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MGO Publish Their Fourth Cannabis 50



Unsurprisingly we don’t make the grade!!!!!

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Cannabis 50


Forbes covers some of the highlights

This year’s list is particularly noteworthy, as it highlights an increased presence of female and diverse founders, CEOs and top executives. “You will also see [that] in this year’s “Cannabis 50” there are many more entertainers and musicians. In previous years, we saw many more pro athletes, but it seems mainstream cultural icons are really entering the industry,” explained Lorna Donohoe, director of partnerships and influence at MGO.

Scott Hammon, head of MGO’s cannabis practice, added, “Although the cannabis industry faced challenges due to limited access to capital as well as a supply and demand imbalance in certain markets in 2022, the sector continued to make progress. With Federal legislation allowing for expanded research, Federal pardons increasing the odds of widespread and more impactful state expungement action, and an overwhelming majority of Americans believing cannabis should be legal, we are seeing greater cultural acceptance and expansion of the industry.”

And he added, “While it’s a work in progress, there is no doubt that despite the near-term presenting many of the challenges the industry has confronted since its inception, the long-term outlook remains bright as it continues to integrate itself into the fabric of American business and society.”

MGO’s Cannabis 50 Honorees

Doing Well

Entrepreneurs and organizations are expanding their financial, operational and environmental horizons.

“We pride ourselves on our minority-led executive team and have worked to create an inclusive and diverse workforce with our team in California and India. For our customers, we have and will continue to support small retail dispensaries and social equity retailers on their path to profitability through the use of data and our 24-hour support team,” said John Yang, CEO of Treez, one of the honorees.

• Agrify Corp

• Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc.

• Garden Society

• Jane Technologies, Inc.

• Jeeter A DreamFields Brand

• Jones Soda Co.

• TerrAscend Corp.

• Tilray Brands, Inc.

• Treez

• Würk

Doing Good

Nonprofits, activists, and others undoing social harms, advocating through reform, supporting sustainability, and providing equitable opportunity.

“In the U.S., those most affected by the lack of representation are the ones driving diversity and social justice in the cannabis industry. Though cannabis is not for the faint of heart, BIPOC entrepreneurs are still entering the industry — especially in newly legal states — and social equity is at the core of their business model; they advocate for policies not only to help their business grow, but to address the impact of the war on drugs in marginalized communities,” said Mary Pryor, co-founder of Cannaclusive.

• Cannaclusive

• Christine De La Rosa

• Congressional Cannabis Caucus

• Exonerations and Pardons

• Freedom Grams

• Housing Works

• Viola Cares

• Wana Brands Foundation

• Weed Like Change

• Weldon Angelos

Money Talks

Investors, banks, and others opening the avenues of capital fueling an emerging industry.

“When viewing the cannabis industry, people have a tendency to get too wrapped up in stock prices, and myopically equate stock performance to the health of the sector. In reality, however, in such a nascent sector, stock valuation is a poor barometer of overall industry health. There are tremendous tailwinds and opportunities in this industry, with revenue reaching $27B in 2022 and sales in 2023 projected to exceed $30B,” Rob Sechrist, president of Pelorus Equity Group.

• AFC Gamma

• Alternative Financing

• Btomorrow Ventures Limited

• Canopy Growth Corporation

• Cresco Labs, Inc.

• Foley Hoag LLP

• Green Check Verified

• Greenspoon Marder LLP

• Pelorus Equity Group

• Valley National Bank

Knowledge is Power

Researchers, educators, and others are raising awareness and sharing the benefits of cannabis.

“Eliminating product recalls throughout the industry should be a major push for manufacturers and growers. Recalls damage consumer confidence in products quickly, especially in unregulated markets like cannabis. If companies take the proper safety precautions and avoid committing food fraud by ensuring that their product test results match their product labels, this would be a good start,” said Tyler Williams, founder and CTO of Cannabis Safety and Quality.

• Cannabis Safety and Quality

• Gowling WLG

• Headcount’s Cannabis Voter Project

• PAX Labs, Inc.

• Purissima, Inc.

• Research Breakthroughs

• Rutgers University Law School

• Vangst

• Whitney Economics

All the Lights

Athletes, entertainers, and influencers mainstreaming cannabis culture and giving back to the community.

“The cannabis industry is a community that is unique to any other type of industry where competitors can become partners and friends. Everyone is focused on one central mission, promoting the benefits of plant-based medicine,” said Mike Tyson, co-founder and chief brand officer of Tyson 2.0.

• Big Freedia

• Cann Social Tonics

• Clio Awards

• Corporations Show Love

• Kx Family Care

• Lil’ Kim

• Montel Williams

• Sean “Diddy” Combs

• TYSON 2.0

• Wiz Khalifa


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Latina woman alleges she was denied job with cannabis nonprofit because she’s not Black




A Latina from Lawndale is suing an organization that bills itself as fighting for “cannabis justice” with a goal to “heal the legacy of racism in America,” alleging she was told she was not chosen for a position with the nonprofit in 2023 because she is not Black.

Briseida Lupercio Chavez’s Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit against the Hood Incubator alleges racial discrimination, retaliation and wrongful failure to hire in violation of public policy. She seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

A Hood Incubator representative did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the suit brought Jan. 5.

According to the suit, the Hood Incubator’s website states its purpose is to fight for “cannabis justice” and to “heal the legacy of racism in America . . . for the health and prosperity” of everyone.

“However, despite its stated vision of being an anti-racist organization, its blatantly discriminatory hiring practices could not be more contradictory to its stated purpose,” the suit states.

Chavez interviewed for a position with the Hood Incubator via Zoom last July with two organization representatives, one of whom is a managing agent, the suit states. The two representatives remained on the Zoom call after the interview and spent 10 minutes talking about why they were  not interested in hiring Chavez because she is not Black, the suit states.

Both representatives mocked Chavez’s race and for saying she had biracial children, telling the plaintiff they found her comments “off- putting” and falsely implying that she only claims to care about Black people because she has Black kids and friends,” according to the suit.

One of the representatives told Chavez that because she is a Latina, she is used to the Latino community “pulling strings for each other,” the suit states.

Chavez was “embarrassed, ashamed, emotionally broken and in financial desperation” after learning that she was not hired allegedly due to her race, national origin and/or color,” the suit states.

Latina woman alleges she was denied job with cannabis nonprofit because she’s not Black


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breaking news

Man allegedly killed roommate, went back to sleep and bought some cannabis before others implored him to call 911




It is, of course, a law & crime story..

A Maryland man insisted that he shot his roommate in self-defense, but admitted he only called 911 after going back to sleep, buying some marijuana, and communicating with people who implored him to contact authorities, according to court documents obtained by Washington, D.C., NBC affiliate WRC and Fox affiliate WTTG.

Richard Bennaugh, 38, is charged with manslaughter, assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, and possession of a firearm as someone convicted of a violent felony, show from Prince George’s County show.

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‘There’s only one way to find out’: Man allegedly killed roommate, went back to sleep and bought some weed before others implored him to call 911

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Illegal immigrant cannabis farmer, 30, is allowed to remain in Britain – because being sent back to Serbia would breach his human rights




The Daily Mail get over excited once again…

A migrant who was jailed over a cannabis farm worth half a million pounds has been granted permission to stay in the UK after successfully arguing he could not be deported as he no longer spoke his native language.

Clirim Kukaj, 30, is ethnically Albanian but was born and brought up in Serbia until at the age of 13 he entered Britain illegally. Seven years later he was granted indefinite leave to remain.

Kukaj and his lawyers have now successfully appealed his deportation on the grounds that returning him to his native country would be a breach of his human rights because he cannot speak the language and can only converse in Albanian.

Immigrational tribunal judge Fiona Lindsley granted the appeal ‘on human rights grounds’, however, the decision has sparked renewed calls for human rights laws to be reconsidered.

A senior Conservative MP told the Telegraph: ‘This demonstrates why we need urgent reform of the asylum system and human rights laws to allow the rapid and effective deportation of dangerous criminals.’

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