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Applying for Cannabis Jobs in Minnesota



Want to get one of those cannabis jobs in Minnesota that other candidates are vying for? It is only easy, if you receive the necessary training that is being offered by the Cannabis Training University. Before you apply for a marijuana job, it would serve you better to learn as much as you can about the marijuana industry and the marijuana plant. Another thing to consider is that without training, you may end up in an entry level job. This means that while you may have been in an upper level job within a different industry, you have to start all over when you get into the cannabis industry without any form of training. To succeed in a 420 career, it will definitely mean learning more about the recreational marijuana and medical marijuana laws.

The Learning Curve

The cannabis job market is currently very competitive and stable. It is easier to get a job, in the cannabis industry, if you know enough about:

  • How to grow weed
  • How to cure weed
  • How to plant weed; indoors and outdoors
  • The laws governing cannabis in each state
  • The different stages of growth; namely flowering, vegetation and the actual harvesting
  • The various marijuana strains and their benefits
  • How to get a medical cannabis card
  • The medical conditions that qualify for a medical cannabis card
  • The marijuana plant
  • Cloning
  • The female and male aspects of the marijuana plant

There are so many people that don’t understand the depths of the marijuana plant and its positive effect on the health. In training at the Cannabis Training University, you will be able to learn enough to equip yourself for all the cannabis jobs that are available.

The Process

Once you are fully trained, then you can unleash your knowledge into the cannabis industry as a budtender, bud trimmer, sales rep, distributor, delivery personnel or even a manager of a marijuana dispensary. Training will give you the confidence to be the best at what you do and to have the expertise to be more effective in your job. When you are equipped, the job application process is smoother because you will have the necessary certification to impress your potential employers. Applying for one of the cannabis jobs available in Minnesota means that you have to not only have the knowledge and expertise, but the attitude to understand the impact that you will make in the cannabis industry and in the lives of people that depend on medical marijuana to cure their illnesses. Your training will be worth it all and that is why it is important to become a student at the Cannabis Training University.


Learn how to cash in on the Green Rush!

The Training

The industry wants people like you and you are financially rewarded for being in the right industry at the right time. Don’t wait or you will have to compete with more candidates who may be trying to apply for the same job. With your training, you will be able to secure one of the many cannabis jobs available in the state of Minnesota. Once you have the marijuana certificate, you are a step above the rest. The kind of training that you will receive at CTU will put you in first place because many potential employers will be impressed with the effort you took to be fully trained. Yes, training is highly recommended for anyone who wants to embark on a 420 career. As the industry is flourishing, more cannabis jobs will become open, but you have to prepare yourself in order to be a viable candidate.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

marijuana extraction course
– Johanna Rose
Makes $24.50 @ THC +

It is now time to sign up for training at the Cannabis Training University to discover your options!

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Simple Tricks To Appear Smarter In Work Meetings




While intelligence is useful and important for doing most things in life, it’s not the same as appearing to be smart. Whether on Zoom or in person, how we come across in meeting determines success.  So here are some simple tricks to appear smarter in work meetings.

Appearing smart is a talent that demands a little bit of bluffing and a little bit of confidence. You don’t have to know the answer, you just have to look like you know the answer. This trait is especially useful in work meetings, whether these are held in a professional office or virtually.

Author Sarah Cooper wrote an entire book about this called “100 Tricks To Appear Smart in Meetings”, which provides helpful tricks for when you’re put in the spotlight and aren’t feeling like the smartest person in the room.

Draw a Venn diagram

Who doesn’t love a Venn diagram? These helpful little charts are cute, easy to understand and instantly make you appear a lot smarter. They also help you to draw conclusions, which is kind of their purpose. This trick works if someone asks your opinion, you suggest a Venn diagram, draw it and just watch as your coworkers struggle to land on the most appropriate labels.

Pretend to take notes

Photo by

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Notepads are very helpful nowadays, especially since it makes it obvious that you are, in fact, taking notes and not scrolling through social media. Write down bullet points and key words. This trick, aside from making you look smart, will also help you focus on the task at hand and keep you from thinking about random things.

Ask the speaker or presenter to go back a slide

For some reason, this makes it look like you’re the person who’s paying the most attention out of everyone else in the room. It’s also a perfect opportunity to know what’s actually being discussed. Two birds, one stone.

Repeat what the speaker said

Photo by Sarah Pflug via Burst

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Repetition is a useful tool. It helps you to remember things and also makes you appear like you’re interested. Or that you’re slow, it all really depends on the context. For this technique to work, you have to sell the part, repeating the phrase back to the speaker as a question or as a way of highlighting the fact that what they’ve just said is important.

Be honest and laugh at yourself

If someone asks what you’re thinking and you were just day dreaming about your dog, try to be honest and humorous, explaining that you missed the last question or that you’re very stressed out by the state of the world. At this moment, there’s nothing more sincere and relatable than that.

Hope you enjoy the simple tricks to appear smarter in work meetings, good luck!

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Colorado’s cannabis industry has fallen on hard times. What does the future hold?




The heyday of marijuana sales in Colorado — back in 2020 when recreational and medical sales topped out at a combined $226 million — is a distant memory, as the state’s dispensaries struggle through an economic downturn, with sales plummeting and small businesses foundering.

“The market’s just bad. It’s bad right now,” said 29-year-old Val Tonazzi, who works in cannabis sales. “There’s businesses closing, left and right.”

In March, Colorado’s total medical marijuana sales were about $17 million — around $5 million less than last March. Retail marijuana sales racked up to $122 million, but that’s still a $17 million drop from March 2022.

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Want To Work in Marijuana? Here Are Some Tips




Some people dream of working in travel, others in food and some want to work in the growing marijuana industry.  Do you want to get in on “the ground floor”…although that ship is pretty much about to sail unless it is a brand new legal state.  Either way, the cannabis industry employees over 428K and still searching for good talent.

2023 goals
Photo by yusnizam/Getty Images

Coming out of Covid, that marijuana industry has had some ups and downs. California and its job market is down, but Missouri is hiring. Smaller states are experiencing an uptick while some of the legacy ones are struggling. Missouri, Michigan and New Jersey had the strongest job growth. New York, with over 1,500 unlicensed retailers, is also hiring, but it is a bit more risky.

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There are four industry divisions – grow, product, retail, and ancillary.  The best current opportunities are in product and retail.


Grow is having the biggest difficulties as both legal and black market flower is flooding the market and the price per pound has dropped. It is as seen a year over year decrease of about 25% meaning they are streamlining operations.  Think of this as working in a farm or large garden operation.  An in person, hands on role that lets you nurture the plant and then ship it off to be a pre-roll, product or flower.  A smaller part of the industry but employees and owners tend to passionate, especially in developing new strains.

marijuana money
Photo by Anton Petrus/Getty Images


Products remain healthy as seen on April 20th, the high holy day of cannabis sales.  Sales skyrocketed as more people enter the market and increase how often they consume.  There is an opportunity for brands that have multiple product lines and also have strong distribution.

An independently conducted poll from Jushi uncovered that, despite rising inflationary pressure and cost-saving behaviors, demand for cannabis is resilient.

39% of participants said they purchased less expensive cannabis in 2022 compared to 2021, but 73% actually spent more money per transaction this year. Additionally, THC percentage and price are the new leading factors considered when consumers purchase cannabis. Last year, branding and strain type were most important, but now 60% and 58% of respondents consider THC percent and price the most important factors, respectively.

If you go into product, make sure you understand how much they are making, selling and their growth potential. Maybe do some research and talk to your favorite retailer to see how their brand is selling.


Retail is definitely not a work at home but rather a vibrant chance to interact and learn from customers.  Retailers are often open 7 days a week and have traditional boom times such as July 4th, holiday weekends, winter holidays, etc.  Smart ones also work to minimize slow times. A recent survey from CivicScience found that 21% of people doing Dry January — a popular trend where you abstain from alcohol for the month — are replacing alcohol with cannabis and CBD. The same survey uncovered that the largest demographic of people replacing alcohol with cannabis are aged 21-24 (34%), followed by 25-34-year-olds (24%).  If you go into retail, act professional, know and connect with your customers and look for ways for the company (and you) to increase sales and profits.  Strong salespeople ALWAYS have a good career paths.

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Ancillary includes all the “picks and shovels” business such as marketing and packaging firms to point of sale systems.  This area has taken a hit and responded in a unique way.  Cannabis firms have lost business to mainstream firms and cannabis ancillary firms are branching out to more mainstream clients.

If you have talent in ancillary area – be it tech, sales, marketing, insurance, so on, consider looking at large and boutique mainstream agencies/companies and asking them if you can help lead up their marijuana division.

On a last note, marijuana is still an emerging industry with a chance to make a name for yourself with hard work and gumption.

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