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Gen Z Women and Cannabis: A Love Story



Throughout the rollercoaster that is my life, cannabis keeps me calm and relaxed while elevating my vibration, no matter the situation. Cannabis eases my chronic insomnia and is a true game-changer when it comes to managing mood swings. In areas where traditional Western medicine has fallen short, cannabis often steps in with her natural healing powers. Having been diagnosed with ADHD, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety, as well as addiction, marijuana has been pivotal in managing my mental, physical and spiritual health.

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hawaiian snowcone

Star signs and cannabis strains: July 2024 horoscopes




Welcome to July, Stargazers, and happy Cancer season. Sunny days ahead! This is a time to nurture ourselves and delve fully into our emotional depths. The moon resets its cycle, creating an excellent opportunity for new intentions and embracing a fresh start. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet evening under the stars or reflecting with a bit of your favorite weed, this month encourages intentional self-care and emotional well-being.

As the sun moves through Cancer, you’ll experience a greater focus on home and family. This period is perfect for strengthening bonds with loved ones and working to create a peaceful, cozy environment. Take some time to find pleasure in even the simplest of plans, like a relaxed day at home or a soothing walk in nature. The reset of the lunar cycle also encourages us to revisit any personal goals and make gentle adjustments as needed.


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Finally, July invites you to be kind to yourself and embrace the flow of life. With the calming influence of Cancer, stress releases its hold and moments of tranquility will come your way all the more smoothly. Whether through meditation, a favorite hobby, or a mindful cannabis session, allow yourself to unwind and recharge. Embrace the chill and nurturing energy of this season under The Crab, and you’ll find a renewed sense of peace and clarity.

Your July horoscope



Happy birthday Crabs! This month sizzles with profound transformation and emotional enrichment. The sun shines in your sign, amplifying your wonderful qualities of empathy, intuition, and nurturing. This is a powerful time for self-reflection and personal growth. You may feel a strong urge to prioritize your well-being and address any lingering emotional issues.

The supportive aspects of Mercury and Venus will enhance communication skills and social charm, making it easier to express your feelings and strengthen bonds. Embrace this period to reconnect with loved ones and cultivate a sense of inner peace.

As the month progresses, focus shifts towards financial and professional spheres. The full moon will illuminate your eighth house of shared resources and transformation, encouraging you to reassess your financial partnerships and investments. Take this fervent time to collaborate with others and explore new ways to enhance your financial security.


Works of Fire: America’s best cannabis for 4th of July 2024

Be mindful of any power dynamics in your relationships and strive for balance and fairness. On a personal level, this period may also bring profound insights and a deeper understanding of your desires and motivations. By the end of July, you may feel more empowered and in control of your destiny, ready to embrace the next chapter of your journey with confidence and determination.

July strain: Hey Cancer! July is your month to unwind and embrace self-care; you deserve luxurious flavors and feelings, and Papaya Cake is just the strain to help you do that. With its calming and relaxing effects, Papaya Cake will help melt away your stress and anxiety, aligning perfectly with your need for emotional balance and tranquility this month​​. Its sweet tropical flavors of papaya, mango, and apricot will add a delightful touch to your relaxation routine, making every moment of downtime feel like a mini-vacation​​.



For Leo, July is a month of introspection and preparation for new beginnings. The month begins with a reflective state, as the sun, your ruling planet, moves through your twelfth house of solitude and inner growth. This is a time to look inward, address any unresolved issues, and recharge your spiritual and emotional batteries. You might feel more withdrawn than usual, preferring quiet contemplation to socializing. Use this period to meditate, journal, or engage in other activities that nurture your soul. Tie up loose ends with old projects and clear the way for new endeavors.

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As the month progresses and the sun moves into your sign on July 23, you’ll feel a surge of energy and confidence. Embrace the shine and take the lead in your life. Your charisma and natural leadership qualities will feel prismatic, making it an excellent time to start new projects, set goals, and pursue your passions. Socially, you will attract positive attention and support from others. By the end of July, you are likely to feel more aligned with your true self and ready to embrace the future with optimism and vigor.

July strain: Hey Leo! July is your time to shine, and indulge in your decadent tastes. Hawaiian Snowcone is the perfect strain to keep your energy high and your spirits even higher. With its uplifting and talkative effects, this hybrid will keep you happy and engaged, just what you need for all the social gatherings and adventures coming your way​. Plus, its tropical citrus flavor is like microdosing the beach in every puff, helping you stay refreshed and ready to conquer whatever the month throws at you​.



For Virgo, July is a month of social connection and goal-oriented progress. The beginning of the month surges with the energy of Mercury, your ruling planet, moving through your eleventh house of friendships and social networks. This is an excellent time for collaborating with others, joining new groups, and expanding your social circle. Your analytical skills and practical approach won’t go unnoticed in team settings. You may also find yourself drawn to humanitarian causes and community activities, where you can make a meaningful impact. Embrace these opportunities to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.

As the month progresses, the focus shifts towards your personal aspirations and career goals. The New Moon will illuminate your tenth house of career and public life, providing a fresh start or a new perspective on your professional path. This is a powerful time to set new goals, take on leadership roles, or pursue advancements in your career. You might receive recognition for your hard work and dedication, boosting your confidence and motivating you to aim higher. Financially, this period looks stable, but remember to stay organized and avoid unnecessary risks. By the end of July, you will likely feel more focused and determined, ready to take on new challenges and make significant strides towards your long-term ambitions.

July strain: Hey Virgo! July is all about embracing creativity and finding your zen, and celebrating your affinity for making permanent changes. So, Permanent Marker (our 2023 SOTY!) is the perfect strain to help you do just that. Known for its euphoric and creative effects, this potent hybrid will keep your mind focused and your stress at bay, aligning perfectly with your horoscope’s call for balance and inspiration this month. Plus, its unique flavor profile of soapy funk with hints of candy and floral gas will make every session a delightful escape​​.



For Libra, July is a month of professional growth and personal development. The first half of the month emphasizes your career and public life, as the Sun illuminates your tenth house of ambition and status. This period is ideal for setting new professional goals, seeking promotions, or launching new projects. Your natural diplomatic skills and charm will be particularly effective in navigating workplace dynamics and building alliances. You might receive recognition for your efforts, boosting your confidence and motivating you to aim higher. However, a sustainable balance of your professional ambitions with self-care to avoid burnout.

As the month progresses, the focus shifts to your social life and personal relationships. The New Moon brings fresh energy to your eleventh house of friendships and social networks, encouraging you to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your social circle. This is a great time for collaborative efforts and community involvement. You may find yourself drawn to group activities or causes that resonate with your values, offering opportunities for both personal fulfillment and broader impact.

Financially, this period looks stable, but it’s wise to manage your resources carefully and avoid impulsive spending. By the end of July, you are likely to feel more balanced and connected, ready to embrace new opportunities and deepen your relationships with those around you.

July strain: Hey Libra! July is a month for finding balance and embracing creativity, making the best compromise possible for a delicious future. It follows that Strawberries and Cream is the perfect strain to complement your vibe this month. This balanced hybrid will uplift your spirits and keep you focused and creative, making it ideal for navigating the social and artistic opportunities that lie ahead this month​. With its delicious strawberry and vanilla flavors, a relaxing yet energizing experience that helps manage stress and anxiety​​ will settle over you.


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For Scorpio, July is a month of expansive opportunities and deep introspection. The early part of the month takes influence from the sun’s presence in your ninth house of higher learning, travel, and spiritual growth. This period is excellent for broadening your horizons through education, travel, or philosophical exploration. Embrace the urge to seek out new experiences and knowledge that enrich your understanding of the world. Don’t shy away from opportunities to step out of your comfort zone, as this can lead to significant personal growth and fresh perspectives. Engaging in activities that stimulate your mind and spirit will be particularly rewarding during this time.

As the month progresses, the focus shifts towards your professional and public life. The full moon highlights your fourth house of home and family, urging you to find a balance between your career aspirations and personal responsibilities. This is a good time to address any issues on the home front and ensure that your domestic life supports your professional goals.

You may also experience a heightened sense of intuition and emotional depth, helping you to navigate complex situations with greater clarity and empathy. Financially, the latter part of July looks promising, with potential gains from past investments or career advancements. By the end of the month, you are likely to feel more grounded and in control, ready to integrate your new insights into both your personal and professional life.

July strain: Hey Scorpio! July is all about harnessing your intense energy and diving deep into creative projects. To help find clarity among the clouds, Kali Mist rises to complement your vibe this month. Known for its clear-headed, energetic, and creative effects, Kali Mist will help you stay focused and productive, aligning perfectly with your horoscope’s emphasis on creativity and adventure​. Plus, its spicy herbal flavors with hints of mint and tea make every session a refreshing experience.



Get ready, Sagittarius, July is a month of personal transformation and deeper connections. The beginning of the month brings a focus on your eighth house of shared resources, intimacy, and transformation. This is a powerful time for introspection and addressing underlying issues in personal and financial spheres. You may find yourself drawn to deep, meaningful conversations and experiences that challenge your perspective. Embrace this period as an opportunity for emotional and psychological growth. While you’re at it, review your joint financial ventures, investments, and debts to ensure everything is in order.

As the month progresses, the energy shifts towards your signature affinities for exploration and adventure. The new moon illuminates your ninth house of travel, higher learning, and spirituality, encouraging you to expand your horizons. This is a perfect time to embark on a journey, whether it’s a physical trip or educational pursuit. Your natural curiosity and love for adventure will guide you in exploring new cultures, philosophies, or areas of study. Professionally, this period can also bring opportunities for growth and advancement, particularly if you are open to learning new skills or taking on new challenges. The end of July brings a sense of rejuvenation and inspiration, ready to apply your new insights to your daily life and future plans.

July strain: Hey Sagittarius! July is all about embracing your adventurous spirit and connecting with your inner energy. We know you have a need for speed, so Hell Cat is the perfect strain to keep you uplifted and focused, matching your horoscope’s call for enthusiasm and creativity. With its talkative and euphoric effects, Hell Cat will help you stay engaged and motivated, making it ideal for both social events and personal projects this month​.



For Capricorn, July is a month of partnership focus and personal evolution. The beginning of the month highlights your seventh house of relationships, bringing attention to both personal and professional partnerships. This is an excellent time to strengthen existing bonds and address unresolved issues with loved ones or business associates via open and honest communication. You may also encounter new opportunities for collaboration or people who can significantly impact your personal or professional life. Embrace these interactions with a collaborative attitude, as they can lead to mutual growth and benefit.

As the month progresses, the emphasis shifts towards transformation and financial matters. The full moon illuminates your second house of personal values and finances, prompting you to reassess your financial strategies and material goals. This is a good time to focus on budgeting, saving, and informed decisions about investments.

You may find yourself more introspective, reflecting on what truly matters to you and how your resources align with your long-term aspirations. On a personal level, this period encourages deep self-examination and transformation–shed old patterns and embrace new ways of being. By the end of July, you are likely to feel more grounded and empowered, ready to move forward with a clearer sense of purpose and direction.

July strain: Hey Capricorn! July is all about embracing your ambitious nature and staying energized for the challenges ahead. Your keen tastes will appreciate Sour Tangie, the perfect strain to keep you uplifted and focused while tackling tasks with a smile. With its creative and elevating buzz, this sativa-dominant hybrid will keep your spirits high and your mind sharp, perfectly aligning with your horoscope’s call for productivity and enthusiasm this month​​. It also tastes like a tart glass of orange juice!



July is a month of productivity and health for Aquarius. The early month sees the sun illuminating your sixth house of daily routines, work, and wellness. This is an excellent time to streamline your daily habits, improve your work efficiency, and prioritize your physical health; this can manifest in organizing your workspace, implementing a new fitness regimen, or adopting new eating habits. Pay attention to the details and take a disciplined approach to your tasks, as this will yield significant benefits. 

As the month progresses, the focus shifts to your relationships and personal interactions. The new moon highlights your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging investment and energy into your closest relationships. This is a period for deepening connections with your partner, friends, and business associates. Open communication and a willingness to understand others’ perspectives will be crucial in strengthening these bonds.

You might also encounter opportunities for new partnerships or collaborations that can bring fresh energy into your life. The end of July, will have you feeling more balanced and harmoniously connected in both your personal and professional relationships.

July strain: Hey Aquarius! July is all about expanding your horizons and embracing new experiences, in a way only your independent streak can create. You love a twist in life, so A La Mode is the perfect strain to elevate your journey. With its euphoric and uplifting effects, A La Mode will keep you feeling creative and energized, perfectly aligning with your horoscope’s emphasis on exploration and social connections this month. Enjoy its creamy cookie aroma and fruity, cereal milk flavor as you venture through your summer adventures​.

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For Pisces, July is a month of creativity and romance. The beginning of the month brings the Sun into your fifth house of pleasure, creativity, and love, amplifying your artistic talents and passion for life. This is an ideal time to engage in creative projects, whether through art, music, writing, or any other form of self-expression. Your romantic life is also likely to flourish, with opportunities for new love or deepening existing relationships. Allow yourself to embrace joy and spontaneity, and don’t be afraid to take risks in expressing your feelings and ideas. Your natural intuition and empathy will guide you towards fulfilling and heartfelt experiences.

As the month progresses, the focus shifts towards work and health. The new moon will highlight your sixth house of daily routines, wellness, and service, urging you to establish healthier habits and improve your productivity. Make time to reassess your work-life balance and consider necessary adjustments to ensure your well-being. You may find new ways to enhance your efficiency at work or discover a renewed sense of purpose in your daily tasks. By the end of July, you’ll likely feel energized and ready to tackle your responsibilities with a clear mind and a positive outlook.

July strain: Hey Pisces! July is a month for embracing your imaginative and dreamy nature, and Mango Haze is the perfect strain to fuel your creativity and energy. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides energy and positive vibes couched in a tropical, tangy palate to keep you inspired and motivated throughout your summer adventures. Enjoy its mix of herbal and fruity aromas and flavor as you explore new ideas and let your creativity flow​.



In July Aries individuals are primed for a period of dynamic energy and growth. The beginning of the month brings opportunities for new ventures and projects, thanks to the favorable alignment of Mars, your ruling planet. This is a great time to focus on career advancements and personal goals. Your enthusiasm and determination will be high, making it easier to overcome obstacles and push forward. You have a knack for getting carried away, so keep an eye on overextending yourself, as the intense energy could lead to burnout if not managed properly. Remember to balance your ambitions with self-care and relaxation.

The latter half of July may bring some introspective moments, especially around the New Moon, which will illuminate your fourth house of home and family. This is an excellent time to reconnect with your roots and nurture your relationships. Issues that have been simmering under the surface might come up, providing a chance for resolution and healing. Financially, this period looks stable, but try to avoid impulsive expenditures. Focus on building a solid foundation for the future, both emotionally and materially. By the end of the month, you’ll likely feel more balanced and prepared for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

July strain: Hey Aries! July is all about embracing relaxation and winding down after all that hustle—and we know you attack your goals with double, or even triple focus. So Triple Burger, with its potent THC and calming effects, is the perfect accoutrement to help you de-stress and find that zen you’re craving this month. This indica strain will soothe your stress, pain, and insomnia, making it ideal for those cozy, chill summer nights.



For Taurus, July has plenty of personal growth and financial focus in store. The first half of the month, marked by your ruling planet, Venus, enhances your charm and social appeal. This is a favorable time for networking and building relationships, both personally and professionally. You may find your communication skills particularly effective, helping you to articulate your ideas and persuade others. Career-wise, there could be opportunities for advancement or recognition for your hard work. Stay grounded and avoid overindulgence, as Venus can sometimes encourage a tendency towards luxury and excess.

As the month progresses, the influence of the full moon will bring attention to your finances. This period is ideal for reassessing your budget, investments, and long-term financial goals. You might discover new ways to increase your income or make more efficient use of your resources. On a personal level, this is also a time to address any lingering insecurities or self-worth issues, as they can undermine your financial decisions. Focusing on your inner values and building a sense of security will equip you to handle external financial matters. The end of the month promises a sense of stability and accomplishment, setting a strong foundation for future endeavors.

July strain: Hey Taurus! July is all about grounding yourself and finding inner balance, and for indulging in a little treat. What better way to complement your grounded vibe and rich tastes than with Wagyu? Wagyu will help you relax and enjoy the little pleasures in life, perfectly aligning with the steady and sensual energy of Taurus this month. Its balanced hybrid nature and unique flavors make it an ideal companion for those cozy summer evenings​.



For Gemini, July promises intellectual stimulation and social engagement. The early part of the month sees Mercury, your ruling planet, catalyzing your communication skills and curiosity. This is an excellent time for learning new things, engaging in creative projects, and expanding your social circle. You may find yourself drawn to new experiences and ideas, so embrace the travel bud or that itch for a new hobby. Your natural wit and charm will be at their peak, allowing you to navigate social situations with ease and make a lasting impression on others.

As the month progresses, the focus shifts towards your personal relationships and emotional well-being. The new moon highlights your second house of values and possessions, prompting you to reassess what truly matters to you. This can be a transformative time where you let go of superficial attachments and focus on building deeper, more meaningful connections. Financially, take the time to review your spending habits and make necessary adjustments for long-term stability. The latter part of July may bring some introspective moments, encouraging you to find a balance between your external achievements and inner peace. By the end of the month, you are likely to feel more aligned with your true self and ready to pursue your goals with renewed clarity and purpose.

July strain: Hey Gemini! July is all about harnessing your energy and creativity, and balancing sweet moments with the sour. Tangie is the perfect match for your vibrant spirit this month. Known for its uplifting and energetic effects, Tangie will help you stay motivated and focused, making it ideal for tackling new projects and adventures​. Its citrusy, tangerine aroma will keep you feeling refreshed and inspired, perfectly complementing the dynamic vibes of your July horoscope​.

Check out last month’s horoscopes.

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adult-use cannabis

Vancouver weed visitor’s guide 2024




When I first landed in Vancouver, British Columbia, as a college undergrad, one of my biggest questions, beyond how I would make friends in a new country, pick my major, and currency conversion rates, was where was I going to find weed?

Thankfully, Vancouver has been a big weed city for a long time, and British Columbia has a reputation not unlike Norcal’s Emerald Triangle—they don’t call it B.C. bud for nothing! Over 5 years into federal legalization of adult-use cannabis, Vancouver and (most of) Canada have built on the infrastructure of the medical/legacy days to offer consumers a wide variety of products and strains from both national, government-owned brands to family-run micro-growers serving their local communities. 

Next time you’re in Vancity, you’ll know where the dank is. Let’s go!

What are Van’s weed rules?

If you aren’t quite old enough to patronize a dispensary in the States, rejoice! Adults 19+ can legally frequent adult-use cannabis dispensaries, and possess up to 30 grams (or the equivalent in edibles, vapes, etc) while out and about. At home, you can grow up to 4 plants and possess no more than 1,000 grams of cannabis and derived products. 

Vancouver, like the Big Apple, allows public cannabis consumption …

Best of all, Vancouver, like the Big Apple, allows public cannabis consumption wherever tobacco smoking and vaping are allowed, with exceptions for parks (there are designated areas), playgrounds, public buildings, and near bus, train, and ferry stops. If your hotel allows it, you can also smoke in your room. 


Canada Cannabis 101

Vancouver B.C. has many dope spots. An excerpt of the Leafly map. (Leafly)

Excellent question! Vancouver is a big city with upwards of 80 dispensaries within the greater metro area. In the city proper, most walk-in stores are concentrated downtown; you can take a ferry to North Vancouver for a few more options. Most stores offer delivery services, and you can order cannabis on UberEats the same way you would a breakfast burrito.

Because Canada’s cannabis legislation is federal, dispensaries have two tiers. There are BC Cannabis stores run by the government under the province’s British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, and there are privately-owned stores. The BC Cannabis stores offer better prices and wider selections from brands based all over the country; privately-owned stores may have more store ambiance and local options from craft growers.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you:


A number of dispensaries across Vancouver offer pick up and delivery options to adults 19+. You can also order weed for delivery and pickup on UberEats from select dispensaries. Start a Vancouver delivery.

If you’re fresh out of YVR, you can head to Dutch Love on 8602 Granville Street, or  La Canapa up the street on 8002 Granville Street.

What is some good weed to buy in Van?

Shopping in a Canadian dispensary is a little different than the States—your weed can be from Ontario or Quebec or Newfoundland. I opted to stick to local BC cultivators with one Ontario exception. Here are six of the best buds I sampled. 


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

I am high, what do I do now in Van?

For Van’s best weed attractions, go to:

  • Stanley Park
  • The downtown Art Gallery complex
  • The Amsterdam Cafe
  • Bloedel Conservatory (North Vancouver)
  • Vancouver Aquarium 
  • Pacific National Exhibition, aka The PNE, Playland amusement park (May–August)
  • A ride on the Seabus ferry
  • A Skyride gondola ride to the top of Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver)
  • Skiing and snowboarding at Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver)

Spotlight: Amsterdam Cafe

While smoking in public is now allowed, not everyone wants to light up in a smoking section, and Vancouver winters can be brutal. As of writing, dispensaries cannot host consumption spaces. But one of the most iconic North American smoking lounges is still kicking in Downtown Vancouver: the Amsterdam Cafe.

This is a one-stop shop for a comfortable, discreet sesh–the main floor hosts a full-service cafe with food and beverages. A $10 membership fee gets guests access to the lower-level lounge during the day, and the main floor in the evening. Bongs and rolling kits are available for rental. 

For Van’s best stoner munchie food, get:

  • Tim Horton’s, the (better) Dunkin Donuts of Canada.
  • White Spot
  • A&W, which is not only a root beer brand but an entire burger chain that rivals the American juggernauts McDonalds and Burger King.
  • Mello Donuts
  • La Belle Patate, for a wide variety of Canada’s best munchie food, poutine. 
  • Cactus Club Cafe


How Canada’s West Coast Became World Renowned for Cannabis Cultivation

Vancouver weed visitors frequently asked questions

What’s up with the weed lounges?

Unfortunately, dispensaries can’t yet get permitted for consumption lounges—yet. But the Amsterdam Cafe at 301 W Hastings Street, and Cannabis Culture next door both have discreet and stylish smoking spaces for locals and visitors. 

What does federal legalization mean for me and my shopping experience?

It means lots of options, mostly. You aren’t beholden to just your province’s selection of flower, vapes, edibles, or concentrates. I recommend chatting with your budtender, and doing research ahead of time; sometimes out-of-province products are older, or your local store won’t have the full selection. 

Can I bring weed into or out of Canada?

This is a BIG no no. Just because weed is legal at the federal level, it is illegal to cross the Canadian border with it or fly with it. So smoke it while you can, or leave it with a friend before you head home. 


How to grow weed in your home garden—with tips for every province

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Watch: A ‘water sommelier’ pairs joints, bongloads, and dabs with the right H20




Dasani is the “chicken nuggets” of water—stripped, processed, and rebuilt from the ground up.

Topo Chico mineral water helps bring out the flavor in a strain like Hashburger.

And tap water is way smarter than Smart Water.

These are just a few takeaways from our chat with a bonafide water sommelier who has tips on getting high and staying hydrated.

To help us wrap our heads around water as both a resource, lifestyle, and cannabis companion, we spoke to Milin Patel, a London-based and world-famous water sommelier, consultant, and coiner of aquatasteology, who has etched out a niche studying and spreading accessible information on his favorite subject—that H2O. 

“I look at the ways water interacts in our built environment, from food manufacturing to power generation, to hospitals…You ask people, ‘can you describe the taste of water?’ They’ll be like, ‘hey, it’s just water, it doesn’t taste anything.’ Mother Nature has more flavor than Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola put together. But we’ve just never been educated from a young age to respect and drink water in a certain way,” he told me.

In short, we made a hydro homie for life. Summer solstice is here and the longest day of the summer is only the beginning of the hottest days. Water is the key to not only health, but better breath, and a happy time on THC.

For more, follow Milin Patel | World of Water Consultancy at Instagram: @hydratetheimagination.

So what’s the secret? ‘Total Dissolved Solids’

Vichy Catalan has a lot of flavor thanks to 2,900 parts per million total dissolved solids. (Vichy Catalan)
Vichy Catalan has a lot of flavor thanks to 2,900 parts per million total dissolved solids. Plus the mosaic tile embossing on the glass is dope. (Vichy Catalan)

Much like cannabis, water has a terroir; each source, be it a spring, river, or glacier, influences a water’s taste, feel, and interaction with other substances—like cannabis. The key is looking for single-sourced spring water, and then examining the mineral content. This is where the character of water comes from, called the total dissolved solids (TDS).

TDS is measured in milligrams per liter (mg/l) or parts per million (ppm) and encompasses:

  • carbonates
  • bicarbonates
  • chlorides
  • sulfates
  • phosphates
  • nitrates
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • iron
  • manganese, and other minerals

But why does TDS matter so much? Well, it’s the chief architect of water’s taste and character that you will experience. Think of low-TDS water like white wine, vs high-TDS water like a tough red.

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Patel states:

Different waters have varying mineral compositions. Some may have higher levels of minerals like calcium, magnesium, or bicarbonate, which can subtly help increase the longevity of the flavor of the cannabis strain on the palate, and also increase the taste profile of the water to emerge. Low TDS waters may feel light and soft. Medium TDS waters might have a bit of a weight and mouthfeel. High TDS waters are pretty punchy; they have an earthy flavor, maybe sweet, maybe sherbet, a bit sour—very joyful.”

TDS charted:

  • Pure to soft water: 0 to 150 ppm
  • Average tap water: 150 to 400 ppm
  • Mineral water: 500 ppm and up.

Fun fact: Vichy Catalan mineral water in Barcelona has 2,900 ppm TDS!

By contrast, Topo Chico Mexican mineral water has 600 ppm TDS.

Add some bubbles:

“Sparkling water can add a refreshing and effervescent element to the experience. The bubbles can cleanse the palate between cannabis inhalations, plus providing a unique sensation of the bubbles. Plus help suppress the munchies.”

A low-TDS water like Fiji, which flows over silica-rich volcanic rocks, will feel smoother than the naturally-carbonated Topo Chico, which comes from Monterrey, Mexico.

Distinct flavors and experiences can emerge even within waters with similar TDS content; in our video interview, Amelia tried a volcanic water from Hawaii that she found a lot silkier than Fiji; a naturally-carbonated water from Poland was far more tart than the crisp taste of Topo Chico or San Pellegrino (which is spring water with added carbonation).

Mind the acidity, or pH

Water is either alkaline, neutral, or acidic. For example, high alkaline waters (low pH) will have a nuance of smooth, silky ,and bitter taste. Slightly acidic waters (high pH) may have a delightful citrus snap.


Temperature matters

Room temperature, cold, and iced water all produce different nuances to the hydration experience. Room temps work best for flavor, iced water for throat relief.

(Note: You should be drinking, like, 64 ounces of water per day.)

Watch out for purified water

It’s hard to improve on nature, so be wary of highly processed or treated water. Patel is not a fan.

“Purified water, often positioned as a pinnacle of purity, is, in reality, nothing more than tap water subjected to an industrial processing line. Opting for purified water might not align with your best interests. “

Consider this: purified water is essentially the ‘chicken nugget of waters’ in my opinion. It undergoes extensive processing and ends up being sold back to you at very high prices.

Milin Patel, World of Water Consultancy

Natural spring water has more character, and by extension, more impact.

“Before taking that refreshing sip, delve into the source and filtration process, as it could make a world of difference in your overall water experience.”

Some pairing ideas:

When smoking straight Flower (joint, bowl, bong):

  • Water pairing: Crisp and neutral spring water before combustion can complement the clean taste of smoking pure cannabis. As you burn through your bud, a higher TDS and sparkling water can help break up the residue and keep your mouth receptive to terpenes.
  • Cannabis Strain: Consider a balanced hybrid like Blue Dream or RS11 for a smooth experience. 

Smoking a blunt, spliff, or with tobacco:

  • Water Pairing: A still, high mineral-rich water can enhance the flavor profile, while a robust sparkling water with a touch of acidity can cut through the tobacco taste.
  • Cannabis Strain: A robust strain like OG Kush or GMO Cookies can pair well with the rich flavors of a blunt, while a milder strain like Northern Lights can complement the tobacco without overpowering.


  • Water Pairing: A soft (low-TDS), still water can refresh you between vape sessions. Ideally the water is room temperature, which allows the palate to better absorb flavor.
  • Cannabis Strain: Try a flavorful strain like Pineapple Express, Jealousy, and Tropicana Cookies for a pleasant vaping experience.


  • Water Pairing: Opt for room-temperature water to cleanse the palate after each dab. If the dab is too excessive, or you misfire on temperature, then iced or cold water with bubbles will provide immediate relief. 
  • Cannabis Strain: Concentrates often have intense flavors, so choose a strain like Gelato or Runtz for a well-balanced experience.

More tips:

  • Drink water at room temp to best understand its flavor
  • Smoke a joint or take a dab with low-TDS water for maximum flavor, like Icelandic Glacial. Chase the hit with high-TDS water like Evian to bring out new notes. Then bubble water to reset the palate.
  • Smoke delicate sativas with low-TDS water to amplify the subtlest notes.
  • Smoke hard-hitting indicas with high-TDS water like Topo Chico for a taste safari.
  • Seek out niche, regional mineral waters for new layers. Hit the Vichy Catalan in Barcelona. The Topo Chico in San Diego, CA.

Aside from the “nugget” waters, there are no “right” or “wrong” waters, but you may find you prefer one type when smoking a joint and another when firing up a dab. There are also different times in your sesh that different waters might serve you; a softer water preps your palate, while a more mineral-heavy water may better help quench your thirst and complement terpenes when cottonmouth sets in. 

“In summary, just as the right wine enhances the flavors of a meal, choosing the appropriate style of water can elevate the taste of terpenes,” Patel says, “promoting the entourage effect and contributing to a more enriching experience of cannabis, both in terms of flavor and potential health benefits.”

Looking for the top bottled waters?

Much like finding your preferred cannabis cultivar or family of strains, the fun of finding the right water for you comes from experimentation. While your local grocery will likely stock a few popular brands, smaller neighborhood stores in cultural neighborhoods often stock unique options. Single-source waters will list their source site and mineral content on the bottle; it may be worth keeping a notebook to keep track of your pairing journey. 

The Los Angeles Times tried 70 of them in 2023. They liked:

  • Mountain Valley
  • Aqua Carpatica
  • Castle Rock
  • Acque Panna
  • Fiji
  • Starkey

The top-selling bottled still waters in the US are:

  • Aquafina
  • Glaceau (Smart Water)
  • Dasani
  • Poland Spring (Nestle)

(So basically water snobbery is like music snobbery—where the big corporate best-sellers are detested in favor of weirder, more regional brands. Good to know!)

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