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Damp January, Dry January or California Sober



New Year, new you, extra weight, exhaustion from the holidays – all reasons to maybe make a temporary change in January – but what is right for you?

The holiday season is fun and full of indulgences, but it can leave you feeling a little wrecked in at the start of a fresh new year.  January is the time of year when you make a fresh start and set goals to improve yourself.  Get fit, lose weight, do more, focus – all great goals, but only 9% of people follow through on their new year resolutions.  As people share their intentions, about 15% of people start Dry January, but it is the right or the practical solution?  Trying to figure out Damp January, Dry January or California Sober depends on your goals.

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Ask what are you trying to accomplish?  Giving your liver a break, taking a general tolerance vacation from intoxicants?  Perhaps you want to shed the extra holiday weight. The average weight gain during this time period is anywhere from 0.8 pounds to just under 2 pounds. Or maybe you just want to clear your head. Here is a guideline to help you make a decision.

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Damp January

Damp January is an initiative where people choose to reduce their alcohol and/or marijuana consumption during the month of January. It allows a more flexible approach, focusing on reducing intake rather than complete abstinence. Considering there is a 3 day weekend in the middle of the month, it can make keeping the goal a bit easier.

if you’re following Damp January, it means that you should be drinking in moderation, with a more mindful approach.  Weight loss is a bit harder and you have should plan your consumption and set limits on amounts.

California Sober

California Sober is an initiative where people stop drinking and drugs other than marijuana. And they partake of marijuana in moderation.  This is a more flexible approach and many people use vapes and gummies instead of alcohol at social events.  Done correctly, this also can used to assist in weight loss.

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Dry January

Dry January is the OG of all three and it means stopping everything cold for 31 days.  This is the least flexible approach, although slipping once or twice doesn’t mean you should give up. This is the best program for weight loss and giving your body a break. This is a tolerance break for both alcohol and marijuana users who have a high frequency of use.

Damp January, Dry January or California Sober can all help you mind and body.

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The Answers To Your Questions About Marijuana




From 15-19% of the population does Dry January.  After the excess of the holidays with food, drink, celebrations and family….your body might need a break.  But do you want Dry January of California sober.  What is it? Well, it is taking a break from alcohol and drugs except for cannabis.  And there are some sound reasons as marijuana is less hard on the body and offers up some medical benefits. But if you are new to cannabis, you might be worried, concerned or need more information.  Here are the answers to your questions about marijuana.

Is it addictive?

rolling a marijuana joint
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While not all that common, there are people who are heavily affected by marijuana use. The condition, known as cannabis abuse disorder (CID), affects about 30% of users, impairing their lives in one way or another. People who suffer from the condition often have the drug affecting their work and relationships, feel anxious when not consuming it, have cravings, and more. The populations that are at higher risk of developing this condition are teens and young users.

Can you overdose on it?

marijuana joint
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

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Marijuana overdoses are pretty chill in the grand scheme of things. Still, some awkward and uncomfortable things can happen, so it’s important to pace yourself no matter the method of consumption. Symptoms of a marijuana overdose include dry mouth, sleepiness, paranoia, a fast heart rate, and even vomiting.

Which method is best?

refusing marijuana joint
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Marijuana has come a long way. Long gone are the times of the crappy joint filled with brown weed, making it the perfect time to jump in. While the variety of methods can be overwhelming, it’s simple once you parse it all out. There’s cannabis flower, edibles, and vapes, with each of these having its own perks and pitfalls. In terms of health, vaping and smoking affects your lungs, so an edible might be a good starting place. Just know that edibles take a while to kick in and that you should start off slow.

Can I use it to treat anxiety?

How Does Marijuana Influence Your Anxiety?
Photo by joeypistachio via Pexels

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Historically, cannabis is praised for its anxiety-relieving properties and acting as a facilitator for social situations. While this is true, it’s also not the whole truth. Cannabis is fussy, acting differently depending on the cannabis you’re consuming, the person consuming it, and their level of experience. It’s also important to know what type of anxiety is being treated. If it’s a medical issue, it’s important to talk it out with your doctor.

Can I use it for sleep?

Despite Health Risks, The Use Of This Sleeping Aid Has Increased Over The Years
Photo by Kinga Cichewicz via Unsplash

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Cannabis can make people very sleepy, but this isn’t the case for everyone and it depends on the type of cannabis you’re consuming. While some strains can make you feel relaxed and sleepy, others can make you feel wired (indica for the former, sativa for the latter). The best advice for using cannabis as a sleep aid is to start off slow, keeping track of your behaviors and patterns.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

4 Things CBD Won't Help You Achieve In 2022
Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

THC and CBD are cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. The main difference between the two is the fact that THC is psychoactive (producing that “high” feeling), while CBD is not. When smoking a CBD joint you may feel relaxed and loose, yet you won’t get high. CBD is mostly medicinal and it’s also very trendy, appearing in a wide variety of products ranging from hair products to skincare.  

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california sober

How To Choose The Right Cannabis Strain




Recently legal Michigan is going gangbusters in sales, more and more people are using marijuana it becomes legal in more places.  The stigma is dying and people are turning to it for to chill, for medical reasons and to relax. And more Gen Z people are turning away from alcohol and using slightly more weed.  Today, the most popular form of consuming are gummies, but the traditional way of flower and now vapes are still used by a significant number. There are literally hundreds of different kinds of strains available in dispensaries. So how do you choose the right one for you?

The good news is there is also lots more information to help you choose the best strain. In the past, one would simply go with THC levels, or sativa vs. indica. Those are still important, but there is a smarter way to shop for cannabis flower strains today.

THC and CBD Content

More people are choosing high CBD strains for many reasons: it minimizes the anxiety which occurs with some when consuming high THC strains, CBD can help relax, and isn’t psychoactive. Given THC and CBD are the two active and dominant chemicals in the cannabis plant, they will both have different effects which is why it’s important to understand how each will affect you.

smoking marijuana
Photo by Fuse/Getty Images

Generally speaking, you can go by with a few simple rules to remember: the higher the THC content (over 18%), the more psychoactive effects you will feel. On the other hand, the higher the CBD content, the more relaxed and calm you will feel. Many indica strains have a higher CBD content since it’s suitable for helping you to relax. Some consumers prefer a balanced effect and seek out strains with identical or nearly identical THC and CBD ratios.

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Some cannabis growers provide third-party laboratory tests or a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to verify the cannabinoid content in cannabis plants.

Terpene Profiles

Terpenes are natural compounds found in plants, not just marijuana. They are responsible for the strain’s unique aroma and flavors; these compounds are what can help differentiate strains through taste or smell.

Aside from taste and smell, terpenes also contribute to the strain’s effects. Because of the entourage effect, terpenes also work with other cannabinoids that are present in the marijuana plant to produce certain effects. There are over several hundred known terpenes in marijuana though more may be discovered by researchers over time.

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There are many ways to determine which terpenes are present in cannabis flowers. When shopping at a licensed dispensary, many recognized cultivators and laboratories provide a Certificate of Analysis or information on the terpene profile of the plant. Some of the most common terpenes found in marijuana flowers include limonene, caryophyllene, pinene, linalool, nerol, myrcene, terpineols, humulene, and many more.

Another way to gauge the dominant terpenes in cannabis flower is to smell it. Some strains smell skunky, woody, sweet, fruity, or even citrusy. It’s best to research each of the varying terpenes that are found in strains to have an idea of how they can affect you.


Are you trying to medicate for a certain condition, or do you want to unwind after a day of work? Are you looking to socialize with friends or do you merely want a strain to help you sleep peacefully at night?

Some types of cannabis flower go well with specific scenarios. For example, sativa and hybrid strains are excellent for socializing, while indicas and high CBD strains will help you relax and fall asleep faster. If you already have experience with paranoia or anxiety with high THC strains, you’re better off with strains that are around 10% THC to ensure a pleasant experience.

smoking marijuana pipe
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

On the other hand, there are also those that smoke flower with the sole intention of getting really high. In this case, opt for high THC and low to no CBD strains. There are literally at least a few strains for everyone, but being clear and specific about what you want out of the strain will help you efficiently narrow down your choices.

Lab Testing

More cannabis strains are being sold in dispensaries with third-party laboratory testing. For those who are new to the world of marijuana, relying on laboratory testing is the most efficient way to understand the effects and cannabinoid content of any strain you are interested in buying.

Buying cannabis strains that have undergone lab testing will also help in terms of your own overall health and safety. This is especially crucial for medical cannabis patients because laboratory tests tell you if the strain contains any harmful contaminants such as fungicides, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals which can worsen existing health problems.

Other important details you can get from a laboratory test includes:

  • Brand (who grew the cannabis)
  • Type of cannabis (sativa, indica, or hybrid)
  • Cannabinoid content
  • Harvest date, batch name
  • State law compliance


Don’t underestimate the value of a cannabis strain just because it’s priced lower than others. In fact, buying while it’s on sale is a good opportunity to experiment with a new strain while saving a few dollars.

In the same breath, just because a strain is rare or expensive doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s of better quality. It’s more important to choose weed strains based on its effects, aromas, and flavors that you enjoy.

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What Is California Sober – The Fresh Toast




Some buzz terms pop up on the radar frequently, while others have been floating around for a while. But “California Sober” was a new one for us. It is more than just Demi Lovato’s hot song from 2021. Some people call themselves California sober because they use marijuana in place of alcohol and other addictive substances. Others define it as using alcohol and marijuana in moderation while avoiding other drugs.

Cannabis and sobriety have had a fraught relationship that now seems to be changing, and possibly even growing into a new concept altogether. Not everyone’s reasons for sobriety are health related, and not all of them are due to an aversion to intoxication—some people just prefer no intoxicants.

We spotted the term in a piece by cannabis author and rave queen Michelle Lhooq for Broadly about taking a breather from one type of hard partying. Says Lhooq: 

“The truth is that I will always love drugs and raving—and a future without either would be spiritually unfulfilling. Being Cali sober allows me to keep my feet in both subcultures, while its parameters make it easier not to cave to temptation. I am able to take from these experiences what I’m looking for—mind-expansion, self-exploration, empathetic connection, sensorial amplification—without the addiction and selfishness, and other types of ugliness that I associate with many non-psychedelic drugs.”

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As natural as it came across in her description, Reddit users couldn’t come to agreement on the term; this seemed more like a beef over the use of the term “sobriety” rather than the idea that someone can abstain from hard drugs and have a word for it.

Sobriety used to mean one thing: a hardline abstention from all substances. But considering it often doesn’t apply to caffeine and nicotine, it’s starting to make sense to some people that cannabis may fall under the umbrella of sobriety, being that it is only a mild intoxicant when taken in moderation.

It’s true that some may develop an addiction to cannabis, but research is also showing that cannabis might help dramatically reduce side effects and aid withdrawal to opioids and other drugs.

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Regardless of motivation and result, it makes sense that someone would label a mostly sober sitch that involves cannabis after the weediest weed friendly state: California.

No matter what someone is “using”, compassion, non-judgement, and care are the much more important ways to approach addictions of all kinds. Humans are imperfect and lowering the stigma of substance reliance, addiction, or assistance is a huge deal— society needs to shift if we’re going to heal the pains of the more damaging addictions. If cannabis is a ‘softer’ way to come down from something, more power to those who use it in such a way.

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