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Leafly’s best weed picks of Uncle Ike’s, Seattle



Welcome to the Washington edition of Leafly Fresh Cuts, our local and highly curated recommendations for the freshest flower, best deals, and strongest strains in your neighborhood. We’ve hit the streets and done the research ourselves so you can spend more time grinding up grindage, reading, exercising, or making cannabutter edibles from scratch to pass the long hours of what has been a traditional, moody-broody Washington winter. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love our beautiful gray days and mild temps over here, and so do the budtenders over at Uncle Ikes on Union St. in Seattle. So, we asked them for some pointers, and they gave us the latest intel on fresh deals, flower, and goodies—all of which they’ve been enjoying lately.  

If you’re in the area, save time and order from our curated list of top picks online, and pick them up at Uncle Ikes’ dedicated mobile pickup station. For the ultimate cannabis and munchies paring, place an order at Tacos Chukis just across the street. You may want to stash a burrito to combat the late-night munchies if you happen to imbibe on the selections below.

Fresh flower pick: Plaid Jacket’s Sky Cuddler

Straight off of the delivery van and encased in new packaging complete with a magnified glass bottom, Plaid Jacket’s Ethiopian Sky Cuddler is an indica-dominant hybrid of Ethiopian and Sky Cuddler. Add it to your Uncle Ike’s bag or check out other Washington state dispensaries carrying Plaid Jacket.


Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains of ’23

Highest-THC flower pick: Phat Panda Triangle Kush

For shoppers looking for highly potent weed, we asked Uncle Ike’s which eighths carried the highest percentages of THC. Our budtender, Reanna dipped into Phat Panda’s Frost Factory and pulled down some of its Triangle Kush. This particular batch was testing north of 30% THC.

Affordable ounce pick: Old McDonald’s Green Crack

Life is expensive and we’ve got you. At $49.50 for an ounce of Green Crack or Blue Dream, it’s not the absolute cheapest ounce on the shelf, but the Old McDonald’s Farm buds are decent mids grown outdoors. Whether you are cooking up a fresh batch of cannabutter or rolling platters of joints, grab an ounce on a budget. And while you’re at it, read up on these 21 tips to save money on weed.

Uncle Ike’s budtender pick: Torus

We asked Reanna what her go-to flower is these days and, without hesitating, she reached for a jar of Torus. Why? Well for one, Torus is an incredibly consistent flower brand in Washington state. The brand also touts a proprietary deep-water growing technology and custom vacuum-sealed containers through which its highly visible buds sparkle. We took this recommendation seriously and walked out with a jar of Slurricane, a cross between Leafly Strain of the Year 2021 Do Si Dos and the potent Purple Punch.

As one Leafly reviewer wrote:

Screenshot of a review on Leafly. (Leafly)

What $100 bought us at Uncle Ike’s

For $97.75 we put together an incredible mixed bag of Gold Leaf flower, a 5-pack of Mimosa pre-rolls, a Runtz vape cart, live resin chocolate bites by Hot Sugar, and seven grams of Pineapple Haze. For even more fresh finds, check out Uncle Ike’s daily deals or head over to the Leafly deals universe.

A screenshot of our Uncle Ike’s order on Leafly. (Leafly)

Leafly Fresh Cut recap

We walked out with Reanna’s top two fresh recommendations: Torus’s Slurricane and also a fresh batch of Gold Leaf Jelly Breath that was harvested in November. And for good measure, two single servings of dark chocolate truffles and a tin of Swift mints that, along with my scrumptious plate of Taco Chukis—added a burst of joy and color to an otherwise gray Washington day. 

Enjoy! And if you hit the streets in Washington, email your favorite cannabis and food pairings to

Mmm, tacos. (Tim Burke/Leafly)

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New York Continues To Struggle With Legal Weed




One of the most liberal and populous and visited cities in the US, yet New York continues to struggle with legal weed

The Big Apple has some amazing things including The Metropolitan Museum, condos worth $75+ million, delis sandwiches to make your heart sing and a creative community like none other.  But it seems they can’t pull their act together to sell marijuana.  New York continues to struggle with legal weed, but they are trying to put a positive spin on it.

Cannabis has been legal for medical purposes under New York law since 2016, and recreational purposes since 2021. But thanks to state workers, New York is being robbed of hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue due to the way they rolled out legalization. New York laid out a clear pathway including a way for medical dispensaries to flip to fully legal, then, at the last minute, scrapped it all and went with a total different version.  Now a lack of clear and timely regulations, and a complex application process has lead to less than a 100 legal dispensaries open, but over 1,500 unlicensed open in New York City alone.

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The New York Office of Cannabis Management is looking to allow 100 new legal licenses, after only a few months of debating. But the bureaucrats in New York has an answer to make really only another small portion happy – allow more home grow!  They acknowledge they can’t really police the majority of unlicensed retailers making millions, so lets focus on the few home growers will will never really look at.

It hasn’t be clear about home grow in the state, but it is becoming more clear now. For the home cultivation regulations, which were developed by the Office of Cannabis Management and submitted to Cannabis Control Board, the approved resolution means there will now be a 60-day public comment period before the rules are finalized.  For the older, traditional consumer population, this is somewhat good news.  For the majority of consumers. it means nada.

When looking at research from BDSA, a leading cannabis data analyst firm, vapes and gummies are the most popular, especially for the under 40 set. Specifically, 49% of consumers across adult-use and medical states claimed to have consumed a gummy edible in the past six months compared to 47% who used flower.

For a comparison, The latest Gallup research find 37% of people drink beer as their primary alcohol. This is compared to 17% who use all forms of marijuana. The Brewers Association, a national group that holds regular conferences and competitions, estimated despite the massive amount of beer drinkers, only about 1.1 million try to make it home.

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Neighboring state New Jersey, not know for outshining New York State, excels in legal marijuana.  The state is on track to break $1 billion in annual sales and will be a boom for state tax revenues. You know it is rough when Curbed does a guide for “legal dispensaries” in NYC so you have some guidance.

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Best Medical and Recreational Dispensaries in Las Vegas of 2023




In a city that’s always on, Las Vegas dispensaries are no exception to the rule. These adult-use cannabis shops offer a unique twist on the classic Vegas experience, providing locals and tourists with a chance to unwind and relax in a brand new way. If you visit Las Vegas today, you’ll notice that many dispensaries have convenient locations next to popular locations and attractions, like the Las Vegas Strip.

While medical marijuana has been legal in Las Vegas since 2013, the cannabis industry didn’t really start thriving in earnest until 2017 when adult-use dispensaries first opened their doors. Today, there are around 100 dispensaries in the city, which could easily overwhelm even the most seasoned dispensary goer.

If you want to find a top-notch dispensary in Las Vegas, look no further than Leafly List. Leafly List features only the best dispensaries in Las Vegas, handpicked based on dispensary reviews from Leafly users. Our curated List features dispensaries that offer excellent service, fast service, and great deals on top-quality cannabis products.


The best rated weed dispensaries in Arizona

Highest-rated recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, you can find top-rated recreational dispensaries in convenient locations and  neighborhoods like Downtown Las Vegas, Sky Pointe, and North Las Vegas. According to Leafly reviewers, the best recreational dispensaries in Las Vegas are:

1370 W Cheyenne Ave #1, North Las Vegas, NV — recreational

“This location has very professional budtenders for the elderly. They have knowledge and patience. A nice young lady there helped me understand my options. Her kindness encouraged me to purchase some new items, and that worked out well for me. It was very late, yet she was quite pleasant.”

Other Reef Dispensary Locations:Las Vegas Strip

4444 W Craig Road 100, Las Vegas, NV — recreational

“Zen Leaf is my all time favorite dispensary. They always have great products at good prices, and daily deals. There is never a wait and the bud tenders are knowledgeable and friendly. Always my go-to dispensary!”

6050 Sky Pointe Dr Suite 150, Las Vegas, NV — recreational

“Brand new Dispensary! We love this new location. They have numerous brands that we haven’t seen at other places.” Jade Cannabis Co. – Sky Pointe pleases customers with their service and products and above all their 24 hour drive-thru pick up, which we loved! The staff is friendly and helpful, and they answered all our questions on their large selection of flower, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, concentrates, topicals and accessories. They also have a variety of deals and specials for new and returning customers on top of their fair prices.

420 E Deer Springs Way 100, North Las Vegas, NV — recreational

The Source in North Las Vegas has an impressive selection and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. They have deals on a variety of edibles, drinks, extracts, topicals and tinctures from local and craft brands. Their prices were reasonable and they offer online ordering, curbside pickup and same-day delivery. The store was clean, comfortable and respectful, and they follow all the Nevada laws for cannabis. We highly recommend The Source to anyone looking for a great dispensary in North Las Vegas.

150 East Centennial Parkway Suite 114, North Las Vegas, NV — recreational

“The staff was awesome. Super knowledgeable beyond the basics and extremely resourceful. They knew their products very well and had great suggestions. The location was not over the top, was not too loud (common complaint I hear) and didn’t give the typical, ‘we’re bigger than we are’ feel. Their mission is awesome as well, which is what drew me in. ”

Highest-rated medical dispensaries in Las Vegas

Medical marijuana patients who shop at these medical dispensaries in Las Vegas rate them highly for having knowledgeable budtenders, medical-grade strains, and excellent deals.

2900 E Desert Inn Rd Ste 102, Las Vegas, NV — undefined

“I choose Jardin because they understand the strains and what they will do. The staff is always professional, with no pressure. And the secret door feels like a speakeasy from prohibition.”

1130 E Desert Inn Rd, Las Vegas, NV — undefined

“This location is awesome they have the great customer service, great product knowledge, and the deals are always good. I bring all my family from New York and other places out of town here when they visit, and they love it also.”

1736 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV — recreational/medical

“I’m seriously obsessed with this place! I’ve been to a few other dispensaries in town and I’ve got to say, Blackjack Collective is by far my favorite one. They have a huge selection of both THC and CBD products, their prices are incredibly fair, and the staff is so welcoming and knowledgeable!”

1324 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV — recreational/medical

“I have visited this dispensary many time and always left pleased. The Budtenders were very helpful finding the best flower for my needs. They have a vast selection of strains, so I always find something new to try. I recommend both Sanctuary locations to my friends and family.”

200 E Charleston, Las Vegas, NV — undefined

“The Health for Life staff are the real deal subject matter experts! I learn something new every visit. I feel a good family vibe there, and the deals they have are always amazing. This spot is turning out to be my #1 go-to dispensary in Las Vegas.”


Looking for Las Vegas cannabis lounges? More than 20 could open soon

Selection criteria for Leafly List Las Vegas

To calculate the highest-rated dispensaries in Las Vegas our Leafly List team uses a methodology based on quantitative and qualitative review data of dispensaries listed on Leafly in Clark County. This List also uses quality indicators, like customer reorder rates and deal availability (in markets where discounts are legal). Our teams are dedicated to showcasing a wide variety of highly-rated medical and recreational dispensaries.

Remember, if you don’t see your favorite dispensary on Leafly List, make sure you follow, rate, and review your favorite cannabis locations to let the world know where you find your favorite cannabis.

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Holidays Sales Confirm Marijuana Is Mainstream




It was a great holiday season for lots of fan of marijuana – and only a few Grinches in sight!

The holiday season was great for the cannabis industry. In 2023, Delaware, Ohio, and Minnesota passed recreational marijuana. More than half of U.S. population lives in places where marijuana is legal for recreational use with even more having access to medical marijuana.  The holidays are a time of indulgence and spending. Consumers defied expectations for spending in December. Retail sales rose 0.6% in December from November, which was more than analysts expected. The holiday sales confirm marijuana is mainstream by the way the public spent on products.

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And in a major culture shift, Gen Z is moving away from alcohol and moving softly toward marijuana. Young adults not in college were even more likely to avoid alcohol. Nearly 30% of this group in 2018 reported that they did not drink beer, wine or spirits. The number was about 24% in 2002.

Decreases in alcohol consumption by Gen Z coincide with an uptick in cannabis use, according to numerous reports. Is this a one-for-one trade in substances? Some signs point that way

cannabis money
Photo by Kindel Media via Pexels

According to BDSA, a leading national data analyst company which covers cannabis, it was an important marijuana sales year.  Already, the day before Thanksgiving is a banner year  Comparing same 7 holiday days of 2022 to 2023 and they saw an average of a 19% increase year over year. The day before Turkey Day is known as Green Wednesday in the cannabis industry.  It is also a large alcohol sales day and is known as Blackout Wednesday or Drinksgiving. But alcohol sales only saw 3.8% rise.

Christmas is historically a significant holiday for the legal cannabis industry, with the days leading up to Christmas bringing a sizable boost to legal sales. In 2022, the day before Christmas eve (12/23/22) saw the second highest daily sales total of any day that month, with daily sales totaling +38% higher than the daily sales average for December 2022.” shared BDSA.

Edibles saw an even greater boost on the week before Christmas 2023. BDSA reports edible sales on the week before Christmas were +23% higher than the average weekly edible sales total for the month.  This is makes sense as gummies are the #1 way people consumer – almost 49% of users say the use have a gummy.

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States which started their program (except for NY) did especially well. Marijuana retailers in Michigan sold a whopping $3.06 billion in adult-use and medical products in 2023. There are few Grinches, the Governors of Iowa, Florida and New Hampshire are working hard to block sales and Senator Mitch McConnell is still working to block any national marijuana legalization.  And all eyes are on the DEA to see what they are going to do about rescheduling.

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