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Psychedelics in ancient Greece: Death and rebirth during a renowned religious ceremony 



Going back as far as 3,500 years ago in ancient Greece, followers of a cult to the goddess Demeter participated in a secretive and profound religious ceremony during which they consumed a hallucinogenic drink. The rituals were meant to reenact the story of the goddess’ loss of her daughter to the god of the underworld, and their subsequent reunion. 

Symbolizing death and rebirth, the ceremony, called the Eleusinian Mysteries, was meant to elicit feelings of awe, joy, and spiritual enlightenment, and to give followers a deeper understanding of life and death. Amplified by the consumption of a psychedelic potion, the ritual is thought to have brought on a mystical out-of-body experience, similar to how many people today describe a psilocybin or LSD trip. 

Psychedelics are having a resurgence today, and research shows the many benefits of the substances, including, simply, leading a fuller life and feeling more connected to the world. The Mysteries were an essential rite of passage to many ancient Greeks, and their importance is hard to understate. These ancient perceptions of psychedelics and the Mysteries can help us understand the power of these substances and the benefits they offer today.


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What were the Eleusinian Mysteries?

Eleusis is a town just northwest of Athens, Greece, an agricultural society out in the countryside, and a setting ripe for a cult to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest and the bringer of a bountiful crop. More importantly, it’s a place where wheat or barley likely grew, which are the probable sources of the psychedelic substance in the kykeon, the psychedelic drink consumed during the Mysteries.

Meaning “to stir, or mix” in Greek, the kykeon was thought to have contained an ergot fungus from the barley plant, a substance similar in structure to today’s LSD. There is some debate as to whether the kykeon was psychedelic or not, but famed chemist Albert Hofmann, most known for discovering LSD, makes a strong case for the ancient Greeks having access to this psychedelic fungus. 

The origin of the Eleusinian (usually pronounced el-oo-SIN-i-an) Mysteries is somewhat hazy, but it stretches back to at least 1500 BCE, if not before. People from all walks of life took part: rich, poor, men, women, slaves, foreigners; as long as you could speak Greek, you could participate. Even some Roman emperors participated. 

For six months before the ceremony, participants learned rites and rituals for the ceremony—called the “lesser Mysteries”—and then in the fall, it began: Participants walked in a procession from Athens to the temple of Demeter at Eleusis, spent nine days there, and then walked in a procession back to Athens, renewed by the experience. 

The treks to and from the temple likely symbolize Persephone’s descent to the underworld, and then her ascent back to the land of the living to be with her mother (more below). At the temple, not much is known—hence, why it was called the “Mysteries”—because speaking of the rituals was punishable by death. There is some evidence of animal sacrifice, and the psychedelic kykeon was consumed during the time at the temple.  


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The myth of Persephone

Demeter and Persephone, Eleusinian Mysteries
“At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades Away,” by Valentine Cameron Prinsep (Wikimedia Commons)

Persephone is a fascinating figure in Greek mythology, straddling the line between life and death: She is both daughter of the harvest and queen of the underworld. Every year, she dies and is reborn—in revering her, the ancient Greeks sought to find out what secrets she held of life and death. 

In polytheist ancient Greece, Demeter was the goddess of the harvest, responsible for a bountiful crop, which fed humankind, whom the gods created in their image. She had a beautiful daughter named Persephone (usually pronounced per-SEH-fuh-nee), who caught the eye of Hades, god of the underworld. One day, Hades abducted Persephone, taking her to the underworld to be his wife. While there, she ate the seeds of a pomegranate, imprisoning her there, according to divine law.

Demeter was inconsolable at the loss of her daughter and so the crops withered and died, and humankind began to starve. The goddess searched for her daughter for nine days and ended up in the town of Eleusis, where the town took her in. Eventually, she commanded them to build her a temple, where the Mysteries eventually took place. 

The other gods were distraught at the humans dying, so Zeus, king of the gods, went down to the underworld and struck a deal with Hades: For half of the year, Persephone would reside in the land of the living with her mother, Demeter, and for the other half, she would live in the underworld with Hades as his wife. 

When Persephone came back to the land of the living, Demeter was overjoyed and the crops flourished; but six months later, Persephone had to return to the underworld, Demeter became sad, and the crops began to wither and die again. The cycle repeated year after year. 

Persephone’s story explains the changing of the seasons in ancient Greece: fall begins with her descent, Demeter’s sorrow, and the crops dying, and spring occurs with her ascent back to the land of the living, Demeter’s joy at their reunion, and the crops flourishing.


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What purpose did the Mysteries serve?

There’s no doubt that the Mysteries were a rite of passage to many in ancient Greece. The intense, six-month preparation for the ceremony and the diversity of people who participated in them point to the importance of the experience across ancient Greek culture. The ceremonies also existed for more than 2,000 years, and it took the spread of Christianity to wipe out the practice.

The spiritual aspects of the ceremony relating to the goddesses Demeter and Persephone are obvious, but when the practice of drinking the psychedelic kykeon is added to the experience, the Mysteries gain a deeper, more profound meaning. 

The way that ancient Greeks described these ritualistic experiences are similar to modern descriptions of tripping on psychedelics. Even the benefits that Greeks received from participating in the Mysteries mirror the benefits of psychedelics consumed in scientific studies today, including opening the doors to a more fulfilling and satisfying life, better coping with loss and death, and gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the world, among others. 

We have the advantage of scientific study today, and current research shows the benefits of “mystical experiences” brought on by psilocybin, as well as “experiencing God” or an “ultimate reality,”  resulting in greater life satisfaction, purpose, and meaning, even decades after the initial psychedelic experience. 

Some descriptions of what participants underwent during the Mysteries are similar to the experience of ego death today, or the loss of self, often experienced during a psychedelic trip. Disassociation, hallucinations, fear, joy, a mix of other emotions, and a deeper understanding of the world are all experiences described during both the Mysteries and a psychedelic trip. The dissolution of the ego can lead to the feeling of oneness with the world, helping to break unhealthy thoughts and behavior patterns. 

Participants were also said to have returned from the ceremony full of joy and happiness, with the fear of death diminished. Philosopher Plato reportedly participated, and said that the Mysteries were a purifying experience, and those who participated “shall dwell with the gods.” Ancient texts talk of the intense sensory experience of the Mysteries, speaking of a “marvelous light” and a “huge fire,” perhaps similar to hallucinations seen while on psilocybin or LSD.

Today, psilocybin and other psychedelics are also being used to treat end-of-life anxiety and help people with terminal illnesses cope with death. In another study, 67% of participants rated a psilocybin experience to be the single most meaningful experience of their life, or in the top five most meaningful experiences. 

The Greeks knew the power of the Mysteries and the kykeon, and closely guarded their secrets. Psychedelics, and the story of Persephone’s continual death and rebirth, can help us all come to terms with death and appreciate life for what it is.

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Pat Goggins is a senior editor who handles Leafly’s informational content and specializes in cannabis cultivation after working for a commercial grower in Oregon. When not fixing typos, you’ll probably find him on a boat or in the mountains.

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Star signs and cannabis strains: May 2024 horoscopes




Welcome to May, Stargazers. May offers a harmonious blend of cosmic energies that resonate deeply with the grounded spirit of Taurus season. During this month, Pluto in retrograde encourages introspection and transformation on a deeply personal level. This is a time to reflect on restructuring your life and releasing hangups, particularly habits or dependencies that may no longer serve your higher purpose.

A significant amount of Jupiter energy this month brings expansion and growth opportunities, enhancing our optimism and desire to grow. This is an excellent time to explore new ideas and mindsets or reaching out into your community—renewal and possibility in your daily life is imminent. And with the DEA decision to federally reschedule cannabis, now is the perfect time to appreciate how cannabis helps us realize our full potential.


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To close out the month, the supportive alignment of Venus and Mars provides a favorable backdrop for relationships and personal projects as interactions between our desires (Venus) and actions (Mars) are more harmonious. This alignment fosters a nurturing environment for both love and creative endeavors, promoting deeper connections and successful pursuits. Embrace the stability and fertility of Taurus season to plant seeds in your personal garden, whatever that may look like for you.

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Happy Birthday Taurus! As you celebrate your solar return, the cosmos highlights personal growth and self-improvement. Pluto in retrograde means look inward, and prepare to transform. This planetary position encourages you to dig deep into your core values and uproot old habits that may be holding you back. Like spring, rebirth and renewal, allow you to emerge more aligned with your authentic desires and ambitions.

Jupiter’s intense energy this month promises expansion in various aspects of your life, particularly your career and personal development. As Venus and Mars converge, your charm and attractiveness are at their peak—a favorable time for both romantic pursuits and beneficial new alliances in business. Utilize this period to solidify your goals and take decisive steps. The support from these planets provides a robust backdrop for launching new projects or taking risks in personal relationships.

May strain: Hey Taurus, celebrate your birth month this May with the deliciously sweet Strawberry Banana! Known for its relaxing and euphoric effects and Jamba Juice palate, it’s the perfect companion for soaking up your leisurely moments or unwinding after a day of indulgence. Lean into the lush, fruity flavors and let Strawberry Banana enhance your steady and sensual vibe all month long!



May brings an invigorating air of change for Gemini, just as the sun begins to warm your sign towards the month’s end. The presence of Pluto in retrograde fosters deeper psychological insights and confronting issues can no longer ignore. This period encourages reflection on your inner dialogues and the patterns that shape your communication—time to engage in self-discovery and to cleanse any outdated thoughts or behaviors that hinder your progress.

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The influx of Jupiter energy this month boosts your social circle and connectivity, offering abundant opportunities to expand your network and engage in stimulating exchanges of ideas. With Venus and Mars beautifully supported, your interactions are likely to be both pleasurable and fruitful, providing a solid foundation for both new friendships and professional collaborations. Harness these cosmic energies to propel your personal projects and nurture meaningful connections that can lead to exciting ventures or deeper interpersonal bonds.

May strain: Hey Gemini, supercharge your social superpowers this May with Tangerine Power! Its energizing buzz is just what you need to keep up with the flurry of social gatherings and new connections popping up. Its refreshing, citrusy notes match your zest for life to keep you lively and engaged while riding the high vibe of your horoscope this month!


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For Cancer, May’s Pluto in retrograde means activating deep-seated transformations in your sector of partnerships and shared resources. This planetary shift encourages you to re-evaluate your emotional investments and redefine the boundaries in your close relationships. Make to really think things through—how do you merge your energies with others in personal or business relationships, and do these unions truly support your highest well-being?

Meanwhile, Jupiter’s influence floods your career and public standing spheres this month, promising growth and expansion in these areas. You may find opportunities to step into leadership roles or to make significant progress in your professional endeavors. The support from Venus and Mars enhances your appeal and assertiveness, so you can pursue your ambitions with confidence. Embrace this period of professional and personal development, as the cosmos aligns to offer both challenges and rewards.

May strain: Sumptuous Cancer, as you navigate May’s emotional waves, why not sweeten your days with Blueberry Cheesecake? This strain’s comforting berry flavors and calming effects align perfect with helping you find your center during this reflective time. Cozy up and let Blueberry Cheesecake be your contemplation companion, bringing warmth and relaxation to help soothe those deep feelings.



May holds a dynamic promise for Leo, with the sun illuminating your sector of career and public image. The energetic influences of Taurus season drive you to assert your presence in the professional realm with renewed dedication and perseverance. Pluto’s retrograde nudges you towards introspection about your career path and the power dynamics within your workplace. Rather than making big moves, contemplate deep-seated ambitions and potentially re-strategize your approach to achieving your goals, ensuring that they reflect your true passions and values.

With a surge of Jupiter energy throughout the month, there is a pronounced focus on expanding your horizons and seeking knowledge. This can manifest as a desire to travel or pursue educational endeavors that broaden your understanding of the world. Venus and Mars provide harmonious support, enhancing your social interactions and making your charisma particularly potent. Use this time to connect with influential figures or engage in collaborative projects that can propel your professional aspirations. The alignment of these planets suggests that your efforts in networking and partnership building will be especially fruitful and rewarding.

May strain: Hey Leo, light up your May (even more) with the vibrant and cheerful Jillybean! Its bright, citrusy flavors and euphoric buzz are just what you need to amplify your natural charisma and pizzazz for life during this sociable month. Whether you’re hosting a party or hitting the town, Jillybean is your perfect sidekick to keep the fun and smiles going strong.



In May, Virgo’s focus shifts towards community and social networks under the influence of Taurus season. This period highlights your interactions within groups and urges you to examine the role you play. Pluto in retrograde prompts a re-evaluation of your contributions and the value you derive from social and professional networks—an opportune time to consider how these connections align with your long-term objectives. If any relationships or affiliations no longer serve your interests, break out the shears and prune them so more supportive and enriching associations can grow.

The influx of Jupiter’s energy enhances your financial prospects, particularly in shared resources and investments. This bountiful planetary influence encourages a more optimistic outlook on economic matters that attracts wealth, partnerships or investments. Venus and Mars in harmony smooth the way in your personal and romantic life, bringing a deeper connection with loved ones. Utilize this period to fortify both your financial and emotional bonds, taking advantage of the favorable cosmic conditions to build a more secure and satisfying foundation in all areas of your life.

May strain: Hey Virgo, May brings a season of reflection and personal growth that a strong high may interfere with. The high-CBD and earthy Harle Tsu will keep you centered and clear-headed with a gentle, calming effect for your moments of introspection and tackling detailed projects. Let Harle Tsu help you maintain your focus and tranquility, enhancing your ability to navigate this thoughtful month with ease.



For Libra, May illuminates professional and public sectors, highlighting career and long-term goals during Taurus season. Pluto’s retrograde motion influences deep introspection concerning your career path, urging you to reflect on your ambitions and recalibrate your goals. This can be a transformative period for your professional image or direction, encouraging a thoughtful examination of what success truly means to you and how you can achieve it while maintaining your core values of balance and fairness.

The expansive energy of Jupiter this month brings a broadening of horizons for international connections or higher education that can further your career or personal development. Venus and Mars, meanwhile, work in tandem to create an ideal backdrop for nurturing personal relationships and ensuring a supportive home environment. This cosmic setup encourages a productive blend of professional growth and personal stability, allowing you to advance with confidence in both domains.

May strain: Hey Libra, as you dive into a month full of social and romantic opportunities this May, let Lavender Jones elevate your experiences. Its calming yet euphoric effects match perfectly with your balanced approach, helping you charm your way through any gathering or date night. The floral notes further enhance your ability to make every connection this month even more harmonious and sweet.


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May invites Scorpio to delve into the realms of philosophy, higher learning, and broadened horizons as Taurus season activates sectors of long-distance travel and intellectual exploration. With Pluto in retrograde, this month emphasizes a deep internal transformation—question your long-held beliefs, worldview, or educational goals. It’s a period ripe for profound soul-searching and some potentially dramatic shifts in how you navigate the world around you.

Simultaneously, the influence of Jupiter infuses your interpersonal relationships with growth and expansion. This planetary energy fosters new connections and deepens existing ones, enhancing both personal and professional bonds. The supportive aspects of Venus and Mars significantly boost your charm and persuasiveness, making it an excellent time to engage in negotiations or collaborative projects. Embrace the opportunities to connect and learn from others, as these interactions may play a crucial role in your ongoing transformation and personal development.

May strain: Hey Scorpio, step into May with the intriguing, sumptuous depths of Black Cherry Soda  to complement your intense month of transformation. Its dark, fruity flavors and uplifting effects are perfect for navigating the profound changes and emotional insights set to ch/allenge you. Spark up Black Cherry Soda to enhance your resilience and add a touch of sweetness to your journey of self-discovery.



May finds Sagittarius embracing a powerful phase of introspection and regeneration, with the influence of Taurus season emphasizing sectors of transformation and shared resources. Pluto’s retrograde motion this month encourages a deeper dive into your personal psyche, urging you to confront and release outdated fears or dependencies. This is a key time for emotional and financial detoxification, allowing you to reassess what you value most in your deepest connections and perhaps recalibrate your investment strategies or commitments.

The abundant energy of Jupiter, your ruling planet, magnifies your career prospects by opening doors to new opportunities of public status and professional trajectory. This period promises expansion and growth in your chosen field, bolstered by your innate optimism and desire to explore new possibilities. Venus and Mars align favorably to enhance your personal allure and ability to persuade others, making it a great time to initiate projects or negotiate deals. Harness this dynamic energy to propel yourself forward, capitalizing on the cosmic support to transform both your personal and professional life.

May strain: Hey Sagittarius, get ready to amplify your adventurous spirit with a medal-winning performance this May with Acapulco Gold! Its energizing and uplifting effects are perfect for keeping up with your bustling schedule and the spontaneous trips that await. Light up some Acapulco Gold, let its legendary sativa boost fuel your wanderlust, making every journey this month truly golden.



For Capricorn, May is a period marked by a focus on relationships and legal matters, as Taurus season influences your sector of partnerships and binding agreements. Pluto in retrograde prompts you to examine the power dynamics within your closest alliances, both personal and professional. This introspective period is crucial for reassessing and possibly restructuring these relationships to ensure they are equitable and truly reciprocal. It’s a time to address any underlying issues that may be disrupting the harmony and balance you seek.

Jupiter’s expansive energy enriches your experiences with philosophical growth and travel, encouraging you to broaden your horizons literally and metaphorically. This planetary influence can bring a refreshing change of perspective, possibly through educational pursuits or interactions with cultures different from your own. Venus and Mars synergize to buoy your charisma and effectiveness in negotiations and relationship-building. Utilize this advantageous alignment to fortify your connections and explore new avenues for personal and spiritual growth.

May strain: Hey Capricorn, as May calls you to balance work with some well-deserved downtime, Platinum OG is here to help you switch off and truly relax. Its potent, calming effects are perfect for unwinding after a long day of tackling challenges, helping you recharge and find peace. Enjoy the earthy and musky aromas of Platinum OG to ease into your evenings, ensuring you’re rested and ready for whatever comes next.



May highlights a period of productivity and health focus for Aquarius, as Taurus season catalyzes daily routines and personal well-being. With Pluto in retrograde, it’s an essential time for introspection on habits and work-life balance. This planetary shift encourages you to reconsider your daily practices and routines, and eliminate those detrimental to your physical and mental health. May is a period for redefining your priorities so your lifestyle aligns with your overall wellness goals and enables you to function at your best.

Simultaneously, the expansive energy of Jupiter brings a wave of creativity and joy, urging you to engage more deeply with your hobbies and perhaps even turn a passion project into something more substantial. The supportive aspects of Venus and Mars enhance your relationships within your work environment and social life, fostering collaboration and mutual understanding. This is an excellent time to work on connections that are beneficial to your personal growth alongside new challenges with the support of those around you. Take advantage of this period to invigorate your routine with activities that bring you joy and satisfaction.

May strain: Hey Aquarius, embrace the cosmic energy of May with Space Queen, a strain as unique and vibrant as you are! Its cerebral high fuels your creative sparks and social interactions, perfectly aligning with this month’s surge in networking and new ideas. Light up some Space Queen to enhance your innovative thoughts and enjoy connecting with like-minded souls in ways only you can.



In May, Pisces experiences a surge of energy for creativity and romance as Taurus season casts a spotlight on joy and self-expression. With Pluto in retrograde, this period prompts you to delve into the deeper aspects of your artistic pursuits and romantic relationships. Reconsider what truly brings you happiness and fulfillment, and look to purge any creative blocks or emotional patterns that hinder your expressive potential. This transformative energy encourages you to reconnect with your inner muse and rediscover the pleasure in your passions.


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The abundant influence of Jupiter amplifies your home and family life, providing opportunities for expansion and improvement in these areas. Whether you’re considering moving to a larger space or simply redecorating to better reflect your current lifestyle and aesthetic, the planets support growth and positive changes at home. Venus and Mars ensure that your emotional connections are strong, enhancing harmony and understanding with loved ones. Embrace this period of emotional and domestic growth, as it lays a solid foundation for personal contentment and security.

May strain: Hey Pisces, as you navigate May’s emotional and creative depths, Magic Melon is your perfect companion to keep the vibes light and uplifting. Its sweet, melon flavors and mellow effects align beautifully with your imaginative and empathetic nature, enhancing your creative projects and emotional connections. Enjoy the gentle euphoria of Magic Melon to help float through this dreamy month with ease and inspiration.



In May, Aries rides a wave of proactive energy thanks to the vibrant Taurus season lighting up sectors of resources and self-worth. This month is about building on your assets and reinforcing your sense of security. With Pluto in retrograde, take the time to reassess financial strategies and personal resources, stripping away what no longer serves your growth and focusing on strengthening your economic foundations. Namely, how do your material possessions align with your long-term goals?

The abundant influence of Jupiter energy this May invigorates your aspirations and expands your thinking. Opportunities for personal development and professional growth are on the horizon, inviting you to think big. The harmonious support from Venus and Mars enhances your charisma and assertiveness in pursuing these opportunities. Relationships, both personal and professional, will benefit from your renewed energy and confidence. Embrace this period of growth and connection, and use it to propel yourself forward in all areas of life.

May strain: Happy May, Aries! This month is all about making money moves and staying measured as you make changes. Mimosa Evo and its uplifting effects echo your vibrant energy, and its citrus-forward profile quenches your thirst for bold flavors—perfect for embracing the lively spirit of May without sweating the small stuff.

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Leafly Picks: Best papers, pipes, and bongs for 4/20 2024




Fun fact: 4/20 2024 is a palindrome, man! That means it works forward and backwards—just like a grinder. Woah.

Anyhoo, you can’t 4/20 without the right gear. And every year presents a kaleidoscopic array of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes, and fuzzy cloth stuff. Scan along for something dope that you can take a shining too.

Anyhoo, you can’t 4/20 without the right gear. And every year presents a kaleidoscopic array of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes, and fuzzy cloth stuff. Scan along for something dope that you can take a shining too.

Affordable picks:

Elements King Size Slim Ultra-Thin

(Courtesy The Cave)

Don’t play the envy game: All you need is a $3 pack of Elements, a cheap grinder, and some weed to have fun on 4/20. We like the Elements King Size Slim Ultra Thin with the Artesano Magnetic enclosure. The roll-feel in our hands is just right and the rice paper burns very innocuously.

‘The Cali’ 3-Gram Cone from Vibes

(Courtesy The Cave)

April 20 is all about THC maximalism and that includes huge “doinks”—or very large marijuana joints. Few have the skill to roll up 3 grams of flower like a pro. But anyone can pack a Vibes 3-gram “cone” dubbed The Cali. Legal weed means cheaper weed and bigger joints. It’s that simple. 

What you gonna put in those papers?

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Santa Cruz Shredder – Hemp Grinder – 2-piece Lime Green

(Courtesy The Cave)

Save your money and tears on 4/20—roll out with the lightweight hemp grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s just $12.95, more eco-conscious and lime freaking green so no one can confuse it with theirs. Plus, if you do lose it, you’re out just $13 dollars. Upgrade to steel in Matte Pink for $36.50, or the skater collab 4-piece for $79.95.

”Weed: Smoke It, Eat It, Grow It, Love It” by Ellen Holland

Friend of Leafly and plants, High Times editor in chief Ellen Holland is back with updates to her superb book “Weed”, coming out -refreshed for 4/20. Everything just got prettier and cooler. Just $14.99.

Cookies Bite Dry Pipe

(Courtesy The Cave)

For just $44 you too can join the Cookies boys and smoke around town with a portable, stylish, single-hole bowled glass pipe in the iconic Cookies font, color and style.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

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Steve’s Dank Pipes

(Courtesy The Cave)

Steve’s Dank Pipes fit right in on Hippie Hill in San Francisco. The wood exterior says hippie, while the glass bowl makes it a connoisseur. Each piece is sanded, finished and waxed for a smooth feel in the hand. Just $55, weed not included.

Marley Natural Beaker in Smoke w/ Gold

(Courtesy The Cave)

Get a solid beaker bong for $160 from Marley Natural. Thick base, pull-out bowl, 8-slit percolator downstem, ice disk, and standing about 1 foot tall.

Puffco Proxy Ripple

First off, we check in with the ringleaders of the Dab-Mania 2024—Puffco. New for 4/20, the Ripple bubbler attachment for their best-in-class hash vape the Puffco Proxy. What the what? The Ripple is $100 and comes in Sea or Sage color. You use it with the Puffco Proxy Base electronic hash oven. Ask your nephew to set you up. That’s what the next generation is for.

Also fresh from Puffco for 4/20: The Peak Pro Limited Edition Flourish ($420), Proxy Flourish ($299), Flourish Hot Knife ($50), Proxy Wizard Flourish $100.

Old-school alternative

Not your dad’s hash pipe. So get it for him. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Terplock Dry Rigs from Miyagi—works like an old-school hash pipe, but looks sick. ($300)

Softglass Andy Roth bong

Eschew our overdesigned times with this sleek, minimal, and effective $70 bong from Softglass. Andy Roth Glass channels a love of architecture into this form-meets-function piece of glass art. Andy Roth’s premium stuff goes for multiple thousands of dollars and could fit into Dune 2.

Tandem Rig from Soft Glass

Get going on your dab journey for just $109 from Soft Glass with their Tandem Rig. You get everything you need to dab aside from the hash and torch.

Flower Mill Next-Gen Premium 2.0

Flower Mill 2.0.

The popular grinder-alternative has gone Next-Gen Premium 2.0 with a ton of upgrades. Flower Mill has increased the size and weight on all the units, as well as given them a smoother action to reduce friction points between halves. There’s an aluminum and stainless steel model for both the 2” and 2.5” sizes, and each of them can switch between five different milling plates ranging from extra-coarse to extra-fine. This is my favorite device for weed prep, but the big one is heavy and the small one no longer sticks to your fridge door.

Bohemian Chemist Proto-pipe Collector’s Kit

Pay homage to the times you had to genuinely sneak a toke with this refined version of the proto-pipe, by The Bohemian Chemist. Proto-pipes first dropped in the ‘70s. It’s beautiful and stylish with roots. The buy link comes out any day now.

Magnetic Bag Company 

We’re still working on dialing in the amenities at weed events. Until we get more tables and chairs, stoner will make do with a bag this new magnetic shoulder bag. The Magnetic Bag Company is patent pending and affixes itself to metal. So The Terminator could wear this as a hip pack with no straps. Crazy, right? It’s $89 and can hold your water and pipe and stuff. That’s good because the ground is dirty, and you don’t want your nice stuff on it. 

Mossy Giant “History of Cannabis” Print

(Courtesy of Mossy Giant)
Have a personality. Add some art to your life. (Courtesy of Mossy Giant)

For lovers of Hieronymus Bosch, the artist Mossy Giant has this sick ‘The Grand History of Cannabis: The Dutch’ print for a pretty 125 English pounds—which works out to at least $1 per minute of tripping out on all the heady details. It’s 44 inches wide by 26 inches tall, and made in collaboration with Spanish social-club La Creme Gracia. “The artwork depicts a short but turbulent time in Netherlands – from about the 60s until the late 2000s the Netherlands was the epicenter of what was cannabis globally during that time.” Limited to 88 stamped and numbered by the artist. 

Even more art: A $30 zine or $50 poster from the first cannabis mylar art exhibition, “Get to the Bag” in San Francisco.

Aeris from Focus V

(Courtesy Ariez)
Alternatively, the Aeris from Focus V portable dab rig offers similar experience for $220. It’s a dabber in your pocket and people love them. The whole thing pairs with your mobile device to dial in those big hashy clouds.


A $545 chillum, bro. (Courtesy The Cave)

Mothership Rainbow Encalmo Chillum—This $545 chillum, or hand-pipe, might be as close to a Mothership glass piece as many of us mere mortals get. Maybe you got an inheritance, or a raise. Just be careful when passing this hand-pipe over concrete.

Studenglass electronic heater + bubbler the Modul Dok.

Stundenglass Modul Dok—You put the Studenglass Modul into the Dok for hash or flower vaping at a table or desk at a cost of $449.

Salt glass cup. Yes, for drinking. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Salt GlassCreature cup from The Cave—$1,500.

Leisure – Worked Pillar Recycler – Yellow Orange Elvis w/ Fire & Ice Retti. $2,000.

Leisure. (Courtesy The Cave)

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America’s top weed cities of 2024 announced




America’s tens of millions of stoners need not endure unequal access to their life-saving medicine and safer alternative to alcohol. They can vote with their feet for some fine cannabis cities, or stay to fix the terrible ones. Right now, all across the US, Americans enjoy widely different levels of weed freedom.

Real Estate Witch’s website computed the top 50 best weed cities in America, and the differences speak volumes. Denver, CO ranks No. 1. Louisville, KY ranks dead last. Below, Leafly presents some highlights and picks from each spot.

No. 1 Denver, CO

Apple Fritter. (Courtesy Veritas, Colorado)
Apple Fritter. (Courtesy Veritas, Colorado)

John Denver wasn’t kidding! The Mile High City defends its name with a first-place finish in the stoner city rankings for 2024. I mean, it has a fricking Mile High 420 Fest. Colorado legalized in 2012, and today a mature cannabis industry competes to serve the highest-quality flower and extracts at the lowest price. Denver has nearly four times as many shops per capita as Los Angeles, and the top-shelf ounce average price there bucked inflation, falling $1 in the last year to $242 per ounce. Whether it’s fine dining, shows at Red Rocks, stunning trails, or killer art, Denver delivers for its irie residents and visitors. We can’t wait to visit again.

No. 2 Portland, OR

Moonbow #99 grown by Archive Portland. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Moonbow #99 grown by Archive Portland. Indica hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Leafly smokers are in love with Oregon’s world-class growers and their extract scene. From Archive, to Decibel, to Left Coast Standard to TrueCare Farms, Oregon has the juice! It sports the Northwest Cannafest, a crazy specialty in GMO Cookies, and even balanced CBD strains.

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No. 3 Las Vegas, NV

Ghost Train Haze goes choo-choo in Sin City. (Courtesy Nature’s Chemistry)

Sin City aims to corner the market on turnt-up cannabis fun. Las Vegas offers legal tree from the second you land. There’s kiosks in the airport, and the cabbies will drive you straight to da club. Combo that cannabis with a trippy visit to The Sphere, some tasty food, and so much more. The cherry on top: Las Vegas’ licensed cannabis smoking lounges are finally opening up. Read our Las Vegas weed visitor’s guide.

No. 4 Buffalo, NY

According to Whitney Economics, just 4 percent of New York smokers consume licensed cannabis. That’s a failure. But not in Buffalo, NY, where locals—including indigenous communities—charted a speedy path to tons of stores and literal tons of cultivation. That’s how you get safe access and do the will of the voters. Buffalo outranks New York City—ouch! Go Bills!

No. 5 Baltimore, MD

Special Sauce in a jar at Baltimore’s Charm City Smoke Fest (J.M. Giordano for Leafly)

American cannabis regulators don’t want to learn from their competitors in other states. But we can still beg them to study Maryland. which canna-balled into adult-use sales in 2023 with a smash success launch. Existing medical growers bulked up, stores flipped from medical to recreational, and supplies never ran dry. May the speedy reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge inspire us all.

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No. 6 Phoenix, AZ

(David Downs/Leafly)
That Badu. Cookies opens its first store in Arizona—Cookies Tuscon June 24. (David Downs/Leafly)

It’s so great to see this big desert city flower into a cannabis capital. Phoenix has a huge amount of large-scale indoor cultivation bringing down prices. Its regulators did a savvy job of spreading clubs around the state, and getting city buy-in with the carrot of tax revenue, and another special incentive. Cities that ban stores must allow home-growers.

No. 7 Seattle, WA

Torus Gas Face. Hybrid sativa. (David Downs/Leafly)
Torus Gas Face. Hybrid sativa. Gassy! (David

Shout-out to all the amazing breeders and growers of Washington: From Exotic Genetix, to Torus, to Artizen to Freddy’s Fuego, Phat Panda, and Constellation rosin. The party is on Bainbridge Island this 4/20!

No. 8 Sacramento, CA

Flo White from Amplified Farms 26.8% THC (David Downs/Leafly)
Flo White from Amplified Farms 26.8% THC (David Downs/Leafly)

The world doesn’t know it yet, but Sacramento is going to run away with the weed bag. Killer indoor ships statewide from California’s capitol—Alien Labs, Amplified Farms, Natura, Seven Leaves, and so much more. SacTo is perfectly positioned between the foothills, the mountains, and the coast—with water, power, labor, and affordable land. Locals enjoy fine cannabis at fair prices from plentiful stores, and combine it with tasty eats, trips to the Sacramento River, and the mountains. Go meet your legislator with California NORML May 8, and demand ‘Deli-style.’

No. 9 Kansas City, MO

The Good Day Farm dispensary serves adults 21 and older now in Kansas City. (Courtesy Good Day Farm)
The Good Day Farm dispensary serves adults 21 and older now in Kansas City. (Courtesy Good Day Farm)

Hot damn! Welcome, Kansas City, Missouri, to America’s top 10 weed cities. Missouri pulled off an epic, drama-free 2023 legalization launch and K.C. is on fire with NFL champs The Chiefs, a new airport, a cleaned-up downtown, and the impending arrival of the US Women’s Soccer team stadium. Missouri has solid medical indoor that flipped to recreational, and they are rapidly getting up the learning curve on dope strains. Plus, world-class barbecue, jazz, shopping, affordability, and plenty of room for newcomers.

No. 10 Providence, RI

The East Coast continues to come alive with legal cannabis, and Providence’s jump up seven spots to rank in the top 10 is a testament to its progress. What is going on in Providence? Well, weed is fully legal. They’re epically passionate, and the town boasts twice as many head shops per capita as Seattle. It’s hard to find a map, but once you get there, expect to find weed-friends. 

How we rank the top US weed cities 

Real Estate Witch conjured its results by giving cities points for:

  • Legality of cannabis
  • The cost of weed
  • Consumer interest as measured by Google Trends
  • Dispensaries per 100,000 residents
  • Doctors per 100,000 residents
  • Average rating of dispensaries out of 5 stars
  • Site visitors to Leafly
  • And the prevalence of head shops, concert venues, fast food restaurants, hiking trails, and movie theaters

The ten worst cannabis cities in the US

By that token, here are the ten worst weed cities in America, as well:

  • Louisville, KY
  • Dallas, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Houston, TX
  • Birmingham, AL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Memphis, TN
  • Indianapolis, IN

Go to Real Estate Witch for more details.

And that’s a breezy walk through the top 10 weed cities in the US. You can find your tree in any of them using Leafly, so download the app and tap in to win. Enjoy this golden age of cannabis coast to coast!

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