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Does CBD lessen the effects of THC? Recent studies question a common belief



Cannabis research can be a fickle beast. Decades of prohibition created a lot of red tape for researchers, so scientific knowledge of the plant is still in its infancy. Because cannabis hasn’t been studied extensively, research on it can yo-yo back and forth, and something proven one day can be disproven or reversed later on down the road, leaving cannabis consumers scratching their heads. 

A recent example comes with two studies published in the past few months, which both claim that CBD does not reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, reversing a commonly held idea of one of CBD’s benefits. 

To figure out what cannabis consumers can take away from this new info, let’s look at the history of research on this topic and what the new studies say.

What does past research on CBD and THC say?

Going back decades, a common belief has been that CBD can reduce the negative effects of THC—if you’re too high or don’t want to get too high, take a little CBD or consume a THC product that also has a little CBD to mellow out the high. Many studies have claimed this, and we’ve even reported on it here at Leafly.

The idea is that CBD molecules block receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, so that THC can’t fully activate those receptors, which lessens the feeling of being high. 

Many older studies have made claims of CBD’s ability to dampen THC: As early as 1982, a study said that CBD can diminish paranoia and anxiety brought on by THC; and a study in 2010 said CBD and THC have opposite effects, and that CBD can reduce paranoia in THC.

Notably, a review from 2013 looked at nearly 1,300 studies from the previous few decades and concluded that, “The few studies that exist on the effects of CBD show that this cannabinoid can counteract some of the negative effects of THC.” However, the authors did emphasize that, “Their results have not always been consistent.” The study also said there were surprisingly few studies to date on the interactions between THC and the potentially protective effects of CBD.


What is the endocannabinoid system and what is its role?

What do the recent studies on CBD and THC say?

Two studies published in the past few months disagree with the idea that CBD tempers THC. In a UK study from Nov. of last year, 46 participants vaped oil with various ratios of CBD to THC to determine CBD’s effects on THC. They tested products with CBD:THC ratios of 0:1, 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1, with 0mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 30mg of CBD, and found no difference in effects.

According to the study authors, “We found no evidence of CBD reducing the acute adverse effects of THC on cognition and mental health. Similarly, there was no evidence that it altered the subjective or pleasurable effects of THC.” 

Another study from the UK earlier this month backs up this data. It looked at the effects of cannabis on teens vs. adults, and how THC and CBD affect both. Forty-eight participants, 24 teens and 24 adults, vaporized a product with 3:1 CBD to THC (24mg to 8mg) and a product with only THC, and found no difference in the subjective feel of effects in individuals. 

The authors ultimately concluded that “Our results add further weight to the claim that doses of vaporized CBD, which are near to naturally occurring levels, do not mitigate the acute harms of THC.” As a side note, the study also found no differences in effects between teens and adults.


CBD vs. THC: Why is CBD non-intoxicating?

How should consumers take this new info?

It is often assumed that products containing CBD are less potent or can reduce negative THC effects, but the findings from both studies suggest that CBD may not be a determining factor in the strength of a product. Consumers who buy products with CBD thinking they are getting “weed lite” or less potent products may be incorrect in their thinking. 

But because cannabis research is still so young, it’s hard to know if these studies are the final word on the matter or just another bump in the road. There are still some caveats.

In the review from last Nov., the authors do note a previous study that shows CBD to lessen some of THC’s effects, but the participants in it were given exceptionally large doses of 600mg of CBD to 5mg of THC—a ratio of 120:1 CBD to THC! The authors concluded such a large amount of CBD is impractical to put in a commercial vape cartridge. So CBD may temper THC’s effects, but it may be that astronomical amounts of it are needed.

At the end of the day, it may be difficult to separate and clearly delineate these two compounds and their effects because of the entourage effect—or how all the compounds in the cannabis plant work together synergistically to create the feeling of being high, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. The sum is greater than the whole of the parts, so it might be hard to study the individual compounds separately. 

Cannabis research is getting better as more states legalize, but there may not be a definitive answer to the interaction of CBD and THC yet. There is a growing body of research that sways toward the idea that CBD does not temper THC’s effects, so buyers should keep that in mind the next time they’re at the dispensary. 

As always, we tell our readers that every person has a different body chemistry and will experience weed differently. You could get incredibly high or paranoid off of a hit or two from a joint, while your friend will barely feel a thing; a certain strain may make you fall asleep, while the same one will make your friend go out for a walk. It’s important to understand how your own body responds to weed. 

CBD has shown tremendous potential in treating seizures and epilepsy conditions in children, however, CBD’s medicinal benefits beyond that, or its ability to tame THC’s intoxicating effects, are inconclusive to date. 

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Pat Goggins

Pat Goggins is a senior editor who handles Leafly’s informational content and specializes in cannabis cultivation after working for a commercial grower in Oregon. When not fixing typos, you’ll probably find him on a boat or in the mountains.

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Should You Use Cannabis Instead Of Ice For Injuries




The old go to for a strain or injury is ice or cold compress. Pulling a bag of frozen peas from the fridge is a go to and provides some relief. It’s usually most effective shortly after the injury  This involves an ice pack or ice compress placed on the affected area, designed to reduce inflammation and numb out any pain while reducing swelling. Exposure to the cold has been known to decrease circulation and constrict the blood vessels.

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But maybe you should open your mindset. Should you use cannabis instead of ice for injuries? Or maybe additionally? Cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive component of marijuana, may be more effective (and practical) for treating sprains and injuries. CBD is can be convenient since you can carry topicals for spot treatment as well as oral CBD products for when you have an accident. It also has the added benefit of being free from THC, which is an advantage for athletes.

inflammation chronic pain
Photo by Images

Sports injuries can also happen when running or jumping on hard surfaces, wearing improper shoes, doing the wrong exercise techniques, poor flexibility, old injuries, or doing the same sport all year round among others.  Add in activities like running, skiing, snowboarding and more, you have a recipes for at least one muscle issue.

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A sprain or injury is a major inconvenience every time it happens. Whether you are an athlete or not, recovery and healing as soon as possible is critical, not to mention painful. Using topical CBD for pain relief and for fighting inflammation is a better option because it activates the endocannabinoid receptors in the affected area to help control stiffness and pain. In addition, CBD interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors that can reduce the inflammation and pain caused by irritations and sports injuries.

Photo by Colin Lloyd via Unsplash

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“Sports injuries most often involve either significant inflammation response or mild micro-traumas,” Dr. Andrew Kerklaan of Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics shared. “Because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory potential, it may be useful in a myriad of symptoms — from mild everyday aches and pains to minor injuries.” He also explains that CBD can help individuals recover from common injuries caused by exercise. “These will all trigger inflammatory responses and therefore CBD may have potential to help in the recovery process,” he says.

There are dozens of studies too, which tout the analgesic benefits of  cananbis and CBD. One study revealed CBD is beneficial for chronic pain while improving inflammation and sleep. In a another published in the journal Frontiers in Neurology, researchers discovered that CBD was effective in treating inflammation, reducing pain, and improving mobility in individuals with multiple sclerosis. “It is anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective,” wrote the study authors.

Topical products act faster than edibles. However, for those in serious pain, tinctures and sublingual drops are recommended since they are the quickest of all consumption methods.

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Can CBD Help With Winter Hair Care




Harsh cold weather can do a number of your hair….should you add CBD to your healthy hair routine?

Winter is tough on the hair. Like skin, it can often feel dry in the wintertime. This is mainly due to the lack of humidity leaving it slightly damaged. Curly-haired folks are more likely to suffer since it takes longer for natural, moisturizing oils to travel down the hair shaft.  Add in hats, snags and everything else and your help needs a little extra help. There are several things you can do, but can CBD help with winter hair care?

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There are some basic tip to help not only your hair, but your body. Drinking healthy fluids, sleep, and good habits are year round benefits.  But in winter, you might need to adjust a few other things. Hair care is a huge business, and there are cbd products, but it’s important to find something to truly. help your hair and scalp health. Read the labels and reviews to make sure you get solid results.

Photo by Element5 Digital via Unsplash

The body naturally produces cannabinoids to help it stay healthy. CBD products are thought to help balance healthy hair. Hair has receptors which respond to  CBD when it touches them, and some experts believe this is what can help hair and keep it strong. The antioxidants in CBD may help give you a healthy scalp. CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties, which could help soothe inflammatory scalp conditions that may affect hair growth, such as eczema and psoriasis.

A CBD hair mask can rehydrate the hair in the winter and give it more bounce and luster. It can will help replenish lost nutrients through the use of too many heat tools, heater blasts, and dry air.

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Other practical tips include:

Humidifiers help rehydrate the air to keep your locks looking lustrous.

Trimming hair every four to eight weeks is a good way to maintain hair health and keep  locks looking fresh. Taking a half inch off reduces the chances of developing dry, split ends.

Avoid a hot shower. the water pulls moisture from your hair, making it brittle and vulnerable to breaking. Instead, wash the hair with lukewarm water followed with a cool rinse.

Wet hair outside when it is cold can make you feel chilled and uncomfortable. But it will not give you a cold. But it can cause hair to freeze and break, since wet hair is more vulnerable to damage.

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best list

The top 6 CBD brands of 2024




These recommendations on the top CBD brands are made by Leafly’s Product Picks team after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

CBD is undoubtedly having a moment. Hundreds of brands that focus on the cannabinoid’s vast & varied wellness benefits have sprung up in the wake of the federal legalization of products made from hemp in 2018, and finding reputable companies has become a tall order.

That’s why we here at Leafly have done the hard work of separating the best from the rest and are happy to present our list of the top CBD brands of 2024.

A quick look at the top CBD brands

Top CBD brand for the best value: Medterra

Top CBD brand for the best full-spectrum products: Cornbread Hemp

Top CBD brand for the best subscription: BATCH

Top CBD brand for the best blends: Rare Cannabinoid Company

Top CBD brand for wellness: Vena

Top CBD brand for gummy variety: JustCBD

Our picks for the top CBD brands of 2024 are here to help guide you in selecting the best brand for you now that you’ve decided to try cannabidiol (CBD). In this best list, you’ll be able to peruse brands that particularly excel in a range of categories, hear from our team of testers, and get recommendations for top products.

Wide variety of products with many different flavor and potency options
Regular discounts, sales, and giveaways
Excellent student and military discounts

We love CBD for its ability to ease our mind and relax our body. Getting your CBD from Medterra goes one step further; it’ll ease the stress on your wallet. Thanks to their myriad of sales, discounts, and bundles, your dollar simply goes further at Medterra than anywhere else. A brief look through their website will reveal a wide range of broad-spectrum, full-spectrum, and CBD isolate products at wildly low prices; customers regularly enjoy discounts over 50% off.

top CBD brands

Recommended product

Medterra’s Daily Delight gummies are your trump card for making it through the day. We found that these gummies packed 25mg of Medterra’s quality CBD to calm our nerves and the 5mg of delta-9 THC put some pep in our step.

While Medterra may offer their stock at bargain prices, we found their products to be top-shelf quality. You’ll find everything you need to round out your daily wellness routine in Medterra’s offerings, with different formulations of oils, tinctures, gummies, and even seltzers. And with Medterra’s highly affordable prices, you’ll be able to experiment with several different options to find a new favorite or stock up on your time-honored companions.

“Medterra’s the real deal; incredible CBD at prices so budget-friendly you can stock up guilt-free.”

Use code LEAFLY25 for 25% off your one-time purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes bundles and subscriptions.

Only uses hemp flower, never stems or leaves
Sources from high-quality, Kentucky-grown hemp
First hemp brand in Kentucky to be certified organic by the USDA
Several discount programs for veterans, first responders, students, and more

We’re plant people here at Leafly, and we see kindred spirits at Cornbread Hemp. The founders of Cornbread are heirs to a famous growing tradition, and this has given them a deep reverence for hemp and the people who grow it.

top CBD brands

Recommended product

These gummies pack 250 years of hemp-growing tradition into every bite. Earthy, aromatic, and delicious, we think Cornbread’s full-spectrum gummies are the natural choice for CBD lovers everywhere.

All of Cornbread Hemp’s products are sourced from hemp grown in Kentucky’s famous Bluegrass Basin — yes, that bluegrass — an area with a long, storied history of quality hemp. We love that Cornbread Hemp honors that legacy by bringing consumers full-spectrum hemp products that stand head and shoulders over their competitors.

“Cornbread just gets it. Their CBD is so deeply rooted in the Bluegrass Basin it’ll have you whistling ‘Blue Moon of Kentucky’ every time you reach for a gummy.”

The team at Cornbread knows hemp inside and out, backward and forward. They only extract their full-spectrum CBD from the flowers of their legendary hemp plants, not the seeds or leaves. Why? To ensure that only the very best of Kentucky-grown hemp makes it to their customers.

Cornbread is a worthy successor to the years of tradition that made hemp and CBD the forces they are today. If you want to experience the best that hemp has to offer, choose Cornbread.

Best subscription: BATCH

Sources from organic, single-origin hemp
Production process is kept completely in-house
Subscription service with numerous benefits

One of the wonders that brought us to CBD is the plucky cannabinoid’s ability to ease anxiety and calm nerves. BATCH CBD has taken this no-stress lifestyle to the next level by launching the best CBD monthly subscription box in the business. If you want incredible CBD products delivered to your door every 30 or 60 days (your choice!), then not only does BATCH have you covered, but they’ll throw in a laundry list of bonuses as well. We love BATCH because they take care of everything for you, so you can get to the important business of relaxing.

top CBD brands

Recommended product

BATCH’s Gold Reserve gummies are our 24-karat companion. BATCH packed 50mg of CBD and 25mg of CBG into each tantalizing bite, enough to help us get our sparkle on.

When you become a Gold Member by signing up for BATCH’s monthly subscription service, you’ll get your choice of BATCH’s gummies, tinctures, and other perennial favorites and fun treats for up to 25% off, on top of any other sales or discounts. BATCH will ship them all over the United States first class, with absolutely no charge to you, if you can believe it. Not only that, but you’ll have early access to soon-to-be-released products and exclusive free gifts. What’s not to love?

“Getting your box’o’BATCH every month is like getting a care package from your parents while you are away at summer camp. All the good vibes you could want, all in one box.”

Use code LEAFLY for 20% off your order. Applicable on both one-time purchases and subscriptions. One use per customer.

Specializes in hard-to-find cannabinoids
Expertly crafted cannabinoid blends
Sources from non-GMO hemp

Are you a real cannabinoid head like us? Does the phrase “usually only present in trace quantities” set your heart aflutter? Then we’ve got your new best friend in Rare Cannabinoid Company. This Hawaii-based small business has blown the doors of the hemp industry by using cutting-edge technology to isolate several rare cannabinoids that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else.

top CBD brands

Recommended product

Made with an ingenious blend of soothing CBG, CBD, and tart green apple flavor, these CBG gummies are something to behold. Just a bite melted our stress and built up our resilience to life’s little wrinkles.

Rare Cannabinoid Company offers isolates of every cannabinoid you’ve ever heard of and a few surprises besides, but the real magic happens when the alchemists at RCC start blending cannabinoids together. RCC cleverly manipulates the “entourage effect” in their Ready Blends to produce CBD-based blends that may just redefine what you think CBD is capable of.

“Rare Cannabinoid Company is a team of real innovators and artisans, with a bit of a mad science streak. Nobody understands hemp on a molecular level like they do.”

Get a free pack of gummies (shipping included) when you take Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Cannabinoid Finder Quiz. No code or purchase necessary.

Best for wellness: Vena

Wide variety of health and wellness products in addition to CBD lineup
Customer service representatives on staff to help with developing custom wellness programs
Source hemp is non-GMO and does not use pesticides

Vena understands that CBD and other hemp products are best utilized in addition to a holistic wellness program. They offer CBD products that synergize with each other and Vena’s other wellness products. We found that Vena’s gummies, supplements, and tinctures are specially formulated to help relieve various common stressors of modern life. We certainly felt less high-strung, thanks to Vena’s products.

Recommended product

We found these CBD gummies from Vena helped us elevate our mood to the heavens. With an extra helping of saffron to boost dopamine levels, we felt positively angelic.

Vena values individuality as a core tenant of their business model, and they understand that every person’s wellness needs are different. To help their customers find the perfect CBD product to help them feel their best, Vena employs an expert team of real, not AI, customer service representatives to provide customized suggestions for curious consumers. With Vena’s vital assistance, you’ll feel brand new.

“For our team of sometimes not-so-health-conscious writers, Vena’s focus on wellness was a godsend. We’re feeling good and looking great, and it’s all thanks to Vena.”

Use code LEAFLY25 for 25% off your one-time purchase. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Excludes bundles and subscriptions.

Best gummy variety: JustCBD

Gummies in an incredible variety of colors, flavors, and potencies
Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified
Free shipping on orders over $50

We here at Leafly eat a lot of gummies, for both business and pleasure, so we’re always on the lookout for a gummy that really changes things up. If you’re a gummy lover like us, then you’ll find all the CBD gummies you can dream of over at JustCBD. They’ve got CBD gummies of every strength, flavor, shape, size, and persuasion, more than enough to rekindle your love for edibles.

Recommended product

These gummy bears reminded us how much fun CBD can be. Made with quality hemp and more colors than a stained glass window.

While gummies are JustCBD’s signature product, we were just as impressed with their other offerings. They have a joyful variety of vapes, tinctures, and pet products to round out their roster, each made with the same attention to quality as their gummies—a big reason why we’ve included them within our top CBD brands. JustCBD believes that CBD should be fun, and their infectious joy will carry over to anyone who stops by their website.

“Who can take a sunrise and sprinkle it with dew? You, with a little help from JustCBD’s gummies.”

Use code LEAFLY20 for 20% off your purchase. One use per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer. Does not apply to sale items.

Why you can trust Leafly Product Picks

Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis discovery platform and provides a vast library of content from some of the most respected voices in cannabis. Leafly Product Picks prioritizes accuracy and integrity in our selections, working through mountains of research and testimonials to source products you can trust.

Jake Rosendale: Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products

Jake Rosendale is Leafly’s Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products. He’s been with Leafly since 2022, where he spends his time researching the best products in the wide world of weed. Jake’s been writing about cannabis, food, and wine in the Seattle area for 5 years. In addition to Leafly, you can find his work in Seattle Met Magazine and High Times. He loves sci-fi novels, country music, and Super Lemon Haze.

Anna Elliott: Content Editor, Brands & Products

Anna Elliott is Leafly’s Content Editor, Brands & Products. She’s been with Leafly since 2021, managing and editing brand-related content and bringing the best stories on the industry’s top products to life. With a decade of experience reviewing products, covering brands, and editing stories, Anna loves talking up the people & products that make a real difference in readers’ every day. She’s found that Space Mints makes the perfect pairing for enjoying her frankly irresponsible vinyl collection.

Learn more about CBD

The complete guide to CBD: “CBD (cannabidiol) is a therapeutic compound produced by cannabis. It is commonly extracted and processed into oils, gummies, topicals, and other products that have no doubt sparked your curiosity. And with curiosity comes a load of questions (read more).”

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The science of CBD for cats and dogs: “The question of using medical cannabis to improve the health of a dog or cat is a complicated one, and there isn’t a lot of solid, peer-reviewed research examining its safety or effectiveness. But that’s slowly changing (read more).”

Final thoughts

And there you have it, folks. Our recommendations for finding the very best CBD brands anywhere in the United States. Thanks to all of our top picks and their incredible products, everybody can find the CBD that helps them feel their best and curate immaculate vibes. All the relief you need is just a few clicks away, so don’t deny yourself any longer. Find your next CBD sensation today with these top CBD brands.

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