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Everything Everywhere All at Once



Everything Everywhere All at Once is an absurd yet intelligent dramedy with a hint of sci-fi, fantasy, action, pinatas, and hot-dog fingers. If that doesn’t help, you can refer to it as Loud News Net’s best movie of 2022. Spoilers ahead.

The film stars Michelle Yeoh (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon) and former Indiana Jones Temple of Doom sidekick, Ke Huy Quan (Short Round). Both slay this role as they navigate the multi-verse only to return to a simple dichotomy: There is meaning to life or there isn’t.

This Machiavellian premise is a running theme underneath all the fantastic film editing and visual effects. The A24 film is written and directed by “The Daniels” (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert). These guys are known for their absurdist films, but Everything Everywhere All at Once is more than just a bunch of funny moments, special effects, and provocatively shaped Auditor of the Year awards.

EEAAO Plot Summary

The film follows the Wang family as they struggle to make ends meet as they manage a crowded laundromat. Evelyn’s Quan Wang and Waymond Wang decided to get married at a younger age against her father’s wishes. They move to a city, purchase a dusty laundromat, and have a daughter, Joy. Now as Evelyn reflects on what could have been, she struggles to connect with her daughter. She is also estranged from her husband and views him as a goofy loser. She chooses to control Joy with an iron fist out of fear of losing her and becomes more distant from Waymond by the day.

Evelyn Waymond and Joy Wang; Everything Everywhere All at Once; Michelle YeohThe Wangs end up being audited by the IRS early in the movie and that is where the excitement begins. The next two hours are filled with “verse jumping”, costumes, and Racacoonie. In one area of the multiverse, Evelyn is in a serious relationship with the woman who was just auditing them (played by Jamie Lee Curtis). This isn’t unusual at all, except for the fact that in this universe people have hot dogs for fingers.

In the end, it is a battle to save their daughter, Joy, from the joyless future of nihilism. The only choice Evelyn has to make is to fight out of fear, or finally understand Waymond is not a wimp, but a true warrior who fights with love.

In the era of mostly comic-book movies, this film is refreshing as an original concept and story. That alone helps vault it ahead of many Marvel offerings this year. However, Everything Everywhere All at Once is certainly not short of action and excitement. It seems as if much of the visual amazement, is created by slick editing and fantastic writing rather than an overdose of CGI.

Sure the film has moments that might make some viewers question the film altogether. For example, when verse jumping characters need to perform an entirely random act to navigate to the appropriate universe. This makes for some absurdity when those random acts involve the aforementioned Auditor of the Year trophy.


Our Favorite Universes in Everything Everywhere All at Once


In a spin on Ratatouille, Evelyn is a struggling hibachi chef. A coworker who is working wonders on the hibachi grill is getting all the accolades. After becoming frustrated with him, she ends up exposing him for what he is: a fraud who can only cook because an expert chef raccoon is helping him. Yea, you have to see it.

Raccacoonie; Everything Everywhere All at Once

Hot Dog Fingers

Everyone has hot dog fingers. Evelyn has a romantic relationship with the IRS auditor in this verse. The lankiness of the Oscar Meyer digits makes the scene incredibly hilarious. However, it’s problematic for base verse Evelyn as she struggles to open doors with the hot-dog hands.

Hot Dog Fingers and Hands; Everything Everywhere All at Once


In this universe Joy and Evelyn are rocks. The dialogue is presented through subtitles in a clairvoyant form of rock communication, since rocks don’t speak, of course.

rock universe; Everything Everywhere All at Once


Everything Everywhere All at Once is a visually fun movie to watch with profound themes. Although some might lose sight of the core themes underneath some of the absurdity, it’s a film that pushes the envelope to deliver across many different angles.

Overall Loud Rating


(5 out of 5 nuggets)


Everything Everywhere All at Once Poster

Author: The Mean

The Mean is the founder of Loud News Net. He is a proponent of equality, positive vibes, human rights, cannabis as medicine, and not being an asshole.

Prior to starting Loud, he spent his time making beats, writing rhymes, navigating board rooms, solving problems, surviving, and being thankful.

P.S. He runs the social accounts. Sorry.

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How To Add Daily Self-Care




Some days are crazy than others, but by folding in some self-care daily, every day can be more positive.

Not everyday can be easy, fun and productive, but with a little effort, it doesn’t have to be a full on miserable 24 hours.  Some days are more stressful and difficult, but there are a few things you can do to mitigate it helping both your physical and mental health. Routine is key as it is tough to remind ourselves to think of ourselves. Especially since most find it easier to default and spend time scrolling screens.

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As kids, we are taught behavior through repetition. Many educators find children respond well to a routine because research tells us consistent, positive practices can reduce anxiety.  Most people fall into some form of pattern, which may not be helpful or healthy.  Adding points throughout the day to jar our body into something positive. Here is how to add daily self-care.

Find one thing positive

Every day find at least one thing positive to appreciate. Be it a good cup of coffee, music while in the shower, smiling at people, you will see it will have an almost immediate impact.  Mix it up to help your brain register positive feedback throughout the day. It could even be allowing yourself to laugh at one dad joke a day.

Go outside

Fresh air and movement are two things which help the body adjust.  Despite the weather, it is lift for the brain. It not only cleans your lungs, it can also boost your mood, lower your heart rate, increase energy levels and even improve digestion. Take a few minutes everyday to talk a short walk, it doesn’t have to be long, around the block, from the back of the parking lot, or from one building to the next. The brace of the air will is good and the exercise will help your body recalibrate.

How Cannabis Can Help You Take Your Meditation Practice To The Next Level
Photo by Lua Valentia via Unsplash

Find a mental happy spot

While meditation is one way to help be calm, it isn’t the only way. Meditation can be practiced whenever you have some quiet and the ability to close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

You can also find your happy place in thoughts, reflecting or planning a favorite trip, a certain hobby or spot, making a favorite dish or planning your dream meal. Shower time is the perfect space to do this, setting aside a couple of minutes where you can contemplate life alone with no sound except for the water (or singing if it is your happy place).

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Photo by Matthew Henry via Burst

Avoid your phone

Despite the many ways a mobile can help your life, it can also be the giver of the bearer of bad news.  Emails, calls, etc all causing disruption.  Set limits – only look at it for set amount of time in the morning.  Instead of scrolling screens with news, play solataire/patience. Find a time of day when you don’t need it, like when you’re focused on something, such as reading, stretching or watching a show. Put your phone down near you or keep it out of sight completely.

Most of all, make sure you and your phone don’t sleep together.  Give it a gentle good night at least 20 minutes before you head to sleep.

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Will Marijuana Reschedule Usher In the Blockbuster Era




For a small industry, cannabis has a ton of interesting players.  But will rescheduling force everyone to become grown ups?

The marijuana industry has been around for thousands of years. In the US and Canada it was big until the 30s, then came Reefer Madness, the it was fairly low key until the 60s.  It is a key part of the counterculture era and some players still around from the era see it as more of a cause, something against and the main and pure bliss.  The bros who jumped in around 2017 see it more as a vehicle to being rich (or richer).  Steve D’Angelo, the self declared Father of the Legal Cannabis industry sees it more as yoga, a positive which “big companies” will ruin.  With rescheduling the industry will transform again, but is it moving to the Blockbuster Era?

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When home video burst into the scene, it quickly gave birth to thousands of mom and pop stores who sold and rented videos. In every neighborhood one popped up and some areas had mini/local chains. This small stores helped fill and increase consumer demand. Blockbuster entered the market and soon took a commanding presence.  Following McDonald’s Ray Kroc‘s expansion philosophy, they grew quickly. At one point they were opening a new store every 24 hours. Due to size, technology and resources, they also quickly shut down the majority of their small competitors.

With rescheduling, Safer Banking and potentially more, bigger players and the mainstream industry will be taking a harder look. The industry is full of mom and pop businesses who are struggling without the resources to grow and compete for customers. Dispensaries have it hard, and yet there are few chains.  But a couple of major players coming in – a Total Wine, a Bev Mo, and all the sudden the average consumer, which makes up 90 percent of the market, is picking up a vape, a 6 pack, dinner, detergent and a $15 bottle of wine for dinner. In one stop.

“Looking out twenty years, we expect the current dispensary model to either not exist or evolve substantially. Cannabis will be sold directly to consumers (like wine clubs) and may be accessible in grocery stores, convenience stores, and online. The days of standing in line and waiting to show your ID to an armed guard before entering the waiting room are numbered.” shared Jesse Redmond, Managing Director Water Tower Research.

Another example are beer speciality stores. Even big cities like Chicago, Dallas and Seattle have less than a dozen retailers who specialize in just beer. There are over 100 distinct styles of beer, from light blond ales to creamy stouts. This doesn’t count all the brands.  Yet, beer is sold primarily at grocery, convenience and gas retailers. Their entry into the market will be a boon for brands, but troubling for dispensaries.

“Looking out twenty years, we expect the current dispensary model to either not exist or evolve substantially. Cannabis will be sold directly to consumers (like wine clubs) and may be accessible in grocery stores, convenience stores, and online. The days of standing in line and waiting to show your ID to an armed guard before entering the waiting room are numbered.”

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In fact, the downfall of Blockbuster were grocery stores. Seeing the success of the video store, food chains began offering videos for rent of purchase, you could pick up dinner, drinks and movie in one location. The majority of the public like how easy it was and Blockbuster joined the mom and pop stores they squashed and eventually closed.

The winner are the big brands who appeal to a large customer base, they will be carried and sold in huge numbers.

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How To Tell If Your Weed Is Bad




A myth about cannabis is it is grown in healthy, organic atmospheres – which is frankly not true. Here is how spot bad weed.

Like corn, avocados and watermelons, cannabis is sometimes hard to tell if you got the right one.  Peaches, apples, and tomatoes are easy with a squeeze, but other plants are more of challenge. Impurities are pretty common and not all growing habitats are healthy – including indoor. While 50+% of the country has access to legal weed, illicit weed still is a big part of the market, especially in states which don’t allow weed and New York which has over 1,500 unlicensed stories selling who knows what.

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Figuring out if your weed is good involves seeing, touching, and smelling your buds to check for contaminants. The more you use, the more you will be able to understand quickly. Here is how to tell if you weed is bad.

Photo by Kindel Media via Pexels

Visual Inspection

This can be done using the naked eye or a microscope. If the cannabis flowers are covered with too much shiny, crystalline substance, something could be afoot. During the harvest process, shake out buds and view the drop-off substances. Some impurities  might see include grains, crystals, or powders. If you cannot identify some of these substances, it might be good to take a pass.

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Inspect by Feeling

Visual is one one or even the first step.  Pick up a bud to determine whether or not it crumbles or quickly dries out.

Smell and Taste Inspection

Before lighting up, take a whiff to get a better read. Although this only works if you’re familiar with what it should smells and tastes like. If you catch a hint or taste of chemicals or other unnatural substances, then you may have contaminated buds.

marijuana odor terpenes
Photo by LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

Inspect the Combusted Weed

When lighting rolled-up buds, check if it gives up sparks when inhaled. Also, check what the flame looks like immediately and after the weed is lit. If you hear a crackling sound when you drag on the buds, it is very possible the buds are contaminated.

Also, check the flavor and smell given of the weed; if an abnormal order is detected, stop inhaling.

Inspect The Leftovers

This is the last process. If the previous inspections did not give off any weird results, there’s still a need to observe the ash left behind. A non contaminated bud will leave dark gray ash, which is obviously dry and soft to touch. If you see jet black, hard or greasy ash, then your buds contain one or more contaminants.

Cannabis is often exposed, directly or indirectly, to contaminants. Common culprits include sugar, sand, fertilizer, hairspray, and industrial pesticides or fertilizers.

Sand is one of the natural residues that can slip past the inspection of even the most experienced cannabis connoisseurs. Sand is an unavoidable material in agricultural operations, so there’s a high chance it contaminates the products by accident. Some unscrupulous growers tend to add sand on purpose to their products because it gives the buds a shinier and heavier look. It is always advisable to shake out your buds and sift through the ground ones before packaging.

Usually in large grown operations, fertilizer can put consumers at risk of developing life-threatening ailments if inhaled. Many chemicals are used for credible reasons, such as protecting crops and maximizing growth. However,  the consumption of these hazardous chemicals over time can result in diseases such as neurotoxicity and asthma.

Other cannabis Contaminants to watch out for including fungus, mold and talc.

marijuana flower
Photo by Ben Harding/Getty Images

If you ever find yourself with contaminated cannabis buds or products, the severity of contamination determines whether or not you’ll have to dispose of them. Some contaminated buds can be cleansed with the proper materials. However, if you have no time to do this yourself, it’s best to throw them out.

It is always best to purchase from a licensed, legal store as products are more closely inspected and have more oversight to ensure consumer safety.

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The main objective of recognizing cannabis bud impurities is to ensure purer and smoother-hitting buds without taking in something harmful. Carefully check through your homegrown and purchased cannabis bids at all times, if not for anything, but stay safe.

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