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How To Detox Marijuana From Your System In 24 Hours



Marijuana consumption is one of the most exhilarating activities you will ever indulge in. However, if you happen to have an impending drug test, you might speedily revise your outlook on this particular indulgence.

How to clean out your system in 24 hours is a problem many a smoker has had to grapple with. The answer is actually quite simple: acquiring the relevant knowledge and having a good detox plan.

There are many reasons why people would want to be squeaky clean for that marijuana drug test, but it mostly revolves around employment. Join us as we take you through what you need to do to quite literally dodge the bullet and clean out your system in a day.

But how will you know you are not clean in the first place?

Workplace drug tests usually involve urinalysis (having your pee tested) for metabolites. Metabolites are the byproducts of processed substances in your body, in this case, THC.

After the consumption of marijuana, the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels in your body immediately increase to detectable levels (THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in your weed which is responsible for giving you a high). Both THC and THC-COOH stay in the fat tissues of your body for different lengths on time depending on a number of factors.

As the THC is cleared out of your bloodstream, metabolites are usually left behind, and this is what the drug tests detect.

To determine whether you are “clean” enough to take a drug test, and know how best to go about getting the weed out of your system, you need to be clear on the following:

  • The quantity of THC as well as its metabolites that are present in your system
  • What type of test you are required to take
  • What testing levels your drug screening will use
drug test
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How Can You Tell How Much THC Is in Your Body?

There are a number of factors which when put together determine the amount of THC and THC-COOH in your body, a length of time after your consumption.

These factors are:

  • Frequency of consumption: Determining how much THC is in your system will require you to take how often you consume into consideration.

Do you smoke just once a month, once weekly or every day? Are you just having a puff or are you consuming a whole joint or two by yourself?

Why is this important, you ask?

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It goes without saying that the more often you consume and the actual amount you consume determines how much THC and THC-COOH the fatty tissue throughout your body will accrue.

  • Total body fat: As we earlier mentioned, the storage of THC and THC-COOH take place in fat cells, whichever the frequency and quantity used. It follows then that the more body fat your body has, the higher the amounts of THC and metabolites will end up getting stored.
  • Metabolism & overall health: Another important factor is your general health. The healthier you are, the more efficient your metabolism and the mechanism of breaking down and kicking out the THC and its metabolites from your system will be.

It is important to note however that exercising can break down stored THC and push it back into your system. You should therefore avoid working out before a test.

  • What you’re consuming: The type and quality of what you consume has a huge bearing on how it ends up being metabolized and whether it ends up showing on a drug test. Whether you consume concentrates or flowers and even whether flowers are top shelf or schwag all make a difference in your eventual testing.
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How Long Will THC Stay in the Body?

Typically, this psychoactive cannabinoid will still be in the system of a particularly infrequent user 1-2 days after consumption. If you consume every day, however, you can expect it to be in your system longer.

Generally, the half-life of THC metabolites is considered to be 7 days. This means the amount in your body decreases by 50% every 7 days, and so on and so forth.

Taking this into consideration, most people will be clean of metabolites within a period of 3-4 weeks, depending on their body weight as well as the frequency and amounts they consume.

What Are the Different Kinds of Drug Tests?

Employers and other agencies have become very creative in running tests to detect even trace amounts of THC in their employees and future employees systems.

Some of these tests are:

  • Urinalysis (UA): This is by far the most commonly administered drug test. Most organizations use it because it is both fairly affordable and pretty accurate. It is important to note that the urine test detects the metabolized form of THC, (THC-OOH) rather than the THC itself. I
  • Blood Test: This test picks the THC in your bloodstream. Unlike the urine test, a blood test will also indicate impairment.  This is good news for those who rarely consume because the THC should be out of their bloodstream in a couple of hours. However, for more frequent users, THC is normally detectable days after consumption has ceased.
  • Hair Test : This is a much less common method of testing. However, some workplaces have started adopting it. It measures the remainders of THC-OOH in the follicle of the hair from as far back as several months.

Sounds complicated, yes?

As difficult as this one sounds to get around, we might just have something for you.

Positive Drug Tests Hit In Workers Hit A Two Decade High
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How Do I Pass a Marijuana Drug Test?

If you have a test coming up in a few days, the most sure fire way to pass it is to not consume at all. As soon as you know you might have to be tested for consumption of cannabis in any and all forms. The longer the period between your last consumption and a drug test, the better your chances of passing it.

However, if it is already too late for this particular brand of advice, do not despair, we have a back-up plan just for you that could help you mask the THC in your system.

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It has become common knowledge on the streets that taking cranberry juice, vinegar, niacin, ginger root tea, creatine pills, bleach, sure jell and copious amounts of water among other things will do the trick. These taken in a haphazard way are not likely to give you the results you are looking for.

Try these three methods instead:

Forget detox programs, detox pills and detox kits! If your health is normal and you are in good shape, you can naturally get rid of the toxins in your body within 4-6 weeks as long as you take plenty of water, a great diet and exercise regularly. Naturally, if you have faster metabolism, an overall lower BMI and lower water retention, this would be even faster.

  • Use detoxification products 

If you happen to be in a tight bind timewise having received notice of a drug test a few short days in advance, this could be a great option for you. Detoxification products will help you get rid of toxins (including the THC metabolites) in a relatively short period of time. It is believed that you could be okay for testing within 3-5 days, or generally within the period of a week.

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These detoxification products are usually successful because they leverage herbal supplements to cleanse you of the effects of marijuana intake. However, be sure to use a home drug test kit before your actual test to ensure you are totally clean of THC.

And now to the big one…

  • Clean your system in 24 hours using same day cleansers

If you have truly been caught in the headlights and you need to take a drug test in the next 24 hours do not panic. Trying a same day cleanser might be worth your while. What this does is temporarily target your urinary tract, flushing out metabolites to give you a brief period in which the sample collected from you will be clean. This means that you could actually get to pass that test.

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How to Flush Your System in 24 Hours

The primary method of passing a urine drug test on short notice is to dilute your urine enough for it to be below the threshold of 50 ng/ml. This value is actually higher than you might think. Once you have beaten it to register a less value, you are well on your way to drug free results.

Is diluted urine all there is to it?

Unfortunately not. Modern drug tests also check for dilute samples. Therefore, you will need to manage both the concentration of your urine and ensure it is not too dilute at the same time.

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Let’s look at the factors that will help you flush out the THC metabolites and pass a urine drug test in just 24 hours:

Water: In as much as there is no reason to start chugging down huge amounts of water weeks or even days before a test, it is a vital component of our plan. Water will only temporarily dilute your urine hence the need to take it right before the test, ideally throughout the day before you do your test. 2-3 liters on the day before the test and 1-2 several hours before the test should do.

That said, you shouldn’t take too much water because it is not safe. Start with two liters and monitor your limits.

After you have consumed this much water over a short period, your pee will be quite dilute, that is colorless with low creatinine levels which are both red flags during a urine test.

Take these to mask your excessive water intake:

Vitamin B: Because you want your pee to be yellow, taking vitamin B will be very beneficial. Vitamin B-2 and B-12 seem to be quite effective in achieving this. All you need to do is drop by your nearest drug store, purchase 50-100 mg of either and take several hours before your test.

Creatinine: This is a chemical waste that is the byproduct of muscle metabolism. Creatinine naturally occurs in the human body and labs use it as one method to determine whether a urine sample is diluted.

Taking creatine supplements that can be purchased at almost all health food stores will have your body break it down into creatinine which will then be flushed out in your pee.

Creatinine has a half-life of three hours; therefore time your creatine intake to coincide with when you will take your test.

This Company Is Having A Hard Time Finding Workers Due To Its Weed Testing Policy
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Try Detox Drinks

The market has an abundance of detox drinks which dilute your urine and contain creatine and vitamin B to mask the dilution.

The advantages of taking a detox drink are that:

  • They are very convenient
  • They have pre measured out amounts of creatine and vitamin B to ensure you are taking just the right amount before your test.

Avoid Exercise

This might sound counterproductive, right?

Actually, exercising breaks down fat cells in your body, slowly releasing the THC metabolites stored there back into your bloodstream. This is beneficial in the long term if you were trying to rid your body of all the stored THC. However, exercising just before your drug test will ensure that you actually fail it. To ensure this doesn’t happen, refrain from exercise 24 hours before your drug test or even a couple of days if possible.

Avoid Beginning & End of Urine Stream When Collecting Sample

This is a trick that has been used by stoners for a very long time. Both the first and last parts of the urine stream have the most concentration of metabolites. When peeing into the cup, ensure that you collect a sample in the “middle” of your stream. Simply first pee into the toilet, stop and collect your sample then finish back in the toilet.

And while we are on the subject, do not give early morning pee as it also contains very high amounts of the metabolites.

How Do You Pass a Hair Follicle Test?

As we discussed earlier, hair follicle testing is one of the ways of detecting THC metabolites. Purchasing shampoos and home testing kits designed for this purpose will definitely improve your chances of passing the test.

Final Thoughts

As a smoker of marijuana, one of the most stressful things you can go through is a drug test. This is bound to cause you extreme anxiety and stress. We hope our guide on how to clean your system in 24 hours will get you out of the rut and ensure you have a long and successful career, while still occasionally indulging in your stick of choice.

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Why Marijuana Is Great To Use During A Cleanse




New year, new you….while we are moving to the later part of the first quarter of the new year, there is still time for healthy habits. Detoxification (detox) diets are more popular than ever. They claim to clean your blood and eliminate harmful toxins from your body. But science and data are still out on effectiveness.  But if you do it, here is why marijuana is good to use during a cleanse.

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Detoxing is a cleansing to purge yourself of “free radicals,” highly reactive molecules that cause oxidative stress on the body, which can weaken or even kill cells in such vital organs as the heart, lungs, and brain. Oxidative stress can impede the immune system and damage DNA. It may be responsible for some of the effects of aging and other illnesses. It is also reported to be part of weight loss.

This Is The Only Beverage That Can Detox Your Body
Photo by Jordana – Radiantly Nourished Blog via Unsplash

Poor diet promotes oxidative stress, so does smoking, drinking alcohol, and exposure to other toxins—hence the case for the occasional detox.

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Where does cannabis fit in here? Free radicals are combated by antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, Beta-carotene—and, now apparently, THC, which a clinical study suggests could have some similar benefits as Vitamin C.  A cleanse is also supposed to help with inflammation.  Cannabis via CBD, CBG, and a CBD+THC combination exert a predominantly anti-inflammatory which is a big benefit. In addition, cannabis can be a more healthy alternative from alcohol.  The California sober trend continues to expand, especially among Gen Z.

“Although it’s not fun, and no one wants to hear it, the thing that we know that works to detox the body is regular exercise, eating healthy, being active, and limiting or avoiding alcohol.” shares Andrew Aronsohn, MD a liver specialist at the University of Chicago

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Should You Use Cannabis Instead Of Ice For Injuries




The old go to for a strain or injury is ice or cold compress. Pulling a bag of frozen peas from the fridge is a go to and provides some relief. It’s usually most effective shortly after the injury  This involves an ice pack or ice compress placed on the affected area, designed to reduce inflammation and numb out any pain while reducing swelling. Exposure to the cold has been known to decrease circulation and constrict the blood vessels.

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But maybe you should open your mindset. Should you use cannabis instead of ice for injuries? Or maybe additionally? Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, may be more effective (and practical) for treating sprains and injuries. CBD is can be convenient since you can carry topicals for spot treatment as well as oral CBD products for when you have an accident. It also has the added benefit of being free from THC, which is an advantage for athletes.

inflammation chronic pain
Photo by Images

Sports injuries can also happen when running or jumping on hard surfaces, wearing improper shoes, doing the wrong exercise techniques, poor flexibility, old injuries, or doing the same sport all year round among others.  Add in activities like running, skiing, snowboarding and more, you have a recipes for at least one muscle issue.

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A sprain or injury is a major inconvenience every time it happens. Whether you are an athlete or not, recovery and healing as soon as possible is critical, not to mention painful. Using topical CBD for pain relief and for fighting inflammation is a better option because it activates the endocannabinoid receptors in the affected area to help control stiffness and pain. In addition, CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that can reduce the inflammation and pain caused by irritations and sports injuries.

Photo by Colin Lloyd via Unsplash

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“Sports injuries most often involve either significant inflammation response or mild micro-traumas,” Dr. Andrew Kerklaan of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics shared. “Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential, it may be useful in a myriad of symptoms — from mild everyday aches and pains to minor injuries.” He also explains that CBD can help individuals recover from common injuries caused by exercise. “These will all trigger inflammatory responses and therefore CBD may have potential to help in the recovery process,” he says.

There are dozens of studies too, which tout the analgesic benefits of  cananbis and CBD. One study revealed CBD is beneficial for chronic pain while improving inflammation and sleep. In a another published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, researchers discovered that CBD was effective in treating inflammation, reducing pain, and improving mobility in individuals with multiple sclerosis. “It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective,” wrote the study authors.

Topical products act faster than edibles. However, for those in serious pain, tinctures and sublingual drops are recommended since they are the quickest of all consumption methods.

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Blue Christmas

Elvis And Marijuana




He was the king of Rock & Roll, but what about Elvis and marijuana

He changed music and had a huge impact in the industry.  He captured the emotions of a generation and lead the way for the Beatles, Queen, Sting, all the way up to Taylor Swift and Drake. He still holds the record for Most Top 40 hits at 114 total and has sold over one billion records worldwide. Elvis’s music has more than 30 million monthly Spotify listeners. In December, his music climbed to No. 1 on the Rock Streaming Songs Chart with his favorite “Blue Christmas.”

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But what about Elvis and marijuana? The Musican had a troubled history with drugs, but what about his relationships with cannabis?  Growing up in Tupelo, Mississippi, he was brought up in a faith background. He won three Grammy awards during this lifetime, all for gospel music. His death in 1977 shook the world.  At the time he was bloated, sad, and overusing drugs…but was marijuana in the mix?

Elvis was part of the mainstream culture, but he started the move from strait-laced to a more open mindset. His swinging hips was the first step on the path to sexual freedom and a more robust love of daily life.  But for Elvis it came at a price.  Quickly becoming an icon, he struggled with the fame, the tour, and how his image didn’t always match what he felt as his true self.

He definitely experimented with illicit drugs. Elvis and then wife Priscilla tried LSD together and spent quite a while giggling and looking at Elvis’s fish tank. But they didn’t like the after effects and didn’t try it again. In Alana Nash’s book he consumed marijuana for medicinal purposes after his eye trouble, and also probably smoked it other times. Priscilla shared he occasionally had edibles.

But his true love was legal prescription pills. When he went to the army, he was already addicted to amphetamines and later on opioids and barbiturates were added to help him sleep and come down from the amphetamines.

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Presley, with his music and dancing, represented sexual liberation. He also brought traditionally black music to the mainstream which became a thread in the civil rights movement.  Despite a conservative upbringing, he wound up opening the path for modern thinking.  While he didn’t endorse marijuana, he changed the mindset which also started a change in the way the public, especially the younger set, thought about cannabis.

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