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America’s best edibles for Thanksgiving 2023



Getting stoned for Thanksgiving dinner has long been an open secret. A wink with a cousin here, a nudge at a sibling there, perhaps a cool aunt or uncle who beckons you with a finger wag. You and your co-conspirators bundle up, slip out the back, and pass a joint around before the table’s set. The food tastes that much richer, family anecdotes are that much funnier, and you slip seamlessly into a post-dinner nap. It’s Thanksgiving!

With now two dozen states plus DC on the books for legal weed and all its mutations, the secret rendezvous need not happen anymore. Now you can, in plain sight of grandma and those extended cousins, take a sip, pop a chip, or let a gummy melt in your mouth, and achieve the same end result. 2023 has been an amazing year for edibles coast to coast, and after an eventful year, we want you to unwind and enjoy it all, even if that’s from the couch.


(Courtesy Kiva)

Kiva Terra Milk & Cookies bites and Camino Fruit Chews

These are bites to keep for yourself. Kiva’s has mastered the art of weed morsels, of little treats that you can easily eat too many of because they’re equally tasty and potent. Their Milk & Cookies CBN bites and Camino Fruit Chews candies make Danksgiving discreet and decadent. You can find Kiva products in California, Michigan, Massachusetts, Ohio, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, Oklahoma, and more.

Mellow Vibes Pot Corn

If you can’t roast chestnuts, you can still pop some corn kernels in the microwave. Mellow Vibes make elixirs, gummies, and popcorn, the latter of which you can string on decorations or drizzle with a topping of your choice for a holiday movie marathon. Called Potcorn, each pre-popped bag contains 100 mg of THC in three flavors: kettle corn, white cheddar, and white cheddar jalapeño. If you want sweet and savory, you can pair a bowl with their rosin-infused, flower shaped fruit jellies. Mellow Vibes products are available in Oregon, Nevada, New York, and Arizona.  

WYLD ONE gummies 

What more can we say about the Wyld edible brand? They are almost as prevalent as non-medicated gummies at this point, but are admittedly a lot more fun (and not for kids). But if you’ve been eating them for a while, your tolerance may have jumped a few notches. Wyld One give you the full 100 mg in one fruity slab, with flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape, and Sour Peach Mango. Available in California, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Illinois, Washington, and more. 


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(Courtesy Kiva)

Kiva x Nasha hash Peppermint Patty bites 

Surprise! Or not. Kiva has put out limited holiday products before, including last year’s infused turkey gravy, so a Peppermint Patty twist on their OG bites should come as no surprise. But this time they’ve teamed up with Nasha, one of the best old school hash makers in California, for a dark chocolate and peppermint treat that will smooth out any fights with family members and make decorating the home far less of a chore—enjoyable even! Each bite contains 5 mg of THC.

(Courtesy Tsumo Snacks)

TSUMO Snacks Turkey Dinner chips 

We’ve lauded TSUMO Snacks before for its savory, crunchy, and chef-backed approach to edibles in a landscape of fruity, sweet, and chewy. Their Snoop Dogg Onion Rings and Chef Roy Choi Ramen collaborations make for a deliciously dank snack break year round, but their Turkey Dinner chips feel especially appropriate for November. These limited edition TKKTTK are 100 mg per bag, so make sure to cut yourself off if you want to make it to dessert. 

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Oui’d Hazelnut Praline chocolate

Co-founder chefs Matt Rowbotham and Matthew Kim both hail from California, but met while working in Michelin-starred restaurants in Chicago, where Rowbotham got into cannabis via the edible sector at Cresco Labs. He moved back to California to create Oui’d Confections with Kim, which are as artisanal and bougie as the name would suggest. While they also produce pate de fruit gummies and prerolls, their rosin-infused chocolates as the stars, mixing flavors like strawberry and elderflower and elevating classics liek salter caramel, at 10 mg THC per pirece. Their Hazelnut Praline recently took home the ultimate honor: 1st place in Sweet Edibles at the 2023 Emerald Cup.

Kiva Lost Farm Yuzu Fizz live rosin gummies

(Courtesy Kiva)

Finally! Back in my early budtending days, Kiva’s Chocolate Blueberry bites were hotter than Yeezy sneakers—everyone wanted them all the time. Kiva Confections has grown from a Bay Area kitchen into a multistate, award-winning edible empire, branching out from chocolate into pastilles, gummies, and fruit chews. Their Camino Gummies are crowd-pleasers, but I have loved their single strain, live resin-based Lost Farm line from the first drop.

And now, they’ve finally ticked my final box and gone solventless. Their Yuzu Fizz gummies, made with Sour Dream flower in 10 10mg gummy discs, offer a tangy, citrus-forward palate cleanser during a season of apple, turkey, and pumpkin spice. Critics would agree with me, as it nabbed third place for gummy edibles at the 2023 Emerald Cup. 

Kanha Sugar Plum gummies

(Courtesy Kanha)

Whether you’re a ballet fan or just a connoisseur of holiday delights, now is the season of sugar plums. For Californians who won’t be having a snowy holiday season, you can still invoke cozy winter vibes with Kanha’s indica-based Sugar Plum nano gummies. Each fast-acting gummy is 10 mg of THC that can activate in as little as 15 minutes and gets its flavors from a terpene blend that includes beta-caryophyllene and humulene.


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Hapy Kitchen 1:1 Brown Butter Bliss cookie

How does the song go, “hashing through the snow, on a one-horse open sleigh…” No? Well ‘tis the season anyway for Oregonians who want a sweet, hashy treat this holiday season. Hapy Kitchen have approached the baked good, one of the original edible cannabis vehicles, with a refreshing twist—hash! Many of their cookie and brownie products, shaped like a pre-cut pizza to easily dose, now use strain hash rosin to enhance one of the most intense forms of ingestible cannabis. Their Brown Butter Bliss cookies are a 1:1 THC:CBN, 200 mg total snack designed to help you get the best night’s sleep after those hectic holiday days—just don’t leave them out for Santa. See also: Their seasonal Peppermint Brownie, also formulated as a 1:1 THC:CBN experience. 

Astral Treats Star gummies

(Courtesy Alibi)

With daylight savings now “falling back,” we have more time than ever to look up at the stars. But if the skies in Oregon aren’t clear this holiday season, you can conjure your own with Alibi’s Astral Treats gummies. These star-shaped gummies, in peach and huckleberry flavors, can be broken into five, 10 mg pieces—or you can throw the whole supernova in your mouth. 

Magic Bubbly Black Apple Cider 

And what better to sip while you curl up on the couch than some apple cider? Magic Number have brought the oft-misjudged cannabis beverage to a new level. Their stable of SKUs includes lemonade, ginger beer, and sarsaparilla soda—all have a time and place.  But for late fall and winter, it’s gotta be cider. Their Magic Bubbly Black cider even comes in a bottle to pour up with friends and family. Each bottle contains 50 mg of live resin-derived THC, and blends apples with elderflower.


(Courtesy Chaos)

Chaos Edibles Fruity Rebels Crispies

In one of the first and biggest state-level cannabis industries, it can get chaotic trying to find the right edible. Chaos edibles make finding your favorite treat a lot more straightforward, but they also pay homage to the classics with a mix of chocolate bars and rice krispie treats. Their Fruity Rebels crispies took third place at the High Times People’s Choice Cup in 2022 for bountiful flavor and elative sensation, cut into smaller squares and 10 mg of THC, perfect for munching. Other flavors include red velvet and peanut butter cups.


(Courtesy Plant Jam)

Plant Jam x Bountiful Farms Peanut Butter Hash Time chocolate bar

Massholes love to win, and we at Leafly do love Massholes. Whether you’re cheering on the Sox at Fenway or congregating at Harvard Yard, the confectionery collaboration between Plant Jam and Bountiful Farms will make you feel like a winnah. These chocolate bars are made with hash, redolent with flavors like peanut butter, strawberry, cherry, and honey. Massholes agree—their Peanut Butter Hash Time bar won for edibles at the 2023 NECANN Cup. If you want to make a non-infused dessert a la mode, Plant Jam’s Cloud Creamery has also put 50 mg of full-spectrum THC into a stable of both ice cream and sorbets, with flavors like mint chip, s’mores, piña colada, and chocolate truffle. 

Clebby’s Brownies mix 

Like cannabis, everyone has their own taste in desserts. If you haven’t found your favorite baked good in your local dispensary, now you can make it at home without worrying about overdosing your canna-butter. Clebby’s give you all the ingredients, pre-measured and mixed, to produce your own brownies at home, to your personal specifications. You can currently bake brownies or lemon pound cake in two dosages, 125 mg or 250 mg THC depending on how many guests you’ll be having.


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New York

(Courtesy MFNY)

MFNY Raspberry Cobbler gummies

It’s pie time. When the air is frigid and the nights are long, pie is a universal cozy food. If you aren’t having pie, tart, cake, or cobbler this year, you can evoke the feeling and palate with MFNY’s Raspberry Cobbler rosin gummies, at 10mg THC a pop. They’re vegan, and get their oomph from a full-spectrum extraction of Gelato #41 flower—this is not your grandma’s cobbler, or maybe it is, if she’s part of Leafly nation.


All Kind Toast and Jam chocolate bar

We’re due for an Angela Lansburry winter, Leafly nation. If you’ve never seen Muder, She Wrote, just imagine a landscape of thick sweaters, lighthouses, and crackling fires. Maine is hard to ge to for most of the country, but its cannabis game is top tier. It’s also very cold. So while you curl up by the wood stove or crank the thermostat and settle in for some holiday movies, break off a square of All Kind’s Toast and Jam chocolate bar, made from Belgian chocolate and infused with both 100mg of THC and sourdough breadcrumbs.


(Courtesy Beboe)

Beboe Hustle THCV gummies

Snow in Nevada will depend on where you live. Whether you need to shovel a driveway before the guests arrive or just bask in the sun while the turkey’s cooking, you need a little extra “Hustle.” Beboe gets its name from co-founder Scott Campbell’s grandmother, who baked cannabis-infused brownies for Scott’s mother during her cancer treatment. Beboe produces disposable vape pens, pastilles, and gummies with a certain glamour, formulated for any social or solo occasion. Their Hustle gummies, formulated with 4mg THCV, 2mg CBD, and 1mg THC per piece and flavored with pomegranate, offer a subtle but effective pick-me-up to get through the day, and the inevitable clean-up after.


(Courtesy Zenzona)

Zenzona RSO gummies

Arizona is a zen zone. Rick Simpson invented his eponymous cannabis oil to help medical patients like himself find relief from their various ailments when their pharmaceutical treatments weren’t making progress. RSO is still a great addition to anyone’s wellness regimen, but it can be a lot of fun too. Zenzona proves this by putting it in their vegan fruit gummies, giving gummy loves a full-spectrum experience with flavors like Pineberry, Italian Zorbet, and Blackberries & Cream.


(Courtesy Cannalicious)

Cannalicious RSO gummies 

Michigan holds down the Midwest cannabis community, constantly pumping out new strains and innovating on industry staples. This applies to their edibles as well. Cannalicious Labs offer concentrates, vaporizer cartridges, RSO applicators, and gummies infused with that same RSO and flavored with cherry, watermelon, and mango, among others. That means that in addition to 200 mg of THC, each bag also contains amounts of CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN. You can enjoy their standard options during the day, or wind down with the CBN-rich Rest/Sleep options.


(Courtesy Greener Pastures)

Greener Pastures Butter Rum hard candies

More like Big High, right? Montana is a huge state, and there’s plenty of room for a joint walk. But it also gets pretty cold. If you’d rather stay inside this holiday, you can evoke both the canyons and the cannabinoids with Greener Pastures’s Butter Rum hard candies. These little lozenges infused with 5 mg THC apiece and flavored like the classic stovetop holiday beverage offer a buildable experience that you can further stagger by how you let the candies dissolve in your mouth.


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Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle bites

Besides pumpkin, no spice so aptly encapsulates the holiday season like cinnamon. I’m sure there’s data to support that cinnamon sales go up around this time of year because the confection companion appears in everything from pies to mulled wine to snickerdoodle cookies.  Bubby’s Baked Snickerdoodle bites bring cinnamon and THC to the front, consumable in 10 10 mg mini cookies to share with the cousins


Journeyman Jellies 

Life is a journey, maaan. Or so believes the team at Journeyman edibles, who produce fruit “jellies” with a global palate. Their vegan and gluten-free fruit jellies have three different flavor profiles: tropical, berries, and sour, that include the tang and tartness of fruits like watermelon, green apple, strawberry, pineapple, and passion fruit. And if you’re a lightweight, fear not! Each flavor group has three different potencies: full THC, 1:1 CBD: THC, and 50:1 CBD:THC, so every adult in the family can partake (if they want to).


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Honeybee Candy Cane chocolate bar

Candy cane and chocolate are a flavor combination for the ages. Many edible brands have tried their hand at blending mint and cocoa, and Honeybee do it better than most. Their holiday flavor is a 60% dark chocolate bar, the standard 10 mg of THC, and a layer of crushed candy cane for texture and flavor.


(Courtesy Incredibles)

Incredibles x Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding chocolate bar 

If you’ve never had the privilege of tasting Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding, I recommend putting it on your bucket list. This is a white chocolate bar with bananas and Nilla wafers laced throughout, evoking the bakery bestseller while infusing it with THC. You can break it off, pass it around the smoke circle, or crumble it on the Thanksgiving dessert of choice. If you’re not a banana fan, opt for the other Magnolia x Incredibles collab, Red Velvet Piece Ahhh Cake. 

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Cannabis Edibles That Don’t Require Baking




Baking and preparing edibles is a fun activity if you have the right disposition and tools, even if it takes longer than other methods of consuming cannabis. The baking process is one that’s normally ruled by lots of trial and error; adding weed into the mix only makes things more complicated. Still, you shouldn’t be intimidated at the thought of preparing your own edibles, especially now that there’s more time and willingness to bake and get creative. Here are 3 cannabis edibles that don’t require baking.

Baking usually requires people to prepare their own cannabutter, a process that’s time consuming and that’s only a first step in the whole baking process. If you want to make some edibles but don’t feel like spending a lot of time on them, here are some things you can try:

THC infused honey sticks

What You Need To Know About CBD Honey
Photo by Arwin Neil Baichoo via Unsplash

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THC infused honey sticks are incredibly convenient. They can be drizzled on top of cookies, cakes, tea or coffee, transforming anything you have into a sweet treat that can get you high. There are also CBD infused honey sticks, which can be used to create edibles with no psychoactive effects.

Infused condiments

If you do some research, you’ll discover that there are plenty of THC infused condiments, expanding on our definition of edibles. While these tend to be hemp or CBD based, there are some interesting THC options for salty and sweet foods, like infused sriracha, infused syrup and infused sugar.

Re-purpose edibles

Photos by Jessie Moore

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If you have any edibles lying around your house and don’t find them particularly appealing, think of a way to re-purpose them. For example, if you have a chocolate edible, add some coconut oil or butter and melt it in a pot or microwave. This chocolate mix can be added to fruits or any other treat. Just pace yourself and eat with care, that way you won’t get too high on accident.

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