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Are Nutella and Marijuana the perfect combination




Nutella is all the rage, especially on college campuses. It is one of the most popular spreads in the world. The manufacturer, Ferrero, uses over a quarter of the world’s supply of hazelnuts.  Considering the decadence of the flavor and creamy goodness, it is a true treat.  So, are Nutella and marijuana the perfect combination?

You can not say Nutella is nutritious, but it does supply some key vitamins and minerals needed for good health. The hazelnut content can boost the health of your heart if eaten moderately because of the sugar and high fat content.

It is the fat content which allows it to mix well with cannabis oil and to deliver the best experience. Omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and can enhance the high of THC edibles. These healthy fats bind to the cannabinoid receptors in our brains and help THC pass through the blood-brain barrier quicker. This can help your Nutella treat hit faster and last longer.

person holding biscuit with nutella

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Marijuana Nutella – Quick & Easy


  • Store bought Nutella
  • Cannabis infused oil


Place Nutella in a mixing bowl.

Fold and stir in one dose of cannabis oil for each serving of Nutella. You want to mix it in until it has been evenly disrupted and melded into the chocolate.

Store in the fridge, spread on toast, or just eat it from the container!


marijuana leaf
Photo by Anton Petrus/Getty Images

The ancestor of Nutella started with Napoleon.  In his war with the British, he led a continental blockade causing the cost of chocolate to skyrocket.  Italian chocolatiers in Turin, Italy began adding chopped hazelnuts to chocolate to make supplies last as long as possible. This delicious paste was then dubbed ‘gianduia’.

Chocolate became expensive once more due to rationing in Europe during World War II. It was then that Pietro Ferrero, an Italian pastry maker, turned to the hazelnut for salvation again. In 1946, he created Pasta Gianduja, which was renamed ‘Nutella’ in 1964. Its popularity is undeniable, with one jar sold every 2.5 seconds across the world.,

The success of Nutella has made the Ferrero family one of the richest in Italy.  The company also makes Kinder Chocolate and Ferrero Rocher.


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THC Gummies, Cookies And Chocolate Hit Differently




Edibles on dispensary shelves today are a far cry from the erratically-dosed, untested and unregulated munchies of a decade ago, whether you procured them as a registered medical patient or made your own. Nowadays everything is made in a permitted facility with proprietary technology and formulas, lab-tested and packaged with clear dosing instructions. But as many regular users might have noticed, not all edibles induce the same high, even at the same numerical dose. THC gummies, cookies and chocolate hit differently, and here is why. 

Baked Goods 

How To Choose and Buy Edibles Like A Pro
Photo by Vyshnavi Bisani via Unsplash

Who hasn’t had a magic brownie and freaked out when the effects peaked hours after consumption? Infused baked goods have been around for generations, and is what inspired the name of seminal cannabis activist Mary Jane “Brownie Mary” Rathbun.

Cannabis is fat-soluble, as opposed to water soluble, and cannabinoids bind to lipids, meaning the butter cocoa and eggs in most cookies, brownies and cereal treats are great at storing THC; an anecdotal High Times article deemed butter and coconut oil the best bases for these kinds of edibles. But because baked must, by definition, be baked and exposed to heat, it’s likely some of the potency will be burned off. 


Why Do Some People Not Get High From Eating Edibles?
Photo by Sarah Pender/Getty Images

Similar to baked goods, chocolate also contains fats that cannabis compounds like to bind to, though in lesser amounts. Chocolate is also often made with ground flower or a cannabis oil for control, and doesn’t have to be baked and exposed to heat.

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Chocolate masks the taste of cannabis well and is less heavy to eat in high doses if needed. However, some research raises the concern that chocolate could chemically interfere with how THC appears in product testing, according to Healthline, making it appear to be less than what the true value could be.    


do cannabis products over promise and under deliver
Photo by Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Gummies may very well be the most popular form of edible today due to their ease with dosing, range of flavors and evolving infusion methods like nano-emulsions. Gummies are also more fast-acting than their other fat-heavy counterparts.

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Due to their formulation constraints, gummies are often made with a cannabis distillate (though some brands use hash or other forms of full-spectrum concentrate) to avoid a strong cannabis flavor, and are digested quickly, meaning they set in and taper off quicker than chocolate or a cookie. But they can also be enhanced in ways other edibles can’t, like having terpenes added to mimic strain profiles and provide their specific effects.


Why Cannabis-Infused Drinks Are Hit Or Miss
Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

Cannabis beverages had a great 2020, emerging as a market of alternatives to alcohol and alcohol-centric socialization while the country was on lockdown. They range in dose, with most sitting within the 5–10mg range, though there are many high-dose options as well. Most beverages nowadays use emulsion technology to create a fast-acting, consistent experience that mimics the onset of alcohol, but with THC, CBD and a blend of adaptogens and/or terpenes for nuance. Due to their liquid form and quick onset, however, cannabis drinks have the shortest intoxication period.   

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This is all to say, if you found what works for you, keep at it, or try something new if you’re feeling unsatisfied. No matter what form of (controlled) edible you choose to consume, you’re bound to have a good time.

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bad high

How To Cope With A Bad Marijuana High




Bad highs can be awful. Flashbacks of previous experiences can even make people afraid of trying THC again. These episodes can range in intensity, but most leave you feeling like an anxious mess, even if you know that they’re temporary and not life threatening. It is something you want to avoid, but here are tips on how to cope with a bad marijuana high.

While no one has died from a marijuana overdose, some people have had panic attacks over them, which is concerning, especially now that our health system is congested with more important matters.

Bad highs are an amalgamation of lots of symptoms, but some of the most common ones include a racing heart, dry mouth, and anxiety. They’re also more likely to occur when you’re in a bad setting, such as being an anxious person in the midst of a pandemic.

The good news is that there are things you can do to alleviate your symptoms, even while alone and in quarantine. You should always remember that what you’re experiencing is a manifestation of anxiety and that it will wear off, even if you consumed a high dose of a super strong edible.

Here are some tactics that can help you feel better:

Talk to a friend

5 First Date Rules You Should Forget About
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Talking to a friend or partner, whether you’re talking to them in person or chatting over the phone or video, can help a lot. Try reaching out to someone who is calm and not panicky, that way they can help you stay cool and remind you that all of the bad feelings you’re experiencing are temporary. If you’re in quarantine with someone, it can also be beneficial to hold their hand or hug them, since the physical sensation will make you feel good and help you stay grounded.

Play with a pet

Dogs With Epilepsy: Can CBD Oil Help?
Photo by sarandy westfall via Unsplash

Pets are soothing, adorable and interactive — the perfect distraction for a bad high. Spend a good amount of time playing and cuddling with them, whether you’re playing fetch with your dog or using a flashlight to pester your cat.

Do something distracting

How To Cope With A Bad Marijuana High While In Quarantine
Photo by Hans via Pixabay

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Put something on the TV, preferably something funny and lighthearted, that you’ve seen before to avoid getting anxious. You can also put on some relaxing music or start building a puzzle. All of these activities are soothing and will give your brain something to put its energy into that doesn’t require a lot of attention.

Be careful 

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. When trying out new methods of consuming marijuana, start off with low doses, even if they don’t look that intimidating or you have experience with the drug. If you’re feeling stressed out or upset, your best option might be to avoid marijuana all together, since your mood is a big influence on your high.

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