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April Fools’ Day Was Meant to Be Celebrated at the End of April



In a revelation that has historians and pranksters alike reeling, recent discoveries from ancient Roman scrolls and medieval manuscripts suggest that April Fools’ Day, the long-celebrated tradition of jest and jocularity, was originally intended to be observed on the last day of April, not the first. This historical oversight, buried for centuries among misinterpreted texts and lost translations, sheds new light on the origins of a day marked by trickery and laughter.

When April Fools’ Day Was Meant to Be Celebrated?

The findings, published in the prestigious “Journal of Historical Anomalies,” detail how early celebrations of spring, renewal, and lightheartedness culminated in a day of mirth and mischief. According to Dr. Aloysius Chronologer, the lead researcher on the project, “The tradition of ending the month of April with a day of frolic and jest is deeply rooted in pre-modern European festivals. However, due to a series of transcription errors, calendar reforms, and linguistic misinterpretations, the observance of this day shifted to the beginning of April.”

The mix-up appears to have occurred during the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, compounded by the varying adoption dates of the new calendar across Europe. This period of time was marked by confusion and the misalignment of dates, which, as Dr. Chronologer suggests, could easily have led to the displacement of traditional festivities by several weeks.

The article goes on to describe how the jests and pranks now associated with April 1st were originally part of “Vernalis Festum,” a celebration of spring’s end. Activities included elaborate hoaxes, the exchange of fanciful gifts, and public festivities where townspeople would don disguises and mock various societal roles, much like the modern practice of April Fools’ Day.

Despite this groundbreaking research, the suggestion to realign April Fools’ Day with its “original” date has been met with mixed reactions. Some traditionalists argue for the preservation of the status quo, citing centuries of cultural practice and the impracticality of changing a widely recognized holiday. Meanwhile, others see an opportunity to extend the period of springtime revelry and advocate for a return to historical accuracy.

“It’s fascinating to think how a simple calendrical error could shape centuries of tradition,” said Dr. Chronologer. “While it’s unlikely that we’ll see a global shift in the observance of April Fools’ Day, this discovery invites us to reflect on the origins and meanings of our cultural practices.”

In light of these findings, some communities have expressed interest in adopting the last day of April as a secondary day of jest, proposing a “bookend” approach to a month already famed for its capricious weather and spirit of renewal.

Whether or not the world will embrace a second day of trickery remains to be seen, but this intriguing slice of history adds depth and complexity to one of the most lighthearted days on the calendar. As April wanes, perhaps more than a few extra pranks and jests will find their way into the springtime air, honoring a long-lost tradition that was nearly forgotten.

*** This article is an April Fool’s Day joke ***

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5 Best Ways to Break The Doomscrolling Habit




It is hard to avoid some of the negative news lately, but too much can be rough for you…here is some help to not get trapped with Doomscrolling

In the past, it was fairly easy to avoid constant bad news.  But in today’s tech  media world, it is difficult. Not only do you have legit news companies, you have clickbait and it seems tons of people feel to share their every thought on everything on social media.  What happened to sharing happy cat photos? Getting trapped in the rabbit hole of doomscrolling can truly mess with your mind.

Doomscrolling is getting trapped in scrolling bad news and not able to break away. Constant or frequent doomscrolling can wreck havoc on your mental health and/or your mood.  It reinforces negative thoughts and feelings. If you already trend toward depression or anxiety or are working through a mental health issue, it can exacerbate the issue.  Doomscrolling can increase these issue far beyond expectations. Often it lead to irritability, lack of productivity, poor concentration and mental fatigue.

Here are the 5 best ways to break the dommscrolling habit.

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Set boundaries

Some people want to see the news, what’s happening and just browse online. The issue is when the boundaries are ignored and you spend large amounts of time in a negative space.  In addition, with algorithms, you are fed more pieces around your focus. Thus, the more bad news you read, the more you will receive. It can make it seem there is nothing doom news.  It is important to set boundaries. Set a limit to scroll news for 20 minutes and look at at least X articles on positive/interesting news during the period.  At first it may seem hard, but it will help with perspective and change up your feed.

Seek good news

If you’re having a tough time staying away from social media, make sure you engage in positive things whenever you’re scrolling. Follow happy, interesting, enlightening accounts which lift you up and puts you in touch with things you enjoy. Start following your hobby or passion.  There seems to be an endless supply on Lego, cooking, pets and more online.

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Limit triggers

If politics are making you anxious, try blocking these topics for a time, at least until you’re in a better headspace to consume them. Use all of the tools at your disposal – block push notifications, mute people who get intense on social media and avoid topics which rile you. One effective method of filtering out news is to subscribe to a newsletter and use it as your main source of information.

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Live interaction can totally change your mood. Even a 5 minute call or a short walk can lift your spirits and improve your mental health. The interaction engages parts of your mind which can calm your anxiety.  Talking with a live friend promotes a sense of belong and security and helps balance your


If you’re feeling too caught up in negative feelings and need something to recenter yourself, try meditating. Use a guided app and disconnect from screens for a session which hopefully makes you feel present and can prevent you from going to an anxious place.

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Marijuana MicroDosing Can Improve Mundane Tasks




Some things in life can’t be avoid – and seem to suck the fun out of a day…but maybe a little cannabis can help!

Mowing the grass, brainstorming, exercise, and other everyday tasks just seem to suck the life out of a day – especially the precious weekend Saturday and Sundays. Not only are they mundane, but they have to be done…over and over again over the course of your life. What about making them more fun, engaging and pouring some happiness into every day tasks? Marijuana microdosing can improve mundane tasks to the point of enjoyment.

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Microdosing cannabis may be a beneficial way to achieve a relaxed, yet focused high. The sativa strain tends to energize and uplift and can place you into a state of timelessness, effortlessness, euphoria, and single-minded focus. Microdosing cannabis can help boost creativity, mood and productivity.  Consider about 2.5 mg to start – which is about half a gummy or a puff or two from a vape.

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Household Chores

From laundry and folding clothes to cleaning the fridge, these are must do activities to facilitate day to day life.  Sometimes mindless, it is easy to slip into boredom trying to match an endless supply of socks or cleaning the oven.  A little sativa can add not only energy but a bit of creativity in these tasks.  You might be startled by how vacuuming can become fun!

Outdoor Chores

Mowing the grass goes down as the more boring job.  Around 76% report their lawn is mowed at least every other week. What a dull routine and pattern, add in edging, weeding and other garden task and you can find yourself in a bi-weekly loop of boredom. Pop a gummy and you reimagine your garden again and again.  The same for washing and cleaning the car or garage. And you end with a strong sense of satisfaction.

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Some people do not get the natural home people who enjoy physical activity enjoy. Some see it as a health or physical appearance reason and it can be a little dull.  Trendmills, stationary bikes, walks, runs and more tend to be a set period of time which can get a bit dull day after day.  Maybe mix it up with a little cannabis and put a little pep into the set.

Additionally, cannabis has been proven to have properties that not only aid in the recovery from working out, but also in the actual performance of certain activities. Studies have shown the plant’s ability to decrease anxiety and act as a bronchodilator increasing airflow to the lungs. Moreover, as one study found, “cannabinoids are potent anti-inflammatory agents.”


Whether you’re writing a book, managing work project for your team at work, or organizing  your family or friend life, the ability to think strategically and creatively is critical to being productive. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut, a little time, weed, and space allows you a fresh, creativity perspective.  While 80% may not work – 20% might be something you can build which could make life better.

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For some, consuming weed allows the brain the work in a different mechanism, fueling creativity and crashing through any persisting roadblocks. So the next time you are stuck, try stepping away for a few minutes to imbibe and return to the situation with a new perspective.



There’s no excuse for not taking advantage of the plethora of high quality free education available online these days. Whether you’d like to learn more about computer science or classic literature, the tools are online and in some cities in person.

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The Best 6 Ways To Increase Creativity At Work




You spend 40 hours there most weeks..why not have fun and make a difference.

Work is part of most people’s life, and some days it can be a chore. But finding a way to make it interesting and engaging can make a huge life difference. Globally, people who enjoy their work are also more likely to be thriving in their lives. Getting creative helps you find way to keep your brain engaged and satisfied. Finding fresh or different ways accomplishing things tends to be personally rewarding. Here are the best 6 ways to increase creativity at work.

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Even in a remote job, or one where you work from home or in a car, creativity inspires employees to work with each other. The creative process encourages collaboration. Continuous learning encouraging people to seek new information, knowledge and different ways to do things.  Many unique ideas come from a person but they are developed by a team to become fully formed. With the ability to think creatively and outside of the box, people are more likely to come up with unique and innovative solutions to obstacles they encounter.

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Take time to think

Even with mundane tasks, there are ways to make it better.  Carve out 5-10 minutes in a walk or taking a break to think about ways to improve you tasks or at least make them more enjoyable.  As you daydream about possiblities or consider outside the box ideas, you are more likely to come up with unique and innovative solutions to problems.  Don’t be afraid of asking questions – frame them with “How did this start”.

Don’t be afraid to fail

One of the biggest hurdles to success is a fear of failure. Every person who has improved their job or built something and then gone on to bigger and better things has failed. If you think something could work, talk with you manager and explain the pluses and minuses and then try to give a go.  You will learn about problem solving and yourself.

Brainstorm more often

We brainstorm ideas constantly, whether we’re alone or with others, sometimes without even noticing it. One small upgrade to make brainstorm sessions more efficient is to add a whiteboard, a notepad or someplace where you can pin ideas down, even if they sound silly or unorthodox. This list doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to reflect your ideas so you won’t forget about them.

Follow through on your ideas

While ideas are great, it’s also important to follow through. Find a way of holding yourself accountable, whether by writing it down and pinning it on your board or, in a more extreme move, discussing your idea with your boss and eliminating escape routes. Do what works for you, but remind yourself that it’s often very easy to avoid disrupting your workload by sticking to what works, which can make you feel bored and uninspired.

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Shake things up

When working a 9 to 5 job, it’s common for people to find a groove and stick to it. This is good, because it means that you know how to do your job and are comfortable in managing the everyday challenges of your positions. But it’s also something that holds a lot of people back, stopping them from trying out new activities and approaches that can be more fulfilling and result in better work. Don’t be afraid to speak up in your meetings and to pitch your ideas. The more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become and the more your presence will be valued.

Go for a walk

Outdoor walks, where you get to see and smell the beauty of nature, are some of the most useful routines when channeling creativity, especially if you’ve been spending most of your time working indoors. Ideas can come from the most random interactions and things, especially if you’re actively on the lookout for them and are ready to engage with the world in different ways.

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