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California cannabis highlights: Quick picks for 2024



California’s cannabis market is renowned for its quality and innovation, especially in the realm of premium brands that cater to both connoisseurs and casual consumers alike. As we navigate through 2024, Leafly’s experts have meticulously reviewed and tested various products to bring you the top selections that stand out for their excellence in the Golden State. Here are four exceptional cannabis products you should not miss this year.

1. 710 Labs: Randy Watson #13 Flower (3.5g Jar)

710 Labs presents Randy Watson #13, a unique blend that marries the sweet, tart fruitiness of Runtz with the sweet and earthy undertones of Wedding Crashers. This strain offers a potent and stoney high that is both memorable and lasting. Cultivated in living soil enriched with natural nutrients and biologically active worm castings, 710 Labs ensures a pure, vibrant cultivation environment free from synthetic chemicals. The result is a premium flower that reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and top-tier quality.

2. Alien Labs: Zkittlez Live Resin Cartridge (1g)

Alien Labs specializes in crafting phenomenal cannabis concentrates, and their Zkittlez Live Resin Cartridge is no exception. Extracted to preserve the rich terpene profile and potent cannabinoids of the original strain, this cartridge delivers an explosion of fruity flavor that’s true to the Zkittlez name. Perfect for vapers seeking a high-intensity flavor with a robust high, Alien Labs’ live resin is a testament to their extraction prowess and dedication to quality.

3. Coastal Sun Farm: GMO Garlic Cookies Flower (3.5g)

Coastal Sun Farm’s GMO Garlic Cookies is a standout strain known for its intense aroma and powerful effects. This indica-dominant hybrid combines the pungency of garlic with the sweet and earthy notes typically found in cookies strains. Grown under the Californian sun with sustainable practices, Coastal Sun Farm ensures that each bud is a true reflection of their commitment to natural farming methods and high-quality cannabis.

4. Kiva: Milk Chocolate Bar (100mg)

Kiva’s Milk Chocolate Bar offers a perfect blend of rich, velvety chocolate and cannabis. Crafted with Ghirardelli chocolate and infused with handmade, cold water hash, this bar sets itself apart with its refined taste and impeccable quality. Each serving delivers a consistent dose of 5mg THC, making it ideal for both new and experienced users looking for a controlled and delicious experience. Kiva’s commitment to excellence is evident in every bite, making their chocolate bars a must-try for edible enthusiasts.

Exploring California’s Cannabis Excellence

These products represent just a glimpse of what California’s top cannabis brands have to offer. Each brand has been selected for its innovative approaches and commitment to quality that continue to push the boundaries of what cannabis products can be. As the market evolves, these brands are leading the way, ensuring that consumers have access to the finest cannabis experiences available.

California is a state known for setting trends in the cannabis industry, and by choosing any of these products, you are guaranteed a premium experience that is both enjoyable and memorable. Whether you prefer smoking flower, enjoying edibles, or vaping concentrates, these selections are sure to elevate your cannabis journey in 2024.

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7 Suggestions To Celebrate 4/20




The cannabis world has changed since 1971 when five students in California coined the phrase 4/20. They used a treasure map to hunt for an abandoned marijuana crop, but today Canada, 24 states, DC and more have legal dispensaries peppering the big and small towns. Since then, the movement and public opinion has done a 180 with 85% of the public believing marijuana should be legal in some form. Fox covers the cannabis industry in their business news and even the President mentioned it in his State of the Union Address.

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From sneaking around and trying to keep cool, to the new trend of California sober, cannabis has had a make over worthy of any streaming service. DIY Queen Martha Stewart helped move marijuana to the mainstream. Aside from a few politicians who want nanny states, the public is more curious the concerned.  According to BDSA, a leading analytical firm which covers cannabis, 49% of people who consume cannabis have done it with a gummy.  Dispensary bought goods are a thing.  Healthier than alcohol, Gen Z has drifted away from booze and are settling into weed. To mark the acceptance here are 7 suggestions to celebrate 4/20.

Photo by coffeekai/Getty Images

Coffee wake and bake

Kick off the day with a little something special in your coffee. This combination of the energizing effects of caffeine and the relaxing effects of cannabis can provide a unique and enjoyable experience which starts your day in a good mood. Excellent for the canna-newbie or the seasoned consumer – start with a low dose of 2.5mg.

Share the joy

With all of Canada and over 50% of the country having access to legal weed – now is the time to maybe do a mini treat bag, a simple gift or an edible exchange.  You can take some cute tiny bags and drop one or two edibles in and share it with friends who may be curious.   Most edibles and gummies come in packs of 10 – why not grab a couple of extra and share them people who may have asked about it or who really need to chill.

Do something meaningful

The stigma has faded so why not embrace the spirit of the stoner and do something for your fellow man. Donating blood is a great way to make an impact, get a free cookie and help out. Another way is to mix up your dispensary choice to see who is doing something for the community on 4/20.

Learn how to roll the perfect joints

Something interesting and fun you can try out is learning how to roll joints. While there are hundreds of tutorials out there (and this helpful guide), here is one which will help you hone your craft.

Watch some stoner movies

If you want to chill and maybe have some self care, snacks, me time, why not snuggle in for a movie night. Here’s a list of recommendations.

Have a dance party

study claims that there are dance moves that are scientifically sexy
Photo by Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

A dance party can be for 1, 2, 10 or 100…your choice! Take time to let your body move – be it alone in the kitchen, a tango for two leading to the bedroom (wink wink) or invite a few friends or go to a club, meet up or head something where your feet, body, mind and music meld into motion.

Take advantage of the 4/20

Some dispensaries have great sales, merchandise, music and more. Maybe take a retail tour so see what is up for the holiday – you could save a few bucks!

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America’s best weed strains of 420 ’24




You can’t spell “2024” without “420,” Leafly Nation. 

The international stoner holiday of April 20 (aka 4/20) stems from the daily toke time of 4:20 p.m. started in California in the ‘70s. Today, we have 25 legalization states and more than 40 medical ones. Re-scheduling percolates in Washington D.C. The Mayor of San Francisco has even blessed “SF Weed Week”—stating: “Don’t give me no bammer weed. We don’t smoke that sh*t in the SFC.” 

We, too, subscribe to the No Bammer movement, so we tasked our experts with rounding up the hottest flowers for 4/20 across the land. Featuring dozens of picks from a dozen states, this list should help you elevate your weed game this week and into summer.

California’s hot-hot new-new

(Lindsey Bartlett for Leafly)

Black Patronus

No Till Kings

Black Patronus will make you fall in love with purple weed all over again. This batch was grown in a vibrant living soil bed on its 20th lifecycle at No Till Kings, a stunning 5,000-square-foot grow based in Long Beach, CA. Bred by Exotic Genetix, Black Patronus has a genetic lineage of RS-11 x Falcon-9 (bred via reverse pollination). 

Black Patronus nugs contain such a deep, vivid purple, that they almost appear black. This is where the cultivar gets its namesake. These magical and highly flavorful buds contain 1.71% total terpenes. As an additional educational tool for consumers, which I adore, No Till Kings kindly lists the dominant terpenes in a graph on the side of the package: Limonene, a-Pinene, B-Pinene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and more. The brand’s founders Jake Taylor and Marco S. are brilliant on their educational YouTube channel, enlightening growers on living soil methods. Judging by this flower, the team is doing something right. 

The skunky, ooey-gooey buds break down into a pillowy cloud of dark purple wrapped in a glossy layer of white trichomes. The dry hit is dreamy and consists of chocolate, savory garlic, with subtle hints of citrus. The smoke is equally robust. It’s an enchanting, heavy, sultry smoke worthy of its witchy name. The experience is euphoric and its Indica-dominant traits make it wholly relaxing. Black Patronus is a sedative worthy of the premium shelf. No joke, this high is going to last you all day. —Lindsey Bartlett


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

GMOasis. (Lindsay MaHarry for Leafly)
GMOasis. (Lindsay MaHarry for Leafly)

Governmint Oasis

by Humboldt Sunrise

Grown regeneratively on a woman-owned farm deep in the hills of SoHum, Governmint Oasis by Humboldt Sunrise (available through Redwood Roots) is a perfectly executed, highly potent flower that leaves you feeling happy and relaxed. 

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This cross between GMO and Gush Mints has all the hallmarks of a classic stoner high. The nose is gassy, herbal, and creamy. The flavor has a kick of eucalyptol minty fresh at the end. This strain is as heavy on the body, as it is on mental relaxation, leaving you with a lush, melty feeling that is perfect for after stressful or strenuous activities. 

Given the government-induced horrors we’re currently existing through, this flower could not have come at a better time. Smoke a giant joint of this on 420 with your friends and dissolve into a sea of bliss. —Lindsay Maharry

4D has four types of cannabinoids for a functional effect. (Lindsay Maharry)
4D has four types of cannabinoids for a functional effect. (Lindsay Maharry)

Four Directions

Emerald Spirit Botanicals

No 420 is not complete without Four Directions by Emerald Spirit Botanicals. One of my favorite flowers of the season, this cultivar is so unique there’s never been anything like it before. 

Emerald Spirit Botanicals is a family-run farm in Mendocino that specializes in creating flower with high levels of minor cannabinoids and rare cannabinoid ratios by communicating with plant spirits. 

While this might sound a little out there to some, the results don’t lie. Emerald Spirit is one of the most respected brands in the industry, winning the Emerald Cup almost every year along with many other competitions, as well as pushing scientific research forward with their unusual approach to growing. 

Four Directions has high levels of four cannabinoids: THC, CBD, THCV and CBDV–which is unheard of—as well as a high terpene percentage (3.67%) featuring myrcene, ocimene and terpinolene. 

The result is a perfectly balanced flower that leaves you a million times more capable than before you consumed it. This is a unique high that is less about getting fucked up and more about vibrating at a higher frequency. 

It’s perfect for doing things you don’t want to do, social situations, and really anything, for that matter! This flower enhances you instead of obliterates you, so enjoy it to the fullest. Great for long days out with the squad, like 420! —Lindsay Maharry

(Lindsey Bartlett for Leafly)

Styrofoam Cup

Team Elite Genetics

A legendary strain from Team Elite Genetics, Styrofoam Cup is an absolute stunner. The LA-based grow is serving up some of the best weed in California right now (in my humble opinion). This award-winning cultivar is deserving of its accolades. It’s another living soil prodigy from Steve Castillo, founder and geneticist behind Team Elite Genetics. The powerhouse grower has fought hard for his coveted place among the top connoisseur brands in California beginning in his hometown of Huntington Beach in Orange County. Today, the grow is based out of Downtown LA offering up heat to the marketplace in a league of its own. The strain won second place at the coveted 2022 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Styrofoam Cup gifts notes of cookies and mulled wine mixed with sweet and skunky gasoline. Crystal white trichomes and red hairs entangle forest green and light purple buds. Bred by Cannarado Genetics, its lineage is Sunset Sherbet x GMO AKA MSG. This Indica will knock you on your ass in the best way possible. The high orbits a couch-lock, but it’s nuanced: I felt comfy yet still alert and cerebral. Team Elite Genetics excels in its consistency. No matter what, if you can find Styrofoam Cup from Team Elite Genetics, the jar holds some of the most beautiful buds on earth. Team Elite Genetics’ unique flavors could be attributed to the grow’s proprietary, microbial-rich teas, hand-watered by the cultivators daily. They create a robust and multi-faceted living soil environment for the plants to thrive. These packs do not miss. —Lindsey Bartlett

Backpack Boyz x WAV

Backpack Boyz is the brand that needs no introduction. Their upcoming collab with WAV, a new indoor brand launching this April from some of the best cultivators in the biz, brings the fire with four strains grown with living soil. Together, Backpackboyz x WAV set the new industry standard for the best cannabis in California. To learn more follow @we.are.wav on Instagram. Launching on 4/20 at the OG Cannabis Cafe in LA and Perfect Union locations throughout CA. 

Toad Venom

Ronin Seeds & WCC

Even though Toad Venom is part of the latest hype train for cannabis, it was actually created back in 2019. Animal Face x Sin Mints, it has a doughy, minty smell that breaks open into a candy peach ring aroma. Jake, one of the creators, said the feedback they hear most is that this strain is one of the more powerful highs people have come across lately. Toad Venom will put you in a stupor that Jake describes as “positively ribbiting.” —Matt Jackson

Grumpy Tiger

Snowtill & Woodwide Highcraft

Grumpy Tiger is a complicated mix of True OG with Platinum x Kush Mints x Animal Cookies Bx2. Even when the plant is happy, it looks a little angry, hence the name from Mendo Mikey Lion from Woodwide High Craft. These latest batches to hit the scene come from the no-till, living soil beds of Snowtill Organics. Gassy, piney, and spicey, it’s a testament to the power of green weed.—Matt Jackson 

See also: Neon Panther from Moon Valley Cannabis—even more top-shelf, award-winning living soil for the Bay Area.

New York flavors

Berner Hanna Butter

Electrical Leaf NYC

Berner Hanna Butter by Electrical Leaf is a must for your summer line up. This strain is so spectacular and magnificent in every way. When I opened the package, a marvelous, herbal butter cream vanilla flavor takes over the air with its aroma. We saw beautiful crystallization all over the flowers, with its neon green buds so beautiful to look at. The high is strong! The head high is level, leaving you feeling very focused. The body high offers a strong, full-body, soothing relaxation. This is so far my favorite strain for the year! If you are in New York, you need to get this from the Culture House Cookies NYC. This is so fire, it’s arson! —LordFigo


Electric Leaf NYC

Melo is mellow! As soon as I opened the bag a beautiful, floral, sweet lemon scent filled the air. The buds are very crystally, and beautiful with wonderful, exotic green and purple color buds. Its orange hairs add to the beauty. My first toke yielded a zesty, skunky flavor, with a very tiny hint of lavender, some spiciness and an overpowering skunkiness. The high has a nice focus feel to it, with a clear, open-minded euphoria. This strain Melo by Electrical Leaf should be good for people who want to have a good buzz but don’t want to be too stones or couch locked, so they can get through daily activities. —LordFigo

New Jersey bud

Blue Razz. (Lord Figo for Leafly)
Blue Razz. (Lord Figo for Leafly)

Blu Razz


Cookies in Harrison, NJ is pushing out that heat with this Blu Razz, OMG! This is a weed-lovers dream—a stoner’s excuse to say, ‘I forgot!’ This Blu Razz is strong but seriously beautiful! When I opened the merchandise, a pungent, robust, floral aroma with a very clean, refreshing berry scent arrived in the room. After rolling up the Blu Razz, my first hit was a strong, spicy, woody, blueberry flavor that hit me like a Ryu combo, with hints of tarty berry flavors. This high is strong, with a lot of pressure and weight on the eyes and a clear mind feel. The body high is strong with full-body relaxation that’s very soothing on the diaphragm. This is some beautiful weed. Blu Razz should be in your summer line up. —LordFigo

Maryland bangers

Banana Zoap. (Michael Blickstein for Leafly)
Banana Zoap. (Michael Blickstein for Leafly)

Banana Zoap

Fade Co., MD

Maryland enthusiasts started noticing Fade Co. on their shelves about six months ago, and they seem to be bringing elite California genetics across the country for the everyman to enjoy. Banana Zoap is Fade Co’s house expression of Deep East’s Zoap (RS16 x Pink Guava OZK) popularized by Doja, likely named for its top note of underripe bananas. Like many of the great previous versions of Zoap, this nug expresses a neon green hue on a dense stout nug. It reeks like the inside of a Jamba Juice, and the flavor is more of the same. Even though the flower is delivered in bags rather than jars like presented on the website, the batch was only about a month old and fresh to the touch and on the inhale.

Fade in Maryland is produced by Seven Points Agro, housed in the large Abell multi-brand facility. While the facility is equipped for fully indoor grows, it’s unclear whether this sample is light assist or fully indoor. The 36.74% THCa and 3.05% terpenes translate to a potent experience regardless. The effect errs more on the slumpy couch-lock vibe, and hits more in the eyes and face, which is standard for Cali breeds. For enthusiasts, this is a taste of the hype that the West Coast has been pushing the last couple of years and may be worth the premium, for especially curious consumers. —Max Blickstein

(Michael Blickstein for Leafly)
Afternoon Delight #4. (Max Blickstein for Leafly)

Afternoon Delight #4

Rythm GTI, MD

Rythm delivers yet again for enthusiasts looking for a functional midday boost with Afternoon Delight #4. A hybrid of GMO x Trophy Wife (Wedding Cake F2), originally bred as Redneck Wedding by Surfr Seeds, the appearance presents as the bright green spear-shaped buds with golden pistils; a mighty stature caked in resin. For the top shelf of the market, Rythm delivers as expected with a hefty jar for freshness and a flashy label boasting 37.62% THCa and 3.78% terpenes.

As stinky as this sample is upon cracking the jar, the flavor also stains the mouth with chemical funk and herbal Bubba fuel. The potency is noticeable, and the refined relaxing and buzzy effect onsets rapidly and primarily stimulates the head, face and chest. In a vape, the inhale is smooth and suitable for big rips. In the joint, the smoothness lacks behind a bit and the flavor has a bit of background noise. The region is a big fan of soothing “sativa-dominant hybrids” and this sample is fresh and fits the bill perfectly. —Max Blickstein

Zealousy. (Michael Blickstein for Leafly)
Zealousy. (Michael Blickstein for Leafly)


Strane (National Holistic), MD

If you like big nugs and you can’t lie, Zealousy might be your guy. Strane has been a mainstay for years bringing solid genetics to top shelves all around Maryland, and this is a prime example of why. Zealousy is reported to be from Nasha Genetics, blending Jealousy x Zoap, which very much rides the shoulders of giants, this time in the form of Seed Junky Genetics and Deep East. This hybrid is no joke—providing an immediate onset of “sit-your-butt-down” at eye-watering levels of potency, which tracks for the 30.41% THCa boasted on the label.

Another staggering label rating is the 4.14% terpenes—primarily Limonene, α and β – Pinene, and Linalool—which results in a fairly standard “candy” flavor which is most comparable to allspice. This type of flavor and effect profile is more common from cheaper, imported weed, but Strane provides a clean and accessible experience with Zealousy that hits that particular nail on the head. Strane is sure to impress enthusiasts looking for a punchy, sweet flavor and this particular example shines as soon as the seal is broken. —Max Blickstein

Maine winners

Blue Lobster. (Courtesy of Maine Trees)
Blue Lobster. (Courtesy of Maine Trees)

Blue Lobster

Maine Trees, ME; Umma Sonoma, CA

This selection keeps flying further into the stratosphere ibn 2024, giving Blue Lobster all the signs of the Next Big Thing™. Formerly known as Facade, Blue Lobster emerged as a “one-in-two million” cut. In the time since the original discovery, Lobster has become one of the beacons of flame on the east coast. The selection has among the most complex flavors for a hybrid most would write off as candy, with the (Apples & Bananas x Gelatti/Wedding Cake) hybrid expressing distinctly fruit vitamins, cherry candy gas, and bakery confection layered perfectly atop each other. The aromas also pair perfectly with euphoric, giggly potency that hits like an avalanche.

Blue Lobster has been the winningest strain on the East Coast, taking awards from Ego Clash ‘23 and Zalympix East Coast, and it only boils down to a couple of factors as to why. Blue Lobster can be found from Maine Trees at retailers throughout Maine as flower, vape carts, pre-rolls and the occasional hash collaboration with other Maine mainstays Helios Collective and Third Shift Resin. In California, Blue Lobster gets periodic harvests by Umma Sonoma released at Greenwolf retail locations, with a new release that should hit right before 420. Strain designer Chris Lynch of Cipher Genetics has announced aline of hybrids coming from Maine Trees’ Blue Lobster for later this year. —Max Blickstein

Candy Fumez crosses got us dizzy. Bloom Seeds Co Candy Payton. (Courtesy Bloom Seed Co.)
Candy Fumez crosses got us dizzy. Bloom Seeds Co Candy Payton. (Courtesy Bloom Seed Co.)

Candy Fumez

Firefly Organics, ME

Vacationland has been the secret garden for many East Coast cannabis enthusiasts since 1999, and few operators have taken advantage of the environment quite like Firefly Organics, who now produces for both the medical and adult-use markets in Maine. The newest genetic in their library is Bloom Seed Co’s Candy Fumez (Zkittlez x Sherbanger 22), which has been popular coast to coast without missing any flyover markets. Candy Fumez has achieved such a reputation through its intense gassy lime flavor that pushes the Z traits to their limit while also producing acceptable yields of pungent, greasy hash when washed. Since Candy Fumez was originally released as seeds before Bloom Seed Co officially released their own cuts, the four Candy Fumez samples I’ve tried, each from different brands, have expressed differently.

The sample of Candy Fumez from Firefly is the #16 cut, which they acquired from Helios Collective. The aroma and the flavor sit on the candy lime end. Keep it in a good jar, or it will reek up the whole room. The effect from this version is relaxing and functional, and overall it will set you in the right direction for a good time. You can’t spell “Firefly” without “fire” and luckily these guys are showing us a thing or two about it with their organic soil garden run under HPS lights. Every batch from Firefly always presents with glistening resin, which makes for some of the most flavorful smoke around. Many hardcore cannabis enthusiasts contend that the best flower is the one grown with organic amendments in soil, and after smoking flower like this it’s hard to argue with the claim. The effects are always pleasant, the flavors always lip-smaking and the scent so incensing that it’s difficult to close the jar. —Max Blickstein

Florida tastes

A photo of Connected Gelonade — Lemon Tree and Gelato. (David Downs/Leafly)
Gelonade. (David Downs/Leafly)


Trulieve/Connected Cannabis, FL

Truelieve’s partnership with California-based Connected Cannabis continues to pay dividends for Florida patients by bringing California’s most sought-after genetics to the burgeoning Florida market. Gelonade, a gorgeous Sativa leaning hybrid of Lemon Trees and Gelato #41, was the overall winner of the 2021 Emerald Cup, and continues to impress! The taste is truly distinctive, with an intriguing blend of lemon-lime citrus and minty, vanilla, gassy, sweet cookie. This batch, sampled on March 21st from Trulieve Jacksonville, came in at 28% THC, and its terpene profile, dominated by caryophyllene and limonene, was also relatively high in Borneol, lending a distinct camphor and eucalyptus note. The effects are both uplifting and relaxing, great for anxiety relief and good conversation. Definitely recommended. —Matt Witemyre

British Columbia flowers

(Grace Broadhead for Leafly)
Mendoz Stomper (Grace Broadhead for Leafly)

Mendoz Stomper

Sweetgrass Cannabis, BC

Derived from Mendo Breath x Oz Kush x Mac Stomper lineage, this hybrid bred by Sunken Treasure Seeds thrives under Sweetgrass’ living soil, organic growing methods in Kootenay BC.

Mendoz Stomper delivers a complex, botanical aroma with hints of sour citrus berry, and a potent high that leans hard into its Mendo Breath roots. Imagine a heady, euphoric wave that melts down the spine into every limb, letting your brain still work its magic around the conversation circle, or deep in the paint of a creative project.

Rainbow Driver

Woody Nelson, BC

Available in limited 25-30kg batches every three months across BC, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan, it’s a gem for enthusiasts willing to hunt for quality.

Bred by Archive Seed Bank and cultivated in the Kootenays, this Sundae Driver x Zkittlez hybrid is a powerhouse. Woody Nelson’s 3-weeks of curing and hand trimming results in generous nugs and a true-to-nose flavor, reminiscent of a pack of Citrus Delights cracked open in a gas station. 

It maintains an impressive, feathery consistency when ground, with smooth rolling and combustion. The high begins with a potent, cerebral hit before melting into relaxation, without full-on couchlock.

This strain is in high-demand, so gear up for the next 100 kilo batch to hit BC, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Nunavut dispensaries around April 20th. —Grace Broadhead

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Watermelon Z by Dr. Greenthumb

Purple Churro by EastCann

Jealousy by BLK MKT

Illinois flower picks for 4/20

Yuzu Sorbet by Aeriz

Zeclair by Fig Farms

Kush Mints by FloraCal

Hamburger by Belushi’s Farm

Colorado flower picks for 4/20

Black Maple by Green Dot Labs

Diagonal by 14er

Shock Tart by Veritas Farm

Tropicana Banana by L’Eagle

Oregon flower picks for 4/20

Lemon Lime Punch #7 from PDX Organics

Franco’s Lemon Cheese by Cosmic Treehouse

Horchatti by High Noon Cultivation

Double Stack by LOWD

Washington flower picks for 4/20

Permanent Marker by Torus

RS-11 by Torus

Super Boof by Plaid Jacket

Pave by Cookies

And that’s it for America’s best weed strains of 420 ’24. Never miss the latest heat—download the Leafly App (Android, iOS) and turn on notifications to scoop those flavors first. 

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Curated cannabis: Top shelf picks in Massachusetts for 2024




As Massachusetts continues to flourish as a hub for premium cannabis, Leafly’s experts have delved deep into our database to recommend numerous products to bring you the finest selections for 2024. From aromatic flowers to savory edibles, here are the top cannabis products across the Bay State that promise unparalleled quality and experience.

1. Tower Three: Super Boof Cherry

Super Boof Cherry by Tower Three is a sativa-dominant hybrid marvel, bred from the illustrious Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies strains. This strain dazzles with dense, emerald-green buds tinged with purple hues and fiery orange hairs, all coated in a thick layer of milky amber trichomes. The aroma is a complex symphony of sweet cherry and sour citrus, layered with nutty undertones. On consumption, it offers an initial cerebral surge that enhances focus and creativity, smoothly transitioning into soothing physical relaxation. Recommended for alleviating symptoms associated with chronic stress and mood swings, Super Boof Cherry is a testament to Tower Three’s commitment to producing top-quality, 100% organic cannabis using sustainable practices.

2. Dogwalkers: Cereal Milk #1 Prerolls

Cereal Milk #1 by Dogwalkers is crafted from the hybrid strain developed by crossing Y Life with Snowman. This strain is renowned for its robust, dessert-like flavors reminiscent of sweet milk and ice cream, combined with a potent euphoric high that envelops you in bliss, making any space feel like a slice of heaven. Dogwalkers’ prerolls are packed and twisted with precision, ensuring consistency and quality in every puff. Whether you opt for their sessionable Mini Dogs or the robust Big Dogs, these prerolls are your perfect companion for experiencing new heights of cannabis delight.

3. Mindy’s Edibles: Freshly Picked Berries Gummies

Mindy’s Edibles, crafted by James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal, offers an exquisite cannabis experience with her Freshly Picked Berries Gummies. These artisanal edibles combine the flavors of ripe strawberries, blueberries, mulberries, and huckleberries, all enhanced with a hint of orange blossom to create a jammy, decadent treat. Each gummy is precisely dosed with 5mg of THC, allowing for controlled and enjoyable consumption. Mindy’s commitment to quality and culinary excellence makes these gummies a must-try for edible aficionados seeking both luxury and relaxation.

4. Fernway: Beach Wedding

Beach Wedding by Fernway is an exotic hybrid that stands out with its rich terpene profile, including Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene, which deliver a complex aroma of citrus, gas, and sweet cake frosting. Cultivated by Green Harbor, a locally and minority-owned grower known for their meticulous low and slow curing process, this strain produces uniquely flavorful buds that are both visually stunning and profoundly effective. Beach Wedding’s balanced effects make it ideal for those looking to enhance their mood while relaxing the body, perfect for a serene escape to bliss.

Exploring Massachusetts’ Cannabis Excellence

These highlighted brands represent the pinnacle of Massachusetts’ cannabis offerings. Each brand has been selected for its exceptional quality and innovative products that push the boundaries of what cannabis can offer. Whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or simply a new taste adventure, Massachusetts has a cannabis product to meet your needs.

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