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Learn All About High-Potency Cannabinoids and the Products Containing Them  



In today’s cannabis market – at the very least, in states that don’t have legal recreational weed – high-potency products containing blends of extra strong cannabinoids and gaining popularity. But what exactly are these new compounds? Are they natural or synthetic? What makes them different from one another? And what kind of products contain them? Scroll down to learn all about high-potency products.

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What are high-potency cannabis products? 

High-potency cannabis products are just that, consumer weed products that contain the more psychoactive compounds found in the cannabis plant, as well as some new, synthetic variations. The two categories of cannabinoids that actually produce these type of effects are THCs (tetrahydrocannabinols) and HHCs (hexahydrocannabinols).  

When it comes to high-potency cannabis products, they can fall into one of three categories: products that contain only one high-potency cannabinoid, such as THC-P only products. You can also have products with a blend of high-potency cannabinoids, like THC-O, Delta 10, THCjd, and THCh mixed together. Or, you can have a product with very high concentrations of any psychoactive cannabinoid, like edibles with 100mg or more of delta 9 per serving.  

Typically, high-potency products consist of vapes, edibles, and concentrates. Flower products can be infused with stronger cannabinoids, but they still are not usually considered high-potency, because there really is a limit to how high one can get on smokables.  

More about THCs and HHCs 

First, let’s quickly review THCs. There are a total of at least 15 that we know of. There are 4 major types of THC that are naturally occurring in the plant: THCA, THCV, Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC. Then, we have a few synthetics like THC-O and Delta 10. And we also have some very trace cannabinoids (those that show up in very low amounts) like THCP. And then we have a whole slew of new THCs that very little remains known about, and these include THCjd and THCh.

We also have one, naturally occurring endocannabinoid that is in the family of THCs, and that’s 11-hydroxy THC. This is not a cannabinoid per se, but a metabolite that our body creates when we digest different types of THC. So, if you’re eating naturally occurring THCs, like Delta 8 or Delta 9, the effects in our bodies will be the same, because they are all converted to 11-hydroxy THC. Synthetic THCs may have different effects, this has not been thoroughly studied.  

Now, on to HHCs. There are way less HHCs than THCs, so at least it doesn’t get very confusing here. With hexahydrocannabinols we have HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P. There is a biologically active naturally occurring (−)-hexahydrocannabinol, as well as its synthetic enantiomer (+)-hexahydrocannabinol. The synthetic HHC, which can be found in spice, has the chemical formula: 9-Nor-9β-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol, and the natural variety, found in trace amounts in cannabis pollen, goes by the formula: 6aR,9R,10aR-Hexahydrocannabinol. 

Both HHC-O and HHC-P are synthetic. HHC-O is the acetate version of HHC. HHC-P has the same alkaline chain as HHC but with two extra carbons included. The addition of these extra carbons is believed to enhance its ability to bind to cannabinoid receptors in the human body – but again, much of this research is extremely new and limited.  

Deals on High-Potency Cannabis Products  

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can you snort kief

Can You Snort Kief? – Cannadelics




Yup, this is going to be one of those super intellectual articles. Right on par with whether you can smoke a mushroom, which we got to the bottom of not that long ago. It’s a valid question, of course, and I think it’s necessary for readers to know. So today we attack the very-important question of, can you snort kief?

Ah, the age old question of can you snort kief… here’s what you need to know. We’re a cannabis and psychedelics news publication which reports on big stories in these exciting and growing fields. We also offer the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter for readers to keep updated, as well as access a bunch of awesome deals on all kinds of swag from vapes and other smoking paraphernalia, to edibles and cannabinoid compounds like the uber-popular Delta 8 & HHC. Head over to our ‘best of’ lists for more info, and pick yourself up the products you feel most comfortable using.

What is kief?

If you’re smoking some low grade, twiggy, full of seeds ditch weed, you’re probably not concerning yourself with kief. But for those smoking the good stuff, the kief is the cherry on top of the cake. Some people collect it by using grinders with an entrapment on the bottom to catch the powder, or stash containers with the same collection repository. Some people like to sprinkle the kief on cannabis or tobacco, or to save it up and compress it into hash. If necessary, kief is usable in place of weed, if you run out of that first.

So, what is the stuff? Kief is the powdered trichomes that come off of the flowers of the plant, often called pollen, or resin glands. The trichomes are the chemical building structures that house the cannabinoids like THC, and terpenes like linalool; so if you have a bunch of high-quality cannabis kief, you’ve essentially got a bunch of high quality cannabinoids and terpenes too.

The kief, therefore, is a concentrated form of the cannabinoids responsible for the medical and mind-altering effects of the cannabis, as well as the terpenes which are responsible for the taste, color, and smell of the plant.


Kief is the starting point of hash. Hash is made of the compressed resin glands of the plant, AKA, trichomes, or kief. Just like kief is a concentrate because its comprised solely of trichomes, hash is a concentrated version of these trichomes, as well. Hash is made pretty simply by squeezing the kief together until it becomes a solid. This doesn’t require more than rolling kief in the hand, or smashing it in a plastic bag. For some people, the entire point of saving up the kief, is to turn it into hash.

If you’re smoking the low-grade, twiggy, full of seeds ditch weed, there won’t be kief, or not as much. The plant will still have cannabinoids, but far fewer, which is why such weed isn’t known for producing a good high. The more kief there is, the stickier the plant feels, the brighter the color, the more pungent the smell and taste, and the greater the effects. Have you ever had weed so strong that you could smell it even after wrapping it in two plastic bags and sticking it in a backpack? That’s the kief!

Kief is powdery by nature, which is why there’s confusion over how its possibly used. After all, we snort other powdery substances, like cocaine and ketamine, right? Is it that far off to ask, can you snort that kief, as well?

Realistically, kief functions similarly to cannabis flowers. It can be smoked, eaten in edibles, vaped, used in a tincture, or applied to skin creams and salves. Generally, we don’t consider snorting weed, but kief is such a concentrated part, and so powdery by nature, that the question does come up. Unfortunately, the question ‘can you snort kief’, might not come with the answer you desire.

Can you snort kief?

We’re a world of people who like to self-experiment. Maybe this is a sign of widespread boredom, or simply a constant desire to try to push the boundaries of what makes us feel good. The reason I’m writing this article today, is because the question ‘can you snort kief’ is a relatively prevalent one, and an easy-enough experiment, that many have tried. Anyone who has, likely came to the same result.

There are two things to remember about cannabinoids and your nose. The first is that the mucous membranes of your nose won’t take up cannabinoids in their natural form, since you are water-based, and they are oil-soluble. When a person uses a THC nasal spray, they’re using a form of cannabis which has been emulsified to make uptake through the nasal passage possible. This process turns something oil-soluble, into something water-soluble. This doesn’t happen naturally, though. If it did, it might be commonplace to see people with the plant shoved up a nostril, and let’s be honest, no one does that.

Can kief be snorted
Can kief be snorted

The other thing to remember? Even if you could shove it up there, it would have to be decarboxylated first in order to access any psychotropic effects. It’s still weed after all, and if the THCA isn’t transformed into THC, there’s no high to access in the first place. For anyone thinking they want to go decarb their kief to try snorting it that way…just remember the first point, that it won’t matter since marijuana isn’t water-soluble. Sorry, guys!

Plus, if you want a couple more reasons not to attempt this experiment, here are a couple more things to consider. Kief is coming off a plant, it’s going to be mixed with dirt, and other unwanted particles that might not be desired by the inside of your nose. The reason people use nostrils for medication uptake is because there are a lot of blood vessels, but this means its also easy to get bad microbes up there.

Snorting something dirty and unrefined is a great way of getting an infection. The other aspect of this? It probably won’t feel good. That’s a sensitive area that doesn’t want such particles coming into it. Snorting kief will result in no high, but discomfort in your nostril. Something like cocaine numbs the inside of your nose to make it a painless experience, but kief can’t do this; if you choose to experiment in this way, expect to feel the burn.

If you REALLY want to snort weed, there might be a way…

Alright, so if you cue up that kief line, and snort your way through it, you’re probably going to irritate your sinuses, and not much more. What if you’re not snorting kief, though, but an isolate instead? There are some interesting stories about people getting pretty messed up from blowing through lines of isolate.

Well, according to Marijuana Mommy Founder, and RN, Jessie Gill, nostrils don’t provide enough bioavailability for isolates since cannabinoids are fat-soluble, not water-soluble. Since mucous membranes are comprised mostly of water, this doesn’t get around the same uptake issue previously mentioned.

Despite this, Gill notes that “it’s easy to over-consume.” And specifically about CBD, “Consuming high doses of CBD via any method can lead to overstimulation, which some people may interpret as a ‘buzz.’” While there still isn’t much backing up this method of delivery, there are a few personal stories out there. In all cases, however, what other drugs the user might have taken, wasn’t accounted for. It also can’t be ruled out that those who claim a high from this experience, were really just experiencing the placebo effect.

Marijuana pollen
Marijuana pollen

Searches in online forums turn up mixed results, but way more on the side of no effect. Once again, when looking through reddit or Quora, it’s impossible to know the specific situations, confounding factors (like other drugs), whether there was a placebo effect, or if the person just wants to spin stories. The general consensus meets the science, in that though a person can snort kief, they’re just not going to get high.


So, there you have it. In answer to the question, can you smoke kief, the answer is a resounding ‘well, it won’t kill you, but it won’t do anything for you either.’ If you want to make good use of that kief, sprinkle it on a bowl, smash it into hash, or use it for your edibles. But if your goal is to snort it, all you’re doing is wasting some super fine bud concentrate.

Curious about what you can smoke in life? Read on to find the answer to other popular questions, like can you smoke in space? Or, can you smoke magic mushrooms? Or, can you smoke tinctures, gummies, capsules, or oils?

Welcome all! We appreciate you joining us at, the place to go for comprehensive news on the cannabis and psychedelics spaces, all independent! Stop by daily to stay informed on changes in these industries, and sign up for the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter, so you’re never late on getting the story.

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Guide to CBD Dosage for Beginners + Health Benefits




What is CBD? + Types of CBD Products

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a common component of the Marijuana/Cannabis plant. The ingredient aka cannabinoids is mainly used as a part of medicinal products as CBD has been shown to hold healing properties that can benefit those who consume it. It is also one of the cannabinoids that do not produce any “high” sensation, making it suitable for those who may not want that experience with THC intake. The ingredient has grown highly popular, especially for easing bodily issues. The US CBD market has seen a growth of 700%, which shows how much people rely on the effects of this naturally forming component. While the final products may vary based on how they’re filtered, their final composition, etc., but the following are the three top classifications of CBD:

It contains all the natural phytochemicals from the cannabis plant and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%), but can still offer a more potent effect than pure CBD. This entourage effect is the result of the combination of all cannabis compounds working together with CBD, a great solution for patients with chronic medical conditions.

It contains all the natural phytochemicals but is entirely devoid of THC.

As the name suggests, CBD isolate is the purest form of CBD, as it removes the rest of the plant chemicals – cannabinoid phenol, flavonoids, and terpenes.

CBD Dosage – How to Determine Your Ideal Dose?

The amount of CBD you can intake depends upon several biological factors. If you’re considering starting the intake of CBD, start with a low dosage. For example, you could start with 15mg a day and see how your body responds to it. Gradually after a week or two, if the need arises, you can increase the dosage by 5mg. Always keep track of the dosage you’re taking and do not make sudden increases to your regular amounts.

Optimal CBD Dosage: Factors to Consider Before Intake

  • Height and weight

    Your height and weight can determine how CBD can react in your body and the dosage you would need for the maximum effect. Studies show that if you’re on the taller side or heavier side, you may require a higher dosage. Average recommendations range from 0.2mg-0.7mg per pound of body weight. However, it is necessary to see how your body reacts first and also consult with a doctor in case you have an underlying health condition or take any medications.

  • Age

    As we keep growing older, our metabolism rate slows down. This means that the time taken to break down compounds increases with age. CBD may have a delayed onset of results the older you are, and have faster effects if you start at a relatively young age. Depending on your age you can start with a dosage on the smaller side and then gradually increase it for better effects.

  • Hormonal levels

    Men and women have different hormonal behaviors that can affect how the body reacts to CBD. The fluctuation of hormones in the body can also affect the results that come from CBD consumption. While starting out with CBD it is necessary to monitor how your body reacts before jumping to higher dosages.

CBD Dosage: Potential Uses + Health Benefits

There are various reasons why one can choose to consume CBD. The component is known for its relaxing and healing effects. Dosage levels can be determined for these reasons and the level of effect needed.

  • Anxiety relief

    Dealing with anxiety can often feel challenging as it can severely affect how you get your daily routines. Anxiety waves can end up feeling overwhelming and also leave you exhausted mentally once you come close to dealing with them. CBD can help bring relief to these moments. It holds medicinal properties that can alleviate anxiety symptoms and allow the user to feel more relaxed and energetic. You can also use CBD gummies for sleep which can often be disturbed by anxiety systems.

  • Pain relief

    There are many unfortunate ways in which one can feel high levels of pain in the body. Sometimes these become unbearable and require an external source that will provide instant relief. CBD has healing properties that can bring pain relief to users and allow them to feel more at ease. The amount of CBD dosage depends upon the levels and sources of pain. You can buy CBD gummies online to get easier availability to your requirements. Depending on how the body reacts, one may gradually choose to increase their dosage after consulting with a doctor.

  • Arthritis

    It is a medical condition that weakens joints and ligaments with time, affecting the mobility of a person. The illness can result in a painful environment for a person and they need a relieving matter to help them go about their day easily. CBD may help reduce these painful moments and potentially help alleviate symptoms as well. Depending on the severity of the condition, a patient may be recommended CBD dosages to provide relief along with regular treatments for Arthritis.

  • PTSD symptoms

    PTSD can be a challenging mental health issue to deal with and may interrupt how one goes about their daily routines. Along with aiding anxiety, CBD oils may help in relieving PTSD symptoms as well. Its calming properties can help a person feel more calm and help relieve their mind in stressful situations too.

  • Relief from insomnia

    Consumption of CBD without the presence of THC can help improve insomnia conditions that may otherwise leave a person exhausted. Its medicinal properties can help ease a person’s condition and improve their sleep cycles.

  • Reduce migraine pains

    CBD oils and capsules can help with minimizing inflammations that lead to migraines. Periodical consumption of monitored doses can help provide relief to migraine problems that may be affecting a person’s day-to-day life.


While consuming CBD for relief purposes may seem easy, it is necessary to look at how it works and understand the different effects clearly. One should also monitor how their body can handle and react to CBD before increasing any dosage. Please consult with a medical professional to find the right dose for you.

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Is CBD Coffee Safe To Consume Daily?




Is CBD Coffee Safe To Consume Daily?

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably seen CBD products popping up here, there, and everywhere. But a newer one that’s having a time in the spotlight is CBD coffee. You’ll see it in coffee shops and health shops, but what exactly is it? And is it safe to consume daily? Keep reading to find out…

What Is CBD? 

CBD is a compound that’s derived from the cannabis plant and is said to have many health benefits. CBD is extracted as a separate compound and unlike THC, it isn’t psychoactive. Once it’s been extracted, CBD can be added to a number of different things such as CBD oil, moisturiser, and even cookies. CBD is said to help with things like anxiety, depression, and even insomnia, so it’s no wonder that everyone is clambering over themselves to get their hands on it.

What Is CBD Coffee? 

CBD coffee is slightly different to the regular CBD products you see, as it comes in two different ways. You can get CBD coffee beans which have been infused with the compound or you can make a coffee and add CBD oil into it. Coffee shops tend to use either method, but adding the CBD seems to be the most popular as it’s easy and you can calculate the dosage better as well. Adding the oil after the drink has been made allows the barista to tailor the dose to the customer, making their drink more beneficial.

Can I Make It At Home? 

You can easily make CBD coffee yourself, so you don’t have to always head out to your local coffee house each time you want a cup. Many CBD retailers now offer CBD coffee beans, so if you have a grinder and coffee machine, you can easily make a barista grade CBD coffee at home. Alternatively, you can simply pop some CBD oil into your coffee and enjoy all the lovely benefits it can bring you. Adding the oil yourself means you can choose the strength you want and you can even add it to instant coffee if you don’t have fresh beans.

How Strong Is The CBD? 

The strength of the CBD in the coffee will depend on the product you use. Some CBD are a lot stronger than others, so you need to know which dose works best for you before consuming. Many coffee shops will offer a low dosage of around 5/10mg, making it suitable for all. But this does mean that if you’re normally taking 50mg and hoping it will give the same effects, you’ll be in for a shock as it definitely won’t. However, if you’re making it yourself at home, you’ll be able to control the strength of your CBD a lot easier and make it however strong you need.

Benefits Of CBD Coffee 

When you drink coffee, there are some unpleasant side effects such as the jitters, racing heartbeat, and even increased anxiety. However, by adding some CBD into your drink, you may be able to negate these effects and enjoy your coffee in a much more relaxed way. With a dose of CBD in your coffee, you can get the benefits of the caffeine, but you’ll potentially be able to avoid the negative jitters that may come along with it. Coffee is said to enhance your concentration for a short while, but once you crash, you’ll need another cup to top you up. But if you add CBD into your drink, you may find that your focus lasts a lot longer and you won’t have to keep drinking it throughout the day. If you find that drinking caffeinated coffee increases your anxiety, then try popping a few drops of CBD into it. CBD works to calm your body and mind down and regulate your endocannabinoid system. This may reduce your anxiety levels and help to keep you calmer for longer. So, if you want to get the benefits of coffee and CBD, try combining the both of them and making one great drink.

Can I Drink It Every Day? 

When it comes to coffee, it’s considered perfectly fine to drink it every day and you shouldn’t experience any negative side effects. However, caffeine is addictive, and you can become addicted should you drink it quite often. CBD is also considered safe to take on a daily basis, and it can even be taken multiple times a day as well. So, combining the both of them is said to be safe and okay to consume every day. You’d have to watch out for your caffeine consumption over your CBD one, as caffeine will give you many more negative effects than CBD will. This means that instead of drinking multiple cups of coffee with low doses of CBD, you might be better off drinking one or two with a stronger dose instead. This will help you get the benefits of CBD without consuming too much caffeine. You may also want to avoid drinking it late in the evening, as although CBD is good at calming you down, it won’t stop the caffeine from doing its job and keeping you up all night.  Limit yourself to only having them in the AM, and you should be able to prevent yourself from dealing with caffeine induced insomnia!

CBD coffee may be a relatively new product to hit the market, but it’s gaining popularity for a good reason. Not only is it said to have amazing health benefits, but it’s also extremely easy to make yourself. You might not be able to recreate all of your favourite drinks at home, but CBD coffee is definitely one of them. So, if you’re wanting to calm the negative effects of caffeine and enjoy the amazing benefits that CBD can bring you, all while drinking a delicious cup of coffee, then you need to check out CBD coffee. You’ll soon be able to feel the difference each morning and banish those coffee jitters for good!

The post Is CBD Coffee Safe To Consume Daily? appeared first on United Patients Group.

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