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Leafly Buzz: 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024



America’s 40 million monthly weed smokers keep pushing the limits of flavor and awesomeness in 2024.

We reviewed the data for 7,514 strains and more than 6,000 menus, and we gotta say—we’re proud of you, Leafly Nation. We see you buying up and puffing surging new strains—sending a signal to stores to buy more, growers to plant more, and breeders to keep selecting.

Every January, the Leafly Buzz column widens its lens from West Coast flower hype to scan what is set to triumph across the US in the new year. We made a short list of hot grower and smoker-tested all-stars.

Leafly Buzz’s 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024 all shine in the garden and in the bag. They’re contemporary extensions of popular trends. They’re the hyper-refined and remixed latest from strain families like Cookies, Z, OG Kush, Blueberry, Sour D, and Tangie.

Get ready for a Wonka-esque journey through gardens of candy, fuel, fruit, funk, dessert, and even hamburger. Here’s Leafly Buzz’s 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024.

Blue Lobster

Maine Trees Blue Lobster (David Downs/Leafly)
Maine Trees Blue Lobster (David Downs/Leafly)

Blue Lobster shows off on both coasts in 2024—really holding it down for maximally-pretty weed with taste and strength. Chris Lynch of Cipher Genetics (formerly Compound Genetics) bred and selected this cross of Eye Candy and Apples and Bananas. Maine Trees perfected growing it. Blue Lobster buttered up judges on both coast in 2023—from the East Coast Zalympix to The Ego Clash in Mendocino. Grown at scale by Umma Sonoma, snap up this coveted top-shelf. It’s going to fetch top dollar globally this year.

“She’s a beautiful cultivar and a joy for us to grow,” said Giancarlo at Umma in Santa Rosa, CA.

Tropical Burst

Seed Junky Tropical Burst Dec 2023 (David Downs/Leafly)
Seed Junky Tropical Burst Dec 2023 (David Downs/Leafly)

Behold, Leafly Ratings’ first ever 100-point strain—Tropical Burst from Seed Junky Genetics, maker of Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 Permanent Marker. It’s Z perfected through a cross of (Orange Push Pop x Banana Cream Cake) to Zkittlez bx2. Read the full Rating notes. See also: Giraffe P #2.


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Tea Time

Tea Time—bred and grown by Wizard Trees. (David Downs/ Leafly)
Tea Time—bred and grown by Wizard Trees. (David Downs/ Leafly)

In 2024, LA breeder Wizard Trees keeps conjuring confectionary bliss with Tea Time, a cross of Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 runner-upRS11 and Z. Tea Time entices with tea, spice, tropical hard candy, and creamy sherbet notes backed by fuel. The strong hybrid effects go great midday into evening with hobbies and fun. Wizard Trees releases multiple strains in flower in California and their seeds ship internationally. Tea Time sold itself when we visited the zaza flower-only shop GOAT Global in Westwood.

Pablo’s Revenge

Everyone loves Wedding Cake and Kush Mints. For something trendier in 2024, seek out Pablo’s Revenge, breeder Tiki Madman’s cross of Animal Mints x Sherb Cake. It’s surging in strain page traffic, but just starting to get into legal grows. Pablo’s Revenge took home gold in Michigan in 2023, and three awards in 2022. Expect minty and cakey smells and tastes that hit way harder than the 25% THC on the bag. Tiki Madman says they’ve sold out of multiple seed lines of Pablo’s Revenge—the F1, the Bx, and the Fems. More are coming for summer 2024. See also: Devil Driver, Tiger Cake.


Tulsa, OK, breeder Beleaf’s crazy-frosty cross of White Truffle and The Creature is called Chimera, and it’s coming to more and more stores in 2024. We love that it’s working with Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 runner-up White Truffle (a Peanut Butter Breath and Glue project). BeLeaf comes widely respected and co-signed across the industry. Beloved in Colorado, Chimera growers say it hits hybrid with notes of port wine, orange Tic-Tacs, and butter scotch. 

Hawaiian Snowcone

Hawaiian Snowcone by Moon Valley Cannabis (David Downs/Leafly)
Hawaiian Snowcone by Moon Valley Cannabis (David Downs/Leafly)

Expect to hear a lot more about Hawaiian Snowcone after its back to back wins at The Transbay Challenge Finals in LA in October and The Ego Clash 2023 in Mendocino County in December. This Tiki Madman and Big Al’s Exotics project brings together a ton of goodness: Z and Lemon Cherry Gelato on one side, and Hawaiian Plushers (Peach Ringz x Lemon Gushers) on the other. Moon Valley Cannabis crushes small batches of soil-grown indoor, while Xotic Flavorz pumps out big batches grown in hoop houses. See also: Lemon Cherry Gelato, Zatix Blue Guava.

Triple Burger

The savory burger strain wave goes strong in 2024 and we’re seeing sizzling performance from Triple Burger—breeder Skunkhouse Genetics’ cross of GMO and Double Burger. I’d expect this bag to smell like burnt brakes and gristle in the best way possible. These burgers, as well as GMOs, really harken back to Chem and Skunk. Very relaxing and hard-hitting—do not operate heavy machinery on Triple Burger.

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Blueberry Cupcake

Blueberry Cupcake at Sonoma hills Farm (David Downs/Leafly)
Blueberry Cupcake at Sonoma hills Farm (David Downs/Leafly)

Fans of the top-selling strain Blue Dream need some love, too. For 2024, hit the Blueberry Cupcake—Humboldt Seed Co’s cross of the easy-growing Blueberry Muffin and top-selling Wedding Cake. It’s gonna grow great and taste like an actual Blueberry Cupcake, and it’s coming to hundreds more dispensaries in the coming months.

Cadillac Rainbow

Take Runtz to a funkier place with Michigan breeder 3rd Coast GeneticsCadillac Rainbow—a cross of Runtz and Pure Michigan. We’re interested in everything from Pure Michigan, this blackout strain of Oreoz x Mendo Breath. Cadillac Rainbow emits this enticing synthetic new car smell of sweet dessert with a funky savory GMO back that sticks to your palms. It tastes savory like a corner of brisket—a good after-dinner high for watching the sunset. Michigan’s weed scene comes second only to California’s now.

Gary Payton and crosses

Flora and Flame grown Gary Payton (David Downs/Leafly)
Flora and Flame grown Gary Payton (David Downs/Leafly)

Gary Payton achieves Hall of Flame status while still very much in the peak of its career in 2024. Breeder Powerzzzup’s 2019 cross of The Y and Snowman offers premium GSC work that the brand Cookies is bringing to every corner of the globe. From the small, indoor living-soil batches to mega-runs, Gary Payton puts up numbers.

“This plant was an absolute joy to grow,” said indoor soil grower Joe Snow at Snowtill, who just added Gary Payton to his lineup.

Gary Payton is now the 11th most viewed strain page on Leafly. Eight hundred and seven stores added GP in 2023, and in 2024 we forecast 1,000 more.

Super Boof

Super Boof (David Downs/Leafly)
Super Boof (David Downs/Leafly)

For fans of Tangie, we cannot deny the impact of breeder Blockhead’s Blockberry (aka Super Boof). This Trop Cookies project introduces a whole new generation to orange tangie terps, but with a cookie back—like when you dip Chips Ahoy in orange juice. It also grows like a champ, which is why it’s taking over. We made Super Boof a strain to watch in 2023, and a Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 runner-up. Super Boof ranks 9th in traffic growth since January 2023. Will 2024 see Super Boof triumph over all? We’re watching the Cannabis Cup winners and sales charts.


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Cap Junky

Cap Junky (David Downs/Leafly)
Cap Junky is not done with America. (David Downs/Leafly)

Here you go, gas fans. Another hot strain in 2023 that became a runner-up for the best—Seed Junky Genetics releases fresh clones of Cap Junky in Michigan this winter, pouring fuel on a fire cross of Capulator’s Alien Cookies and Seed Junky’s Kush Mints. For lovers of Sour Diesel, and Animal Face—Cap Junky maxes out the THC resin and can reek a loud, sour, strawberry opening note and sticky, piney buds. It grinds sweet and pungent like fresh-peeled rind, and smokes smooth on your throat with a mean, biting taste of Pledge and Pine Sol. Cap Junky has 10x’d its store presence to over 1,000 in a year, so now it’s your turn to ride the rocket.

And that’s a dozen strains destined to pop in 2024. We’re rooting for even more, of course. Glitter Bomb, Zoap, Sherbanger, and Mule Fuel are blowing up. Let us know what your hot-hot score of ‘24 is in the comments below.

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3rd coast genetics

World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024




Attention, America’s terp army of weed gardeners. It’s time to lock and load.

Ignore the freezing winter outdoors. Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of germination season indoors for the 2024 outdoor full-sun run in North America. The world’s most elite, tasty, potent, and beautiful weed isn’t going to grow itself. You need to scoop the perfect seeds for your situation—this week!

Feast thine eyes on this fine directory of magic beans, Terp Army. It’s distilled from dozens of queries to the world’s winningest, most reputable breeders.

Thanks to the federal legalization of cannabis seeds, it’s never been easier to stand on the shoulders of greatness and grow a pound. Growers from legal New York, Missouri, Ohio, and hopefully soon Washington can let fweedom ring this year.

Welcome to the World’s best seeds and clones to grow in 2024. Let’s get gardening!

Hot-hot new-new from the top dogs

We begin with a smoking hot display of pure hype—the true tokes of the town. 

Seed Junky Genetics

Make your mark on 2024: Permanent Marker S1. (Courtesy Seed Junky Genetics)

Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 Permanent Marker colonizes the country in 2024. LA breeder Seed Junky Genetics has enabled direct-to-consumer sales of Permanent Marker S1, or bred to itself. Also scoop Scented Marker, Malibu Marker, and Cherry Ztripez. For pro indoor growers only.


Coming in Spring 2024, the Cap Junky cross, Coolio. (Courtesy Capulator)
Coming in Spring 2024, the Cap Junky cross, Coolio. (Courtesy Capulator)

The LA maker of MAC1, Capulator, keeps digging into Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 runner-up Cap Junky with Coolio (Cap Junky x Caps Frozen Oranges); scheduled for Spring 2024. 

Coolio #18 tastes like orange oil and paint thinner.


“After a long hard day of work, hitting the #18 makes me want to hit the heavy bag, go for a 10-mile bike ride, and then stay up until 3 a.m. working on the creative side of my business. It’s super-productive and uplifting. Probably my favorite smoke at the moment.” 

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Cap also plans two clone drops of Chadberry and Big Buns. Chadberry is GMO x Chillz that he calls “super-happy giggle weed that reeks like chemberries.”


How to order weed delivery online with Leafly

Wonderbrett’s ByrdSeed

Also in LA, Wonderbrett has released seeds for the first time as the brand Byrdseed Genetics. Get the new Cherry Crush, based off his stable of studs. Cherry Crush is Wonderbrett’s OZ Kush selection crossed with his Kush Cola and Seed Junky’s Jealousy (Leafly Strain of the Year 2022). 

Cookies Seed Bank and Cipher Genetics

In Northern California, global icon Cookies and their Cookies Seed Bank doubles up on the Lemon Cherry Gelato craze with Double Lemon Cherry. And Cookies’ Berner has been building with Cipher Genetics’ Chris Lynch, who has a line of Blue Lobster (Eye Candy x Apples & Bananas) crosses he’s prepping for the first half of 2024.

Compound Genetics

Panacea-grown Double Up from Compound Genetics for 2024. (Photo by, Courtesy of Compound Genetics)
Panacea-grown Double Up from Compound Genetics for 2024. (Photo by, Courtesy of Compound Genetics)

Compound Genetics and Node Labs have readied Double Up (Mellowz #8 & Gastro Pop #5) for a 2024 run.

“The resulting bud is some of the best we have ever seen,” said Compound. With notes of bubblegum, candy, fruit, and citrus, to kerosene and industrial chemicals.

Also don’t miss Compound’s The Scrooge, which is Jokerz #31 x The Menthol for a more minty, candy, and creamy thing.

Purple City Genetics

The Oakland clone and seed powerhouse Purple City Genetics’ current favorite is Curaçao—a cross of Maltese Orange (Lemon Tree Skorange x THC Bomb) x Caribbean Cookies. It’s purple, yields, tests over 30% and, “has a unique sour orange peel and cookie dough terp that makes her special. Super strong, but uplifting and mouth and nose coating right down to the last hit.”


Speaking of cloners, Phinest in Sacramento, CA rolls out Colorado breeder Cannarado’s Puffy Payton line of Gary Payton x Banana Puffy. Banana Puffy is Banana OG x Thin Mint. So this is cookie work with extra heavy yields for flower and hash.

Puffy Payton is the undisputed champ among this year’s bounty from Cannarado

Phinest, Sacramento, CA

Phinest states: “Purple shot through with orange and lime green, big banana terps. Consistently in the top quartile for wholesale pricing, Puffy is an elegant workhorse that is capturing the attention of NorCal growers and will surely be on the podium at the California State Fair this year, given its hash yield, funky banana terp profile (with a touch of the Gary) and bountiful trichome production.” See also: Cannarado’s Candyclysm.

Humboldt Seed Co

Leading off Humboldt Seed Co.’s hype train is Donutz (Lemon Cherry Gelato x GSC x OG). It tastes like glazed donuts and fuel, and will finish by Oct 5th to 10th outside. The automatic variety finishes in 80 days. Humboldt Seed Co is focusing on feminized seeds, so you don’t have a dude running through the gals in the garden. See also: Granny Candy.

Exotic Genetix

Exotic Genetix's Petrol Potion. (Courtesy Exotic Genetix)
Exotic Genetix’s Petrol Potion. (Courtesy Exotic Genetix)

Coming out of Washington, Exotic Genetix Mike has the gas for 2024 with Petrol Point, from his fresh line of Grape Jubilee crosses. See also: Twisted Terpz (Trop Runtz x Grape Jubilee).

Tiki Madman

And our 2023 Budtender’s Choice strain Devil Driver returns in Tiki Madman’s Pablo’s Private Reserve (Devil Driver x Pablos Revenge). Pablos Revenge has popped up on our radar as a Leafly Buzz: Hot strain of 2024. See also: Tiki Madman’s Disco Tiger (Grape Zoda x Zoo Runtz), Blue Gushers Bx, and Bacio Belts.

Sin City Seeds

Rip Tide unites Sin City Seeds' Blue Power with Surfr Seeds' Point Break. (Courtesy Sin City Seeds)
Rip Tide unites Sin City Seeds’ Blue Power with Surfr Seeds’ Point Break. (Courtesy Sin City Seeds)

One more huge release from a breeder-favorite—Las Vegas’ Sin City Seeds collabs with Surfr Seeds on Rip Tide (Point Break x Blue Power IX2). Point Break is citrusy, cakey Trop Cookies work. Blue Power is the power behind Apples and Bananas.


Leafly Buzz: 12 hot strains to smoke in 2024

The latest from the Z era

Candy terps reign supreme in 2024, whether it’s tropical taffy, blue raspberry, grape or grapefruit. 

Archive Seeds

The best Z work probably comes from Archive Seeds in Portland, OR with their Z-Face, and Zsunami. No one works as hard to refine their lines as Archive Seeds’ Fletch, and it shows.

Terp Hogz

Z originators TerpHogz offers GelonoidZ as feminized seed in 2024, as well as Grapefruit Zruntz. 

Wizard Trees

Leafly Strain of the Year 2023 runner-up RS-11 breeder. Wizard Trees has several crosses to Zangria or Studio 54 on their site. 

Clearwater Genetics

The highly regarded maker of modern Mai Tai, Clearwater Genetics, has Blue Razzicle crosses that look on-point; especially crossed to RS-11, BTY OG, Sherbanger, and Zoap. Sheesh!

More candy aisle flavors

Karma Genetics has a more unique Cheddar Zi, which is (Cheese/Biker) x (Z x ZiZi). 

—Chemdog popularizer chemdog and his Smash Hits brand in Boston has Z clones for the legal Massachusetts market. Grab Z Head (Z x Headbanger Kush) and Zour Diesel (Z x Sour Diesel). All will be available at Canna Provisions stores in Lee and Holyoke in Massachusetts.

Purple City Genetics of Oakland satisfies sweet teeth with Street Tarts—a mega-cross of Guava Tart (Grandi Guava x Caribbean Cookies [Guava x OGKB bx1] ) x Street Guru.

3rd Coast Genetics of Michigan wants you to grow more of our Leafly hot strain of 2024—Cadillac Rainbow—in seed form.

—Also going strong in 2024, Bloom Seed Co’s Z x Sherbanger hotness Candy Fumez #6 —the Harry Palms selection.

—And Atlas Seeds presents a Green Apple Candy with an intense ripe green apple nose. It came out of a Wedding Crasher x Dirty Sanchez project.

Green Apple Candy (Courtesy Atlas Seeds)
Green Apple Candy. (Courtesy Atlas Seeds)

GMOs, and other funky stuff

We’ll close out part one of our list with savories to counterbalance that sweet.

3rd Coast Genetics

3rd Coast Genetics in Michigan steps on the gas with Pure Michigan F2, and Black Truffle; building off the White Truffle craze.

Thug Pug

The Michigan maker of the beloved Peanut Butter Breath, Thug Pug, has worked that line to F3s. 

Skunk House Genetics

California Seed Bank Papa Burger. (Courtesy California Seed bank)
California Seed Bank Papa Burger. (Courtesy California Seed bank)

Skunk House Genetics former breeder California Seed Bank says to check out Papa Burger, which just took 1st in Legends of Hashish.

When you’re toughened up, seek out Southern Oregon breeder Kush Kirk’s Dragon’s Fist, or Compton, CA breeder Masonic Seeds’ Ultimate Garlic Bundle.

Phew! OK, we’re going to catch our breath and come back with Part 2, digging into Sours, OGs, Purps, Tangies, Sativas, Landraces, and Nostalgia cultivars. Lastly, Part 3 will be all about Hashers—strains that dump trichomes for BHO, live resin, rosin, live rosin, and dry sift! Download the app and turn on notifications to never miss a drop. Peace.

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