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April 2024 Leafly HighLight: GMO Cookies strain | Leafly



Savory terps are making a comeback with weed smokers. Though candy may be the dominant branch of cannabis flavor on the shelves right now, there’s something happening lately when you bring a savory smoke to the sesh. People around the table take a sniff, get that nostalgic, Ratatouille look on their face, and say, “I’m really getting back into the peppery, funky strains.” Leading the charge, naturally, is our Leafly Highlight for April, GMO Cookies.

For many smokers, GMO Cookies represent that full profile of something savory, stanky, and ready to put you in the dirt. Called “one of the wildest terp mixes I’ve smelled,” people pick up everything from sauteed garlic to dirty diapers! It’s one of the top 25 most viewed strain pages out of the over 8,000 listings here on Leafly and is included in the 100 most prevalent strains in stores from coast to coast.

GMO Cookies, also called Chem Cookies or just GMO, is Chem D crossed with GSC. Over a thousand smokers have dropped a review here on Leafly, giving it an impressive score of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Looking through the stack, it’s almost overwhelming how many expressed finding relief from pain related issues. There were those who swore by this strain as their pre-bedtime snack and others who preferred the effects for days when there’s nothing to do.

“I am certain that when Cannabis becomes mainstream nationwide it will be strains like this that consumers will rely on for relaxation, sleep & to calm the mind.”

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Who’s baking those GMO Cookies?

A popular strain to grow and to breed with, you can find GMO Cookies in a whole universe of options in the US, including strain-specific gummies, top shelf flower, and even old-school hash.

Illionois has Aeriz with their aeroponically-grown flower for $76.

Washington-based Art Cannabis sells eighths of flower that features packaging designed entirely by local artists for under $35 an eighth.

In California, Nasha offers traditional pressed hash for $40, (perfect for sprinkling on a bowl of flower).

Colorado’s Dialed In Gummies offer strain-specific GMO gummies for $55 that have both Lemon Mist and Appletini flavors in one package.

GMO Cookies seeds

A mixture of Chem D and GSC (AKA the artist formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies), history books attribute the original creation of this plant to seeds released by Mamiko Seeds from Spain, pheno-hunted and selected by Skunkmasterflex, the father of Skunk House Seeds. It would later go on to be sold under the name Chem Cookies, however reports say Skunkmasterflex gave it the title GMO in reference to the then recent discovery of a popular cookie brand using GMO ingredients. Others say the name references the way the plant grows.


World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024

GMO has helped create some outstanding crosses including Garlic Juice (GMO x Papaya) from Oni Seeds’Harry Palms, as well as Skunk House Genetics own Burger line. This includes the well known Han-Solo Burger (GMO x Larry OG), and Donny Burger (GMO x Han-Solo Burger) strains.

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GMO strain awards

The legacy of this strain starts with its victory as Best Indica at the Midwest Cannabis Cup, where it went on to be named one of High Times’ top 10 strains of 2017. In 2019 GMO secured both 4th in Mixed Light and 7th place Sungrown in the 2019 Emerald Cup as well as 20th place for Sungrown and 7th place live resin cartridge in 2020 as well. 


Ultimate weed contest calendar of 2024

GMO terpenes

Even though most people assume it will taste like garlic mushroom and onion, the terms earthy and peppery are used a lot to describe the savory of this strain. Not surprising considering the dominant terpene here is Caryophyllene along with a heaping helping of Myrcene. 

Other highlights this April

Can’t find any GMO Cookies near you? Here’s three more super-strong picks for 4/20.

Pure Michigan

Hugely popular with Oregon growers, Pure Michigan is a wonderful strain that’s got a reputation for uplifting effects to get the party started in social situations. Created by Thug Pug and 3rd Coast Genetics, it’s a mix of Oreoz and Mendo Breath that surprisingly has a flavor profile that’s fruity and astringent. 

Cap Junky

LA Made Cap Junky. (David Downs/Leafly)
LA Made Cap Junky. (David Downs/Leafly)

A Capulator and Seed Junky combo released back in 2021, this Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11 has gone on to win first place at Michigan’s 2022 Connoisseurs Cup, take a coveted runner-up position for Leafly’s 2023 Strain of The Year, and helped create the 3rd Place winner for Full Melt at the 2024 Ego Clash EU. Cap Junky smells like sour fruit rind with hints of pepper, and gas. This maximum-THC cultivar is known for an intense, long-lasting euphoric effect.

Apples & Bananas

Blue Power cross Apples & Bananas. (David Downs/Leafly)
Blue Power cross Apples & Bananas. (David Downs/Leafly)

Created by Compound Genetics and Cookies, this one is a bit of a mouthful when it comes to the lineage. First Platinum Cookies was crossed with Grandaddy Purple, then that was crossed with Blue Power and the resulting plant was mixed with Gelatti. Apples and Bananas has dominant flavors that include Apple and Pear, along with effects like happiness and euphoria. Beautiful to look at, and a joy to smoke, the batch grown by Sativa Engineering was one of the best joints we smoked during Spannabis 2024. 

We hope this gets you ready for the onslaught of “holiday” deals and bargains that will soon be banging at the door of your inbox and social feeds. No April Fools day trick, this is the dawning of the battle, so oil your grinder, stock up on papers and make sure to change the water in the bong, because it’s time to take to the streets proclaiming loudly and with your whole chest, happy 420.

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Best Recreational Dispensaries in Phoenix 2023




Approximately two years since recreational cannabis was legalized in Arizona, business is booming for dispensaries in Phoenix. The tall appetite for cannabis in the Valley of the Sun has helped open doors for 73 licensed recreational dispensaries that sell THC products to recreational customers. Medical marijuana dispensaries are still around in Phoenix too, but most have transitioned into serving both medical patients and recreational customers. As cannabis has become more widely accepted in Phoenix, so has the demand for great service at dispensaries. In Phoenix, locals value dispensaries that have short wait times, good deals, and safe products. 

If you’re considering trying a new dispensary in Phoenix, use Leafly List as your guide. Leafly List uses dispensary reviews and ratings left by real people on to determine the best dispensaries in Phoenix. From Cave Creek to West Phoenix and everywhere in between, these are the very best dispensaries in Phoenix.


The best-rated weed dispensaries in Arizona for 2022

Highest-rated dispensaries in Phoenix

These recreational and medical dispensaries in Phoenix are rated highly by locals for their knowledgeable budtenders and generous weed deals.

10040 N Metro Pkwy W, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

Jars Cannabis provides an awesome and informative experience for its customers. The budtenders stand out for their excellent customer service and valuable information about deals and products. The entire staff at Jars Cannabis is awesome, and the dispensary exudes positive vibes. The shop itself is nice, with a wide variety of products to browse through, showcasing an extensive and high-quality selection. First-time visitors can take advantage of a generous 30% off offer.”

Additional Locations: JARS Cannabis – 24th st.

21035 North Cave Creek Road Suite C3 & C4, Phoenix, AZ — recreational/medical

“Health for Life is a favorite dispensary in the Valley, and it’s a place I frequent often. The staff provides exceptional service with their knowledge, kindness, and helpfulness in assisting with orders. They truly prioritize patient care. I’ve always received honest opinions on cannabis products there, and the prices are fair. And, I’ve never had to return a product as their recommendations are reliable. For those who prefer to place to-go orders, they are ready promptly, allowing for a fast and efficient experience.”

2330 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“Nirvana Center on 75th is undoubtedly the best location of the Nirvana dispensaries. The staff is consistently friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, always ready to assist with product advice and information. Their wide range of cannabis products ensures you’ll find something you love and won’t leave empty-handed. With great prices, quality products, and an exceptional staff, I never consider going anywhere else.”

Additional Locations:Nirvana Center – Phoenix

4126 West Indian School Road, Phoenix, AZ — recreational/medical

“Herbal Wellness Center West is a top choice among dispensaries in Phoenix. Their prices are great, and the budtenders are friendly and helpful. I brought my out-of-town daughter with me and we had a fantastic experience. The budentder was extremely helpful and made excellent recommendations. They also offer the convenience of online ordering and pick-up, which is a bonus. The flower is always fresh and they consistently offer great deals. The customer service is a standout aspect of the dispensary.”

Additional Locations:Herbal Wellness Center – North

2601 W. Dunlap Ave. Suite 8, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“Marigold Dispensary is truly amazing. They offer great deals and specials, and their convenient hours make it easy to visit. The staff is incredibly kind and helpful, providing excellent customer service. The dispensary’s decor is stylish and creative, creating a welcoming atmosphere. During my first visit, the budtender assisted me with my purchase and he was fantastic, informing me about the deals and showing great interpersonal skills. Additionally, when I had a concern about the pre-rolls, I called and spoke with the manager who was understanding and knowledgeable, explaining the variations that can occur during production. This level of customer care, from the security guard to the follow-up phone call, made my experience exceptional.”

701 West Union Hills Drive, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“Giving Tree Dispensary is instantly welcoming with a friendly and attentive staff. The lack of crowds made for a pleasant experience. Their selection of cannabis products is impressive, offering top-tier options at reasonable prices. The staff’s friendliness and patience stood out, as they even opened the door for customers entering and exiting. They also had great deals for new customers, and the ordering and payment process was seamless. “

211 S 57th Dr, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“The Superior Dispensary has a fun and vibrant atmosphere that immediately caught my attention. The budtender who assisted us was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and kind, making the experience truly enjoyable. Her expertise was so impressive that I would have purchased anything she recommended. As a first-time visitor, I was thoroughly impressed with the overall experience.”

2825 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“Nature’s Wonder Dispensary has surpassed my expectations and stands out as the best dispensary I have come across in Phoenix. Their prices are more competitive compared to others, and the staff is incredibly friendly and creates a welcoming environment. Despite passing two other dispensaries on my way there, I choose to drive the extra 8 miles because of the exceptional experience they provide. The option to pre-order is a convenient feature that speeds up the process. I have visited Nature’s Wonder dispensary multiple times, and each visit has been fast and efficient, allowing me to get in and out quickly. It’s truly a breath of fresh air compared to other places I’ve recently been to.”

22041 N 23rd Ave, Phoenix, AZ — undefined

“Sol Flower Dispensary is a go-to for me because of their competitive prices and the great discounts they offer, especially for first responders and active duty. They consistently have amazing deals, particularly on Thursdays and Fridays. The staff is highly knowledgeable about their products, which is a huge plus. I find myself visiting the dispensary at least once a week. The service at Sol Flower is always quick, efficient, and incredibly friendly.The location itself has a unique charm. Tucked away in a small industrial area, it offers a different vibe compared to their Sun City location. The intercom buttons at the entrance add a touch of excitement, making me feel like I’m in a movie.”


The most popular weed strains in Arizona

Selection criteria for Leafly List Phoenix

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Phoenix, our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly, as well as other quality indicators, like reorder rates and deals availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on the list, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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MITA leads cannabis industry advancements with education & advocacy




MITA is Arizona’s cannabis industry trade association—but they’re primed to drive change across the whole country with their industry-shaping model. Drawing the blueprint for education and advocacy that propels the cannabis industry forward, MITA brings industry professionals together to make collective progress possible.

MITA brings industry professionals together to make collective progress possible.

Since its start in 2016, MITA has operated as a non-profit organization in Arizona, growing in membership throughout that time and shaping industry change through its impactful initiatives. Education, transparency, inclusivity, and advocacy for thoughtful free-market-oriented regulations form the core of what drives MITA and sets the foundation for everything they do.

Like Leafly, MITA isn’t directly engaged in plant-touching activities. Instead, they share policy information and resources on the evolving cannabis landscape with diverse stakeholders across the nation, from media and politicians to consumers and industry professionals. With this advocacy, their best-in-class podcasts and videos, and monthly industry events, MITA has emerged as the home for people and businesses dedicated to moving the cannabis industry forward.

A dynamic network of cannabis professionals

Courtesy of MITA

If you’re in Arizona, you’re likely well-familiar with MITA’s engaging cannabis networking events. Hosted monthly and typically attracting over a thousand eager attendees, these events form a nexus where cannabis industry professionals meet to foster progress.

The energy at MITA’s cannabis business networking events is infectious, as stakeholders from every corner of the industry get the opportunity to share ideas, celebrate wins, and gain perspective. Members especially look forward to events like the annual MITA Charity Golf Tournament where fun and sun are shared in equal measure to shoptalk and critical resources.

Education with impact

Courtesy of MITA

MITA sets itself apart by creating video series and podcast resources that genuinely inspire while sharing essential perspective directly from people working in the cannabis industry.

You see MITA’s unwavering commitment to social equity come to life with the “Cannamentors,” “Social Equity Mentorship Modules,” and “Social Equity Deep Dive” video series. Cannamentors interviews a huge spectrum of industry professionals to understand how they came to the cannabis industry, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and the advice they have for other members in the industry and aspiring professionals.


Arizona’s cannabis landscape: 2024’s top strains and emerging favorites

There are few other places like it where you can find such a deep-looking collection of insight on how to move and find success in the cannabis industry. Watching the series, you’re sure to find invaluable perspective on navigating the business of cannabis, but you’ll also leave feeling inspired, having listened to the stories of so many people who made a place for themselves in this ever-evolving space.

Fostering social equity with critical resources

Courtesy of MITA

MITA has emerged as a pioneering force in the cannabis industry by creating exceptional video resources tailored for social equity groups across multiple states. “Social Equity Mentorship Modules” and “Social Equity Deep Dive” are both driven by inclusivity and education, mapping out a detailed guide to the intricacies of state-based social equity programs as well as sharing critical knowledge on how to navigate the dynamic cannabis industry in the future. 

These resources foster a more equitable and informed industry by empowering social equity groups to understand and thrive within the complex framework of their local cannabis programs. They deliver insight from leading experts and create a more connected community within the cannabis industry. MITA then strengthens that connected community with events and video series like their Virtual Town Hall series, where members get the opportunity to share perspective and discuss challenges to move forward together.

MITA Unshackled: Setting the bar high with their award-winning podcast

Courtesy of MITA

Launched in June 2022 at ICBC Berlin, the MITA Unshackled podcast immediately made waves with its industry leader interviews, providing an engaging format to unravel the complexities of the cannabis world. Understanding the need for a platform to provide in-depth education for those unfamiliar with the industry, MITA Unshackled immediately set to work with immense support from the community to offer inclusive and insight-dense interviews with leaders from across the industry.


Best cannabis brands in Arizona: Top picks for 2024

Each episode shares stories and key perspectives on how a diverse spectrum of stakeholders made their way in the industry, offering listeners impactful insight to inform how to grow their own businesses. In 2023, MITA Unshackled was awarded the prestigious, “Cannabis Podcast of the Year” title at The Emjays, highly deserved recognition for a resource that benefits so many.

Get involved with MITA

Courtesy of MITA

Joining MITA means becoming part of a community committed to building a strong and sustainable future for the cannabis industry. Membership offers unmatched networking opportunities, exclusive access to industry information, training and education opportunities, local business connections, and brand recognition. MITA’s impressive email list of over 30,000 industry professionals and average open rate of 30% ensures widespread exposure. In 2023, MITA sent 1.64 million emails with a remarkable open count of 565K, making for a 34.51% open rate.

Membership levels include Business Listing (free), Supreme FA Membership ($100), Individual Member ($300 yearly), Business Member ($3,000 yearly), Featured Business Member ($5,000), and Industry Leader ($6,000 yearly). Industry Leader membership offers comprehensive amenities and exclusive benefits, including C-Suite level introductions, speaking opportunities, and more.

Courtesy of MITA

MITA stands at the forefront of shaping the cannabis industry’s evolution, fueled by a commitment to education, transparency, inclusivity, and the promotion of thoughtful regulations. With its impactful initiatives, engaging events & series, and influential podcast, MITA continues to be a driving force, leading the way for a progressive and thriving cannabis industry.

Getting involved is easy, so you can join this community of change-makers today. Head to the MITA website to learn more and start connecting.

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Best cannabis brands in Arizona: Top picks for 2024




Arizona’s cannabis market is blooming, offering a variety of top-tier brands that cater to discerning enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for potent flowers, innovative vapes, or gourmet edibles, the Grand Canyon State has it all. Here’s a quick hit list of the best cannabis brands and products you should try in 2024.

1. Aeriz: Live Rosin Pods

Aeriz, renowned for its sustainable aeroponic growing techniques, continues to impress with its award-winning lineup. Notably, their Live Rosin Pods have taken the market by storm, capturing the essence of the plant without the use of volatile solvents. These pods are a testament to Aeriz’s commitment to purity and innovation, making them a must-try for vape enthusiasts.

2. STIIZY: Prerolls in Watermelon Z and Strawnana Cookies

STIIZY is celebrated for its innovative approach to cannabis, and their prerolls are no exception. Offering a delightful variety of flavors, including the juicy Watermelon Z and the sweet Strawnana Cookies, STIIZY’s prerolls are perfect for those seeking taste and convenience. Each preroll is crafted to deliver a smooth, flavorful smoke, embodying STIIZY’s commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction. These flavorful options make STIIZY’s prerolls a top pick for enjoying Arizona’s cannabis culture.

3. Canamo Concentrates: Premium Extracts

Canamo Concentrates is celebrated for its high-quality cannabis extracts, revered by both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to the dabbing scene. Utilizing top-notch flower from Sonoran Roots, Canamo offers an exceptional range of cured and live extracts. Their standout products include the Ghost Lime Pop Live Resin Vape, which delivers vibrant citrus flavors with a potent kick, and the Chem D Live Hash Rosin, known for its pure, solvent-free concentrate that appeals to purity enthusiasts.

4. Grön Chocolate: CBD Infused Bars

Grön has rapidly grown from its humble beginnings in CEO Christine Smith’s kitchen to become one of North America’s largest producers of adult-use cannabis-infused edibles. Known for their commitment to quality, Grön’s products like the 1:1:1 Blackberry Lemonade Pearls and 3:1 Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt utilize organic, Fair Trade Certified ingredients. With accolades such as the High Times Cannabis Cup and recognition from Benzinga as the “Most Innovative Brand,” Grön continues to set the standard in the edibles sector.

Exploring Arizona’s Cannabis Excellence

These brands are just the tip of the iceberg in Arizona’s rich cannabis landscape. Each offers unique products that stand out for their quality and innovation, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

As the market continues to grow, these brands set the standard for excellence, ensuring that consumers have access to the best the state has to offer.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, exploring these top cannabis brands in Arizona is sure to enhance your experience with high-quality, reliable products designed to meet diverse consumer demands. Enjoy the pinnacle of cannabis culture in one of the most vibrant markets in the US.

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