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I smoked a blunt on an elephant in Thailand



After hitting the new Cookies Bangkok store in Thailand, Leafly’s Mikhail Harrison rolled up some GUMBO and ventured into the jungle for a super exotic session.

If you could smoke weed with an elephant, which strain would you pick? I didn’t have any Peanut Butter Breath on me. But thankfully, my friend Dumbo didn’t turn his trunk up at the authentic Cookies GUMBO I puffed as we cruised the beautiful landscape.


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The Thai Elephant is the official national animal of Thailand, playing a major role in local tourism, transportation, labor, war, and royal iconography over the years. Now, for about $25 USD, you can ride one through the lush green forest, enjoying incredible views and exhilarating twists and turns.

Since cannabis is now legal all over Thailand, I had to see what it was like to smoke my weed on the back of a real Thai elephant. Here’s how it went.

How I ended up on a Thai Elephant with a blunt

Mikhail Harrison, aka Kush Kelz, laughs with a guide while riding an elephant in Thailand. (Pothead University / ¥our Favorite Stoner Network)
(Pothead University / ¥our Favorite Stoner Network)

Last month, I was in Thailand for the Cookies Bangkok store grand opening. I was born in Trinidad and grew up in New Jersey, so this was a life-changing journey across the world. And the 420 elephant ride I took stands out as the most memorable and bucket list-worthy experience of my whole trip. It’s something every adventurous stoner has to try when they visit.

Surrounded by beautiful grass and trees of all types, I was fully in my element. It wasn’t just the GUMBO in my blunt: I saw nothing but miles of gorgeous plant life around me. The views made my loud pack hit that much harder, and not a soul was bothered by the sweet funk my blunt was letting off—not even the elephant.


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Wading through the water on the back of my royal transportation, I felt how Alexander the Great might have felt when these beautiful creatures were used for war and long journeys centuries ago. I came, I got high, I conquered. From Trinidad to Thailand, this is why they call me your favorite stoner.

Tips for finding a 420-friendly elephant ride in Thailand

Mikhail Harrison rides an elephant in Thailand while enjoying GUMBO cannabis from the Cookies Bangkok store in January, 2023. (Pothead University)
Mikhail Harrison, aka Kush Kelz, rides an elephant in Thailand while enjoying GUMBO cannabis from the Cookies Bangkok store. (Pothead University)

There are many options out there depending on your location, desired time limit, and price range. Overall, it’s a bumpy ride, but it’s worth it. Just ask your local tour guide for the closest elephant rides. Also, roll your weed beforehand, and show smoker’s etiquette with respect to your fellow riders, the elephant, and the driver.

You’re high enough off the ground to blow your smoke straight up and not bother anyone. So be conscious of your chronic footprint. And don’t make a bad name for the rest of us hoping to enjoy this experience for years to come.

If you want to be extra safe, ask for a smoke-friendly guide and animal ahead of time. And bring a little extra bud to tip the workers. Or to share with fellow tourists who didn’t come as prepared as you.

Check out my full experience in Thailand below!

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Trinidad-born, New Jersey-raised content producer Mikhail Harrison has been a cannabis advocate and influencer for over a decade, working both on camera and behind the scenes to normalize the plant for all.

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