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Missouri’s best weed strains and products: 2023



Check out the sensational strains and products that you don’t want to miss in Missouri

Missouri is off to the races with adult-use weed sales after a surprise early opening on February 3. Dispensaries around the state opened their doors to recreational customers, and many Missourians were able to make their first trip into a dispensary to purchase flower, edibles, vape pens, and more.

Missouri’s weed market is full of tasty gummies, terpy concentrates, and flavorful bud, making it a Midwestern haven for anyone who likes good weed at good prices. From the St. Louis Arch to Arrowhead Stadium, down to the Bootheel, and back north until you bump into Iowa —here are the best weed strains and products you’ll find in the state.

Photo of Illicit KC Kush on black background. Lid is off the jar, showing flower and label reads "Illicit KC Kush Indica Hybrid"
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

Illicit Gardens has a lot of things going for its products and its brand. The company produces strains that are potent, reliable, and enjoyable for countless reasons, including their perky Clementine strain and consistently relaxing KC Kush.

5 pack of Illicit Smokos with blue label on white background. One joint leading on the side of the packaging.
(Courtesy of Illicit Gardens)

They also have some of the most recognizable packaging in the state, with their Smokos five-pack made to look like a funky cassette tape you happened to have brought with you from the 80s. Grabbing a shareable tin of Smokos in a strain like SFV OG before heading to a chill sesh is never a bad choice.

To top it off, the company actively participates in shedding a light on social justice with its Freedoms Campaign.

Photo of a jar of Head Change sugar with the lid off showing cannabis sugar concentrate
(Courtesy of Head Change)

Head Change concentrates are full of flavor and some of the best sugars, sauces, and badders that you’ll find in MO.

You can enjoy dabs of their delicious Daily Bread at home or grab one of their 0.5g live sauce carts to keep with you. You won’t regret experiencing their terpene-laden creations.


What are cannabis terpenes and what do they do?

Photo of The Soap strain label from Cookies and a nug of The Soap flower
(Courtesy of Cookies)

Berner’s Cookies brand has a grip on both coasts, and strains like The Soap are the reason why. The Soap is a great strain for easing anxiety and encouraging focus, and is conveniently available right here in Missouri. It’s a winning daytime strain with a scent and flavor that will make you say, “It really is kinda soapy!” as it helps you cross off your to-do list items one by one.

If you’re not into bud that reminds you of suds, you can still check out the Cookies by trying out strains like Jealousy, Cereal Milk, Gary Payton, Georgia Pie, Pancakes, and more.

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Photo of Good Day Farm Rose All Day Gummies pink packaging stating Gluten Free, Vegan, and Made with Real Fruit.
(Courtesy of Good Day Farm)

Good Day Farm has an extensive range of gummies that are sold in dispensaries all across the state. Choosing between all of its flavors may overwhelm you, but you can’t go wrong with the Rosé All Day 10 mg THC gummies or their Balance 1:1 THC: CBD Pink Pomegranate gummies.

If you tend to be restless in the evenings, the Peach Ginger 8:1 CBD:THC gummies will help you drift into a good night’s rest. Good Day Farm also makes lower-dose 5 mg gummies, sugar-free gummies, and fast-acting nano-emulsified gummies with an onset time of ~15 minutes.


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Photo of CLOVR disposable vape next to black vape packaging that reads ".3g disposable vape pen" with CLOVR log and THC warning label
(Courtesy of CLOVR)

CLOVR vapes come in a variety of strains like CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami and vibey, myrcene-forward Grape Ape. The products from the Kansas City-based company are a smart choice when you want a disposable vape. Get 0.3 g of concentrate with a disposable battery for around $20, and you’ll always have a little hit handy in situations when you want to take the edge off.

Photo of Old Vienna Red Hot Riplets chips with Missouri's Own Edibles logo and words "Marijuana infused product" A small pile of the reddish brown chips sits in front of the bag
(Courtesy of Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles)

Raise your hand if you love hot chips. Now raise your hand if you love edibles. If both of your hands are up, use them to grab your keys and head to the nearest dispensary to get Vivid and Missouri’s Own Edibles Red Hot Riplets.

The infused take on this beloved St. Louis snack delivers 1 mg of THC per chip, making one snack-sized bag the perfect addition to any Missouri weekend, no matter if you’re watching the Cards, Chiefs, Tigers, Blues, or Royals.

Photo of black Pressure Co. Equity Pack packaging with Pressure Co label that reads "Premium pre-roll indoor flower"

Minority-owned Pressure Co. is an invaluable addition to the Missouri cannabis scene. The company is committed to addressing the negative impacts of the War on Drugs in Missouri communities through initiatives like Equity Now, a scholarship fund in partnership with Saint Louis University.

Pressure Co.’s Equity Packs contain six joints each in strains like Melon Juice, Member Berry, Moon Pie, and Peach Crescendo. The purchase of an Equity Pack helps fund the Equity Now scholarship for a minority student pursuing SLU’s Cannabis Science and Operations certificate.


Exit-Now offers cannabis scholarship and expungement resources in Saint Louis, MO

Photo of 5 different flavors of Keef soda in cans. Flavors include Purple Passion, Original Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Orange Kush, and Blue Razz.
(Courtesy of Keef)

Keef Brands infused drinks are a true delight! With flavors like Bubba Kush Root Beer, Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion, you can find a Keef-infused beverage in all of your favorite flavors. With products ranging from 10 to 200 mg of THC, Keef has you covered based on any budget and any situation you are ready to relax into.

Have a 10 mg can as a pre-game beverage before a concert, or bring one of their 100 mg bottles or 200 mg mocktails to the next party you attend as an alternative to alcohol.

Photo of green Flora Farms packaging bag for 3.5g of cannabis with logo. Reads: Flora Farms, premium marijuana, hand-selected, expertly grown.
(Courtesy of Flora Farms)

Flora Farms provides no-fuss weed lovers with consistent and reliable flower. They offer many of the classic strains that beginners love, like Blue Dream, Biscotti, Bubba Fett, and Citral Glue —often at a price of $20-30 per eighth.

Flora Farms flower is even more approachable due to a wide range of THC percentages, too. You can find bud with THC levels anywhere between 13 and 30%, including varying amounts of CBD to help you experience the entourage effect.


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photo of multiple varieties of 1906 drops in colorful pouches in shades of red, orange, green, blue, purple, and yellow with capsules scattered on light purple background
(Courtesy of 1906)

1906 capsules are a fun and convenient format for trying the 1906 range of capsules. The capsule pouches contain two tiny edibles in one of 1906’s proprietary ratioed blends like Bliss, Love, Chill, Go, Genius, and Midnight.

You can try their entire range of products without breaking the bank or having to finish 20 of each kind. The capsules contain cannabinoid doses as small as 2.5 mg for the true microdoser or a cannabis newbie. The Drops are also helpful as emergency purse or pocket edibles, just FYI.

Check back for more Missouri weed product picks and coverage of the Show-Me State on Leafly.

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Drug Plants Vs Manufactured Products: What’s Better?




When it comes to plant drugs, you often have the option of the plant, or manufactured products. Which is better? Read on…

Plant drugs

Not every drug is a plant. Though some like LSD and MDMA are based on plants or are synthesized using plants (ergot fungus and sassafras, respectively), some popular drugs, are nothing but a plant. Think of weed. We call it by this word because it’s literally a weed that grows by roadsides in many places. It doesn’t require any preparation beyond heating it; and plenty is gained without heat at all. Magic mushrooms are another great example of a basic plant drug that can be pulled from the ground and ingested, with no further preparation.

Beyond this, we have a range of drugs that started as natural, but were then processed into something stronger. Like heroin. Heroin is morphine processed with ascetic acid. Or cocaine, a processed form of coca leaves that involves nitric acid. In these cases there’s a certain amount of processing that goes on, but its done around the basis of the original plant. However, due to the processing; the results are a much more intense product. Cocaine is even processed further to make crack, a more intense version of cocaine.

Plant drugs have been used for thousands of years, long past recorded history. Some of what we know comes from fossilized findings, and carbon dated remnants. In terms of recorded history, from medical books to scripture; plants factor in as far as recordings go back. Different locations of the world worked with what they each had available. And they often came to the exact same understandings of a plant, in differing periods and locations; for which there would have been no communication or ways to share ideas.

Lab-made cannabis products
Lab-made cannabis products

Plants were (and are) widely used for spiritual purposes by many indigenous tribes the world over; as well as for medical treatments, and recreational use. Sometimes they are used so much, and so entrenched in culture; that modern governments allow them. Peyote is a great example. It’s used so widely by native cultures in the US, the federal government finally legalized the plant for spiritual use; a law that applies to anyone who wants to use the plant for this purpose, even beyond native tribes.

Synthetic drugs

The other side in plants vs manufactured products, is the manufactured products. These fall into two categories in my mind: products that are made from a plant, but produced in a different form; or completely synthesized, lab-made drugs. In either case, these products don’t grow directly out of the ground.

When it comes to products made from the plant, without creating a new drug; one of the best examples is vape products for cannabis and tobacco. And by this I specifically mean oil vapes, since dry herb vapes don’t require any level of production for the weed used. Oil vapes are vapes that use oil cartridges, and these cartridges contain compounds from the plants, that are leached into the oil. Instead of dealing with the plant, the user just deals with an oil cartridge and a battery.

Edible products are also included here. A brownie is not directly weed, and a gummy is not directly a mushroom. The drugs must be processed to some degree to create an edible form. This is something the average person can do in their kitchen with the right setup; but something for which there is a large and growing sales market, as well. Whereas you can choose what to put in when cooking at home; store-bought products include whatever ingredients the given company chose for their recipe.

When it comes to synthesized lab-made drugs, some examples are drugs like LSD, MDMA, antidepressants, synthetic opioids, Tylenol, and methamphetamine. There is no original form of any of these, so the only way they exist, is as lab-made products. Whether they’re synthesized using a plant is not important; as the drugs themselves are too different from the plants that they’re made from, to be associated with them in terms of effects.

Plants vs manufactured products – when manufactured is better

Some drugs only exist as one or the other. There is no natural form of methamphetamine, but there is also no lab-made version of salvia. Others exist in both realms. You can eat amanita mushrooms, or buy the gummy version; and same with cannabis. Both of these plants, and their accompanying industries, are great examples of the difference between plants and manufactured products.

Amanita mushrooms are an example of plant drugs
Amanita mushrooms are an example of plant drugs

Which is better? This is a matter of opinion. When it comes to weed, some manufactured products, like vapes, provide a more intense high than the plant itself; because they’re a more concentrated version. This is a useful concept for medicating; when often a very strong version of something is needed to get a medical effect. The weed industry provides both options, plants and manufactured products; and either can be decent in terms of effects, with manufactured products often offering a more intense experience.

Amanita mushrooms are another plant drug that has a good reason for manufacturing. These mushrooms come with a main compound that can make a person sick; though not enough to die. This compound, ibotenic acid, can be processed out through the decarboxylation method of boiling. This can be done by the individual who wants to use them; or by manufacturers who produce gummies or other edible products. In the latter case, all the user must do, is eat the product.

Manufactured products also come with the upside of dosing. We don’t all want or need the same amount, but its hard to know how much of the active compounds (or dangerous compounds) we’re taking in, when consuming plant material. Manufactured products generally have measured levels of compounds, creating a consistent experience; and making it easier for those who are less familiar with something, to get it right. This idea of consistency promotes the API market for pharmaceuticals.

Plants vs manufactured products – when plants are better

There are some issues, however, with manufactured products. Just like they can sometimes be more potent than their plant counterparts, sometimes it’s the opposite. Amanita mushrooms are once again a an applicable example. They’re newer to American culture, and don’t have a history of use as a plant. But they’re also hallucinogenic mushrooms (though different from psilocybin, as they work mainly off the compound muscimol). Producers seem generally afraid to create products with full-blown effects, which creates a market of products that don’t do much, even though the mushrooms themselves, do.

In terms of products being too strong, this is also an issue. A newer rise in emergency room visits is connected with very high THC products, which have become the norm. Whereas plants don’t generally have more than 20% THC (although this amount is incredibly inflated from earlier decades), manufactured products boast numbers like 90% THC. This is no longer in the standard realm of today; and its not shocking that more people get sick. Luckily, THC overdoses are not deadly, just uncomfortable.

Another issue is companies adding toxic substances. Not only does weed not need a lot of pesticides or other chemicals, it wasn’t an industry associated with them as a black market. Yet now with mass legal production, we’re suddenly dealing with sprayed weed, and overuse of agricultural chemicals. What once was a clean black market, is now a grossly dirty legal market; yet its the legal market that always brags about testing. Even though those tests back up just how dirty legal production is.

Vape carts include many different chemicals
Vape carts include many different chemicals

And then think about vapes. Weed might be sprayed with chemicals, but it doesn’t have to be. A vape cart doesn’t exist without the addition of some chemicals. Some are used that don’t have to be, like flavoring or colorants. But other things are necessary since its not a standard state for weed to be in, and it has to be preserved for transport. As such, things like stabilizers and preservatives (vitamin e-acetate) come into play. And this is beyond whatever other tinkering a manufacturer might do.

The same can be said for gummies, and other edibles. The US food market is not a pretty place, because regulation allows for tons of dangerous chemicals in food production. Sure, its possible to make a clean cannabis or mushroom edible, just like its possible to grow organic vegetables, or produce clean meat. However, just because something can happen, doesn’t mean it will. Edibles are food products; and liable to have a list of chemical ingredients, that only people with high level science degrees can pronounce.

Final thoughts

The reality is that for some drugs, both a plant option and a manufactured option, exist. It comes down to a buyer’s personal decision as to what is better. If you want the most basic, unadulterated form; the plant is best. But if you need a stronger product, want the convenience of vapes or edibles, need specific dosing, or have more trust in manufactured products; then this is probably the better option. Either way, if its well made/grown, you should definitely catch a buzz.

Hey all! Cool that you’re with us at; a news source in the independent realm, reporting on the most interesting stories in the growing cannabis and hallucinogen worlds. Hang out with us regularly to catch the updates; and get signed up to the Cannadelics Weekly Newsletter; so you’re always up on what’s going down.

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Leafly Buzz: World’s top hash for Oil Day 2023




The headiest of holidays has arrived as the hash world preps to celebrate 7/10.

If you hold your laptop upside down, you’ll quickly notice 710 when inverted spells out “oil.” Back when Task Rok and the other hash forefathers figured it out they decided to turn it into a holiday more than a decade ago.

While we don’t smoke much oil anymore, we still love hash! To this day, 7/10 remains the biggest celebration of hash in North America, and the Euros ate this one up a lot easier than 4/20; so they’re in, too.

Here are some of our favorite hash companies from around the globe in honor of the holiday.

Hanami Gardens

(Courtesy Hanami)
The Canary Islands’ finest: Hanami Gardens. (Courtesy Hanami)

If you find yourself a few hundred kilometers off the coast of Africa smoking some of the best hash of your life, there is a reasonable chance you’ve got a hold of some Hanami Gardens. The pride of the Canary Islands when it comes to hash, it’s easy to argue Hanami is a top-five European hash player. Their single-sourced material is some of the nicest flowers we’ve seen outside of the U.S., never mind the hash they are making from it.

Hash and Flowers

Cherry Chem from Hash & Flowers. (Hash & Flowers)
Cherry Chem from Hash & Flowers. (Hash & Flowers)

California’s Hash and Flowers have had a monster few years. And sure, Honey Banana this, Honey Banana that, I get it. But it should be noted they have a lot of other crazy flavors that have come down the pipeline over the years from a variety or different terpene profiles. This includes some of my favorite runs ever of Wilson F3 and the elusive Watermelon Zkittelz. Hash and Flowers’ disposable vape pens are also among the hardest hitters.



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Deo Farms x HolyWater Sneaky Link. (Jiimi Devine)
Deo Farms x HolyWater Sneaky Link. (Jiimi Devine)

The HolyWater team has always been there—riding along with hash history and evolving for the times. The Oakland-based company brought some of the first wet terps to the market in the age of shatter before we were really starting to see any BHO badders at scale. It was a revolution. They’ve kept up with the times and bagged a whole bunch of awards in the process. Their most recent collaboration with Deep East Oakland Farms is just further evidence that despite their longevity and various formats over the years, they are still right there at the top.


The week of Spannabis is the largest on the hash calendar outside of North America by a mile. In addition to the awards handed out by Spannabis for elite hash, events like The Ego Clash Barcelona, Masters of Rosin, and Dab-A-Doo are each considerable prizes in their own right. Dochazed found himself on every podium that weekend with much of the material coming from last year’s Ego Clash Barcelona flower champ Unobtainium Artisan Floristry. They were all absolute fire, he even let me pick his Ego Clash entry from the two finalists he had left before the contest. It was super-flattering!


The Banana God that Simpleeadam brought to The Ego Clash in Northern California this year was some of the most highly regarded hash in some time. In a room full of some of the greatest hash minds on the planet, everyone was “simplee” blown away by the terps he was able to preserve in the extraction process. This is also another hash hit for Compton, CA and the team at Masonic Seed Co. Expect to see a lot of people attempt to mirror Simpleeadam’s success with the strain, but seeing is believing in this case.



America’s searing hot cannabis Strains of Summer wiet kopen 2023


Wooksauce Winery

Wooksauce 6-star hash. (Courtesy Wooksauce)
Wooksauce 6-star hash. (Courtesy Wooksauce)

The husband and wife team at Wooksauce Winery have firmly staked their claim for real estate in the upper echelons of the hash market. The Emerald Cup win in 2022 was more of a validation of the work they were putting forward than some big surprise. Also in a world that is ready to press everything into rosin, Wooksauce is dropping some of the finest melts in the game and actually giving people a shot at having access to real six-star hash.


If you’re on the hunt for spectacular affordable terps this holiday season, this is definitely the brand on this list that will win the battle.

Sister company to the multiple-time Emerald Cup champions at Kalya. While the quality holds up with anybody on the list, the price is more in line with the name. Community makes great concentrates accessible to consumers at very fair prices. Community’s rise has also mirrored that of Kalya’s over the past couple of years. The company now has a presence from The Emerald Triangle all the way to San Diego. If you’re on the hunt for spectacular affordable terps this holiday season, this is definitely the brand on this list that will win the battle.



Works of Fire: America’s best cannabis for Fourth of July 2023


Uncle’s Farm

Piatella is finally on the map in North America. I wrote about it last year but didn’t know it was called that. Thankfully, Roger from Puffco was here to save you from my ignorance and use the digital dab movement to carve piatella’s place in cannabis hype history. Among European hash circles, it’s basically illegal to use the P-word without giving some type of homage to the piatella godfathers at Uncle’s Farm who helped backbone its rise onto the Spanish hash scene a few years ago. The pandemic was a big reason you didn’t hear about the process sooner. Numerous American hash extractors are currently experimenting in hopes of creating something that looks remotely like Uncle’s Farm.

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Nature’s Lab

Nature's Lab Sour Donkey, grown by Kaya Farms.
Nature’s Lab Sour Donkey, grown by Kaya Farms. (Jimi Devine)

Another company that has smoothly made the transition to the solventless era is Nature’s Lab. Don’t get us wrong, the C4 they entered into the Desert Smoke-off in 2019 was crazy heat, but times have changed a lot over the last few years when it come to the availability of great solventless and people don’t appreciate well-done BHO like they should. But given the OG “nature” of the company they have access to some spectacular material from great farmers. The Sour Donkey from Kaya Farms pictured here is an excellent example.

Mountain Man Melts

Mountain Man Melts (Jimi Devine)
Mountain Man Melts (Jimi Devine)

One of the Emerald Triangles fastest rising rec brands, Mountain Main Melts is one of the shining gems of quality available to consumers. In a world where people lean on Zkittelz and candy terps because so many strains aren’t commercially viable, Mountain Man has a spread of funky terps that will knock your socks off. The loudest of the pack being their new Fatso runs hitting the market. They used AI to design the label!

Punch Extracts

When it came to helping consumers who weren’t as savvy about terps, few things have proven as useful as Punch Extracts’ tier system. It made it a lot easier for people to understand how the producer was dictating the quality of the products as opposed to just looking up at the prices on the menu. And the Tier Ones really are something special. The Punch team tossed me a jar of the Ramblatan at The Emerald Cup awards show, had it been in the contest I bet it would have ended up in the top ten. Absolutely wild and special terps.

West Coast Alchemy

Zushi (Courtesy of Sour Wavez)
Zushi (Courtesy of Sour Wavez)

Few names get California Hash Heads as excited as West Coast Alchemy. Long known for their excellent flavors and collaborations with the likes of huge names like Symbiotic Genetics, the terps coming out of West Coast Alchemy have always done the talking. Sometimes things get a little bit more hype than usual—as was the case recently with their Zushi rosin drop in collaboration with The Ten Co. The limited batch of 76 two-gram jars were fetching $1,000 dollars a pop. Nothing else has ever come close to those kinds of numbers.



Hittin’ the road: Summer travel cannabis gear guide 2023


Highland Grown

(Courtesy Resinwraps)
Resin Wraps glass-tipped joints use hash as the rolling paper. (Courtesy Highland Grown)

The pride of Scottish cannabis, Highland Grown isn’t just producing the best hash we’ve seen from the Scottish highlands but also the best flower. It was absolutely immaculate and mate it easy to understand why the hash was coming out so good. The star of the show is their Resin Wraps, think of a preroll with the paper swapped out for hash. They are quite the party and have done well on the European contest circuit. There is a solid argument to be made that Highland Grown is producing the best hash and flower in the UK period.

And that’s a fat dab of first-class hash from around the world. Have a happy 7/10 Oil Day, even if every day is a good day for extracts.

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7 Ways To Enjoy Cannabis If You Don’t Want To Smoke





Using marijuana has become more socially acceptable. Nearly half of adults (48%) say they have at least tried marijuana, in line with the 43% to 49% range recorded since 2015. People are finding it a less caloric choice than beer, easy to find in a significant number of states, and there is no hangover.  But for the millions who esophageal issues or just don’t like to smoke and are new or new”ish” to consuming – here are some options!

Infused Food

Forget the cliche brownie, today’s world includes an entire menu of delicious treats. Top chocolatiers have been making master creations in high end retailers and amateurs have been having success at home. Have have you tried pulled pork? Mac & cheese? Caramel corn? Foie gras?  Low dosage food can combine a variety of sensual experiences and make for a wonderful journey.

Thanks to ever-growing acceptance from consumers and lawmakers, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydocannabinol (THC), as well as food and beverage products containing them, are booming in popularity. Sales of CBD, now legal in some capacity in 46 states, reached $5.3 billion in 2021, a 15% increase from the year before, and are predicted to hit $26 billion by 2026!


The global cannabis beverages market is expected to reach $19,063.58 Million by 2028.Big names like Molson-Coors, Pabst, Sam Adams, are more are now producing non-alcohol cannabis infused beverages available for purchase.  There are also  tasty infused lemonades and sodas on the market to tickle your palate. The cannabis cocktail culture is already a full-blown trend in trendy West Hollywood, NYC, and other hot spots.

RELATED: 8 Things You Need To Know About Eating Marijuana Edibles

And for those who want a little caffeine jolt with their cannabis, there are infused coffees you can buy at a retail store. Or you can brew your own easily at home.


Cannabis tinctures have been around for centuries but fell out of favor in the 1930s following the U.S. prohibition of marijuana. But the potent method is making a comeback as more and more Americans find non-smoked marijuana healthier and cleaner.

Tinctures are essentially concentrated marijuana in liquid form. Dosing varies depending, but in general an eyedropper or two. When you read a story about a child using CBD oil to combat epileptic seizures, chances are he or she is medicated via tincture.

Tinctures are discreet and easily fit in a purse or pocket. Add an eyedropper to a beverage or take it straight.

Skin Care

Yes, you can bathe, exfoliate, shampoo, shave and moisturize with marijuana. Don’t fear the skunky marijuana smell; these products are not only infused with cannabis, but they contain natural scents such as lavender, mint and citrus.

Concerned skin-care products get me high? Most products are made with hemp, marijuana’s non-psychoactive cousin. And even if THC was present in these products (most don’t), it will not be absorbed by the CB2 receptors on your epidermis. So you get the therapeutic benefit without any of the euphoria.

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Vape Pens

Vape pens are the third most popular category in Canada and second most popular in the US, capturing 17.1% and 23.6% market share respectively according to respected data firm Headset. The slim, inconspicuous, ubiquitous devices have become standard use factor for many enthusiasts. The vape pens are easy to carry and conceal when discretion is key. If convenience, cost and efficiency matter to you, consider a vape pen.

Vape pens, as the name implies, is a vaporization method, meaning there is no combustion of plant matter. The heating element brings the temperature just hot enough to create a light vapor. No inhaling smoke.


For home use, larger vaporizers are becoming trendy. The Volcano he industry standard for years and is the go-to device used by Bill Maher, Willie Nelson, and other cannabis aficionados. The Herbalizer is an egg-shaped contraption that looks like something from the future.

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These appliances come at a high price, but are worth it in the long run since they require less herb to achieve the required effect. Plus, they are healthier for you than smoking.


For the more adventurous think wax, shatter, oil or crumble. You’re going to be hearing these terms a lot if you start hitting up the local marijuana store.

These are concentrates typically producing an enhanced and quicker high. If you are a beginner, be careful. Concentrates are for those with a higher tolerance for THC and/or medical patients that require super-intense dosages.

My advice: Leave these extracts to those who know what they’re doing. Find a savvy friend to show you the ropes the first few times. And prepare to sit or lay down.

Please note, synthetic marijuana is NOT an alternative. Please leave that stuff to the amateurs.  This weekend, kick back, chill and have an adventure.

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