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Best THC chips and snacks for the big game and beyond



Break out the ol’ pigskin, it’s nearly Super Bowl Sunday!

The 57th Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles will be historic: Two Black starting quarterbacks for the first time ever, AND Rihanna leads the halftime show. Before Riri embraced motherhood, she was the stoner pop queen—rolling blunts on her security guards heads and showing up to the Met Gala eyes blazing. If you know, you know.

Whether you’re watching, or just keeping up on social media, the Super Bowl presents us an easy opportunity to pack bowls of our own, buy those artisanal munchies we’ve spotted at the local dispo, and convene with those we love (even if they hate Patrick Mahomes). With Missouri just kicking off recreational sales, and Pennsylvania creeping towards full legalization, it’s set to be a stony Super Bowl no matter where you live. So here are all the best munchies to hype you up or calm you down when your favorite tight end fumbles the ball.


Papa and Barkley Dark chocolate bars

It’s okay to indulge once in a while. Papa and Barkley’s edible products could all pass muster to be sold at Whole Foods due to their short ingredient list and medical-grade approach. Their Kitchen edibles series showcase both artisanal cannabis and artisanal ingredients, and the chocolate bars are no exception. The bars all contain 100 milligrams of THC from solventless rosin, dosed in 20 easy-to-break pieces. They currently offer Salted Almond and Raspberry Quinoa flavors, with other options for milk chocolate. [Shop it now.]

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This is a far cry from the buttered-up movie popcorn you’re used to having, but Potcorn has an option for that if you’ve got a craving. Potcorn ditches the sugar and gluten for a quick snack you can throw in the microwave or take ready to eat on the go. Single servings contain 10 mg of THC, with a larger, higher dose option in a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD with 50 mg of each. Flavors include classic movie theater butter and japaleño. [Shop it now.]

Fruit Slabs

Remember those fruit leathers mom would pack in your lunch? Fruit is nature’s sugar, and cannabis is nature’s, well, many things. Instead of chomping on mango-flavored gummies, try one of these fruit leathers. Fruit Slabs are made from mango and grape puree—you can take them plain, or with hemp seeds and coconut toppings. Each slab is 10 mg THC and each package contains 100 mg of hybrid THC total. [Shop it now.]

Potli x SF Roots Shrimp Chips

(Courtesy Potli)

Potato chips and tortilla chips dominate Super Bowl snack spreads, but should they? Shrimp chips break up the salty monotony with a fishy, umami essence, and these two beloved San Francisco brands made the perfect chips that let you indulge without getting you so stoned that you miss Rihanna’s halftime performance. Nostalgia, flavor and cannabinoids all in one! If you’ve got wings and ribs on the grill, Potli also makes a THC Sriracha sauce and chili oil. See also: F.A. Nino’s Smokin Green Pot Sauce.


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TSUMo Snacks Classic Cheese Crunchers 

(Courtesy Tsumo Snacks)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Snoop Dogg, after getting caught smoking at last year’s Super Bowl, brainstormed these savory, crunchy snacks the second he got off stage so they’d be ready for the next Bowl. His TSUMo Snacks collaboration, Snazzle Os, are essentially Funyuns for adults.At 100 mg THC total, the big-back snacks come in two Snoop-approved flavors, onion and spicy onion. The brand also makes other chip alternatives, like the Classic Cheese Crunchers pictured here, that won 2nd place at the 2022 Emerald Cup. [Shop Tsumo on Leafly.]

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Lagunitas HiFi Hops beverages

(Courtesy Lagunitas)

Game day means there’s always a drink in hand. The beloved West Coast beer brand Lagunitas was founded by a self-confessed stoner, so it’s a wonder it took so long for them to put weed in a beer. This isn’t a true IPA (laws and such), but the Hi-Fi line of cannabis beverages still invokes the brewski vibe—without a hangover. [Shop Hi-Fi on Leaf-Ly]

Washington and Oregon

Laurie and Mary Jane fudge, and cheese crackers

(Courtesy Laurie + Mary Jane)

If you live in Oregon, Wyld gummies likely have you in a chokehold. Don’t get me wrong—they’re affordable, delicious, and consistent. But what if you want to step away from the gummies? Laurie and Mary Jane also make gummies, but the baked goods and fudge slabs are where the brand shines. Cleanse your sugar palate with their award-winning rosemary and cheese crisp crackers, little salty morsels of delight that clock in at around 5 mg THC each. Or you can “go fudge yourself” (as you may scream to the opposing team’s offensive line) with a 100 mg fudge bar, available in flavors like strawberry, mint, and “420 cake party.” See also: The perfect to-go hot sauce, Pot Sauce by Portland Oven for enhancing whatever salsa, guac, or dip on the table. [Shop L+MJ on Leafly.]


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Betty’s Essential’s mocktail rimmer

Colorado brand Betty’s Essentials knows that a good cocktail is, well, essential, to any festivity, the Super Bowl included. The company produces not just one, but a whole collection of infused salt and sugar-rim products, including Himalayan sea salt, chile powder, and lavender pomegranate, to take your mocktails (or cocktails at your own risk) to the next level. They contain 100 mg THC and 50 mg CBD, so no one gets too carried away. Maybe your rowdy uncles could use some seasoning in the third-quarter to avoid any meltdowns once the writing’s on the wall.


BaM infused pretzel bites

When the game gets to the nail-biter point, you don’t have time to reach for a sweet or savory snack, much less try to pair them. But BaM (Body and Mind) made it easy, with their sweet and salty Infused Pretzel Bites. These grid-style pretzels dipped in chocolate contain 20 mg of THC apiece, so you can scarf down a stony dose and make sure your blood pressure doesn’t spike every time the refs call a foul on your favorite player. 


Mindy’s Edibles brittle

(Courtesy Mindy’s Edibles)

Mindy’s Edibles nabbed a 2022 Cannabis Cup award for their artisanal fruit gummies, but she dabbles on the savory, salty side as well with products like the milk chocolate and peanut butter brittle. These big, 100 mg THC chocolate squares have a generous topping of crunchy brittle to activate your palate and sensorial experience. See also: Lori’s salt and pepper Potato Chips. [Shop Mindy’s on Leafly’s.]


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Northeast Alternatives S’mores Cheesecake Chocolates

(Courtesy NEA)

These award-winning chocolate coins come from a company that understands my personal edible ethos: Use RSO and rosin whenever possible. These s’mores-inspired nibbles each have 5 mg of RSO-derived THC for a long-lasting and balanced cannabis experience. NEA also produces RSO-based gummies, and even infused dried fruit strips if you want to keep your glucose levels in check.


Good Taste Funfetti cereal squares

(Courtesy Good Taste)

Missouri has just barely started adult-use sales, but the options are seemingly endless. If you love gummies, go with one of Wana Brands’ many, many flavors, or Mike Tyson’s controversial ear gummies. You can quench your thirst with a Keef infused soda beverage, or get crunchy with our pick: Good Taste Funfetti cereal squares. See also: Red Hot Riplets.


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