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Making Sure Your Marijuana Brownies Aren’t Too Strong




Important Steps If Your Dog Has Marijuana




Summer is fun, but can be a bit hectic…and one look away and a dog can eat anything – don’t panic, but here are the steps if he gobbles some weed.

Family vacations, car trips, camping, outdoor bbqs…summer is filled with all sorts of great activities. For the 44+% of households who have a dog, it can be a bit of a challenge. Dog are curious, hungry and able to spot a “treat” a hundred miles away.  So don’t panic, but here are the important steps if your dog has marijuana.

Dog sniffs food before they eat it. They are trying to get a good sense of what they are about to consume. If the food is stale or spoiled, they may refuse to eat, or it simply might be because it does not taste/smell good or familiar. It is unlikely a dog will eat flower because of the taste, but edibles, gummies and other things with little smell could be fair game.

brown and black german shepherd lying on gray pet bed

No matter how much marijuana your dog consumes, you should keep an eye on their symptoms and learn what marijuana poisoning looks like. Symptoms can change depending on the size of the dog and the amount of cannabis that was consumed. These can include vomiting, drooling, wobbly movements, barking or howling, lethargy, rapid heart rate and changes in body temperature. While the symptoms seem to be all of ver the place, they reflect how the dog is feeling. Like alcohol, which should never been given to an animal, dogs can’t process why their world is suddenly altered.

“While marijuana is not exactly toxic for dogs, if your dog ate it in the form of an edible, other compounds may cause adverse reactions. Some of the ingredients in edibles, like chocolate or the sugar substitute Xylitol, can be deadly,” says Michael San Filippo, spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association.

If you are concerned your dog has consumed, the best way to ensure that nothing goes wrong is to contact your vet and if needed to him to emergency care. This lets the experienced experts determine a solution. Be honest with your concerns so they determine the course of treatment and save the life of your dog.

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While it’s best to consult a doctor, making your dog vomit is kind of simple and could help them get the toxins out of their stomach. When done within 15 minutes of ingestion, this could help prevent toxins from seeping into their bloodstream. “Give one teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide orally per 10 pounds of dog. Your dog should throw up within about 15 minutes,” said Gary Weitzman, president of the San Diego Humane Society.

Another key thing to do is remember a dog is not a human, they can’t reason what is going on, enjoy the journey, chill out and sometimes remember the blue gummy made them sick. No matter the bad experiences, some dogs don’t learn and try to eat something again if it smells ok. Ensure the marijuana and edibles are in a place out of reach, where the elements can’t fall and where the dog won’t be able to find them. All household members should know to keep marijuana out of your pet’s reach.

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The One Mistake Most New Cannabis Cooks Make




Making edibles are fun and they are great for home, camping, the beach, the outdoors, cozy indoors – well, just about everything. But there is one thing to remember.

Summer is here and a chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Beaches, camping, hikes or long walks, or just sitting on the porch and enjoying nature. It is also a great chance to enjoy homemade edibles.  If you enjoy cooking, there is one thing to remember about cooking with cannabis, and it makes a HUGE difference. It effects not only the taste, but the journey.

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To cook with marijuana, you don’t want the plant’s flavor to take over the dish completely.  And you want to monitor the dosage…so you don’t have a 50mg s’more!  You need to take the step even some seasoned cooks and bakers may forget – decarboxylation. It’s still a novel idea in modern cooking when home chefs prepare their own ingredients.

Chemically speaking, decarboxylation removes carbon atoms from a carbon chain. For your purpose, it converts THCA to THC. THC, one of the two most discussed compounds in cannabis, is the main cause of the euphoria or the igh. It exists in raw marijuana and as it dries it converts THCA to THC. Decarboxylation jump-starts the process.Here is how to do it successfully.

How Marijuana's THCV Can Positively Impact Your Life
Photo by Bacsica/Getty Images


You will need ground marijuana (finer is better), a baking sheet/pan and, if you have it, baking parchment. Preheat the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover the pan with a sheet of the parchment. Evenly lay the herb out on the paper. Bake at 225 for 45 minutes.

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As with barbecue, there are hundreds of Vital Secret Rules on how to improve. Two things to consider when modifying this recipe: Higher heat may burn the marijuana and make it less effective and taste worse. Low and slow may be the way to go, but it will release more odor and 75 minutes at 200 degrees might be too much of a time commitment — though that gets great results.  Remember to ventilate the area properly and use a timer. Especially if you’ve already been indulging.

Your cannabis is now ready to be added to butter or made into tinctures or flavored oils. Butter and oils are better than adding marijuana directly into a batter. THC is oil (and alcohol) soluble. So when infused, it gets more of the effect, less of the strong plant flavor.

Photo by ponce_photography via Pixabay

An  issue regarding cooking with cannabis is there is no standard dose. Unlike alcohol, where most adults know what one drink will do to them, it varies for weed. Share with an experience budtender at the dispensary your baking or cooking plans and seek guidance. Take note of the THC percentage as you consider your recipe. More food is better rather than more cannabis.. When cooking, start with a little. Use the 420 Chef’s calculator to gauge how much THC you will be adding to servings. Write this down. After eating make some notes and some suggestions less/more for next time.

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Keep in mind smoking marijuana can have an effect in five minutes and is gone in two hours or less. The body processes edible cannabis differently and it can take an hour or more to have an effect, which can last up to four hours. The potential danger is a newbie can eat, not feel anything in 30 minutes, then eat more.

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A Guide For First Time Marijuana Users




As more states approve legalization – more people are interested in trying it. But what do you REALLY need to know.

While it has been used for over a thousands years, cannabis for the canna newbie or canna curious can be confusing. Delaware and Ohio are the latest states to pass laws to allow marijuana. Now over 50% of US population has access to legal weed, along with Canada and parts of Europe.  And when rescheduling happens, it will become even more accessible. Add the fact over 85% believe it should be legal, and it has gone mainstream. So more people are take a first step and trying it.

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But for the first timers, it can be a bit intimidating. Things have changed and there are a variety of options. For first-timers, you can go old school with smoking, but with today’s younger generation and new users, gummies and vaping are popular.  And there are even more options.

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

The Basics

Unlike alcohol, marijuana can be used for fun and for medication. Some people use it to boost creativity, ease social anxiety, relax, work out, sleep and more. The trend to trade out alcohol for marijuana, for certain days or all together, is called California sober and is a big hit, especially for the under 30 set. Marijuana can also be used to replace harmful including smoking nicotine, and replacing the use of opiates and sleeping pills.  It has clear medical benefits, but nothing is perfect.  No one has ever died from an overdose and mostly people dose off if they have too much.

If you keep your dose to 5mg or more, the intense part of the high is the first 30 minutes and then can linger for a couple of hours.  The more you consume, the longer it lasts and potential a more powerful high.

Types of Marijuana

rolling a marijuana joint
Photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

There are different types of marijuana and different compounds present in the plant. Sativa, indica, and hybrid strains are a category limited to the physical look of the plant, although a lot of cannabis users swear by its effects and how different they are. CBD is a cannabis compound but a lot of people consider it a type of marijuana.

Sativa stimulates the mind and senses, working best when paired with an activity, like working out, having a fun conversation, or doing anything energizing. Indicas stand on the other end of the spectrum, producing a relaxing and anxiolytic effect. Hybrid strains are a mix of sativa and indica, producing mixed results.

CBD is a cannabis compound, like THC. Unlike THC’s psychoactive effect, CBD is mostly medicinal. It produces no “high” feeling and results in long-lasting muscle, pain, and anxiety relief.

How to partake

There are multiple ways to consume cannabis. The traditional way of smoking marijuana (pipes, joints, and bongs) is popular with the over 50 set and is perfect to settle in and enjoy a good chill session. Vapes, gummies, other edibles, and sublingual are also popular formers for those new to cannabis.  Dabbing is the seasoned user.


Photo by LexScope via Unsplash

Discreet and comfortable, filled with cartridges which vaporize marijuana instead of combusting it, like joints and pipes. With a vape pen there is no need to learn how to roll a joint or how to pack a bowl. They produce immediate effects that will stay in your body for a couple of hours.  Start with a first puff and slowly ease into how much you can enjoy.

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weed brownies edibles
Photo by Sarah Pender/Getty Images

Gummies are the most popular form of edibles by far, followed by chocolate. Convenient, and discreet, dispensaries purchased edibles are easy to manage dosage. The one downside is takes its time to feel the high since the THC is absorbed differently. For beginners, it is great way to start as you can manage a dose and start with 5mg or under.

Sublingual and Topicals

Sublingual are oils you can slip under the tongue and put in something else and absorb. Quick with a little punch, manage your dosage for a good high.  This is another good option for those who don’t wish to smoke.  Topicals are creams and lotions, they can help with pain or intimacy.

Like alcohol, it may take time to find the groove and the perfect high or chill.  Take time, don’t overdo, try to avoid the munchies, and have a good time.

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