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America’s best bongs for the Big Game and beyond



It’s game time—do you have everything ready? The wings. The nachos. And plenty of ice for the bong.

We love our bongs almost as much as our favorite team. We collect them, splurge on them, and even gift them. Joints are great, but a good bong combines the fun of a session and the joy of a personal experience. Think of it as the weed equivalent of when you get cupcakes at a birthday party. With bong rips, one nug can put the whole crew on cloud nine, and we’ve all seen someone get tossed right into the pool after a good rip from the tube. 

Nothing brings the team together like passing the bong around, but if you’re going to have everything set up before the coin toss, you’d better make some room on that credit card. Because a good water pipe costs a little more than that honey-baked ham. Leafly’s experts have put together a list of eight super bongs to celebrate food, friends, and football. 

Swiss Perc

(Courtesy Swiss Perc)
(Courtesy Swiss Perc)

It’s hard to get people’s eyes off the TV when there’s a game on. We’re sure this will do the trick. Since premiering in 2007, the Swiss Perc bong has dropped jaws with its modern, avant-garde cheese-like center. Blown out of Swiss Perc Studios in Raleigh, NC, this has become a high watermark for glass enthusiasts. Available in five sizes ranging from micro to XXL. Looking at it, you’d think it’s supposed to stay on a table like a functional statue, but the swooped neck enriches your experience when sitting down on a couch, making it a perfect creation for a modern gameday. One hit off a Swiss Perc will offer your guests more than just a bong toke. It’ll give them an experience, regardless of who wins or loses. ($1,500 for a 17.5” full-size, available at or through their authorized retailers)

Sarita Glass

What about a bong that blends into a more natural environment? With fourteen years of glassblowing under her belt, Ashland Oregon’s Sarita Glass has developed a hand-painted decorative style that reminds me of brightly colored tiles from Mexico. Her bongs feature the shapes of flowers, cacti, and succulents that almost appear real. Bust one of these out, and everyone is sure to go crazy for this heady handoff. When you pass one of these around the room, make sure not to put it down by an actual cactus, or your guests might grab the wrong one and be in for an unexpected mouthful. You can see her work in the upcoming Puffco Proxy glass show. (prices around $650, available at or Primal Glass

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Bird and Mouse Glass

(Courtesy Bird and Mouse Glass)
(Courtesy Bird and Mouse Glass)

Going for that vintage aesthetic? For the last two years, this young woman from Kansas has been pouring through stacks of glass from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s to create chic and retro upcycled smokeware. If you’ve got a party place full of classic furniture, this Bird and Mouse bong ties the whole room together. Sourced from antique stores and vintage resellers, she transforms each piece like a sculptor. Looks perfect on your bar cart or next to a stack of vinyl records. These one-of-a-kind creations get posted to Instagram and are available by dibs only. Speaking on Instagram, don’t be surprised if you’re guests have trouble passing because they’re busy posting shots online. (prices vary, available through @birdandmouseglass on Instagram)


(Stundenglass party dabs like it’s 2023. Courtesy Stundenglass)
Stundenglass party dabs like it’s 2023. (Courtesy Stundenglass)

If you don’t recognize this futuristic gravity bong from Instagram or Youtube, you might have caught it recently alongside Selena Gomez on HBO max. Developed by an ex-Apple employee, it may look like a giant rotating pill, but it’s the world’s first contactless bong. Flip once, and it pulls the smoke into the lower chamber. Flip twice and watch it use gravity to push the smoke at you. Grab the hookah attachment to aim it at multiple people and get the entire room lit with one or two bowls. This modern take on an old-school varsity bong can pair with the GPen Hyer to transform into a gravity rig or with the wood attachment so you can smoke oysters! For real. Now available in polished silver. ($799 available at


Best glass pipes, bongs, bubblers of the holidays ’22

NES Glass

America’s top bongs for the Big Game and beyond include Stundenglass, Mota, NES, Mobius, and more. (Courtesy NES)
Chic beaker. (Courtesy NES)

Why do bongs always gotta be bigger and more elaborate? A tasteful, detailed party bong anchors the living room table. When you’ve got a group all gathered around the screen, you need a portable piece-de-resistance. NES Glass blows mini-tubes so visually rich it’ll take your eyeball’s breath away. These 5 to 7-inch works of art are bound to sit in someone’s lap for a good four minutes as they try not to get lost in the patterns and colors. Described as “an OG in the game” by one of our favorite glass shops, he’s been blowing glass for 11 years and currently resides in sunny San Diego. (Prices range between $250-550, most recent drop available through The Cave Smokeshop 

Mobius Glass

Tell me you collect glass without telling me you collect glass. When you fire up a freshie from this Central California glassblower, the chugging rips and uncomplicated sophistication impresses novice glass fans and will make you the envy of your bong buddies. With 23 years of crushing the game, you can find models with crazy color work, but the most attainable from the collection are these beautiful, straightforward bongs which make his intricate, colorful bowls positively pop. OR, you can go the techie route and pair it with one of his innovative snaptrap bowls which separate the dry ash as you inhale and keeps your bongwater clean in case you forgot to change it before everyone came over. (Prices range from $500 to $650, and color bowls from $130-170. New bowls and snaptraps drop Feb. 10 on

Mota Glass

(Courtesy Mota glass)
(Courtesy Mota glass)

Things get pretty heated during the last half of any competition. When the dip runs low, and hands start to get sloppy as the clock ticks down, you don’t always feel like passing around the fancy glass. Those classic glass beakers and straight tubes are life savers during a party. Buying American-made glass can be tricky once you start looking at larger producers who can offer entry-level pricing, but Mota glass provides value you can trust and enjoy. Made in Los Angeles by a collective of blowers, their name stands for Minorities for Opportunities Transparency and Accountability in cannabis. Co-Founders Susie Plasencia and Bobby Lady created the brand to address the mass importation of overseas glass products and give people a bong they can believe in. ($170-260 average price, available at

Puffco BUDSY

Technically a bubbler—but we’ll allow it…. (Courtesy Puffco)
Hydro homie: Puffco’s Budsy bong looks like a Nalgene bottle. (Courtesy Puffco)

Heading out instead of hosting? Keep your rips under the radar with Budsy. Larger than Puffco’s Cupsy, this water bottle-size travel bong can deliver lung-busting hits, even in a parking lot. Under the sipper lid, you’ll find a pull-out ceramic bowl. The silicon showerhead-style diffuser into the water helps cool and filter big rips. When you’re done passing around this marijuana MVP, flip the top, and the only way they’ll know you’ve scored is by your end-zone dance. ($45 available at$65 Collab with Eighteen East available at


Also technically a bubbler—but very hype. (Courtesy Puffco)
Also technically a bubbler—but very hype. (Courtesy Puffco)

Proxy owners can also pass the team spirit around thanks to Puffco’s new Droplet attachment. Turning your electronic hash pipe into a hash bong is as easy as a flick of the wrist. The clean, modern design is just as comfortable looking on your smoking table as next to a carafe of fresh lemonade. ($124.99 available at

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Matt Jackson

Writer and designer Matt Jackson started in the California cannabis industry in 2004. Jackson holds a BA in Creative Writing from Humboldt State University. His work has appeared in Leaf Magazine, SF Station, Skunk Magazine, and the North Coast Journal.

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Mother’s Day weed gift guide 2024




Mother’s Day is pretty much here, and we know you’d never forget to shower your mom with love and affection on her big day. But just in case you’re stumped for gift ideas, we’ve got a round-up of lovely, practical, relaxing weed accessories that are perfect for cool moms everywhere.

Below $40

Edie Parker Grinder & Storage Case

(Courtesy Edie Parker)

If your cannabis-loving mom is on Instagram, chances are high that she’s pining for something from the super-fashionable flower accessory brand, Edie Parker. Make her dreams come true with this handy dandy grinder, which comes in six super-juicy color combos. $15 from Edie Parker.

Broccoli Magazine Subscription

For moms who love to read with their weed, check out Broccoli Magazine. It’s quirky, thoughtful, and fun—ie, the ideal reading material for a stony afternoon. A subscription buys mom two issues, one in April and one in October, of this coffee-table-worthy publication. $39 from Broccoli.

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

(Courtesy Kush Queen)

With this fizzy chamomile, sandalwood, and lavender-scented CBD bath bomb, you’ll have mom saying, “Kush Queen, take me away!” Designed for maximum relaxation, these bath bombs are made from cannabinoids, essential oils, and pure olive oil, and they’re available in three dosages, including CBD and CBD/THC. $16 from Kush Queen.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Tetra Queue Stick Lighter

(Courtesy Tetra)

Trust this elder millennial mother of two when she tells you this: Your mom would love a lighter that looks exactly like a tube of Great Lash Mascara. This one, from Tetra, is a big step up from her usual Bic, and since it’s so unique, no one will dare snatch it from her. $30 from Tetra.

Blazy Susan Shorty Pink Pre-Rolled Cones

(Courtesy Blazy Susan)

Why roll one joint for your dear old mom when you can roll her a dozen? With these pre-rolled cones, Mom will be smoking in style in no time. The 53mm size is perfect for a little of ‘me time’ Mom so desperately needs, and most importantly, they’re pink! Just load ‘em up and go! $4.99 from Blazy Susan.

Chill Mode Cannabis Seed Oil Eye Gels

(Courtesy Patchology)

These moisturizing eye patches made with cannabis sativa seed oil and tea leaves will have Mom’s tired eyes feeling blissed out in no time. These are perfect for in-flight wearing. Instead of the usual slightly scary post-flight puffy face, Mom will be radiant and refreshed, ready to hit the ground running. $15 from Patchology.

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Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen

(Courtesy Chronicle Books)

Mom loves cooking with herbs, so you know she’ll love cooking with her favorite herb of all. Packed with recipes for the cannabis-curious cook, “Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen” is a great place to start for folks who are new to cooking with cannabis. $18.55 from

$40 and above

The Grateful Dead x G Pen Dash Vaporizer

(Courtesy Gpen)

If Mom’s a total Head then you can bet she’ll be stoked to cop this Grateful Dead-emblazoned vaporizer from G Pen. Lightweight and relatively discrete (as discreet as something with a Stealie on it can be), the Dash fits neatly in Mom’s pocket, and unlike you, she’ll actually remember to take it out before doing laundry. $49.95 (Sale Price) from G Pen

Pure Beauty Sativa Babies

(Courtesy Pure Beauty)

Mom loves all her babies, but if you force her to choose a favorite, she just might pick these pre-rolled Sativa baby joints from Pure Beauty. Each 3.5g joint is pre-rolled with a Cali-grown tropical-tasting Sativa blend for Mom’s enjoyment. $50 from Pure Beauty.

G Pen Micro+

Give Mom a head start on “Oil Day” July 10 with this leading low-profile affordable dab pen. The number “710” spells “oil” upside down. Just scoop in a gram of extract like a live resin glob, and grip it and rip it for big clouds, and tons of flavor and effect in a tiny package. $74.95 from Grenco.

Wandering Bud Bubble Collection Nebula

(Courtesy Studenglass)

Is it a pipe? Is it art? It’s both, my friends, and Mother, a lover of beautiful things, deserves to add this bubble-glazed nebula pipe to her collection. The pipe is designed for your fingers to rest comfortably in the grooves, whether your right-handed or left-handed, making this an ideal equal-opportunity bowl for entertaining a crowd. $90.00 from Wandering Bud.

$100 and up

The Nesting Set From Gossamer

(Courtesy Gossamer)

Your mom is a master at mutli-tasking, and so is this nesting set. It includes a one-hitter, a pipe, and an ashtray, all in an eye-candy jadeite colorway that any mom would love. Mom can keep it neat and discreet by packing up everything under the set’s lid, or display it proudly on the coffee table for all to admire. $110 from Gossamer.

Snugbox Celestial Stash Box

(Courtesy Snugbox)

Mom loves it when everything is put away nicely, so give her a beautiful caboodle for her stash. The super luxe ultra-suede wrapped stash box includes two locks for maximum security and allows mom to charge her devices while they’re safely stowed. Best of all, this smell-proof beauty can pass even Mom’s sniff test. $159.00 from Snugbox.

Stündenglass Kompact Gravity Infuser

(Courtesy Studenglass)

Mom’s book club is about to get way more lit with this modern version of a gravity bong from Stundenglass. You load the water, load the weed, flip the tumbler and smoke blasts into your face. The smaller “Kompact” gravity infuser comes in pink, and is going to infuse your couch with gravity, so don’t make big plans. $599.95 from Stundenglass.

And that’s 14 weedy ideas to get you started thinking about how to honor and celebrate the cool moms who smoke in your life. Time’s running low, so get on it now.

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Leafly Picks: Best papers, pipes, and bongs for 4/20 2024




Fun fact: 4/20 2024 is a palindrome, man! That means it works forward and backwards—just like a grinder. Woah.

Anyhoo, you can’t 4/20 without the right gear. And every year presents a kaleidoscopic array of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes, and fuzzy cloth stuff. Scan along for something dope that you can take a shining too.

Anyhoo, you can’t 4/20 without the right gear. And every year presents a kaleidoscopic array of papers, metal grinders, glass pipes, and fuzzy cloth stuff. Scan along for something dope that you can take a shining too.

Affordable picks:

Elements King Size Slim Ultra-Thin

(Courtesy The Cave)

Don’t play the envy game: All you need is a $3 pack of Elements, a cheap grinder, and some weed to have fun on 4/20. We like the Elements King Size Slim Ultra Thin with the Artesano Magnetic enclosure. The roll-feel in our hands is just right and the rice paper burns very innocuously.

‘The Cali’ 3-Gram Cone from Vibes

(Courtesy The Cave)

April 20 is all about THC maximalism and that includes huge “doinks”—or very large marijuana joints. Few have the skill to roll up 3 grams of flower like a pro. But anyone can pack a Vibes 3-gram “cone” dubbed The Cali. Legal weed means cheaper weed and bigger joints. It’s that simple. 

What you gonna put in those papers?

How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Santa Cruz Shredder – Hemp Grinder – 2-piece Lime Green

(Courtesy The Cave)

Save your money and tears on 4/20—roll out with the lightweight hemp grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder. It’s just $12.95, more eco-conscious and lime freaking green so no one can confuse it with theirs. Plus, if you do lose it, you’re out just $13 dollars. Upgrade to steel in Matte Pink for $36.50, or the skater collab 4-piece for $79.95.

”Weed: Smoke It, Eat It, Grow It, Love It” by Ellen Holland

Friend of Leafly and plants, High Times editor in chief Ellen Holland is back with updates to her superb book “Weed”, coming out -refreshed for 4/20. Everything just got prettier and cooler. Just $14.99.

Cookies Bite Dry Pipe

(Courtesy The Cave)

For just $44 you too can join the Cookies boys and smoke around town with a portable, stylish, single-hole bowled glass pipe in the iconic Cookies font, color and style.

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Steve’s Dank Pipes

(Courtesy The Cave)

Steve’s Dank Pipes fit right in on Hippie Hill in San Francisco. The wood exterior says hippie, while the glass bowl makes it a connoisseur. Each piece is sanded, finished and waxed for a smooth feel in the hand. Just $55, weed not included.

Marley Natural Beaker in Smoke w/ Gold

(Courtesy The Cave)

Get a solid beaker bong for $160 from Marley Natural. Thick base, pull-out bowl, 8-slit percolator downstem, ice disk, and standing about 1 foot tall.

Puffco Proxy Ripple

First off, we check in with the ringleaders of the Dab-Mania 2024—Puffco. New for 4/20, the Ripple bubbler attachment for their best-in-class hash vape the Puffco Proxy. What the what? The Ripple is $100 and comes in Sea or Sage color. You use it with the Puffco Proxy Base electronic hash oven. Ask your nephew to set you up. That’s what the next generation is for.

Also fresh from Puffco for 4/20: The Peak Pro Limited Edition Flourish ($420), Proxy Flourish ($299), Flourish Hot Knife ($50), Proxy Wizard Flourish $100.

Old-school alternative

Not your dad’s hash pipe. So get it for him. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Terplock Dry Rigs from Miyagi—works like an old-school hash pipe, but looks sick. ($300)

Softglass Andy Roth bong

Eschew our overdesigned times with this sleek, minimal, and effective $70 bong from Softglass. Andy Roth Glass channels a love of architecture into this form-meets-function piece of glass art. Andy Roth’s premium stuff goes for multiple thousands of dollars and could fit into Dune 2.

Tandem Rig from Soft Glass

Get going on your dab journey for just $109 from Soft Glass with their Tandem Rig. You get everything you need to dab aside from the hash and torch.

Flower Mill Next-Gen Premium 2.0

Flower Mill 2.0.

The popular grinder-alternative has gone Next-Gen Premium 2.0 with a ton of upgrades. Flower Mill has increased the size and weight on all the units, as well as given them a smoother action to reduce friction points between halves. There’s an aluminum and stainless steel model for both the 2” and 2.5” sizes, and each of them can switch between five different milling plates ranging from extra-coarse to extra-fine. This is my favorite device for weed prep, but the big one is heavy and the small one no longer sticks to your fridge door.

Bohemian Chemist Proto-pipe Collector’s Kit

Pay homage to the times you had to genuinely sneak a toke with this refined version of the proto-pipe, by The Bohemian Chemist. Proto-pipes first dropped in the ‘70s. It’s beautiful and stylish with roots. The buy link comes out any day now.

Magnetic Bag Company 

We’re still working on dialing in the amenities at weed events. Until we get more tables and chairs, stoner will make do with a bag this new magnetic shoulder bag. The Magnetic Bag Company is patent pending and affixes itself to metal. So The Terminator could wear this as a hip pack with no straps. Crazy, right? It’s $89 and can hold your water and pipe and stuff. That’s good because the ground is dirty, and you don’t want your nice stuff on it. 

Mossy Giant “History of Cannabis” Print

(Courtesy of Mossy Giant)
Have a personality. Add some art to your life. (Courtesy of Mossy Giant)

For lovers of Hieronymus Bosch, the artist Mossy Giant has this sick ‘The Grand History of Cannabis: The Dutch’ print for a pretty 125 English pounds—which works out to at least $1 per minute of tripping out on all the heady details. It’s 44 inches wide by 26 inches tall, and made in collaboration with Spanish social-club La Creme Gracia. “The artwork depicts a short but turbulent time in Netherlands – from about the 60s until the late 2000s the Netherlands was the epicenter of what was cannabis globally during that time.” Limited to 88 stamped and numbered by the artist. 

Even more art: A $30 zine or $50 poster from the first cannabis mylar art exhibition, “Get to the Bag” in San Francisco.

Aeris from Focus V

(Courtesy Ariez)
Alternatively, the Aeris from Focus V portable dab rig offers similar experience for $220. It’s a dabber in your pocket and people love them. The whole thing pairs with your mobile device to dial in those big hashy clouds.


A $545 chillum, bro. (Courtesy The Cave)

Mothership Rainbow Encalmo Chillum—This $545 chillum, or hand-pipe, might be as close to a Mothership glass piece as many of us mere mortals get. Maybe you got an inheritance, or a raise. Just be careful when passing this hand-pipe over concrete.

Studenglass electronic heater + bubbler the Modul Dok.

Stundenglass Modul Dok—You put the Studenglass Modul into the Dok for hash or flower vaping at a table or desk at a cost of $449.

Salt glass cup. Yes, for drinking. (Courtesy The Cave)

The Salt GlassCreature cup from The Cave—$1,500.

Leisure – Worked Pillar Recycler – Yellow Orange Elvis w/ Fire & Ice Retti. $2,000.

Leisure. (Courtesy The Cave)

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The Best Reasons For A Good Bong




Acceptance of marijuana has grown with the President talking about it positively in his State of the Union address, Missouri doing over $1 billion in sales and 85+% of the population believing it should be legal in some form.  If you are new to cannabis or an old hat though, bongs can make for an excellent experience. Here are the best reason for a good bong.

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Some people find bongs inconvenient and apropos to a college dorm room, but bongs are effective in managing dosages and treating your lungs with a little more care than a joint thanks to the water filter.  Technology has evolved over the years, with devices now available to help keep your space clean, are more compact and, most importantly, make the most of your high priced stash.

Photo by secret agent mike/Getty Images

Better grasp on your dosage

Consistent doses are difficult to achieve when smoking weed. When rolling a joint or a blunt, these can end up coming out in different sizes, containing different grams of weed. When packing a bong, there’s always the same bowl, which allows for consistency and keeping better track of how much you smoke without having to count the amount of puffs you take.

A cleaner space

The easiest way to consume is a vape or gummies, but a bong has advantages also.  Smoking requires something for ashes, a strong smell and generally a bit more mess, a bong can be both attractive in the space and be cleaner.

An easy way to clean a bong is to use rubbing alcohol and sea salt. Soak it for a while and then jostle it around. Rinse really well, let dry and put it away until next time.

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Longer lasting marijuana

Bongs are more efficient when it comes to prolonging your weed. Since you consume so much smoke per hit, they tend to get you high faster, with less puffs than if you were smoking a joint or blunt.

Smoother hits

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Water used in bongs allows the hits to be smoother and gentler on your lungs, preventing irritation and filtering out some of the ash that occurs with combustion. There’s also no need to add tobacco or paper, both compounds that damage your lungs.

So if you invest in a good bong, you can go old school and have a great journey.


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