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Oreo Cookies Weed Strain Review & Information



The Oreo Cookies strain is not to be messed with as it is one of the most potent strains in history. Strains of today are massive in terms of potency with some topping over 30 percent THC. This would have been unheard of just a few decades ago. 

Below will outline everything that you need to know about the Oreo Cookies marijuana strain. 

Oreo Cookies Strain Genetics

Is Oreo Cookies strain an Indica or Sativa?

Oreo Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid of Cookies N Cream and Secret Weapon. You will have to have some snacks around as this strain is perfect for those suffering from nausea or loss of appetite. Your mood will improve as you have an intense mental high and a slight physical high. 

Cookies N Cream strain delivers on the delicious flavor of its namesake. The nutty and sweet vanilla flavors are only overshadowed by the fact the strain has 26 percent THC. You will be completely calm after smoking this strain and your mood will improve. 

Secret Weapon is going to be a strain you’ll want to toke then wait a while before sparking up again. The strain has 28 percent THC and will leave you couch-locked. The flavors are also appealing as it is sweet and creamy. 

Oreo Cookies Weed Strain Yield

Oreo Cookies can be a challenge to grow if you are a beginner. The strain yields 10 to 15 ounces per plant outdoors. The yield indoors depends on the growing area and can be as much as 1 ounce per square foot.

Growing strains with large yields can be a hassle during harvest time. Curing and trimming the buds can be something that takes you multiple days. Take the time to make sure variables are managed that impact your overall harvest. 

Oreo Cookies Pot Strain Flowering Time

up close of cannabis plants growing, oreo cookies strain

The flowering time of Oreo Cookies is 50 to 60 days. Expect bright green nugs with red hairs along with a beautiful coloration of white trichomes. 

Planting strains at different times to harvest in the same week can be wise. There are flowering periods that last 11 weeks or longer so timing this is imperative for a convenient growing season. A grow tent should be used wisely with strains that will fit together. An overly crowded grow tent can drive down the yield of each plant due to a lack of light exposure. 

THC Content Of Oreo Cookies Weed Strain

The potency is so massive in Oreo Cookies with 33 percent THC. This is a strain that should not be smoked by a person without experience as it could lead to a high they do not enjoy. A single toke could blast you off into a headspace that you have never been in before. The high also lasts a long time so the strain is actually a pretty good investment which will be discussed below. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Oreo Cookies Strain

Both the flavor and aroma are of chocolate, diesel, and nuts. The terpenes in this strain are Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, and Phellandrene. This is going to be one of the most flavorful strains that you have tried and you won’t regret toking up. 


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Bisabolol can help decrease stress, anxiety, and insomnia. The sweet floral aroma of the terpene induces calmness. Blueberry Cookies and Banana Milk are two strains with this relaxing terp. 

Caryophyllene will be able to give someone relief from pain by interacting directly with the endocannabinoid system which is why it has a high demand. The flavor of the terpene is spicy which some claim tastes like black pepper. Garlic Cookies and Lemon Diesel have caryphyllene in them.

Phellandrene has a pleasant taste of citrus and mint which can be likened to menthol. This strain has been known to help decrease nausea. Strains that contain this teprene are Cinex and Ice Cream Cake. 

Price Of Oreo Cookies Weed

A full ounce of Oreo Cookies is going to cost $315 to $325. 1/8th of an oz. is a bit more expensive per gram at $50. Prices do fluctuate by location but ensure the weed you purchase has lab test results. 

The pricing of weed depends on the cultivator, state, and dispensary. Taxes in some locations drive up prices immensely to the point where black market marijuana is far more affordable. Inquiring about bulk pricing is wise if you find a strain that you simply cannot live without. 

Oreo Cookies Marijuana Seeds

Oreo Cookies has seeds available online but this is not a good idea if living in a legal state. You can easily acquire seeds in a legal state without putting yourself in any kind of legal situation. Seed banks might have no issue sending seeds even though it is actually federally illegal. 

Finding cuttings of a healthy plant is always going to be your best bet. This will also decrease the time you have to harvest when compared to growing from a seed. Head to a cannabis nursery or to a friend that also grows cannabis. 

Medical Conditions Oreo Cookies Can Help 

The pharmaceutical industry fights against the legalization of marijuana due to the potential medical benefits of the plant. Cannabis is being used to help people in so many ways in terms of their health. Oreo Cookies can help with the following medical conditions: 

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– Johanna Rose
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  • Appetite Loss
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Stress

The CBD content is not high in Oreo Cookies but people with digestive problems have seen relief. Cannabinoids work together with each other as well as terpenes to provide relief. 

Final Words On The Oreo Cookies Weed Strain

Oreo Cookies is not a strain that you should miss out on if you love THC juggernauts. Growing the strain can allow you to have extremely strong weed for an extended period of time. Get together with another grower if you are facing challenges growing this strain. 

Working your way up to potent strains can take time but you will have a blast doing so. What is the most potent strain that you have ever tried? 

Learn more about cannabis strains at Cannabis Training University.

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Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2022 horoscopes




Presented By

June 30, 2022

Well, Stargazers … what a month June was. If your heart feels heavy about the state of everything, just know you are with millions of like-minded folks who are ready to fight for a new and better world. The stars and astrology teach us that joy and hope are radical forms of resistance. In a world that tells you to stop looking up, to stop examining the night sky and to stop asking big questions, you have chosen to be here — to believe that there is room in life for enduring mystery and community, and yes, even some fun. Look at you! What a gift to the world you are.

On July 4, Mars enters Taurus which will stir up some serious passion and determination. Channel that into whatever grass-roots social movement calls to you. Volunteer your time, your money, whatever you can and watch your community flourish.

On July 13, there is a full moon in Capricorn. This calls everyone to do a personal inventory of their strongly held beliefs. What can you let go of to make room for new concepts and ideas? Are you remaining nimble in the face of change? There is a new moon in Leo on July 28. The end of the month will challenge everyone to embrace silliness and the unknown. Think of it like a trust fall with the universe. You’re not alone out there, you Celestial Babes.

Your July horoscope


Dab rigs and a large crab on a blue background with the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy Cancer Season, Crabs! It’s here — your time to shine! Things kick off with Mars in Taurus on July 4, as well as Mercury in your sign on July 4. Wow! What a combo. You’ll be feeling the full spectrum of human emotions before the first week of the month is even over.

On the bright side, your ruler Mercury is in direct motion this month. It also makes a pit stop in Leo on July 19. So be ready for some theatrics from your friends and family. On July 22, we enter Leo season and bask in the glow of that warm summer sun. Crabs love the water, but they don’t mind parking themselves under the heat of that glowing orb once in a while, too. Don’t be afraid to take up a little of the limelight this month. You’ve earned it.

July strain: You’re in your season and your element this month, Cancer. Celebrate with some Harmony. This is a hybrid strain that is great for those looking to get rid of life’s minor aches and pains while also staying mentally nimble. Harmony has a strong citrus aroma and high doses will definitely take you to outer space … but maybe it’s better up there anyways?

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Strains for Cancer season: June 21, 2022 – July 22, 2022 


Pink lion and joints on orange psychedelic background with the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy, sunny days ahead, Leos! It’s a busy start to the month on July 4, when Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer. If you were looking to strike some emotional balance this month … this isn’t the week to expect progress in that department. Emotions will be flying and you’ll be hanging on to the railing for stability.

Fortunately, after that the month trends up. There’s a full moon in Capricorn which brings a happy focus on your best qualities — boldness, kindness, and empathy. Then, on July 22, we enter into Leo Season. You’ll shine brightest towards the end of the month. People will be drawn to your enigmatic energy and there may just be someone extra special who is enchanted by your carefree attitude. Be ready for adventures that can take you far from home this month.

July strain: You might be hitting the road for some adventure soon, Leos. Get ready with some Highwayman. This is a hybrid with an even mix of sativa and indica. The effects are upbeat and the buzz offers subtle body effects, too. Users love it for its coffee aroma and stress-busting vibes.


America’s winning weed Strains of Summer 2022


Woman reading a book with a flower in her hair on green background and the word
(Savina Monet)

Ah, sweet Virgos! Happy July. Things start off with a celestial BoGo, if you will. On July 4, Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer. This will bring a moderate amount of stubborn stability along with some truly chaotic emotions that will be hard to pick apart. Don’t worry, you’ll make it out of the tumble cycle relatively dry and unscathed.

On July 13, there is a fully moon in Capricorn. Focus on the best qualities you can find in yourself. What would you like others to see in you? Fortunately this month your ruler Mercury is in direct motion. No retrogrades to throw off your progress. Mercury also makes a stop in Leo on July 19. Take a chance on someone — maybe that means a new friendship or a new relationship. Either way, be the best, brightest, and boldest version of yourself you can be and watch your confidence take a positive leap.

July strain: Take off with some 707. This hybrid strain has 20% THC and a strong, skunky aroma. Users love this strain for its slow build and long-lasting effects.


Scales on sky background with rounded pipes and the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy July, Libra! We are halfway through 2022, so this is a great month to take stock of the accomplishments you’ve made thus far. And, hey, surviving this timeline counts. Big time. On July 4, Mercury is in Cancer and Mars in Taurus. Phew. Hang on to your hats and have your stress ball ready because this is going to be a wild first week.

Then, things cool significantly. There is a full moon in Capricorn on July 13. Make a list of all the things you like about yourself. Circle a few qualities you want to focus on building the rest of the year. On July 17, your ruler Venus enters Cancer. This is a pretty emotive pairing so don’t invest too heavily in what others have to say about you at this point — a lot of it is probably reactionary and unfair. Just keep in your swim lane for the rest of the month, and you should be ready for big growth and better opportunities come August.

July strain: Spend the summer in Panama, even if it’s only in your mind. This is a hybrid with 20% THC and juicy plum aromas. Users report this is a great wake-up-and-go strain that keeps them energized and creatively open.

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Scorpion and bongs on a blue and pink background with the word
(Savina Monet)

Well, well, well. Somehow, it’s already July. You made it to the halfway point of 2022. That was no easy feat. Take a second to catch your breath and celebrate making it thus far. On July 13, there is a full moon in Capricorn. This is another great opportunity to look forward and seek out new opportunities, especially ones that will allow you to get closer to financial independence.

On July 17, Venus enters Cancer. Lots of moody shifts and uncomfortable silences in your core friend group? Not to worry, that’s probably just the one-two punch of sensual Venus teaming up with emotive Cancer. People will be lost in the proverbial sauce, but you don’t have to get swept up in the mess. You also have one ruler (Pluto) in retrograde this month. So, all of that to say, take it easy but also be ready to breeze past anything that doesn’t positively serve you this month. 

July strain: Take on new speed this July with Mac 1. This is a hybrid strain with 21% THC. This bud has been described as a “Instagram-worthy” strain. Users also report this is a top-shelf strain that offers strong of cerebral effects and a happy buzz.  


An archer pulls a bow in front of a fiery orange weed background with palm blunts and the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy Crab Season, Sagittarius! Everything starts with a bang this month. Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer on July 4. Big, big feelings and very little forethought ahead. Just ride the waves and make an unhinged public playlist on Spotify to tell your friends how you really feel.

On July 17, Venus enters Cancer. Love and relationships will also be all over the place with this pairing. Do something nice for your partner. On July 28, your ruler Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. You might find yourself ruminating on the past and getting stuck in old thought patterns and concerns. You can work on pulling yourself back into the present by making something — anything. It can involve an Easy Bake Oven or the nicest set of watercolor paints the art store sells. Just invest in your creative energy this month and you’ll make it through a little bruised but no worse for the wear.

July strain: Treat yourself to something sweet, like a little Lemon Meringue. This is a sativa with 21% THC and tart, fruity aromas. Users report this is a great bud for combating fatigue, minor aches, and pains.  


What is limonene and what does this cannabis terpene do?


A horned goat and weed leaves on a green background with orange border and the word
(Savina Monet)

You made it to the halfway point, Capricorns! July brings us sun, and the promise that soon this year will be behind us and we can start fresh. On July 13, there is a full moon in your sign. This is a great time to channel your internal critic into something positive — make a list of all your best and worst qualities. Focus the second half of the year on those qualities that you want to grow. Refer to the list when you start to talk bad about yourself. Remind yourself that you’re the kind of person that is striving to be better.

Your ruler Saturn is also in retrograde this month, so avoid any hefty investments, even if the temporary gains seem enticing. On July 28, there is a new moon in Leo. This is a playful pairing and you can bring that kid-like energy with you throughout your day. Make others laugh, challenge coworkers or friends to a game night, do something that will help heal the smaller version of yourself.

July strain: Don’t let the soft, weird name fool you, Banana Milk is one of the heaviest hitters out there. THC 25%; extremely potent; fruity aroma; users love this one for its appetite stimulation and strong highs that hit both the body and the mind equally. Newbies beware: this isn’t a starter strain.

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Claws out: cute cannabis nail inspo for summer 2022


water pitcher and weed pipes on sky background with word
(Savina Monet)

Happy July, Aquarius! And what a month it will be. Things start with Mercury entering Cancer on July 4. Make the most of this emotional pairing by not engaging in an petty (albeit, enticing) drama. Keep your head above water. On July 13, there is a full moon in Capricorn. Focus on your best qualities and which ones you would like to improve on during the second half of the year — no use in wasting time trying to fix the past.

Your ruler, Uranus, is in direct motion this month. That means drastic changes are unlikely (good or bad), but you should be focusing on making small, sustainable changes anyways. On July 28, Jupiter goes retrograde in Aries. This can be especially powerful for the big feelers in the Zodiac. You’ll be tempted to give your inner critic a megaphone. Don’t do it!

Your worth isn’t tied to your work or how much money you make, or how entrepreneurial your spirit is. You are worthy because you are here! It’s that simple, and yet so difficult to internalize. Tell your inner critic to get lost.

July strain: Summer can still be sweet, Aquarius. Treat yourself to some Wonka Bars. This hybrid strain has 20% THC and a smooth, earthy aroma. This is a great strain for those who have developed a tolerance over the years (new users beware). Medical patients look to this popular strain for its chronic anxiety, depression, and stress-busting properties.        


two fish swimming in stars and cannabis leaves on a blue background with bongs and the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy halfway point, Pisces! That’s right. The year is halfway over. Take a second to breathe and celebrate the fact that you’re here. On July 4, Mercury enters Cancer and Mars enters Taurus. This is … a lot. Emotionally, spiritually, even a little financially draining. Oh, and your ruler Neptune is in retrograde this month. Sorry! But, don’t close out the browser tab just yet though, the month gets better.

On July 22, we enter into sunny Leo Season. The lion energy is beneficially to practically everyone under the zodiac. Tap into everyone’s good mood and make the most of your social calendar during the second half of the month. There is also a new moon in Leo on July 28. There is no better time to make goals than under a playful, joyful new moon in Leo. Let your inner kid be the boss for a bit. Buy a slip n’ slide. Have a game of capture the flag in the park. Just don’t take yourself or anyone else too seriously this month.

July strain: Let’s face it, going to outer space sounds nice this month. Take some Alien Asshat along with you. This is a hybrid strain with 22% THC and a citrus flavor. This bud offers giggly effects and you should start small if you’re a new to weed. Users report the taste is great and that it’s a perfect companion if you want strong highs that don’t devolve into immediate couch-lock.

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What’s the Difference Between Sweet and Fruity Cannabis Strains?


blunts and a ram with the word
(Savina Monet)

Welcome to July, Rams! Things are heating up in the love department for you. Mars (your ruler) entering bold Taurus on July 4 kicks it all off. On the same day, Mercury saunters into Cancer. What a weird mix of passion and emotional disregulation. Hang tight to that passion, it will bring sparks to your relationship throughout July.

The full moon is in Capricorn on July 13. This celestial pairing screams “self-care.” Take care of yourself before putting the oxygen mask on anyone else. July 17, Venus enters Cancer. This shifts the gear from self-care to community-based care. Look out for your all your neighbors. Donate to the food kitchen, volunteer with a cooling shelter if you live somewhere warm, there is no end to the good you can do this month, Aries. As the leaders of the zodiac, others will take inspiration from your good works.

July strain: Time for some sweet summer fruit.  Strawberry Cough is a sativa that boasts 19% THC and a delightful fruity aroma. Watch out, this strain sneaks up on users with its potent cerebral effects. Users also report its super energizing and a great strain if you are still looking to get into some creative work.

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Bull on a green background with cannabis on the border and the word
(Savina Monet)

Happy July, Bulls! The month starts out strong with Mars entering your sign on July 4. You’ll be feeling that Mars passion in both your work and in your romantic relationships. Don’t deny yourself the right to feel wanted and desired. Also on July 4, we have Mercury entering Cancer. The emotive Crab energy floating around might clash with your Taurean desire for balance, but don’t let that throw you too off course.

On July 17, your ruler Venus also enters Cancer. Big feelings and bigger conversations will be happening to you and around you. Just be on the lookout for that friend who is being particularly quiet. Check in on them. It doesn’t have to be showy. A text, a coffee date, just something small that signals you will be there for them even when they can’t necessarily show up for themselves. Put that stubborn energy to good use and stay present.

On July 22, we start Leo season. Use the last days of the month to get back in touch with the smaller you. The one who liked to play and be silly. Organize a water balloon fight. You never know how much your joyful energy will help someone else along.

July strain: Wouldn’t it be nice to forget about work for a bit? Well, with Amnesia you absolutely can. This sativa has 19% THC and intense cerebral effects. In fact, one user’s review of this strain simply stated “I forgot what I was going to say.”


two women looking at each other confidently on sky background with pipes in the corners and the word
(Savina Monet)

It’s July, Gemini! Can you believe it? Where is the summer going? Well, you can rest assured that this month will have its moments of joy and fun. On July 4 Mars enters Taurus and Mercury enters Cancer. This is an interesting lineup of celestial pairings. On the one hand, you’ll likely find some balance — maybe even a little stubborn practicality — with Mars in Taurus. On the other hand, Mercury in Cancer will likely bring on a lot of emoting and feeling. You’ll take the good with the bad like a champ.

On July 13, there is a full moon in Capricorn. You’ll be feeling this one. In fact, you might be surprised at how many old memories this drums up for you. Take a “If it doesn’t apply, let it fly” approach to these recollections. In other words: this is the month to take whatever lessons you can from your past and then move on. No use ruminating on things you can’t change. Make room for a better, clearer future. 

July strain: Don’t deny yourself a Boost this month. This is a hybrid strain with 21% THC. Users report it keeps them calm and helps best with the day’s typical aches and pains — just watch out as the effects comes on strong and fast.

Check out last month’s horoscopes.

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Purple Cake Weed Strain Review & Information




The Purple Cake strain is one for those that have extensive experience smoking weed. Not only this, but they should also have smoked very potent strains in the past. The strain can be a creeper as you might think the sweet flavor means the strain is anything but potent. 

Below will be all you need to know about the Purple Cake marijuana strain. 

Purple Cake Strain Genetics

Is Purple Cake strain an Indica or Sativa?

Purple Cake AKA Purple Cake Batter is a 70/30 Indica-dominant hybrid of Cake Batter and Purple OG. You will be filled with happiness as well as a focus while your body relaxes. You will not be sedated which makes this a great end-of-the-day strain. 

Cake Batter strain has a massive 24 percent THC so it should be reserved for those with extensive marijuana experience. Expect full relaxation and mental stimulation without any form of sedation. Nausea and chronic pain can both be treated with this strain. 

Purple OG is very strong in terms of its effects even though it tops out at 20 percent THC. You are going to slowly relax without being completely sedated. The berry, diesel, and grape flavors will keep you returning for more. 

Purple Cake Weed Strain Yield

Cake is going to be able to be grown indoors or outdoors. You can expect around a pound per plant maximum in an outdoor growing environment. Indoors you might see around 1.5 ounces per square foot. 

The yield that you see from a strain has so many variables that factor into what you see during harvest time. Certain strains have far higher yields that you could have imagined. Others might provide a personal smoking stash for a few weeks or months depending on your level of consumption. 

Purple Cake Pot Strain Flowering Time

field of cannabis plants, purple cake weed strain

The flowering phase is going to last anywhere from 8 to 9 weeks. The nugs are small as well as dense with a dark green color with purple notes. The trichomes have a purple tint as well making this a great strain aesthetically. 

Setting up a grow to harvest at the same time might present some issues. There are vastly different harvest times and some need to wait until much later in the season. There are strains with similar flowering times which could make it more convenient to harvest at the same time. 

THC Content Of Purple Cake Weed

The potency of Purple Cake is going to be 23 to 25 percent THC. This is never going to a less than potent strain so beware as a new consumer. Some people do well with potent strains while others find them far too intense to enjoy appropriately. 

Flavor And Aroma Of The Purple Cake Strain

The flavor, as well as aroma, is going to be of berry, grape, and earth. The terpene profile is comprised of Limonene, Humulene, and Myrcene. 


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Limonene is named after its aroma and flavor which is comparable to lemon or lime. The ability to reduce stress and anxiety makes this delicious terpene a favorite. Tangie and Agent Orange both contain this terpene. 

Humulene helps promote calmness of the body. The terpene has a spicy flavor that you can recognize. Jack Frost and Dragon Fruit contain this sweet terpene. 

Myrcene helps people relax whether it is their mind or body that is tense. Sour Diesel and OG Kush both have high levels of this terpene that allows you to unwind. 

Price Of Purple Cake Marijuana

The price of Purple Cake weed is going to be relatively affordable at around $50 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full ounce is going to be less per gram at $340. Buying in bulk is always going to be important when you are trying to get the most weed for your budget. Buying various 1/8ths is not going to be great as these are usually more per gram than an ounce.

Tracking the prices of the dispensaries or delivery services near you is very wise. There are so many options in some places that prices can fluctuate for similar products in a major way. Buying in bulk is always going to be important when you are trying to stretch your dollar. 

Purple Cake Weed Seeds

Seed Finder and Greenpoint Seeds both carry feminized Purple Cake marijuana seeds. You want feminized seeds so a potential male plant doesn’t wreak havoc on an entire crop. The drawback is that you cannot legally receive cannabis seeds in the mail due to federal law. 

Don’t fall for the trap of convenience by opting for seed bank as legal trouble is never worth it. You don’t want packages delayed due to a previous charge leading to intense searching of everything you purchase online. Fines or potential incarceration are both possible depending if the seed bank sent something else illegal like a sample joint of the strains you are planning to grow. 

Medical Conditions Purple Cake Can Help

Medical conditions can see relief through the use of various marijuana products. You might have to try a few to find the relief you want but it can reveal the true power of cannabis. Purple Cake can help with the following medical conditions: 

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course

– Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Stress

The CBD content is not going to be high enough to relieve conditions that react positively to cannabidiol. Cannabinoids work together to provide relief so a diverse terpene profile is something that can work wonders. 

Final Words On The Purple Cake Weed Strain

The Purple Cake weed strain is one that you’ll need to invest in when you find it available. You enjoy the potency, flavor, and effects. Understanding what to expect from a high with a strain can allow you to plan a great time with friends or alone. Take the time to do all of the research possible including smoking the strain before deciding to grow it. 

There are a number of strains named after desserts of various kinds. What is your favorite strain named after a cake or dessert?

To learn more cannabis strains visit Cannabis Training University, the leader in cannabis courses.

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Power Plant Weed Strain Review & Information




The Power Plant strain does not live up to its name in terms of potency. The beauty of this strain is a group of people can look like smoke stacks without anyone getting too high. You can share this strain with a cannabis consumer at any level.

Social strains can be a wonderful thing especially if they provide a clear high that doesn’t cloud you mentally. The following is what you need to know about the Power Plant marijuana strain. 

Power Plant Strain Genetics

Is Power Plant strain an Indica or Sativa?

Power Plant is an inbred combination of a few African Sativas although the strain does sport 35 percent Indica. Your wake and bake session will allow you to find some clear-headed focus. You might even feel a pang of creative energy that you truly enjoy. 

Wake and bake strains that have stood the test of time include Sour Diesel and Green Crack. Using marijuana to be more productive throughout the day breaks the stereotype of stoners being lazy. Indica strains usually help you fall asleep and relax while Sativas help energize you mentally or physically. 

Power Plant Weed Strain Yield

Growing this strain is better to be done from clippings as growing from seeds can present too large of a challenge for a first-time grower. Indoors you can expect up to 2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors you should look for up to 20 ounces per plant which is quite healthy. 

Finding strains that have high yields can allow for a few mistakes to be made. Mistakes can drive down the yield and potency of a plant. Strains with small yields have very little room for error unless you’ll be happy with a minuscule harvest. 

Your grow setup including your soil mixture matters. You want each phase of your grow to go as smoothly as possible. Watering schedules should also be followed as overwatering can lead to a few days of stunted growth for a plant. 

Power Plant Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase of Power Plant is 8 to 9 weeks. Expect a light green color along with brown hues and a silver covering of trichomes. The strain is not the most attractive but it smokes quite well. 

A convenient crop is always going to be important as it takes a lot of work to grow marijuana. This can include trimming, watering, and flushing. The harvesting process can be tough with clipping buds, curing, and drying. You’ll want to knock all of this out at once rather than handling it every weekend for over a month. 

THC Content Of The Power Plant Strain

cannabis buds in jar isolated on white, power plant strain

Power Plant has a potency of around 15 to 18 percent THC. You won’t have to worry about getting too high if you smoke on a regular basis with this strain. Beginners should still toke with caution you want to enjoy the high rather than counting down the seconds until it ends. 

Finding the right potency of strain that you are comfortable with means working your way up to more potent strains. You do not want to start with an extremely potent strain as this can lead to paranoia or anxiety. 


Get our top rated STRAIN GUIDE!

Flavor And Aroma Of Power Plant Weed

Both the flavor and aroma of Power Plant will be of herbs, pepper, and earth. The terpenes in this strain are Pinene, Myrcene, and Phellandrene. 

Pinene has the aroma of pine while you can decrease stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Two strains that have this terpene are Kosher Tangie and God’s Gift. 

Myrcene has a flavor of earth while being a terpene that consumers turn to for physical and mental relaxation. The relaxation allows people suffering from insomnia to fall and stay asleep. Tangie and OG Kush both have these terpenes at high levels. 

Phellandrene has been used for hundreds of years to help calm an upset stomach. Strains that contain this soothing terpene are Jack Herer and Trainwreck. 

The best aspect of finding a strain where you love its flavor is you can quench your need for something sweet without worrying about the calories associated. With that being said, getting the munchies can lead you to eat so much more than you would have without consuming marijuana. 

Price Of Power Plant Marijuana

The price of Power Plant weed is going to be $30 to $35 per 1/8th of an ounce. The full oz. will run you $180 which is relatively affordable. Take the time to shop around as you will find that there are vastly different prices at dispensaries for nearly the same exact product. 

Look to purchase weed in bulk if you want the lowest price per gram. You’ll want to make sure you have tried the strain before. Having an ounce of weed that you don’t particularly like is a problem but a good problem to have. 

Power Plant Weed Seeds

Seed banks like Pacific Seek Bank and Neptune Seed Bank have these feminized seeds available. The truth about seed banks is that some will still send you seeds regardless if it is illegal or not. Don’t risk legal trouble for something that you could easily get at a local store. 

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– Johanna Rose
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Growing from seeds is not always going to be the best option for a cultivator. Finding healthy clipping from a plant with a great lineage is often best. You can decrease the time it takes to harvest which is never something to complain about when growing pot. 

Medical Conditions Power Plant Can Help

Marijuana is too often discounted as a viable medical tool. Relief through cannabis is possible if you give it the chance with an open mind. Power Plant can help with the following medical conditions: 

  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Insomnia
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Migraines
  • Stress

The CBD content is around 2 percent in Power Plant. This is a potent medical strain that provides relief to so many conditions that differ drastically. Look for this strain if you want relief from any of the conditions mentioned above.  

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