V6).

Scoop up some of Colorado breeder Cannarado’s Cake Fruit (Wedding Cake x Papaya), or Clearwater Genetics Neopolitan’s Swirl (Wedding Cake x Creamsicle #4).

Mint strain seeds and clones

Compound Genetics Pave x Apples and Bananas. (Photo by Dankford, courtesy Compound Genetics)
Compound Genetics Pave x Apples and Bananas. Indica hybrid. (Photo by Dankford, Courtesy Compound Genetics)

The mint wave created by Seed Junky Genetics Kush Mints enters a new era as both newcomers and legacy mint flavors sell through. This year’s Pave crosses, which come from The Mentho strain, look like jewelry and smell like mint and vanilla. Clones of rebooted Thin Mint cookies sold out in hours at Purple City Genetics’ Emerald Cup booth. 

Zkittlez seeds and clones

RS54 weed strain
Wizard Trees-grown RS54 bred by Deo Farms. Hybrid indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

Competition keeps improving the Zkittlez line in 2023.

Compound Genetics’ former breeder Chris Lynch launched his new Cipher Genetics line on Cookies Seed Bank, starting with flavors based onZkittlez x Gelato #41. Gas Burzt should raise the bar for super-trendy candy-gas weed.

Nine-year-old Dying Breed Seeds’ OZ Kush stays a best-seller. Their 10-packs run $500 each. Based on OZ Kush and hot in 2023—Wizard Trees clones of RS#11 and RS#54, also go for $500 per cutting in California.

More refined OG x Zkittlez work comes from Cannarado, with an army of Zawtz clones sold by Phinest. Save some money for Zawtz Bx1 seeds this year, Cannarado founder Kevin told Leafly. 

Zawtz. (Courtesy Phinest Cannabis)
Greenhouse-grown Zawtz, developed by Cannarado. Hybrid. (Courtesy Phinest Cannabis)

“Zawtz is a great smoke and needs to be released in seed. I’ll be working her into further backcrosses this year,” the breeder explained.

Even newer, Cannarado wants you to try Rainbow Crushers. The mix ofZqueezit (Zkittlez x Gushers) and Zawtz (Gelatti x Louie13 x Zkittlez) offers “candy gas terps on a great frame.” Sign us up. 

Also look out for Phinest to carry Cannarado’s newest, Rainbow Drizzle (Snowman x Rainbow Crushers), which has “unreal bag appeal and a great terp profile. Great for flower or hash.”

There’s more to the Z wave. Terphogz co-founder Fields recommends his Emerald Cup Harvest Ball best-seller Gelonoidz (Gelonade x Z). That should crush it this season. Symbiotic Genetics also recommends Candied Oranges (Z x MimosaV6). 

Chem, Sour, Glue, and OG seeds  and clones

The influential grower/breeder Chemdog tends to his Chem 91. (Courtesy Smash Hits)
The influential grower/breeder Chemdog tends to his Chem 91. (Courtesy Smash Hits)

Chemdog, OG Kushes, Sour Diesels, and Glues own the hearts of the veteran consumers and growers who have a high tolerance. Few varietals can match their bite and power.

This week, buy legal clones from the Massachusetts grower/breeder Chemdog himself. The debut includes authentic Chem 4, Lemon OG Haze, and Biscotti Mintz. Chemdog’s brand Smash Hits sells through Canna Provisions stores. Chemdog has kept his authentic genetics close for decades, but fans have opened his heart and vault. 

“I love knowing now that if someone has a clone from Smash Hits and Canna Provisions, they got the best available on the market anywhere,” he tells Leafly.

Rebel Grown Genetics’ Cup-sweeping Double OG Chem feels like a no-brainer to grow outdoors for guaranteed blockbusting taste and effect.

Mass Medical Seeds Vx1000. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Mass Medical Seeds.
Mass Medical Seeds Vx1000. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Mass Medical Seeds)

Another Massachusetts brand Mass Medical Seeds recommends buying and growing its new Chem, Vx1000.

“Vx1000 is an absolute must for the lovers of old-school, powerful Chemdog and classic green weed like Sours and OG’s,” Mass Medical tells Leafly. “This one brings the best of the best back, with spiritually intense herb that will make you feel the nostalgia of the ’90s again.”

Need more gas? See also: Humboldt Seed Co’s top-selling All Gas OG, Wizard Trees’ new Heel Hook (Chem3 x RS11); or Oni Seed Co’s Yama (Hellfire OG x Sour Diesel backcrossed twice).

Tangie and orange-flavored weed seeds

BapaRaja. Sativa hybrid. (Courtesy Atlas Seeds)
BapaRaja. Sativa hybrid. (Photo by Joseph Ullman, Courtesy Atlas Seeds)

The masses continue to love the versatile, approachable aroma and the effects brought by the Tangie Family.

Go directly to Tangie’s creator Crockett Family Farms to get the new Orange Triangle (Triangle Kush x Tangie) for an epic outdoor run.

For more great tangies, see also: Ethos Genetics Mandarin Cookies R3; Atlas Seeds Baparaja (AS1x Super Boof); Biovortex Curious Orange; and Capulator Orange Cookies x MAC.

Hash plant seeds and clones

PCG x Atlas Seeds GMO Bomb (Papaya Bomb x GMO). (Courtesy Atlas Seeds)
Fire in the hole: PCG x Atlas Seeds GMO Bomb (Papaya Bomb x GMO). Indica hybrid. (Courtesy Atlas Seeds)

An explosion of hash plant cultivars radiates outward in 2023 as superb new cultivars yield tasty full-melt and rosin.

Two known hash dumpers—Papaya and THC Bomb—fuse in Purple City Genetics’ 2023 best-seller Papaya Bomb. Stocks sold out hours after their debut. Take the Cup-winning terps further with PCG and Atlas Seeds’ new GMO Bomb (GMO x Papaya Bomb) collaboration—an 80% indica, tropical, papaya fuel, hash dumper that finishes by early September.

Weed expert Shannon McInerney at Seed 2 Soul Distribution in California said 2023 means more GMO and Papaya for heady, heavy dankness, and funk. 

“I’m craving more of the potent, full-body diesel, gassy terpene profiles and structures,” she said.


Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains of ’23

The Masonic Seed Co strain Banana God just won the invite-only Ego Clash. Get the Banana God 2.0 Fems and try Masonic’s Papaya Moonbow for tropical, interstellar flavor and potency.

For even more GMO winners, Symbiotic Genetics recommends Cara Cara (GMO x Mimosa). From the maker of MAC, also check out Capulator’s Chem Chillz (GMO x Chillz).

Also, scoop up Humboldt Seed Co’s Blueberry Pancakes—named for its sickeningly sweet syrup-smelling and tasting full-melt and hash rosin. This Slurricane x Purple Panty Dropper hybrid boasts some of the highest terpene results the company has ever seen, 5.6%.

As the White Truffle wave builds in US stores, paddle further out. Fresh Coast Genetics’ Truffle Icing takes Gorilla Butter F2 (White Truffle cut) to Garlic Icing. It sounds rancid, and we mean that as a compliment.

Cannarado also recommends Euroz (Zkittlez x London Pound Cake #75) which finishes in just 45 days, “and is a hash-makers dream,” he said.

Sativa seeds

Help keep cannabis weird: Make your own unique gardening choices this year. Spend the time, energy, and space commercial growers can’t. Grow strange sativas.

Mass Medical Seeds wants you to trippin’ on psychedelic sativa Laos, collected by the highly regarded Bodhi Seeds near the Yunnan Border. Laos is “woody, spicy, and meaty—with wild, foxtailing buds, and a surprising amount of frost for a pure landrace.”

Equilibrium Genetics’ fresh menu of landrace sativa crosses helps shatter the Gelato genetic bottleneck. Equilibrium’s Jason Matthys suggests running Banana Mist—a cross of Banana OG x Kali Mist x Heirloom Malawi. Why? “Tropical sativa terps for 2023,” he said.

Ethos Genetics’ Zweet Insanity RBX doubles up on Glue, Skunk, and Durban genes for sugar, citrus, and gas smells coming from a lot of terpinolene, myrcene, and ocimene.

Legacy and old-school seeds

Bring an old-school strain back to life like your own little Jurassic Park.

Todd McCormick’s Ag Seed Co Purest Indica gives you a chance to boot up an original indica with fat leaves, nostalgic smells, and body stone. 

“It has a sour, dank, skunk-like smell that is not easy to cover up and permeates any room it’s in,” said the legend McCormick. “It certainly tastes like cannabis and not candy.” 

Need to sleep or fight pain? Purest Indica has a “heavy body effect, more relaxing and mellowing than energetic.”


How to grow marijuana outdoors

For more: Mr. Nice Guy Seedbank said they’re moving a lot of vintage Black Widow, Nordle, and Super Silver Haze. 

And we’re taking it back to our first grow using Equilibrium Genetics’ new Blue Dream Bx. That’s Blue Dream backcrossed with Freeborn Selections Rootbeer. Blue Dream’s back, baby!

OK—that’s the road map to fantastic cannabis genetics for 2023. North America starts germinating indoors for the full-term outdoor season as early as March 15. Let’s get growing.

David Downs's Bio Image

David Downs

Leafly Senior Editor David Downs received a Literary Excellence Award from Oaksterdam University in 2022. On the cannabis beat since 2009, he’s published three books, including the best-selling cannabis crop science book ‘Marijuana Harvest.’ Downs guest lectured at the Loyola Marymount University Law School’s Journalism Law School, UC Berkeley Extension, and contributed to Continuing Education of the Bar’s Marijuana Law Hub, sponsored by University of California and the State Bar of California. Downs’ work has appeared in San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Scientific American, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Onion, Columbia Journalism Review, High Times, Billboard, and many more. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara, and was a Fellow at the Medill School of Journalism’s Academy of Alternative Journalism in Chicago.

View David Downs’s articles

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Cali Sober cannabis product picks for 2023




The new year is a magical time of possibility, resolution, and reinvention. As we finish putting 2022 to rest and settle into 2023, there’s no time like January to practice making the most of the new year. Many of us have committed to health goals, or have gone Cali Sober after all the holiday boozing.

Almost half of regular alcohol drinkers are trying to reduce their alcohol consumption right now, and even more are substituting with non-alcoholic beverages, including many with cannabinoids and adaptogens. Young drinkers aged 21 to 35 lead the ‘Cali sober’ trend, said researchers at Veylinx, a consumer insights platform.

“It’s clear there is a trend toward replacing alcoholic cocktails with non-alcoholic ones. Consumers are especially interested in non-alcoholic cocktails enhanced with CBD and natural mood boosters,” says Veylinx’s Head of Global Marketing Michael Bevan.

So we, benevolent stoners that we are, did our due diligence to find the best cannabis flowers, vapes, gummies, mints and more to support your 2023 resolutions.

Low-munchie sativas

Pink Boost Goddess

THC-V top shelf: Pink Boost Goddess. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
THC-V top shelf: Pink Boost Goddess. Sativa hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Support your Cali Sober goals with something familiar—flower and pre-rolls, which comprise half of all cannabis sales. Ask your budtender—sativa-dominant hybrids can be energetic, suppress appetite, and support mood. For example, the hottest, trendiest sativa in California, Pink Boost Goddess. The award-winning sativa packs a record amount of THC-V, an exotic THC molecule some users report suppresses anxiety and appetite. Pink Boost Goddess sells as pre-rolls or in 7-gram jars, loosely trimmed and perfectly dried this time of year. It’s got a sweet, minty, and floral taste, with a smooth, delicate smoke. Very old-school to start a new year. Pair with a cup of Landrace Origins coffee for a morning of productive, energized, intermittent fasting. See also: Durban.

New in non-smoked flower

PAX Infused Flower pods

PAX now makes hash-infused flower pellets for use in the Pax 3 flower vape. (Courtesy PAX)
PAX now makes hash-infused flower pellets for use in the Pax 3 flower vape. (Courtesy PAX)

Give your winter-weakened lungs a break with a flower vape—they turn cannabis’ active ingredients into vapor before burning occurs for enhanced flavor and less irritation. The world’s leading flower vape maker, Pax, gets into the THC game with its line of full-melt water hash-infused flower pellets for use in the Pax 3. No smoke touches your lungs with the Pax flower vape system and these punch-packing prefab pods come in classic strains you already love.


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1:1 THC:CBD strains

Holy Crunch

Commit to a lower cannabis tolerance with weed that combines equal parts THC and CBD. You get the mood support of THC without some of the intense side effects, like anxiety or drowsiness. Ask your budtender to show you so-called “1:1” strains, which stand for ‘1 to 1 THC to CBD.’ (Cannabis nerds call these ‘type 2’ strains, as opposed to type 1 high-THC strains.) 

A top-of-the-line type 2 weed strain, Holy Crunch for 2023 comes precision-bred by Molecular Farms and sold by Farmer and the Felon, or Speciale. It’s a traditional GSC crossed with a heritage South American sativa strain. On it, you can unwind after work without THC’s anxiousness or fatigue. Holy Crunch tastes sweet, cereal, and honey-flavored, and its long-lasting effect won it the 2019 Emerald Cup for Best CBD Flower.

Need more balanced THC/CBD strains? See also: Harlequin, ACDC, Starburst, Midnight, and Mai Tai Cookies.

Organic vape

Jetty Extracts OCal solventless products 

Living that “clean” eating life where you don’t do processed junk? You can finally brag to your skeptical friends that your vape is indeed organic with your cartridge from Jetty Extracts. They’re the first cannabis concentrates brand to receive an OCal certification, a program developed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and comparable to the National Organic Program. Award-winning Jetty Extracts has hash-infused pre-rolls, solventless carts, and rosin dabs that are now the weed equivalent of Erewhon groceries.

Gummies, mints, bites, bars

Leune Gem Drops

(Courtesy Leune)
(Courtesy Leune)

Rest up after the gym, or confront your trauma in 2023 with some microdose THC plus CBD gummies on-board. Leune’s founder and CEO Nidhi Lucky Handa aims for an audience beyond male “super stoners” with her four flavors—Cloud Berry, Sol Berry, Desert Gold, and Piña Dream—and two doses, 5 milligrams and 2.5 mg THC. Each Gem Drop, which gets its cannabinoids from rosin, has a boost of either Spirulina, Vitamin C, or B Complex. Hit hot yoga on the 2.5 mg THC mango and peach Desert Gold with vitamin C. Manage social anxiety with strawberry rhubarb Sol Berry at 5 mg THC and B complex. Netflix and chill with blackberry lemon Cloud Berry 5 mg THC and spirulina. Or sack out with Piña Dream containing 5 mg THC, 5 mg CBD, and 2.5 mg CBG each.

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD gummies

Since the company’s inception in 2020, the good folks at Dad Grass have made it their mission to help the THC-sensitive among us still find ways to enjoy the herb. While Dad Grass’ flower remains their flagship product, their line of notably flavorful and vegan gummies proved just as appealing. I personally found myself gravitating to the succulent Blackberry and Ginger blend in the classic formula. 

One slight downside: The Dad Grass gummies all left a slight filminess on the tongue and mouth. Each gummy contains 20 mg of full-spectrum CBD extract, meaning that you’ll get up to 0.3% THC in these little flavor bombs, as well as small amounts of other cannabinoids like CBG and CBN. As Leafly has reported extensively, that little dash of THC can go a long way to giving you a robust experience, even if it’s just a lil’ daddy dose. 

Cinnamon (1:1 CBD) Petra Mints by Kiva

Cannabis mints define discreet dosing. (Courtesy Kiva)
Cannabis mints define discreet dosing. (Courtesy Kiva)

Many prescription pharmaceutical patients have set aside their mood stabilizers with something more benign. Cinnamon-flavored Kiva Petra Mints hit the perfect ratio and dose of 2.5 mg THC and 2.5 mg CBD. Trying to stay positive and off social media this year? Kiva mints are discreet, portable, and precision-dosed, and the Cinnamon has a sweet and spicy flavor that is completely vegan and sugar-free. See also: Papa & Barkley CBN Blackberry Elderberry Sleep Releaf Gummies.

Atlas Granola Bars

(Courtesy Atlas)
(Courtesy Atlas)

Fitness goals for 2023 can include the gym, your nearest hiking trail, dusting off your bicycle, or taking some laps around the neighborhood. Atlas’ granola bars offer a single-dose power snack with 5 mg each of CBD and THC, or 10 mg THC. Those with gluten allergies beware, but if you need a quick hit of carbs and protein with your calisthenics, these take the edge off. 

Pantry Good Day bites

Turmeric, mushrooms, ashwagandha—oh my! Pantry Food Co is known for edibles that incorporate wellness ingredients with cannabinoids, like their dark chocolate Keto Bites, while avoiding the high-sugar and processed ingredients of their competitors. The Good Day bites contain 5 mg each of THC and CBD that suit starting a new day or winding down from a busy week. 


Charlotte’s Web THC Tincture and Daily Wellness Gummies

(Courtesy Charlotte's Web)
(Courtesy Charlotte’s Web)

No one does CBD quite like the Stanley brothers, who created the high-CBD Charlotte’s Web strain to help children cope with epilepsy. Their maximum strength tincture is dosed at 60 mg per 1 mL, making it an ideal daily supplement to your wellness routine to treat symptoms of conditions including pain, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. If you need something easier to dose, their CBD wellness gummies each contain 25 mg of hemp-derived CBD, available in a 60-pack. 

Treeworks Daily Drops

(Courtesy Daily Drops)
(Courtesy Daily Drops)

Taking your daily vitamins has never been so fun. Massachusetts’ Treeworks’ Daily Drops uses a base of Rick Simpson Oil for its 5:1 THC:CBG formula perfect for getting through your busy day with pomp. They’ve also thrown in ginseng, a huge medicinal herb in China and South Korea, to help lower stress and optimize your daylight hours. 

OM Edibles tincture

Liquid extractions of cannabis, called tinctures, provide all the great effects of cannabis without any smoke, and they work much faster than edibles, if you let the tincture sit under your tongue. Maya Elisabeth of OM was one of the first licensed cannabis manufacturers in California’s legal market, and worked in the industry for years before creating a women-focused cannabis wellness brand. She’s known for her vegan gummies, topicals, and bath bombs, but OM tinctures are some of the most enduring on the market. The Daytime Elixir combines THC from sungrown cannabis with ginger and echinacea for an easy-to-dose last step in your morning routine. See also: AbsoluteXtracts Sleepy Time Drops.

Tablets, pills, capsules

Kikoko XTabs

For when you need a macrodose. (Courtesy Kikoko)
For when you need a macrodose. (Courtesy Kikoko)

Legalization means super-simple formats everyone can recognize—like THC pills, tablets, capsules, and even mouth strips. California brand Kikoko made its name with low-dose tea. But their repertoire has grown to include single-dose honey sticks, mints, and now, high-dose XTabs. This isn’t your grandma’s microdose tea. This is for the hippie queens who need XTabs’ 50 mg THC terpene-infused tablets for what ails them. They have indica, sativa, and hybrid options to suit any kind of excursion.

Protab Recovery tablets

As with any journey or new challenge, the start is the hardest part. That first workout at the gym can leave you feeling sore and disheartened, but that means that it’s working. To mitigate soreness and imbue you with the motivation you need to keep going, Level created the Recovery Protab. If you’re not a THC fan, these tablets (free of all animal products, sugar, and gluten) contain a potent potion of THCa, CBDa, CBG, and CBC. You won’t feel any psychoactivity, but you may feel more inclined to be active.

plantwise’s Relax & Rest capsules

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a full-on fiend for CBD gummies. But when bedtime rolls around, I prefer to avoid putting (more) sugar in my body. Capsules present a great opportunity to harness the soothing properties of CBD, without any potential adverse effects from sugar. 

I’ve really enjoyed the entire line of plantwise’s capsules, but the Rest & Relax variety have found a special place in my THC-sensitive heart. In addition to 40 mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, these capsules contain a cocktail of additional compounds and plant extracts to help knock you the hell out: Melatonin, chamomile, rafuma leaf, valerian root and a synthetic version of the amino acid GABA 

Kin Slips

Kin Slips co-founder Josh Kirby tells Leafly how the company is working to stay abreast of the complicated stream of rules and regulations issuing from the Bureau of Cannabis Control.
Kin Slips (Courtesy of Kin Slips)

Remember those Listerine mouthwash strips that tingled on your tongue? Well, Kin Slips do a lot more than that, without compromising any of your wellness goals. If you want to give up alcohol for Dry January or just minimize your intake throughout the year, Kin Slips’ latest formula, Champagne Haze, gives you the bubbliness without the actual bubbles. As a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD dosed at 10 mg each, you can pop a Champagne Haze on your tongue and embrace the party in around 15 minutes.

Drinks, mixers

Ripple QuickSticks

No liquid need. QuickSticks. (Courtesy Ripple)

Pixi Stix have no nutritional value, yes, but what if they had a little cannabinoid boost? Ripple’s flagship product was a cannabinoid-infused, water-soluble powder you could add to food and beverages. You can still do that—they have formula options with CBD and CBN for both a morning brew and nightcap—but you now can also rip open and swallow a QuickSticks, a version you can let absorb right on your tongue. These do contain sugar, but have the fastest activation time of any edible on this list.

CANN Roadie micro-dose mixers

You can’t be Cali Sober without something to swig at the party. How about little drink packets that can turn any liquid seltzer into a micro-dose drink? CANN brand “Roadie” 8-packs of drink mixes come in Lemon Lavender and Grapefruit Rosemary. Each packet has 2 mg THC and 4 mg CBD—the perfect amount to make your drunk friends’ antics endearing.

Koan Cordials

Leafly picks cannabis flowers, dabs, edibles, carts to support your 2023 Cali Sober and New Year’s goals. (Courtesy Koan)
(Courtesy Koan)

Shots anyone? Your go-to drink doesn’t have to come in a can or a bottle. Koan Cordials are 10 mL drink shots or additives to mocktails. They carry six formulas with varying ratios of THC and CBD, starting with the 15:1 CBD:THC Calm, to Wonder, a more psychoactive 9:2 THC:CBD blend; they also have formulas for “Create,” “Love,” and “Sleep.” Each cordial also contains botanical terpenes, so no grassy weed taste here. If you don’t see a formula you love, feel free to mix and match them as well! 

Potli Dream Honey

Potli founder Felicity Chen wanted to create cannabis products her parents would feel comfortable using, and could incorporate into their daily routines. Potli now offers a variety of pantry goods, including Sriracha, olive oil, and chili oil, but their infused honeys continue to win cannabis awards and fans. The Dream Honey comes in two formulas, one with THC and one without, but both with a combination of CBN and CBD in addition to honey’s naturally anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. A single teaspoon contains 5 mg of CBN and 2.5 mg of CBD. See also: Somatik coffee

Leafly Senior editor David Downs, and freelancer Max Savage Levenson contributed to this story.

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Amelia Williams

New York-based freelance cannabis journalist Amelia Williams is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s journalism program, and a former budtender. Williams has contributed to the San Francisco Chronicle’s GreenState, MG Magazine, Culture Magazine, and Cannabis Now, Kirkus Reviews, and The Bold Italic.

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Snoop Dogg’s weed grower details Death Row flower debut




Weed in 2023 starts off with a bang this week as American music icon Snoop Dogg brings Death Row label legal chronic to California fans. 

Snoop Dogg’s new Death Row branded herb starts with a 40-pound lot of SFV OG, LA Runtz, and Trop Cherry in Los Angeles stores beginning next week, according to Death Row grower “AK.”

Death Row flower, which comes in some sick, blingy bags and should retail for $35-$45 (before tax), will be available in a dozen stores in SoCal starting with Cookies. Batches will stay below 50 pounds to focus on quality. 

Death Row isn’t growing its own flowers yet, though. The cannabis initially comes via Cali Supply Co in Chatsworth, CA, AK tells Leafly. AK has focused on scooping up the best of the best from licensed cultivators in the sprawling LA scene, he said. The tree will be high in THC, with a target of 2 to 4% terpenes, the aroma molecules that amplify weed’s high, he said. Terp scores will be indicated on the bag.

The small team behind Death Row flower is also selecting a Strawberry Gary (Red Pop x Gary Payton) from seed packs by Exotic Genetix, said AK. Death Row has 50 licensed lights under use for hunting hit strains, and plans to add commercial growing capacity. AK shouted out breeders like Exotic Genetix Mike and Archive Seeds‘ Fletch (breeder of Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 Dosidos) for pairing THC scores with the real stars of the show, terpenes.

“Honestly, I’d smoke a flower that was 6% terpenes and 10% THC, over something that was 20% THC and no terps,” AK told Leafly.

Death Row flower will test high in both terps and THC, AK said.

The team behind Death Row cannabis

(Courtesy Death Row)
Death Row flower comes in metallic mylar bags with classic art and a punched loophole—for your chain. (Courtesy Death Row)

Snoop Dogg has gone from smoking and slanging weed, to rapping about it, to banking legal cannabis dollars, and now buying the iconic label he helped build.

Death Row records made hundreds of millions of dollars mainstreaming ‘90s LA gangsta rap and street culture, including high-grade hydroponic indoor ganja, aka “chronic”. Death Row released Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle, 2Pac’s All Eyez on Me, and many more classics. Snoop purchased the rights to the defunct Death Row in 2022.

Snoop has 19 studio albums, 17 Grammy nominations, and dozens of TV shows and film credits. The recognized weed industry power player appears on the Doggy Bag branded flower—a Grandiflora cross of Project 4516 x Zkittlez #18—on sale in Cookies stores. Snoop also won again with Uncle Snoop’s Snazzle-Os infused onion rings, which contain about 1mg THC per ring.

Death Row flower must stand on its own separate from his other ventures, Dogg told AK. 


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

“We have huge shoes to fill,” AK said.

AK’s aware of the stigma against celebrity cannabis, but his team has the bonafides and bomb tree to triumph, he said.

Snoop’s a proven selector of good herb. AK is a 20-year grower, first from Seattle, and for the last five years in LA. Three people direct the Death Row cannabis project: AK; ‘Shaggy’—Snoop’s sound engineer and weed man; as well as ‘Tiffany,’ who’s also Dogg-affiliated.

I asked AK the strains he smoked on Tuesday by lunchtime: a super-rare cut of Deo Farms’ Rainbow Sherbert, RS#3; an SFV OG; and the Tommy Shelby cut of Ice Cream Cake, he said.

RS54 weed strain
Wizard Trees-grown RS54, bred by Deo Farms. Hybrid indica. (David Downs/Leafly)

AK’s also the VP of Cultivation for TRP Co—with grows in Florida, and Cookies and Lemonnade stores in California under management. And AK worked on a runner-up to 2022’s Leafly Strain of the YearRS#11, bred by Deo Farms and selected AK and Wizard Trees’ Scotty. 

AK helped pick RS#54, while Scotty focused on RS#11. AK also kept the most Z variety of the project—the RS#3—which he looks forward to bringing to the legal market; so watch out for that.

We’ll have a hands-on review of Death Row weed soon, so stay subscribed and keep your Leafly app updated. Air out from all this indoor Hollyweed talk with our outdoor-focused 12 best cannabis strains of harvest 2022.

David Downs's Bio Image

David Downs

Leafly Senior Editor David Downs received a Literary Excellence Award from Oaksterdam University in 2022. On the cannabis beat since 2009, he’s published three books, including the best-selling cannabis crop science book ‘Marijuana Harvest.’ Downs guest lectured at the Loyola Marymount University Law School’s Journalism Law School, UC Berkeley Extension, and contributed to Continuing Education of the Bar’s Marijuana Law Hub, sponsored by University of California and the State Bar of California. Downs’ work has appeared in San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Scientific American, Wired, Rolling Stone, The Onion, Columbia Journalism Review, High Times, Billboard, and many more. He holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from UC Santa Barbara, and was a Fellow at the Medill School of Journalism’s Academy of Alternative Journalism in Chicago.

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