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The Best Ways to Store Your Weed



The Best Ways to Store Your Weed

Whether you’re a casual consumer or a seasoned grower, you’ve probably questioned if you were keeping your cannabis properly. When it comes to cannabis storage, there are several elements to consider, and it’s critical to understand which ones matter. Let’s take a closer look at these areas, beginning with the importance of why you should store your marijuana carefully, as well as the elements that may wreak havoc on your stash.


If your stash is not properly maintained, it will be exposed to factors such as high or low humidity, severe temperatures, light, or air, all of which can lower the quality, effectiveness, and flavor of your flower over time.


The golden rule is to keep cannabis in a cold, dark, and dry environment at all times. However, the degree to which the environment is dry, dark, and cool is critical to success. Let’s look at the most effective ways to store your weed.

Delta Extrax


What to Look Out For


While cannabis plants require light during their many phases of development, UV rays can destroy your flower after harvesting faster than anything else. To avoid this, keep your cannabis out of direct sunlight.


High quantities of oxygen can enhance the degradation of cannabinoids and terpenes. Keep your weed in an airtight container to preserve it from excessive amounts of air.


It is critical to maintain optimal humidity levels when storing cannabis. High humidity may be a breeding ground for mold and mildew, while low humidity might cause your buds to dry up and degrade cannabinoids and terpenes. This may be prevented by buying humidity packs or containers that include them.


Below we have listed the best options that serve as containers for your weed, if you follow these suggestions you won’t be faced with any problems while keeping your stash of the highest possible quality.


Weed Boxes 


A premium weed storage box with numerous protective characteristics is worth considering because it can keep your stash fresh and finely protected. In fact, a high-quality storage box is critical to maintaining the maximum level of quality and flavor at all times. These are products worth investing in since you will use them for a long time, that much is guaranteed.


Glass Mason Jars


For a variety of reasons, glass jars are among the most preferred containers for preserving dried herbs. Mason jars are composed of glass and feature a metal cover that provides an airtight seal. Because mason jars are made of glass and are clear, there is a risk of light deterioration. With that being said, preserving weed in glass jars is recommended but you might want to keep them in a dark area. Storing in glass is also better for keeping humidity and temperatures stable throughout the storage period.


Air-Tight Plastic Bag 


Let’s be honest, sometimes all you have is a tightly sealed plastic bag. While this is not an ideal storage option, it is far superior to simply leaving your weed exposed to the weather. If you must temporarily keep your cannabis in baggies, make sure the seal is tight and avoid moving the contents as much as possible to reduce the chance of static electricity wreaking havoc on your stash.


Some people prefer to vacuum seal their plastic bags, but be sure the material is BPA-free. Also, try to keep the bag in a dark, cold place rather than in your pocket, and, most importantly, switch storage mediums as soon as possible.


Titanium Jars 


Metal containers are often avoided by many customers, particularly for long-term storage. This is due to the fact that metals may radically alter the flavor of cannabis flowers over time. Titanium jars are the next best alternative for individuals who dislike glass containers and prefer containers that reduce light exposure.


Unlike other metals like aluminum or steel, titanium will not change the flavor of your flower while still safeguarding your stockpile.



Final Thoughts


When it comes to storing marijuana, it is always advised that whatever cannabis storage medium you use be kept in a cold, dark setting. When it comes to the storage medium, airtight marijuana storage containers are highly advised.


By keeping cannabis in an airtight container in a cool, dark area, you dramatically reduce the chance of cannabinoids and terpenes degrading since you minimize exposure to extreme temperatures, air, light, and humidity.


As we have seen, all of these factors may have a negative impact on the strength and flavor of cannabis. So, the next time you’re getting ready to store your stash, keep these guidelines in mind and be sure to share them with others.


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cancer therapy

Children with cancer and their misunderstood endocannabinoid system




Conventional cancer treatments, especially radio and chemotherapy are harsh on the body. But for children, conventional treatments can become unbearable. Hidden by prohibition is how the endocannabinoid system (ECS) behaves in children with cancer. Childhood and the ECS are sadly two subjects rarely explored in unison.

Adolescent cancer is indeed a rare disease despite being the second most frequent cause of death in children. A recent study drew attention to this fact and the misunderstood ECS. Expanding beyond endocannabinoids, the scientists focused on the system’s relationship with diet and metabolism concerning childhood cancer. (1)

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia, brain tumours, lymphomas, and solid tumours are among the most common types of cancer in children.

Fatty endocannabinoids and diet

Endocannabinoids are a type of fat produced from dietary Omega-3. But many reasons exist why diet and metabolism are critical for regulating the entire endocannabinoid system while treating childhood cancer. In reverse, the system is crucial for regulating metabolism and diet.

A previous report on CLN discussed the ECS’s role in energy homeostasis. The metabolism of fat increases the level of leptin which competes with the ECS. The previous report, however, did not explain how leptin inhibits endocannabinoids.

Leptin boosts Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH), an enzyme that chews up anandamide. (2) So essentially, the metabolism of fat knocks down the endocannabinoid and partial CB1 receptor agonist know as anandamide.

Why does cancer poorly digest glucose?

A major connection exists between diet, energy homeostasis, and cancer. Even in children, cancer inefficiently consumes glucose as a form of food which endocannabinoids might help control. (1) Do keep in mind that complications with endo cannabinoids can occur. (3) And at the end of the day, regulation is the key.

The Warburg Effect occurs when cells consume glucose in an environment deprived of oxygen. (4) Solid tumour cells in the colon use this type of glucose metabolism to reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS), according to discoveries by Havard Medical School researchers. (5, 6) ROS further contributes to cancer progression while the ECS keeps reactive species in check. With or without endogenous human cannabinoids, though, regulation or inhibition of the Warburg Effect must be coupled with the inhibition of ROS to treat cancer.

Endocannabinoids were indeed missing from Harvard Medical School‘s research on glucose metabolism in specific cancers and solid tumours. Indirectly, however, the researchers did cite fatty acid metabolism in regards to intestinal cancers in their more recent study. The breakdown of fat affects a protein that expresses stem cells which are vital for regeneration.

Young immune systems and the surveillant ECS

Four immune cells can counterintuitively defend cancer from most cellular immune offences. With finesse, monoclonal antibodies can reduce one of the four defensive signals. Eat-me-signals (macrophages) can then be introduced to kill cancer cells with far less interference. It would be simple except that no two cancers are identical. For this reason, treating cancer via the immune system is a personal affair. (7)

In adults, the ECS regulates rather than drives or inhibits specific cancer signals. And on-demand functions within the ECS respond separately for each individual, hindering the disease on a personal level. Children, however, have developing immune systems that drive highly unique immune responses.

Children also have far fewer immune checkpoints for therapies and endocannabinoids to target. And so, translating the role of the endocannabinoid system in adults to children is not valid, especially for diseases like cancer. Conclusively, the current field of research regarding childhood endocannabinoid systems is uncomfortably desolate.


  1. Schab, M.; Skoczen, S. The Role of Nutritional Status, Gastrointestinal Peptides, and Endocannabinoids in the Prognosis and Treatment of Children with Cancer. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2022, 23, 5159.G
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Strains for Gemini season: May 21 – June 21, 2022 




Hello Stargazers, and welcome to The Season of The Twins! Strains for Gemini season is part of our new monthly column where you can find the perfect strains to match your elemental sign and a strain that pairs perfectly with the current zodiac season.

The Gemini season strain you shouldn’t go without

If you’ve ever watched a stranger command a room at a party — telling a wild tale about some previous escapade, chances are that person is a Gemini. 

Geminis are the third sign in the zodiac calendar and the party animals of the zodiac kingdom.

Extroverted, incredibly gregarious, and strong-willed, Twins are also known to be wishy-washy. Geminis struggle with big life decisions and their indecisiveness can present challenges in their relationships and careers. 

But, at their center, Geminis are sweet, considerate, and perhaps some of the most creative individuals on the planet. Because of this, you can expect Gemini season to bring a myriad of new experiences. Some will stretch you, some will test you, and some will truly spark joy. 

So, to honor the spirit of the zodiac Twins and the dualities they possess, this season’s strain is Serious Happiness. This indica-dominant hybrid is known for its fruity aroma and its happy, buzzy, stress-melting effects. Users report it hits heavy and fast between the eyes, so new users beware!

Strains for air signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Sweet, sensitive, go-with-the-flow Air signs, you will do well during Gemini Season. Not only will the Twin energy be a welcome comfort, but you will also experience a lot of positive attention under this sign. 

Look for opportunities to spread around any good fortune that comes your way. Don’t worry about trying to please the whole crowd, either. Focus on authenticity and deep relationships, and the facade will fall away. Your priorities will become clear the more you commit to being your full self. 

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Purple Punch is an indica strain with 18% THC. Users describe this bud as fruity and sedating. This one has some serious potency so only indulge in a bowl of this if your dance card is clear and you have an entire season of a show queued up on Netflix. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Stick with a classic sativa like Sour Diesel. This bud is known for its incredibly potent aroma and users report it’s great for alleviating social anxiety before parties. With a moderate 19% THC, this strain is a great daytime companion. So, smoke up and be your biggest, boldest self this Gemini Season.

Strains for fire signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

If there is any other type of sign in the zodiac that will understand Geminis, it’s Fire sign folks. Fire pairs well with air. Though, the romantic flames this pairing can produce are capable of getting pretty high, so be ready for an intense 30ish days of romantic pursuits. Beyond dating entanglements, you can expect Gemini season to treat you well.

Your social circle will be thriving, and people will be looking to get outside and spend time together in nature. Capitalize on this! Organize hikes, biking adventures, camping, or anything that brings you joy and offers a chance to get closer to the people you love. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Sunshine Daydream is an indica strain that comes in with a whopping 25% THC. The dominant terpene for this bud is limonene. Limonene is well-known for its stress-busting effect. Use this one with caution. Or, have at it if you are planning a night in. This might be the perfect strain for a zoom party or a small gathering of your favorite people. Just make sure it’s good vibes only in your smoke circle. 

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Channel your inner party animal with some Inzane In The Membrane. This sativa has 18% THC and a lemon aroma. Users report this bud is super energizing. Perfect for a day spent in the park with your crew. Be warned: this strain can sneak up on you. So, start small and go from there. 


May’s Leafly Highlight is Blueberry Muffin fresh out the oven

Strains for earth signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Buckle up, Earthies. As people who generally don’t do well with unpredictable behavior, this Gemini season is a chance to stretch your comfort zone out a bit. There will be a good amount of chaos and socialization for roughly the next 30 days. 

Remind yourself that chaos isn’t inherently bad or disruptive. If you are willing to let someone else take the lead (and even make their own mistakes) you will experience a month full of deeper connections, better communication, and a more relaxed version of yourself. Take this chance to live and let live.

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Don’t let the name fool you, Shark Shock is a seriously mellowing indica strain. Its moderate 17% THC also makes it the perfect companion for an afternoon spent having a picnic with friends or, even better, taking a nap on the couch. Users say this is a great strain for busting up everyday stressors.  

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

How can you go wrong with some tropical vibes and a delicious, classic sativa like Maui Wowie? Throw yourself a little summer bash and invite your friends. The smoke circle will be pleased with this bud which has a modest 19% THC and a myrcene-dominant terpene profile.

Earthy and energizing, users love Maui Wowie for its powerful effects on everyday aches and pains. 

Strains for water signs

Text reading
(Savina Monet for Leafly)

Ah, Water babes. Much like Earth signs, you may struggle to find your place this month. The good news is that most of you are adept swimmers and know rocky seas don’t last forever. 

That said, this can still be a net positive month if you lean into your creative side. Make cards, send out invites to a paint party, or take a pottery class. If it’s artistic and gives your brain a chance to enter a flow state, it’s going to be a win for you.

Don’t let any unpredictable moods or poor planning make you feel like you’re less worthy. You’re perfect the way you are and this month is a chance to let the most special and unique parts of you shine.

If you’re looking to mellow out this Gemini season:

Geminis love a little flash now and again. Channel that with some Pink Rozay. This indica has 20% THC and a Myrcene-dominant terpene profile. Users report this bud tastes like berries and offers up a very pleasant and heavy head high. 

If you’re looking for some energy this Gemini season:

Take a trip down memory lane with some Candyland. This sativa strain offers up 19% THC and a devilishly sweet aroma. Users report this is the perfect party strain. With its uplifting effects, it will help put you in the mood to be social and creative.  

Maeva Considine's Bio Image

Maeva Considine

Maeva Considine is an award-winning journalist and author of “Cat Zodiac: An Astrological Guide to the Feline Mystique.” She’s a Taurus who loves traveling, canceling plans, and dessert. She lives in Syracuse, New York.

View Maeva Considine’s articles

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’I’m actually high right now,’ Kevin Durant talks weed with David Letterman




The NBA superstar will open up about cannabis use for first time on Netflix later this week, even though his league still (technically) forbids THC

This coming Friday, May 20, Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant will take one giant leap for cannabis users everywhere. No pro athlete of his stature has publicly discussed smoking weed while still at the top of their game. Durant breaks that taboo in an interview with David Letterman taped for My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Letterman’s Netflix series. 

Durant is considered by many to be the best basketball player in the world right now, and a shoe-in for the Basketball Hall of Fame after he retires. So his advocacy is a long-awaited game-breaker for normalization. KD’s choice to speak will take the burden off less established players who still fear association with the plant could harm their careers.

ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith has made big bucks mocking athletes for failing to “stay off the weed” over the years. But there’s not much for him to mock now that the man he calls the world’s best hooper admits he has been getting high since he was 22.

In a clip from an interview that premiers Friday (May 20), Durant tells Letterman why he likes to smoke weed.

Burning down the stigma

Durant, now 33, knows he is blazing a trail that few could have foreseen when he entered the league in 2008. Even as one of the NFL’s top rushers in the 2000’s, Durant’s fellow University of Texas Longhorn Ricky Williams sacrificed prime playing years just to stay close to the plant. 

Williams now runs the Highsman cannabis company—named for the Heisman trophy he won in college—which is aimed at normalizing cannabis use for sports viewers who prefer smoking buds to drinking Buds. 


Allen Iverson finally gets his flowers

In an interview earlier this year, Williams said his legendary senior season at Texas started rough on and off the field. His girlfriend broke up with him and got with the team’s quarterback. He was feeling down on himself, and it showed on the field. Then his roommate pulled a bong out and set him on a historic path.

“I went up to my room and I laid on the bed. And I noticed that I wasn’t obsessing about the bad game. I wasn’t obsessing about my girl. I just was feeling good. And then my mind started to think about positive things… True story, next two weeks of that season, (I ran for) back-to-back 300-yard games.”

Ricky Williams on how cannabis impacted his Heisman-winning season at the University of Texas.

Not long ago, any association with weed could derail careers and endorsement deals, turning fan favorites like Ricky Williams into punchlines. Williams retired from football in 2004 after a series of failed cannabis tests. He returned a year later, only to be suspended and publicly ridiculed in 2006 for more failed tests.

“(A former coach) explained that it was basically for the league’s reputation,” Williams said in March. “You know: In the 1980s there was a big DARE program and anti-drug sentiment in our country. It was really about protecting the image of the league.”

In 2009, headlines even tried to scandalize squeaky clean NBA star LeBron James for admitting that he and his teammates smoked weed during their junior year of high school.

Ricky Williams observes a cannabis grow.(Courtesy of Real Wellness)
Retired NFL great Ricky Williams takes in the good vibes while touring a legal cannabis grow. (Courtesy of Real Wellness)

Durant and Dave swap stoner stories

The new season of Letterman’s Netflix show all-varsity talent like Durant, Cardi B, Ryan Reynolds, and Will Smith (👀).

On Friday’s episode, Durant and Letterman get into the past and the present of cannabis use. “For decades, it was presented as, ‘Oh Jeez, you’re going to hell,’” Letterman told Durant, recalling old reefer madness stigmas about the long-debunked gateway theory.

“(Legalization) is confusing to a lot of people. You could look around this city in the next year or two, it’s gonna be dispensaries everywhere, where you can actually go buy weed… And It’s even crazier that there are people in jail for 20 years for selling a pound.”

Kevin Durant

Durant said using the plant “clears the distractions out your brain a little bit.” He told Letterman that it “settles you down, like having a glass of wine.”

“So did you smoke today?” Letterman lobbed back in the show’s new trailer.

“I’m actually high right now,” Durant responded calmly.

Letterman went on to share the time he smoked a joint with his girlfriend before attending a pro baseball game. He says he couldn’t shake the thought: “Wow that guy’s standing on a mound of dirt. It’s really a mound, of dirt.”

David Letterman shares a laugh with Kevin Durant in a clip for the new season of Netflix's 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction." (Screengrab / Netflix)
David Letterman shares a laugh with Kevin Durant in a clip for the new season of Netflix’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” (Screengrab / Netflix)

Durant couldn’t help but chuckle as Letterman reflected on the 70s and 80s strains that used to leave him motionless and stuck in his head. “You’re really a curious person,” Durant observed after Dave’s baseball story.

“Was I smoking the wrong kind of weed?,” asked Letterman.

“No you were smoking the right kind if you were thinking like that,” Durant assured him with a smile.

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