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Hemp Seed Meal Achieves Monumental Milestone on Path to Federal Approval



Press Release

Hemp Feed Coalition (HFC) a 501(c)(3) dedicated to obtaining federal approval for the use of hemp grain products in animal feed, is pleased to announce a landmark achievement with the tentative approval of Hemp Seed Meal (HSM) for Laying Hens at the recent Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Mid-Year Meeting.  With the FDA-Center for Veterinary Medicine’s (FDA-CVM’s) recommendation for approval, the Ingredient Definition Committee approved the HSM tentative definition on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, with no opposition. This will go before AAFCO’s Board and members for final approval, and then be adopted into the Official Publication later this year. This historic milestone has been more than three years in the making and will allow processors to formulate with HSM in the diets of laying hens as a source of protein and fat at an inclusion of no more than 20%. To see the ingredient definition in its entirety, please visit

This hemp grain derivative is a highly nutritious ingredient with a wide range of essential vitamins, minerals, healthy oils, and a complete protein profile. Research confirms the nutrition profile and functionality of hemp feed resemble that of soy and canola while alleviating concerns about its suitability as an ingredient. Evidence also shows increased value over typical feed sources, with significant improvement in egg quality as HSM concentration increases in the hen’s diet. Notably, hemp-fed hens lay eggs enriched with essential fatty acids such as ALA, DHA, and GLA, and increased amounts of Lutein which are known promotors for human health. The safety of HSM has been validated through FDA-CVM’s rigorous evaluation, providing formulators and feed mills assurance that HSM is a safe and viable protein and fat source. Data to support this application included the validated method and quantification of cannabinoids in both the ingredient and egg product, and it was verified that any potential cannabinoid contaminants did not transfer over to human food products.

Safe, nutritious alternatives like HSM improve efficiencies across US feed supply chains. Feed mills and formulators have eagerly awaited this approval, having recognized the potential of hemp feed products long ago. HFC looks forward to collaborating with feed producers to incorporate HSM as a viable solution to their supply challenges.

Farmers interested in hemp have expressed their desire for additional rotations but are hesitant to do so without the risk mitigation of a feed market.  New crops like hemp bring benefits to soil, disease control, and farm flexibility; and with hemp in particular, lower input needs, resulting in a more sustainable supply chain overall.  “Hemp’s integration into animal feed is a catalyst for agricultural advancement. It’s an opportunity for farmers to diversify with lower risk for supply chains to become more sustainable, and for the entire agricultural community to reap the benefits of this versatile crop.” – Andrew Bish, President of HFC and COO of Bish Enterprises, a company rooted in agricultural innovation.

HFC is excited to enable a more nutritious ingredient, reduce risk for farmers, and open hemp market opportunities.  HFC members are proud to support these efforts and lay the groundwork for hemp grain products in feed across species. To learn more about the benefits of HSM for laying hens, join HFC and visit the MemberZone page to access additional data and resources.

Special thanks to this application’s Key Partners Wenger Feeds, IND HEMP, Eurofins Food Chemistry Testing, Healthy Oilseeds, LLC, New West Genetics, and to HFC Board Members.

Hemp Feed Coalition is a 501(c)(3) organization that consists of hemp and feed industry leaders dedicated to facilitating the health of our animals as well as the expansion of the hemp industry. HFC is currently prepping trial data and seeking partners- become a Champion of the next Hemp Feed Application.

Official Press Release

Healthy Food, Healthy Feed, Healthy Planet

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What Is The Difference Between Marijuana, Hemp And Cannabis




Legal cannabis is sweeping the US and EU and is already the law in the land in Canada.  More and more consumers are buying gummies, hemp drinks, and vapes.  California sober has become a thing and Gen Z is drifting away from alcohol and having an affair with marijuana.

While marijuana has been part of culture for years, hemp, CBD, marijuana and cannabis are everyone.  From local dispensaries to, in some states, hemp drinks are popping up in liquor stores.  Even Walmart is home to many hemp products and proudly displays them on the shelves. However, these hemp products are made from cold-pressed seeds, which have great nutritional value but contain no CBD or cannabis. So what is the difference between marijuana, hemp and cannabis.

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“Cannabis” is the botanical term for marijuana. It doesn’t have any legal significance. It simply refers to the cannabis plant. It contains all of the cannabinoids, including CBD, CBN and THC. More specifically, the word refers to the genus of flowering plants in the family Cannabaceae. It’s also a term under increasing use, especially since it focuses on the medicinal benefits of the plant.

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“Marijuana” is the term used in legal contexts, and it’s also one associated with the negative connotations and perceptions throughout history. It’s the term appearing in the Controlled Substances Act and refers to the cannabis plant possessing more than 0.3% of THC. This kind of plant is the one remaining illegal on a federal level.

Do CBD Gummies Actually Work

“Hemp” is the easiest term to understand for its simplicity. It refers to the part of the cannabis sativa plant containing less than 0.3% of THC and is legal on a federal level. Hemp is non-intoxicating and the use of it leads to products which doesn’t get people high. So, while hemp is not illegal, marijuana can be depending on your location.

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Some believe that the term “marijuana” shouldn’t be used since it has a charged history of racism, particularly of Mexican immigrants. Others believe that using the term “cannabis” shies away from THC, and that the compound is nothing to be embarrassed of.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you what you decide to call your weed. When it comes to its legal use, however, “marijuana” is the term that most lawmakers prefer.

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Exploring the depths of hemp with 3CHI’s True Strains




The growth of the hemp industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As a result, it’s become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out from the crowd. But for one company, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

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3CHI’s True Strains product line is the newest innovation from the popular brand to prove this point. The line provides a spectrum of customized experiences that allows consumers to look for the different effects and potential benefits they’re hoping for and match those desires with a specific product. They’ve done this by utilizing over 40 different cannabinoids in the True Strains products.

With something this exciting, we’re thrilled to spotlight these innovative offerings that people new to hemp and veterans of the game alike will be impressed by.

True Strains products provide an entirely different experience that will have you going back for more.

Enough of the tease, let’s get into it.

True Strains gummies

3CHI's True Strains
Courtesy of 3CHI

WARNING: Dangerously tasty, pleasantly euphoric.

With the expansive list of cannabinoids in each strain, these gummies offer an experience that resonates with your individual needs. The flavor of the gummies will leave your mouth watering for more, but don’t forget that they have intoxicating D-9 THC in them, so approach with caution!

The composition

Crafted with a variety of hemp-derived cannabinoids, these gummies ensure an enhanced and far more varied experience compared to gummies that use only plant-extracted oil. The lineup includes four new options with 15mg delta-9 THC and a variety of minor cannabinoids, perfect for those seeking a potent yet controlled experience. For the adventurous, the 100mg gummies, with their even more diverse cannabinoid profiles, offer a deeper exploration of the hemp spectrum.

The new flavors

3CHI's True Strains
Courtesy of 3CHI

Introducing the latest sensations: Cyclone, Bliss, White Lightning, and Awesome Sauce.

The new True Strains gummies share a similar, tantalizing flavor profile, but differ in the type of adventure they provide. The uniform flavor across these varieties ensures a consistently enjoyable taste, allowing the distinct effects of each to shine through. Whether you’re after the energizing rush of Cyclone or the calm serenity of Bliss, the consistent flavor excellence ensures your focus remains on the unique effects that each gummy brings.

True Strains vape pods: Tailored vaping experiences

3CHI's True Strains
Courtesy of 3CHI

Moving from edibles to inhalables, 3CHI’s True Strains vape pods are a game changer in the world of cannabinoid products. These pods are not just about enjoying hemp (although that is super fun); they’re about experiencing it in a way that’s precisely tailored to your desires.

Customized experiences

Each True Strains vape pod is a masterpiece of precision, offering a spectrum of experiences that cater to the individual’s mood and preferences. From pods that invigorate the senses with a burst of energy to those that gently lull you into a state of serene calm, the variety is astounding.

This level of customization in vaping is virtually unprecedented, allowing consumers to fine-tune their experience to the moment, whether it’s for creative stimulation, relaxation, or sociability.

Purity, quality, and consistency

One of the most important pieces that put not just True Strains, but all 3CHI products, above the crowd is their consistency. They created a brand-new testing method (D-SPEC) to accurately determine what was in each product and make sure they created them the same.


3CHI’s essence of euphoria & wellness: True Strains gummies, Focused Blends & more

Every product, in every batch, is the same. Every. Single. Time. With 3CHI, you can trust you’re getting the same experience and quality with every purchase. True Strains delivers that at unprecedented levels for “blended” products.

3CHI ensures that all True Strains vape pods are free from common cutting agents like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerol (PG), polyethylene glycol (PEG), vitamin E, and medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). This commitment to purity and quality means you’re inhaling nothing but the best. 

The 3CHI difference

3CHI’s True Strains lineup is a bold statement in the hemp market, comparable to the biggest household brand names in quality and innovation. This range is a clear reflection of the team’s commitment to creating high-quality hemp products, offering consistent and potent cannabinoid profiles. 

Why choose True Strains?

True Strains by 3CHI is more than just a product line; it’s an homage to the plant. It offers a range of experiences that are as diverse as the consumers themselves. Whether you’re seeking relief, euphoria, energy, or relaxation, True Strains provides safer, more consistent ways to explore the vast potential of the plant.

All of their products are tested in-house before being sent to a third-party lab, reinforcing how dedicated they are to making sure their customers receive the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

Find your True Strain

3CHI's True Strains
Courtesy of 3CHI

Dive into the world of True Strains and discover the unique effects of each blend. Whether through the nuanced world of gummies or the tailored experiences of vape pods, 3CHI’s True Strains lineup is here to redefine your journey with the plant.

Join us in celebrating this innovative approach, where purity meets customization, and every product promises a unique adventure.

10% off everything

If that wasn’t enough to get excited about, right now through February 19th, 2024, you can get 10% off sitewide with code LEAFLY10.

Plus, if you sign up for the 3CHI newsletter, you’ll get 5% off your first order and a free pack of gummies.

Availability subject to law

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30 weed predictions very likely to come true in 2024




Two out of three ain’t bad, readers. Leafly News got it right 66 percent of the time in December 2022 when we made 51 predictions about weed in 2023. 

We scored 34 accurate prognostications, nine misses (sorry New Hampshire legalization), and eight maybes.

What will 2024 hold for the wide world of weed?

Leafly senior editor David Downs and Great Moments in Weed History podcast host David Bienenstock burn down the list of likely things to happen. The podcast will be out later in December. But here’s our full predictions list.

2024 weed politics

Hippie Hill on April 20th, 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)
Hippie Hill on April 20th, 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

Will Congress legalize cannabis in 2024?

We’d bet no. Congress must crawl before it can walk, and it couldn’t even pass a weed banking bill this year. We expect more executive orders and policy changes like President Biden’s weed pardons.

For example, we foresee marijuana moving to Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act in time for the election. It seems like the administration has that in their pocket for young Democrat voters.

“It will be the most profound change in years,” said veteran weed author/podcaster David Bienenstock. “Write to your elected officials.”

What about hemp rules?

We foresee some cosmetic attempts to rein in the hemp CBD market but I don’t see it translating to real-world results in terms of ending the delta-8 wild west. The FDA will continue warning CBD sellers, and will propose guardrails on CBD formulations.

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“Cannabis [as opposed to hemp] as we have understood it for literal millennia is the gold standard for how to access these compounds,” said Bienestock. “Access should be a human right.”

What states will and won’t legalize weed next year?

Oklahoma, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire will talk about but won’t legalize adult-use cannabis.


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Florida will legalize adult-use in 2024, and it’ll drive a purple wave in Florida that’ll help keep President Biden in office. It’s a bold prediction, but we like to live dangerously. Otherwise, what’s the point?

We’ll see more city, county, and state-level expungement efforts. We’ll see more new legalization states try to earmark licenses for drug war victims.

2024 cannabis consumer experiences

Moe Greens cannabis lounge in San Francisco (Leafly File Photo by Jamie Soja)
Moe Greens cannabis lounge in San Francisco (Leafly File Photo by Jamie Soja)

2024 will see hundreds of new dispensaries open up across the country and new and newly maturing states drive the retail wave. We’ll see more delivery options in more places, and more pickup.

Expect more weed lounges

Weed consumers will be able to go to a dozen more lounges in 2024, whether it’s Las Vegas, West Hollywood, or the tribal lands of Buffalo, NY.

“We need a place to smoke weed,” said Bienenstock. “It’s going to help these communities that are more forward-thinking about cannabis to be rewarded for that.”

What are the next hype strains?

In terms of cannabis cultivars, we expect purple candy-gas strains to stay the center of the bell curve of the market. The Leafly Strain of the Year Permanent Marker wave will build. We’ll see lots of quality Z work, and more Superboof and Trop Cookies projects. As a counter-point to sweets, we’re anticipating a sour wave and a savory surge.

In 2024, we’re going to start The Ugly Weed movement for weed that tastes great but does not look so perfect. Ditto for the Under 20% THC movement, and Weird Terps movement. 

We think live rosin will keep gaining marketshare in 2024.

We expect the seeds market to get even bigger, but also tougher for startup entrants.

We expect 2024 to be a banger year for weed events! April 20th lands on a Saturday and the scenes in San Francisco and New York will be unrivaled.

New York itself will be much more fun in 2024—with a slew of stores opening, better pot, and world-class experiences.


Legal weed farmer’s market pops up near New York’s Times Square

2024 in weed science and health

Terps are not the whole story. (Courtesy Abstrax)
Terps are not the whole story. (Courtesy Abstrax)

We’re going to see deeper research into flavorants, esters, and other non-terpenes that drive smell and effects.

More data on the efficacy of CBD will come in.

More potency and purity studies of the hemp market will reveal the need for better oversight.

The vape market will engage in some much-needed self-regulation by better-scrutinizing vape additives.

THC potency inflation battles will continue with fresh lawsuits and regulations.

So there’s a tight 30 predictions for 2024, Leafly Nation. Go out there and smoke the weed you want to see in the world. As I told Bien on the podcast: ‘I’m rooting for the plant. And I’m not worried about it.’

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