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7 best Washington weed brands you must try in 2023



Millions of Washington visitors and locals want to know: what are the best Washington weed farms in 2023?

Whether you’re on a business trip to Seattle, or a local trying to hack through the forest of the massive, mature market to find something with flavor that won’t let you down, we got you.

Leafly’s Pacific Northwest expert Will Hyde has spent years walking the fields, hitting the shops, picking up the phone, and packing bows to detail seven Washington farms you can count on for quality, flavor, and consistency.

Fifty Fold

(Courtesy Fifty Fold)
(Courtesy Fifty Fold)
  • Location: Spokane Valley, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 30 employees
  • Production: Less than 1,000 lb of cannabis per year

Fifty Fold is cultivated by a small team of passionate connoisseurs who prefer to let their flower do most of the talking. They’d rather spend their time obsessing over the sweet musk of Presidential Kush and the way their Slurricane expresses itself with a hint of sour grape funk.

Their nursery supports more than 60 unique strains in their genetic library allowing them to rotate through their lineup in a curated fashion with every harvest. Asking them to pick a favorite strain is like asking a parent which child is their favorite and to be fair you really can’t make a wrong decision when choosing between Fifty Fold jars. If you love dank skunky terps you can’t miss their GMO x Dosidos cross “GMO si do” with its sweet and savory profile.

Fifty Fold strains you have to try

  • Presidential Kush
  • Tropaya
  • Zazul

Where to find Fifty Fold

Fire Bros

Ice Cream Sherbert. (Photo by Alex Prindle Courtesy Fire Bros
Ice Cream Sherbert. (Photo by Alex Prindle Courtesy Fire Bros
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 45 employees
  • Production: 4,000 lb of cannabis per year

If you’ve smoked weed in Washington anytime over the last decade-plus you’ve likely come across Fire Bros. If not, it’s time to change that

Fire Bros is a Cup-winning legacy brand from Washington’s medical era that has been a staple in head stashes from Seattle to Spokane since well before I502 passed. One of the state’s first brands with a reputation for consistently producing quality flower with exceptional flavor combinations, like the blend of sweet fruit and gas of their award-winning Sour Pebbles from back in the day to the bright citrus fumes exploding from Lemon Slushee.

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With Fire Bros it’s always been about the little details. The care and attention to detail throughout their entire process—from pheno hunt through harvest—is what has helped their flower stand out from the rest for so many years.

In-house breeding projects and rigorous pheno hunting helps Fire Bros cultivate flowers that are uniquely their own and offer a refreshing alternative to some of the more common varieties that regularly populate dispensary menus.

Fire Bros strains you have to try

  • Crepe Ape
  • Lemon Slushee
  • Pineapple Pancakes

Where to find Fire Bros


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Lazy Bee Gardens

(Photo by Matt Bernhard, Courtesy Lazy Bee)
(Photo by Matt Bernhard, Courtesy Lazy Bee)
  • Location: Winthrop, WA
  • Grow style: Greenhouse Outdoor
  • Size: 8 -14 employees
  • Production: 2,000 – 3,000 lbs of cannabis per year

If award-winning sungrown cannabis is what you’re after Winthrop’s Lazy Bee Gardens will have you buzzing.

Lazy Bee Gardens’ award-winning sungrown gets outdoor-lovers buzzing.

Grown in the heart of Central Washington’s Methow Valley, Lazy Bee’s passion for crafting fragrant, flavorful flower is matched only by their efforts to maintain sustainable agricultural practices. They proudly boast one of the industry’s smallest environmental footprints. Which is especially impressive for a farm of Lazy Bee’s capacity. They maintain that their permaculture practices are better for the plant, planet, and ultimately the customer who gets to enjoy the results.

Lazy Bee’s strain offerings feature just about any flavor profile you might be after. From gas to fruit and everything in between. With classic strains like Blue Dream, DJ Short’s Blueberry, and Cherry Pie as well as their award-winning creations like Bacio Bars and Powder Hound, plus the two dozen other strains they keep in production.


Leafly Buzz: 14 top cannabis strains of February

Lazy Bee Gardens strains you have to try:

Where to find Lazy Bee Gardens

Plaid Jacket

Perfect Pair. (Photo by Annie Abbey, courtesy of Plaid Jacket)
Perfect Pair. (Photo by Annie Abbey, courtesy of Plaid Jacket)
  • Location: Tumwater, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 43 employees
  • Production: 5,000 lbs of cannabis per year

If we’re talking fresh and new, it doesn’t get much newer than Plaid Jacket. After hitting the market last year Plaid Jacket is already turning heads.

The first thing you’ll notice about Plaid Jacket is how well the brand puts together thoughtful, recyclable materials and packaging consciously protects the flower from light degradation.

The flower behind the glass looks and tastes just as impressive. The strain selection from Plaid Jacket defies the ordinary, featuring interesting genetic pairings like Emergency #9, an Orange Push Pop x Sunset Sherb cross, and obscure lineages with interesting names like Ethiopian Sky Cuddler Kush.

Plaid Jacket strains you have to try

Where to find Plaid Jacket


Payton's Pie. (Photo by Joshua Andersen, courtesy of Skord)
Payton’s Pie. (Photo by Joshua Andersen, courtesy of Skord)
  • Location: Battle Ground, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 16 Employees
  • Production: 2,600 lbs of cannabis per year

SKöRD sells out faster than most, so scoop those jars while you can! Chances are high it’s from a fresh drop.

There are several reasons why SKöRD sells out. First: their flavor. Rare terpene profiles and selective pheno hunting push the flavor palette of SKöRD strains in their unique direction with award-winning results, like with their Hidden Pastry cut.

If you’re a genetics nerd and like to follow specific breeders or strain lineages you’ll appreciate that SKöRD always attributes the parent strains and highlights the breeder on each jar.

Another reason to love SKöRD—their consistent quality no matter what product you enjoy. Their flower, hash rosin, PHO, and vape cartridges are always in such high demand because they consistently deliver a fresh and flavorful experience that stands out.

SKöRD strains you have to try

  • Animal Cocktail
  • Devine Kush Breath
  • Nightmare Cookies

Where to find SKöRD

Sky High Garden

Sky High Tropicanna Punch. (Photo by Phil Dozer, courtesy of Tropicanna Punch)
Sky High Tropicanna Punch. (Photo by Phil Dozer, courtesy of Tropicanna Punch)
  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 18 employees
  • Production: 1,300+ lb of cannabis per year

Sky High Gardens offers everything you could hope for from craft cannabis grown in the heart of Downtown Seattle. Beautiful frosty buds thoughtfully grown under energy-efficient LEDs without any pesticides. Sky High’s lineup of flowers presents an impressive range of strain options and flavor profiles to choose from. Each one with its unique label art.

Sky High CEO Phil Seda explains that at Sky High Gardens, craft means taking the extra care necessary to cultivate in small batches to produce flavor and effect miles above the rest.

That extra care shows itself in every hand-trimmed jar they release. While their consistent quality over the years has built a local legacy that people can count on. 

Some older budtenders will remember smoking their Blue Dream and Alien Asshat back in Washington’s medical era while those new to the brand might be more excited to hear about new strains like Apple Slapz or fresh product releases like their infused joints.

Sky High Gardens strains you have to try

  • Apple Rain
  • Mintmosa
  • Pineapple Chunk

Where to find Sky High Gardens


Hyphy. (Courtesy Torus)
Hyphy. (Courtesy Torus)
  • Location: Whidbey Island, WA
  • Grow style: Indoor
  • Size: 30 employees
  • Production: 2,500 lbs of cannabis per year

Torus also catches your eye with its clean design and thoughtful packaging. But once you unwrap the flower it’s easy to see the quality and care they put into every aspect of their products.

Torus sets itself apart from the pack with its cultivation style: deep water culture, a meticulous form of hydroponics that blends art with science to push a flower-first philosophy with eco-conscious practices.

Torus flower engages all of your senses with flavorful flowers that are often too pretty to break down. You will have a hard time trying to decide which one to try first but don’t stress. You’re in for some quality smoke no matter which strain you choose. Look for staples like their Trop Cookies and Grape GMO or try some of their more unique varieties like the new Hyphy strain they just dropped.

Torus strains you have to try

Where to find Torus

OK, those are 7 fabulous Washington cannabis farms—go forth and explore those terps!

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July 2024 Leafly HighLight: Gush Mints strain




After a long summer day, shut down your brain with the trendy, minty indica hybrid Gush Mints. Surging into the top 200 strains across America in just three years—Gush Mints gets smokers cooked, and it’s a beast in the garden. That’s a winning recipe for becoming a Leafly HighLight. Let’s soak in it. (This Leafly HighLight is powered by ILGM+Phylos Seeds.)

“This smells exactly how I want my weed to smell. It has that durban poison/ cookies gassy sweetness with like a vanilla pine,” said one reviewer.

Gush Mints makes reviewers feel sleepy, tingly, and hungry.

“I swear this is a hard indica. Helps with my insomnia and chronic back pain,” said one reviewer.

It’s going to have 20% THC or more, making it very strong for newbies, who could get dizzy, nervous, and even a little headachey. Reviewers find it maximally calming, which we could all use in an election year.

“The effect really reminds me of Hindu Kush,” said one reviewer.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Who’s got Gush Mints? Best Gush Mints in the US

A field of Gush Mints returns this harvest. (Courtesy Honeydew Farms)

Gush Mints grows like a beast in the garden, which helped it take over the nation over the last few years. The huge supply means lower prices on Gush Mints coast to coast.

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In Northern California, you can get bulk half-ounces of Gush Mints for $85 from Pacific Reserve. Eighths run $30 from Cru. Gush Mints dumps hash, so grab the Nasha brand pressed Gush Mints for $30 a gram. Los Angelenos, grab top-shelf Gush Mints from Northern Emeralds for $48 per eighth.

Portlanders in Oregon have 190 Gush Mints options: top-shelf Oregon Roots flower, Single Origin cartridge, or Higher Cultures live rosin.

Michigan is catching the Gush Mints wave with Gush Mints diamonds extract

Out in New York, Gush Mints flower is on shelves from Alchemy Pure, Grassroots, and Curaleaf.

Al Capone Wraps have become the number one natural leaf wrap in the US and are the only double-bonded self-sealing cellulose wraps in the market, guaranteeing an easy-to-roll and slow-burn experience. 

You deserve a wrap that is a cut above the rest. Made with love for blunt aficionados, these wraps are like little presents, each one wrapped up to keep things fresh, pre-cut to perfection, and boasting a double leaf for a laid-back burn and self-sealing sugar strip offering a clean and sweet sealant for your wraps. Available in Original, Cognac, and Rum flavors, you can snag them online or at your local spot. Treat your blunt right!

Gush Mints seeds

(Courtesy Honeydew Farms)

Gush Mints comes from the Oakland, CA breeder and cloner Purple City Genetics—which has been at it since before legalization. PCG made the strain with Seed Junky Genetics’ game-changing Kush Mints wedded to the rare F1 Durb, and the successful modern strain Gushers (aka TK41). Each strain added mint flavor, vigor, or sweetness—respectively. Gush Mints will take over your garden. 

Has been a pleasure growing. Strain is voracious and very thirsty.

Leafly reviewer

Get the Gush Mints seeds in California dispensaries for 6 for $70, and the clone in Oregon stores.

PCG also sells its newest versions of Gush Mints crosses. We see Gush Mints from North Atlantic Seed Co, as well.

For something with more gas, check out the ILGM+Phylos Rocket Juice auto.

Gush Mints awards

Gush Mints comes from winning stock—whether it is the Kush Mints, the F1 Durb parent of GSC, or Gushers. In 2023, a Gush Mints 1:1 CBD took second place for its category at the California State Fair Cannabis Awards.


California State Fair’s cannabis award winners 2024 and how to smoke them

Gush Mints terpenes

Gush Mints reeks of the essential oils that cannabis produces—called terpenes. Chief among them: limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Those three help explain some of the sweetness and gassiness of Gush Mints, but we’re still learning more about what causes weed’s smells, tastes, and effects.

Other highlights this July 2024

Can’t buy our HighLight? Don’t cry, dry your eyes—with three related or seasonal picks.

Rocket Juice auto

(Courtesy ILGM+Phylos)

The groups ILGM and Phylos made an automatically flowering strain out of Seed Junky Genetics’ Gas FaceRocket Juice auto. It’s gassy, it’s glistening, and it should be pretty easy and rewarding in the garden any time of year.

Lemon Fresh auto

(Courtesy ILGM+Phylos)

Jungle Spice x Gorilla Diesel #3 unites in this automatic Lemon Fresh from ILGM+Phylos. This sativa hybrid grows tall, finishes fast, and delivers lemon terps and energetic effects.

Modified Grapes

Dallas Growers Club Modified Grapes 2023 (David Downs/Leafly)
Modified Grapes. Indica hybrid. 2022. Grown by Dallas Growers Club, Oregon. (David Downs/Leafly)

If you like heavy yielders in the garden like Gush Mints—look at Purple Punch crosses. Modified Grapes is GMO x Purple Punch for a grape, berry, honey taste, and relaxingly frisky effects. It shares two of three top terps with Gush Mints and grows plentiful across the country. 

And there’s your July 2024 Leafly HighLight. Go out and crush each day, then kick back and puff on something that’s tasty and restful. It’ll all go by quickly.

Hey, what’s ‘Leafly HighLight’?

Cannabis dispensaries can sell more than 200 types of flower. It’s overwhelming. Leafly HighLight cures choice paralysis with a monthly deep dive into a top 200, national cannabis strain you should smoke. We combine:

  • Leafly Strain Database search data
  • dispensary menu data
  • dispensary visits
  • and smoke sessions

Then we select one cultivar that pairs with the season and mood. That’s Leafly HighLight.

Read past Leafly HighLight columns.

We’re copywritten, so don’t copy us.

Like Leafly HighLight? Fave this post, leave a nice comment and order some trees on Leafly.

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California State Fair’s cannabis award 2024 winners guide




The future keeps happening in California first—this time with world-class weed in the most mainstream setting of all: The state fair.

In late June, the California State Fair started notifying the winners of its Cannabis Awards, organized by Embarc. The medal holders on the podium represent the peak of the craft of cannabis flowers, extracts, and edibles in 2024. 

The best part: You get to go out and smoke ‘em.

This year the state fair adds an on-site smoking section for the first time, as well as a place to buy the weed. Past fairs lacked full-service amenities—but nobody puts Mary Jane in the corner. She’s front and center now.

Even better, you can shop the state’s 1,000-plus stores and delivery services for the winning brand today. Like, right now. Remember: winning batches of weed are like sunsets—you get one chance and it’s gone forever. So savor them.

Here’s how to get all the good-good before it’s all gone.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

LANTZ vape pen

Ridgeline Farms + Arcata Fire

Arcata Fire + Ridgeline LANTZ all-in-one pen. (Courtesy Arcata Fire)
Arcata Fire + Ridgeline LANTZ all-in-one pen. (Courtesy Arcata Fire)

The best of Emerald Triangle flower, and extract skills unite in this gold medal vape pen. Ridgeline Farms has dominated the Emerald Cup with their Ridgeline Runtz, and in-house cross LANTZ. Arcata Fire has set the bar for extracts out of Eureka.

No surprise that this small-batch, top-shelf brand stays hard to find statewide—whether it’s on Leafly, a competitor, store websites and beyond. The best stuff sells itself. Your best bet is to get to the California State Fair weed mall and smoke zone for some direction.

Also, Arcata Fire sells the Gold Medalist vapes plus three more bangers in person on 7/10 in San Francisco, CA at Moe Greens dispensary and lounge at 5 p.m. So RSVP for SF Hash Week day 1, organized by your humble editor.

Ridgeline LANTZ. (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)
Ridgeline LANTZ. (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)

Ridgeline Farms flower is on sale at Bay Area spots like Mission Organics, 7 Stars, and Cookies.

Down in LA, check Cornerstone Wellness Varda and Kings Crew.

Pink Boost Goddess

Emerald Spirit Botanicals

Emerald Spirit Botanicals - Pink Boost Goddess (David Downs/Leafly)
Emerald Spirit Botanicals – Pink Boost Goddess outdoor full sun; via Solful. (David Downs/Leafly)

Get this high-THCV, floral, sativa from Eureka Sky, Solful, and 7 Stars in the Bay Area. In San Diego, hit up California Holistics for the “Farm Cut” of it, and keep it like a farmer would, with the protective sugar leaves still on. Look for Pink Boost Goddess.



Piescream at SF Weed Week 2024. (David Downs/Leafly)
Piescream at SF Weed Week 2024. (David Downs/Leafly)

The best stuff is often comes in batches of less than 10 pounds, or 1,000 jars. That rarity is part of the fun of weed connoisseurship. San Francisco-based Snowtill an indoor soil grower who came up from the traditional market validated his hype with a California State Fair medal this June.

Snowtill got a Gold Medal for highest-testing terpene Pinene for the strain Piescream, bred by Mean Gene from Mendocino, and hunted by Skunktek. It’s Wedding Pie x (Cherry Limeade x Gelato 33).

A search for Snowtill on Leafly turns up jars at 7 Stars, Richmond, CA, and Zen Garden, Stockton, CA. The deep East Bay puffs tough.

Hash Burger

Moon Valley 

Hashburger. From the GMO family. Indica hybrid. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)
Hashburger. From the GMO family. Indica hybrid. (Ryan Herron/Leafly)

North Bay, CA indoor soil growers Moon Valley took home a second year’s Silver for THCA with their Leafly favorite strain Hash Burger. Savory terps for the win. Moon Valley is small-batch and sells fast. But shop for other Hashburgers around you.

Rank Rose

Coco Farms Antioch

A new one for us, Rank Rose, comes from Coco Farms in Antioch, CA, and you can buy it directly from them. Rank Rose took a Gold Medal, and comes from Pacific Reserve nursery, bred by Massive Creations. It’s a super-rare, potent balanced THC:CBD strain.

OK—that’s five leads on the best weed in the biggest, most important weed state in the world. New York, the ball is in your court. Invite us to the Coney Island Cannabis Awards.

Riff OG

Ember Valley

Shasta, CA based large-scale indoor grower Ember Valley took home Silver for the gassiest strain in the state—that is, the one with the most of the essential oil caryophyllene. We see Ember Valley on sale on Leafly from Herb in LA, as well as Bay Care, and 7 Stars in the Bay Area. You can go buy Riff OG at Purple Star, or Off the Charts in San Francisco this afternoon.

Bred by Prolific Coast Seeds. Riff OG combines two OG Kushes—(Fire OG x Scott’s OG) x PCS1.

About the California Cannabis Awards

The Cal State Fair cannabis awards took entries through May 20 and used industry expert judges with the group Budist. SC Labs did the flower testing, as in year’s past. There are 16 categories.

  • More than 1000 Gold and Silver Medals go to the top two winners in each Chemotype and Product Category.
  • Nine “Best of California” Golden Bear Trophies go to the overall winner in each Category.
  • Specialty Awards include Unique Medals for rare and distinctive cannabinoid/terpene profiles in Flower categories.


All of 2023’s Cannabis Cup winners and where to buy them

“Budist provided a panel of cannabis experts to objectively assess the quality and craftsmanship of each new product entry, as well as, determine the Golden Bear winners for all 9 categories.”

We’ll post the full winners list when it comes out, and more direction to the heaters.

For even more winners peep out Leafly Buzz columns, 2023’s cup winners and where to find them.

And become the judge by reading our Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024, and getting in on the People’s Choice Cups.


Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024

The Fair’s “California Cannabis Experience” opens daily from July 12-28 for fair attendees 21 and over.

Smoking is allowed starting July 14 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. See full Schedule for details. Awards ceremony is on July 27th.

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Works of Fire: America’s best cannabis for 4th of July 2024




Whether it’s rockets that land themselves, miraculous medical breakthroughs, or Beyonce—America stays winning no matter how much the haters hate.

On the country’s 248th birthday, those wins extend to cannabis freedoms as well. Stoners worldwide envy our 24 full legalization states and new ones in the pipeline. Ohio’s first legal sales occur this June. Floridians get to vote to end prohibition this November. Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and the Dakotas are fighting for weed freedoms. The country’s 40 million or so past-month weed smokers have more potent, pure, new flavors and modes of cannabis to choose from than ever in 2024 from Washington state to the beaches of Miami.

July 4th has become the third biggest sales period in the year, after 4/20 and the pre-Christmas stock-up. You need pre-rolls for popping out of the club. You need all-in-one vape pens to sneak a toke while camping with the cousins. You need edibles to rest up after way too much fun.

America’s fine dispensaries stand ready to serve. We surveyed the landscape for new flavors and certified classics to enjoy from 12 legal states. Jump down to picks for your area.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly


Red Bubblegum

Fig Farms

Fig Farms' new Red Bubblegum. (Courtesy Fig Farms)
Fig Farms’ new Red Bubblegum. (Courtesy Fig Farms)

The flavor of red gum, strawberry soda, and pink Mike & Ikes comes out in Fig Farms’ new Red Bubblegum. A cross of (White Runtz x Jet Fuel Gelato) x Zeclair—this hybrid indica goes great with an afternoon flick or some other chillax time. Fig Farms bred and hunted this variety from seed, and it leads off an epic lineup for Fig Farms in California, Illinois, and beyond.

Baby Turtle

Khalifa Kush

Khalifa Kush Baby Turtle. (Courtesy Khalifa Kush)
Khalifa Kush Baby Turtle. (Courtesy Khalifa Kush)

America’s chief weed rapper Wiz Khalifa focuses on that GAS with the new Baby Turtle—a cross of a Jokerz #31 variety to classic Khalifa Kush. For lovers of OG Kush and other green gas strains, expect a uniquely acidic fuel, with subtle notes of the earthy, lemon, and pine. Baby Turtle comes from indica hybrids for a relaxing, well-rounded high, tailored for an end-of-day session that will kick-start your night.

See also: A Golden State San Fernando Valley OG Kush, and Solful brand Headband.

Shop highly rated dispensaries near you

Showing you dispensaries near

See all dispensaries

Tropical Z


Connected brand Tropical Z. (Courtesy Connected)
Connected brand Tropical Z. (Courtesy Connected)

California’s biggest brand when you add in Alien Labs has a new flagship summer sativa—Tropical Z. Punchy and sweet, Connected Tropical Z comes from Xeno x (Grand Daddy Purple Tom Hill Haze) #9, and has a lot of limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene for the tart, dank, fuel smell. It conjures orange zest, island fruit, and shaved ice. Connected calls it, “a prime example of an excellently engineered sativa dominant strain. Perfect for staying focused and getting things done without leaving you feeling paranoid or overly caffeinated. Perfect for daytime and late-night use.”

See also: A Golden State Hawaiian Headband; Kanha Minis; White Plum Mochi blunt by Teds Budz

Kanha's new Minis. (Courtesy Kanha)
Kanha’s new Minis. (Courtesy Kanha)


Michigan cannabis sales have overtaken much larger California, due to much lighter government regulations. It’s another example of that Don’t Tread on Me energy that cannabis reformers have brought to the Midwest. There’s too much good stuff in Michigan and the weather is perfect. Check out:

Crude Boys Garlic Funk

BLK MKT Jealousy

Grown Rogue Super Boof flower

Glacier Cannabis Dante’s Inferno

Mac Farms Melonade live rosin disposable

Baby Jeeter infused Fire OG

Detroit Edibles Cinnamon Toast crispy treat


Beachtime Betties. (Courtesy Betty's Eddies)
Beachtime Betties. (Courtesy Betty’s Eddies)

After several years of mass-produced mids, Massachusetts is experiencing its first golden age of craft, high-end cannabis growers. We hit up Rolling Releaf’s Devin Alexander for strain selections including the Tower Three Cold Snap preroll. PAX has seasonal live rosin pods of the award-winning new Blue Lobster

For hash—check out the Blue River Terps Watermelon Mimosa cold-cure, and Nature’s Heritage Ebony Ivory live diamonds and sauce. (“Terps” is short for terpenes—the aromatic essential oils in weed.)

For edibles, some bangers include the Lost Farm Ice Cream Cake x Island Punch chews and the Beachtime Betty’s Strawberry Lemonade 1:1 Chews

New York

New York has a handful of stores open in the New York City area with more coming online every week. The first indoor flower is coming soon. Until then, New York has some solid extract and edible options like:  

PAX Grapefruit Haze rosin pod

Ghost brand Banana Ghost live rosin cart

1906 Go chocolate-covered coffee beans

Rove Maui Wowie hash-infused pre-roll


Maryland had probably the most successful East Coast legal cannabis launch of all time, with a bunch of stores flipping to adult-use. Plenty of planning and stockpiling, as well as a clear launch schedule, meant that prices never surged and supplies never ran dry. Here’s a product spotlight:

Orange Drizzle 510 thread cart

Evermore Concentrations

These live resin vape carts from Baltimore-based Evermore bring together a hybrid of (Mimosa x Wedding Cake) for daytime fun. This strain hits the palate much like an orange upside-down cake with a confectionary front end and an orange tang lingering note. Rosin carts are nice, but this butane extract has great flavor, full stop. If you like California’s Holy Water or Coldfire Juice, you will be pleased with these options right in their backyard.  The cart has 5.6% CBG for an anti-inflammatory effect. The label also boasts a staggering 9.1% terpenes, with a lot of β-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and β-Myrcene. It makes for a euphoric vibe that hits right in the eyes with a regular dose of puffs. The complete experience of ordering this cart through RISE Bethesda’s delivery service, throwing it on the battery, and feeling the energetic buzz was so seamless, that it’s an easy recommendation for the types of busy patients who would benefit most. (Max Blickstein)

See also:

Curio Rum Pie flower

District cannabis Beach Cake

Nature’s Heritage Chocolatina bubble hash

Fade Co Mule Fuel pre-rolls for that kick to the head


Get out onto that scenic, lush Oregon coast this summer, and don’t forget the world’s most affordable, diverse, and professional weed products. Oregon rocks rarities like Cosmic Treehouse Franco’s Lemon Cheese. It has endless amounts of quality extracts like Happy Cabbage Spritzer live rosin. And don’t forget the Wyld Strawberry Lemonade gummy or the Magic Number Ginger Beer.



Freddy’s Fuego

Freddy's Fuego Kawazaki. (Courtesy Freddy's Fuego)
Freddy’s Fuego Kawazaki. (Courtesy Freddy’s Fuego)

Throttle up on the candy-gas terps with the latest from Washington—Kawazaki by Freddy’s Fuego. This strain brings together Z, Runtz, and RS-11. That’s like the whole candy terp movement in a nug, courtesy of Grounded Genetics. It’s a new staple in the large-scale indoor flower brand Freddy’s Fuego lineup. Fans voted it in the brand’s latest strain tryout contest called The Hunt.

Also good in Washington:

Torus Rainbow Berries

Unicorn Piss infused pre-roll

Galactic Cherry Runtz live resin preroll


America’s oldest legal cannabis market enters its summer high season with ample hiking opportunities and tons of events like shows at Red Rocks. Colorado has perfected classics on offer like Natty Rems Super Lemon Haze as well as new candy terps like Veritas Farms Shock Tart and weird savory hype strains like iion brand Pot Roast. For hash, don’t miss the Green Dot Labs Black Maple, or the local brand Dialed In gummies Zeeta Pizz.


The Land of Lincoln puts another punishing winter in the closet and gets out along the lakes and trails this July. More and more top-tier strains and brands have made the state shine. Here are two standouts.

Cherry Stomper

Ivy Premium

Delight in the cherry pie aroma of Ivy Premium’s Cherry Stomper. With long-lasting effects and a delightful hint of gas. This relaxing strain, a cross between Cherry Pie and Grape Stomper, offers a mood-elevating experience with notes of pine and cinnamon. With a terpene profile featuring B-caryophyllene, B-myrcene, A-pinene, and linalool, this flower is a flavorful treat for cannabis enthusiasts. (Hannah Vysoky)

Jelly Roll

Ivy Premium

With its dark purple buds coated in glimmering trichomes, it exudes a musky, fruity aroma reminiscent of spreading jam on toast. The flavor profile includes hints of candy with a lingering cinnamon and orange aftertaste. Offering a medium-level intensity, this strain delivers a heady haze perfect for unwinding. Comprising terpenes like B-caryophyllene, B-myrcene, Limonene, and Linalool, it’s a sensory delight for cannabis enthusiasts seeking relaxation and euphoria.

(Hannah Vysoky)


(Courtesy Timeless vapes)
(Courtesy Timeless vapes)

Just across the bridge from Kansas City, Kansas lies Kansas City, Missouri—the midwest’s new legal weed bastion. Missouri boasts deli-style buying where you can stick your nose in a massive jar, plus they have drive-through options that would make Californians envious. Every day, Missouri gets further up the learning curve on fire flowers. Check out the Illicit brand Catalina Wine Mixer with your new best friend, and don’t miss the Cookies banger Apples & Bananas. Timeless vapes has the hot Z flavor Peach Ringz, and Select has these crazy Squeeze water enhancer drops in flavors like Peach Tea. So low-profile!

New Jersey

Ridgeline Lantz (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)
Ridgeline LANTZ is Green Lantern x Ice Cream Cake x Runtz. (Courtesy Ridgeline Farms)

Just across the river from New York, but with a world more options—New Jersey stands ready to take it to the shore with the nation’s top brands. Cookies brings Humboldt to Jersey with Ridgeline’s award-winning Runtz cross Lantz. Another key player is the Cookies Gary Payton. For edibles, the top brand Kynd has the top strain in edible form, Lemon Cherry Gelato. Also, Gron has 2:1 Tangelo Pearls. And Verano has Swift Lifts Motorbreath pre-rolls for grabbing and going.

New Mexico

One of America’s newest legal weed states heats up for its first proper pot girl summer with  Wyld Raspberry Sativa Gummies and Dixie Brand Half and Half tea and lemonade. Hash heads should check out the Couchlock Live Hash Rosin Blueberry Muffins, and the Ghost brand Ghost Train x Iced Grapes hash hole. If you’re feeling like an adventure, put the West Coast Toad strain by Tyson 2.0 in your lungs.

And that is some serious works of fire for the Independence Day break! Rest up, because when you get back—Uncle Sam needs you to play your part in this experiment in self-government.

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