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Sorbet Weed Strain Review & Information



The Sorbet is a strain that may make your mouth start to water. The strain is not one that will overwhelm new consumers with THC so it might be the perfect strain to start with. The fact that the strain has a large amount of CBD makes it that much more attractive. 

Below will cover what you need to know about the rare Sorbet marijuana strain. 

Sorbet Strain Genetics

Is Sorbet strain an Indica or Sativa?

Sorbet has a murky lineage with only one parent being defined in Sour Sorbet. Expect couch-lock without mental sedation which makes this an interesting high. You should also keep drinks and snacks at hand as you could be immovable for hours on end. 

Sour Sorbet tops out at an amazing 25 percent THC. The strain is a balanced hybrid of Sunset Sherbet and ⅞ Sour. Your mind will feel energized with creativity as your body slowly eases into relaxation. 

Finding strains with similar lineages can allow you to see the different effects that various hybrids have. The best thing you can do to learn about marijuana is to try different types. 

Sorbet Strain Yield

up close of cannabis flower, sorbet strain

Sorbet can be grown indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for a larger yield then growing outdoors is the best option. The plants will require some training and trimming so it is better reserved for those that have grown before. 

Indoors you can expect 8 to 10 ounces per plant. Outdoors you can expect 15 to 20 ounces per plant which is a very healthy harvest.

Yields are going to be impacted by so many factors that only experienced growers can manage them all. There are strains that yield far more than others which can be very appealing to growers. Yields listed on seed packages can be inaccurate and a sales ploy to sell more seeds. 

Sorbet Pot Strain Flowering Time

The flowering phase of Sorbet lasts 9 to 10 weeks. The appearance of the strain is neon green with a plethora of orange hairs. The covering of trichomes is very healthy when you take into consideration the potency of the strain. 

Growing any strain is going to require research to be done. This can come in the form of asking other growers or educating yourself with the variety of resources online. You might find that with some assistance, you can grow better weed than ever before. 

THC Content Of Sorbet Strain

The Sorbet strain sports a moderate amount of THC topping out at 13 percent. Smoking this with any level of smoker should be relatively easy. There are some side effects of slight anxiety but this can be quelled by consuming in moderation. 


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Flavor And Aroma Of Sorbet Weed Strain

The flavor of Sorbet weed is of citrus and herbs. The aroma is similar although there have been reports of a variety of essences. The terpenes in this strain are Limonene, Valencene, and Caryophyllene. 

Limonene has a flavor and aroma of citrus which is no surprise due to its name. When paired with CBD, this terpene can generate energy in a consumer. You can also find relief from inflammation with this powerful and tasty terp. 

Valencene is named after Valencia Oranges due to its striking similarity in aroma and flavor. The uses for this strain include battling inflammation and has been known to improve mental function. 

Caryophyllene is a powerful terpene with the capability of reducing pain and inflammation in the body. Sufferers of chronic pain have found a bit of relief with this terp. Strains with this terpene are Red Headed Stranger and Ice Cream Cake

Price Of The Sorbet Pot Strain

The price of Sorbet marijuana is going to be relatively high at around $45 to $50 per 1/8th of an ounce. A full oz. is going to cost $280 to $300.

States are slowly legalizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use around the country. Federal legalization could see prices being far more uniform from state to state. Oregon currently has some of the cheapest weed in the country with California being expensive. Shopping around is always important if you want to stretch your budget for getting high for the month. 

Sorbet Seeds

Sorbet strain weed seeds are going to prove very difficult to find online or from a grower. Some growers would rather focus on more potent strains although the yield of Sorbet is large. Be careful with seed banks as it is illegal to have them shipped although some banks will send them regardless of legality. 

If you do get lucky enough to find seeds or cuttings, you need to make sure to grow this strain with care. You might be the only grower in your local area with flower of this rare strain. Rare strains can be very valuable when it comes to trading with other growers. 

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Medical Conditions This Strain Can Help

Marijuana is an amazing plant and its compounds have a number of medical benefits. The more the plant is studied, it seems like more conditions are found that can be treated with cannabis. Sorbet can help with the following medical conditions:

The CBD content in Sorbet is massive with up to 11 percent CBD. The relief that you can find from a strain like this is far superior to those strains that have THC with little to no CBD. 

Final Words On The Sorbet Weed Strain

The Sorbet strain is one you’ll want to grab if you are lucky enough to find it in your local dispensary. If you search long enough and check with dispensaries, you might be in luck. Forming a friendship with a dispensary employee can give you insight as to when certain strains will become available. 

There are so many strains named after sweets that it can be nearly impossible to name them all. What is a strain named after a treat that you have enjoyed recently?

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Next-generation Dosidos and Moonbow strains are Archive Seed Bank’s next legends




Archive builds on its reputation for world-renowned genetics with two fresh Moonbow hybrids.

Leafly’s 2021 Strain of the Year is Dosidos, the brainchild of the legendary geneticists at Archive Seed Bank in Portland, Oregon—and if you love Dosi, you’ll want to keep an eye on its Archive-created children and grandchildren. Archive’s team, led by legendary breeder “Fletch” aka The Docta, are renowned for tinkering with phenotypes until they create the best expression of a strain. Dosidos is far from their first big hit; for the last two decades, they have been preserving classic clone-only varietals from the 90s into seed form, like with Face Off OG.

The next greatest Archive invention since Dosidos, the Moonbow line crosses two household-name strains—funky hybrid Dosidos and fruity indica Zkittles—to get one of the greatest rising stars in cannabis genetics. Leafly users rate it a 4.9 out of 5, a slightly better score than even its already-legendary parents.

Phenotypes of Archive’s Moonbow F1 Generation, including #99 and #112, have hit the recreational market, but Moonbow 112—yes, 112—is the latest and greatest… so far, at least. The strain placed in three 2021 Michigan Cannabis Cup categories, winning people over with its fruity-floral candy taste and euphoric, creative, and social effects. 

Two new strains are about to hit Archive’s shelves: One is the next evolution of the Moonbow line, while the other is Dosidos’ most excellent grandchild. These seed packs drop on Sunday, May 15, 2022, at 1 p.m. PDT, so get ready to grow some out-of-this-world cannabis this season.

Moonbow 112 IX: The boss-level Moonbow strain

Moonbow #112 F1 x Moonbow #112 F2 #60

Courtesy of Archive Seed Bank

It took three years of work to create Moonbow’s ideal form: Moonbow 112 IX. Instead of backcrossing with the mother Moonbow plant, Archive put in the work identifying phenotypes in later generations to create more reliable results. By breeding siblings F1 and F2, Archive combined the best the line has to offer into one strain. This produced something that re-creates or even improves on the original Moonbow #112 mother plant without cloning—so you can capture that lightning in your home grow.

The full-grown crops are impressive on their own, with great structure, impressive height, foot-long colas, and sticky buds that are each a handful on their own. Moonbow 112 IX was bred with flower quality as a priority, with a strong terp profile evoking blackberry, currant, and lime with a hint of gas. This one is truly the uber-Moonbow.

Moon Glow: A fresh and fruity Dosidos-heavy cross

Moonbow #112 x Planet Purple F2 #144

Courtesy of Archive Seed Bank

Moon Glow has Dosidos lineage from both its parents, with Moonbow #112 on one side and a male Planet Purple F2 #144, the offspring of an in-house selected Sherbadough (Sunset Sherbet x Dosidos #8) crossed with a Moonbow male (Zkittles x Dosidos), on the other. This magical strain boasts the dense, colorful buds that made its grandparent a legend, along with denser resin, zesty Zkittles fruit, and a touch of earth, kush, and red wine tannins from Sunset Sherbet. The beauty of these buds starts in the bag and continues throughout the entire experience.

The plants have a medium, well-branched profile, do well both as a cola dominant and topped, and take about 60-72 days to flower. Hashmakers can enjoy more than a 6% yield with some phenotypes.

Legendary genetics, straight from the source

Looking for strains like Scooby Snacks, Junior Mints, or Duct Tape? All of these come from Archive Seed Bank’s genetics, and you can even sort them by your favorite Archive parent strain to round out your crop with something you’ll love (or just nerd out on cannabis breeding).

Moonbow 112 IX and Moon Glow will be ready to purchase on May 15, 2022, at 1 p.m., so get ready to do some seed shopping.

*Availability subject to law

Archive Seed Bank Logo

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Strains for Gemini season: May 21 – June 21, 2022 




Hello Stargazers, and welcome to The Season of The Twins! Strains for Gemini season is part of our new monthly column where you can find the perfect strains to match your elemental sign and a strain that pairs perfectly with the current zodiac season.

The Gemini season strain you shouldn’t go without

If you’ve ever watched a stranger command a room at a party — telling a wild tale about some previous escapade, chances are that person is a Gemini. 

Geminis are the third sign in the zodiac calendar and the party animals of the zodiac kingdom.

Extroverted, incredibly gregarious, and strong-willed, Twins are also known to be wishy-washy. Geminis struggle with big life decisions and their indecisiveness can present challenges in their relationships and careers. 

But, at their center, Geminis are sweet, considerate, and perhaps some of the most creative individuals on the planet. Because of this, you can expect Gemini season to bring a myriad of new experiences. Some will stretch you, some will test you, and some will truly spark joy. 

So, to honor the spirit of the zodiac Twins and the dualities they possess, this season’s strain is Serious Happiness. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its fruity aroma and its happy, buzzy, stress-melting effects. Users report it hits heavy and fast between the eyes, so new users beware!

Strains for air signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Sweet, sensitive, go-with-the-flow Air signs, you will do well during Gemini Season. Not only will the Twin energy be a welcome comfort, but you will also experience a lot of positive attention under this sign. 

Look for opportunities to spread around any good fortune that comes your way. Don’t worry about trying to please the whole crowd, either. Focus on authenticity and deep relationships, and the facade will fall away. Your priorities will become clear the more you commit to being your full self. 

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Purple Punch is an indica strain with 18% THC. Users describe this bud as fruity and sedating. This one has some serious potency so only indulge in a bowl of this if your dance card is clear and you have an entire season of a show queued up on Netflix. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Stick with a classic sativa like Sour Diesel. This bud is known for its incredibly potent aroma and users report it’s great for alleviating social anxiety before parties. With a moderate 19% THC, this strain is a great daytime companion. So, smoke up and be your biggest, boldest self this Gemini Season.

Strains for fire signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

If there is any other type of sign in the zodiac that will understand Geminis, it’s Fire sign folks. Fire pairs well with air. Though, the romantic flames this pairing can produce are capable of getting pretty high, so be ready for an intense 30ish days of romantic pursuits. Beyond dating entanglements, you can expect Gemini season to treat you well.

Your social circle will be thriving, and people will be looking to get outside and spend time together in nature. Capitalize on this! Organize hikes, biking adventures, camping, or anything that brings you joy and offers a chance to get closer to the people you love. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Sunshine Daydream is an indica strain that comes in with a whopping 25% THC. The dominant terpene for this bud is limonene. Limonene is well-known for its stress-busting effect. Use this one with caution. Or, have at it if you are planning a night in. This might be the perfect strain for a zoom party or a small gathering of your favorite people. Just make sure it’s good vibes only in your smoke circle. 

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Channel your inner party animal with some Inzane In The Membrane. This sativa has 18% THC and a lemon aroma. Users report this bud is super energizing. Perfect for a day spent in the park with your crew. Be warned: this strain can sneak up on you. So, start small and go from there. 


May’s Leafly Highlight is Blueberry Muffin fresh out the oven

Strains for earth signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Buckle up, Earthies. As people who generally don’t do well with unpredictable behavior, this Gemini season is a chance to stretch your comfort zone out a bit. There will be a good amount of chaos and socialization for roughly the next 30 days. 

Remind yourself that chaos isn’t inherently bad or disruptive. If you are willing to let someone else take the lead (and even make their own mistakes) you will experience a month full of deeper connections, better communication, and a more relaxed version of yourself. Take this chance to live and let live.

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Don’t let the name fool you, Shark Shock is a seriously mellowing indica strain. Its moderate 17% THC also makes it the perfect companion for an afternoon spent having a picnic with friends or, even better, taking a nap on the couch. Users say this is a great strain for busting up everyday stressors.  

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

How can you go wrong with some tropical vibes and a delicious, classic sativa like Maui Wowie? Throw yourself a little summer bash and invite your friends. The smoke circle will be pleased with this bud which has a modest 19% THC and a myrcene-dominant terpene profile.

Earthy and energizing, users love Maui Wowie for its powerful effects on everyday aches and pains. 

Strains for water signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Ah, Water babes. Much like Earth signs, you may struggle to find your place this month. The good news is that most of you are adept swimmers and know rocky seas don’t last forever. 

That said, this can still be a net positive month if you lean into your creative side. Make cards, send out invites to a paint party, or take a pottery class. If it’s artistic and gives your brain a chance to enter a flow state, it’s going to be a win for you.

Don’t let any unpredictable moods or poor planning make you feel like you’re less worthy. You’re perfect the way you are and this month is a chance to let the most special and unique parts of you shine.

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Geminis love a little flash now and again. Channel that with some Pink Rozay. This indica has 20% THC and a Myrcene-dominant terpene profile. Users report this bud tastes like berries and offers up a very pleasant and heavy head high. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Take a trip down memory lane with some Candyland. This sativa strain offers up 19% THC and a devilishly sweet aroma. Users report this is the perfect party strain. With its uplifting effects, it will help put you in the mood to be social and creative.  

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Maeva Considine

Maeva Considine is an award-winning journalist and author of “Cat Zodiac: An Astrological Guide to the Feline Mystique.” She’s a Taurus who loves traveling, canceling plans, and dessert. She lives in Syracuse, New York.

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