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Does CBD lessen the effects of THC? Recent studies question a common belief



Cannabis research can be a fickle beast. Decades of prohibition created a lot of red tape for researchers, so scientific knowledge of the plant is still in its infancy. Because cannabis hasn’t been studied extensively, research on it can yo-yo back and forth, and something proven one day can be disproven or reversed later on down the road, leaving cannabis consumers scratching their heads. 

A recent example comes with two studies published in the past few months, which both claim that CBD does not reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, reversing a commonly held idea of one of CBD’s benefits. 

To figure out what cannabis consumers can take away from this new info, let’s look at the history of research on this topic and what the new studies say.

What does past research on CBD and THC say?

Going back decades, a common belief has been that CBD can reduce the negative effects of THC—if you’re too high or don’t want to get too high, take a little CBD or consume a THC product that also has a little CBD to mellow out the high. Many studies have claimed this, and we’ve even reported on it here at Leafly.

The idea is that CBD molecules block receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system, so that THC can’t fully activate those receptors, which lessens the feeling of being high. 

Many older studies have made claims of CBD’s ability to dampen THC: As early as 1982, a study said that CBD can diminish paranoia and anxiety brought on by THC; and a study in 2010 said CBD and THC have opposite effects, and that CBD can reduce paranoia in THC.

Notably, a review from 2013 looked at nearly 1,300 studies from the previous few decades and concluded that, “The few studies that exist on the effects of CBD show that this cannabinoid can counteract some of the negative effects of THC.” However, the authors did emphasize that, “Their results have not always been consistent.” The study also said there were surprisingly few studies to date on the interactions between THC and the potentially protective effects of CBD.


What is the endocannabinoid system and what is its role?

What do the recent studies on CBD and THC say?

Two studies published in the past few months disagree with the idea that CBD tempers THC. In a UK study from Nov. of last year, 46 participants vaped oil with various ratios of CBD to THC to determine CBD’s effects on THC. They tested products with CBD:THC ratios of 0:1, 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1, with 0mg, 10mg, 20mg, and 30mg of CBD, and found no difference in effects.

According to the study authors, “We found no evidence of CBD reducing the acute adverse effects of THC on cognition and mental health. Similarly, there was no evidence that it altered the subjective or pleasurable effects of THC.” 

Another study from the UK earlier this month backs up this data. It looked at the effects of cannabis on teens vs. adults, and how THC and CBD affect both. Forty-eight participants, 24 teens and 24 adults, vaporized a product with 3:1 CBD to THC (24mg to 8mg) and a product with only THC, and found no difference in the subjective feel of effects in individuals. 

The authors ultimately concluded that “Our results add further weight to the claim that doses of vaporized CBD, which are near to naturally occurring levels, do not mitigate the acute harms of THC.” As a side note, the study also found no differences in effects between teens and adults.


CBD vs. THC: Why is CBD non-intoxicating?

How should consumers take this new info?

It is often assumed that products containing CBD are less potent or can reduce negative THC effects, but the findings from both studies suggest that CBD may not be a determining factor in the strength of a product. Consumers who buy products with CBD thinking they are getting “weed lite” or less potent products may be incorrect in their thinking. 

But because cannabis research is still so young, it’s hard to know if these studies are the final word on the matter or just another bump in the road. There are still some caveats.

In the review from last Nov., the authors do note a previous study that shows CBD to lessen some of THC’s effects, but the participants in it were given exceptionally large doses of 600mg of CBD to 5mg of THC—a ratio of 120:1 CBD to THC! The authors concluded such a large amount of CBD is impractical to put in a commercial vape cartridge. So CBD may temper THC’s effects, but it may be that astronomical amounts of it are needed.

At the end of the day, it may be difficult to separate and clearly delineate these two compounds and their effects because of the entourage effect—or how all the compounds in the cannabis plant work together synergistically to create the feeling of being high, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. The sum is greater than the whole of the parts, so it might be hard to study the individual compounds separately. 

Cannabis research is getting better as more states legalize, but there may not be a definitive answer to the interaction of CBD and THC yet. There is a growing body of research that sways toward the idea that CBD does not temper THC’s effects, so buyers should keep that in mind the next time they’re at the dispensary. 

As always, we tell our readers that every person has a different body chemistry and will experience weed differently. You could get incredibly high or paranoid off of a hit or two from a joint, while your friend will barely feel a thing; a certain strain may make you fall asleep, while the same one will make your friend go out for a walk. It’s important to understand how your own body responds to weed. 

CBD has shown tremendous potential in treating seizures and epilepsy conditions in children, however, CBD’s medicinal benefits beyond that, or its ability to tame THC’s intoxicating effects, are inconclusive to date. 

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Pat Goggins

Pat Goggins is a senior editor who handles Leafly’s informational content and specializes in cannabis cultivation after working for a commercial grower in Oregon. When not fixing typos, you’ll probably find him on a boat or in the mountains.

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best list

6 best CBD gummies of 2024 by Leafly




Health & wellness never tasted so good. Leafly’s Product Picks team makes these recommendations on the best CBD gummies after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

The massive explosion of the CBD market over the last few years has brought more options to consumers than even the most forward-thinking industry watchers could have predicted. There are enough flavors, colors, consistencies, and potencies to put any aisle at your local grocery store to shame, and the field shows no sign of slowing down. New brands pop up every season, and even savvy CBD enthusiasts can be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of different gummies to choose from.

A quick look at the best CBD gummies

Best THC-free: BATCH CBD Gummies

Best value: Medterra Max Relief Gummies

Best tasting: five CBD+THC Daily Buzz Gummies

Best solventless: Papa & Barkley CBD Releaf Gummies

Best full spectrum: Cornbread Hemp Watermelon CBD gummies

Best variety: JustCBD Peach Rings CBD Gummies

If you want to cut through the noise and find the best CBD gummies around, you’re in good hands. We here at Leafly Product Picks have been testing out all the gummies, gels, and chews we could find—and we’ve got the jaw muscles to prove it. We’ve assembled a list of our favorite CBD gummies so you can reap all the rewards of our hard work with none of the soreness. No need to thank us, readers—we do it because we care.

As some of THC’s biggest fans, the proliferation of full-spectrum hemp products has thrilled us here at Leafly Product Picks, but we’re also well aware that not everyone likes the psychoactive cannabinoid as much as we do. If you’re looking for a CBD gummy that sidesteps THC entirely without sacrificing all the wonderful terpenes and minor cannabinoids that make full-spectrum gummies so special, then we’d like you to meet our buddies over at BATCH. They specialize in THC-free gummies and tinctures that allow consumers who prefer to keep a clear head to experience the quality inherent to full-spectrum products.

Recommended product

In the same way that you can spot a quality cook by the way they nail the basics, the best test of a gummy maker often comes in their simplest offering. BATCH’s CBD gummies are nothing but 25mg of straight-up, American-grown CBD, no bullshit added. A jar will contain 30 gummies in mango, blueberry, and raspberry flavors that will help you manage whatever life throws at you. And with no THC or psychoactive cannabinoids to speak of, a BATCH gummy is always the right move, no matter the time of day, where you are, or what you happen to be doing. Don’t wait to experience this relief.

We love BATCH for their attention to detail, their artisan sensibilities, and for just how cool they are. Breaking the seal on a new jar of BATCH gummies feels like the opening notes of your favorite song; exciting, comforting, and plenty of flair. They take great care in every step of the process from growing to packaging, resulting in quality that you can feel, smell, and taste. The team at BATCH also pride themselves on transparency in their operations, with third-party lab results posted online and tours of their Wisconsin-based labs available.

“Batch is the real deal; no smoke, no mirrors, just great CBD in a divinely delicious package.”

There’s never been a better time to order, either. BATCH is offering Leafly readers an exclusive 20% off discount on both one-time purchases and subscriptions. That’s right, you’ll be able to save even on a monthly subscription to your favorite BATCH products with code LEAFLY. Click the link below and start your BATCH adventure.

Impeccable quality at an affordable price, Medterra has been consistently delivering top-flight CBD and hemp products for years. In addition to some of the best gummies to be found, they offer oils, topicals, and even CBD+THC seltzers. Medterra sources their hemp from US Hemp Authority-certified, non-GMO American farms, and then sends that hemp through a rigorous battery of tests to ensure its quality. The team at Medterra is also top-of-the-pack when it comes to extraction—you can be sure Medterra isn’t leaving any beneficial cannabinoids or terpenes on the proverbial cutting room floor.

best CBD gummies

Recommended product

The full power of the plant unleashed, for a budget-friendly price. With these full-spectrum gummies from Medterra, you’ll get the whole bouquet of cannabinoids and terpenes, balanced and enhanced with a fresh citrus flavor. Medterra has loaded each of these gummies with 2mg THC and 25mg CBD, a hearty dose that should help newcomers and experienced CBD consumers alike relax, unwind, and destress. Relaxing with these gummies also comes with the added, calming benefit of knowing that you didn’t have to bend the budget to afford CBD of this quality. With Medterra, luxury comes in a bite.

How does Medterra manage to keep their prices so low? They aren’t some billionaire’s charity project, Medterra has employed a supremely clever business model to save on production costs without compromising their commitment to quality. And they’re more than happy to pass those savings along to all members of the Medterra family, offering regular sales and big discounts if you sign up for their subscription service. The biggest bang for your buck when it comes to CBD gummies can be summed up in one (compound) word: Medterra.

“Medterra brings CBD to the masses while maintaining excellence usually reserved for connoisseurs.”

To celebrate their place on our list, Medterra is offering Leafly readers an exclusive discount. When you check out, use code LEAFLY25 to get 25% off your one-time purchase. 

Another huge name in the CBD space, five regularly charms our team with their innovative spirit and commitment to consistency. The team at five have been at it for years, and in that time they’ve positioned themselves as the preeminent purveyors of fine full-spectrum hemp and delta-9 THC products, and they do it while being oh-so-stylish to boot. They always deliver seriously high-quality CBD at a reasonable price.

best CBD gummies

Recommended product

A daily gummy tasty enough to upstage coffee as the star performer in your morning routine. While your particular mileage may vary (our writers admit to having a sweeter-than-average tooth), we couldn’t get enough of five’s Daily Buzz gummies. The gummies are so tasty that attempting to hold ourselves to just the single recommended daily dose proved to be a true test of our self-control. That isn’t to say that five is just a sweet exterior. On the contrary, five has packed six times the amount of minor cannabinoids into each of their gummies than many of their competitors. We prefer the sweet flavors of the standard Daily Buzz gummies, but there’s also a delightfully sour option if that pleases your palate. Either way, five’s CBD+THC Daily Buzz options are the CBD gourmand’s best friend.

In addition to being one of our team of experienced CBD consumers’ favorite outfits, five is also one of the best stops on this list for newbies to full-spectrum hemp or wellness aids in general. They’re an ideal brand for newbies not just because of their special online quiz that helps consumers find the perfect CBD product for them, or the litany of quality research aids to be found on their website. In our team’s opinion, the way that five edges out so many of their competitors is that five products just flat-out taste better. If flavor is the factor that keeps you invested in a CBD regimen, then you aren’t going to find a much better fit than five.

“The prospect of our daily five gummy in the morning was enough to pull even our grumpiest writers out of bed with a smile.”

Our contacts at five are also happy to offer an exclusive discount for Leafly readers. Just use code LEAFLY25 at checkout to save 25% on any one-time purchase, not just the Daily Buzz gummies.

Papa & Barkley have one of the best origin stories in hemp, and maybe the world of business generally. Born out of a son’s desire to ease his father’s pain, Papa & Barkley began in a kitchen, where founder Adam Grossman developed an organic balm to remedy Papa’s severe aches and pains. This recipe would become known as the Releaf formula, the basis of which still forms the core of all Papa & Barkley products to this day. When it came time to turn this family recipe into a business, Adam chose to honor his father and the old man’s faithful dog, Barkley.

Recommended product

Utilizing the same core principles that eased the eponymous Papa’s pain, Papa & Barkley’s CBD Releaf gummies are potent, delicious, and full of hemp flower power. Each full-spectrum gummy is loaded with 15mg of non-GMO CBD, sourced from hemp grown using regenerative farming practices. Our team of writers also really enjoyed the Berry Pineapple flavor of the gummies, an intriguing mix that left us wanting more and looking forward to the time when we could finally take another dose. Papa & Barkley certainly helped us chill out, and we’re willing to bet they can help you, too.

Papa & Barkley’s origin story certainly endears us to the crew, but it’s the Releaf recipe and their unique extraction methods that keep us coming back. While most other CBD brands use chemical solvents like carbon dioxide or butane to extract cannabinoids from hemp, Papa & Barkley use a chemical-free, solventless method. This means that their hemp products maintain more of the hemp plant than the majority of the rest of the field, a factor that we at Leafly can’t get enough of.

“A labor of love that still feels like a family business, Papa & Barkley relaxes our minds and plucks our heartstrings.”

If that weren’t enough, Papa & Barkley have added a little extra something to encourage you to experience solventless CBD goodness. Leafly readers who use code LEAFLY20 at Papa & Barkley checkout will receive 20% off sitewide, except for subscription services. Click below and start saving now.

Kentucky’s Bluegrass Basin is home to a whole slew of wonderful things: great music, unrivaled mountain views, and Cornbread Hemp. We here at Leafly feel a great kinship with the plant people who make Cornbread Hemp into the truly special outfit it is today. Virtually nobody else has a connection to the history of hemp the way Cornbread Hemp does, and they aren’t stingy with sharing their knowledge, either. They aim to be hemp’s finest ambassadors, and to that end, they make sure that each and every CBD product they produce represents the absolute best that hemp has to offer.

best CBD gummies

Recommended product

Kentucky and California might not be two states you often think of together, but when California watermelons meet Kentucky hemp, magic happens. These gummies from Cornbread feature all the earthy, full-spectrum goodness that Cornbread is known for, delicately mingling with the lush flavor of ripe watermelons. The results are something noteworthy; a mouth-watering gummy that complements, rather than masks, the dank hemp flavor and aroma. Each gummy features 25mg CBD and 1mg hemp-derived THC, a perfect amount to help anyone unwind and destress.

Cornbread only uses a full-spectrum extract derived from the flowers of the finest Kentucky-grown hemp, and they’re liable to have strong words for anyone who implies differently. They’re immensely proud of their offerings, and they should be—the flavor, potency, and ever-hard-to-find authenticity exemplified by Cornbread’s products floored our writers, leaving a deep impression that has not yet left us. If you love hemp like we do, then you deserve to experience what Cornbread has been cooking up.

“Hemp so deeply rooted in the Kentucky soil, you might briefly develop a touch of a drawl. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, sugar.”

Everyone knows that variety is the spice of life, but you’d be forgiven for not realizing that this concept also applies to CBD. The vast majority of brands tend to keep things simple when it comes to their gummies, simple shapes, simple flavors, and simple options. Not JustCBD. They think that CBD can be more than a wellness aid—they believe that eating a CBD gummy can and should be fun, too. They have a gobsmacking amount of colors, consistencies, and flavors available for the consumer who wants to feel like they’re having a bite of a sweet treat when they take their CBD, not like they’re taking a glorified multivitamin.

Recommended product

The taste of summer, enhanced with pure CBD. These gummies look and taste nearly identical to the peach rings you may find at your local convenience store, except enhanced with 25mg of high-quality CBD isolate in each bite. You read that right—JustCBD has done the impossible and made peach rings good for you. Click the link below and start living the dream of healthy desserts with JustCBD today.

If you can imagine a colorful confection of your youth, JustCBD probably has a CBD gummy reminiscent of it. Our writers found that these iconic shapes helped us destress a bit before we even felt the CBD kick in—biting the head off a CBD gummy bear is simply more satisfying than biting the corner off a square. Navigating through life can be tough—keeping your CBD varied and interesting will give you a little something special to help you through the day, and in our opinion, JustCBD are just the folks to keep things fun.

“The only problem with JustCBD is figuring out which one of their fantastic gummies to try first.”

Use code LEAFLY20 for 20% off your purchase. One use per customer, cannot be combined with any other offer. Does not apply to sale items.

Why you can trust Leafly Product Picks

Leafly is the world’s leading cannabis discovery platform and provides a vast library of content from some of the most respected voices in cannabis. Leafly Product Picks prioritizes accuracy and integrity in our selections, working through mountains of research and testimonials and testing product to source products you can trust.

Jake Rosendale: Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products

smiling portrait photo of man in glasses and grey cap against an aquamarine background

Jake Rosendale is Leafly’s Lead Content Writer, Brands & Products. He’s been with Leafly since 2022, where he spends his time researching the best products in the wide world of weed. Jake’s been writing about cannabis, food, and wine in the Seattle area for 5 years. In addition to Leafly, you can find his work in Seattle Met Magazine and High Times. He loves sci-fi novels, country music, and Super Lemon Haze.

Anna Elliott: Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products

portrait photo of woman with short dark hair and glasses in a black polo shirt against an aqua-green background

Anna Elliott is Leafly’s Senior Content Editor, Brands & Products. She’s been with Leafly since 2021, managing and editing brand-related content and bringing the best stories on the industry’s top products to life. With a decade of experience reviewing products, covering brands, and editing stories, Anna loves talking up the people & products that make a real difference in readers’ every day. She’s found that Space Mints makes the perfect pairing for enjoying her frankly irresponsible vinyl collection.

Final thoughts

There you have it, folks, our list of the best CBD gummies of 2024. It’s never been easier to enhance your wellness experience with CBD, and any of these gummies are well worth your time and hard-earned dollars. We update this list often, so check back regularly to see if there are any new all-star CBD brands worth your attention, and make sure to keep an eye out for more roundups and recommendations here on Leafly.

For business inquiries, please direct messages to

Availability subject to law.

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Key Tips On Bouldering And Marijuana




Bouldering and rock climbing have exploded – can cannabis help with this hot activity?

Even 5 years ago, rock climbing and bouldering were niche activities for those with a passion. But since it has become a fun, core strengthening, urban activity and is now a multi-billion dollar industry.  Cities, towns and cruise ships now have climbing gyms and the popularity as soared. North American climbing gyms alone almost reached $1 billion dollars last year, this doesn’t count outdoor, equipment and other markets. With its popularity, it blends in with other lifestyle options, so here are key tips on bouldering and marijuana.

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France is was the birthplace of modern bouldering. Pierre Allain, a pioneering French climber in the mid-20th century, loved the Fontainebleau forest and was among the first to see bouldering as a unique discipline within climbing, not just a training tool. He developed climbing shoes with rubber soles, increasing climbers’ ability to grip the rock, a revolution which helped bouldering gain recognition as a legitimate sport. Around the same time in the US, a gymnast as well as a climber, John Gill approached bouldering with a focus on strength, balance, and dynamic movement. Regarded as the father of modern bouldering, he introduce the concept ‘clean climbing’ – leaving no trace on the rock – which has influenced generations of climbers to respect and protect the natural environment.

A Climbing Magazine anonymous survey of professional climbers a couple years ago, in which most said they used it for recovery while others said they sometimes climbed while using cannabis. A deeply-researched review conducted by scientists, including members of the World Anti-Doping Agency and National Institute on Drug Abuse, found that “the use of cannabis as doping will not help to gain a competitive edge by any means.” But the review also highlighted how cannabis can help athletes deal with anxiety in high-pressure situations—climbing includes plenty of high-pressure situations—and “play a major role in the extinction of fear memories” from traumatic athletic events, such as suffering a tough whipper or something more serious.

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“Cannabis improves sleep and recovery after an event, reduces anxiety and fear and aids the forgetting of negative events such as bad falls and so forth,” researchers wrote. “Cannabis enhances sensory perception, decreases respiratory rate and increases heart rate; increased bronchodilation may improve oxygenation of the tissues.”

Photo by Tom Wheatley via Unsplash

Marijuana can also help you in the gym during training sessions. A University of Colorado study concluded using marijuana before exercise “increases motivation” as well as “enhances recovery from exercise.” Recovery is huge, particularly in sports brutal on the body like climbing. Professional athletes in football, basketball, hockey, fighting, and even golf have all come out in favor of using cannabis as a recovery tool, with some saying CBD is enough.

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More than those other sports, though, safety is of the utmost importance while climbing. Combining marijuana and climbing should be done with serious intention and without harming belay partners or fellow climbers. An online survey conducted by Training Beta, a website dedicated to rock climbing training, explored how readers felt about the relationship between climbing and cannabis. Among 1,462 respondents, 47% said they weren’t comfortable with high belayers and 46% responded that it depended on the setting and person belaying them.

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