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Top Vape Lounges in B.C., A.B & Toronto



With cannabis being legal in Canada for almost four years now, where to partake and enjoy has been a controversial subject. Just as you might enjoy going to your local pub for your favourite cocktail or draft beer, cannabis users would like to enjoy the same choice. The best way for users to consume their favourite strains is to open up a lounge where individuals, at the legal age, can enter and enjoy, while meeting others who have the same passion and hobby. Why not check out some of the best vape and hookah lounges in Vancity, Tdot and Calgary?

Dispensaries are not hard to find. They are popping up everywhere at a high rate. They are in more demand and see more profit than a vape lounge would see. No alcoholic beverages, with a crazy markup, are being sold and tips are not being given like a neighbourhood bar/pub might. Vape pens are a big seller, so lounges are seeing this trend the most.

Best Vape Lounges in B.C.

New Amsterdam Cafe

Vancouver: Chill atmosphere with a spacious floor-plan and friendly staff. Every table in the place is set up with a Volcano. They also have a nice selection of glass pieces to choose from if vaping isn’t your thing.

Mega Ill Pizzeria

Vancouver: This pot-friendly environment cooks up some tasty hemp-heart fortified pizzas for patrons to enjoy once the munchies hit.

Cannabis Culture Lounge


  • Access to a Volcano vaporizer at every table
  • Free wireless internet
  • Variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase.
  • Entry is just $5 per hour with a valid photo ID as proof you satisfy our 18+ age requirement.

Retro Arcade & Cannabis Lounge

Perk & Puff Cafe

Burnaby: This cafe is a great one to visit because it offers food and drinks, along with Hookah.

Alberta isn’t Invited to the Party

As of 2021 Alberta is still left out of the cannabis consumption party. Currently, there are no licensed premises — such as smoking lounges, cannabis cafes or specialized bars — in which cannabis can be consumed. This may change in the future as it is addressed by the federal and provincial governments. For now, they aren’t permitting cannabis use anywhere but the privacy of your own home.

Best Vape Lounges in Toronto

Vapor Central

Toronto: They offer treats, beverages, and live entertainment.

Vape on the Lake

Toronto: They have plenty of smoking devices to choose from, or you can bring your own from home.  They also have open mic night, every Monday.

Hot Box Cafe

Toronto: The Hot Box Cafe has an Arizer V-Tower (Canadian Made Vaporizer on par with the Volcano) on every table.

What about Hooka Lounges?

Hookah bars are commercial establishments where people gather to smoke flavoured tobacco from a hookah pipe. Other names for a hookah bar include hookah lounge, hookah cafe, hookah den, and shisha bar. They’re also available in Calgary.

Perk & Puff Cafe

Burnaby: This cafe is a great one to visit because it offers food and drinks, along with Hookah.

Bloo Hookah Lounge

Port Moody and Burnaby: With two locations, Bloo offers exceptional shisha and service.

Ahwaz Hookah House

Vancouver: Vancouver isn’t particularly known for its shisha lounges, but Ahwaz is a good cozy spot in the heart of downtown.

Shalom Hookah Lounge

Toronto: Hookah, drinks, and a middle-eastern atmosphere.

Ibex Hookah Lounge

Calgary: Serving premium Sheesha and drinks in a modern setting.

Cafe Med

Calgary: Cafe Med was actually the cities first shisha lounge and middle-eastern restaurant, opened in 2002, and what can we say? They’re still serving some of the best.

Nara Hookah Lounge

Edmonton: A popular shisha spot offering Mediterranean eats and a variety of shisha, although temporarily closed due to Covid, we hope this gem opens up again soon.

Smoking bylaws, are they in the way?

Most provinces have their own anti-smoking bylaw and labour-law restrictions on workplaces. There’s a lot of red tapes that stand in the way of lounges that permit smoking and/or vaping, mostly in Alberta at the moment.

What are your favourite vape or shisha lounges in Vancity, Calgary or Tdot? Let us know in the comments! For the latest cannabis news, reviews and more, follow CLN.

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Ridiculous Stoner Shenanigans Wordsearch – Want to laugh? Click here – Latest Cannabis News Today




What you are reading was written purely for your entertainment. It’s about joy, hopefully, some laughter and cannabis, of course. After all, cannabis can be pretty funny sometimes. From getting the giggles to doing something ridiculous, the plant inspires chuckling. Cannabis is like mother nature’s messenger; it reminds us to feel good, be healthy, eat well and laugh.

With that in mind, here’s an attempt at making you laugh, or at least smile. Also, there’s a wordsearch at the end and it’s full of pure adult nonsense. Enjoy.

Smuggling Weed in 800 Watermelon… not joking…

How exactly do you come up with the idea to smuggle weed in a watermelon? How did they get it in one, let alone eight hundred? Even more importantly, how did a police officer ever get the idea to check the inside of a piece of fruit? 

Want more wacky smuggling stories? Click here to read the awkward ways used to smuggle cannabis.

Cannabis Activism

Cannabis activism is very important and really awesome. In many situations, it’s pretty hilarious. 

Spencer Alan Boston was facing charges for cannabis and decided to make a courtroom statement. First addressing the court he said, “We the people deserve better.” Then, he smoked a joint. In January 2021, this legendary cannabis activist passed away in a car accident. But, he left a lasting legacy that will go down in cannabis history and will always be fondly remembered. 

Hot Box Inventions

Smoking a joint will get the job done but sometimes, you crave getting baked with a little more style. Thankfully, cannabis can inspire creativity! People have gotten high in some pretty wacky ways, some more than others. 

Leaf Blower Hotbox

Air Mattress Hotbox

Stoners on the news

When people get baked and end up in front of the camera, it either goes smooth, or its comedy gold. This video is a compilation of stoners on the news.


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5 Essential Gifts For The Weed Lover In Your Life




Since the holidays have arrived, it’s fair to wonder what gifts would make perfect holiday surprises for the cannabis enthusiast in your life. There are numerous stoner-approved products on the market that could make a bigger impression than you could have ever hoped for by making them gifting them to people you care about. Here are some gift ideas that weed lovers in particular will appreciate this holiday season.

Smell-Proof Stash Bag

Even though cannabis is legal in most locales, no one wants to obnoxiously reek of it whenever they carry it from point A to point B. That’s where having a smell-proof container comes in handy. Having something to safely stash cannabis that locks the smell in could avoid attracting unwanted attention, making it a must-have for stoners who take their goods to-go from time to time.

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Photo by Westend61/Getty Images

Electric Portable Cannabis Grinder and Dispenser

Another must-have tool in the arsenal of weed aficionados is a grinder that can be easily transported. A portable cannabis grinder and dispenser makes the process of breaking down bud much cleaner and simpler than with a traditional grinder. Additionally, an electric grinder can grind the bud much faster than by hand or with a manual grinder. This is the ideal gift for helping the weed enthusiast in your life take their process for breaking down bud into the 21st century.

Foldable Rolling Tray

The next gift idea certain to make an impact on the daily routine of the stoner you’re shopping for is a foldable rolling tray. That’s the type of resource that can help cannabis smokers keep their living space free of the excess bud and ashes. The fact that this rolling tray can be easily stored gives it a clear advantage over other rolling trays that can be found online and in smoke shops. A foldable rolling tray also comes with sections that make it easier to keep up with things like lighters and rolling papers.

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You Can Get A Free Joint If You Get Vaccinated In Washington State
Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

Odor Eliminating Candles

Although it seems like an essential item that every stoner has handy, odor eliminating candles could be the perfect gift to give the cannabis lover who already has everything. Since a lot of stoners live in places, such as apartments or duplexes, there’s the possibility of them spreading the aroma of their cannabis smoke to the dismay of neighbors. Odor eliminating candles can eliminate that problem, which eliminates fears of unintentionally hotboxing shared living spaces. Need some ideas? These Are The 5 Best Candles For Cannabis Smokers.

Reusable Mini Joint Filter

After smoking enough joints, the most seasoned cannabis users can attest to experiencing the buildup of resin around its mouthpiece. That can make the experience of smoking one less enjoyable than it should be. This is just one of the problems that a reusable mini joint filter can solve for the cannabis lover in your life. Another way reusable mini joint filters make the lives of stoners easier is by providing better airflow while smoking than people often don’t get with paper or cardboard filters.

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Warnings and Lessons from Dune’s Drug Economy




Dune’s drug economy is not as fictional as it appears. It can be read as an allegory for many real-world events: the Scramble for Africa, the colonization of the New World and more. Indeed, Author Frank Herbert drew from many real-world experiences to build his world and create the iconic and troublesome melange, which was reportedly based on magic mushrooms. On top of that, a lot of the novel’s environmentalism comes from Herbet’s own interactions with Native American tribes advocating against unchecked industrialism.

Helen’s face launched a thousand ships, but melange enables safe interstellar space travel, wrought interplanetary warfare and led to the subjugation of the Indigenous peoples of its home planet.

Due to melange’s immense influence over the events of Dune, it is clear that Frank Herbert had quite a lot to say about the commodification of drugs. By viewing drugs as a resource or commodity, the parallels between the novel and the realities of our world become clear, giving us a fictional outlet through which we can meditate on our own practices of colonization and capitalism.

Understanding Dune’s Drug Economy

Image by: Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures

In the world of Dune, melange is something of a miracle drug. Its effects are so potent that it is essentially the main ingredient for mankind’s further evolution by the time of the events of Dune, set some 8,000-plus years in the future.

To help you understand the importance of melange, here is a breakdown of what it can do:

  • Galaxy brain: melange has the ability to unlock parts of the human mind, leading to “powers” such as mind-reading, prescience and the ability to access genetic memory. These powers can be cultivated by trained individuals or individuals with the right genetic predisposition. Guild Navigators, individuals whose sole purpose is to exist in a cloud of spice inside a tank, use these powers to help merchant vessels, military vessels and imperial vessels safely navigate the treacherous paths of space.
  • Medical melange: the spice can also increase life expectancy and a person’s overall health stats
  • Day-to-day: Fremen use spice to make essential goods such as paper, plastics, explosives and fabrics, as well as various foodstuffs.

Melange is only found on the planet Arrakis, inhabited by a native population referred to as the Fremen and its very own kaiju-esque species known as sandworms. The sandworms are key to the production of spice as excretions of their larvae constitute the main ingredient in melange. As the first cultivators of melange, Fremen not only unlocked the entheogenic, psychotropic and hallucinogenic effects of melange, they have also come to treat it as a vital component of their daily lives, using it for many non-drug-related goods and foods. They have also come to coexist with the sandworms and have adapted to the inhospitable Arrakis.

Enter the hegemonic powers of the world, helmed by the Emperor and followed by powerful feudal houses (essentially family-run conglomerates), which began exerting colonizing forces on the planet in order to harvest the spice, in large amounts, for their own purposes.

The resulting centuries of oppression and warfare waged on the Fremen for this valuable resource is not unlike the colonization projects launched by the imperial powers of the world on the Global South and on Indigenous peoples.

Understanding Our Own Drug Economy

Photo by: Matteo Paganelli

Dune’s drug economy gives us valuable insight into what our own drug economy might look like if we adopt the same exploitative approaches illustrated in the novel. This can be broken down into three main themes:

  • The Commodification of Drugs
  • The Paradox of Plenty
  • The Destruction of Nature

Consider that many Indigenous communities around the world have always had long-standing, meaningful relationships with certain drugs, specifically those used in ritual practice or as healing ingredients. These practices were ostracized by early Western observers who used racist rhetoric to demonize these cultures and justify “civilizing” initiatives aimed at wiping out traditional cultures and practices.

Despite being the original stewards of the spice, the Fremen face marginalization from their colonial overlords, and their knowledge of the desert and the spice are wholly ignored. In fact, they face what we call in our world the “resource curse”. Also known as the paradox of plenty, the curse refers to the phenomenon of an abundance of natural resources correlating with oppression and poverty. Reading this through a lens of decolonization allows us to see that this poverty is specifically a result of exploitative forces wreaking havoc on the land and communities in order to control these resources. One real-world example of a country that produces coveted drugs and may be a victim of this resource curse is Afghanistan. Read more about this complex situation here.

Even as “legitimate” entities begin to dabble in drug research, they continue to be exclusionary with their approach to unlocking their potential. Indigenous groups have to fight to be included in the conversation, despite possessing long-held knowledge on the subject. Companies reap benefits and profits from psychedelic research without crediting or including Indigenous knowledge, essentially freeloading off centuries of cultural practices all while governments continue to tackle “drug problems” in Indigenous communities today via a punitive approach. Not to mention, mainstream capitalist society continues to appropriate various aspects of traditional drug cultures to significant harm.

The need for control over Arrakis’ melange eventually leads to war between the houses, further upping the death toll of this exploitation project. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to liken the houses of Dune to cartels and the Empire to the overarching system of politics and economics we all exist under that make profits more valuable than human lives.

Naturally, this form of high-level resource extraction does not come without effects to the environment of Arrakis. The brutal governance of colonizers over the planet led to the depletion of scarce water sources, the permanent alteration of the landscape and the dangerous disturbance of the habitat of the sandworms, a consequence with devastating effects for the colonizers themselves. In contrast, the Fremen adopt an approach of coexistence and have long been using melange sustainably instead of exploitatively.

Dune’s drug economy serves as a handbook and warning against environmental destruction at the hands of exploitative cultivation. As an example, cannabis is a highly water-intensive plant that ironically, has a good amount of growing operations set up in water-scarce locales such as New Mexico and the northern regions of Mexico. If companies continue to pursue strictly profit-orienteered outcomes, they will conflict with the needs of these vulnerable communities as climate change continues to worsen the situation. Reports of environmental violence in Morocco as a result of a poorly-regulated system of exploitation are also a cause for concern for the growing cannabis industry.

Whether you see Dune as a prophecy, allegory or handbook, it is important to read works of literature with a critical lens in order to derive potentially transformative lessons for our real world. Herbert’s allegories can help guide us to establish a legal, sustainable and inclusive drug economy that does not rely on the free emotional and spiritual labour of Indigenous communities and people of colour and that does not assume the exploitation of people or the environment as a given. Energy alternatives are already being pursued to reduce the footprint of cannabis, and hopefully with more innovation and an increasingly environmentally-conscious society, we can avoid the future Herbert predicted.

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