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cannabis and sex

Discreetly Dank: ‘How stoned sex helps me deepen my pleasure’



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This Valentine’s Day, I have every intention of being stoned, relaxed, and in the mood for good sex. Don’t get me wrong, being high isn’t a prerequisite to having fun in bed. But, in my experience, weed definitely helps me enjoy it.

Whether it’s the evidence that cannabis works as a muscle relaxant or the many ways cannabis can improve your sex life, cannabis doesn’t just improve my physical experience with sex, but my mental experience, too.

Out of my head, into my bed

Typically, when I’m going about my day-to-day, my head is swimming with an endless cacophony of thoughts. What’s on my to-do list? When’s my next meeting? Am I ready for tomorrow? And unfortunately, being unable to focus on the here and now is not a recipe for good sex. The last thing I want to be thinking about while I’m with an enthusiastic sex partner is if I’ve filed my taxes yet.

Cannabis helps my mind slow down and settle into my body. Just a couple of hits before hitting the sheets, and I find myself mellower, looser, and far more present.


I got my vagina stoned for Valentine’s Day

No matter who I’m with, it adds a little more to the experience. I notice the glint in her eyes as she winds her fingers through my hair. I notice the way his muscles go taut as he grabs onto my hips. I notice the sounds of primal moans and breathy exhales or the deep bass of the music we’re listening to. I notice the way my bare skin feels tingly and electric as it rubs against theirs and how good it actually feels to be touched. I notice the connection.

There’s an extra layer of mental vulnerability that goes into getting high and getting freaky with someone. Cannabis seems to make everything feel more raw, more sensitive, and more intense. Every touch is heightened, and even eye contact seems more profound.

This isn’t a dance I’d do with just anybody. And it’s not something I’d enjoy with a one-night stand because when we look into each other’s eyes and realize there’s a whole universe inside them, I want to really know the person I’m also allowing inside me.

Enhancing energy and pleasure

Picture of two girls friends or couple in the bed. High quality photo

In the BDSM community, they preach ‘safe, sane, and consensual.’ And even though I may enjoy the occasional paddle to my ass, I’m going to make sure it’s in a safe environment where everyone is of sound mind and fully consenting.

I bring this energy to stoned sex too, exactly because of weed’s ability to make things feel more vulnerable. If I’m getting high and naked with someone, it’s because I trust them, and I know they’re going to listen to my yes and my no.

I know that when I’m letting go of my thoughts and trying to feel every single sensation happening in the present moment, my partner(s) will be right there with me, riding that high and maybe rocking their own. 


8 great weed strains for sex this Valentine’s Day and beyond

And, of course, cannabis is definitely a great choice for the physical side of sex, too. Weed is a good way to get the party started during foreplay due to its tried-and-tested power as an aphrodisiac. Topicals help you prep to bottom and relax enough to let your partner in, and taking a hit of flower makes a great timeout in the middle of an hours-long, mutual cunnilingus session. It’s all about who you’re with and how deep you’re willing to go with one another.

Just don’t forget the mental side that goes along with having stoned sex, because that’s a huge part of what makes the experience so profoundly unique and special. Put it all together, and it makes for a damn good time, thanks to some damn good weed.

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Discreetly Dank is a recurring column dedicated to highlighting the stories and perspectives of cannabis enthusiasts navigating the stigma around cannabis in all facets of life. From microaggressions to genuine concerns about health and safety, the Discreetly Dank contributors dare to be dank in a world that hasn’t caught up to their elevated lifestyles…yet.

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cannabis and sex

Have better sex with HARU




How CBD-enhanced lubricants help encourage intimacy.

Everyone deserves to have the best sex possible, and incorporating cannabis to make climbing the mountain even more pleasurable is a time-honored tradition for weed enthusiasts everywhere.

Whether that’s sharing a joint with a partner before getting busy, enjoying a low-potency edible to put you in the mood, or experimenting with a specialized CBD product like the ones from HARU, sex and cannabis go together like chocolate and strawberries. 

Enjoy an exclusive 15% off HARU sexual intimacy products with code LEAFLY15.

HARU provides a line of female-forward sexual intimacy products that use CBD to heighten the natural rhythms of sexual encounters for a more fulfilling sex life. Vegan, glycerin-free, and paraben-free, HARU’s pleasure products are dripping with benefits.

HARU has been a trusted source of sexual wellness products in Asia for years and recently made the decision to focus exclusively on products infused with CBD. These new plant-powered formulas are the first from the brand to be available on the US market.

HARU’s products are meant for intensifying sex alone or with a partner—or partners! Plus, they’ve taken care to ensure that people of all orientations, preferences, and kinks feel catered to. HARU’s mission is to make people across the globe feel more confident and happy with their sex lives because everyone has a right to satisfying, healthy sex.

Looking at their new CBD-forward offerings, HARU products are some of the best around for helping you get there.

First, we’ll skip the foreplay and get straight to the good stuff by introducing you to HARU’s two new tantalizing products—the THRILL Sex Drop and INSATIATE Intimacy Warming Oil. Then, we’ll take a little more time to show you how HARU uses CBD’s distinctive attributes to create items that will make your future sexual experience even more mind-blowing.

INSATIATE Intimacy Warming Oil

Courtesy of HARU

A few drops from this jar of nectar are all you need to turn something forgettable into an experience that leaves you breathless. Made from the finest of all-natural ingredients and boosted with 200mg of CBD, the INSATIATE oil from HARU is a must-have for any bedside table.

After applying one or two drops, you’ll be greeted by a warm, glowing sensation in addition to the aphrodisiac and relaxing effects of CBD, perfect for foreplay or to turn up the temp on the main event. INSATIATE creates a silky glide that amplifies the body’s natural wetness, making for a smooth and stimulating experience that’s a recipe for bigger, better orgasms.


Courtesy of HARU

Packing a craveable combination of icy and warm, the THRILL sex drop from HARU is a heavenly topical that certainly lives up to its name. After applying directly to you or your partner’s intimate parts or sex toy of preference, the THRILL sex drop’s special formula will create a warming, tingling sensation that’s also just a touch icy.

This toe-curling contrast is made for heightened sensitivity and stronger orgasms, just right for a romantic evening with a partner or a night in (with) yourself. THRILL is also infused with 200mg of high-quality, full-spectrum CBD, so relax, lie back, and let HARU THRILL you.

CBD is for lovers

We know cannabis is a general-purpose good times enhancer, so it stands to reason that adding a bit of green to your sex life can make a good thing even more delicious. In fact, human beings have used cannabis for its aphrodisiac properties for thousands of years, and some strains even excel at inducing desire and heightening sensitivity.

Courtesy of HARU and @highgenevievee

A little bit of THC, CBD, or a combination of the two can also work to reduce distracting errant thoughts and help you focus on pleasing your partner or yourself. Best of all? A recent study has shown that using cannabis before a sexual encounter results in female orgasms that are stronger, more frequent, and easier to achieve.

When the team at HARU began looking into ways to bring their already fantastic sexual wellness products to the next level, thoughtful research drew them to cannabinoids like CBD.

By applying HARU’s CBD-infused products directly to intimate areas, you’ll get all the benefits of the plant in a way that flows naturally within a sexual experience. The alluring aroma and the warm, tantalizing sensations produced by HARU’s products mix perfectly with the natural powers of CBD to create a truly earth-shaking experience.   

Better sex, coming right up

HARU deeply believes that everyone deserves meaningful intimacy, and the products they offer all serve to further that goal. The team at HARU encourages women all over the world to take control of their sexual agency through advocacy for sexual wellness and an end to the stigma around sex. By enhancing their products with CBD, HARU has further refined its line of personal intimacy oils and massage oils to ensure that even more people can feel more satisfied with their sex lives.

Courtesy of HARU and @jolenegoring

HARU’s products are made exclusively with organically grown hemp CBD, meaning there aren’t any psychoactive cannabinoids, like THC, included. That means you can grab HARU for a pre-work quickie and not worry about carrying a buzz around in addition to your afterglow.

Many of HARU’s products are safe to use with sex toys, and many are also safe to use with oral sex— be sure to check the description and label to confirm the product you’re choosing is designed for your desires.

However you like to have sex, HARU is here to bring the fireworks.

Feeling tempted? Head over to HARU’s website to browse their whole line of products, read FAQs, and dive into their blog. Plus, shop with an exclusive 15% off discount, using promo code LEAFLY15 at checkout. You can follow HARU on Instagram to keep up to date with anything new they might have in store and learn all about the positives of a happy, healthy sex life. 

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