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Do You Know The Marijuana Emoji



It is the modern version of hieroglyphics and they have taken over written communication, but do you know what is used as a sub for marijuana?

Humans have used images to represent thoughts, feelings, actions and more since almost the beginning of mankind. From the French cave drawings to the Egyptian hieroglyphics, history is littered with picture codes. After having fallen out for centuries, it has come roaring back with emojis. And just to be clear, they only entered the world in 1999. If you are 25, you have always lived in a world with emojis. But do you know the marijuana emoji? It is a bit of a secret for those in the know.

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Almost immediately, users begin coming up with a secret language using the clear emojis to mean other things. The peach, eggplant, raindrops, truck, and hammer all quickly were swept into a private language which has become mainstream.  Coupling emojis together reads like an ancient tablet, and can be quite a story if you know what it means.

Since there is no marijuana emoji and Apple seems not to be premiering one soon. This despite having a glass of bourbon, a martini, champagne glasses, wine, a champagne bottle in more…and little gummy or plant is not on the timeline. While there are a few contenders, the broccoli emoji is the winner. The herb, the potted plant and the leaf fluttering in the wind are among the others, but broccoli is the most commonly used.

When it comes to most used in general, love overcomes weed. Smiling Face with Heart Eyes is the second most popular (behind the favorite Face with Tears of Joy), followed by Face Blowing a Kiss, with a simple heart emoji the fourth most-popular.

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Roughly  95% of Internet users have used an emoji and over 10 billion emojis are sent daily. While the gun is no longer an option,here are over 3,019 official emojis. The Unicode Consortium approves the new emojis and are responsible for your selection.

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Data Says People Wear AirPods At An Intimate Time





It’s estimated over 150 million units of AirPods have been sold so far. And over 100 million people are using them right now. Apple has made another fortune with these mini devices and people are scooping them up and leaving them in all sorts of places.  You see people looking as if they are chatting themself on the street, in restaurants, all over. They have almost become part of the body.  In fact, data says people wear AirPods at an intimate time…THE intimate time.

Take a minute to mull that over.

TickPick, an online ticketing service, conducted a survey of 1,000 people who are sexually active and interested in music. While TickPick doesn’t sound like the most reliable source of scientific information, they discovered that 17% of participants like to keep their little pods in when having sex.

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Other fun information includes:

  • Pop fans, the majority of them belonging to the youngest demographic surveyed, were the least likely to be satisfied in bed.
  • Nearly 80% of people with the same musical taste as their partner were satisfied with their sex lives. They had sex an average of eight times per month.
  • 43% of people who had different musical tastes as their partners claimed to be unsatisfied with their sex lives. They had sex an average of six times per month.
  • Fans of indie rock were more likely to be into BDSM.
  • Fans of heavy metal were the most likely to use contraceptives while fans of country were the least likely, with only 49% of them taking precautions.

No matter your thoughts on this survey and all of these interesting bits of data, you should still be shocked over the fact that 17% of people keep their AirPods in during sex. This knowledge gives a whole new meaning to all of those AirPod memes.

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People are really out there doing what they want. And you can bet Apple is thrilled with this tidbit of free marketing. Those little devices really do stay put as we can tell since data says people wear AirPods at an intimate time

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