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Why Am I Not High Even After Smoking Medical Marijuana



There are plenty of aspects of cannabis that are still unknown. That would be because of the lack of research. We all can thank the federal government for that. But that is for another day.  Today we will be talking about an issue that is very seldom talked about i.e. not being able to get high. Especially with a medical marijuana card. In a world where every second story is that of people getting high out of their minds, it can often be a very confusing position if you can’t pinpoint why you are not experiencing the same set of effects. Not that getting high should be your goal. But there are certain benefits that do come along with it. Especially if you look at the medical aspects.  It is a known fact that cannabis works differently for different people. Some people are more sensitive to the effects of cannabis, while others are more tolerant. The effects are all dependent on your own body. Everything from biology to genetics comes into play when one is looking at how cannabis works in your body.  We will be having a look at all the possible reasons why you might not be feeling high even after using medical marijuana.

Marijuana joint
A man holding a cannabis joint

The First-Time Effect

It is not a well-known fact but the truth is that it is often very tough for first-time users to feel the effects of cannabis. Actually, there are times when it may take several times before you can actually feel the full effects of the plant. So, if you are a new user then you should give it a couple of tries. Some theories about why you might not be feeling high when you use marijuana for the first couple of times.

  • Quite possibly you are just not using cannabis in the right manner as you are new to it. Maybe you just got a medical marijuana card and started smoking the herb. And, you aren’t  inhaling properly or there are some other reasons you will learn as you continue to read.
  • Cannabis works by reacting with cannabinoid receptors that are located throughout our brains and body. We produce a certain amount of cannabinoids naturally but that’s in very small quantities. There is a belief that it takes a little time for the receptors to get fully activated.
  • The final theory with beginners is that they might be facing some kind of psychological hindrance on your path to being high. This includes overthinking, anxiety, or any other kind of mental block that makes it tough for you to relax and enjoy the experience. 

Inhale The Right Way

If your consumption method of choice is smoking or vaping then you might be required to hone your inhaling skills. As far as general consensus goes, it is tough to inhale in the beginning but you learn over time.  Start with small hits and then move onto bigger hits as you get comfortable. It is a simple process that consists of you taking slow deep breaths. It helps if you remember that the smoke has to go to your lungs and not your stomach. If your stomach is involved in any capacity, then you probably have swallowed smoke instead of inhaling.

Marijuana leaf
A man holding a marijuana leaf

Bad Cannabis Is Basically Bad

We live in a world where we have a lot of options and it can often get very confusing to buy the right kind of cannabis in the market. There are still moments where you can get high from low-quality cannabis but more often than not you can’t.  So how do you judge the quality of cannabis in question? For starters always try and get it from legit dispensaries with a medical marijuana card as they have a lot more quality checks in place. The next thing you can do is lookout for the number of seeds in your cannabis. A stray one here or there is fine, but if you constantly find them in large quantities then there is a problem with your cannabis. Look for the trichomes, there are the crystal structures on the flower. They contain THC and other good cannabinoids which all point towards the good quality of cannabis.

To learn more about cannabis and its cannabinoids, watch the following video-

Apart from cannabinoids, you should consider smell of cannabis. Strains can smell fruity and piney and whatnot. As long as you get a strong, pungent scent without any moldy odor you have got good marijuana.

Quantity Matters As Well

It is always advised that you should start slow and then you build up. But sometimes, you need to use just a little more to get the desired effects. This is probably a quality issue with cannabis. So, always check before you make a cannabis purchase.

Consumption Method Plays An Essential Role

There are plenty of ways one can use cannabis. Often as a beginner, you might make the mistake of choosing the wrong method of consumption for yourself. As a first-timer stick to smokables. They are simple and effective. But if you have been using them and have not gotten the desired results then you can give pipes a try.  Vaping is not all that easy. There are temperatures at play, electrical parts, and also the type of marijuana being used. If you want to try a different form of metabolization then cannabis edibles are a great idea as well. The idea is that a different form of consumption will help out.

Marijuana plant
Cannabis buds and leaves

The Biggest Culprit of Them All: Tolerance

If you have just begun to use cannabis, then this might not be an issue. But if you have been using cannabis for a while then there is a chance that you might have increased your tolerance to exorbitant levels. Now, if you have done that it might be time to take a good old-fashioned tolerance break.  You don’t have to fret over the fact that you are unable to get high. You can check if one of these things is the issue or maybe you are just using the same strain over and over again.  Remember that everyone’s body is different and some particular methods will always work better than others.

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Flower is King: Sales Breakdown – Cannabis News, Lifestyle




Flower is king in the cannabis world. It is the dominant category in every market, requiring little-to-no processing; it is often the cheapest category of cannabis. And flower is versatile. It can be smoked, vaped or used to make edibles or oil. From a business standpoint, flower is also susceptible to price fluctuations. The price of flower has been decreasing over time.

From January 2021 to March 2022, the price of flower dropped by 22% in the US and 17% in Canada. And from March 2019 to April 2022, flower market share dropped from 78.8% to 42.5% in Canada and 41% to 40.4% in the US. However, that is part of an industry-wide downward trend. Flower is king compared to the sales of pre-rolls and vape pens.

Flower is King Compared to Edibles & Vapes 

flower is king

Flower is king in terms of sales and market share. By total sales volume in all cannabis markets, flower comes out on top. Flower captures nearly twice as many sales as the next category.

The market share of flower has been declining since 2019. In Canada, this began in the early months of legal sales. The flower marker surged briefly during the COVID pandemic in the US but has been decreasing since early 2021. Market share in the US is now lower than pre-pandemic levels.

Per States and Provinces

flower is king

Is flower king in the legal states and provinces?

Ontario has a higher proportion of total sales in the flower category than other Canadian provinces. There is a wide distribution in the US, with Maryland and Michigan taking the top spots. Ironically, Colorado and California have the lowest proportion of total sales to the flower category.

A lot has changed in a year. Last year, Nevada held the top spot for the largest flower market share. Their share was at 56.3%; this year, it’s down to 46%. And this isn’t unique. Every flower market has seen a decline in market share since last year.

What Kind of Flower is King? Canada vs. the USA

flower is king

What kind of flower is king? Looking at Canada and the US, we see some similarities and differences. For similarities, hybrid flower is the most popular in both countries. Indica is more prevalent in Canada than sativa strains. At the same time, both indica and sativa flowers reach the same sales volume in the US.

A significant portion of sales in the US are from “popcorn” flower. A trend that has not yet caught on in Canada. Ground flower is popular in Canada but doesn’t yield a lot of sales in the US.

Pricing Flower: Canada vs. the USA

If flower is king, it’s because of its price. The average price per gram of flower has dropped in both the US and Canada. In Canada, the price decreased steadily throughout 2021, whereas the US saw a slight increase in prices in September.

The average price of flower in the US dropped by 22% from January 2021 to March 2022. In Canada, the flower price dropped by 17% over the same period.

Type of Buyer

The demographic data tells us about different consumer groups that shop for cannabis flower. Males spend proportionally more on flower than female customers. At the same time, baby boomers tend to spend the most on flower, followed by Millennials.

Generation Z customers only spent 1/3 of their potential cannabis income on flower in Canada.


Flower is king despite its decreasing sales. Its versatile nature will likely mean it remains the dominant category. Cannabis flower can be quickly grown and requires little to no processing. However, as customers branch out and try new products, the market share for cannabis flower may decrease even further.

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Cannabis 101

Does Marijuana Expire?




Does marijuana expire? While marijuana is not perishable like food products, weed’s potency, aroma, and taste can reduce, and the risk of mold can increase. Our guide covers the factors that can affect cannabis shelf life, how to tell when cannabis is bad, and how to properly store weed for short-term or long-term storage. 

Factors That Affect Cannabis Shelf Life

Keeping your weed fresh and potent is easy and affordable, as long as you keep it in a cool, dry, and dark location to preserve freshness. When it comes to cannabis flower, there are a few factors that can quicken the natural degradation process.


Excessive heat can dry out your cannabis flower faster than you’d like. If left under the hot sun for a prolonged period of time, cannabis’ aromatic terpene compounds can evaporate, leading to a reduced aroma and harsh smoke.


Too much moisture when storing weed can increase the risk of developing moldy weed, especially when it’s hot out. Reaching above the recommended relative humidity (RH) can produce mold while going under the range can dry out the weed.


Natural and artificial sunlight can degrade the plant’s chemical composition. In THC-rich cannabis, direct sunlight exposure and other environmental fluctuations can accelerate the THC-to-CBN conversion process. As THC converts to cannabinol (CBN), you lose potency in your weed. CBN has a much weaker potency than THC.

How Long Does Cannabis Last?

Properly stored dried cannabis can stay good for six months to 1 year. Research on cannabis shelf-life indicates that cannabis can lose about 16% THC after one year, 26% after two years, 34% after three years, and 41% after four years. 

Medical marijuana users who need strong and potent relief and recreational users who want the best cannabis experience must use best storage practices to maintain the potency and freshness of cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, and other cannabis products.

Is My Cannabis Old?

How do you know if your weed has gone bad? Do you have potent weed, or has it lost all its potency? In many cases, old weed may still be good to use, although it may have a subtle aroma or no aroma.

Here are a few ways to determine the quality of your cannabis.


Older weed can have a brittle, dry, and dull appearance compared to fresh weed. Consider its color, trichome density, and texture. If it crumbles between your fingers or it’s too spongy and moist, it’s way past its prime.


As weed ages, its smell goes with it too. Old cannabis can smell like nothing or musty and hay-like if it’s moldy. Use your nose to compare its smell against how it smelled when you first got it. Old cannabis can be harsh to smoke.


Old weed is relatively safe to consume for most users but can have a different chemical profile compared to its peak freshness. Old weed can have a higher concentration of cannabinol (CBN), a byproduct of THC, and fewer terpenes. The “entourage effect” where all components work together and the overall potency of the product may be reduced.

How to Check for Moldy Cannabis

While weed does not have an expiration date, it can develop mold. A thorough mold inspection is critical to ensuring your product is safe to consume. Mold isn’t easily visible but can appear as a small white powder or fuzz.


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Moldy weed can have a musty or hay-like aroma that smells nothing like most fresh cannabis flower. Mold inspections are essential not just for old weed but also for any weed you buy. A 2017 study found mold and bacteria in 20 samples from licensed dispensaries and grow facilities in Northern California.

If consumed, mold may not produce severe effects, although it can increase the risk for nausea, vomiting, and coughing, especially for those with respiratory conditions and compromised immune systems.

How to Store Cannabis

How do you keep weed fresh for longer? Best storage practices for cannabis products differ by product type. Here is a rundown of the best ways to keep each cannabis product fresh and potent.


Cannabis flower needs to be away from light, air, and in an optimal relative humidity, between 54% and 63%. Store your cannabis in a glass jar that has an airtight seal and is preferably opaque to protect it from the UV rays. Avoid opening and closing the glass jar and storing it in a cool, dry, and dark place.

For cannabis connoisseurs who want to keep their weed fresh, they can use a humidity control pack, such as ones from Boveda, that absorb and release moisture as needed. Cannabis humidors may also provide an extra layer of protection.


Cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil and extracts (shatter, wax, crumble, etc.) can remain fresh and stored in small containers designed for cannabis extracts made out of glass or silicone. Ensure the container lids are tightly sealed and keep your dabs in a cool, and dark place.


Cannabis edibles should be kept in their original packaging and stored away from direct light, in the open air, or under high heat. Some edibles, such as gummies and hard candies can melt in hot temperatures.

Vape Cartridges and Pens

Vape cartridges and pens should be kept away from direct light to reduce their potency. Ideally, you should store your vape pen standing upright to keep the oil at the bottom of the cartridge and be ready for immediate use. 

Freezing Cannabis

Storing cannabis in the freezer can be suitable for long-term storage. However, freezing temperatures can make the trichome glands brittle and easy to break off with the slightest movement. If storing cannabis in the freezer, avoid handling the material or gently handling it and allow some time to thaw before use.

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Vacuum sealing can help preserve trichomes but can compress your buds. If you want to remove air from a container, you can inject carbon dioxide or nitrogen into the container. The container must have two holes, one where the gas can be injected, and another where the ambient air leaves, and then seal the holes.

Shoulderless containers are recommended over shouldered containers since they are not prone to developing cracks.

For best results, pack just enough weed for short-term use (about a week) and leave the rest of the frozen or stored material undisturbed. This helps preserve the freshness of your stash for longer than opening the lid too often.

Learn How to Grow Weed and Keep It Fresh at CTU

Preserving cannabis freshness takes care and knowledge. Earn that knowledge to be a better cannabis user, grower, cook, employee, or business owner by enrolling in Cannabis Training University’s cannabis certification program. Learn online, at your own pace, and on your own schedule. Become a cannabis growing expert today! 

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Can Cannabis Help Reduce Fatigue? – Cannabis News, Lifestyle




Can cannabis help reduce fatigue? Typically, one would think cannabis causes fatigue. An indica brand glues you to the couch. A sativa strain may have you up and active, but after the high wears off, you’re fatigued or “burned out” – right? According to a new US study, that depends on the individual.

“[T]he magnitude of the effect and extent of side effects experienced likely vary,” writes the authors in the article published in a peer-reviewed journal. “[H]ealth providers and consumers still have little formal guidance from the scientific and medical communities on how the cannabis-based products they choose to consume may influence feelings of fatigue and energy levels.”

Researchers looked at 1,224 individuals using the Releaf App from June 6, 2016, to Aug. 7, 2019. They tracked 3,922 cannabis sessions. This app allowed them to track users in real-time and record their experiences. Users self-reported why they bought a specific strain, how much they consumed, and the relief, feelings and side effects experienced.

Cannabis Helped Reduce Fatigue 

So does cannabis help reduce fatigue? Certainly seems so. The results were impressive. “On average, 91.94 percent of people experienced decreased fatigue following consumption,” the study says. Asking users to rate fatigue reduction on a scale of zero to 10, most study participants recorded a 3.5.

More significantly, there was no real difference between indica and sativa strains. Cannabis helped reduce fatigue no matter what kind of cannabis they consumed. Individuals reported smoking joints provided better relief than smoking from a pipe or using a vaporizer (vaping ranked lowest).

THC and CBD levels “were generally not associated with changes in symptom intensity levels.”

Cannabis Doesn’t Always Help

Can cannabis help reduce fatigue?

While 37 percent of the study participants found cannabis helped reduce fatigue, about a quarter didn’t share this feeling. Instead, they had the stereotypical effect of feeling unmotivated or couch-locked. However, these people were in the minority, and it’s looking as if other studies might be confirming this.

Another US study published in 2021 assessed the relationship between cannabis and exercise in young and middle-aged adults. “Marijuana use is not significantly related to exercise, counter to conventional wisdom that marijuana users are less likely to be active,” researchers wrote. But the study found a positive link between the two.

The first study concludes that further research would provide more insight into the role of cannabis in reducing fatigue. It suggests investigating the real-time effects of cannabis on fatigue by conducting clinical trials.

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