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The Strains That Made 420: What the Waldos Smoked



420 is the single most recognizable thing about cannabis culture. And it wouldn’t exist without a group of hooligans named the Waldos who got together at 4:20 pm every day to get stoned and go search for a secret patch of cannabis.

Recently, I hopped on a call with Waldo Dave Reddix and Waldo Jeff Noel to discuss the Waldos origin story, as well as some of their favorite strains during the early 1970s and 1980s.

The Waldos origin story

The Waldos are a group of five friends from Northern California. The members include Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich, better known as Waldo Steve, Waldo Dave, Waldo Jeff, Waldo Larry, and Waldo Mark. They all met at San Rafael High School, and the “Waldos” nickname came from a wall they’d hang out by outside of the school.

In 1971, the Waldos were blessed with a treasure map from a Coast Guard member. Apparently, he had planted a hidden patch of weed somewhere in the woods but was abandoning it, so he handed them a map that was supposed to lead directly to it. Every day for weeks, the Waldos would get together at 4:20 pm in front of the Louis Pasteur statue to get high and head out for the search — hence the name.

Did they ever find that mythical patch of ganja? Nope. But in that time, they did invent one of the most important codes in cannabis culture: 420.

“We went out there daily for weeks and weeks,” said Reddix. “We finally came to the conclusion that we’re not going to find this. The map was so ambiguous, it really didn’t give you any real clues to where this place was. We finally said, ‘Hey, why don’t we give up on this?’ It was getting close to when the crop was going to need to be picked or it was going to go bad. We’re not finding this, but we have found a new secret code that we can use in front of teachers, cops, family members, or whatever.”

Curious about the weed they were smoking at the time, I asked the Waldos if they remembered the strains they were smoking over five decades ago.

These are the strains that made 420.

South American and Mexican strains

A lot of the weed that the Waldos smoked during the invention of 420 were South American and Mexican landrace strains. “There really weren’t a lot of strains back then. Most of them were Mexican and South American,” Reddix said.

“It was the location, not brands. Guerrero, Oaxaca, Jalisco, that’s where the stuff actually came from. Nowadays, you see Purple Dream and Sugar Bears,” Noel added.

Panama Red

By the late 1970s and early ’80s, the Waldos told me that they started to get into strains that had actual names. Panama Red was one of the first named strains they smoked. It’s a sativa cannabis strain that originated in Panama and has a citrus and earthy flavor profile. It’s known to potentially produce an uplifting and euphoric type of high.

Find Panama Red strains

Acapulco Gold

“My favorite [strain] back then was probably Acapulco Gold,” said Reddix. Acapulco Gold is a landrace strain that is native to Acapulco, Mexico. It is known for its pungent woody, earthy, and coffee-like flavor profile.

Smoke some Acapulco Gold and you might feel a mix of uplifting and creative effects, which makes it a great strain for daytime use.

Find Acapulco Gold strains

Colombian Gold

Colombian Gold is a location-named strain from the South that the Waldos were smoking. It’s a landrace strain that grows in the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia and is a sativa, like most of the cannabis strains from that part of the world.

Colombian Gold reeks of skunk, citrus, earth, and pine terpenes. The high is intended to make you feel happy, relaxed, and uplifted.

Find Columbian Gold strains

Maui Wowie

Eventually, more landrace strains were discovered and brought over to Northern California for cultivation. Hawaiian sativas and strains like Maui Wowie (or Maui Waui) started growing in popularity. “The first really potent weed was the Hawaiian strains,” shared Noel.

Maui Wowie is a Hawaiian landrace strain born in Maui, Hawaii. It has a sweet, tropical terpene profile, and the effects tend to be very potent. It might have you feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. Waldo Dave and Waldo Jeff told me that it was one of the first strains that really packed a super punch.

Find Maui Wowie strains

Thai sticks

The Waldos were big fans of Thai sticks. Thai sticks are flower on a stick, wrapped in weed leaves, and tied together with a hemp string. They were made with Thai weed, which refers to landrace cultivars from Thailand.

Thai strains are thought to be pure sativas. The flowers usually kick out an earthy, spicy, and lemony type of terpene profile, while the effects most commonly make people feel uplifted, creative, and energetic. This is why strains with Thai genetics are often recommended for daytime use.

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The 8 Best Edibles for Sleep: Our Top Picks




Unlike most cannabis stereotypes, there’s truth to the trope of the sleepy stoner and the pot brownie. After the high of an edible has passed its peak, I often find myself pulled into dreamland by an extraordinarily powerful magnet behind my eyes that forces them to close. It’s a running joke with my partner who, on numerous occasions over the years, has seen me fall asleep after about ten minutes into a movie at 8:00 p.m. on a Friday.

The heavily relaxing, often sedating effects of traditional edibles make them popular for cannabis products and brands geared towards inducing sleep or enhancing its quality. The edible method of consumption also lends itself to new consumers who want to reap the potentially medicinal, sleep-inducing benefits of cannabis without necessarily having to smoke anything or even experience the resulting high before sleep kicks in.

But do edibles actually help with sleep? And if so, why? The answer to this relies heavily on the edible in question, as the genre has ballooned into a massive industry of its own with a million sub-facets.

Filter edibles by effect on the Weedmaps app

Why do edibles make you sleepy?

Traditional edibles that use THC bound to an oil or fat are processed through the liver, which transforms THC to 11-hydroxy-THC and yields a heavier, less predictable high than smoking flower or vaping. Edibles that use nano-emulsified THC are reported to avoid this downside. Nano-emulsified THC is a water-soluble form of THC that reportedly hits in 15 minutes and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach and esophagus.

And while “strain-specific” or “indica/sativa” edibles are, for the most part, an inaccurate marketing tactic employed by brands, adding relaxing terpenes, like myrcene or linalool, may help an edible make you feel sleepy. Other drowsy plants and relaxing substances like valerian and melatonin are effective additions to sleep edibles as well.

The cannabinoid CBN is perhaps the most popular trend in the sleep edibles market. Posed as some kind of wondrous sleep molecule, this extremely expensive cannabinoid is actually just old, degraded THC. You know when you leave your weed out in the sun or it gets old and turns brown? That’s THC that has turned into CBN.

Research has shown CBN to have similar effects to THC, though it’s between four and ten times weaker, and that THC with CBN is no more effective than THC alone. Bottom line: THC is the most active cannabinoid in the sleep cycle. Because CBN is degraded THC, it can still make you feel relaxed and tired, but it’s scientifically not as effective as THC — and it’s typically way more expensive.

It should also be noted that cannabinoids only help with deep sleep and have been shown to hurt your REM sleep long-term. To foster a healthy night’s sleep all the time, look for products that include other sleep-inducing medicinal plants and non-cannabis compounds to counteract this. And, as a general tip, try to avoid over-relying on edibles to help you get to sleep. 

The best edibles for sleep

I’ve written about this topic extensively and have tried most of the sleep products on the market in my many years as a reviewer. This list is a good place to start if you’re curious about incorporating cannabis into your sleep cycle.

Gummies by Dreamt

Dreamt is my favorite sleep aid brand on the market. Formulated and founded by scientist Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Dreamt’s gummies (they also make a vape pen and a tincture) feature a blend of THC, CBD, melatonin, GABA, and Valerian root that has worked for every single person I’ve ever recommended it to. 

Deep Sleep by Rose Delights

Rose Delights is an artful and extremely high-quality edibles brand that creates Turkish delights infused with strain-specific rosin from organic fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants from local farms.

Deep Sleep is its first effect-based product, featuring passionflower, vanilla, and mulberries from Frog Hollow Farm, as well as rosin from Holy Tonic flower cultivated in-house at Rose. They possess the power to melt my anxiety into a dreamscape and are as good a gift for someone else as they are a gift for yourself.

Camino Midnight Blueberry Sleep Gummies by Kiva

The Camino Midnight Blueberry Sleep Gummies by Kiva are some of the most popular on the market, with countless positive reviews on any platform you check. Again, I try to shy away from CBN on principle, but this blend of 5mg THC and 1mg CBN is effective for me in part because they include chamomile and lavender extracts (which contain potentially relaxing, sleep-inducing terpenes like linalool). 

Another selling point of these is that they are available almost everywhere because of Kiva’s excellent distribution network, so no matter where you are, sleep is not far behind. 

THC Releaf Chocolate by Papa & Barkley

While this chocolate bar isn’t specifically geared for sleep, it’s one of my favorite products for unwinding after a long day before slipping into sleep. They only feature THC — 5 milligrams per piece, 100 milligrams per package — but something about them is so luxuriously relaxing that they top my list every time.

Definitely worth checking out whether you’re looking to unwind or pass TF out.

Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends

The Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends are an all-time favorite of mine. I have relied on these for years now and have recommended them successfully to tons of friends and family.

Something about the patented melatonin/CBD blend in these gummies, and its tincture counterpart, knocks me out within fifteen minutes, regardless of my mental state, and results in long, deep, and restful sleep.

Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals

The Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals is a fantastic new product, and the brand is worth supporting. A new cannabis endeavor by the Costeau family — yes, the ocean-exploring ones — Seaweed Naturals is as focused on creating healing cannabis products as it is on restoring the environment of both land and sea.

SN partners with regenerative cannabis farms and uses its own kelp farms to create omegas for the gummies that pull carbon out of the atmosphere. The blend of THC and melatonin works wonders, and by supporting brands that support planet health, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Tranquili-Tea (Chamomile Valerian) by Kikoko

Kikoko’s Tranquili-Tea is great, especially for new consumers who don’t want to get high. I love tea products in general, but I feel it’s even more fitting for the sleep genre.

This magical blend is packed with potentially sleep-inducing medicinal plants like valerian root, chamomile, and lavender, as well as 6 milligrams of CBN and 2.6 milligrams of THC per bag. All of these ingredients work together, leaving me feeling buoyant and relaxed as I walk on the brink of dreams.

Tranquility Gummies by Kahna

No one loves an effects-based gummy more than Kahna, and its Tranquility gummies don’t disappoint. While the brand relies heavily on CBN marketing-wise, these gummies have a ton of melatonin, CBN, THC, and CBD, as well as added terpenes. They work for me, period.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the brands recommended in this article. All products are chosen independently. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.

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The 8 Best Glass Blunts to Buy Today




Every now and then, you want simplicity with your weed. And that’s what you get by copping a glass blunt. They’re super affordable, easy to use, and perfectly portable for any time you step out of the house.

Here’s what you need to know about glass blunts.

What is a glass blunt?

A glass blunt is a cylinder-shaped pipe that you fill with cannabis flower, like a blunt wrap. In some ways, it’s essentially a chillum that you fill with ground cannabis flower instead of just packing the top. When you smoke glass blunts, you push or twist the cashed flower from the top until you’ve smoked as much as you want.

There are a few different types of glass blunts and they mostly fall under “slider” or “twisty” glass blunts.

Find glass blunts near you on the Weedmaps app

The benefits of glass blunts

The many benefits of using a glass blunt include portability, a tobacco-free experience, affordability, and the smooth flavor you get from hitting a nice glass piece.

If you’re a flower smoker, regardless of your preferred method, you should still have a glass blunt available for those quick-and-easy occasions. Especially when there are so many different brands that make excellent glass blunts.

To learn more about the benefits of glass blunts and how to use one, check out our guide to using a glass blunt.

How we chose the best glass blunts

When choosing the best glass blunts, we based our findings on flavor, ease of use, durability, and the overall convenience of using (and cleaning) the piece.


By “flavor” we mean that you can smoke the piece and taste your flower’s terpenes instead of that weird burnt taste that comes from using a filthy pipe. That defeats the overall purpose of consuming different cannabis strains, even if you still get stoned.

Ease of use

Being able to easily fill, light, and smoke your glass blunt without issue is essential. This is where twisty blunts sometimes lose since they can take a little practice before you find the right amount of weed to twist through easily.


Life moves in slow motion when you knock a glass piece off the counter. If you can’t accidentally drop your piece and have it in your cross-body backpack without it shattering, you don’t want that glass blunt.


Does the cherry stay lit? If you can’t light your glass blunt and pass it around without needing to relight it repeatedly, it doesn’t replicate the experience of smoking a blunt. That’s just a flashy chillum.

Best glass blunts by category

All in all, when you look at the field of glass blunts, a lot of them are pretty similar in function and the above qualifications. Choosing the best will ultimately come down to your budget, the look of the device, and if you want to slide or twist your weed into the pipe.

Below, check out a few of the best glass blunts that money can buy.

Overall best glass blunt: GRAV Fill-Your-Own Glass Joints

It’s tomayto, tomahto when it comes to glass blunts versus joints.

For the purposes of telling you about a device worth your money, the fill-your-own glass joints from GRAV count as glass blunts. Like GRAV’s high-quality bongs — products most stoners adore — these fillable glass pieces are a top-tier product for many reasons.

  1. They’re easy as hell to open and load. You’re already smoking within four minutes flat. Even without a grinder, you can manually break up the weed and drop it in the tube/pipe. The slider function works flawlessly and holds into place without issue, thanks to that silicone grommet. Light up the end and push ash out as you smoke. Get a nice corner burn going and the cherry at the end will stay lit without issue.
  2. They’re easy as hell to clean. You just need to remove the bumpers, drop the glass in a bowl of isopropyl alcohol, and let the resin and reclaim fall right off. Rinse it with hot water, and the drying process is super easy. It’s a tube so just run a rolled-up cloth through it to dry it. Bam, you’re ready to smoke a clean glass blunt again.
  3. You can get pre-filled glass blunts. GRAV also partners with cultivation companies to sell “pre-rolls,” i.e. glass blunts that have already been filled with fire flower for you. They come as 7-pack half-gram tubes for a total of 3.5 grams of ground flower. Some of their partners in California include Jungle Boys and The Cure Company.
  4. The price is right. You can get a 7-pack of GRAV’s fill-your-own glass joints for $14.99 (flower not included). To make things even easier, they also have a 7-pack filling system that fills and packs all of your joints at once.

In the end, how easy it is to keep this thing smoking, in addition to its affordability and the fact that you can also buy some fire, ready-to-go flower with it, makes the GRAV glass blunt/joint the champion of this list. Having seven of them on deck is the cherry on top.

Best twisty glass blunt: The Glunt

When we’re talking about ease of use, the twisty glass blunts always lose to the sliders. It’s simply easier to push weed in and out of a pipe than to twist it, realize you’ve put too much flower in, pour it out, and restart the process until you finally get the spiral to push up/down and close.

That said, some twisty glass blunts still work well and get you properly high. The Glunt is one of them. It comes in five colors (though only two of them are available as of December 2022) and holds up to 2 grams of flowers.

Not only does the Glunt hold hella flower, but it also gets you absolutely ripped. Be careful when you hit it or else you’ll be coughing tears down your face.

The Glunt is a bit pricier than other alternatives, but with its great functionality and high capacity for flower, it’s worth the $24.99 price of admission. Plus, for just $5, you can also get first-time break insurance. Hopefully, you never need it.

Best mini twisty glass blunt: 7Pipe Twisty Glass Mini

You’re going to ask where I get off telling you that a $35 glass blunt is a necessary purchase, but hear me out: this thing looks nice and works well. Though there are more budget-friendly options, this list isn’t about the best price — it’s all about how well the device works and how it’s made.

The Twisty Glass Mini hits smooth and can hold a little over a gram of flower. It looks swanky with a shiny gold spiral and mouthpiece and is pocket-sized. This all makes it the perfect piece to take out with you on one of those nights when you don’t want to carry a bunch of bags and jars but you still need a just-in-case smoke.

Best slider glass blunt: GRAV Glass Blunt

Obviously, if it’s the best overall glass blunt, then the GRAV Glass Blunt also has to be the best slider glass blunt. It would not make sense otherwise.

GRAV’s glass blunt has a differently shaped mouthpiece than the fill-your-own joints above, but the functionality and smooth-smoking experience remain.

Smoke some top-tier flower with this and you’ll enjoy a smooth smoke without the coughing, bold flavors from whatever strain you packed, and an easily cleanable device that can’t be beat.

The fun part of the stand-alone Grav Blunt purchase (for only $12) is that you can get a variety of colors. Cop them all and you could rock a matching Grav with every outfit.

Best cheap glass blunt: Ooze Slider Glass Blunt

You can’t go wrong with the Ooze Slider Glass Blunt.

Cheap often carries a negative connotation, but this isn’t meant as an insult. It’s fact that the Ooze slider only costs $10. Even cheaper when a holiday deal comes around.

The Ooze slider is great — it’s a quick hitter and I really enjoy the shape of the mouthpiece. You get a nice cherry with this one too, and it’s surprisingly deep in terms of how much flower you can pack in there.

You can get Ooze’s slider glass blunt in all kinds of fun colors, including orange, slime-green, and chameleon (black and green mixed).

Honorable mentions

Past the above winners, there are a few other glass blunts out there that are pretty dope:

  1. ATMAN King Golden Fish Glass Blunt
  2. Hemper’s Glass Blunts
  3. Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

In the end, each of these glass blunts offers its own set of benefits with few cons. For the most part, they all work really well and can hold a bunch of weed. Choose based on your preferences and your pockets. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the brands recommended in this article. All products are chosen independently. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.

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The 6 Best Cherry-Flavored Weed Strains




What is it about cherries that are so charming? From cherry pies to cherry slushies to cherry blossoms blooming in the springtime, cherries are a bit of botanical magic. In cannabis culture, cherries are a common taste and aroma note associated with beta-myrcene and limonene. Many of the strains that carry the cherry mantle feature Cherry OGCherry Pie, or Cherry Bomb genetics. They might not be directly related, but cannabis and cherries sure do seem like spiritual cousins. 

Strains with “Cherry” genetics have spawned some seriously exceptional cultivars. Cherry OG’s distinct DNA is prized for its substantial yields and easy tolerance for both indoor and outdoor grows; Cherry Pie boasts effects that include smooth cognitive energy balanced with syrupy relaxation; and Cherry Bomb’s therapeutic potential may include relief from arthritis, depression, gastrointestinal disorder, appetite loss, and chronic pain according to some consumers.

The best Cherry strains

These Cherry genetics are laced through many iconic strains, both common and rare, and considering the prolific parentage, there is potentially a Cherry strain for everybody. If you’ve yet to travel the rabbit hole of Cherry strains — and we wholeheartedly suggest you do — here are six of our favorites to get you started.

Find Cherry strains near you on the Weedmaps app

Cherry Diesel

This cross of Cherry and Turbo Diesel is reportedly a top-shelf wake and bake strain. Consumers appreciate it for its tempered cool that softens otherwise jazzy effects and a creative head high perfect for type-A potheads. Executive stoners who prefer to medicate with a more zippy breed of cannabis should consider this sweet, gassy hybrid when they’re dabbing at dawn, vaping at daybreak, or just waking and baking with the rest of us.

Expect a diesel, berry-cherry nose and a gassy, herbaceous exhale.

Cherry Burst

Cherry Burst might be the panacea for consumers who rely on cannabis for calming effects but who prefer to avoid sedation and/or couch lock. Reports of creative, galaxy-brain highs that are also cashmere-cozy in the body make for an all-around comfortable experience.

It’s especially lovely for crafternoons or low-stakes hangouts that require minimum festivity. Expect a cherry-wine nose and a funky, sweet exhale.

Cherry Cookies

This cross of Cherry Pie and GSC delivers effects in line with other descendants of the GSC franchise — it’s mood-lifting, creative, and physically soothing. What sets this iteration apart is its creamy exhale, which tastes like a sweet, woody mashup of doughy cookies, juicy cherries, and sour skunk.

Adult-use consumers report a buzzy euphoric onset and a relaxing high. Expect a connoisseur’s perfume of cherries, earth, cookies, and funk — and a complex exhale to match.

Cherry Haze

Haze aficionados will almost certainly want to add a few nugs of Cherry Haze to their stash boxes. This phenotype reportedly delivers a thick, cottony head high reminiscent of a sleepier strain and an effervescent relaxation that tempers the more manic qualities of a classic Haze.

Depending on the consumer’s resting state, Cherry Haze could fuel a mellow adventure or an intense meditation. Expect a spicy, grassy, cherry perfume and a flowery, sweet exhale.

Cherry Lion

Cherry Lion reportedly delivers a social smoke that’s chatty, giggly, and mildly energetic. Bred from a cross of Voltron and Glazed Cherries (another phenotype of Cherry OG), this cultivar is reportedly both upbeat and as soothing as a warm bath.

Consumers can anticipate a gregarious, ice-breaking buzz that might be of particular value to introverts looking to quell anxiety when meeting new people without spiraling into couch lock. 

Expect a vanilla, sour-earth nose and a woody, cherry-sweet exhale.

Cherry Zkittlez

Consumers who rely on a balance of both cerebral effects and soothing body effects might appreciate Cherry Zkittlez for its easy, long-lasting highs. This cross of Cherry Pie and Zkittlez reportedly delivers euphoric head highs and elastic body effects that may soothe slight aches and pains.

Expect a tropical cherry funk fragrance and a berry funk exhale.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the strains recommended in this article, and all products are chosen independently. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.

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