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How not to cough when smoking



It’s happening again — you’re coughing so hard from a hit that you can no longer breathe. Nothing makes you feel like a newbie more, even for the veteran smokers out there. As you choke back tears, you wonder: is there a way to avoid coughing while smoking? And to that, we happily say: yes, there sure is.

It’s completely possible to avoid coughing when smoking. We all know the dreaded cough involved in some good bud. Some users even claim that it gets them higher. But does that belief hold true?

In this guide today, we want to explain why smoking weed causes a cough and how to avoid coughing when smoking.

What happens when you inhale pot? It’s time to get down to the details. We’ll even answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the topic at the end. Let’s dive in.

Girl smokes cannabis and coughs

Why does smoking weed cause coughing?

First, a question you may be wondering: why does smoking weed cause coughing in the first place? What triggers us to cough, sometimes every time we smoke pot?

We get into the science side for the answer.

The sensory nerves in our airways produce a cough reflex when we inhale cannabis smoke a certain way. Essentially, it’s the body’s way of protecting itself against irritating substances.

doctor and a woman

Coughing while smoking is a perfectly normal, natural response that occurs when we inhale any kind of smoke. If you don’t cough while you smoke, you may just not be triggering the nerves in your airways.

Researchers are still learning how cannabis affects the lungs through smoke, and so are we. In the meantime, we know that smoker’s cough is because of our body’s natural immune response to smoke.

Fortunately, there are ways to minimize or altogether avoid coughing while smoking. Likewise, a 2013 research study from UCLA shows coughing from smoking weed is a short-term issue. There’s little to no lasting health impact to coughing from smoking weed. Still, some users might not want to do it!

cigarette talking to a man

How to avoid coughing when smoking

1. Take smaller (but deeper) hits

Take it easy when you smoke. There’s no need to chief a bowl. Instead, take smaller, gentler hits. The gentler of a hit you take, the less likely you are to cough.

Some users opt to corner their bowls and light carefully around to ensure an even distribution of smoke.

Likewise, cornering a bowl helps you take those smaller, safer hits to keep from coughing.

snapping fingers

2. Don’t hold in your hits

On that same note, don’t hold in your hits when you smoke. No, really — the age-old tried-and-true method of holding in your hits is a myth. There’s actually little evidence that pot is a function of breath-hold duration.

In layman’s terms, there’s no evidence that you get higher by holding in your hits. If anything, it just increases the chances that you’re damaging your lungs from the smoke.

You can do without it and still have a finely stoned time; just try it out! Inhale the smoke, then exhale after that big inhale. You won’t regret making the switch if you’re one to currently hold in your hits.

man holding down smoke

3. Add a filter

You can add a filter to any smoking piece — even a joint or blunt. There are glass tip filters that help make hits smoother. As a bonus, the hits often taste better, too. There’s a lot to love about glass filters.

If you’re smoking out of a bowl, such as with a pipe or bong, we recommend staying away from metal filters.

Glass filters work better for flavor and smoother hits. If the goal is to avoid coughing, stick with glass filters no matter the piece. Plus, they’re reusable. When it’s time to clean your piece, stick the glass filters in the cleaning bag, too. They’ll be good to go for the next session.

man with an air filter in mouth

4. Smoke a smoother strain

Plain and simple, there are some strains that will feel smoother than others. Ideally, you want to choose a strain that will go down the lungs smoothly, offering a cleaner and simpler hit. These hits are much less likely to make you cough.

But what strains are the smoothest? We did our research and compiled a list for you.

Green Crack

A name you may be familiar with, Green Crack is a Sativa-dominant that’s perfectly smooth. In fact, it’s often recommended for beginners because of how easy it is to smoke.

Blue Dream

Another famous name, Blue Dream is well-known for how smoothly it is going down. Innovative, our Blue Dream XTRM takes it up a notch without sacrificing any smoothness.

Ice Cream Cake

Gentle and sweet, Ice Cream Cake rolls down the throat easily. This strain is a beautiful blend of the infamous Wedding Cake and beloved Gelato. The results are something that you’ll remember when it’s time for the next grow project.

OG Kush

Finally, OG Kush comes in to finish up the list. As a legendary strain, it comes as no surprise that many users agree it’s one of the smoothest. Enjoy the superb taste, aroma, and experience that comes with growing such a famously delicious strain.

Does coughing get you higher?

There are many tall tales across the cannabis industry when it comes to coughing. Some users believe that holding in your cough will get you higher. Others believe the harder you cough, the higher you become. And still, others think that holding in the smoke to prevent coughing will do the trick.

All of these are misconceptions because of the science behind coughing. As we mentioned earlier, the sensory nerves in our airways are what cause us to cough. This is a perfectly normal, natural response to something foreign entering our lungs. It’s not causing you to get higher just because you cough in the middle of it.

couging man

What happens when you inhale pot?

When we’re smoking weed, THC, cannabinoids, and other cannabis compounds hit our endocannabinoid system throughout our body. When THC attaches to the CB1 receptors in our brains, we feel high.

That’s how our body processes cannabinoids and other foreign compounds. Cannabis molecules coincidentally mimic the endocannabinoid system’s own endocannabinoids, allowing cannabinoids to attach to the receptors.

In simpler terms, when we inhale pot, the THC hits our brains. That’s how we get high! It’s also how we experience the other benefits of weed. Pain relief, relaxation, and much more are known benefits of pot.

dna strings and a brain

Final thoughts

As you can see, you have a lot of options when it comes to preventing that dreaded cough. If coughing isn’t your thing, we hope you can use these tips and tricks to your advantage. In addition, we hope our strain recommendations are exactly what you were needing.

Frequently asked questions

Does smoker’s cough go away?

Smoker’s cough can go away, but it also might not. The perpetual cough can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, to indefinitely for some users. It depends on how heavily and frequently you smoke weed. Likewise, it depends on if you smoke cigarettes along with weed to help determine if your cough will go away.

Is it normal to cough a lot when you smoke?

Absolutely. Some users are unfamiliar with the harshness that comes from smoking. Other users may be using a particularly strong strain that hits like a freight train. And still, other users may just be susceptible to coughing.

No matter the reason, it’s perfectly normal to cough a lot when you smoke. However, it doesn’t hurt to consult with a medical health professional if you have a perpetual cough that won’t go away after a few weeks. Preventative health is always the go-to.



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A Journey into Spiritual Healing and Ancestral Wisdom




By: Juan Sebastian Chaves Gil

The rape, a powder made from ancient Amazonian plants with tobacco as its main ingredient, is considered both a physical and spiritual medicine that contributes to the purification of the pineal gland. This gland, located in the brain, is believed to provide a direct connection to universal energy. rape, also known as rapeh, hapé, or hapay, is a type of tobacco that is inhaled and used in South American shamanic practices. It consists of a mixture of powdered plants, including tobacco and tree ash, and is administered by insufflation, or blowing into the nose, as part of sacred ceremonies. It is often used in combination with other ceremonial medicinal plants, such as ayahuasca. The rape formulation contains plant and mineral ingredients that have been used by various Amazonian tribes for thousands of years.

rape is a form of tobacco used in Amazonian shamanism and is administered through a pipe called a kuripe or tepi, which is blown directly into the nostrils. This practice, which plays an essential role in shamanic traditions, is derived from plants such as Nicotiana tabacum and Nicotiana rustica, which have been used for medicinal purposes in the Americas for thousands of years.

Throughout history, tobacco has been consumed both smoked and inhaled. Its name, “tobacco,” probably comes from the pipe used by Native Americans to smoke it. Since its inception, indigenous communities in the Americas have used tobacco for medicinal and recreational purposes. According to Daniss Lasserna, a therapist and researcher of ancestral knowledge, members of these tribes are in constant contact with nature, fasting and isolating themselves to purify themselves energetically before using tobacco as medicine.

Tobacco insufflation, or inhalation, was a common practice in the Americas before its discovery by Westerners in the 16th century. It spread rapidly to Europe, where it was popular with the aristocracy. In 1624, however, the Pope condemned its use because the pleasurable sensation of sneezing (after insufflation) resembled sexual ecstasy. Despite its decline in Europe in the 19th century, the tradition of rape, especially rape mixtures, continues to be important in the shamanic cultures of the Amazon.

rape, a specific type of tobacco found throughout the Amazon, usually contains Nicotiana rustica and is mixed with other plants. In addition to its medicinal use, its use is considered a form of self-knowledge and a way of transmitting wisdom among generations of traditional practitioners in Amazonian tribes.


Ancestral use

The rape can be used in two ways: individually, in a moment of solitude, or as part of a ritual led by a therapist; however, its most common use is spiritual rather than medicinal in nature. The rape has been integrated into various Amazonian cultures, particularly among the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, Katukina, Apurina, Nukini, and Kuntanawa. In these Amazonian tribal communities, rape plays a fundamental role in social contexts as well as in ceremonies and healing treatments.

In addition to its use as rape, tobacco is consumed in a variety of ways in these cultures, including ingestion of the juice extracted from the plant, topical application as an ointment, or inclusion in ayahuasca recipes. Tobacco is used to purify and protect objects and people, and to release negative energies. During ceremonies, much higher doses are administered to deepen introspective and self-understanding processes. The application of rape through the nose creates an essential bond between therapist and patient that is fundamental to the healing process. Similarly, in Amazonian traditions, rape is as revered a medicinal plant as any other. Shamans engage in years of preparation, fasting in its company and familiarizing themselves with its spirit through repeated trips to its spiritual realms.

“The medicine is not limited to the rape itself, but resides in the intention of the one who administers it. rape acts as a channel for spiritual energy, so it is critical that the person using it maintain a neutral, healing intention toward the other person,” Lasserna said.

Exploring the properties of Rape

The therapist uses rape as part of therapy sessions, combining psychological questioning with dialogue. Patients gradually reveal their fears under her guidance, using rape as well as other alternative medicines such as ayahuasca or peyote. In addition to its therapeutic use, rape is also used to relieve allergies, headaches, and to improve mental concentration when needed. It is important to keep in mind that excessive use of rape can lead to a mild dependence like smoking, and the frequency of use should be related to the physical or energetic ailment it is intended to treat.

Despite the traditional medicinal properties of rape and the pharmacological safety of nicotine, all tobacco products carry some risk, as tobacco in any form is potentially carcinogenic. Some research suggests that rape powder may be less harmful than smoking tobacco, but most studies compare rape to Western cigarettes, which contain harmful additives and chemicals. In short, there is no clear understanding of how the harmful effects of rape compare to other tobacco products. 

For generations, rape has been used for its medicinal properties, not only to treat physical ailments, but also to explore the inner energies of patients, restore spiritual balance, and eliminate negative energies in shamanic contexts.

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Should you take a t-break (tolerance break)?




If you smoke weed, it’s always good to take a tolerance break periodically. At some point, that T-break can come in handy for more reasons than you think.

Today, we’re going to get into those reasons. In addition, we’ll also touch on the benefits of tolerance breaks, potential side effects, and how long they last.

man making a break sign

Why should you take a t-break (tolerance break)?

Cannabis tolerance builds up the more you smoke. The main point of a tolerance break is to reset the body’s tolerance to THC.

Why would someone need to reset their tolerance? If it gets much too high.

Unfortunately, a tolerance too high is easy to occur for everyday smokers. The best advice is to take a T-break when you feel your tolerance has peaked. Or, in some cases, you may just feel it’s time to take a break — and that’s perfectly normal, too.

If you have an especially high tolerance, it may be time to take a t break. That goes for whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational user, by the way. While recreational users are the ones most often told to take a break, medical users may benefit even further.

man with a reset button on his forehead and smoking a joint

6 potential benefits of tolerance breaks

Need more of a reason to take a t break than it just being time? Let’s get into the benefits of a cannabis tolerance break.

1. Save money

Think about how much money you spend on weed, concentrate, and other cannabis products. If you were to take a tolerance break, you won’t be spending money on pot. Imagine how much you could save in the 2 days to 3 weeks you’ll be taking a break!

Of course, another way you can save money without quitting is by growing your own. We’ve been offering high-quality seeds to the world since 1996, so check out our seed bank to learn more. Pick a strain you like at a difficulty you’re comfortable growing, and have fun with it!

man smiling with cash money in his hands

2. Better high

The ultimate goal in taking a break is resetting your tolerance. And what happens when that tolerance is reset? You get high again! Enjoy a stoned like you haven’t in too long by taking a t break when you really need one. When you come back to weed, it could be like the first time all over again. Delicious!

3. Vivid dreams

Do you have trouble dreaming at all? It might be the weed. Fortunately, taking a t break can reset your inability to dream. Users who quit smoking weed for a period of time report having vivid dreams they hadn’t experienced in years.

4. Minimize dependence

When you quit any substance, it all comes down to willpower and self-control. Minimize your dependence on weed and use it because you want to, not because you need to. While this isn’t a must for everyone, it does benefit some users.

5. Improved 

Did you know taking a t break can improve lung function? Even a break of 48+ hours can provide an improvement in lung capacity and function. Plus, users experience an increase in mental clarity, too. Talk about a win-win!

man breathing in

6. Use reevaluation

Finally, when taking a t break, you can assess if you need to make any adjustments to your weed. Evaluate your mental and physical health to determine if you need to increase or decrease how much pot you’ve been consuming.

Potential side effects of tolerance breaks

If you’re a heavy cannabis user, you’re likely to experience some side effects from quitting. In fact, studies show that more than half of consumers report withdrawal symptoms after quitting long-term, regular use. The most common side effects are:

  • Restlessness
  • Decrease in or lack of appetite
  • Or, conversely, cravings
  • Trouble sleeping or insomnia
  • Mood changes or a depressed mood
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability

Just remember, the symptoms are no more severe than nicotine withdrawal. Mild, albeit unpleasant, you can stick it out for however long you have in mind for your t break. You know it’ll be worth it to experience that better high for the first time again.

For medical patients, however, do heed carefully. The symptoms you were using cannabis to help with are likely to return during your period of abstinence. It may be best for you to consult with a medical health professional. Switching to another medication temporarily may be a good solution or complementary alternative to taking a t break.

doctor's list with potential side effects

How long should a cannabis t-break last?

To take an official “tolerance break,” you must stop consuming cannabis for at least 48 or more hours. However, for heavy cannabis users, even that is not enough.

The University of Vermont recommends 21 days (3 weeks) minimum for a tolerance break. In fact, the university offers a t-break guide to help support users on their journey.

It’s hard news, but it’s because THC takes about that long to leave your system. In some extreme cases, you may even want to wait longer.

If you consume cannabis chronically, you may want to extend that tolerance break to 4 weeks. Likewise, since THC bonds to fat, you’ll want to wait longer depending on your body weight.

Determine at your discretion how long you think a cannabis t break should last. Take into account your frequency of use, body weight, and current tolerance level.

The 3-week guide provides daily practices to make quitting for a period of time even easier. It also has a checklist so you can follow along and keep track of your progress. Each week has a different theme, with week one starting with physical. Then, week two leads into emotional, followed by week three for existential and spiritual.

man looking at a clock

How does marijuana tolerance work?

Cannabis tolerance is just as much behavioral as it is chemical. Behavioral tolerance is much harder to break, but you can certainly achieve it.

As our chemical tolerance of THC increases, so, too, do we rely on the behavioral aspects we come to enjoy. It’s beneficial to take a break from both to ensure you’re taking full advantage of your abstinence.

When is a tolerance break from weed needed?

The signs you need a reprieve from cannabis differ by person.

For medical patients, the main sign is when you notice you’re not getting the same result from symptom control as you used to. If you’ve been increasing your dosage lately, it may be time to cut back instead. Getting less of a result from the symptom control you were managing can lead to symptoms worsening further.

For recreational users, generally, it’s if you don’t feel the same effects that you used to from pot. Not getting high the same way? Not feeling the same relief you used to? It’s time to take a short pause from weed while you reset your body’s levels.

man looking horrified at a big cannabis bud

6 signs you may need a tolerance break

If you’ve reached a “too much” level for any of these, it’s likely time to take a breather on cannabis.

Spending too much money

If your expenses for cannabis have seen an increase, that’s a red flag. It may also be the sign you need to take that break you’ve been talking about.

Using too much product

On that same note, using up too much product can get costly. Plus, it’s a drag to just be smoking all day. If you’re using up product and not even feeling anything from it, why not take a pause?

Depending on it too much

Dependency is a hell of a drug. Be sure you’re not leaning on pot too much, just like any other medication. If you find your dependency has reached a peak, it’s okay to cut back.

Wasting too much time

As we said, it can be a drag not doing anything but smoking throughout the day. Are you wasting too much of your time on cannabis? (We didn’t think we’d ever ask that question, but you never know.)

Taking too much priority

If you find you’re shirking on other responsibilities, it may be time to cut back. Cannabis should never take priority over the other responsibilities in your life.

Too much guilt

Finally, smoking pot shouldn’t make you feel guilty.

If you’ve been wanting to quit or take a break for a while now, smoking itself may make you feel extreme guilt.

It feels like you’re running from a challenge or procrastinating, sometimes on yet another thing in your life. If you’ve wanted to rearrange your priorities and quit smoking, you likely know the feeling all too well.

There’s no shame in taking that much-needed break. Walking away, even for a bit, can lead to many positive changes in your life.

Likewise, you can still support the legalization and normalization of cannabis even if you’re not consuming it. It’s essential to do whatever is best for your specific situation.

man screaming with a joint in his hand at an alarm clock

4 tips for a successful marijuana tolerance breakdown

Alright, now we get to the fun part. As we finish up our guide, we want to make your break even easier. Here are all our tips and tricks on how to successfully pull off this cannabis tolerance break.

All about timing

Don’t talk about it anymore — just do it. Pick a date and just start. The more procrastinating you do, the more likely you are to just not do it. Pick a date sooner than later. And don’t increase your smoking routine before your break, either. You can do this!

Hide the stash

Keep everything out of your eyesight while you’re on this abstinence adventure. The closer you are to it physically, the more likely you are to consume it. If you can, leave your stash and paraphernalia with a friend while you countdown your break. Or, just get rid of it!

man heading under a box for weed bud

Build a support system

Identify who might help you while you’re taking a t-break and surround yourself with that vital support system. There may be some people in your life that make taking a break more difficult. You’ll need to abstain from seeing those people until your pause is over.

Use something else

When in doubt, try CBD. Make sure you use an isolate or a broad-spectrum CBD to ensure you’re not using any THC. It’s not recommended, but it’s better than using cannabis and cutting your pause early! Remember, you can do this. You have the power and self-control to pause for how long you want to abstain.


How often should you take a tolerance break?

How often you should take a tolerance break depends entirely on your preferences as a consumer.

Some users use a template of smoking a certain amount of days and abstaining for a day or two before returning to cannabis.

Others may skip smoking on a specific day of the week, or not consume before a certain time of day daily.

Find your comfort level and do what you feel fits your dynamic and routine the best.

Is 10 days a good tolerance break?

10 days is a long tolerance break for some users, but not enough for others. It depends on your frequency of use, tolerance level, and much more.

How long does it take to break weed tolerance?

The University of Vermont reports it takes 21 days, on average, to break weed tolerance.


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Discover the Art of Smoking a Rose Petal Blunt




How to Smoke a Rose Petal Blunt?

A rose petal blunt is a blunt rolled with fresh rose petals instead of standard papers. This might seem like a trendy yet not very common way of smoking your blunt. This trend hit the cannabis industry with eagerness and enthusiasm after a video posted by a Twitter user named @simple_sasha went viral. In the video, she explains how to roll a rose petal blunt.

But there is more to rose petal blunts than just their aesthetic looks. Rose petals are also known for their numerous benefits. Therefore, before we can teach you how to roll the best rose petal blunt, let’s quickly look at why you may want to forget the papers and embrace the rose petal blunt henceforth.

how to smoke a rose petal blunt

What Are The Benefits Of Smoking Rose Petals?

  • Roses have a naturally occurring terpene called geraniol, an oil with anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. These properties are also found in other fruits and herbs such as lemongrass, peaches, passion fruit, blackberries, blueberries, and cannabis.
  • Rose petals provide you with a much softer taste that isn’t harsh when inhaled.
  • Unlike paper, rose petals are all-natural, thus less harsh and minimal risks to your lungs.
  • Rose petals obviously have a more pleasant and herbal taste.
  • Rose petals are known for helping with insomnia, alleviating fatigue, and enhancing mood.

To safely enjoy all these natural benefits of rose petal blunts, you must only buy organic and untreated rose petals that are free of toxic chemicals.

Rolling Your Rose Petal Blunt

Rolling a rose petal blunt can be relatively simple. And although it may require more effort and time than rolling with regular paper, it’s totally worth the extra effort!

  • You will need to pull at least three rose petals from your organic rose. Note that larger blunts may require more petals.
  • Carefully place the petals on an oven-safe pan. Put them in the oven and heat for a couple of seconds (10 seconds is ideal).
  • Once your petals are cooled, you’ll notice that they have changed color and may appear slightly darker.
  • Now, you’ll lick the bottom of your petal in the area where it was attached to the stem to make it sticky. Then stick them together end-to-end in an overlapping row.
  • Put the now overlapping petals back into the oven for another 10 seconds until they are firmly stuck together.
  • Once the petals cool down, they will be drier and sturdy, and it’s now time to roll your finely ground buds the same way you do with paper.
  • Once this is done, your magical rose petal blunt will be ready. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Finally, light that lady up and smoke the flavorsome hits out of her!

Note that rose petals have a floral and pleasing aroma. Therefore, you’re better off using weed strains that will complement its flavor.

rolling a rose petal blunt

Which Strains to Use When Smoking Your Rose Petal Blunt?

Amnesia Trance

Amnesia Haze will help you feel uplifted and ready to face your day. This type of strain can help you when you feel fatigued and want to feel calm and energized. So, combining this with your rose petal blunt can give you excellent effects.

Candy Kush

Candy Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that feels earthy while maintaining strong candied undertones. It helps you feel tranquil, serene, and releases body tension that you have been holding onto. Bringing these properties in combination with the rose petal blunt will result in an incredible experience.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is the right strain to choose when looking to improve your mood and ease your nerves. When combining this with your rose petal blunt, you will be able to feel both the majestic stress-lifting properties of roses and the relaxation of Super Skunk, which will definitely result in a good mood.

which strains to use

Three Things You Must Never Do When Using A Rose Petal Blunt

With smoking comes some risks that you must always watch out for! Luckily, smoking a rose petal blunt gives you the benefits of not only your weed but also the rose petals. Therefore, to ensure your safety and minimize any risks, you must never buy roses treated with toxic chemicals. Always go for organic, untreated roses.

After rolling your rose petal blunt, if it’s not very firm, you can put it back in the oven for another 10 seconds. Don’t let the petals exceed 10 seconds in the oven, as they might burn and ruin the whole process!

Once out of the oven, do not smoke the blunt immediately, even if its smell is so tantalizing. You must always give it some time to cool down, say 2 minutes. Smoking the blunt immediately may not give you the aroma and experience that you seek.

three things you must never do

Now that you have the knowledge and steps to smoke a rose petal blunt, you can enjoy a unique and aromatic smoking experience. Remember to prioritize safety and choose high-quality organic rose petals for the best results. Happy smoking!

Frequently Asked Questions

A rose petal blunt is a blunt rolled with fresh rose petals instead of standard papers. It is rolled by pulling at least three rose petals, heating them briefly in the oven, sticking them together, and rolling the ground buds inside. For detailed instructions, refer to the article above.

Smoking rose petals provide a softer taste, is less harsh on the lungs compared to paper, and offer a pleasant and herbal flavor. Rose petals contain natural terpenes like geraniol, which have anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. They are also known to help with insomnia, fatigue, and mood enhancement.

When using a rose petal blunt, never buy roses treated with toxic chemicals. Always opt for organic and untreated roses. Additionally, avoid overcooking the petals in the oven, as they may burn. Finally, allow the blunt to cool down for a couple of minutes after removing it from the oven before smoking it.

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