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White Widow Weed Strain Review & Information



White Widow is a classic hybrid cannabis strain that has been around for decades, achieving legendary status in the world of cannabis. This popular strain has a strong reputation for delivering a balanced high that combines uplifting euphoria with a relaxed body buzz.

With its famous white trichome-coated buds, it is a staple strain that has been enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, becoming a household name in the cannabis industry.

In this cannabis strain review, we’ll take a closer look at its history, genetics, aroma, flavor, effects, and overall quality to give you a better understanding of this world-class strain and help you decide if it’s the right one for you.

Strain Profile: White Widow

White Widow is an indica-dominant hybrid strain shrouded in mystery for years. Its genetics are unknown, but it’s believed to be a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica. This combination creates a well-balanced high that is both uplifting and relaxing.

Its flower buds are a thing of beauty, with dense, well-formed nuggets that are covered in a thick coat of white trichomes. The frosty appearance of the buds is a sight to behold, and it’s white trichomes give the strain its signature name.

The aroma of this strain is a complex blend of earthy, pungent scents with notes of spice and pine. Hints of sweetness linger in the background, creating an aroma that is both robust and enticing.

The flavor of White Widow is just as complex as its aroma, with earthy, woody undertones complemented by hints of sweetness and a spicy finish. This complex flavor profile makes White Widow a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

The effects of this strain are well-balanced, delivering a euphoric head high paired with a relaxed body buzz. This combination makes it a versatile strain that can be used day and night, depending on the desired effect.

Whether you’re looking to relieve stress, alleviate pain, or simply unwind, White Widow is your go-to strain.

Cannabis Strain Information

  • Average THC Level: 15%
  • Average CBD Level: <1%
  • Average CBG Level: 1%
  • Strain Type: Indica-Dominant
  • Genetics: Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica
  • Breeder: Green House Seeds
  • Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene

History and Genetics

White Widow was first created in the 1990s in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds, also known as Green House Seed Company, and quickly gained popularity as a top-notch hybrid strain. 

Its exact genetics remains a mystery, but it’s believed to be a cross between a Brazilian sativa and a South Indian indica, creating a well-balanced hybrid that has become a classic in the cannabis world.

White Widow quickly gained a following in the Netherlands and soon spread across Europe, making its way to the United States and beyond. Its popularity has only continued to grow, solidifying its place as one of the world’s most well-known and respected strains.

White Widow’s balanced genetics give it a well-rounded high that is both uplifting and relaxing. This makes it a versatile strain that can be used for various purposes, from relieving stress and anxiety to alleviating pain and muscle spasms.

With its rich history and well-balanced genetics, White Widow is a strain that will always have a place in many people’s hearts. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a newcomer to weed, White Widow is a strain you simply can’t ignore.

White Widow Hybrid Strains

The genetic heritage of the White Widow marijuana strain has given rise to many hybrid strains. These strains incorporate the best traits of White Widow, offering new and unique experiences for the cannabis connoisseur.

Whether you’re looking for a more potent strain, a different flavor profile, or a new way to experience the effects of White Widow, there’s a hybrid strain that has what you’re looking for. 

These potent strains include:

  • White Russian: White Widow x AK-47
  • White Rhino: White Widow x North American Indica
  • Blue Widow: White Widow x Blueberry
  • Moby Dick: White Widow x Haze
  • Ice Princess: White Widow x Princess
  • White Skunk: White Widow F2 x Skunk #1
  • White Star: White Widow x Sensi Star
  • Rosetta Stone: White Widow x Ginger Ale
  • White Flow: White Widow x Flow
  • Sugar Blossoms: White Widow x Unknown Strain


The White Widow weed strain flavor is a complex symphony of tastes that tantalize the senses. Its earthy, woody undertones are complemented by hints of sweetness and a spicy finish, creating a flavor that is both robust and enticing.


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Each hit of this strain is a journey for the taste buds, with its rich, complex flavor profile. The earthy base is layered with notes of pine and a sweet finish, creating a flavor that is unlike any other.

The flavor of White Widow is a treat for the senses, satisfying both the palate and the mind. Whether you’re looking for a delicious strain to enhance your smoking experience or a tasty way to medicate, White Widow is sure to impress.


White Widow’s aroma is a bouquet of scents that is both powerful and alluring. Its pungent, earthy undertones are layered with notes of spice and pine, creating an aroma that is both complex and tantalizing.

Each breath of this strain is a fragrant experience that ignites the senses. The earthy base is elevated by a subtle sweet and spicy kick, creating an unforgettable aroma.

The aroma of White Widow is a work of art, a blend of scents that is always enjoyable. Whether you’re looking for a potent aroma to enhance your smoking experience or a fragrant way to medicate, White Widow has you covered.


  • Myrcene: Myrcene is the main terpene, contributing to its earthy and musky aroma. Myrcene is known for its sedative effects, making it a great choice for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain.
  • Caryophyllene: Caryophyllene is another terpene commonly found in this strain, lending its spicy, woody notes to the strain’s aroma. Caryophyllene is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, making it a popular choice for those looking to alleviate physical discomfort.
  • Pinene: Pinene is a terpene that provides White Widow with its fresh, pine-like aroma. This terpene is known for its alerting effects, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a burst of energy and focus.


White Widow is a well-balanced strain that provides both relaxation and stimulation. This unique combination of effects makes this a versatile choice for various needs, whether you’re looking to unwind after a long day or get a stimulating energy boost.

Its sedative effects, courtesy of its high myrcene content, make it the ultimate choice for those looking to relax and unwind. Whether you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, or physical discomfort, White Widow can provide the relief you need.

Despite its relaxing effects, White Widow also increases energy and focus, thanks to its high pinene content. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to stay alert and focused, without the jitters associated with other, more stimulatory strains.

Medical Benefits

For those suffering from a variety of medical conditions, White Widow offers a source of relief. Whether it’s managing chronic pain, reducing anxiety, or combating the symptoms of depression, White Widow has been used to help alleviate a wide range of medical issues.

With its well-rounded profile of effects, White Widow can be a safe and natural alternative or supplement to prescription medications. For those looking to avoid the side effects and addictive potential of traditional pharmaceuticals, White Widow is a viable option to consider.

When used under the guidance of a healthcare professional, White Widow can be a powerful partner in the healing journey. Whether you’re looking to manage symptoms or improve your overall quality of life, White Widow has the potential to make a positive impact.

Side Effects

Smoking White Widow may produce mild adverse effects, including dry mouth and dry eyes. It is also possible for some users to experience increased feelings of paranoia when consuming White Widow. As with any substance, it’s important to be mindful of individual tolerance and consume responsibly.


A White Widow marijuana plant is a vision of beauty, with its fluffy, snow-white buds covered in a blanket of trichomes. Its vibrant green leaves are accented by vivid orange hairs, making each bud a masterpiece.

Each bud of White Widow is a treat for the eyes, with its sparkling trichomes and vibrant color. Whether you’re admiring its beauty through a jar or breaking it apart for a smoke, White Widow is sure to turn heads.

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The appearance of White Widow is a symbol of its quality, with its lush buds and high resin production a testament to its potency. Whether you’re looking for a strain that looks as good as it smokes or just want something beautiful to admire, White Widow is a great choice.

How to Grow White Widow

Growing this strain can be a satisfying and relatively easy experience. Although the strain can be grown outdoors, Green House Seeds suggests the White Widow plant be grown indoors using the screen of green (SCROG) method.

During the early flowering stage, ensure to prune excessive foliage to improve airflow and light penetration. Avoid over-pruning after the first couple weeks of the flowering stage to prevent stressing the plants. White Widow prefers mild temperatures ranging between 70 and 80º F.

Where to buy seeds:

  • Green House Seed Co.
  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • ILGM
  • Seedsman
  • Premium Seed Market
  • Growers Choice Seeds
  • Paradise Seeds

Growing Information

  • Growing Difficulty: Easy
  • Plant Height: Average
  • Flowering Period: 7-9 weeks
  • Yield: Medium

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With our comprehensive curriculum and plentiful resources, CTU provides a clear path to mastery of the art of cannabis cultivation. Whether you’re looking to grow for personal use or to launch a career in the industry, Cannabis Training University is a perfect choice.

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Leafly awarded ‘best consumer weed platform’ of 2023




Today, the business website Benzinga gave us all a nice compliment—Leafly took home an award for best consumer platform as part of the annual Benzinga Cannabis Awards.

Thanks, Benzinga, for calling us the “Best Cannabis Tech Platform: B2C.” We’re proud to serve the millions-strong Leafly Nation. We’re working every day on the 6,000-strain database, our 11,000-plus articles, the thousands of store menus you shop, and so much more.

Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly, shouted out how slick it is on Leafly in 2023. Look up a strain, shop it nearby, put it in the cart, and even get it delivered. What a time to be alive.

“We are proud to have built and been recognized for a platform that provides an easy, end-to-end shopping experience from discovery to checkout; one that empowers both consumers at every experience level and retailers in neighborhoods nationwide.”


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Cooler stuff on the way

When Leafly started in 2010, zero states had legalized weed. Now there’s 23 of them. Just this week, Leafly became even better —with online ordering live and available in New York. Here are the stores that have ordering enabled, as of press time.

New ones come online regularly. This year, living that weed life got even easier with the addition of Leafly on Uber Eats in Canada.

And we’re not done. We’re accelerating our work on cool stuff to help you on your weed discovery journey.

Like what? Well, we’re adding 1,000 new strains to the database this year, an increase of 20% in year 12 of the company. Plus, more accurate strain photos on top strains.

Benzinga’s CEO Jason Raznick loves how we connect with our canna-fam.

“Leafly does this at the highest level by providing users with invaluable insights, research, and more,” he said.

Look for those insights in the monthly columns Leafly Buzz, and Leafly HighLight, and upcoming Strains of Harvest in October, and Strain of the Year 2023 in December.

Budtenders chose on Leafly

Leafly surveys budtenders this fall to award the best strains and brands in each legalization state. On Oct. 20, we’ll give out $1,000 checks to three budtenders who responded. Strain and brand awards on Dec. 8. (Leafly)

Speaking of family, our national Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 this year includes a first-ever Budtenders’ Choice Awards for top cultivars and flower brands in over 12 legal states.

Budtenders can take our 1-minute survey of the best strain and flower brands in their state. Survey respondents get entered to win a $1,000 check from Leafly. We announce the three budtenders who get a fat check on International Budtender Day on Oct. 20.

We got a lot more cookin’ for our readers, growers, budtenders, and stores. Just this week we turned on our new API so any shop can plug into the Leafly grid.

Thanks for rocking with us, and thanks, Benzinga!

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Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains of September 2023




September is a busy month in West Coast cannabis. A flood of harvest strains are coming down, and the hunt is on for Leafly’s Strains of Harvest in October and Strain of the Year 2023 in December.

Meanwhile, smokers on the West Coast stay deep in the barrel of a breaking wave of fresh cannabis flavors. We’re chasing an ever-changing vision of the latest and greatest stuffed into jars and mylars.

This month in my heatseeking cannabis column, Leafly Buzz, we investigate the rise of a new Mai Tai, and catch up with the Euroz craze. We try out some of Alien Labs’ new Planet Red, and shoutout top-shelf as well as budget options for the classic Gelonade. Get your grinders ready—here’s Leafly Buzz for September.

Data grinder

Strains surging on the West Coast this March. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)
Strains surging on the West Coast this August. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)


⬆ 24.1%

GastroPop #5. Indica hybrid. Grown by Fig Farms (David Downs)
GastroPop #5. Indica hybrid. Grown by Fig Farms. (David Downs/Leafly)

GastroPop’s cross of Apples & Bananas x Grape Gas keeps charging on the west coast. Bred by Compound Genetics during the Chris Lynch era, GastroPop is a royal strain at Compound that powers tons of even newer crosses. Reviewers get grapes, apples, and gasoline off GastroPop, as well as a strong. relaxing evening effect. We just saw Sense San Francisco’s GastroPop x Mellowz and wow, stay tuned.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Donny Burger

⬆ 7.2%

Live your best umami life—Donny Burger. Grown by Legion of Bloom, CA. (David Downs/Leafly)
Live your best umami life—Donny Burger. Grown by Legion of Bloom, CA. (David Downs/Leafly)

You’re out of your league with Donny Burger, this especially strong, funky cross of GMO x Han Solo Burger from Skunk House Genetics. The savory, meaty, umami corner of the weed industry holds its own, as Donny Burger rises 7.2% in views. Reviewers flag the cheese, ammonia, and diesel notes in Donny Burger. It’s a great inheritor of Skunk and Chem flavors. Donny Burger hits arousing, giggly, and freakin’ euphoric—fun for some new missions on Cyberpunk 2077. If you get too high, pet a kitten. 

Trop Cherry

⬆ 7.8%

Tropicanna Cherry. Grown by Tradecraft, CA. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)
Tropicanna Cherry. Grown by Tradecraft, CA. Hybrid. (David Downs/Leafly)

Relentless Genetics’ Mt. Trop x Cherry Cookies project Trop Cherry hasn’t lost its juice—it’s up 7.8% in monthly views. Snoop Dogg released some Trop Cherry on Death Row Cannabis this January, and we made it both a strain to watch in 2023, as well as Strain of Summer—and we’re not wrong. Trop Cherry has more body and character than like a Lemon Cherry Gelato and is great for daytime work and play.

Mai Tai

⬆ 8.7%

What the heck is going on with Mai Tai? Two things: 1) Hot breeder Clearwater Genetics has a hit with his Mai Tai #4 (a cross of easy to grow Purple Punch x classic Sunset Sherbert). And 2) the Jeeter brand has shipped a fleet of flavored Mai Tai joints in California. That’s confusing, because there’s already a legacy Mai Tai strain that mixed Maui Wowie x Tutti Frutti. Naming your weed strain after the popular rum, orange, and lime tropical drink just cannot be resisted. So that’s what’s going on with Mai Tai, up 8.7% in the western US.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

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See all dispensaries

New in the Leafly strain database

Fresh tree for ’23.(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
Fresh tree for ’23. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)


The Cannarado strain Euroz is about to blow growers away with a cakey Z cross that finishes weeks earlier than the competition. Leading California clonemakers Phinest said Euroz finishes in 45 days, honest to God. “The Euroz is wild,” said Phinest’s Ian. “Cannarado told us it’s 45 days and we didn’t believe him.” Z and Cake are two killer flavors of the decade, the cross has unreal bag appeal, and “hashes like a champ,” states Cannarado. Here comes the Euroz!


Big California cloner Phinest’s head cultivator Ian has his own funky breeding label called Uncle Dad Vibes that’s a smash with discerning cultivators. For example, Preferred Gardens is doing well with Znackz—a cross of Chauffeur x Runtz. But what’s Chauffeur? A good ole mix of Z x Sundae Driver x Wedding Cake. Love that. Z’s body and loudness on cookie and cake is a guaranteed win with smokers. Dan at Preferred Gardens made the Znackz selection, and it’s now a huge seller in the Florida medical market.

Permanent Paradize

Seed Junky Genetics, the LA breeder of Leafly Strain of the Year 2022 Jealousy, keeps pushing into even rowdier smells and flavors with Permanent Paradize, a cross of Permanent Marker x Z Bx2. You get the creamy berry marker fumes of a refined Jealousy wedded to an improved version of Z (formerly Zkittlez). We expect deep marker fumes and tropical candy from this guaranteed strong hybrid. Good for the afternoons into the evening.


We’re closely watching everything from breeder Deo Farms, the maker of Zoap, RS-11, RS-54, and now Beso. Deo Farms is deep into his OZ Kush project with Zoap. Now, he adds his other big project with The Y—this protean Cookie Fam strain that he got from breeder Jigga. Beso is Zoap x The Y Bx2, and if that sounds like algebra, welcome to a real breeding project. Zoap has a floral lye and creamy berry note. The Y powers Gary Payton Cereal Milk, where it amplifies the sweet body of the GSC family. Deo Farms is keeping Beso and all his work close, so watch out for fakes.

Picks of the dispensaries

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
(Sasha Beck/Leafly)

New on shelves

Planet Red

by Alien Labs, CA

Alien Labs Planet Red (David Downs:Leafly Large
Alien Labs Planet Red (David Downs/Leafly Large

Some of the newest from Alien Labs, Planet Red’s guaranteed to move quickly off shelves this fall. It’s a cross of Red Pop x Apples & Bananas #9. And I’ll be damned—it actually adds that red soda pop note of Red Pop to the Apples & Bananas strain. Faygo Red Pop came out eight years ago, but Washington breeder Exotic Genetix’s work with it really put it on the radar. Keep an eye out for more Red Pop crosses out there like Artificial Red. Alien Labs holds onto its top-shelf reputation with these jars of hot-hot new-new.

Burning up the charts


by Connected, CA

Connected RS-54 (David Downs/Leafly)
Connected RS-54 (David Downs/Leafly)

2023 might be the year of RS-54, aka Studio 54. Bred by Deo Farms, selected by Wizard Trees, and grown here by an indoor farm for Connected—this is hype in a jar. Don’t open this package in a coffee shop. Limey sherbert terps blast out to fill the room like some dance floor jam. RS-54 is legit party weed. To make the “RS” line—Deo Farms started with packs of Dying Breed OZ Kush, made some selections, and crossed them back together to get Pink Guava. Then, Deo added in some crowd favorite Sunset Sherbert. Wizard Trees selected the 11th and 54th plant from the RS pheno hunt and released RS-11 and RS-54. Wizard Trees also released clones of RS-54, starting a national wave that’s still building as we speak.


Ballin out


by Connected, CA

Connected Gelonade (David Downs/Leafly)
Connected Gelonade (David Downs/Leafly)

It’s not the talk of the moment, but we think one of our desert island strains might be Gelonade. Leave us on the beach with a pound of it, and everything else will take care of itself. This top-selling cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato is lemony, syrupy, sweet, thick, and flavorful. It’s great for a strong wake and bake, and goes well into the evening. Leafly reviews for Gelonade started in 2020, but the California brand Connected has been selling it since the medical days. It’s still a top-shelf splurge at the Area 41 dispensary in San Francisco, even as countless brands have commodified the cultivar. No worries—authentic, top-shelf Connected Gelonade keeps ballin’ out. 

Ballin’ on a budget


by Elyon, CA

Step aside, legal market haters. Elyon’s bag of Gelonade served solid terps at $22 an eighth out the door at The Bloom Room in Pacifica, CA. And the budtender said they weren’t going to last long. We smoked this budget Gelonade back to back with the baller cut (above), and we gotta say, it holds its own! The Lemon Tree and Gelonade terps stand up to rougher handling, and totally come through on this bag. Elyon is a 5 year-old value brand that grows in greenhouses in the wine country of Sonoma County, CA. You can also find Gelonade smalls for $99 a half-ounce from Connected, as well as other value buys.

High Note

(Sasha Beck/Leafly)
We end with something fuerte. (Sasha Beck/Leafly)

Lemon Trees live resin cart

by PaperPlanes Extracts, CA

Fly like paper. High like planes. Take our money, PaperPlanes. (Courtesy PaperPlanes Extracts)

Peak lemony syrup flavor and hybrid effects come from this new cartridge from the Grass Valley, CA cannabis brand PaperPlanes Extracts. PaperPlanes stands out for growing their own flavors in small batches, and flash-freezing freshly harvested buds on their property. PaperPlanes also does its live resin extraction on-site, so the whole process stays below -80C. This is single-source, fresh-frozen vape oil that’s de-waxed for smooth hit, and never contains fake flavors, or fillers. So when you’re wondering why it hits differently and feels better, now you know. 

And that’s what’s buzzing on my desk for Leafly Buzz this September. Sign up for the newsletter to never miss a Buzz. Up next in October is our annual Strains of Harvest. Good luck with the chop!

About Leafly Buzz

So good they steal it—the popular, monthly strain review roundup Leafly Buzz is in its third year. We report independently on the connoisseur cannabis conversation, focusing on strains and branded flower of the US west. Reporting includes:

  • review samples
  • dispensary shopping
  • grow visits
  • events
  • Leafly search data
  • staff and reader tips, and more

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Growers, breeders, brands, stores—got buzz for Leafly? We’re all ears. Email us.

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What Happens When You Combine Two Cannabis Strains




While you’ve probably smoked from a pipe or a bowl that had remnants from a different strain of weed, mixing two strains is not something people usually do, at least not as a first choice. Are you able to produce different highs when mixing two types of weed? Can you specially tailor a high by playing scientist? Some people believe you can. Some don’t.

Mixing strains together can boost cannabis’s much discussed entourage effect, that feeling when different elements of cannabis come together and produce a powerful high, much stronger than one you’d get when consuming a single cannabinoid by itself. The entourage effect is the reason why so many people claim that consuming one cannabinoid for relaxing or therapeutic effects is not as effective as consuming the entirety of the plant, terpenes and all.

If you’re after truly unique effects, mixing two strains together can do that, for better or worse. In any case, mixing two strains isn’t rocket science; while you could get a very strong high or something that puts you right to bed, nothing bad should happen, especially if the cannabis you purchased is good quality.

What you should do

What To Do If Your Marijuana Edibles Aren't Getting You How
Photo by Margo Amala via Unsplash

Stick to one product and use your common sense. If you’re smoking flower, choose two strains you like and pair them in equal parts. Don’t mix a vape with flower, or an edible with flower. Start off slow and reign in your creative monster. When prepping your bowl, care for your flower, placing it in glass containers and out of the sun, stored in a cool, dry place. This will preserve the plant’s terpenes and allow you to have fuller and better experience.

Which strains should you mix?

Should You Be Vaping Or Smoking Your Cannabis Flower?
Photo by Jeff W via Unsplash

RELATED: Does Marijuana Have An Expiration Date?

You should pair similar components, whether that’s flavors or effects. Ask around in your dispensary and you’re sure to come up with dozens of different pairings. When it comes to mixing weed, it’s a blank canvas. You can really do whatever you want.

What are you after?

15 Coronavirus Memes To Help You Laugh Through The Bad Times
Photo by bongkarn thanyakij via Pexels

RELATED: 4 Ways To Relieve A Marijuana Hangover

Ask yourself this question before you make your mix. Choose a strain you love and try to perfect it with something else. Are you after a couch-like indica effect that won’t knock you out instantly? Pair an indica with a hybrid that can help you kick up your high into something fun but still mellow.

Lastly, if you’re pairing two strong elements, be careful. When mixing two strains you’re opening yourself up to a completely new experience, one that’s more likely to result in something new but also a bad high, the type where you’re hyped up but also feel like sleeping for hours. Start off slow and ask questions in your dispensary. The point of it all is to have a good time and to try something new.

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