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Ultimate Atmos RX Review With Updated Coupon



So, you are interested in the vape pens and products offered by Atmos RX, huh? Well, here at CTU, we made sure to put together the ultimate Atmos RX review to ensure our readers and students have unbiased information available to make an informed decision about Atmos RX and its many products.

If you are on the fence, read this review to help make up your mind. By the end, you might have your preferred vape picked out!

About Atmos RX

Not many other vape companies can say they have 35 patents for their vaping products. Atmos RX takes credit for revolutionizing the handheld vaping market and those patents prove it.

Coupled with their 10+ years of experience in the industry, their products have become synonymous with handheld vaping.

They boast in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing process that boosts quality control beyond what some other fly-by-night vaping companies have to offer.

They pride themselves on their customer service, so if you do happen to make a purchase, don’t hesitate to contact them for support with your new vaping products. You can register your products for a 1-year warranty as well!

Atmos RX Review of Products

This company offers many products, so were are going to look at the cream of the crop: the vaporizers themselves. After all, all the gadgets and accessories that they sell aren’t worth a thing if the Atmos RX vaporizer line of products isn’t up to par! Let’s check each of them out.

Electro Pipe Complete System

This Electro Pipe bundle comes with everything you need to vape everything from dry herb to wax. This is the most modular setup and is best for those who want variety from their vaping product.

Atmos RX Ruva Kit

The Ruva Kit is one of the top choices for dry herb vaporizers in the industry. It heats up to the required temperature quickly with its precision temperature control and refilling with more herb is simple and quick.

Those who want to experience the full essence of what the herb can offer will be happy with the Ruva.

Atmos RX Aegis V2 Kit

The Aegis is another dry herb vaporizer that focuses on ensuring the herbs don’t reach combustion temperatures and true vaping is accomplished.

This increases the lifespan of the equipment and provides a healthier way to consume the herbs than traditional combustion. This vaporizer is simply built to last!

Atmos RX Vicod 5G 2nd Generation KIt

If you want discretion with your vape, the Vicod is the right kit for you. It has the ability to vape dry herb and wax, making it a logical choice if you like both methods of consumption.

Its memory function for temperature is a nice feature. When you find that perfect temperature for vaping, you don’t want to try and remember it for next time. The Vicod will remember it for you.

Astra 2 Kit

The Astra 2 is the dry herb vaporizer for those who want a good amount of dry herb capacity in their vape while still being able to hold it in the palm of their hand. It features many of the same functions as other Atmos RX vapes as well.

Jump Kit

The Jump Kit delivers the right combination of durable and compact. It’s a lightweight vape that outperforms competitors that cost much more than the budget-friendly Jump vape.

Swiss Kit

As the name may imply, this vape kit is meant to be the most functional in multiple ways. It works with many different chambers, functions as a rig insert, and offers high-speed heat-up time. The swiss-army knife of the vaping world may be right here!


Learn how to cash in on the Green Rush!

Electro Dabber Kit

Those needing a vape for wax products on-the-go will be pleased with the Electro Dabber. If fast and easy is what you are shopping for, you’ve found the one.

Micro Pal Kit

The Micro Pal is great for wax and oil-based vaping. It works with the majority of 510 cartridges, both pre-filled and refillable. Offering quick removal and replacement of the cartridge and a smooth and flavorful experience, the Micro Pal may be your best friend.

Greedy M2 Kit

This one features a smart battery that adjusts the voltage necessary for the attached cartridge. Vaping wax has never been so smart.

Pillar Kit

This designer-style dry herb vaporizer is powerful and versatile, as it can convert to vaping wax as well.

Boss Bundle

The Boss dry herb vape pen is the perfect starter vape for those looking to try out dry herb vape pens for the first time.

Kiln RA Kit

This wax vape has a large capacity, satisfying the needs of even the most avid wax vapers.

Dry Herb Kit

The Atmos RX Dry Herb vaporizer is a simple, yet effective vaporizer with a smooth vapor and minimal aroma. Discrete and effective!

R2 Kit

A vape pen capable of vaping dry herb and wax. It’s a great choice for those on a budget who still need versatility.

Junior Kit

The Junior is the most discrete wax vape that Atmos has to offer. It’s still quite reliable and durable, however.

Nano Prime Kit

Oil vaping isn’t always seen as discrete or convenient. But, with the Nano Prime, it sure can be!

Bullet Kit

Built with portability in mind, the Bullet is the best option for an all-around on-the-go vape for those on a tight budget.

Jewel Kit

You can hide this wax vape in the palm of your hand, making it easy to take wherever and whenever you need it. It still holds quite a lot of wax for those who need a little more capacity than many discrete units offer.

Vital Kit

A no-nonsense oil vape pen with a 1.6 ml tank. Budget-friendly and useful. What else should be said?

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course
– Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

Everything Else

Atmos RX also stocks batteries, attachments, replacement parts, accessories to expand your Atmos vape pen use, and plenty of Atmos cartridges to choose from. If you need something for your vape, Atmos RX has you covered.

No need to worry about aftermarket attachments since this brand has done its due diligence to create accessories, attachments, and components readily available on their website!

Best Atmos RX Coupon

Those looking for the best coupon to save some money purchasing one, or more, of the great Atmos RX products, should look no further. Here at CTU, we have you covered with the most up-to-date Atmos RX coupon right here for the deepest discount available!

Final Words About Atmos RX Review

Those looking to purchase from an established brand that has been working in the industry for years will be quite happy with Atmos RX. With them owning many patents for vape pens and other handheld vapes, it’s no wonder that many other brands try to model themselves after what Atmos RX puts out!

Their products are great and are backed by a 1-year warranty, meaning you have little to risk and plenty to gain with the myriad of vaping products offered by Atmos RX!

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Mushrooms Legality, Funding, Layoffs -Cannadelics Sunday Edition




Welcome to the Cannadelics Sunday Edition, our weekly newsletter sent to our readers every Sunday morning with the leading stories of the week. This week the main articles were about Mass layoffs in Cannabis industry, Psychedelics funding, Global Mushrooms Legality, Psychedelics events, Cannabis use disorder, Drunk experiences, drugs in Cuba and more

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The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (2/5/2023) – Psychedelic Funding, Global Mushrooms Legality, Cannabis Industry Mass Layoffs, and more


Welcome to the Cannadelics Sunday edition, going out every Sunday with the top stories from the cannabis and psychedelics industries. This week we have a mixed bag of stories as well as a few deals from our deal-of-the-day segments.

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25% Off 5g Disposable Vape (5 Gram)

5g Disposable Vape
25% Off 5g Disposable Vape (5 Gram)

Looking for a powerful and convenient vaping experience? Check out the 5g Disposable Vape! This innovative device offers a potent blend of THCADelta 9P, and HHCP-O distillate paired with live resin terpenes. Made from hemp-derived cannabinoids, this 5 gram disposable vape is fully legal and offers a variety of tasty flavors like Alaskan Lights, Desert Diesel, and Tropical Zkittlez. 

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This week we have a pretty even mix of both cannabis and psychedelics news. A few popular topics explore psychedelic funding, global amanita muscaria legality, cannabis industry struggles and mass layoffs, and more. Scroll down for these articles and many others!

What Happened in the World of Psychedelics Funding Last Year?

Psychedelics funding, Global Mushrooms Legality
What Happened in the World of Psychedelics Funding Last Year?

One of the trending developments over the last year, is the newfound level of growth and acceptance of psychedelic drugs. One way to determine this growth is by looking at how many states and cities are updating legislation. Another way is by seeing how much money is being raised by different companies and investors. Spoiler alert, it’s a lot… read on to learn about the exact figures.

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Global Mushrooms Legality:

Global Mushrooms Legality: here in the World are Amanita Muscaria Illegal?

amanita muscaria illegal - global mushrooms legality
Global Mushrooms Legality: here in the World are Amanita Muscaria Illegal?

Global mushrooms legality: With Amanita muscaria mushrooms growing in popularity, especially during the last couple of months, many people are wondering if they’re legal to possess in their region. Luckily, in most cases the answer to this is a resounding yes, since only a handful of areas have any type of legislation against these shrooms. But if you live in one of the following five places in the world, then you’re out of luck on buying them legally.

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What Psychedelics Events You Need to Attend in 2023 (Global Edition)

global psychedelics events
What Psychedelics Events You Need to Attend in 2023 (Global Edition)

As the world grows increasingly eager to learn more about psychedelic drugs and their healing properties, we’re seeing a sharp rise in related events where industry professionals can gather with inquisitive consumers to discuss all the most important aspects of this budding market. We’ve already covered some of the more anticipated events going on in the U.S. this year, and now we’re following up with the top 5 global psychedelics events taking place in 2023.

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Psychedelic vs Psychoactive – What’s the Difference?

psychedelic psychoactive, Global Mushrooms Legality
Psychedelic vs Psychoactive – What’s the Difference?

If you read about drugs often, you’ve probably come across the terms “psychoactive” and “psychedelic” quite frequently. Although many publications use them interchangeably, that is incorrect and there are some key differences between the two. The broadest way to describe it, is that all psychedelic drugs are psychoactive, but not all psychoactive drugs are psychedelic.

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Save 25% Discount On Live Resin Delta-9 THC Chocolate 
(Valentine’s Day Special)

Delta-9 THC Chocolate
Save 25% Discount On Live Resin Delta-9 THC Chocolate 

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with a 25% discount on Delta-9 THC chocolate bars. Use the Delta25 coupon code to save on Milk, Dark, or Cookies & Cream flavors for a romantic evening with your loved one. 

Don’t miss out on this Deal of the day and make this Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

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Additional Reading:

A few more articles for your reading pleasure.

Is Cannabis Use Disorder Really a Thing?

Can cannabis use lead to a disorder?
Is Cannabis Use Disorder Really a Thing?

The general consensus on cannabis has always been that it’s not really addictive. And that’s definitely true to an extent; we can say without a doubt that it’s not physically addictive and does not cause any type of illness or symptoms of withdrawal when someone stops using. That being said, can it be mentally addictive? That’s what the medical community aims to answer by exploring the possibility of “cannabis use disorder”.

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Do Different Alcoholic Drinks Cause Different Drunk Experiences?

alcoholic drinks
Do Different Alcoholic Drinks Cause Different Drunk Experiences?

There are hundreds of different types of alcohol, and many people swear that certain types of liquor produce different types of drunk effects. For example, one that immediately comes to mind is tequila. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard someone say that tequila makes them ready to fight. On the flip side, many believe that whiskey offers an extra-confident drunk experience. Some will argue that there’s no logic behind this, that it’s simply the amount of alcohol within the drinks and the speed at which you metabolize them. But maybe there’s more going on here.

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Mass Layoffs Continue in Cannabis Industry

Global Mushrooms Legality, Mass Layoffs
Mass Layoffs Continue in Cannabis Industry

One surefire way to know if there are problems within in industry is by looking at the hiring patterns. When an industry is doing well, more jobs open up and salaries improve. When an industry is struggling, jobs are lost and pay gets cut. For several months, mass layoffs have been going on in the cannabis industry, signaling major problems with few possible solutions.

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My 2 Week Cuba Experience: Is It really the Anti-drug Capital of the World?

cuba anti-drug
My 2 Week Cuba Experience: Is It really the Anti-drug Capital of the World?

Cuba is a beautiful, underrated, and very misunderstood country. This country hosts every type of terrain one could imagine, making it perfect for hiking, camping, and wildlife photography. There are some amazing beaches to lounge at and soak up the scenery. And if you want to get a feel for 1950s American cars, then Cuba is the perfect place for a vacation. However, if you’re the type of person who likes to get high on vacation, then this little island is a place you may want to avoid.

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25% Off 2500mg Extra Strength Gummies

Tropical Kush extra strength gummies
25% Off 2500mg Extra Strength Gummies

Try the 2500mg “Extra Strength Gummies” today and save with the Delta25 coupon code. 

These gummies pack a powerful punch with 125mg of Delta 8, Delta-9 THC, and THC-P in each one, making them a high-potency option compared to standard gummies that range from 2.5 to 10 milligrams or more. One gummy is enough for 2-3 people, so grab some friends and get ready for a wild time. 

Don’t miss out on the Deal of the day, which includes a 25% discount on these extra strength gummies when you use the Delta25 coupon code.

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Best Deals On Amanita Muscaria Gummies

Global Mushrooms Legality, Amanita Muscaria Gummies
Best Deals On Amanita Muscaria Gummies

Finding legal psychedelic products is not an easy task, as most of them are illegal to buy or to use. However, while Psylocibin-based magic mushrooms are only making their first steps to become legal, Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are already 100% legal.  These great legal mushrooms offer you a safe entry to to the world of psychedelics.

TIP: Use code Delta25 and get 25% Off and Free Shipping when you buy 3 or more Bottles

Best Deals On Amanita Mushroom Gummies

All the latest from Psychedelics and Cannabis
All the latest from Psychedelics and Cannabis

For all the latest from Psychedelics and Cannabis, follow our Telegram Channel.

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News from the Week:

*** Meet Psilomethoxin, the Love Child of Psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT

*** The Positives and Negatives of Magic Mushrooms

*** 5 Weirdest ways to Consume Cannabis

*** Salvia: Tricks of Use for the Best Experience

*** The Lowdown On Syria As The New Captagon Narco State

*** Why is Everyone ‘Shelving’ their Drugs?

*** Global Mushrooms Legality

We hope you enjoyed this week’s review. We work hard to find and verify the best products, so we may include affiliate links to support the maintenance and development of this site. 

The Cannadelics team 

*** Disclaimer: As the legality of cannabinoids and psychedelics changes between state to state, you should always check with your local authorities first.

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28 grams of game: Shiest Bubz is legend




In New York cannabis, no name carries more weight than Smoker’s Club co-founder Shiest Bubz. Learn how the Harlem native became NYC’s “Willy Wonka of Weed” in Leafly’s latest 28 grams of game.

Shiest Bubz is taking the term “legacy,” back. In cannabis circles, it’s become a buzzword. Its definition depends on who you ask. And if you ask Bubz, the wordplay is becoming condescending.

“They’re like, ‘Oh, we need to help legacy learn how to transition from here to there.’ Who are you talking about? Not White America. Can’t be talking about them. Impossible. You’re talking about Black people… At the end of the day, it’s not White legacy operators that they’re looking for.”

Shiest Bubz to Honeysuckle

That’s why Bubz said he hasn’t rushed to join the licensed game. Over the course of three decades, he’s sold more pounds of flower in New York than any partner he could hope to find before it was legal, and without getting caught up in the state’s historically aggressive Drug War enforcement. Now, New York has already “pre-approved” his Smoker’s Club team to participate in the legal industry, according to NYC Cannabis Czar Dasheeda Dawson. But Bubz is taking his time to survey the field as lawmakers and regulators sort out New York’s adult-use industry.

In this edition of 28 grams of game, Shiest Bubz explains how he became the emperor of New York’s underground weed scene, and shares his vision for building an even larger legacy in the regulated industry.

1. Take initiative

Shiest Bubz lights a blunt on a stovetop flame. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)
(Instagram / @adonisisbored)

“It started in high school, chipping in to buy weed. Then getting an ounce of weed and cutting the hike to go get the weed. So we don’t need to hike, I got the weed already, just give me the money. That was my first flip off weed. I flipped a profit.”

Shiest Bubz

2. Document the process

Shiest Bubz shares his encyclopedia of classic strains with Leafly’s Amelia Williams at The Smoker’s Club in Brooklyn, New York. She’s holding an infamous “F*** U” bag, which still had some funky nuggets. (Calvin Stovall / Leafly)

In 2022, Bubz launched the Heavy Smoke podcast to document weed’s legal renaissance. He’s already interviewed active legends like Juan Quesada of Backpack Boyz and Steph.V of Certz, helping preserve cannabis history in real time. He’s also got an encyclopedia of classic bags and strains he shared with Leafly this winter.

3. Plant firm roots

Shiest Bubz, Purple City and The Diplomats pictured together circa early-2000s. (Purple City Productions)
Shiest Bubz, Purple City, and The Diplomats pictured together circa early-2000s. (Purple City Productions)

In the 2000s, Shiest made his name in music by founding Purple City Records, which contributed heavily to New York’s underground mixtape scene and the careers of artists like Smoke DZA. Bubz also worked with Harlem icons Cam’ron, Jim Jones, and Juelz Santana, all three of whom are poised to follow his footsteps into the legal cannabis industry. Bubz and company’s influence is well documented in DVDs and tapes that once circulated nationwide. Some videos still live on YouTube, giving context to those looking to understand how guys with names like Shiest Bubz and Luka Brazi became the top dogs in New York’s budding cannabis industry.

4. Stay close to the plant

Rapper Curren$y (left) and Shiest Bubz (right) enjoy a smoke break. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)
Rapper Curren$y (left) and Shiest Bubz (right) enjoy a smoke break. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)

After running record labels, clothing lines, and events, Shiest realized that cannabis is his favorite product to market.

“My biggest performer, my biggest artist, my most successful thing that I was able to promote has been cannabis. It doesn’t talk back. I’m always able to sell it. No feelings, no emotions attached.”

Shiest Bubz to Honeysuckle

5. Remember your history

When asked which strains are essential to New York’s rich cannabis culture, Bubz doesn’t hesitate. “Chocolate Thai,” he told Leafly, “Back in the days, everybody in Harlem, Brooklyn, and The Bronx smoked some Chocolate Thai.”

“(Plus), Hawaiian, Sour (Diesel), (Purple) Haze, Kush, Afghani, all types of shit. Acapulco Gold. We ain’t even really know what that was. We thought that was some gas. But as you get older, you realize when the weed starts turning yellow and stuff like that, that just means it is old.”

Shiest Bubz on New York’s classic cannabis strains

6. Tend to the seeds

“My first job as a kid, I worked at a daycare center. I was like 12 years old. It was a summer job at the daycare center that I actually went to, Gardens Nursery School,” Bubz told Leafly. He’s continued to be a mentor to others ever since, investing in people who share his passion for good bud and good business at every stage of his career.

7. Study the pioneers

Cannabis remains an essential part of Snoop Dogg's lifestyle and brand, over three decades after his music established him as one of America's most iconic smokers. (Leafly / Megan Schmidt / Original photo from Sue Kwon's Rap Is Risen exhibit)
(Leafly / Megan Schmidt / Original photo from Sue Kwon’s Rap Is Risen exhibit)

“In my era, the people that I looked at as the big stoners were like Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman. Basically any rapper that was talking about weed. Weed was always an illegal thing. So if you talked that you were really blowing that big, big weed like that, then nine outta 10 times, you had some notoriety.”

Shiest Bubz to Leafly


The NYC legend behind Redman’s 20-year-old stash of Branson buds

8. Don’t get gassed up

Shiest Bubz pictured in a cloud of cannabis smoke. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)
(Instagram / @adonisisbored)

Now that weed is legal in New York, Bubz is wary of those rushing to profit from cannabis culture without fully participating in or appreciating it.

“These are lies for the pursuit of a license, for the pursuit of money,” he told Honeysuckle, referring to investors looking to enter the industry on false pretenses like supporting the legacy community. Thankfully, New York has gone above and beyond to empower local operators over vertical corporations with its adult-use regulations.

9. Build a reputation

Year after year entering the game, Shiest has maintained a rep for having the best cannabis on the East Coast. His partner at Cinematic Music Group, Jonny Shipes, was 19 when he landed Harlem’s best plug, and he’s still thankful Bubz is only one call away.

“He’’s synonymous with good weed. From the day I met him in 2000, he always had the loud pack. So whether it was Piff or the best of the best, you always knew if you went to Bubzy, you were gonna get that.”

Jonny Shipes, CEO Cinematic Music Group, The Smoker’s Club

10. Raise the bar

Today, Shiest continues to raise the bar for great bud with Purp Invaders, a collaboration with Cannatique Farms. “They’re known for the super fire weed,” Bubz said, promising Purp Invaders is “the best in the world.” The buds are available In Sherbinski’s dispensary in California, and 80s-gamer merch can be ordered anywhere through their website.

11. Keep a mystique

“I was like 19. I had just heard about the Piff for the first time and everybody was like, ‘You gotta find this dude Shiest Bubz. He was like the Willy Wonka of Harlem.’ You couldn’t really find him. You had to go up to his crib, and it was hard to get to him.”

Jonny Shipes

Smoker's Club co-founder Jonny Shipes. (Instagram / Jonny Shipes)
The Smoker’s Club co-founder Jonny Shipes lights up in the Brooklyn club location. (Instagram / Jonny Shipes)

12. Build a community

“The Smokers Club is an evolution of a situation where your local bud dealer has a lot of people coming through and y’all congregate at his spot and smoke weed. That’s how Smoker’s Club started to me, and that’s what it is to a lot of people that can relate to that. It’s basically just hanging out with your boys and your homegirls and getting high and smoking weed and just chilling and kicking shits.”

Shiest Bubz

13. Go global

Benny The Butcher and Shiest Bubz pictured at Rolling Loud's Waferz suite. (Instagram / @ShiestBubz)
Benny The Butcher and Shiest Bubz pictured at Rolling Loud’s Waferz suite. (Instagram / @ShiestBubz)

From those humble origins, Bubz and company have elevated their club into a global movement. “The Smoker’s Club is a lifestyle brand,” DZA explained. “It’s culture, it’s history, it all started from a tour we started in 2009 at SXSW. The tour graduated into a festival, and we have one of the best marijuana brands in the world right now. As far as merch, festivals, and actual marijuana goes.”

14. Do good business

Shiest bubz (left) and Yung LB (right) share a laugh backstage at a cannabis event. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)
Shiest Bubz (left) and Yung LB (right) share a laugh backstage at a cannabis event. (Instagram / @adonisisbored)

“He does good business. A lot of people don’t do good business, you know what I mean? A lot of dealers you’ll go to, if you try to make a play you’ll get like five, six pounds and it’s supposed to be something. And it’s not that. But you know, with Bubz, it was tested, tried and true. You knew you were getting exactly what you were paying for, even if it was $6,800 a pound [laughs].”

Jonny Shipes

15. Focus on the mission

Shiest Bubz pictured in Trinidad. (Instagram / @ShiestBubz)
(Instagram / @ShiestBubz)

How did Bubz keep his hands and record clean for decades? He stayed true to the plant instead of using it to chase fame, power, or profit. Bubz said he’s raised five kids off cannabis, and relied on it to fund legal music and creative endeavors that got him away from illicit activities for good.

“I play within my parameters of what I’m dealing with. I’m not out here publicly breaking the law. I’m not doing none of that. I’m not here for that. I’m here for the lifestyle and culture of cannabis.”

Shiest Bubz

16. Take care of your people

The roots of The Smoker’s Club trace back to one fact: Shiest Bubz was a life-changing plug. “When I met Shiest Bubz, around ‘02, ‘03, I was privileged to be around the best Purple Haze that New York City had to offer,” Smoker’s Club co-founder Smoke DZA told Leafly.

“Somebody plugged me with Shiest, and he wound up coming down to the studio one night and showing me a pound. It was the best weed I had ever seen at that point, and the rest is history. We just stayed grinding. And then I wound up managing him when he launched Purple City Records. We hustled our whole lives together. From the Black market to wherever it is now”

Jonny Shipes


Tasting Dosidos with Smoke DZA aka The Kush God

17. Take your time

Bubz and his partners at The Smoker’s Club already cracked the code of how to build thriving cannabis businesses pre-legalization years ago. So they’re in no rush to be the first to market in New York’s uncertain legal industry. They’ve put in too many years on the original market to rush into a bad situation in the legal market.

“Seeing New York City now finally go legal, it’s a testament to him and others. They were grinding from the early, early days when we used to ride around in cars and be nervous to get pinched for a fucking blunt or a joint. To see it come full circle, he’s setting himself up for what we got coming next with. I’m sure he’ll wind up with a store. We’ve been going back and forth on what it’s gonna look like.”

Jonny Shipes

18. Leverage your genetics

Bubz’ unique combination of charisma, intellect, and culture was born in Harlem’s St. Luke’s Hospital. His mother came to New York from Louisiana. Bubz’ father, originally from Trinidad, went to Texas before meeting Bubz’ mother on 137th between Broadway in Harlem. His dad was the young rock of his family, leaving for America to pursue an engineering career. His mother worked in accounting for Columbia University, which brought the family to West Harlem, aka Morningside Heights. To this day, Shiest pulls from his rich family history and childhood experiences to connect and build with people from all walks of life.

19. Carry on tradition

“Morningside Heights is Columbia University-owned property. So it’s more like college students, professors, teachers–That’s more the vibe. It’s been gentrified since I could remember growing up. We were always the Black family on the block. So from the time I was little, I’m not gonna lie, the energy was always centered around my parents for being successful. Like, my pops was successful, my mother was successful, and we were their kids. So I always looked at it like we have to be successful. too. It was like a responsibility of their success. And they were mad strict about that too. Like, ‘You’re not gonna make me look bad out here.’ Everything that I did was supposed to be like a reflection of how they raised me. That’s how, that’s how strict they were, And that’s how older people were back then. They wanted their kids to be just like them or following their footsteps or whatever the case may be. 

Shiest Bubz

20. Remember the magic

“I grew up in the ‘80s, even though I was born in the ‘70s, I grew up in the ‘80s, you know once you get to the ‘85, 6 years old, you start remembering shit, for real. And one of my most memorable experiences was being in the Bronx on 183rd at my cousin’s house. And he was like 15 years older than me. So when I’m five, he’s 20. And he’s playing me my first rap record, ‘Rappers Delight.’ Like, ‘check this out, little n****.’ And he was out smoking weed at the time. He was like out in the streets. So I’m putting on wild cologne (trying to be like him). He got all the girls. He’s a ladies man. I’m like, ‘Oh shit, this music is fire.’ And growing up on Hip Hop and going to school downtown with a diverse group of kids, I always stood out as being like, ‘Yo, he knows that street shit, that rap shit. Like how do you know that? Who exposed you to that? Your parents ain’t on that type of time.’ So rap music and Hip Hop has been the timeline for me wanting to be outside and be active in everything since day one.”

Shiest Bubz

21. Resist the stigma

“My mother always used to be kind of against [Hip Hop]. But that’s what I was tapping into. It was on the radio, so I’d sneak the radio under my pillow. I’m listening to DJ Red Alert. So this is when rap wasn’t even on Hot 97, this is back when it was on 92 KTU. I used to get props for just knowing rap records and knowing the lyrics of certain songs and shit. And they’d be like, ‘How you know that shit? Oh, he’s cool. He knows all the latest stuff.’”


Cypress Hill’s new single breaks down the highs and lows of the legal weed game

22. Normalize the nug

Hip Hop wasn’t a gateway to weed, but Bubz saw the two worlds overlap quickly in the 90s. Artists began to mainstream the plant with music like Dr. Dre’s The Chronic, and Cypress Hill’s “Hits From The Bong.”

“We were smoking weed and listening to Jodeci and shit like that trying to get women,” Bubz told Leafly. “Then Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album changed the dynamics,” Bubz recalled. “Like, n****s was talking about weed and it was normalized already ‘cause we were smoking outside on some ‘f*** the police’ shit. So any rap songs with references to smoking blunts or smoking weed or joints or weed? We were eating it all up. Every bit of it.”

Shiest Bubz


The 23 dankest lyrics about loud weed

23. Be in the building

(Instagram / @ShiestBubz)
Shiest Bubz (left), Stoney Mama (middle), and Smoke DZA (right). (Instagram / @ShiestBubz)

Bubz has known Happy Munkey’s Vlad Bautista since the 90s when both worked the original market. Both are now major influencers in the cannabis space thanks in part to one principle: “You must be in the room to influence change.”

At Vlad’s 40th birthday party at The Dream Hotel in December, Bubz told Pothead University, “I’ve known (Vlad) since I was a teenager. He’s still out here repping for the culture not the vultures.” And Bubz doesn’t just show his face at parties. He can also dip into the political space. “Even though it seems as if I’m in a political role in cannabis, I’m actually not, I’m actually there to gain information first hand instead of word of mouth,” Bubz told Leafly after he spoke with New York’s cannabis regulators about how to protect and empower original operators from those treating the gray market like a gold rush.

Shiest Bubz is one of New York’s most visible legacy operators. He said his presence at the Mayor’s press conference was to ensure that Black and brown communities are protected from cannabis prosecution, as well as bootleg products that harm legitimate cannabis businesses and unsuspecting customers. (NYC Mayor’s Office)
Shiest Bubz is one of New York’s most visible legacy operators. He said his recent presence at a Mayor’s office press conference was to ensure that Black and brown communities are protected from cannabis prosecution, as well as bootleg products that harm legitimate cannabis businesses and unsuspecting customers. (NYC Mayor’s Office)

“I’m not just sitting back and waiting for someone to translate something to me. I’m actually putting my due diligence to try to be in those rooms where the conversation is happening. Because I look at a lot of the people who play these positions in cannabis as inexperienced. They know law writing and cliche paperwork.”

Shiest Bubz

24. Legitimize your grind

(Instagram / Shiest Bubz)
(Instagram / Shiest Bubz)

Bubz did not wait for a license to turn his cannabis hustle legit. After decades of providing bud for famous and local clientele in New York, Bubz partnered with Rolling Loud and Packwoods to become an ambassador that gifts artists weed in their suites. Now, he gets paid to do what he’s always done in New York City: Connect VIPs with very important packs.

In 2007, Bubz said he learned the legacy-to-legal grind from rapper and exec Jim Jones in the music space. “Jim Jones took me to a lot of label meetings and taught me how to flip the street game to the rap game, because there is a difference,” Shiest said. “Cam’ron also taught me a lot about the game,” Shiest said while promoting Purple City.

25. Empower the people

Caption: Labor peace agreements in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut were fought for by cannabis workers unions including UFCW. (UFCW)
Shiest Bubz (top left) pictured with cannabis workers union UFCW. (UFCW)

Bubz was one of many cannabis entrepreneurs in support of New York cannabis workers’ push to unionize. At the Black CannaBiz Expo in New Orleans in 2022. UFCW is one of the country’s largest workers’ unions, and Bubz has given his full support to the movement to get all New York budtenders and cannabis employees union protections.


New Yorkers may soon be buying weed from union budtenders. Here’s why

26. Collaborate don’t compete 

The GUMBOs, Luka Brazi and Alexis Major, pose with Shiest Bubz after recording an interview on his Heavy Smoke podcast in New York’s Cookies store. (Instagram)
The GUMBOs, Luka Brazi and Alexis Major, pose with Shiest Bubz after recording an interview on his Heavy Smoke podcast in New York’s Cookies store. (Instagram)

There’s a lot of competition to dominate New York’s growing cannabis culture. But Shiest is not getting pulled into rivalries with his fellow operators. There’s way too much weed to sell, and too many smokers to serve to be worried about the next operation. Thankfully, the Heavy Smoke podcast is the perfect platform for Bubz to show the entire community that cooperation is key. One of the show’s best interviews to date was with The GUMBOs, Luka Brazi and Alexis Major. From their shared roots in Harlem’s Dipset era, to their bright futures ahead in the legal game, it’s truly inspiring to see the cannabis industry’s pioneers join forces in representing positivity.

27. Stay ahead of the curve

(Purple City Productions)
(Purple City Productions)

During the 2000s, Bubz was at the forefront of online cross-branding and marketing music and marijuana. Unlike many of his peers, he didn’t need a major label or marketing department to capture the attention of listeners nationwide. And long before artists like Berner, Wiz, and JAY-Z used their music platforms to brand bud, Bubz was branding his purple piff across the East Coast with flashy album covers, gaudy fashion, and well-produced mixtapes under the Purple City name. Today, he sees the entire industry building on his blueprint and can’t help but feel ahead of his time.

“We got the internet, so the things that were so ritual to us back in the days, are just a normality. Now it’s like if you got the brand, you got your bag, you got your shirt, you know what I mean? You got a song, it’s all regular, it’s all cliche. It’s like a wheel turning now.”

Shiest Bubz on branding in cannabis


Berner is among music’s wealthiest artists—and it’s thanks to legal weed

28. Be legendary

(Instagram / @ShiestBubz)
(Instagram / @ShiestBubz)

After giving it some time, Bubz is coming around on that hot-button “legacy,” term. “I like the word legacy,” he told Leafly in January. “I just feel–like I said before,” referring to his Honeysuckle interview. He still questions the intentions of those using the term, holding  strong that the cannabis landscape is not fertile terrain to be colonized and capitalized. Original members were buying and selling weed before it became regulated. And they will continue to, with or without the government’s permission, or the legal industry’s euphemisms.

“It’s all good. I rock with “legacy.” It dresses up what we’ve done for so many years in a better way… I just feel like true legacy has to be recognized and not just as one or two persons like myself. I’m not trying to wear any hat like that. If I have to, I will. To make sure the market and the people who built this market have some type of outlet to participate legally in the game.”

Shiest Bubz

Just remember this: When it comes to cannabis. Shiest Bubz isn’t just legacy. He’s legend.

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Mass Layoffs Continue in Cannabis Industry – Globally




What’s one great way to tell if an industry is doing well? More jobs open up, and salaries improve. What’s a great way to know there are problems? When more and more jobs get cut. That’s where we are today, as mass layoffs continue in the cannabis industry, signaling a host of problems, with no solution in sight.

Industry issues

When the industry first started it was a true free-for-all. The predictions for market growth were off-the-charts, and it seemed like every big international company wanted to swoop into newly legalized locations to take advantage of this new reported cash cow of an industry. Everyone wanted in. Lots of people made investments. We all waited with baited breath to see who among us would become the new weed industry millionaires.

Now, we’re a few years in, and the landscape has changed, along with expectations. CBD has faded out into almost nothing, medical markets are getting eclipsed by recreational markets, which themselves are still often eclipsed by black markets. Prices remain high in many places due to insane taxing, and governments have been slow to pick up on this as an issue. Overproduction has (let’s be honest, predictably) come into play, causing prices to plummet in every venue. And the once thriving industry, is now showing its cracks, with sales plummeting in many places.

Last year the reports started really rolling in about industry closures and layoffs. Smaller names were already having a hard time making it in due to expensive regulation, extreme competition, and extra costs like slotting fees at dispensaries; making it seem like a game for the big dogs only. But even they’re having issues. And now as 2023 gets underway, the mass layoffs continue, both in the US, and around the world.

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Mass layoffs in the cannabis industry – global

Clever Leaves Holdings is a Colombian cannabis company with operations in Portugal. On January 23rd of this year, the company announced restructuring plans that include cutting nearly ¼ of its staff. Clever Leaves is in the medical space, creating pharmaceutical-grade products. This restructuring means winding down all operations in the Portugal location. In fact, the company wants to move everything back home to cut costs, saying:

“By exclusively cultivating and producing our cannabinoid products in Colombia, we aim to leverage our existing cost efficiencies in the country as we ramp our dry flower offering,” said Andres Fajardo, CEO of Clever Leaves. “We believe this transition will allow us to optimize our production infrastructure and drive increased cost savings, positioning us to compete more effectively in the global medicinal cannabis market.”

As of the end of September, the company had $12.1 million in assets in Portugal. The facility included cultivation, post-harvesting, and manufacturing activities; though it sounds like all of this will eventually end. It’s also not the only company operating out of Portugal that wants to cut back. On January 17th, cannabis giant Tilray Brands announced it too was looking to cut about a quarter of its staff. The facility in Cantanhede is also a medical cannabis products facility. Said a Tilray spokesperson to MJBizDaily:

“A total of 49 jobs will be affected in the production, manufacturing, quality, quality control (laboratory), cultivation, supply chain, facilities, warehousing, logistics, procurement, and IT. These changes, which are in line with Tilray’s rightsizing to meet the needs of the current economy and the state of legalization across medical and adult-use cannabis, will take place over the next three months.”

To give an idea why this is happening, consider that in the quarter ending November 30th, 2022, the company posted a $61.6 million net loss. Tilray is a public company and can be found on the NASDAQ and Toronto Stock Exchange under TLRY. Clever Leaves also had huge losses of $37.3 million, in the first three quarters of last year. It only earned $13.2 million in the same time frame. Clever Leaves is publicly traded under CLVR on NASDAQ.

In Canada, Delta 9 announced that it would temporarily lay off 40 people. This is interesting wording as it implies the company does believe it will be able to reverse these layoffs. Realistically, maybe it will, but a stronger reality might be that none of these jobs are coming back for any of these companies. This cut in the company’s Winnipeg facilities accounts for 40% of its staff.

Fellow Canadian company The Flowr Corporation (OTC:FLWPF) a cultivation services enterprise with locations in several countries, made some big changes last year to keep from bankruptcy. It cut employees to the tune of $4 million in savings, accounting for 40% of its workforce. Along with this, it made a deal to sell off its subsidiary Flowr Forests, a 16 acre property for cultivation. This is considered a non-core asset, and makes the company $3.4 million in revenue.

Mass layoffs in the cannabis industry – US

The US might not have federally legal weed, but it is home to the biggest cannabis industries. However, things aren’t doing better within the borders of the US, than they’re doing outside them. One of the big ones to announce major cuts of late? Columbia Care, Inc., which operates in several states, and owns Green Leaf Medical LLC, which is about to make a bunch of people jobless. How many? 73. As of February 28th.

According to the company: “In order to meet the appropriate supply and demand levels of the market, it was necessary for us to reduce the workforce at our cultivation and production facility.” It continued, “We are hopeful that with adult use on the horizon, this facility will be back up to full capacity in the future.” It’s pretty clear this cut is indeed due to a lack of business.

Leaflink, a wholesale tech platform out of New York, is also cutting jobs. Late last year it was reported that 80 employees were sent looking for new work. Much like the other companies to make cuts, the company explained: “Unfortunately, as the cannabis industry continues to face headwinds and the current macroeconomic environment, we needed to take the next step in our evolution to continue supporting the industry.”

Truelieve, a company offering medical cannabis products and services out of Tallahassee Florida, and which operates in many states, also made a similar announcement at the end of last year. Workers were cut from its McKeesport Pennsylvania cultivation facility, numbering approximately 36. This is technically small potatoes considering the company employs in the neighborhood of 8,000, but its also not the first cut. The company laid off workers in three Florida locations: Midway, Monticello, and Quincy, as well.

While the cut was blamed on “Trulieve’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Arizona-based multistate operator Harvest Health & Recreation in 2021,” it also came on the heels of the company posting a quarterly loss of $115 million.

Yet another Florida company, Springbig, a technology company for weed-specific marketing software, cut 23% of its workforce (37 employees) late last year. The company is trying hard to turn a profit amid an industry that seems harder and harder to turn a profit in. These cuts were meant to save $200,000 in the short term, and 21% in the first three quarters of 2023.

Springbig had just merged with Tuatara Capital Acquisition, in order to get on NASDAQ; trading under SBIG. The company’s shares have plummeted from $4.50 last June, to 82 cents at the end of 2022. Prior to the drop it had reported $24 million in yearly revenue, with a $275 million valuation, as per Green Market Report.

If you’re a big reader of cannabis news, then the publication Leafly is likely familiar to you. Well, even Leafly Holdings is having problems. In October of last year, it was reported that the cannabis resource and marketplace, would cut 56 jobs, or 21% of its staff. Leafly, traded under LFLY on NASDAQ, is looking to save approximately $16 million a year, saying, “These reductions will help preserve our ability to respond to opportunities as this industry continues to mature and expand, and allow us to more effectively manage our capital.”

Previously mentioned layoffs in the cannabis industry

This is unfortunately not the first time I’ve reported on cannabis industry layoffs. Last year made one thing very clear: the market is not as sound as many wanted to believe; and the overall market predictions in place, are falling short of reality.

Some of the big layoffs already reported on, include Weedmaps, which cut about 25% of its staff; Curaleaf Holdings, which just got rid of 220 employees; Akerna, which released 1/3 of its staff, or 59 workers; Dutchie, which removed 8% of its workforce, amounting to 67 jobs lost; Canopy Growth which sold all its retail locations, and cut 245 jobs last year; and Aurora Cannabis which cut 12% of its workforce as a part of corporate restructuring to save money.

With the biggest names in cannabis faltering, it brings up the question of who can survive. More companies to let employees go recently, include California’s Eaze, which laid off around 25 employees last year; Lume, a cannabis company out of Michigan closed four out of 30 of its stores; and Nature AZ Medicine, an Arizona medical cannabis company, cut up to 100 employees as a result of medical sales falling.

There’s nothing saying that 2023 won’t turn into a banner year for cannabis sales, and there’s nothing saying that all of these companies won’t recoup their losses, or hire back the numbers they lost. But right now, things aren’t looking fantastic for cannabis industry growth, and these layoffs are a good indication that more bad news might be coming.


Will the cannabis industry rebound? Or are these mass layoffs an indication that the weed industry has hit a wall? And maybe most important to ask, if it can be saved, what kind of changes are necessary in order to facilitate this?

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