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Missouri’s best weed strains and products: 2023



Check out the sensational strains and products that you don’t want to miss in Missouri

Missouri is off to the races with adult-use weed sales after a surprise early opening on February 3. Dispensaries around the state opened their doors to recreational customers, and many Missourians were able to make their first trip into a dispensary to purchase flower, edibles, vape pens, and more.

Missouri’s weed market is full of tasty gummies, terpy concentrates, and flavorful bud, making it a Midwestern haven for anyone who likes good weed at good prices. From the St. Louis Arch to Arrowhead Stadium, down to the Bootheel, and back north until you bump into Iowa —here are the best weed strains and products you’ll find in the state.

Photo of Illicit KC Kush on black background. Lid is off the jar, showing flower and label reads "Illicit KC Kush Indica Hybrid"
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

Illicit Gardens has a lot of things going for its products and its brand. The company produces strains that are potent, reliable, and enjoyable for countless reasons, including their perky Clementine strain and consistently relaxing KC Kush.

5 pack of Illicit Smokos with blue label on white background. One joint leading on the side of the packaging.
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

They also have some of the most recognizable packaging in the state, with their Smokos five-pack made to look like a funky cassette tape you happened to have brought with you from the 80s. Grabbing a shareable tin of Smokos in a strain like SFV OG before heading to a chill sesh is never a bad choice.

To top it off, the company actively participates in shedding a light on social justice with its Freedoms Campaign.

Photo of a jar of Head Change sugar with the lid off showing cannabis sugar concentrate
(Courtesy of Head Change)

Head Change concentrates are full of flavor and some of the best sugars, sauces, and badders that you’ll find in MO.

You can enjoy dabs of their delicious Daily Bread at home or grab one of their 0.5g live sauce carts to keep with you. You won’t regret experiencing their terpene-laden creations.


What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

Photo of The Soap strain label from Cookies and a nug of The Soap flower
(Courtesy of Cookies)

Berner’s Cookies brand has a grip on both coasts, and strains like The Soap are the reason why. The Soap is a great strain for easing anxiety and encouraging focus, and is conveniently available right here in Missouri. It’s a winning daytime strain with a scent and flavor that will make you say, “It really is kinda soapy!” as it helps you cross off your to-do list items one by one.

If you’re not into bud that reminds you of suds, you can still check out the Cookies by trying out strains like Jealousy, Cereal Milk, Gary Payton, Georgia Pie, Pancakes, and more.

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Photo of Good Day Farm Rose All Day Gummies pink packaging stating Gluten Free, Vegan, and Made with Real Fruit.
(Courtesy of Good Day Farm)

Good Day Farm has an extensive range of gummies that are sold in dispensaries all across the state. Choosing between all of its flavors may overwhelm you, but you can’t go wrong with the Rosé All Day 10 mg THC gummies or their Balance 1:1 THC: CBD Pink Pomegranate gummies.

If you tend to be restless in the evenings, the Peach Ginger 8:1 CBD:THC gummies will help you drift into a good night’s rest. Good Day Farm also makes lower-dose 5 mg gummies, sugar-free gummies, and fast-acting nano-emulsified gummies with an onset time of ~15 minutes.


THC edible dosage chart by milligrams

Photo of CLOVR disposable vape next to black vape packaging that reads ".3g disposable vape pen" with CLOVR log and THC warning label
(Courtesy of CLOVR)

CLOVR vapes come in a variety of strains like CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami and vibey, myrcene-forward Grape Ape. The products from the Kansas City-based company are a smart choice when you want a disposable vape. Get 0.3 g of concentrate with a disposable battery for around $20, and you’ll always have a little hit handy in situations when you want to take the edge off.

Photo of Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets chips with Missouri's Own Edibles logo and words "Marijuana infused product" A small pile of the reddish brown chips sits in front of the bag
(Courtesy of Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles)

Raise your hand if you love hot chips. Now raise your hand if you love edibles. If both of your hands are up, use them to grab your keys and head to the nearest dispensary to get Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles Red Hot Riplets.

The infused take on this beloved St. Louis snack delivers 1 mg of THC per chip, making one snack-sized bag the perfect addition to any Missouri weekend, no matter if you’re watching the Cards, Chiefs, Tigers, Blues, or Royals.

Photo of black Pressure Co. Equity Pack packaging with Pressure Co label that reads "Premium pre-roll indoor flower"

Minority-owned Pressure Co. is an invaluable addition to the Missouri cannabis scene. The company is committed to addressing the negative impacts of the War on Drugs in Missouri communities through initiatives like Equity Now, a scholarship fund in partnership with Saint Louis University.

Pressure Co.’s Equity Packs contain six joints each in strains like Melon Juice, Member Berry, Moon Pie, and Peach Crescendo. The purchase of an Equity Pack helps fund the Equity Now scholarship for a minority student pursuing SLU’s Cannabis Science and Operations certificate.


Exit-Now offers cannabis scholarship and expungement resources in Saint Louis, MO

Photo of 5 different flavors of Keef soda in cans. Flavors include Purple Passion, Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Orange Kush, and Blue Razz.
(Courtesy of Keef)

Keef Brands infused drinks are a true delight! With flavors like Bubba Kush Root Beer, Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion, you can find a Keef-infused beverage in all of your favorite flavors. With products ranging from 10 to 200 mg of THC, Keef has you covered based on any budget and any situation you are ready to relax into.

Have a 10 mg can as a pre-game beverage before a concert, or bring one of their 100 mg bottles or 200 mg mocktails to the next party you attend as an alternative to alcohol.

Photo of green Flora Farms packaging bag for 3.5g of cannabis with logo. Reads: Flora Farms, premium marijuana, hand-selected, expertly grown.
(Courtesy of Flora Farms)

Flora Farms provides no-fuss weed lovers with consistent and reliable flower. They offer many of the classic strains that beginners love, like Blue Dream, Biscotti, Bubba Fett, and Citral Glue —often at a price of $20-30 per eighth.

Flora Farms flower is even more approachable due to a wide range of THC percentages, too. You can find bud with THC levels anywhere between 13 and 30%, including varying amounts of CBD to help you experience the entourage effect.


Leafly’s 100 best weed strains of all time

photo of multiple varieties of 1906 drops in colorful pouches in shades of red, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow with capsules scattered on light purple background
(Courtesy of 1906)

1906 capsules are a fun and convenient format for trying the 1906 range of capsules. The capsule pouches contain two tiny edibles in one of 1906’s proprietary ratioed blends like Bliss, Love, Chill, Go, Genius, and Midnight.

You can try their entire range of products without breaking the bank or having to finish 20 of each kind. The capsules contain cannabinoid doses as small as 2.5 mg for the true microdoser or a cannabis newbie. The Drops are also helpful as emergency purse or pocket edibles, just FYI.

Check back for more Missouri weed product picks and coverage of the Show-Me State on Leafly.

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bloom seed co

Pop Seeds 2024 Grand Finale: Best seeds and clones for hash




March has arrived, and with it your best chance of growing a monster outdoor plant—if you start now inside. As such, we conclude our seasonal 2024 guide to the hottest cultivars and breeders with a survey of award-winning strains bred for making excellent hash. 

Not all strains are created equal for extraction, farmers and hashmakers have learned. Some taste great as flowers, but flat as hash. Others make good oil for pens, but poor rosin. Some are true “dumpers”—releasing big, fat trichome heads on long, breakable stalks; all the easier for collecting into the ultimate dab. A great hash hit allows you to savor the soul of a strain like a Mortal Kombat villain. But it all starts with a perfect flower. Let’s dive in:

Reporting at The Ego Clash 2023 in Mendocino County, CA—hash remains very much in its Papaya Era, as well as its Honey Banana Era. So expect more trophies for these concentrates of tropical, fruity flavor.

We’re getting best-in-class germination rates from CHA seeds of Humboldt County, CA, so we proudly recommend the CHA Honey Belts, or the CHA Frenchy’s Grapes x Grapaya. Honey Belts takes the Honey Banana craze to the Rainbow Belts. That’s candy on candy. Frenchy’s Grapes x Grapaya promises dumb levels of grape taste in a crazy, dumper strain.

The team at Bloom Seed Co. carries a lot of clout in the hash world, and throws down with their MAD Honey (Honey Banana x Sherbanger). 

You really can’t talk about banana terps without giving Masonic Seeds his dabs. The Compton-based “Mace” has powered a ton of hash wins, and dabs like a boss. Masonic always has an affordable, diverse lineup, with winning work on his strain Wilson, as well as his Banana God.

Wilson crosses and Banana God keep winning awards into 2024. On Feb. 29, he put us on to the Acapulco Gold Wilson and the Sour D Wilson among many others. And there’s always money in the Banana Man.

Masonic Seeds runs the Seed Shwaggle in the cave at influential, industry-only The Ego Clash 2023 in December. (David Downs/Leafly)
Masonic Seeds runs the Seed Shwaggle in the cave at influential, industry-only The Ego Clash 2023 in December. (David Downs/Leafly)

Keep the Honey Banana vibes going with DNA Genetics’ Honey Banana S1—they’ll bring that heat to the entire world in 2024.

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Moving up the coast of California, we arrive in Oakland, CA, where Purple City Genetics has a whole slew of crazy hash strains. Check out Fez (Rainbow Belts x Moroccan Peaches) and Habibi (Z x Moroccan Peaches)—they make phenomenal hash and yield over 4%. 


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

PCG’s Canal St. Runtz washes at 5%, which is kind of a big deal around here. It means 100 grams of flower will yield 5 grams of tasty hash. Generally speaking, the higher the hash yield, the more profitable the cultivar. 

In clone form only, Canal Street Runtz comes from PCG’s El Krem collection. It has “a Bubblegum Runtz terp that’s lacking in the hash market, but obviously has demand,” said PCG Founder and Head Breeder Auryn McCafferty.

“This cultivar is dual usage as the flower looks amazing, and tests at 33% and has a better yield than Runtz. Our favorite El Krem seed is probably Sour Peaches (AJ Sour Diesel x Moroccan Peaches); huge plants with amazing resin- look for this one to pick up some awards this year.”

In the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas and beyond lies proper cannabis country, and it has even more for you.

Crockett Family Farms' 2024 seed lineup for hash includes Day-O. (David Downs/Leafly)
Crockett Family Farms’ 2024 seed lineup for hash includes Day-O. (David Downs/Leafly)

Famous for Tangie and Banana Sherbert, Crockett Family Farms brought seeds of Day-O (Tallymon x Papaya Banana Sherbert) to The Ego Clash. That’s a killer cross. Both those strains have won recent awards and remain the talk of the sesh.

Keep your candy super-juicy with Bloom Seed Co.’s Rainbow Guava (Rainbow Belts 2.0 x Strawberry Guava—for the win).

Even more fruit comes from California Seed Bank, which has One Fritter Quitter—an Apple Fritter project.

One Fritter Quitter comes from Apple Fritter x Banana OG x Donny Burger x Mike LarryV2 with a fruit cereal-flavored fuel smell, among other fruity kushy gas flavors.

One Fritter Quitter under a grow light. (Courtesy California Seed Bank)
One Fritter Quitter under a grow light. (Courtesy California Seed Bank)

“It comes out super gassy and potent. Plus it has the Apple Fritter structure along with the Modified Banana structure & hashing capabilities—less leaf, leaving room for more weed and resin!”

Happy Dreams Farms, which helped bring the world Vanilla Frosting, recommends Garlic Slurry for all the hashmakers this year. Also on the savory tip, California Seed Bank keeps the stanky GMO terps flowing with Papa Burger.

Over in Colorado, Cannarado has Big Hunk (Fatso x Papaya). 

“Expect large yielding, high terpene, plants that will finish in approx 10 weeks. These have been producing well for solventless concentrate as well as straight flower. Funk and fruit!”

Big Hunk takes Fatso to Papaya town. (Courtest Cannarado)
Big Hunk takes Fatso to Papaya town. (Courtest Cannarado)

And then we end with some old-school craziness. 

Good ole Bodhi Seeds slangs beans as good as ever, and has Razzleberry Hashplant, a cross of Goji Raz F2 x 88G13HP. That’s good stuff. The Goji Raz should offer a more lip-smacking raspberry, and the 1988 G-13 Hashplant indica promises to bomb you back to the set of “Stranger Things.”

OK, we’ve independently reported—without fear or favor—more than 3,000 words over three posts on what seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Today is the day to pop a pack, find a keeper, and change the world with your weed. So let’s get growing!

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5 Key Things To Know About Cannabis Concentrates




When you are young, you can experiment, but as you age – you want to minimize after effects…we got you when it comes to the next step with marijuana

High school and college were the days of experimenting. Lessons leads to stories about crazy things and some unfortunate times. But as you age and move to a more sophisticated self, it is important to have the knowledge regarding having fun.  Marijuana has become mainstream and some are moving into a connoisseur phase.  This encompasses flavor, impact, and potency.  In this journey, here are 5 key things to know about cannabis concentrates.

It is not for beginners

Concentrates are extremely potent. This is helpful for cannabis enthusiasts who have built up a high tolerance and know how marijuana affects them. However, it can overwhelm people who are still new in consuming.  Don’t rush into the max and until you have gotten your weed legs steady. Dabbing is the way to consume concentrates, and is a bit more of a process.

Concentrates may or may not be better flower

Photo by Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance

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You can have a bit of a longer high

High-Potency Marijuana Doubles Risk Of Anxiety Issues, Study FInds
Photo by Keenan Constance via Pexels

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Similar to smoking/vaping, the effects of dabbing usually last 1 to 3 hours. If using a high THC concentrate, you could feel the effects for 10-12 hours. If you are feeling uncomfortable or worried, the best thing to do is take a nap and sleep it off.

Concentrates are to be respected

Photo by rgbspace/Getty Images

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You can find a ton misinformation surrounding the dabbing process, some reports claim overdoses have been influenced by the recent popularity of concentrates. While there might be an existing relationship, marijuana advocates claim concentrates are safe and produce the same positive results as cannabis flower. Even if you get too high from ingesting the wrong dose, no one has ever died from consuming them.

Concentrates are like other products

marijuana dabbing
Photo by bartystewart/Getty Images

While the process of making concentrates is one involving the use of complex chemicals, facilities are equipped to handle these solvents and are very strict when it comes to how they’re produced. All the information should be clearly stated on the product’s label, and concentrates should be made by professionals who are working responsibly. In short, dangerous concentrates are rarely found in a regulated, legal market.

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Why Vapes Don’t Have The Weed Smell




Flower is still popular, but so is vaping. One reason is it more discreet due to the lack of smell

Sometimes you can tell when someone is using weed, and sometimes you can’t.  As more states go legal and it is become mainstream in Canada, Europe and the US, how people consume is changing. Millennials and Gen Z’s are upending how people consume.  Flower is trending to older and more traditional users.  Vaping and gummies have become the go-to for the younger set.  It is more discreet and easier to use to transport and easily use in public.  This has lead some to ask why vapes don’t have the weed smell.

Why vaping doesn’t smell like marijuana is in the science of how each method delivers a high. Through a process called decarboxylation, heat applied to raw flower alters the precursor tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) into the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). But raw flower also contains many other organic compounds, many of which, like terpenes, are also altered during combustion and responsible for burnt marijuana’s distinctive odor.

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Vaporizing cannabis oil works a little differently. Vaporizers heat up oils and concentrates to a temperature that converts THCA to THC without burning it. Flower vapes also designed to heat up buds only enough to initiate the chemistry that makes the high happen.

For as stealth as vaping is, it is not without some drawbacks. Cannabis oils and concentrates tend to be produced for maximum THC concentration, oftentimes by refining and then distilling inexpensive weed trim. Marijuana flowers have hundreds of compounds besides THC that work together to produce a high unique to smoking flower. This however is changing as concentrate producers are creating “full spectrum” oils that include terpenes,  as well as cannabinoids besides THC, such as CBD.

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Another drawback are counterfeit vape cartridges and devices. Vape batteries contain batteries that can explode or cause a fire if it’s left in a high temperature area, like a locked car, or it’s exposed to air or water. Some malfunction due to poor quality. Counterfeit cartridges can contain harmful chemicals, or little to no cannabis in it. Cheaply made carts can also malfunction or leak, making whatever oil is left wasted and unusable.

Being able to conveniently and discreetly get high with a vape is great, made all the better, consistent, and trouble-free when manufacturer’s instructions are followed and you consume responsibility.

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