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How to use weed to speak your partner’s Love Language



Plan ahead and woo your boo based on the Love Language that resonates with them the most.

When the candy aisle turns pink, and teddy bears start popping up in your local grocery store, you know Valentine’s Day is near. February 14 is a day for showing love and gratitude to the people we care about the most, making it one of the sweetest holidays of the year. 

But, Valentine’s Day can come with its own challenges. For starters, the economy is forcing people to tighten up their pleasure spending. And if you’re seeing someone new, it might be tough for you to figure out exactly how you want to show you care without seeming too serious.

photo of the cover of the book The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. the cover is purple with a couple walking in the distance along the sea

If you haven’t heard of it, Gary D. Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages: The Secret To Love That Lasts gives you a map of how most people experience love using five languages or preferences: words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical touch.

Everybody’s love language is a combination of the five, if not all five at once, and the book lays out a detailed plan for how to love your partner better based on the love language that connects with them most.


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Chapman’s assessment of love is pretty spot on, but there is another love language that we know exists. Weed. Luckily, we’re pretty well-versed in that one. So here’s a crash course on each love language and how you can combine them with weed to become the ultimate Valentine in 2023.

Words of affirmation

Medical marijuana flower with words
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Words of affirmation let your partner know how much you care about them, but saying the right thing at the right time is a difficult task for many.

If the person you love responds to words of affirmation, think about how you can hype them up or make them feel good about themselves. If you can’t come up with any of your own musings, try this:

  • “You always pick out the most incredible strains!”
  • “I could watch you smoke weed all day long.”
  • “Whenever we get high, your creativity always blows me away.”
  • “Babe, you always find the best weed deals. I love that about you.”
  • “It’s always a good session when you roll the blunt, boo.” 


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Acts of service

Preparing a joint. Grinder and weed nugs along with joint rolling paper and a crutch.

We’ve all heard before that “actions speak louder than words.”  Acts of service are those personalized things you do for people that really move them. For example, making their favorite drink, cooking a nice meal, or putting gas in their car without being asked.

When it comes impressing the weed lover in your life who digs acts of service, we have a few suggestions that are sure to impress.

Even if you don’t smoke, you can still learn how to roll for your partner(s) as an act of service to help them relax. If you’re not a roller, you can always grind their weed or pack the bong ahead of time. You can also volunteer to pick up the weed for your favorite stoner to help save them a trip or offer to clean their glass pieces. 


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There are so many little ways to say I love you. What might seem like a small task to you will feel like a huge show of love to that special person in your life. 


jewelry box with weed nugget inside on pink background. Three red heart cutouts next to box
(Lovin-it-on-Phuket/Adobe Stock)

Valentine’s Day is a great time to give gifts, but you can’t just show up with a bag of old, dry weed and think you’re going to make your lover melt. Do some research and find out their favorite strain and pick that up for them, or lean into the holiday and get candy edibles to make your Valentine’s really groovy. 

You can also treat them to new glassware, lighters, ashtrays, and other smoking accessories. Is there anything missing in their everyday smoking kit at home? Weed technology evolves every year, and there might be a new vaporizer or device they’d love to have but would never splurge on for themselves. 

If you have it in the budget, you can also get a nice candle or some incense to help keep their house smelling good. 


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Quality time

Quality time is all about intention. Making time for the moments that matter to your lover. No distractions or multi-tasking, just you, your love, and the moment. If your lover likes watching movies, listening to music, playing video games, or taking long walks, you can add a pre-roll or vape pen to the situation and help them find even more bliss. But it doesn’t have to stop at leisure activities.

You can plan a high yoga class outing with them, take them to a nice meal after they enjoy a joint of their favorite strain, or buy tickets to a live event you can both go to elevated. And have you ever made edibles with your boo before? The process might just fulfill your partner’s quality time needs and result in tasty treats for you both.

Weed and quality time go together like milk and cereal. All you have to do is pair the right weed with the right situation. Use Leafly’s strain lists to find the strains that will perfectly match your Valentine’s vibe, whether it’s slow and sexy, calm and cozy, or energetic and fun. 


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Physical touch 

Smiling african american couple having fun in bed, embracing and flirting with each other, closeup
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Last, but definitely not least: *Omarion voice* touch.

Does your partner like to cuddle on the couch? Love showing a little PDA? Getting snuggled up and passing a joint or blunt back and forth while being closer than close might spark more than you think. You never know where a smoke session and heartfelt conversation might lead you. Just talk to your partner and get consent to move in closer as the convo gets deeper.

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect occasion to grab a weed topical and give a special V-Day back or foot massage. Before the special night, you can go online to brush up on your techniques and prepare to play masseuse.

And if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day, don’t let that stop you from practicing these languages on and with yourself.

After all, The best love is self-love.

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The 5 Best Mom’s Love Language Gifts




Sunday is Mother’s Day – the day mom are celebrated for all the extra effort they do to make kids life special.  First celebrated in 1907, it became official in the US in 1914 and Canada in 1915.  Between the two countries, spending is expected to reach an all-time high of $35.7 billion this year.  Some of it will be enjoyed, some may not. Here are the 5 best Mom’s love language gifts (and one might be weed!).

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 This love language is all about verbal acknowledgments of affection, compliments, words of appreciation and encouragement.  

6 Cannabis Gifts For Mother's Day: CBD, Pre-Rolls And More
Photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash

Words of Affirmation

Try a special way to tell her you love her. Make a book (easy to do online) of special pictures of the two of you. Write her a letter about what she means to you. You can get her favorite podcast host or even reality TV star to send her a special Mother’s Day shoutout (check out Cameo and all the celebrities they have available). Or consider compiling a video from all the kids and family answer the question ‘why we love you.’ 

Receiving Gifts 

These people enjoy receiving gifts and symbols of love. Monetary value is usually not important but more so the thought and reflection behind the gift.  


You can spoil her with luxury and a gift she would never buy herself. While gifts don’t need to be expensive, treat her to something luxurious that you know she wouldn’t want to spend the money on for herself. Think of what she loves and work around it.  Gift cards for books, music, travel, etc can show you want her to enjoy life.

Another thing, what about giving a gift which could help their sleep, mental health or manage pain.  A gummy or edible would be a perfect gift.  Maybe a CBD cream which could help with muscle soreness?

Quality Time 

People who enjoy this love language want someone to spend uninterrupted time with them, make plans and be fully present in their conversations during these times.  Give a gift of an all-inclusive day.  Give a Saturday which could include brunch, a walk, and more.

Gift a unique experience. Anyone can plan brunch or a wine tasting but what about surprising mom with something special. Some ideas include a picnic or colorful charcuterie board with all her favorite foods, a self-portrait session or a local food tour.  

Acts of Service

This love language includes doing favors or taking the burden off the person you are showing love to.  Will cook a special meal, take them a car trip, doing garden together, anything which your Mom would love to do.


These people feel loved when they receive physical signs of affection, including kissing, holding hands, and cuddling, to name a few. 

Spoil her with a gift that will make her senses go crazy. While a spa day may seem obvious here and certainly fits the bill, you can also try something unique such as dance classes or something to make her feel extra cozy such as a weighted blanket, robe or new luxury sheets.   

There are many new and fun ways to spoil mom this year. Take it to the next level this time around by considering what will make them feel most loved.

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Bailey's Chocolate

What Is Boxing Day




You ask the average person in London what Boxing Day is and you get a variety of answers.  It is the day you get drunk with the people you like, or it is the day you recover from family.  Or is it a holiday where you can rest after Christmas?  What is Boxing Day and how did it start? It is definitely more than another holiday shopping day.  But why did come about and do only the Brits get to enjoy it?

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For Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and other Commonwealth countries it is public holiday. Most offices are closed on this day if it is a weekday and adds to the nice long Christmas break.

In parts of Europe, such as several regions of Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Slovakia,[4] Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, and in the Republic of Ireland, 26 December is Saint Stephen’s Day, which is considered the second day of Christmas.  But is is a different holiday and background than Boxing Day.

During the Victorian era, the upper class and aristocracy would box up leftover food, money, gifts and goods and give them to their tradesmen, servants and others who provided reliable service all year.

It is a wonderful sentiment which has been a bit forgotten. Today, Boxing Day in the UK and Commonwealth is more known for leftovers, relaxing and the Boxing Day Sales.

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It was more philanthropic and family oriented up until WWII. A gradual shift occurred during the economic boom after the second world war as the British slowly got back on their feet.  Retailers realized it was a chance to drive traffic and sales.  By the mid-1950, consumer expenditure increased and the competition between retailers intensified. Now it is similar to Black Friday in the US with stores opening early, big markdowns on a few products and big crowds.

So today is a day to either kick back and join the throngs of shoppers. Either way – have fun!

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What To Consider Before Giving Marijuana As a Gift




It is the time to play Santa to friends and family – but before you put a little special extra special under tree – you might want to consider these things

It is the most wonderful time of the year, unless you are stuck for what to give as a gift.  As marijuana legalization has spread with over 50% of the population having access to legal products, some are considering cannabis treats. It is natural as people can purchase and give weed, it would appear on the gift giving circuit. During the holidays 60.6% of people who purchased alcohol gave as a gift.

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The mainstreaming of marijuana means it is joining in festival occasions. But what to consider before giving marijuana as a gift. You need to know the recipient and make sure they are going to enjoy the present or will it go the land of regifting or, worse, into the trash can.

cannabis gifts
Photo by megaflopp/Getty Images

Know if they indulge in anything. Do they drink, have the indicated they are open or are they already consumers? These are critical as you plan on a purchase.  If they drink and have shared they are open, maybe a couple of one time vapes or an edible would be perfect. Just like you wouldn’t give a casual friend Everclear, you wouldn’t want to give a strong joint or flower.

Read the room, especially if there are kids around.  If it is an intimate group, it might be better since you can explain and evaluate how the gift goes down.  Also, think about how you package it so it doesn’t have any sign or smell of what is in the box/bag/stocking.

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Consider if they have any health issues medical marijuana can help.  Inflammation, back pain, trouble sleeping or light anxiety can all be helped the perfect present of an edible, oil, or ointment.

If they are not already consumers or very light consumers, consider gummies.  According to BDSA, gummies are the most popular product with almost 50% of people preferring this on-the-go treat.  Easy, flavorful and a great entry point, this could be a winner.

At most, make sure you give it in the right spirit to make it a merry season.

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